Sons of Saturn – Accelerated Collapse – San Francisco 🌉

Sons of Saturn 🪐

Accelerated Collapse

Part 1

Chapter 2

The Bay City

The seagulls cawed through the Pacifica California San Francisco Bay Area. The Golden Gate Bridge stood as a testament to the accelerationist collapse as CEO Elijah Wratheon of the Wratheon Megacorporation had bought the magnanimous bridge and notable real estate in San Francisco leaving the Anarchists, Junk Rat Gangbangers, Chimera Mutants, and an all assortment of Freakish Factions vying for power of the abolition of power becoming null and void. This allowed American and Chinese Corporations to built their Corporatist Smart City wrought with High Tech, High Class despite the mean sum being Degeneracy as a universal morality as all besides the strongest in Deontological Utilitarian Existential Philosophy were safe from being total Low Lifes.

The Black Lotus Triads controlled the Criminal Element of San Francisco from China Town based in China but there were their rivals in the Aztec Cartel based out of Central America, Columbia who were constantly warring with each other while the third warring faction were the Anarcho-Nihilists in the United collective known as Anarchists Anonymous to overthrow the governments and corporations of the world. Another faction were the Alphanumeric line of such length in the 2079 year of our Lord that represented the LGBTQ community that they were just called the Endless Pride which was anyone in this month of June who wanted to be special had their representation on the Pride Flag for it no longer resembled what the people of the 2020s who first saw the Accelerationist Collapse then decline into decay or the Great Restart of Society.

The Order of the Templar mobilized a mass following known as the Crusaders to purify Humanity from Chimeras, Mutants, Communism, Islamism, Degenerates, and anything behooved as Antichrist in reclaiming many parts of the United States, Australia, and Europe for a Humanity First approach free from the parasite of MK-ULTRA from Humanity to base their society around worshipping the God The Father, Jesus Christ The Son and The Holy Spirit. The Crusaders were what they were known as and they deemed Washington DC their most sacred place along with Zion State Park in Utah.

Washington DC had experienced purge after purge as civil wars and coups decided Democratic votes in the United American Empire whereas the United Socialist America had it’s headquarters in Ottawa which was funded by remnants of Chinese Communist Venture Capitalists funding the Chinese Optimism Party or moreso Active Measures and Social Influencers of Monarch Programming to make girls whores, boys simps that would grow up to be influencers, anarchists, or criminals and if they broke the cycle of the United Socialist American Way they would become Nomads until they went to the Nyet Neet Counselor who got them their GED at the Bibliotheca (Library) then if they wanted a kush Corporate position they needed schooling which they would study for their testing at a menial job before joining the Corporatist Liberal Society with their immediate family with all adults conscripted into Defense for the Corporation or Production for the Corporatist State. The Crusaders easily fit into welcomed citizens by the MegaCorps seeing a comfy return to normalcy instead of catering to the Anarcho-Communists who brought the Accelerated Collapse and the Dark Age of Anarcho-Tyranny.

Anarcho-Tyranny and Benevolent Tyranny were rule of the law that existed in the extremes of the minority of Anathema Ubermensch among the 90% of the Unwashed Plebeian Masses whereas the Power Elite had become diluted stunted and cognitively impaired who governed the world in Machiavellian matters leaving many of the 13 Families of the Illuminists to be nothing more than mere schizo psychopaths who were Ruling Families whose genes has become in their eugenics, unclean, stagnant, the genome had become polluted by weakness through complacent consent.

The Wratheon Family held absolute power over the Golden Gate Bridge the Cable Car System, preservation of Lombard and Castro Street, Union Square, among many others. These higher-end atmosphere scraping towers in the refurbished gentrification of the Favelas that covered San Francisco during the 2020-2050s. This started the Reactionary gentrification of these Favelas into sky-high towers known as Megabuildings that could house tens of thousands. These Megabuildings were decent housing for the Corporate Middle Class but the Plebs stayed in the Projects which was more of a social norm of law enveloped by it’s morays of society enforcing the bitterness or demoralizing in complacent consent until their Elitist Overlords no longer care for them and conveniently get rid of their easily dominated Plebs. The one who sublimates his bitterness into Peaceful Protest and Insurrectionary Violence under the veil of anonymity as part of Anarchists Anonymous.

Skid Row in San Francisco was ruled by the Vandal King Sven Schopenhauer, leader of the Heathen Nation (referred to as the Horde) all the Gangs that encompassed the Hordes of the Heathen Nation. Sven Schopenhauer was King of the Compost Heap of filth, disease, and destitute refuse that is the Heathen Nation and the CEO of a innumerable Hordes of Criminal Syndicates.

