Character Analysis: Doctor Lilith Moonchild (The Postmodern Prometheus) from “Indigo Sky Revolution of Consciousness” by Aaron R. Ziegler




The Gardenia Utopian Community is the intergalactic new world order created after the Cold War ended in the eclipse of Mutual Assured Destruction which began from the Trotskyist Eastern Bloc and Technocratic-Socialist Western Alliance from a miraculous event horizon in the revelation of the Goddess, the Great Mother Celeste. Celestialism is the religion accepted in Gardenia while all labeled bad elements of old world religions are displaced in reservations. Zen van Nihil and Aiden Aka Manah are two brothers birthed from the Power Elite of the Gardenia Hegemony between Extraterrestrial Humans of the Autumn Alliance and Reptilians in the EisenHaus Enclave. Zen serves the People in spreading his spiritual social movement of Zenarchism in his teachings and miraculous works to the masses for Martian Autonomy and the rights of all Humans in Gardenia which Aiden wishes to Enslave for he serves the Tyrannical Hegemony who Preserves this Dark Agenda while Zen van Nihil leads the People’s call for Revolutionary Change.
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Note: “Indigo Sky” is the First Novel in the “Revolution of Consciousness” series.

[Major Spoilers Alert]

The genre of Science Fiction was created by Mary Shelley in one of the greatest literary masterpieces of all time. Frankenstein: The Modern Prometheus. The first chapter of my novel is the inversion of the Deadbeat Father Archetype of Doctor Victor Frankenstein who is a Pathologically Narcissistic Mad Scientist with a God Complex which was first alluded to in her code name on the base being “Doctor KrakenKinder” which in all her work with the boys she had never abused or hurt the boys but been motherly and a wise teacher who “KrakenKinder” in German means “Children Suffer” which once Zen van Nihil when leaving the Compound does actually crucially suffer in the First Chapter from Fear not Necessarily the Pain due to Zen van Nihil being a Alien Space Demigod Individual becomes scared as a Human Boy would and Cries in his Suffering who Doctor KrakenKinder is revealed in a Revelation to the Audience as Chief Science Officer, Doctor Lilith Moonchild who holds Zen van Nihil as he naturally recovers and regenerates to the point of pushing out the foreign object fired into him which Zen van Nihil and Aiden Aka Manah wouldn’t die if all the Guards unloaded into all of them for they rule over Zen and Aiden through Fear or Positive Reinforcement while the exact opposite was used for Zen was the one who was ruled by Fear when he was the one that is more Peaceful and Mild-Mannered while Aiden Aka Manah is Absolute Evil Incarnate who beguiled the Guards through the Banality of Evil within their Consciousness which can be shown in how all the Guards are the Banality of Evil and Hateful of the Peaceful, Omnibenevolent, Studious Scholar, Prodigious Wunderkind, and Loving Zen van Nihil while in my novel “Indigo Sky Revolution of Consciousness” the Doctor creates two boys who follow the Castor and Pollux Trope but one is Ultimately Good being Zen van Nihil while the other is Absolutely Evil  in Aiden Aka Manah / Aiden F. EisenHaus. The Doctor is Chief Science Officer, Doctor Lilith Moonchild who focused her unconditional love and devoted compassion on Zen van Nihil as a beloved Creation that she loved so much she does some extreme stuff which No Spoilers but I lay out reasons why she would love him as her son that if the puzzle pieces are critically analyzed as in the unabridged final cut master copy that is now available. You will see how Doctor Lilith Moonchild essentially created two Demigods to revolutionize the Cosmos in who would win due to how equally matched her creations which are essentially demigods and the steps she took to ensure her Beloved Creations freedom from becoming the War Machines that could quell any extraterrestrial threat and the majority of the militant citizenry in the resistance organization of the United Revolutionary Collective (URC) of the Gardenia Utopian Community which Gardenia is a Dystopian Milky Way Galaxy Dominating Presence in the Universe that is making its way over the entire Virgo Supercluster through the Gardenia Protectorate’s Military making conquests and expanses into Triangulum Galaxy and 116 Dwarf Galaxies in the Virgo Supercluster.
Doctor Lilith Moonchild.
Doctor = Alluding to Doctor Frankenstein but as a inverted Archetype of a Loving Mother instead of Deadbeat Father Archetype.
Lilith = Gnostic Dead Sea Scroll Reference for the “Mother of all Monsters”
Moonchild = 1. Aleister Crowley wrote a book titled “Moonchild” about Magicians fighting for control of a Woman who was Pregnant with whatever Magical Faction Won would Win their Messiah.
Moonchild = 2. Both Zen van Nihil and Aiden Aka Manah are born on July 16th which is the same day in our Calendar that the Atomic Bomb Trinity was detonated which any Scientifically Minded Person would understand that the two boys equate to a New Age of Humanity in their Existence.
Moonchild = 3. A Person with the Zodiac of Cancer is also known as a “Moonchild” since Cancer’s Celestial Body is the Moon of Earth or “Eden Prime” in the “Revolution of Consciousness” series. Both Zen van Nihil and Aiden Aka Manah are by their Birthday of July 16th the Zodiac of Cancer. Some Cancers are Benign (Zen van Nihil) while others are Malevolent (Aiden Aka Manah).

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