“The Good News of Music” (Aaron R. Ziegler)

The Good News of Music

Aaron R. Ziegler

I: The Fall of Ellis Ray and The Saving Grace of Maria Evangeline Christina

There is danger ahead

I’ve fallen asleep at the wheel

My vehicle goes careening of a ledge

Falling downwards to the rocks below

Remember those who stand, proudly stand

While those who fall, gladly fall

I crash through rock bottom

Straight through a hard place

I am one with the abyss, this I know

I am heralded as the Illuminating Light-bringer

I am the Dark Emperor of the Inferno

As I am now fully-alive on my gilded throne of divine bones, I am placated, pleased, and pissed. My rationality derives this emotion from begging mortals to demon lords, all of those in my empire of my abyssal inferno that exist.

I remember that day I fell from grace, proud and unaware

I forget the name of where I saw her face, this lapse of memory causes my wrath one too great to bear. I know of her as angelic beauty who when we would sit in that Podunk Diner, where we would meet for nighthawk meals late at night. I would always order the steak and eggs, she would order chicken tenders, together we drank copious amounts of coffee. We would talk deeply of society, science, history, philosophy, religion, politics, as well as are deepest discussions on all that is art in drugs, sex, literature, movies, and of the hottest of our topics being Music for she was a local popular musician and myself an aspiring author in my ambitions as a writer. We were both trying to recover from our substance abuse disorder or addictions. We met in Rehab for our friendship formed was by the divine will of providence, we were a spiritual saint and a devil rebel on a mission to become famous and leave Podunk for the exaltation existence.

As we sat and eat, she did not call me my indentured servitude name of Ozymandias. The name of my patriarchs before me who owned everything but a sense of rhythm, need for adventure, artistic expression, or anything resembling a soul. She called me by my name my divorced primary custody mother called me by me by a name my father had originally given, cutting out the “Ozzie” or “Ozymandias Raziel” entirely and called me by what was my preferred given name adopted in adaptation as Ellis Ray Apollo-Dionysus. My beloved is named Whatever to her as she was fine with being born as who she became as a spreader of the Good News of Music found in proto-hipster music journalism magazines. Maria Evangeline Christina knew her Hippie Dad was a real rolling stone as a guy named Jesus H. Christ while her mom was Mary Eve Madeline. My beloved best friend whose name was Whatever was okay with being known as the celebrated Maria Evangeline Christina, punk rock goddess of the underground scene, bringing the good news of fallen patriarchs to the mainstream. I would remember the talks that my father Ozymandias Prometheus Ouroboros The Man who would say about the necessity of the father to be the part of a nuclear family to be at work but vital to any family home for quality time when not at work. Well here’s that self-righteous jerk’s rightful reality check. That bastard Dad The Man left my mom, Helen Apollo-Dionysus to legally marry the legacy of my paternal side patriarchal monopoly which owns everything in all goods and services owned in the mega-corporation known as the Ozymandias Organization, his favored legacy is his global franchises that are his children who replace me are beyond the millions losing count of them by the innumerable cartels of subsidiary companies as the Master Ozymandias Prometheus Ouroboros The Man is not my Dad but Hypocrite and Happily Owner of the World as a businessman who lives and sleeps in a suit and tie for his life is defined as a Monopolist in Ozymandias The Man. The Entity whose opposition was in the form of the Good News of Music who preached to the congregations of the people to fight this evil against all odds for this was what we were against.

One day my best friend Maria Evangeline Christina and her band, the Sunshine Saints were signed to Big Time Records. A bunch of big Punk Rock and Hardcore bands showed up to play in the Virgil Forest where a night of enchanting magic of sex, drugs, and rock & roll occurred. Everything was blissful for everyone for it was truly a perfect day, I was glad to have finally lose my v-card to Maria Evangeline Christine, wrapped in sleeping bags inside a barn, and I finally knew a woman loved me as much as my Mom which my fellow dudes, friends, and family is more than any love that exists in a world of people gone too soon. For in the morning, I was going to meet Maria Evangeline Christina at the next show in Urban City then join Maria Evangeline Christina and the Sunshine Saints on their tour. I was going to write a book about the Sunshine Saints, Punk Rock, Sex, Adulting, Whatever Forever Spiritual Finding, Poetry, Fiction, Nonfiction, and of course the central thesis of: Maria Evangeline Christina and her Gospel of Punk Rock found in the glory of our love in Music.