In the San Francisco Bay there was the Phong-Lung that was Jason Guang’s Astro-Yacht that had landed in the the Bay Harbor with his Dark Lotus Triads of the elite forces of cybernetic and android super assassins and warriors of the Shinobi and the Ogre-Human hybrids in the Oni were Jason Guang’s bodyguard detail.

Wratheon’s Bedlam Grove Chaos Officers of Mayhem Management had their work cut out for them.

June 6th, 2079. Afternoon. The Outskirts of Oakland, California. United American Empire.

Zen Cohen and Emily Chen rode in a black sports sedan known as a Wratheon Abaddon on autopilot as they communicated via the aetherweb discussing matters relating to the case and catching up to where the Vandals were headed. The Vandals were a North American Nomadic Nation but held a heavy presence in California, United American Empire. Zen Cohen and Emily Chen were headed to San Francisco to see if they could recoup their losses, the Vandals had been going down to the Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco and selling mutants to Chinese Communist Commissars had overseen the mutants and were arranging purchases and meetings with which Zen Cohen and Emily Chen suspected they were being sold for Chinese Communist Party Officer Jason Guang to oversee the purchase of the Mutants.

Zen Cohen realized that DuPont had already made off with his bounty but Esmeralda, Otho, and Buster were living the high life and were at large in San Francisco. Zen Cohen and Emily Chen laughed about how they were going to find them and put an end to their fun making sure to send the message because to identify them you would need dental records. The hilarity ensued at the fact that Heathens didn’t have a dentist, doctor, or health or vehicle insurance. Zen Cohen and Emily Chen were Corporatist Intelligence Agency Officers belonging to the Bedlam Grove known Chaos Operatives who specialized in Mayhem Management. They were driving across the Golden Gate Bridge from the cratered out War Zone that was Oakland.

Zen Cohen thought of the Great Displacement that happened in many places throughout the world in almost an Omniversel Panopticon during the Accelerationist Collapse or what it was known in the Media spoken by the Power Elite, ‘The Great Reset.’

During the Great Displacement, the Wratheon MegaCorp, Autumn Association, and EisenHaus Industries had used the strength they wielded over the United States Government and local California Government to displace through impoverished housing and all those on police surveillance for being profiled all the way down to their psychology which included the Gangs, Political Extremists, Dissidents, Homeless, Neets, and Social Parasites to be sent to Oakland which was a Police-Free Zone as San Francisco went through a great gentrification and rejuvenation that resurrected the Mecca of Culture with the added bonus of Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. Of course the peace did not last as Ultraviolent Chaos and Social Decay into Degeneracy were the New Age morays of the Great Reset which brought forth the Great Collapse.

Zen Cohen pondered these things, finishing with a thought, “Victrix causa diis placuit sed victa Catoni.” Zen pondered the significance of the fall of the Age of Man as Lucifer Illuminatus reigned as god over this world and all the worlds upon worlds that Zen Cohen could think of for he had explored the Universe where he pondered this further to realize Saturnia was ruled by his mother, Erika van Nihil. How Zen Cohen had left behind the name Zen van Nihil to take up his alias Zen Cohen. Emily Chen and his employer Elijah Wratheon knew his real name.

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Zen Cohen and Emily Chen came to the security checkpoint before being able to pass over to Highway 101 to go over the Golden Gate Bridge which was 5-10 miles down the Highway 101 from their turnpike. Emily Chen was driving.

San Francisco Police approached Zen Cohen and Emily Chen in the line of cars leading up to the Security checkpoint to the main stretch of Highway 101. The SFPD Officers surveyed the vehicle on his scanner and waved Zen Cohen and Emily Chen in their Wratheon Abaddon to go forward. Emily Chen went around through a open reconfigured tollway booth for a Security Checkpoint.

Emily Chen spoke to Zen, “It really pays to be in our line of work.”

“That’s one way to put it. What else do you like about our job?” Zen Cohen asked.

“Guns go bang-bang, bombs go pftew!” Emily Chen made the explosion sounds with her mouth, “I like reporting to CEO Elijah Wratheon directly and his Sanguine Crimson Blood-Wino habit at parties, I love parties, I love investigating, I love driving the nicest luxury sports vehicles and don’t get me started on the motorcycles, vroom vroom! I love getting paid, I think all our Bedlam Grove; Chaos Officers, and Mayhem Managers are great, I love my job, I want to do this for the rest of my life, I love my life, I love my life! but I love most of all is you Zen Cohen or as your mother calls you by your real name, I love you Zen van Nihil. I love you partner and I want to do this with you forever. I will always love you and nothing can change that.” Emily Chen grinned showing all her pearly white teeth and how exuberant and happy she was with life as she stared at Zen Cohen.

