South Africa Riots 2021

72 people dead from the riots in South Africa over two days.
72 people dead from the riots in South Africa over two days.

117 people dead in South Africa after three days of civil unrest.
36 people died all together over the BLM Protests over an entire year.
This is a glimpse of the greatest societal collapse of Western Civilization from Applied Accelerationist Theory at the dawn of the 2020s.
What do you remember about the 2010s from an objective sociological perspective that defined the decade? Nothing except staring at a Magic Mirror that challenged the powers of God given to us by Technocrats in the New World Order that is dawning upon us everyday and despite feeling more and more awake, we know this to be self-evident that the Western Dream of our Social Contract has become a Nightmare before our very eyes.
What is defining about the 2020s? Anarchy.
Anarchy is the greatest form of savagery.
I say this as a man with “No gods, no masters” across my chest who in his rebellious youth aspired to be Thee Man of Lawlessness, Thee Antichrist.
However, I look at a life’s work and fully realize that my work was for an Accelerated Collapse was to bring the Great Reset.
Ani Ma’amin. Amor Fati.

“It was the Capitalist who sold us the rope that we hung them with.”

  • Vladimir Lenin

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