Zenarchism: What Does It Mean To Be A Zenarchist?

Photo by Diego Madrigal on Pexels.com

To be a Zenarchist means that to let what truly doesn’t matter, slide. In the grand scale of the cosmos, we are the matter that does not. On a universal scale, we are insignificant, our lives are futile, there is no reason we are here, there is no ultimate purpose for the greater good we serve. Once you embrace these ideas as the noble truths then you begin the road to the cessation of suffering, you’ve become enlightened to the fact that you as an individual do not matter to anyone or anything unless it’s within their self-interest. That God is not a loving God or a just God. That God is just a God, an omnipotent, omniscient, omnipresent but not an omnibenevolent God. A creation is a reflection of its creator, if the creation is flawed then it was willed by its creator.

Once you realize these noble truths of our dimension, our realm, our planet, our world. You may feel the greatest tinge of dissonance but that will subside and you will truly know what it means to be free. To say any man is a direct line to God (Exempli Gratia, Jesus Christ) is to say that God is limited and therefore none of what he claims to be. God is infinite, he is found in everyone and everything. The nature of your inner-deity is only limited by how much you wish to be known of your own divine nature, through that reason the revelation of your true inner-deity is ascertained. We are all Artisans of existence, trying to craft a world we see fit. If you are making ignorant decisions you will live in suffering. If you are an enlightened being, you will craft a better and brighter future, not just for yourself but for all of humanity.

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