Zenarchism: Revolutionary Complex

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


Human beings, being the sentient yet emotionally chaotic and varying degrees of rationality within each individual have a tendency to let emotions overrule their rationality. I am a human being and I will readily admit that sometimes, my emotions do get the best of me, albeit rarely. When people are saying grandiose things which are being expressed in anger which are more or less generalities about their current emotional state they may misconstrue the individual as violent when we as a collective do the same yet most of us are too narcissistic to think that is how we sound. When human beings are feeling passionate or even in rage, it is best to realize that passion is a creative expression of the soul and rage is the primordial expression of creative dissonance. The Human being or subject in question may actually not generally be a violent person but perhaps due to preexisting conditions such as state of mind or the influence of emotions and current life events that this person may have forgotten one vital and noble truth about all of us, the noble human being, that we are pacifists who when attacked will pass-a-fist. Survivalism was the first things are brains evolved into placing above anything else before we were hominids but when we were reptiles in the evolutionary cycle. When people are in rage, they tend to forget things they’ve said or even done, rage blinds a human being which is why when a human being is expressing rage, they are blinded by a reality that does not exist. The best possible course of action in dealing with a human being who is feeling rage is to diffuse the situation with the utmost compassion and care unless they are being physically violent, if their rage is only on the level of verbal expressions of anger, it is much like a bomb ticking away or its fuse has been lit. The best course of action is to help the person identify that they may be feeling rage while also validating the delusional beliefs of what is blinding them so they can see the truth of the matter. The negotiation process is vital in helping a human being who may be experiencing this primal emotion which happens to us all and as human beings we have the obligation of the universal power of empathy to help this person calm down, successfully helping this person calm down is as great as a feat of humanity getting one of their own on the moon, you saved a human being from more basic instincts and restored them to the higher mind we have been gifted with. Congratulations, you possibly saved the world and in-particular a human beings world from being diluted with rage.

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