On Christianity: Romans killed Jesus Christ (Inside Job Exposed)


The Romans killed the Purely Altruistic Jesus Christ (Emmanuel Moschiach of Nazareth) for being a Rebellious Revolutionary figure among the Jewish People for the Jewish People were the only People among the Roman Imperium that would not integrate into Pax Romana. Jesus Christ had been labeled a enemy of the Emperor of Rome Tiberius Caesar. How can we tell this is true? The Romans personally humiliated, brutally tortured, and destroyed Emmanuel Moschiach of Nazareth for mutual principles. The Romans killed Emmanuel Moschiach of Nazareth or Jesus Christ. To be stoned to death is a Jewish form of execution while Romans executed people many ways. The way Emmanuel Moschiach of Nazareth had his mock trial, brutal torture including a metaphorical crown of thorns by a Centurion then ridiculed by carrying his Cross for Crucifixion to be Crucified? To be Crucified was a Roman Legal Form of Execution that meant that Individual being Executed was a Public Enemy of the Roman Empire most notably, To be Crucified meant one was a Direct Enemy of Caesar for the Roman Emperor was viewed as a Divine Emperor.

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