Zen Cohen was shedding tears of joy and smiling as he knew now was the time as the self-driving car was on autopilot as they went over the Golden Gate Bridge.

In full view of All of Creation, Zen Cohen produced a box from the inside of his bomber jacket, it was a jewelry box made to hold one piece of jewelry.

“Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god.” Emily Chen panted and gasped choking on tears of joy.

Zen Cohen bowed low opening the box, “Emily Chen, will you marry me?”

“Yes, Zen Cohen, Yes!” Emily Chen gasped.

Zen Cohen took the platinum ring out of the box and put it on her ring finger. Zen produced a platinum ring from his inside of his bomber jacket and put it on.

Emily Chen and Zen Cohen began kissing hard and passionately as their Wratheon Abaddon passed over the Golden Gate Bridge.

Zen and Emily Chen finished as their vehicle parked in a lot across the street from Gaia’s Grace, a new age store that had psychic readings, Ouija boards, incense, candles, Osho posters, and other new age chic things. This was a chain in the United American Empire in ultra-rich areas were where these Gaia’s Grace were commonly found. Zen Cohen knew that it was from the spiritual bankruptcy of the Bourgeoisie of the world and in the most expensive place to live along with high-levels of criminality to make fast money and live faster as the median 7,500+ homicides a year confirmed by the statistics every year in all major cities across the United American Empire.

Emily Chen produced a suitcase, “This will be your disguise for the Health Alteration Appointment with Esmeralda Kendall, Esmeralda Kendall was a graduate of Wratheon Seattle College, she majored in medical and biology of a veterinarian field of study which she did quite well and had become a veterinarian and animal surgeon who gained access to the Wratheon MegaCorp Bioengineering Facility in Vancouver, Canada. She recruited a team of Nomads and Street Gangs. Wratheon apprehended and neutralized all conspirators besides Esmeralda Kendall, Otho Johnston, and Algernon Miller or ‘Buster’. The California Republic Citizens of the Stasi have located Esmeralda and confirmed she is in shock, dissociated, and in an altogether altered state of consciousness. CEO Elijah Wratheon specified her death be covert but violent.” Emily Chen spoke, “The disguise you’re wearing is a Regulator with a rogue side of the hardened criminal mystique. Now, let’s go get confirmation from the cleaner.

Zen van Nihil thought of the reason for all these social movements that operated in the religious nature as a cult which Boujie Yuppies bought into as Consumers at the masses that defined the lower echelons of the Corpos as Consumers. The Christian Church had almost been completely defanged, the Evangelicals were a group of traditionalist, moral, and conservative people who approved of Capitalism but the Revival of the Templar who defended the Faith at all costs created the Christian Order of Crusaders who were militant radicalized and zealous for their defining credo of “Deus Vult.” The Crusaders did not have a presence in San Francisco outside a few veteran missionaries. In front of Gaias’s Grace was a Street Minister proclaiming softball hooks to get people to join his Church near Lombard and Castro Street. He was a Crusader, he did not paint the Red Templar Cross but had a button on the lapel of his suit.

“Hello brother, we are with the Wratheon MegaCorp and we are looking for Vandals, Heathens even, do you have any good news to tell us?” Zen Cohen asked.

“You’re not Daywalking Vampires are you? I don’t associate with their kind but why are you looking for Vandals? Those are some of the worst of the worst along with the whole Heathens Nation.”

“Yes, we are looking for well… Do you know about the Mutants being auctioned off?” Emily Chen asked.

“You didn’t hear this from me but a young woman named Sierra Sunshine who was very accommodating and accepted the Lord Jesus Christ into her heart as her eternal savior. She was with three others, one’s probably still drinking heavily at the Rainbow Club.”

“What about the Mutants being auctioned?” Zen Cohen asked?

“All kinds of shady shit happens at the Fisherman’s Wharf after dark, try there.”

“Thank you, what’s your name?” Emily Chen asked.

“My name is Dimitri Roznick, here take a Christ Crusader pamphlet, pay it forward.”

“Thank you.” Zen Cohen and Emily Chen said to Dmitri Roznick.

“Go with God.” Dmitri Roznick said.

