Zenarchism: Hero of the People

I just wanted to play Alternative-Reality Games. Write Fictional Novels, Poetry, and Spiritual Philosophy. Read Books. Do my Scientific Research and Development on Chaos Math and the Butterfly Effect but then Sensationalist Tribalistic Identity Politics happened.
We live in a Society?
F#$% Society.

I’m not even frustrated, I’m just greatly disappointed by the working and middle-class infighting because Identity Politics is a Machiavellian-Hegelian Divide and Conquer – Eye of Providence – Ponzi Scheme Strategy with No Winners designed in malice by the Power Elite to destroy the working and middle class while Western Societies become Oligarchies whether by the Liberal or Conservative Politician for both in reality are NeoConservatives. I’m a Zenarchist Revolutionary first and foremost who would closely align as a Zenarchism, Mutualism, Egalitarianism, and Populism who thinks Mises and Marx both made valid points and that no one is unworthy of redemption or is entirely good or bad for no one is perfect because the world and humanity are not that way for I view the world in varying shades of grey.

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