Zenarchism: Vaguebooking

Vaguebooking is shallow and pretentious. Vaguebooking insults is shallow, pretentious, cowardly, and shows a person who is lacking in character. Vaguebooking insults is projecting more negativity into this world on a broader spectrum for if you understood anything pertaining to linguistics, namely the English language, you would know that without a specific subject in a statement, that statement is an open ended message directed to whoever the reader is. Vaguebooking is mainly a cry for attention posted by an individual with narcissistic tendencies because only narcissists need another’s validation to sate their ego for they cannot validate themselves and they constantly crave approval from others for the survival of their psyche. Vaguebooking insults are for the weak of spirit, it is the act of a coward, to just propagate more negativity into a world that has enough negativity in it already. If I have a problem with someone, we talk about the issue through civil discourse of conversation. Otherwise, don’t talk about it, be about it.

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