Zen Cohen and Emily Chen saw a bar called the Rainbow Club. Girl Heathens and Vandals as a minority hung around outside smoking cigarettes and drinking beer. There were the Scandalous Glamourous Gang of PLUR Candy Dealers of MDMA and Sassafras drugs. Regulators happened to be Daddy to this predominantly female, LGBTQ, Gang of Ravers who believe in Peace Love Unity Respect and have overwhelming Daddy Issues. Emily signaled for Zen to go and fulfill the Health Alteration Appointment.

Zen came in to receive a glare from the doorwoman and a dirty look from the bouncers

“No offense but this isn’t you folks kind of place.” The Bouncer said.

“No trust me, I am in the right place.” Zen Cohen explained.

“Yes Daddy.” The Doorwoman said.

Zen noticed the Sky Blue Pigtails and Tough Girl Pixie appearance.

“What’s your name?”

“Baby Chloe.”

“Baby Chloe, I have business with Mommy, she’s sitting at the bar.”

Zen van Nihil or his alias Zen Cohen were used to environments such as these especially the disguise as a Regulator cowboy gang member.

The Scandal Glamour Gang had subjugated the Regulators through horticulture of purifying the sassafras root to MDMA thereby changing the nature of the sarsaparilla market to create a MDMA beverage known San Molly Sarsaparilla or if in pill or powder it was Sassafras. The Regulators had been hijacked and subjugated to such a subversion that they traveled committing hardcore crime but regulating the sex trade of the Scandalous Glamourous Mafia which was a global gang which held total control of the Regulators who moved Scandal Glamour Mob controlled Sex Workers and Sassafras. The Regulators got to simp out and get the girlfriend experience with the Scandalous Glamourous Mafia girls or whatever they wanted in social engineered events that would put Hollywood reality television to shame with how much it was an act but at the same time a personal therapy for the Scandalous Glamour Mob to engage with the Regulators in a toxic parasitic but strong symbiotic collective relationship.

‘That Toxic Parasitic Symbiotic Relationship was BDSM and DDLG. Degeneracy.’ Zen van Nihil thought.

Zen saw Esmeralda sitting at the bar drinking Cola and Bourbon to deal with the stress and idiocy she suffered through with Otho and Buster. Zen directed Emily to wait outside while Zen van Nihil approached Esmeralda Kendall at the bar. Zen van Nihil wore a black bomber jacket with black cargo pants.

Zen had his black duster on with the Eye of Providence found on the back of United States $1 currencies on its back. A black dress shirt with red tie was covered by a bulletproof vest underneath the Illuminist Duster with a Cowboy Hat and a empty bottle of Sass 4 Cash on it. Zen van Nihil’s hair was in a pompadour where he sat down next to Esmeralda Kendall.

Zen Cohen played it cool, “Do you mind if I sit here?” He asked.

“No, I don’t care.” Esmeralda said, “Say Albino Boy, you have some beautiful Sapphire blue eyes, and that jet black hair, mmm-hmm. That pompadour, may I touch it?”

“Lightly my sweet.” Zen purred making a tiger growl sound by rolling an ‘Rrrrrawl’ as Zen introduced himself.

“My name is Zen van Nihil, I’m an adventurer, an Associate of many organizations, I also wish to be not just an Associate but Friend of yours.”

“My name is Esmeralda, my good man Zen van Nihil, are you a Mutant because I really like your pale albino skin my snow bro, I have heard of your kind before, you come from another world, are you Hyperborean?”

“Why yes, I am Esmeralda, I am Zen van Nihil of the Noble Savages of Hyperborean, I’m the Grand Prince of Hyperborea, my mother is Empress Erika Freya Helsunna. Can I buy you a drink? Do you enjoy White Russians?”

“I love those actually.” Esmeralda smiled with genuine happiness and glazed heavy eyes.

Zen van Nihil and Esmeralda Kendall got their drinks from a Dwarven Bartender who had a big bushy beard with braids and long hair. He made the White Russians with Vodka, Coffee Liqueur, and Cream.

Zen and Esmeralda cheers their glasses and drank one after another of the White Russians. Esmeralda was feeling more comfortable so she invited Zen van Nihil for something, something sexual and pleasurable.

“Let’s go to the VIP Lounge, I have a key for Room 9. I’m getting some sex, hell yeah.” Esmeralda laughed.

Zen van Nihil took a nanowire from a dispenser in his left wrist. Esmeralda unlocked the door and Zen van Nihil followed her into the private lounge as the door closed behind him. Zen locked the door and took the nanowire and began strangling Esmeralda with the nanowire. Blood from the cuts around her neck started forming.

Zen van Nihil had his elbows buried into the spinal column of Esmeralda. He had wrapped the nanowire several times around Esmeralda’s neck as she turned purple. Her body held forward but her neck and head pulled back.

