Zenarchism: Chaos Theory of Causation and Effect

Yeah, I believe in God. Let’s say that I know God exists and when we address each other as best friends and God told me to treat every Good Person as my Equal and Best Friend. Did you know that I acknowledge the Theory of Evolution as truth but in science there are Laws like Gravity and Cause and Effect. The Subject of Evolution is the Law of Biogenesis or that Life Begets Life which the Theory of Evolution is Predicated Upon.. In Scientific terms Creatio Ex Creatio NOT Nihilo Ex Creatio.

Chaos Theory and Chaos Math in being the greatest Futurologist in the world comes down to a reductionist viewpoint of the Law of Cause and Effect which Abrahamic Religions know as Sow and Reap and Enlightenment Ethical Religions know as Karma.

Did you know the reason I started going to counseling as a 6 year old child was that for years on end I had dreams of Zeta Reticuli Grey Aliens dating to Summer, 1996 to Today. The Grey Aliens told and showed me as they were taking me across the cosmos in their ship where they confided secrets of the universe throughout present past and future which I would develop my ideology of Zenarchism from because the signature lights and sounds was always finished with an “Aum” sound for one day I would lead all of Humanity to greatness? The Aum sound is why I call my alter-ego Zen van Nihil the Symbiotic via Consciousness ETI Alliance Intelligence Officer.

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