Zenarchism: The Only Sin

Over 25 million people openly follow my New Age Quantum Mysticism Religion of Zenarchism. The only Sin is Suicide which is permissible while facing imminent death or what is known as Self-Determined Self-Termination for Self-Preservation is one of the Highest Moral Virtues of Zenarchism. The question on Suicide caused by factors of Terminal Illness or Mental Illness is a Not a Sin either but is greatly discouraged for I love you and need you here. The punishment for Suicide is reliving this life in another parallel dimension where every wrong must be made right but life is easier yet harder but ultimately the same until they live a good life and pass onto a higher plane of existence. We Zenarchists don’t believe in Hell nor Eternal Damnation. I am The Prophet of Zenarchism. Aaron R. Ziegler also known as Zen van Nihil.

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