Zenarchism: Gravitas

“Gravitas” was the highest Roman Virtue which essentially is to be centered, grounded, enlightened yet realistic about life in the Roman Empire. “Gravitas” was the virtue of the idiom where the individual is in the philosophical state of being “Down To Earth.”
Isaac Newton discovered gravity which is his only claim to fame outside of his neverending pursuit as an Alchemist to create a Philosopher stone.
At the same time of Isaac Newton was one of the Top Ten Most Intelligent Humans to exist in Wilhelm Gottfried Liebnitz who did wonders for the advancement of Mathematics.
Fun Facts:

  1. Napoleon Bonaparte’s favorite author was Goethe.
  2. Through studying chaos theory in the butterfly effect, I am working on a conclusive thesis that Joan of Arc is the Mother of Western Democracy so by that logic, Lady Liberty is truly a monument to Joan of Arc.
  3. Consciousness is the 5th Dimensional Matrix which proves Werner Heisenberg’s “Many-Worlds Theory” to be true.
  4. More to come from Zenarchy INC.

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