Zenarchism: Knowledge is Power, Enlightenment is Freedom

Intellect can be discerned by evidence or facts which are universal. The value of what determines an intellectual is determined by the content of these articles of evidence or facts is relative on the social standards of the society in question. The amount of knowledge which pertains to genius of specific fields of study in which certainty can be found are not relative because there is an actual science or way of knowing behind it whereas “beliefs” in which having knowledge of things that are uncertain is relative because they are not backed by evidence or facts. Knowledge is practical in utility, where beliefs are unpractical and can be considered wishful or magical thinking. However, morality is mostly relative for there is practically a time and place in this world when every universally accepted moral law is broken thus making universal morality unpractical unless everyone adheres to that universal set of morality. Primal religions of humanity which are based on beliefs wish to institute a system of universal morality which is in itself a paradox or contradiction because there is nothing in these religions or bodies of beliefs which would always be upheld because of human nature.

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