Reality Czar – Counter-Controversy

Alternative-Reality Czar Aaron R. Ziegler

Everybody Love Everybody. It’s not just a phrase but a way of life.

The Dialectical of Pravda as Thesis and InfoWars as Antithesis creates Aaron R. Ziegler as Synthesis. I prefer Pravda. Eto Pravda!

Dear United States of America Federal Government. I would love to work for you as the United States Reality Czar.

I have connections and clout with the Power Elite who know that I have expertise and experience to work as the Reality Czar.

I work as a Disabled Man who collects Welfare. I am nonpartisan and objective personally except when storytelling.

I have been the victim of many QAnon Conspiracies which is fine because they are Keyboard Warriors who are non-credible threats to me but are in fact hyper-creative.

My Family told me to get a job and they’re aren’t any.

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