Cinema Analysis: The Philosophy of “12 Monkeys” (1995)

In the Mental Institution Scene.

The Discourse of Brad Pitt’s character on the subject of “Germs” is an example of the relativistic definitions of sanity, mental illness, and insanity in what is a social science theory on what determines the norms and deviations of a society for what is sane and insane are social constructs on behavior resulting from cognitive functions of mental and emotional expressions of an individual. The dualistic dichotomy of the Sane-Insane paradigm are created and defined by society. Social constructs defining intelligence in the social labels such as Average or Genius are also created and defined by society. What society labels as definitive are from the collected values of individuals with the opinion leaders being those in authority over the social institutions that govern norms and deviance in that society’s specified field of interest.
When Brad Pitt’s character discussed the individual who does not believe in germs. Genius and Insanity coexist in Beautiful Minds. The conclusion is that the Universal Social Norm is Ignorance. The Buddha taught that human suffering is universal and that ignorance is the root of all human suffering. To deviate is to be intelligent, enlightened, and the act of a mad man.

What is the science fiction film, “12 Monkeys” about?
A post-apocalypse time traveler trying to save Humanity from a global pandemic.
I published this on January 1st, 2020.
I organized the Hong Kong Protests and all the people in the field reported that the Wuhan Virology Laboratory had a leak that started COVID which they leaked intentionally to stop the Hong Kong Protests and the American-China Trade War.
I went down to the GOP Office in Columbus, Ohio on January 1st of 2020 and told them everything.

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