II: The Tormented Passions of Burning Chaos  

When I fell off that cliff

Love whispered of sacred solace

Her arms are a palace

Angels carrying me down

As Fallen I am I am going to Hell which happens as I hit the rocks 

I remember the Ozymandias-Mephistopheles pact, my father yelling at me that I must learn how to act for the Ozymandias Ouroboros legacy is one that Faust, Solomon, Musicians who know the Blues. 

All three of these beings in the Alchemists, Kings, and Crossroads Negotiators would never know this part of the play or how fast an Ozymandias can adapt. Especially when you are the member of the family whose car crashed downward into Hell to crush your great-great-great grandfather with my once treasured muscle car… 

As it landed over a double-rainbow to be the Divine Will that crushed my eldest patriarch of Lucifer Illuminatus Morningstar Ouroboros, the original Ozymandias Rebel who led a revolution against God to find the cyclical nature of chaos in order of a disastrous disorder that transformed my oldest ancestor in my father’s bloodline and a third of his friends from Angels to Demons for they were banished to Hell from Heaven

I remember my name before they called me A Bad One, Worse than Apollyon, this bastardization of a title usually comes up when I am reading a book of comparative religions, philosophy, literature, or my most esoteric hobby of the adoration and creation of poetry. One day, a book of poems by the moody mortal scream queen Sylvia Sanger, otherwise known as her alias Teen Edger spilled off my lap, onto the court floor. Immediately, my Demon Lord friends came to hide my former mortal passions still present after my Grand Daemonic Apotheosis as a Rebellious Anti-Life. My Demon friends, Malphas, Thoth, and Osiris all pitched in to help gather up my innumerable written poems and reading materials where some could possibly see myself as a preferred artist of words instead of the destroyer of worlds, corrupter of good, and the evil conscience that brings all suffering as some imps thought they caught glance at what they thought they saw. The Imps were swept into a frenzy calling out the blame they thought my true name in cheering, “Apollo, Apollo” causing their meeting of wanton destruction as I secured my collection of works, I pointed a finger at the whole gaggle of demi-scamps and lesser imps. In a split-second, these diminutive little hellions were reduced to a crimson misty vapor. My true identity had been saved, thank the Void left by the Death of God in Heaven!

One day in the Pandemonium Palace, during our midweek Blaspheme Magnum Opus Orgies in my lavish luxurious Hall of Hedonism. I was partaking in the most epicurean grandeur of satisfying feats when an Old Crone of a Witch walked up to me and ripped apart a chicken. 

“In honor of you my Lord,” she smiled and curtsied. 

I then in that moment remembered how my Maternal Grandmother came from scholars and academics, my Maternal Grandfather came from roughnecks, outlaws, lunatics and blatant savages in their Dionysian practice of debauchery, drinking, hedonism, criminality and the lunacy they sometimes faced in the family tradition of ripping apart animals with their manly hands. I smiled at the Old Crone, looking to my left I saw a Cockatrice blocking “Zazy” or Azazel from debaucheries with Succubi Twins. I helped my bro “Zazy” Azazel out by grabbing the Cockatrice and rendering it to bloody bits in seconds much like the genius speed it took me to solve a multi-colored puzzle cube when I was once Ozzie Raziel Apollo-Dionysus. The Old Crone smiled for the Satyrs began to put on a show from an act obscenity that was a musical from antiquity.

The Old Crone spoke softly, “Your Inglorious Notorious Ultima Fire on High, beloved Dreamweaver known as Ellis Ray Apollo-Dionysus why do you insist on your name of the Nightmare that is Ozymandias Raziel Ouroboros?”

I quickly looked around for my five infernal wives of Phoenix, Persephone, Astaroth, Babalon, and my personal favorite Lilith. Some machination of Enochian Chaos Crowley Magick to block out the thought of myself as Ozymandias Raziel Ouroboros gives me my Megalomaniac Mastermind Infernal Self for the name of myself as the Devil-Deity of Demons means Antagonist God Emperor Mysterious Infinite for that is the meaning of the name I am known in Pandemonium, Tartarus, Hades, Hell, and even Sheol for the name of Ellis Ray Apollo-Dionysus was known in full the machinations I realized were my own were coming to me in full. I would fulfill my plan to restore my rebellion to a revolution by paying my respect to the Void left by the Death of God in Heaven. This I would do in a place of innumerable scope of time but in my perception of days that I numbered as seven. Maybe my one-third of Fallen can apologize to the two-thirds known as the Celestial Blessed of Balance and Order

