On My Hypergraphia and Hyperlexia

I am a man who has Hyperlexia and Hypergraphia which are two disorders only Genius Individuals who are those respectively on the Autism Spectrum and who have Bipolar Disorder exhibit that revolve around Reading and Writing.
Madeline L’Engle and C. S. Lewis were the Authors who influenced me as a child to start Reading and Writing voraciously. BTW – I have read the entire DSM I through V, the entry on Hypergraphia in the DSM V is false. Bipolar Disorder and Epileptic Individuals can have Hypergraphia. The DSM IV is correct for the majority of Hypergraphics are actually Bipolar and I have never suffered from Epilepsy nor had a Seizure.
Please fix this for it is an embarrassment to the scientific community surrounding Psychology, Psychiatry, and Neuroscience. Thank You.

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