Zenarchists of the Multiverse, Unite!

This is my sermon on the soapbox, this is me discarding my crown as king of any hill. In all the realms of the multiverse there is none more blessed as this one, there is nothing more comparable to this realm of existence where humanity dwells within: Earth, realm of suffering. I want you all to know that alienation happens to all of us, alienation to God, ourselves, and others around us. Whether or not it is aliens, angels, or demons that you are surrounded by. The things you perceive feel alien to you, that everything is strange, you begin to feel as though you are a stranger in a strange land, you begin to believe the delusion that you are a foreigner in a foreign land. If you were visited by an angel, demon, or visitor from another planet or realm of existence, that thing would seem “alien” because it is foreign, not worldly. I see unreasonable suffering and contemplate its reasoning to why is there even suffering? Is life truly meaningless and futile? The answer is “No, you decide your own level of involvement with yourself.” You decide what days you live and die on, you decide your number of times you enter the fray. This is the closest to Hell any of us will ever be, the Kingdom of Heaven is now, paradise and change is at hand, we decide how much we change and how we adapt to change. This world was not created in a day but from it’s point of beginning to now onto the infinite. We either learn to live together as family or perish together as fools. We live in hope and die in despair. Goodness exists in all of us for God doesn’t make mortal men and women but other gods and goddesses. We are all varying forms equal to our creator, this alienation is what makes us separate to deem the goodness of this world “Holy” which the definition of “Holy” is separate from. To unify the goodness has to offer this world is truly the act of a Anointed One, a Alien Savior, or simply a Good Stranger in a Strange Land. Our souls are immortal from a theistic or atheistic standpoint. Science has theorized that time isn’t linear and Time isn’t cyclical, Time is not linear, cyclical, reoccurring, and altering. Time is neither a straight line nor is it a flat circle, it is an ascending and descending spiral that is the most abstract masterpiece that M. C. Escher could have wished to have crafted following the Philosophy of Time in Eternalism is a Absolute Truth. All these things that time and space is eternal. Namaste and God bless you all.

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