In my court and abound I am the Notoriously Renown to every Devil, Demon, Hellion, or Tortured Mortal is of sanity in cacophony of clarity, these sycophants of my Abyssal Inferno would and will address me as the Dark Ruler Ozymandias Raziel Lucifer, the Lawless Lord of Wicked Babylon, only Belial “Beelz” Beelzebub or Mad Zeus Mammon can call me my name of “Ozzie Ellis Ray Apollo-Dionysus,” None besides the Old Crones who spent their days weaving the Threads of Fate through the Loom of Illumination could call me by my old name of Ellis Ray Apollo-Dionysus which was only permissible by the Three Aspects of Witches in the Maidens, Mothers, and Crones, for these three facets of witches made me feel the good old human me in my now Devilish bones. Maidens who worshiped my carnality, Mothers who birthed Hellions here in the nine realms of Hell and Earth as lightning falling from the sky, and for the Old Crones did give out of my infinite eternal life span some short time for I had a busy schedule this was imagined to be what would be my Sunday morning as something mortal that was residual. To listen to the Old Crones whistle while they worked. I came for this reason only no one know but to listen to wisdom was my personal secret in keeping my sanity as a tyrant. Out of the cacophony of insanity came this clarity of the illuminating reality of life upon earth. The knowledge came to me in a stunning revelation in realizing that Maria Evangeline Christina was still alive and achieved critically acclaimed success and the absolute truth came to my utmost disbelief was that Maria Evangeline Christina is eternally in love with me!

I left through the Gates of Hell to ascertain renewed Hope.

III: The Beatnik, Ruffneck, Zenarchist Lunatic 

I climbed through innumerably endless dimensional matrices of Chaos to finally come to some place of Balance. That bastard I envied known as Sovereign of Saturnia in the Noble Savage Hyperborean Doctor God Emperor of all Shades of Grey. The one I speak of is Zen van Nihil, notoriously a moderate between Order and Chaos as an Archon of Balance. The Chaotic Neutral Zenarchist was waiting for me!

I shouted at Zen van Nihil, “You void damn Chaos Theorists of Zenarchism could just chose a conventional religious spirituality!”

Zen van Nihil jumped off a rock while sitting in full-lotus to a leap where he landed delicately as if he were levitating in slow motion.

“Sorry not sorry Ozzie Raziel Ouroboros, I will not apologize for being honest about for being myself, my originality, or not needing morality in order to do what is good or best for the ideal self, ideal group, and ideal society.”

I shook my head in anger, “Damn Zen van Nihil, you and all the two-thirds think you are hot shit or just God’s greatest gift?”

“Takes one to know one of course, so you know the mutual answer is Yes! Ozzie Raziel Ouroboros or honestly as you prefer Ellis Ray Apollo-Dionysus, you’ve fathered so many bastard lies Ellis Ray, I don’t think you know what the truth is anymore or this Divine Truth which always prevails, Ellis Ray, you better be true to yourself or you will only fail.” Zen van Nihil spoke in his silvery suave voice.

I sighed a bellowing sigh at the fact that Zen van Nihil was once again right, I spoke in my deep decibel distorted voice “You are going escort me to the Void on Cloud Nine where God died?”

“Yes, and No, Ellis Ray, God is Alive, Religion is Dead, Spirituality is alive and well but since you and your fellow Devils and Demons of the Infernal Abyss can’t grasp this fact, there is no Void in Heaven, you are all just Divine Blind, you know like colorblind? Except you cannot see the light for you are forever lost and never found but guess what Ellis Ray those who who rise can only do so after they’ve fallen down, you wanna know why Ellis Ray? Truth always prevails, the lies end now.” Zen van Nihil said matter-of-fact handing me a Proto-hipster smoke from his pack, taking a drink himself then handing me the flask.

“Why’s that gotta end, why does anything end my newfound friend?” I, Ellis Ray spoke with resent.

