Zenarchism: Real Talk

It’s actually quite uncool to believe in the concept of “cool.” Most cool people are just good with illusions, they maintain an image, an aesthetic that is appealing so therefore underneath the tattoos, the crazy hair, the all-encompassing Facebook social-networking confessional we all love to hate are you presented with a facade of a person. The media does this all the time to maintain order through illusions or to control through social-conditioning. Aesthetic alone gets you some things in life but deep down inside there is nothing to value or understand those things you got out of life in the first place. What really is attractive is personality and more importantly character. When you’re lying in your casket and everything is said in done, your aesthetic will rot and be forgotten but what will matter is an individual’s character. Character is what defines someone as a person, even more so a legend. Character is what religions and philosophies are based on, character is what changes the world, character alone can get you whatever you desire in life because character is the power and essence of the individual. I think a lot of people lack character, they lack common sense, they lack individual thought for they are bound by the chains of social norms. Social norms tell you what is uncool, what is weird, what is something you should dislike or hate. The truth is the most basic human animal is an animal who goes by familiarity, similarities, an animal that sticks to its routines and rituals. That despite your beard, your man-bun, your choice in brand names, your tattoos, your ear plugs, and your overall aesthetic, you are no different than the sheeple to your right and your left. That you are not unique because of what you see in the mirror but what you and only you can see in your soul, if others are ostracizing someone for being weird, maybe this supposed weirdos soul is a bit more powerful than others and that person has a much larger part in the grand scheme of things. Maybe you’re not as unique as you thought you were, maybe you should just realize that your conforming in your own way while still having the privilege of being accepted because you are a basic human animal just like everyone else, not an evolutionary leap to the statushood of freak of nature. What do you think Troglodytes would think of a single Cro Magnon? That Cro Magnon is a freak when in truth, Cro Magnon is an evolved life form, his level of understanding is greater developed than the troglodytes. The Troglodytes may hate Cro Magnon because he is different when Cro Magnon cannot hate the Troglodyte because they are all the same.

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