Dear State of Israel – Alarmism: Israeli Color Revolution

Dear [Redacted]. I got spooked today.
I made a police friend who enjoys the FBI Citizens Academy. Mr. Poland or Mr. Baltic when I was in the hospital. You’re my best friend [Redacted]. You have been nothing but great to me. Zionist Jews are big bad dudes and the nicest people imaginable. Orthodox Jews are the best. I am afraid that Hamas is going to force Israel to bomb Hamas Leaders while they are using Palestinian civilians as human shields then use social-media to do to the American People what they are trying to do to the IDF, Israel, and the Jewish Diaspora. Exactly what they did what they did to America over our American Color Revolution to have an Israel Color Revolution.

Dear Jews of the Diaspora and Israel.
I warned Israel about the Legacy Fake News Media trying to demonize my fellow Yehudi in viral videos. They are going to try to normalize violence against Jews through social media.


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