The Meaning of Life

Reincarnation is Real.

The 5th Dimensional Matrix is Immaterial Consciousness which creates the Material World. Consciousness is Sentient Energy which cannot be created or destroyed; only transferred. Consciousness is the Subjective Dimensional Matrix of our Reality which makes all Perception its Predicate.

Humans are biologically wired to transfer Consciousness as explained by the three times that N,N-Dimethyltryptamine (DMT) is naturally released in the Human Consciousness. The three times DMT is naturally released in the biochemistry of the Human Consciousness: Birth, REM Cycle Dreaming, and Death. During Birth and Death is when DMT is released in its highest amounts. In death, the pineal gland explodes DMT which floods the Human Consciousness. This is the Electromagnetic Force of Nature that allows Human beings to transfer the Energy of Consciousness across the dimensional matrices of existence into an equal or greater form as described in Isaac Newton’s 1st and 2nd law of motion for Consciousness is a massive Electromagnetic Force of natural energy in its most powerful form that is perpetually in motion. At the time of one’s material death is when the Electromagnetic Force of Consciousness is exponentially multiplied in its Electromagnetic Force of Motion in Dimensional Movement to Transfer to a equal or greater form explained by Humans natural wiring of biochemistry of DMT and Newton’s 1st & 2nd Laws that in application to the Energy of Consciousness will be the foundation for my scientific theorem on how Human Consciousness is Eternal despite Human material bodies perishing, Human Consciousness transfers or transcends our dimensional entity and realm for an equal or greater form.

This scientific theorem is the Human Problem of our Existential Equation solved by the Divine Solution.

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