Buy and Read “The Good News of Music and Other Poems” by Aaron R. Ziegler

A collection of poems all written by Aaron R. Ziegler. The Good News of Music Summary: Ellis Ray has seen his life go to hell by the overbearing demands of a father he has once distanced himself from in following the successful love of his life in the musical artist destined to make it big, Maria Evangeline Christina while Ellis Ray is a talented writer in all fields. He careens off a cliff while driving to join his lover on her musical tour with her band causing Ellis to descend to a level he thought not possible. Ellis Ray must go through running the family business of ruling Hell until he learns the woman he loves is about to make a deal with a greater evil for her soul, that evil is his father. Ellis Ray with the help of a friend win back the woman of his dreams who her blessed music saves the world.

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