“Because I came for your moment of Zenarchy, this truth is what your dealing with in the fact that Maria Evangeline Christina is willing to make a deal with MacPhisto Mephistopheles in order to fight Ozymandias Organization and your Dad The Man otherwise known as thee Ozymandias P. Ouroboros, you and I both know that middle initial P. is for Prick and not Prometheus. Maria Evangeline Christina is in trouble, so are Big Time Records, so are the People, but most importantly that which is most ideal to you and Maria Evangeline Christina and everything else on Earth as it is in Heaven which if you are able to swallow your pride Ozzie Raziel Ouroboros and adapt to a change to the true Ellis Ray Apollo-Dionysus then the Gospel of Good News in Music can save all the lost souls in Hell who have perished.”

I thought about in complacent indifference then I beheld what Zen said as lightning fell from the Heavens to strike me. I felt the jolt become rather exciting at the prospect of my life being returned to me again. I felt anxiety as I used to perpetually as I was now my human self Ellis Ray Apollo-Dionysus the only Devilish sign of me that remained were two diminutive horns sticking out of my head quite nicely.

Zen van Nihil disappears with me in the flash of lightning out of the abstract of the nebulous abyss of Chaos dimensional energy into a brilliant world of sunshine and the most heavenly chorus of what I recognized as Maria Evangeline Christina and the Sounds of the Sunshine Saints playing as a harmonious sound as blissfully found on Earth as well as the songs sung by the Choir of Angels in what I knew to be Heaven. Everything around me was not as gaudy in compensating for the opulent decadence of Hell but well-refined in luxurious palisade fashion from architecture, furniture, in the realm of true artistic masterpiece design that emitted values and reason from all. The eternal souls of paradise were happily content in fashionably tailored clothes with the ever incredible authentic looks of joy and happiness on their faces singing songs Maria Evangeline Christina wrote and performed as the Sunshine Saints.

Zen van Nihil led my way to an elevator, “Come on,” he said taking a drag from his cigarette and drinking from his flask of some sweet blissful nectar that I thought he was going to put back in his suit jacket but handed to me instead.

“Th-Thank you,” I said for the first time in forever.

“Finish it off, put out your smoke first, those things burn forever and the Big Guy in Heaven’s penthouse quit smoking magic leaf, he only smokes bliss leaf now, it’s good for his endurance training when he goes mortal.” Zen van Nihil instructed matter-of-fact in a post-haste manner.

An ashtray appeared on a column where we both put out our smokes. Those smokes do last forever, Zen van Nihil was not telling a usual joke. As we ascended in the elevator I noticed that it was made of pure celestial glass. As we looked over the Kingdom of Heaven, I downed the rest of Zen’s sweet nectar in the flask. This was the place to be and Zen van Nihil was going to help me save Maria Evangeline Christina and give me another chance.

We arrived at the top floor, a place I was expecting to House a Void but to my surprise all was Divine on Cloud Nine. Zen van Nihil and I walked on in to come uninvited would be a major sin as an unwelcome guest and removed immediately and taken to the floor those who trespassed were on previously.

Zen van Nihil had a grin and expectant welcomed look upon his face. Myself being the Devil and everything caused me to pull up my black hoodie, hide my face in my leather jacket, I felt nothing but disgrace in being the Devil, a feeling so bad that I couldn’t stand it.

“Well if it isn’t Zen van Nihil and you’ve brought a friend?” Came a welcoming warm pleasant voice, it was a voice of what someone calls a truly good loving Dad.

Zen stepped forward and spoke modestly, “Hey Greatest Dad, the Father of us all, I brought the friend you wanted me to bring, he may be the Devil… but you know Greatest Dad you’re responsible for him too, by the way when it comes to actual mortal Dad’s his never even bothered in helping him learn how to tie his shoes, So Greatest Best Dad who resides in Heaven, this is your other son, Ellis Ray Apollo-Dionysus, I was wondering if we can help him?”

“Most certainly my son Zen van Nihil,” came the booming voice from the illuminating effervescent light. “I will help your brother and my son Ellis Ray regardless of what this Devil thinks we can deny, for Ellis Ray, what’s been going on with you has given me quite a fright.”

I spoke up revealing myself, a tinge of awkward anxiety had faded quickly as the light of love consumed me, “Oh, Greatest Best Father who is our Proud Dad past to future, now and forever, I was hoping you could help me stop MacPhisto Mephistopheles from conning the only woman I’ve truly ever loved and who has eternally ever loved me…” I paused thinking about mother and Maria Evangeline Christina, “I no longer want to be the Devil, the enemy, I was to save My beloved Maria Evangeline Christina and redeem my soul despite my failures in faith, I’m rather cynical so I’m not the best believer in myself or anyone else, being in Hell has made me a great deceiver, but if I can’t speak the truth then let me be honest with you Greatest Best Father, I wish to stop being Ozymandias Raziel Ouroboros and go back to being Ellis Ray the Dreamweaver or at least the writer.”