“Stop it, shhhh uhhhh (cough cough) Ahhhhh…” Esmeralda rasped as she took her last breaths and fell dead on the center table smashing through the glass coffee table.

Zen searched her body and took her satchel which he put all her valuables in. Zen Cohen took a picture of her with his UtiliTech Optics, sending it to Wratheon MegaCorp Bedlam Grove channels with the Metadata label that Esmeralda Kendall was dead.

Zen van Nihil left the room. Locking the private lounge behind him then sneaking through the kitchen through the auxillary door as he messaged Emily Chen, ‘Get to the car, we have to go.’

‘Alright.’ Emily Chen messaged back.

Zen ran through an alley to rendezvous with Emily Chen in the Wratheon Abaddon luxury supercar that Zen Cohen dove into the backseat as Emily Chen put on a blonde long weave, put on scarlet lipstick, and big red soda bottle glowing crimson goggles and a porkpie hat which the Wratheon Abaddon escaped the area to lie low until they could pinpoint Otho and Buster for their health alteration appointment from Chaos Agents Zen van Nihil and Emily Chen.

“All’s well that ends well.” Emily Chen said to Zen van Nihil.

“Dammit, that your disguise for today thank God for you being my partner, you make us look great.”

“Thank you for bagging Esmeralda and you’re welcome for saving you honey.” Emily Chen smiled.

“Yeah, I made good with a Scan Glam Clam named Chloe. The Scandalous Glamourous are not easy, they are mentally fucked up, totally insane, wrought with dramatic cluster b personality disorders, they are hedonist degenerates who own a monopoly on street prostitution, sex work, sex clubs, Designer Club Drug dealing such as their monopoly on MDMA in their pure Molly Moon Rocks and gift to everyday users in Sassafras, they control the market on E-Girls and Female Influencers from Gaming to Political Social Justice causes involving urban life and women’s rights. The Scandalous Glamourous are at war with the Crusaders.” Zen Cohen grimaced at this realization, “Aren’t they the largest street gang in San Francisco?”

“Honey, I don’t punch down but yes, you are right Zen Cohen. Those statements are all true and so much more.” Emily Chen laughed.

Zen van Nihil contemplated the Scandalous Glamourous, ‘Why do all the American and Angelosphere Women of generations of the Doomers and Bloomers all have Dramatic Cluster B Personality Disorders. Social Justice is the Jungian Feminine Shadow exhibiting itself as Feminine Androgynous Sociopathic Morality and Persona Pathos of Borderline and Histrionic Personality Disorder.’

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Otho Johnston was in a hollowed out apartment project known as the Sky High Heights where junkies hung out in the apartment building towers surrounded by overgrown parks of flora and fauna as well as rusty playground equipment in the field around the Sky High Heights. Zen van Nihil and Emily Chen had received a sanction on Otho Johnston and the various social parasite drug addicts from various gangs all United in the trap, breaking bread over syringes and tourniquets for shot after shot of Dream, a strong opioid that brought lucid dreams from DMT and blissful relaxation to create a psychedelic narcotic.

Zen van Nihil and Emily Chen had an informant go in for a re-up at the trap palace of Sky High Heights which was three derelict brutal aesthetic architecture that was low risk but gangs and druggie citizens all gathered at the green zone of the Sky High Heights where three square miles was made special by the druggies. Re-Ups happened every 30 minutes. The Sky High Heights were always buying and overstocking. Zen van Nihil and Emily Chen dressed in Tyger Power Armor and we’re authorized for a sanctioned New Malthusian extermination of all authorized targets. All targets must perish. Open Season.

Zen van Nihil and Emily Chen were in a hotel suite. They were waiting for a squad of Templar. 12 Crusaders in Ezekiel Power Armor entered the hotel room adjacent to Zen Cohen and Emily Chen.

They knocked, three hard, two soft, four medium then a rattle on the door. Emily Chen opened the door to see Artyom Geroyovich Ziganov, a Bedlam Grove, Chaos Agent and Sol Templar of the Crusaders stood before them.

“Zen van Nihil and Emily Chen, there is a predominant pastor of the Crusaders fallen from grace babygirl in the Sky High Heights. Her name is Grace Williams, she’s is being pimped out for Dream at the new boss of the place. A fucking Dwarf Manley named Gregor Firebeard. He and his Dwarven gang got resilience to the drugs and their tolerance is only getting stronger.” Artyom Ziganov spoke.

“Our man of the hour is Otho Johnston but we can score Gregor Firebeard and the rest of those in fact everyone in a gang or even there besides Grace Williams is fair game, this purge is classified as Open Season.” Zen van Nihil said.

