Critical Analysis: “Indigo Sky Revolution of Consciousness” by Aaron R. Ziegler



The Gardenia Utopian Community is the intergalactic new world order created after the Cold War ended in the eclipse of Mutual Assured Destruction which began from the Trotskyist Eastern Bloc and Technocratic-Socialist Western Alliance from a miraculous event horizon in the revelation of the Goddess, the Great Mother Celeste. Celestialism is the religion accepted in Gardenia while all labeled bad elements of old world religions are displaced in reservations. Zen van Nihil and Aiden Aka Manah are two brothers birthed from the Power Elite of the Gardenia Hegemony between Extraterrestrial Humans of the Autumn Alliance and Reptilians in the EisenHaus Enclave. Zen serves the People in spreading his spiritual social movement of Zenarchism in his teachings and miraculous works to the masses for Martian Autonomy and the rights of all Humans in Gardenia which Aiden wishes to Enslave for he serves the Tyrannical Hegemony who Preserves this Dark Agenda while Zen van Nihil leads the People’s call for Revolutionary Change.
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Note: “Indigo Sky” is the First Novel in the “Revolution of Consciousness” series.

[Major Spoilers Alert]

Many of the Characters interwoven in “Indigo Sky Revolution of Consciousness” are neither Good nor Evil. In fact, unless they are Hegemon CEO Frederick V. EisenHaus the 9th or his protege and adopted son who happens to also be his Lord of Darkness in the Central Antagonist – Aiden Aka Manah (Aiden F. EisenHaus) or anyone explicitly connected with the EisenHaus Enclave who are guaranteed to be Malevolently Evil Robber Barons with Extraordinary Compassionate Exceptions among the Reptilian Hegemony Shapeshifters while all Autumn Association Hegemony are Egalitarian Libertarian Captains of Industry and Heroes of the People as a PanSpeciesism of PanHumanity from across the Universe dedicated to Aiding, Helping, Guiding, and Fighting for the Gardenia Humans who originated from Eden Prime (Old Earth). The PanHumans are from the United Cosmic Federation which is explained as (Universal Panspermia). In the New World Order of the Gardenia Utopian Community which is a strange amalgamated collection of Governments that spans the Milky Way Galaxy of Feudal Social Caste System of the Plutocratic Oligarchical Hegemony between the Liberators among the PanHuman Autumn Association and Slavers among the Reptilian Shapeshifters passing as Humans in the EisenHaus Enclave Hegemony.
Many of my Characters are in Conflict due to Superseding Circumstances where Good Characters will be in Existential Conflict to the Point of Senseless Merciless Bloodshed in the Gardenia Civil War with the United Revolutionary Collective (URC) over many Planets Declaring Autonomy in the “Union of Worlds” led by the URC. There are Instances Beyond Black and White Morality but fall in Shades of Grey as I show my Audience of Readers what War is really like in graphic detail with the difficult decisions that the Reader knows are Atrocious but understand my Objective Reasoning in How much Zen van Nihil’s Proclamation that Echoes Doctor Martin Luther King Jr. in one of his Dharma Talks is “We must learn to live together as Family or We shall Perish together as Fools” is seemingly forgotten by all of Gardenia once the EisenHaus Enclave scapegoats Zen van Nihil for “Inciting the Civil War” where all the bloodshed is put on Zen van Nihil who is ultimate Vilified and Demonized despite only Willing the Greater Good for Humanity through Peaceful Revolution of Performing Miracles to the Masses and Bestowing Enlightenment upon them.
