UAF Memo

First Contact? Now? Haven’t the extraterrestrials know about how the extraterrestrials were defeated in “War of the Worlds” by H. G. Wells? We’re experiencing a global pandemic and looming on the eve of World War III. I told my ex-therapist that I had been contacted by extraterrestrials as a child and the dreams I’ve had about them where bits and pieces are remembered. The FMR President is trying to become Speaker of the House but without his guidance on social-media for if he doesn’t decide to run in the 2022 midterms then when LBJ said, “We’ll have these [sic] voting Democrat for the next two hundred years.” He was right. Facebook in holding up the Two-Year Ban on President Donald J. Trump have already smashed the shepherd and scattered the herd. I lament a requiem of the American dream for the nightmare that I find myself in. Nothing would make me happier than getting in an Ezekiel’s Wheel with my Friends and flying back to our homeworld. Maybe then I would find a place where I belong.

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