Project: Ceto (Deep-Sea Gigantism Mad Science Experiment)


Project: Ceto
Mad Science Experiment: Testing Fish in Simulated Large Tanks to acclimate them slowly at first and ethically to supercharge their growth pattern which may lead to medical procedures or recreational procedures for Humans to be in the controlled Pressurized Water Tanks to Slowly Acclimate them to Deep-Sea Gigantism to create Giant Humans.
Caveat: This is crazy and more of a personal Thought Experiment but what Water does in making things grow fascinates me for example. I can hold my breath for three minutes and thirty seconds due to using a towel over my face while facing the shower simulates waterboarding as I fear nothing.
Hypothesis: I wonder if we have could use mild timing of pressurized deep-sea gigantism via water pressurizing controlled pods to accelerate and supercharge Human Growth as seen in the Deep Waters of a Abyss where due to Aquatic Wildlife adapting, overcoming, surviving, and evolving develop what is known as Deep-Sea Gigantism. Test Subjects would begin their forced growth, muscle mass, and hypothetical advanced Superhuman Gigantism on a set schedule of mild doses at first then acclimating them to higher and higher doses of pressure to accustom the Subject to Deep-Sea Gigantism in Aquatic Control Pods known as Oannes Pods while wearing Specialized Suits Shock Absorbant Suits for Protection, Safety, and with these Specialized Shock Absorbant Suits would come a Oxygen Supply from the Oannes Pods not worn by the Individual that would weigh them down but from within the Individual’s Oannes Pod that would not weigh down the Subject but allow them in the Control Suit which would be Able to exert pressure away in emergency while the Pressure in the Oannes Pods would begin Test Trials on a aquatic or terrain test animal such as a Koi Fish to create the largest Koi Fish to currently exist at colossal proportions with that first Subject created we could begin moving onto other nonhuman ethical experiments with the stated objective being willing Humans of the Zenarchism Foundation after the Mastery of the Poseidon Pressure Suits and the Oannes Pods on a controlled scheduled basis through ensured safety measures to shape, strengthen, and alter a human being to experience Deep-Sea Gigantism to create a adequate fully functioning Giant Human or Extend a Human’s Height by 10 centimeters to a couple meters.
WHAT IF: Okay, We can all Agree that the Oceans and Space are both Equally Fascinating What if we put the Sturgeons in a really deep and big lake where they will thrive and go through Indefinite Growth over their 150 year life cycle or how about a salt water sturgeon living at the bottom of the Marianas Trench so factor a Salt Water Sturgeon eating everything at the bottom of a Abyss while undergoing Deep-Sea Gigantism while living 150 years which during that process goes through Indefinite Growth. Damn, that’s a Big Fish. That Would Be The Biggest Fish of all Time.
Deep-sea Gigantism – Wikipedia

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