Two will enter the East Roof and Two will enter the West Roof by Storm Raven helicopters. Two by two will enter the ground floor of East and West Project Ruins. The rest of us will enter the Sky High Heights Northern Apartment Complex, we will work through the east and west buildings until purged where they will provide cover fire via sniper fire to the north building. After we purge the buildings we set up explosives involving C4 and set the explosion in one hour to topple the buildings in enough time to leave with the Minister’s baby girl and photograph the notable bounties for reward acquisition.” Artyom Geroyovich Ziganov explained.

Zen van Nihil, Emily Chen, Artyom, and a Nun Battle Sister Naomi Mercy. The Two Helicopters dropped the two by two Sol Templar off at the top of the building then Two breached each door then the LMGs started firing. Zen, Emily, Artyom, and Naomi or the Four Horseman as they were the elite forces taking on the lawless degenerate trash people and Gang of Dwarves that were active out of all races, classes, and creeds.

“Pomnite – S Nami Bog.” Artyom said.

As the door blasted open as they phalanx of unlimited LMG rounds slaughtered the human shitbags who were totally comfortable with dying this way. Some fell over, some reached for guns and fired while prone, most couldn’t even move. The Four Horseman fired up until they cleared the building. They all took pictures of the Big Fish of the plentiful Bounties in the AetherWeb connection with Zen van Nihil getting a picture of Otho Johnston and the Dwarves. Artyom carried Grace Williams in a blanket but sleeping comfortably over Artyom’s shoulder. Zen covered Artyom while Emily and Sister Naomi set the explosives as they did so in unison. The Storm Crow helicopters came down and scooped them up going a unilateral way under the radar then separating up with Artyom leaving Grace Williams with Sister Naomi and two others before meeting up with Zen Cohen and Emily Chen.

“You will require support for what we may find on Fisherman’s Wharf, you want to go at night and CCP-Man, Jason Guang and the Savages, Vandals, Saxons, every faction from the Heathens are selling some major product and some big names are going to be there.” Artyom said.

“Oh, oh fuck, DuPont will be there.” Emily Chen said.

Zen thought about the Purge, the Open Season on the drug club paradise, Sky High Heights. The elites of the Order of the Christ Sol Et Phili Aeternus, okay, Elite Evangelical Breakfast Club. This event opened relations with Wratheon and Crusaders MegaCorps such as the Pax Americana Organization that controlled the innumerable MegaCorps of the Crusaders as Wratheon made a public investment in Conserving the Human Way for Big Vampirism Lobby. That Human Way was the Pax Americana Way.

Zen van Nihil drifted back off at what blood was shed for this sacrificing of the Red Heffer in Jerusalem, by Elder Abraham who you can not see without Brahma. Open Season messed with all of them but as the pulse of the loud music and proud lifestyle of sin was met by it’s great cessation. So did the day end with their burdens of Open Season lifted.

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Algernon Bartholomew Jones better known as Buster was dining in high society, eating crab cakes and drinking garden spring Bloody Marys. Buster kept his name and wore a tailored designer suit at the San Francisco botanical garden. Buster was a Blueblood of the be Heathens Nation, he was eating endless steak and lobster to take a break and walk through his botanical garden. Buster liked carrying his .50 Caliber Mighty Lion handcannon or firing off his NATO Assault Carbine with it’s 5.56 rounds.

Buster had proven himself to Sven Schopenhauer thereby becoming a Made Man among the Heathen Nation Wise Guys. Zen Cohen, Emily Chen, and Artyom Ziganov wrote Buster off as optional. He had to be jumped into the Gang and become a Made Man. Buster was a legacy of Alcatraz Jones who smuggled and jail break high-level criminals and pull heists professionally who taught everything to his only son Buster Junior. Buster had been reworked over by cybernetics and just took a major Boss job in the Heathens Nation..

The existence of White America living their Manifest Destiny to Will their Reality of the American Dream became Pax Americana which was the tradition of the Evangelicals were guarded against ideological Subversion as their faith was tempted and tested did the Evangelicals take their Leap of Faith to put America First as they experienced the Rapture the Great Revival as the Evangelicals became Redeemed then Revived as Crusaders as they would bring the Kingdom of God to Earth to purify the world with Heavenly Ecstasy. Crusaders had a spiritual congregation bound which they were their Brother’s Keeper guided by a Chivalric code of Honor, Duty, Diplomacy, and Faith.

Those of the other, the ones of Secular Cults to serve the United States but in their simple minded godless inequity as entities experience the Void of Nihilism.

