Universalist Humanist Manifesto

To all those gathered in the congregation of the crowd, let this declaration of love be heard loud, let all of you my beloved family of my fellow human beings truly know. My love for all of you being transcends space-time and in all the realms we may pass through in the multiverse of the sublime. For I see the light in all of us that illuminates our souls in a enlightening glow.

Everyday we awaken, we are reborn. Death is merely a progression into the mystery of an afterlife beyond serenity of paradise and nonexistence. Eternalism and nihilism. Do not fear anything, you are the revolutionary leading the unified people of the resistance. The foundations of corruptions which cause suffering shall fall of their own accord, someday every institution of oppression we have ever known shall be destroyed. A wise man once said, the earth is but one state, humankind are all equal citizens. The ways of the old world order are falling to disorder liberated from church and kingdom, ignite the flames to give us our freedom all our hearts yearn for our unity in liberty to our individuality. Our true selves yearning for their moment to have a fully alive existence. To feel pain as pain, to know love is most powerful force in the universe. There is no such thing as division from you or me, the truth is the understanding of WE, united in autonomy.

WE the people of the earth shall tear off our chains for we have nothing to lose but the entire cosmos to gain, We will have a call-to-arms where we use the disarming power of embrace to protect the beaten, broken, all of those done harm. To live is to suffer, to survive is become fully alive. No one who is suffering 24 hours a day should be living in spiritual poverty. This is the manifesto of humanity, a doctrine inside us all by the very thing which liberates us, be the change you want to be in what you be in the universe, you were created as one with creation, humanity is greater than any dividing creed, ethos, organization, or nation. Be the change that outshines the haunted hours of the darkest night, the brightest minds dawns the brightest day of enlightenment. We must learn to live together as family or perish together as fools. We have nothing but our chains to lose, incredible liberty to gain. So meet me where this old world ends and usher the new world rules, this is our writ of passage, revolution is our fundamental right, Human beings of the world, unite!

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