Zenarchism: My Fellow Zenarchists 12/01/2018


Zenarchism is a Egalitarian Movement. Zenarchism is Equally for Men and Women’s Rights for We see both sides of the Equation which enables us to Create, Establish, and then Maintain our Ultimate Goal of a Eternal Age of Universal Enlightenment of Humankind. We are not biased against anyone in any social, biological, race, creed, political or religious belief in Welcoming People into the Order of Zenarchism as Zenarchists from Humankind but We the Zenarchists do tend to side with other Zenarchists as a Tribal Doctrine when Conflict Arises in what is known as our Military Doctrine of Zendetta which is synonymous with Total War but way worse. When it comes to Zenarchism, Zenarchists, and the Art of Zendetta. Just don’t fuck with Zenarchism or Zenarchists and there will be No Zendetta. Live and Let Live as Zenarchism and Zenarchists Peacefully Coexist with All Life that is Precious everyday as our Way of Life. However, All Life is Precious but Zenarchists Lives are more Precious than Others. Zenarchism teaches Zenarchists that a Injustice against One Zenarchist is a Injustice Against All. For the Enemies who persecute, assault, and attack Zenarchists or a Zenarchist. The Enemies of Zenarchism who violate Zenarchists Nonaggression Principle which can be from harassment to getting the Enemies blood on our clothes. The Enemies of Zenarchism will face the Ultimate Consequence of Zendetta where according to the Law of Zendetta the Enemy shall Perish into the Void of Perdition where all Options are on the Table for We the Zenarchists are the Eye of Providence.

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