Be My MK-ULTRA Experiment

“She’s an MK-ULTRA victim, I can’t get her out of my system.” – Negative XP

Creative Essay


Aaron R. Ziegler


The covert MK-Ultra Experiments of the Central Intelligence Agency, B. F. Skinner, Behaviorism, Social Conditioning and Operant Conditioning.

B. F. Skinner was the father of the school of psychology known as Behaviorism as well as a process of behavioral conditioning known as operant conditioning. B. F. Skinner was a psychologist who’s methodology included that of the philosophy of psychology known as the Humanistic approach. B. F. Skinner came up with schedules of reinforcement to reinforce behaviors approved by his test subjects as the handler in this experiment. Although B. F. Skinner was a noble man and a humanist, he had unknowingly opened doors to a much darker and sinister experiments on the human psyche held questionable to this day and has gone greatly unnoticed. Where B. F. Skinner had his method of Operant Conditioning, a faction of the United States government was coming up with their own methodology of creating operatives who could be triggered by a trigger phrase brought on both brainwashing through mind-altering drugs and scheduled hypnosis sessions who would carry out a purpose trained to them while in a dissociative state that was instilled in them in their practices, that was one of the preliminary goals of MK-Ultra.

The MK-Ultra experiments of 1950’s-1970’s onto the masterwork precision of mental manipulation that is displayed today was research performed on unwilling or unknowing human test  subjects was the MK-Ultra experiments of the It is no longer called ‘mind control’ and is replaced by the nomenclature of ‘psychological warfare’ or on a mass scale, ‘social-conditioning.’ Such as every-time you are watching the news you are conditioned to pay attention to the idealistic lives of celebrities instead of the tragedies happening around the world. Objectively people don’t care about things unless it’s within their self-interest. The psychology behind this is blatantly malignant narcissism. In today’s American society, people are conditioned from birth to be apathetic and narcissistic creatures through mass manipulation techniques which they are exposed to on all platforms of media and social transference. 

This causes our dissonance in relations to other countries and nations for the natural-born American has a very distinct style and flavor. Colorful in the shades they are conditioned to believe and thinking critically in black and white draped in red, white, and blue all over. Behaviorism is a Humanistic school of thought and although Operant Conditioning may have started to reinforce or punish test subjects both negatively and positively effectively, it has been perverted into a form of systematic control of an entire society from cradle to grave to be kept asleep from the false-reality they are fed on a daily basis. People are influenced by what they see in the media, people imitate and emulate what they see on television. Exempli gratia, the Aurora, Colorado Cinema Spree-Killer James Holmes, through being impressionable to the media of villains of Batman did he take on the persona of what he perceived in himself, the Joker. Through his own mental frailty did he do what he did. Violent video games serve as a medium for not always soothing the flames of the mentally unhinged but also feeding the fires which burn them. We live in a nation that is very easily accessible to guns, are force fed sex and violence, as well as sexual violence through television and movies. There are protagonists in movies who resolve all their conflicts with others and problems in life, by shooting things, beating up bad guys, and making things go boom-boom. People are conditioned to be this way as if it were the American way.

 Washington D.C., the early 1950’s, the Offices of the Strategic Services, the head of the OSS group was General Bill Donovan who appointed a Boston Industrialist named Stanley Lovell to break new ground for scientific and technical field advancements. To aid Stanley Lovell in these advancements was George Wight, a captain with the OSS and had worked with the FBI’s Bureau of Narcotics previously before being transferred to the OSS. George Wight had left lengthy detailed journals, providing much of the documentation to prove that the American Intelligence conglomerate had delved into a much deeper and darker field of research. George Wight, who was regarded as deadly, highly-efficient, and sternly dedicated worked at Saint Elizabeth’s hospital on the Truth Drug Committee. The aim and goal of the Truth Drug Committee was to experiment on unconsenting live test subjects with drugs such as Marijuana, Scopolamine, Mescaline, and Peyote. To the Truth Drug Committee’s research, they found no avail from these barbaric experiments.

    Despite their failures at Saint Elizabeth’s hospital, they continued their experiments with MK-Ultra. MK-Ultra was a covert CIA experiment in the workings of mass manipulations and mind control. The research started with Operation Paperclip when Nazi Scientists were pardoned of war crimes for aiding the U.S. in scientific advancement. If you noticed how well the Nazis mass-manipulated the German people into an unwinnable and horrendous war then that’s a sign that their mind control techniques were a good starting point. The Nazi scientists contributed two things, jet propulsion and mind control were the two biggest proponents they had which piqued the U.S. government’s interest the most. Through CIA testing on unwilling test subjects mainly found in psychiatric wards or unknowing normal people who were dosed with high amounts of Hallucinogenic drugs then a number of experiments were performed on them. The horror stories the U.S. government feeds you about Lysergic acid diethylamide (LSD) and other Hallucinogens about a man doing LSD and jumping out a window was actually a true story where the CIA dosed a unknowing and unwilling Army officer with mind-destroying microdots of LSD where he didn’t know what was happening to him so he committed suicide during the experiment. The CIA also found that certain tones and frequencies affected the mind to cause alpha, beta, delta, and theta waves which these tones and frequencies are known as Neural Oscillations. CIA agents began introducing Lysergic Acid to numerous socialites and figureheads of the 1950’s-1960’s. Some of them include Aldous Huxley, Timothy Leary, Ken Kesey, among many others. The CIA can actually be credited with starting the counter-culture hippie movement of the 1960’s. Bill Clinton went on record during his presidency to apologize to the families and the ones affected by the MK-Ultra mind control experiments. The term mind control has been replaced with the terminology, psychological warfare. They have mass-produced their brand of psychological warfare throughout the media in an Orwellian way to cause humans of the Western civilization of the United States to be socially-conditioned in a way they see fit. Do you think the U.S. would want a nation of people who can think for themselves outside the restrictions of what they dictate to be cool or the norm without facing certain stigmas? No, the U.S. government wants you to be a sheep, wants you to be afraid, wants you to obey. My message to you is to be a wolf, be brave, and if given the choice to always choose what’s best for oneself or disobey the authority entirely.

Disclaimer: This was a creative thesis with exaggeration, hyperbole, and artistic expression abundantly found throughout it. Take it with a grain of salt, I admit that I do not know all the facts.

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