Zenarchism: Welcome To Zenarchy Club

So many people rise, fall, downspiral, and slowly destroy themselves on a daily basis and this statement is omnipresent. This statement is a universal to all of us. I see the brightest regard themselves as idiots. I see idiots regard themselves as intellectual. I see the honest lie to themselves and I see the liar honestly deceive. Who else can say that this is the darkest and most cynically pessimistic times have been and that they have been in their worldview. Well, I have a answer for we have seen these eras in history before and I assure you we will see them again. Any reason you have to abandon and give up on the world is likened to a coward too eager to tie their own noose. The course of events that are about to unfold are the darkest of nights before the brightest dawn. This dark era will be followed by a gorgeous golden age. I ask you my people to please hold on and have faith.

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