The Legalization of Marijuana

Money is a drug with euphoric highs and depressing lows when the user crashes on it. Money is power, prestige, and authority. Money is a drug with highly-addictive properties that empowers the user to the paramount of success and without it equates to a frugal means of survival. Money is a drug that can allow one to puff designer cigars while working and blow white phosphorous on their smoke breaks.

Marijuana is a plant that contains Tetrahydrocannabinol or THC along with many other oils and extracts which produces from its Sativa strain: a cerebral high with heightened creativity and activity, a more highly focused, and heightened awareness within the user. Marijuana strains of Indica create a more relaxed person, the type of symptoms are that you typically see as the stereotype of the lazy pot smoker just lying down on the couch, not doing a whole lot. In this discourse on my persuasive thesis on the legalization of marijuana, I will be siding with the pro-legalization of marijuana as well as its distribution, regulation, and consumption.
It is my belief that marijuana is not a gateway drug. Many try alcohol or cigarettes before they would ever try marijuana or harder drugs, people who are addicts suffer from a disease known as Substance Abuse Disorder. We all abuse certain substances, whether it be caffeine or reading a good book. The key behind Substance Abuse Disorder is their brain-chemistry that their dopamine levels attach themselves to certain things to find a greater high, the pleasure people who most of us understand moderation, however these substances are mind-altering as a generality, the hooks addiction digs in these people are deep for the withdrawals are too great a hell to exist in for them.
Marijuana as a gateway drug was stated in the legalization of marijuana debate in class, for it is a logical fallacy. People who use Marijuana recreationally generally do so for an ultimate more medicinal purpose in the treatment of existential dread and ennui. Cannabis has medicinal effects that affect every human being that partakes in it’s usage on a relativists level. In the case if it being legalized, I state that only adults over the twenty-one should be able to legally partake in it’s consumption, that all adults above the age of twenty-one should be able to purchase at a dispensary up to an ounce of marijuana on their person for personal use to enjoy recreationally or medicinally. If a patient is prescribed medicinal marijuana they may use this as their medication at any age to treat the illness which plagues them no matter how dire, severe, moderate, or mild. The myth that marijuana is a gateway drug is merely a myth, for some people are genetically more inclined to have a substance abuse disorder to more radical highs than others, where most, including marijuana users understand moderation and use it responsibly much alike the encouragement on the usage of alcohol.
The only function that the outlawing of marijuana serves is to fuel a black market which creates jobs for law enforcement officials to create an incentive for private prisons to labor away at slave wages for corporate financial gain. Which in the debate the one team for its prohibition stated this as a detriment to its status of being illegal which was an argument against themselves. For if there is anything to be learned from prohibition it’s that when you outlaw something to the free market it creates an underground market which will gladly supplement this need for those wanting to purchase this illicit product which opens the floodgates to crime, poverty, and corruption of organized crime as well as the government to smuggle, grow, or sell marijuana as their major cash crop to the population which in turn supplements their other profits in other areas of distributing substances and generating violent crime within criminal organizations. Numerous warring criminal organizations have been formed and created into multinational companies that war with one another over the resources of profits of the trafficking and distribution of illegal drugs, most notably, the aforementioned cash crop of marijuana with the United States government instituting this war and militarizing the criminal organizations. Legalization of cannabis or marijuana in all forms and walks of life following the twenty-one years of age and the ounce on a single person at time excluding their own home as legal boundaries outside of medicinal purposes.
I believe that at any age a patient can be prescribed medicinal marijuana to treat what ails them. The medicinal purposes of marijuana have no bounds in the medical community for how they affect a patient suffering from any disorder you would wish to name, marijuana is a panacea of all pain, disorder, syndromes, diseases, and illnesses. From the terminally ill to the mentally ill. To children with seizures to people with anxiety and mood disorders, even the person with a psychotic disorder has much to gain from the benefits of marijuana for it makes their hallucinations more peaceful, their delusions more relaxed. Marijuana is recreationally medicinal for people in a relationship who have problems coping with one another, proving that the wisdom that romantic love and marriage cannot coexist as a fallacy. Marijuana produces love, marijuana improves life. Marijuana not only has medical or recreational purposes but helps the individual understand reality in a better lens of perception despite whoever the user is it has this effect.
Marijuana revenue would save the economy, it would relax the force of the federal government while also enable the general population to further improve life as a utopia for society or a personal paradise for the individual for whatever reality of existence an individual in society is facing, marijuana can enhance that and help one’s mind realize what are their problems in daily life and how to differentiate between them; what problems were of concern and what problems are only anxieties of the mind. Marijuana would create a surmounting revenue on a federal level that would save the economy, it would end many utilities of big pharma for a more natural approach to the methods of medicalization of the American citizen. Most people with anxiety disorders would just need to proverbially ‘chill out dude’. Most people with Bipolar Disorder would become balanced and depression would become nonexistent in the diagnostic statistical manual for mental illness, while schizophrenics and schizotypal alike would be admired for their ‘far out’, and ‘totally profound theories’, which would end anti-intellectualism and promote the true powers of individualism while creating collectivism among humans everywhere to show love to these people as the eccentricities they exhibit as part of who they are instead of deviants of society. There is money to be made in the marijuana industry, which the black market has proved that with it’s stigma of an illicit activity, if society were to remove that stigma or to decriminalize marijuana, more people would resort to smoking marijuana while putting the body destroying bottle of alcohol on the shelf for a more favorable disturbance in society of a marijuana user being bummed out but totally whatever man that a convenience store didn’t have the snacks they wanted over the deaths caused from alcohol involving automobile accidents and its involvement with violent crimes.
In essence, the legalization in Denver as cited in the debate has shown that this social experiment in one state and it’s borders were to extend to all fifty states would greatly improve the intellectualism of the American population. Marijuana usage promotes creativity as well as peace of mind and the steady of a hand. Marijuana usage would promote a consciousness among Americans that leaned more towards peace and love than sex and violence that our current legal vices promote. Marijuana is the savior of us all, it’s prohibition must end so we as American citizens can reach a higher state of consciousness and learn to live together as family instead of perishing together as fools. We cannot live in this current marijuana prohibited close-minded state forever for many social scientists have observed the American consciousness as becoming overrun with a narcissism and anti-intellectualism epidemic which I think marijuana decriminalization with its existence being legal and consumed is just what the doctor ordered to fix this social-problem.

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