They experienced Hell in the Great Void of Nothing, Nothingness to No end who those that had Animistic Nature to reincarnate to the Great Circle of Shamanic Animism to the Pantheistic Nature of Paganism the Heathens returned as many barbarian and nomadic tribes. These Tribals all belong to the Heathen Nation who is overseen by the Atlantean Foundation. The diversity of thought a liberty of individual expression with the Tribal bound of collective welfare and familiar association helped the Heathens succeed.

The Crusaders were Apollonian where the Heathens were Dionysian.

Buster now known as Alcatraz Jones Junior was at his golf course and botanical garden with Sven Schopenhauer among other crime bosses of the Heathens Nation.

“Sven Schopenhauer, I hope you do run for President of the United American Empire, you’d do a great job.”

“You’re right Alcatraz Jones Junior, if I run for President, we can own the world for all time. I got connections with the CCP. I think I’d run for the Libertarian Party, no doubt some Scandalous Glamourous favorite will be the Green Party favorite like that Scam Glam Comrade and E-Celeb Influencer, Isadora “Izzy” Ramirez and her Vice-President will probably be another subhuman race.” Sven Schopenhauer said.

“…Like choosing a orc over an elf and a goblin over a gnome and a giant over a dwarf.” Alcatraz Jones Junior laughed, firing his NATO Assault Carbine at robotic drones on the course.

The Heathens Nation crime bosses all laughed.

“Alcatraz Jones Junior, now that you are being more and more Made as an Ubermensch of the Heathens, what do you want to control?”

“Alcatraz Island is the Heathens Nation base of operations so let them see what Alcatraz Jones Junior and CFO Sven Schopenhauer can secure a place for the elite of the Heathens Nation to train their 3% or Vikings with Viking Berserkers in the 1% of Heathens Nation. I want to meet the Asgardians, the Immortals, I want Dwarves to become more integrated with the Heathens. Dwarves and orcs are on the recruitment roster, orcs and dwarves among our Heathens Nation conglomerate. That’d be a change.” Alcatraz Jones Junior said unloading a magazine from his NATO 2088 Assault Carbine and loaded another magazine to fire on the Crab Bots which were made to move freight.

“Alcatraz Jones is back, Junior you’re a Made Man the youngest War Chief to make it as an Ubermensch, [Made Man] you got the gifts, skills, and talents, okay what do you think we should do about the Fisherman’s Wharf?” Sven Schopenhauer asked socratically as he fired a .50 Cal Gold Eagle handcannon at the Crab Bots.

Host the minutiae of Mutant trading on Alcatraz Island, we’ll breed the Cerberus Wolves, domesticate the Dire Bats, extract neurotoxin from the Nostrotoads, and have every Captain and Boss of the Heathens Nation have a Harem of Harpies.” Alcatraz Jones Junior said.

“Alcatraz Jones Junior, we got the Orcs and Dwarves giving into joining the Heathens, apparently, Wratheon MegaCorp declared Open Season in the Sky High Heights abandoned projects. Your friend Otho was slain. Over 1,420 dead at Sky High Heights in an Open Season massacre, Boss Firebeard died in the raid.” Sven Schopenhauer said picking up a AKM and firing at the Crab Bots.

Sven Schopenhauer continued as he fired the AKM, “So Alcatraz Jones Junior, the Asgardians exist beyond this world and getting to them requires some special ingenuity, however, Valhalla is one act of Valor aways always, speaking of which how do you feel about being marked for death by Wratheon MegaCorp?”

“I don’t know.” Alcatraz Jones Junior said.

Sven Schopenhauer spoke, “There probably going to leave you be, I refocused their anger to the Fisherman’s Wharf where my least favorite Mutants will be but we’ll keep the best and sell the rest, I was hoping Jason Guang buys them all and Wratheon MegaCorp – Bedlam Grove; Mayhem Management and Chaos Agents will take the Big Fish and his Shinobi Triad so we turn a profit and have a problem sort itself out.”

“Ubermensch Sven Schopenhauer, have you heard of Sierra Nevada Sunshine, she is a real lady luck.”

“No, I haven’t.”

“She is not just one of my dimes but my girlfriend.” Alcatraz Jones Junior laughed, “She’s on her way here for the party tomorrow, going to keep me company.”

