Zenarchism: Ascertaining Nirvana

I overcame my trust issues, Atlas complex, and now I truly have inner-peace for peace of mind is not found externally but from soul searching internally. I feel normal, sane, and like myself again independent of any external stimuli for I create circumstances and a true man hates no one for there is always room for redemption and acceptance for everyone in this world for harboring negative energy is like drinking poison and expecting the problems of the world to sort itself out.

Just let it go and let the world sort itself. One’s primary objective should be to take care of oneself first then one can help others for how can you help others when you are helpless yourself? How can you save the world without being stricken with the anxiety of one’s own personal problems without first remedying the anxiety one is ailed from that always begs the question of, “give me a reason.”

These truths we hold are self-evident to ascertain our higher self and granted to us by our higher power.

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