Dr. Fauci The COVID Criminal

Does it take a Doctorates to know the difference? None. There’s no difference between the two.

Dr. Fauci killing people with Medical Malpractice in the 80s-90s with Double-Blind HIV Studies with Placebos to flagrantly lying and covering up for China as a blatant Foreign Agent flip-flopping everyday to ensure the cloak of cognitive dissonance on the American People on reports of COVID when Dr. Fauci directly funded the Wuhan Virology Lab – Gain of Function for the COVID SARS-2 Virus just for the Wuhan Virology Laboratory to not follow Protocol to ensure the COVID Lab Leak as an excuse for China to win the American-China Trade War of 2018-2021 are beyond repair for the world.
We got dossier after dossier on Dr. Fauci.
Absolute Psychopath.

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