Do you know how much stuff is just absolute nonsense that people abide by everyday? How do we in the West not shape our world around our worldview? Do you know how much insanity is being promoted and it’s not the good crazy, it’s not that Syd Barrett crazy diamond that influenced the great albums from Pink Floyd or any of the music from the Boomers. The kinda crazy, better known as “genius” that is promoted today is either demented, cringe, or the mainstream garbage which is a detriment to the spiritual well-being of Humanity. Can we finance the creators of what is actually good instead of this Woke bullshit. I want to watch Subversive Cinema but everything has been subverted to a net loss of creative bankruptcy from the West. Since Mr. President Joe Biden is doing good and we were promised a return to normalcy instead of in our cinemas, we see sophomore raceplay propaganda combined with a racialized popularity contest, rat race, territorial pissing contest in our silver-screen cinema. You know that if we lose our over seas audience for cinema this country will have no foreign policy. Can we make actual Cinema instead of nonsense. Can someone recommend some stuff to me that is good? A blog, philosopher, political theorist, sociologist, political scientist, documentary, I love learning. I love watching the Sopranos, the first season when Tony Soprano is in therapy. My therapist appointments are disappointments and I don’t know how to tell my therapist. I can’t stand my therapist.

Apologies if I wasted your time. I had to voice my disappointment at the world. I have a job and love working. I am disabled from mental illness but I love working 20 hours a week and Leinenkugels Summer Shandys. I love my mom and dad. I most importantly love who I am but I don’t want to die everyday because as a Schizo, I look at this society of the Western World where this insanity in society and I know that most people are more far gone than I am. I’m talking about my generation. Why does everything suck? God, please give the Boomers more time on this earth. Can the Millennials stuck in arrested development, please grow up. I’m a disabled person or Schizo who collects SSI/SSDI, Food Stamps, and even Subsidized Housing if I needed it. I’m trying my hardest but to the Tax Payers who are keeping this country going. Thank you for helping me with a system that works for me. I am very happy with my life.

That was therapeutic.

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