Love Me, Lucifer

Love Me, Lucifer

Aaron R. Ziegler

You pretend you didn’t make me who I am

Who is it that put this blood in my veins?

Oh negative, Oh negative

I will pay the ransom to my bloodthirsty cousins

Im already dead inside, what more do you want?

Life is a joke, laugh.

Tell me your praising prey, why does the narcissist hunt?

Mother, why do you hate me?

Father, we all know why, everyone blames me.

I crucified Christ, I spill your nightly sanguine drink.

I’m truly your favorite failure Mr. President of the Company Board.

If only you cared about being a father while I still had a pulse.

Dear lover, my cardiac arrest heart throb who sucked out my last breath, sealing my fate with a kiss.

How did this life happen, what did I miss.

I’m a filthy fucking loser, I miss the sun from beyond the pale of the moon.

Here I am, here I stand, the infernal anointed one in a Grove of bedlam, in a mad house known as earth, here I go rising from the grave for my nightly feast.

Misfit Messiah save me, Misfit Messiah, here I am, here I stand before the wolves just a Bolshevik Vampire ready to feast on the sheep and crush the bones of the weak, drink the blood of infantile minds who harken my every word.

I am the Antichrist spoiling for a unholy feud with God, I am the Adversary wanting to bring hatred to a world of love, I am the Challenger to Gravitas in Transcendental Cabals bringing a reckoning to the Heavens above.

The Blight where no light shines in Bedlam Grove for my Cabal who know where to find me.

Shining like a Morningstar, Love me, my name is Lucifer, shining like a Morningstar in Bedlam Grove, I just wanted you to know.

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