The Primary Antagonists of Aiden Aka Manah (Aiden F. EisenHaus), and his adopted father and mentor Hegemon CEO Frederick EisenHaus are Machiavellian, Narcissistic, and Psychopathic. Aiden F. EisenHaus is adopted by one of the innumerable younger broodling sisters of Frederick EisenHaus in Michelle Bathory and her husband Simon Bathory which once Aiden F. Bathory-EisenHaus finds out Hegemon CEO Frederick EisenHaus is willing to take him as a son for Aiden Aka Manah is a protege and apt pupil of Frederick EisenHaus. Aiden does a favor for Frederick EisenHaus and finds the Mole within the Reptilian EisenHaus Enclave from the Draconian Imperium and eliminates them with only Hegemon CEO Frederick EisenHaus’ knowledge on what truly happened due to the powers Aiden F. EisenHaus possess and has displayed for his now adopted father and permanent name of Aiden F. EisenHaus (Aiden Aka Manah). Hegemon CEO Frederick Valefar EisenHaus welcomes Aiden Aka Manah to the Circle of Archons who dwell in the Ultima Circle that Frederick belongs to which includes Lucy Teller the EisenHaus Enclave Naga Serpentine Babalon Archon who is Frederick EisenHaus’ most trusted female brood sibling. The other most enigmatic member the Circle Includes is a ArchDevil Eldritch Elf named Balder Balefire Belial who is the Chief Counselor and ArchMagi to Emperor Alastor Alexandros Atlazarex of one of the Oldest Civilizations to Exist that had recently been resurrected in the Atlazarex Imperium teaming with Mirrormen, Ultra-Humans, Elves of the Eldritch, Chaos, Blood, Shadow, Snow, High, Dark among other Elven varieties who mate with the Ultra-Humans to create Atlazarex Half-Elves which are the majority of the Citizenry in this resurrected form of the Atlantis Empire. Balder Balefire Belial is referenced in the first book when Zen van Nihil overcomes Lucy Teller the Naga Babalon Archon in her Human Shapeshifter form at the House of the Hegemony as she emits Hallucinogenic Hormones which enthrall those around her and those who stay long enough are enslaved without knowledge of their mind control programming to the Ultima Circle as Hegemon CEO Frederick V. EisenHaus had indoctrinated many Vanguard Intelligence Officers and Protectorate Red Paladins into serving the Draconian Imperium through the Order of the Serpent where the Covenant of the Lizard King in which those en masse who drink the Blood of the Red Dragon Lord before Frederick EisenHaus become devout mindless loyalists to the Draconian Imperium via their Subconscious Reprogramming so the EisenHaus Enclave can always ensure its dominance despite the militant radical following in popularity to the Autumn Association and United Revolutionary Collective. Hegemon CEO Frederick V. EisenHaus was sent to enslave the Humans of Gardenia but does some very Machiavellian things to ensure the survival of the Gardenia Utopian Community instead of calling the Draconian Imperium to deal the killing blow and enslave all of Gardenia Humanity. CEO Frederick EisenHaus and Aiden F. EisenHaus metaphorically clean house when it comes to the single system ruled by the Utopian Party Politicians, Gardenia Oligarchs, and the overall Power Elite after clearing this in great detail with the Autumn Association so Hegemon CEO Frederick EisenHaus can do the dirty work in ensuring stability, sustainability, and survivability of the Gardenia Utopian Community. This even is blamed on Zen van Nihil and URC Terrorists as the Gardenia-URC Civil War engulfs all of the Milky Way Galaxy spanning Empire of the Gardenia Utopian Community as a Gardenia State of Emergency and Martial Law is declared as Guerrilla Warfare and a Military Force of the URC which parallels the Gardenia Protectorate emerges to wage war as chaos erupts across the Gardenia Utopian Community controlled Milky Way Galaxy. So are Hegemon CEO Frederick EisenHaus and Aiden F. EisenHaus wrong? Yes and No. Is Zen van Nihil Wrong? No, but Zen van Nihil is Pure and Good Enough to be Metaphorically Crucified for the Sins of Gardenia and the URC when Law and Order is Restored to be a Figure the People yearn for the Return of for “Where is Zen van Nihil.” Is the URC justifiable in its actions? Mixed in Percentiles of No but Yes for What they were Fighting for was Tyranny and URC and Gardenia Citizenry wanted by unanimous metric of popular opinion desire independence under URC Rule in the Union of Worlds.

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