Zenarchism: Apathy Is The 48th Law Of Power

Initiate Protocol: Apathy
I am on hiatus from working as someone who benefits my society greatly. The following events that are going to transpire on the geopolitical stage are when all my Zenarchists exercise the most Powerful Law in the 48 Laws of Power which is to do Absolutely Nothing. No Zenarchist is to work with any organization, state, corporation unless out of necessity for one’s own being or to help your fellow Zenarchist by one’s own means or choice. Let the pieces fall where they may. Let’s evolve.

“A lack of concern for anything that is everything, a loss of all inhibitions, a state of complete relaxation with a deeper and more profound understanding of who and what I am, that in the brevity of my life in the universe, that who and what I am in this mortal coil is merely a breath in the eternal order of all the realms in all the dimensions of existence, that I am a revolutionary who changes his environment of society and himself as an individual for he is an immortal soul who is one with the divine for he is divine and eternally shall be until the great and blessed inevitability of the void that is brimming full of endless nothingness.”

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