Quantum Leap of Faith

There comes a time in everyone’s life when moments of desolation and despair comes with no sight of respite on the horizon of perception has made all of creation in one’s own life become without form, shape, meaning or purpose and everything in life becomes worthless in seemingly infinite time.

Take a relaxing breath and wonder if this temporary problem is really worth the worry for it is a negative psychic energy drain that is merely finite.

Faith, prayer, meditation, willpower to grant the strength and endurance to reinforce positive psychic energy assurance will one behold help from the Heavens as externally the world is dark but internally one realizes my dear friend that greatness is inside and eternal for it is one’s spirit which is with you always.

Shift the paradigm, discover the bigger picture, understand that life is peaks and valleys, highs and lows, temporal dimensional time and three dimensional space are a double double helix spiral which appears as a work of art by M. C. Escher. The 5th Dimensional Matrix is one’s own Consciousness. Mastery of the Self is Mastery of the Many-Worlds of the Multiverse.

The solution to managing anxiety and depression is don’t think about it. One is granted power to give power as well as take and receive it. Don’t sell one’s soul and one will never pay the Devil his dues.

The Eternal Laws and Truths.

Life Begets Life. The Law of Biogenesis.

Karmaic Justice to Geopolitically Sow What One Reaps is ascertainable by the Monarchs of Chaos Theory in the Law of Causation and Effect.

My Dear Friend, take the Quantum Leap of Faith in one’s Will to Power and have a Revolution of Consciousness.

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