10 Things I Hate About Democracy

Aaron R. Ziegler [Zen van Nihil]

Aaron R. Ziegler [Zen van Nihil]Feb 14, 2018·2 min read

All Hail Big Buzzfeed!

Disclaimer: This Article is Satire parading as Critical Theory

  1. It’s a complete inconvenience for government to endure and with each election unravels the threads of society into nihilistic anarchistic postmodern despair that the bureaucracy in power could use the time and effort of elections to best improve the nation-state for the good of the populace and people.

2. It’s an overglorified popularity contest. It is a illusory rat race with no winners, only losers.

3. It actually accomplishes nothing besides division and discord. The first order of government is the establishment of order and democracy undermines order by sowing discord and divisive party lines that are two wings of the same altruistic appearing gallows of unity.

4. It’s a complete lie. A easily exploited lie that by the will of one social engineer can change the entire course of an election.

5. Bureaucracy in Democracies is a monstrous failure and cold machine that in a Democracy is doomed to fail based on Nepotism and Corruption instead of being swift, effective, and successful. Bureaucracy in Democracies is stagnant, incompetent, and self-destructive.

6. Democracy is delusional about its ideals and a social experiment that is always doomed to fail.

7. All Hail the God Emperor of Mankind.

8. Autocracies such as the Napoleonic Dynasty was comprised of the greatest leaders known to mankind.

9. Democracies are truly oligarchies with extra steps.

10. Neoliberalism is Communism except instead of Gulags, it is based on bribery and toxic corrosive welfare state swamp politics.

The antithesis of Nationalism is Globalism.

The antithesis of Chauvinism is Feminism.

The antithesis of Socialism is Capitalism.

The antithesis of Realism is Liberalism.

The antithesis of Objectivism is Relativism.

The antithesis of Libertarianism is Authoritarianism.

The antithesis of Imperialism is Cuckoldry.

The antithesis of Democracy is where the lesser of two evils cannot exist.

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