Psychoanalysis Roleplay: Dungeons & Dragons for Boys, Male Youths, and Men

A great way for psychologists, social-workers, and therapists to understand the minds of boys, male youths, and the minds of men who are inclined to creativity is to introduce them to or be the Game Master for Dungeons & Dragons in order to garner a Psychoanalysis. My psychologist from the ages 9-15 would after are introductory sessions noticed I enjoyed reading and writing books as prodigious young author who wrote his first published story, “The Alpha and Omega” at age 6. My psychologist was a man we shall call Paul who introduced me to the tabletop roleplaying game after I had grown up playing roleplaying games such as Final Fantasy, Secrets of Mana, Pokemon, and my favorite being the Mother or Earthbound (video game).
I chose to roleplay as a character I based on the Knight Templar, George Ascalon who I named George Ascalon because of my total devotion to the Christian Faith for despite reading everything by C. S. Lewis, Harry Potter, and innumerable Fantasy and Science Fiction novels which at that time I was reading Isaac Asimov’s “Foundation” and “I, Robot” series.
My character Auron Ascalon was a Human Paladin dedicated to what I had written on my character sheet’s religion as Christianity at level five in a 3.5 game who was followed by a Bard Half-Elf named Saul the Songsinger who was omnipresent and would help me in charisma and social-settings in singing of my deeds as a Knight Templar of my faith.
When my psychologist asked me why I did not want to roleplay as any of the other races, I simply said, “I feel like an alien to everyone else and I want to know what it feels like to be Human because Humans are the best.”
The setting was a Haunted Swamp and I was purging it of the Undead which a Wraith Lich King had settled there and made it his personal abode. The first person I came upon was a Witch who was quite young and a female who was being held captive by Orcs and Bugbears. I acted valiantly in slaying in the Orcs and Bugbears with my Four Amored Griffons who served me as their master and keeper who I treated as my equals for I loved animals. The Elven Witch thanked me and she knew of my faith by the honor of my armor and aura I exhibited but I spared her not caring for her faith for my logic was that all spellcasters were loved the same by my God so this would pay off later in the Eyes of my God and in her turning from a Necromancer Witch to her true Self as a Druid which the Psychologist or Game Master saw that I, his patient at nine years old had morals and ethics that I was very tolerant of others. Together with the Witch who was NPC named Catherine after my girlfriend at the time went and slew the Wraith Lich King and she found his Phylactery which she told me only I could destroy which would free her and in a heartbeat, I destroyed the Phylactery and restored her for she had been enslaved as a Wood Elf of Nature Magic into a Necromancer Witch Elf of Undead Magic. However, before I slew the Wraith Lich King, he had scarred me with mark of Undeath over my heart which by still refusing to follow the “Purge all Evil” Logic a normal Nine Year Old Boy would have. The newly regenerated forest turned into a lush forest and the Witch to stop the spread of Undeath to my heart used the essence of the Phylactery to make me a Hexblade (which happened at the end of the session where I reached level 6). I was a Hexblade Paladin who had found even greater favor in my Divine and began Courting the Half-Elven Druid named Catherine Sunshine along with my Four Armored Griffons. The Bard called his Hippogryph while I and Catherine flew on two of my Griffons with the one of the others taking point and the other following behind for our next adventure and that was the first session of Tabletop Roleplaying Dungeons and Dragons in how it is beneficial for Psychologists, Therapists, and Social-Workers to help mentor and analyze Boys and Male Youths.

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