The illuminating light of the Greatest Best Dad seemed to shift or shake as in a surprised movement of its head, “Ellis Ray, my boy, you are still alive you were never dead, your deadbeat dad Ozymandias P. Ouroboros The Man has got your mind mixed up for you have been under the guise on an illusion, your deadbeat dad Ozzie P. Ouroboros The Man has been tricking you into doing his dirty work in Hell, Ellis Ray, my beloved son, he’s got you so overworked in his trickery of illusion that you now believe the delusion.”

“Son, Ellis Ray, your father Ozzie P. Ouroboros The Man is actually Ozzie P. Ouroboros The Devil. You are not to blame for any wrongdoing, sin, or misdeed for your bastard deadbeat dad is projecting onto you what is truly his existential level, Ozzie P. Ouroboros The Devil is destroying my beloved children in humanity and killing mother earth, nothing you have done has been your fault for your deadbeat dads bureaucracy has to affirm every action on earth you think you launch in your assaults.” The Greatest Best Dad concluded.

“Oh my Goodness Greatest Best Dad Ever, how do we stop this evildoer from killing our mother earth? This guy ruined my mom’s life financially just before she gave my existence its birth.”

“Zen van Nihil help your brother Ellis Ray with what we planned, Ellis Ray, your getting your life back son for that is my Divine Right and Demand.” Thus spoke the Greatest Best Dad.

“Come on Ellis Ray, Maria Evangeline Christina has a show to play and we have to stop MacPhisto Mephistopheles who is synonymous with a certain deadbeat d-n-a donor to you named that Ozymandias Prick Ozymandias The Devil.”

Zen van Nihil and Ellis Ray were off to save the day.

“Go, my sons, make me proud as you always do, I’ll be watching on all the screens, all of the Kingdom of Heaven and Mother Earth is cheering for you!” Greatest Best Dad Ever called out.

What happened was so fast I thought I zoned out.

We were on Earth, Zen van Nihil and I in the most punk rock as can be get-ups as our threads could not be more anti-establishment or RIP the System. We were at the Punk Rock Twisted Tour in Screw City that state where it is Always Shitty. The Punk Rock capital of the U-S of A.

“Freaking ay my man, we are late but then again right on time.” Zen van Nihil triumphantly yet calmly sighed.

“Zen van Nihil, now is not the time for proto-hipsterdom, we have a world to save.” I said in a tone that stated a tone of post-ironic all none hipster must die.

Zen van Nihil smirked disingenuously before it was time to rock and roll, he spoke sarcastically of the spiritual philosophy he created as a sardonic social commentary retort.

I nodded for him to hurry-it-up as I felt the need to seize the mic before Zen van Nihil begins to grandstand about Zenarchism in this open part of a muddy grassy field as the sun went down and changed to night.

Together we shouted powerfully in unison, “Zenarchists of the world, unite!”

The final act was about to begin, Maria Evangeline Christina and the Sunshine Saints were taking the stage. A five star pentagram was drawn in the circle from non-vegan sanguine red organic ink. Zen van Nihil and I pushed our way through the audience. They saw my horns and I knew I wasn’t the Devil but an Advocate of Artistic Expression of an Abyss that was Madly Deep.

The band had taken their places in similar non-vegan sanguine red organic pentagrams as a strange dry thunderstorm rolled in from the west. I noticed Ozzie Prick Ouroboros The Devil standing on stage left.

Maria Evangeline Christina began to speak, her first words she swallowed in a painful tinge of nervousness when I know she loved her extroversion for one of her plentiful super powers is eternal effervescence.

Maria Evangeline Christina spoke finally after a few times she choked, “Hello everyone how are you doing tonight?” Maria asked the audience in a forced faked yet passable sound of delight. I knew this was one of the few times she felt fright. She wore a synthetic-leather skirt, pinstripe leggings, large synthetic-leather combat boots, a yellow and black striped sleeveless shirt, a faded denim vest covered in patches and buttons as rock star loot.

The Audience roared back mixed yells of affirming their hyped-up mood to hear the Sunshine Saints always meant listening to fantastic tunes.