Zen van Nihil wore all black including a baclava to spy on Sven Schopenhauer and Alcatraz Jones Junior. Emily Chen was listening over the cyber-social panopticon of surveillance on their UtiliTech devices, Zen van Nihil simply used telepathy and a pair of binoculars. Sven Schopenhauer and Alcatraz Jones Junior were headed inside their palisade. Zen van Nihil knew Alcatraz Island was a death sentence to attack so breaking even with Fisherman’s Wharf had to make due for what was going to happen on the Fisherman’s Wharf would be war and could mean war between the United American Empire and People’s Republic of China.

Zen fled the Greens of the Golf Course and botanical gardens to get in the back of a Goodall Good-Haul moving van geared up with surveillance equipment.

Zen and Emily took a deep breath.

“We’re not stopping further Conservativism of Nature in the Fear of advancing accelerationist natural sciences by releasing a freak show of Mutants trying to further dilute and degenerate the Way of Pax Terra Firma.” Zen Cohen and Emily Chen thought together on the subject.

Emily Chen watched the surveillance cameras she was glued to the security detail of the Fisherman’s Wharf. Soon, Sven Schopenhauer, Alcatraz Jones, and Jason Guang would be three at the Thieves Gala at the Fisherman’s Wharf.

Emily pulled two duffel bags. Zen van Nihil took his admiring the clothes and getting nude with Emily Chen the redressing in their new disguises. Zen van Nihil was in a black designer suit with a burgundy tie with a Flak Tech bulletproof vest. Emily Chen dressed in a Maoist Red Guard uniform. They were ready for the Thieves Gala at the Fisherman’s Wharf.

Photo by Kira Louw on

Night had fallen. CCP Officer Jason Guang was walking around looking at the Mutants in cages. Fearsomely roaring, barking, and yiffing. Some were sentient like the Harpies and Sirens calling out for a buyer.

CCP Officer Jason Guang wore a black and white tuxedo with tails and white gloves.

A beautiful buxom woman with a nubile teenage body despite being of a human genome that was 21 years old. Sierra Sunshine.

“Hello Jason Guang, are you here to outbid Salvador DuPont?”

“Xie Xie, hai, yes, yes, I will definitely outbid Salvador DuPont. He’s not getting these specimens like me. He can have his share, I will have mine.”

“May the best man win.” Sierra Sunshine giggled before walking off.

“Hello Salvador DuPont,” Sierra Sunshine said, “You look casual. Jeans and the tie dye t-shirt with the holoshield and Gatling laser cannon. Not bad for Jason Guang’s Shinobi Triads that he brought.”

“Sierra Sunshine, tell me something I don’t know.” Salvador DuPont said.

“Zen van Nihil is here.” Sierra said matter-of-factly.

Salvador DuPont’s eyes widened, “Are you serious?”

Salvador DuPont approached Sven Schopenhauer, “I am ready to purchase 40% of your mutants most notably the sentient ones.”

Jason Guang stormed in on the conversation, “I demand to buy 100% of the Sentient specimens.”

The pissing contest began until Salvador DuPont and Jason Guang were screaming at each other.

A group of silent Storm Raven attack helicopters flew over to the Phong-Lung as Crusaders destroyed the Phong-Lung by blowing it to pieces with rockets, missiles, and anti-aircraft machine guns causing the Phong-Lung with an elite group of Triad Mercenaries to die aboard it.

On the Fisherman’s Wharf, Salvador DuPont started up his holoshield and fired his Gatling laser rapidly in panic at the Shinobi. Jason Guang panicked and saw a Maoist Red Guard petite Chinese woman motioning for him to come this way to a astrocar which he got in. The Astrocar accelerated into the sky towards China Town.

“Thank Mao, Thank the Yellow Emperor, thank Marx.” Jason Guang said in relief.

The pilot sitting next to him turned with a Mustang 2011 pistol and blew Jason Guang’s head off. Opened the Astrocar door and dumped CCP Officer Jason Guang out the vehicle to fall to the ground below to explode into gore.

Emily Chen was the pilot, “Have a nice trip, see you next fall.” She said in a cold-hearted attitude.

Zen van Nihil saw the Shinobi tried to hack through the crystalline forcefield. Soon all were gone.

“Hey Salvador DuPont, you win the auction, free of charge.” Zen van Nihil shot electrokinetic energy at Salvador DuPont which caused the forcefield and Gatling laser cannon to overcharge and explode blowing Salvador DuPont to pieces.

The Heathens cleared out as Wratheon MegaCorp Military showed up in Amphibious Vehicles. They had secured the Mutants taking a necessary loss with the Heathens but great research had been gained and the Mutants were able to coexist with the natural order and function to adapt and strengthen mother nature by the sheer luck of Mother Gaia’s Grace.

Photo by Rakicevic Nenad on

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