Aaron R. Ziegler is Perseus

General Secretary Perseus of the United States Space Force.

NazBol Gang


Read my novel “Indigo Dream – Revolution of Consciousness” by Aaron R. Ziegler.

Spawn Aaron R Ziegler the Undying – 420 ELO [Pictured]

Alternate-Reality Czar Zen van Nihil of the United Socialist States of America and United American Empire here to flex.

View at Medium.com

Utopia United: Geopolitical Social Engineering Firm

I love you Big Momma Monopolistic Industrial Complex.

Eideteker’s Game by Social Engineer the Social-Media until we create a Marxist-Leninist Socialist Libertarian Utopia.

Hypergraphic, Hyperlexic, Hyperborean.

Zen van Nihil is about to go mainstream as an underground folk science fantasy fiction stories right here on the world wide web.

I have all these short stories written. Who needs a publisher? I’m the Publisher! Thank God for the 1st Amendment.

If I want to write stories about the Onion Knights known as my fictional children Zen van Nihil the Hyperborean, Joshaya Alephus Wormwood the Void Dark Elf, and Dionysus Labrinth the Minotaur then so be it.

How many Drams of Milk are in the Titties of Big Momma Monopolistic Industrial Complex? Dat Milk Doe. Stay Boujie Asf.

If I want to write about the Many-Worlds of Yggdrasil beyond the Veil of Maya of Odin the All-Maker or the Shroud of Scholomance in the Shadowlands of the Undying.

My Mary Sue is the Undying. You thought it was Zen van Nihil? Close but E for Excellence. You’re still 💯 of 110% correct.

Cthulhu. Mephistopheles. Gaia. The Undying. SkyNet? Hah!

Zenarchism is the Universal Solution to the Human Problem.

Worldbuilding and Philology as a Multilingual is something my imagination has Wanderlust in great angst of power and love of power to balance my Weltschmertz which subsequently creates our collective Weltschlaung. My Zen Macht der Zeitgeist auf Mein blud das auf ein Ubermensch. Zion Ein Sof.

The Dialectical Argument of the Thesis – “Wealth of Nations” by Adam Smith and Antithesis – “Das Capital” by Karl Marx = Synthesis – “Treasure Island” by Robert Louis Stevenson.

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