Maria Evangeline Christina spoke as if contracted by an awkward diabolical legal document, “Alright everyone, well, tonight may be our last show with Big Time Records as you all may have already knew, Ozzie P. Ozymandias The Devil has offered us a deal with Sellout Records in an offer we couldn’t refuse.” The crowd interrupted her with roars that were unanimously confused. Maria Evangeline Christina continued assertively, “Don’t worry everyone, I’m sure this will be hell for all of us but Ozzie P. Ozymandias The Devil has promised to pay our dues.”

At that Zen van Nihil and I jumped up ready for a fight. Ozzie P. Ozymandias The Devil Deadbeat D-N-A Donor saw Zen and I with an expression who knew we weren’t hippie stoners. We are the Hardcore Tough Guys of Punk Rock.

Zen van Nihil yelled, “Cue the fight music!”

I yelled to Maria Evangeline Christina over the beginning of a cacophony, “Maria E. Christina, it’s me, Ellis Ray, your true love, I was in Hell working for my Deadbeat D-N-A Donor, Ozzie Prick Ouroboros The Devil but I’m done being an intern for the Devil’s Advocate, I’m back with my head out of my ass, I want more than a relationship, I want true love and commitment.”

Maria Evangeline Christina then began to sing melodies of a Siren and scream of a warring Valkyrie, Maria Evangeline Christina and the Sunshine Saints began to play “The Ballad of Ellis Ray” a rock opera of every emotion that empowered all who recognized the emotion it stood for.

Zen van Nihil and I were ripping through the army of automaton pseudo-security tough guy bots. Ozzie Prick Ozymandias The Devil should have known better than to think that being a Tough Guy or Hardcore can be fabricated for this authentic content of character comes at the cost of what one is over what one is not.

Finally amid the breakdown, Zen and I were staring down Ozzie P. Ouroboros The Devil as the Deadbeat D-N-A Donor looked for a power on a greater level is when he realized that he was trying to operate an industry he had no real knowledge of for the Good News of Music is that is is of the spiritual rebel.

“Ozzie Prick Ouroboros The Devil tear up that contract with Maria Evangeline Christina, the Sunshine Saints, Big Time Records, and all other contracts of the souls or your existence is going to go in the dirt after we wreck it then everyone will love our artistic expression as we ascend to Greatest Selling Producers of Any Record.” I declared pointing an accusatory finger at my deadbeat d-n-a donor who was a goner and real stinker.

Ozzie Prick Ouroboros The Devil tore up contract after contracts as souls of the famous celebrity to lovable loser all came pouring out into the Heavens above as Maria Evangeline Christina played every song of their best selling album, the greatest record to ever be played in existence, the title of this rock opera magnum opus was simply titled, “Beatrix.”

After Ozzie P. Ouroboros The Devil cashed out all his chips, he screamed out, “It’s not fair, I loved being MacPhisto Mephistopheles to mortals, it’s just their souls, it’s nowhere near as valuable as investing in them to destroy rock and roll.”

At that Maria Evangeline Christina aerially flew like an angelic acrobat across the stage. She smashed her guitar into Ozzie P. Ouroboros The Devil until he was nothing more than glowing crimson ash and smoking red mist. Ozzie P. Ouroboros The Devil was defeated by an empowered woman who is able and can do anything a Man or Devil could do including smashing those two aforementioned Man and Devil into subatomic bits.After that Zen van Nihil went on to start some weird mainstream religion known as Zenarchism which started this Revolution of Consciousness and an era known as the Zeitgeist of Zen. Zen van Nihil truly cares way too much about everything, I’ll tell you that. Maria Evangeline Christina and the Sunshine Saints became the number one most successful band since forever with Maria Evangeline Christina as all major publications and awards continually going to her for some amazing composition for all genres of music including cinematic original soundtracks, even operas. She is considered the greatest front-person of any band and multi-talented instrumentalist who many envy in talent and skill as she’s the genius in the relationship. I became Editor-in-Chief for Trickster Savior publications which grew from music journalism into a Mass Media company now known as the Apollo-Dionysus Association, yeah we’re one of largest global Mass Media Companies. Maria Evangeline Christina and I went steady for the rest of our lives. Well, until she got down on one knee and proposed to me. We have three children, two are boys, and a girl. To Maria Evangeline and guys like me, Ellis Ray, they’re just our kids and we are a family. A family that lived happily ever after.

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