Zenarchism: We The Zenarchists & We The People


Zenarchist Koan: Self-Mastery, the Zenarchist, the Slave, and the Tyrant

I had a personal Zenarchist Koan during my meditation which led to this realization. This is a proverb about Mastery over the Self and the Ego, how to overcome being a Slave to the Self, this is a proverb about the Path of Liberation, what it means to be a Liberator.

If I am wandering the world, if I were to see a man toiling in a field and he then refers to the man who owns the field he is toiling in as “Master.” If this man is doing this out of his own choice for an agreed living wage for services rendered but the despicable slavery of the Tyrannical Behemoth of Chaos and its Lawless. If the Worker is choosing to do these things, his master is still himself. If I am wandering the world, if I were to see a Worker toiling in a field and then he refers to the man who owns the field he is toiling in as “Master” who is in fact a Tyrant Slaver of Lawlessness. If this man is doing this out of obedience, if he is doing this for he lacks freedom, he lacks a will of his own, he is not a Master of himself but a slave to another. The mentality of slavery and the fact that slaves exist, greatly upsets me. What am I to do about this man who is a possession to another man? What am I to do about this unfortunately enslaved Noble Worker and his Tyrannical Master? What of the Worker and his Tyrant? this Should I draw my blade and kill the Tyrannical Lawless Slaver, give the plantation to the Noble Workers, and teach the Noble Workers are free and that authority is a constructed illusion?

Zenarchist Koan: The Globalist Enlightened Order of Zenarchism and We The People

The man who is a slave has the mentality of the slave, he lives in slavery, he will find another master, even if he were to wander the world supplementing his slavery mentality, the treachery of it all would be that at the root, I would be his master which is not what I stand for. What is to be done is to teach the Slave the Path of Liberation, the only Liberator that exists in oneself over oneself, I can educate the Slave into becoming a Liberator, to free himself from the mental conditioned brain washing so he may draw his own blade and kill other slavers, and reclaim the field for other Noble Workers trapped in Slavery so they may have self-ownership over what they toil in. Liberators exist, however, one can only liberate oneself, one cannot liberate another, the liberator can only liberate one’s own self. The Slave Mentality is formed from a Worldview that is a Slave Morality which is ingrained in the Noble Worker from birth via the Mass Brainwashing of all Intersectional Aspects of the Legacy Mainstream Media and Societal Institutions for everything is a Cartel of Subsidiaries to a Parent Company or a Parent Company to a Cartel of Subsidiaries for we live in a world of around Four Monopolies that control the Plutocratic Oligarchical Corporatocracy of Multinational Monopolies who are Individuals and who am I to judge for I will build bridges for the Multinational Plutocratic Oligarchical Monopolists transition into the Globalist Communist Party Leaders of the United Socialist States of America that is the controls the Hegemony of the Utopians of the United Nations. We The People live in Hope as We The Zenarchists dismantle the Spirit of the Tyrannical Behemoth of Chaos and its Lawless Legates along with their Lawless Terrorists are destroyed by lightning bolts of war or pacified by the olive branch of peace as redemption and salvation comes for We The People to prevail in saving the Republic of the United States (USA) and Illuminate the Minds, Hearts, and Souls of the Citizens of Earth with the Enlightened Order of Zenarchism.

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