Zenarchism: Quantum Mystic Meditations on Transcendental Nihilism


I am a Zenarchist who is a Revolutionary Messianic Magi of Zenarchism who found this ideology and came to its forefront as the leading intellectual spiritual leader. I am the Revolutionary Messianic Magi of Zenarchism. In my formative years I was a Quantum Mystic Nietzschean Buddhist Philosophical Theist before my grand revelation of becoming a Revolutionary Messianic Magi of Zenarchism from The Great Architect who in my astral projections and lucid dreams through the Multiverse was an amalgam of this spiritual scientific philosophies. A Quantum Mystic is a metaphysicist of beliefs centered around consciousness, intelligence, spirituality, wisdom, and philosophy to Quantum Mechanics. A Nietzschean is someone who understands the wisdom of Friedrich Nietzsche. A Buddhist is someone who practices Buddhism whose founder is Siddhartha Buddha. Philosophical Theist that is one who believes in a higher power or deity/deities but rejects all religions despite agreeing with certain aspects or beliefs of religions.

Transcendentalism is defined as a noun that means, “an idealistic philosophical and social movement that developed in New England around 1836 in reaction to rationalism. Influenced by romanticism, Platonism, and Kantian philosophy, it taught that divinity pervades all nature and humanity, and its members held progressive views on feminism and communal living. Ralph Waldo Emerson and Henry David Thoreau were central figures.”
– Google Online Dictionary

Nihilism is defined as a noun that means, “the rejection of all religious and moral principles, often in the belief that life is meaningless.”
Nihilism defined in Philosophy is defined as, “extreme skepticism maintaining that nothing in the world has a real existence.”
– Google Online Dictionary

This series of meditations I experienced while I was having a conversation, rather a debate with a good friend of mine named Your Majesty Liv Lago who was a former significant other and lover of mine who ascribed to the belief system of Transcendental Nihilism. There are two types of nihilists which exist. Active Nihilists, who when faced with nihilism seek to actively overcome their existential state. The second type is the Passive Nihilist who accept the absence of meaning in some aspect of existentialism which is primarily attributed to existence in itself. My friend said they were a “Transcendental Nihilist” which I at first refuted as a mere oxymoron of Transcendentalism and Nihilism but later meditated on its meaning.

My meditation of Transcendental Nihilism found me delving into the deepest depths of consciousness and being. As I entertained the idea in great length I began to accept this ideas existence as a socio-dynamic philosophy that many among Humanity share as their own worldview. Where I found this was in the abyss of human consciousness in my discovery that Transcendental Nihilism is the enlightening group-think held by a great majority despite the identity they claim. Transcendental Nihilim is a revolutionary ideology that is a defining zeitgeist among a large population of people. Transcendental Nihilism in theory could be applicable to everything as the ultimate wisdom to be found in philosophy for it equates to the Human Condition from beginning to end. Transcendental Nihilism a philosophy and ideology that a Buddha would follow, it is what an Ubermensch declare as the zeitgeist found unconsciously in the Herd.

This meditation brought forth a profound revelation I shall remain silent upon. I will say after I deduced objectively the concept of Transcendetal Nihilim to understanding this worldview in fullness I came to the conclusion that it is one out of many to be considered an Ultimate Wisdom bestowed unto Humanity by the Great Architect in it’s form of the Great Mother Sophia. An Ultimate Wisdom is revolutionary philosophy that is a universal truth about everything and nothing for Transcendental Nihilism is the master logos of Relativism.

I felt the transcendence of nature from the void in our 4th dimensional universe as I became aware of my newly discovered 11th Dimensional Entity as the Ideal Self. I know the truth of my Ideal Self, that is who I truly am throughout the multidimensional realms as a native Promethean Hyperborean Zenarchist wandering the infinite number of dimensions as an infinite number of selves. What is a Promethean Hyperborean Zenarchist? A Promethean Hyperborean Zenarchist is an enlightened savage from what some may say is cold wasteland or what we know it as a eternal winter wonderland. I am a Promethean Hyperborean Zenarchist who has traveled the labyrinth of the infinite number of dimensions and selves. The true name of my Ideal Self is known through revelation. That name of my Ideal Self is the Magi known as Zen van Nihil which was given to me by The Great Architect who created and rules in majestic numinous awe over the Multiverse

The existential vibe of all the realms and selves coupled with the discovery of an Ultimate Wisdom in my meditation become astral projection brought me to the Universal Consciousness of empathy and reason. That our selves and forms we possess are infinite, recurring, altering, changing, shaping, and being. In discovering Transcendental Nihilism, I found the balance of eternalism and nonentity. From this sojourn through consciousness, I rose as the morning star of liberating enlightenment from the abyss of the human psyche that carried me out of a dark land into the quantum realm of an astral sea. Today, nothing is compartmentalized anymore, everything is quantum to me.

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