Sons of Saturn – Cerebral Apartheid 🤖

I came into the world under the sign of Saturn — the star of the slowest revolution, the planet of detours and delays.

Walter Benjamin, Aesthetics and Politics

H4V0C waited for his professional gaming of the system mentor Dada Caligula. Havoc otherwise known as Wilfred Denver was in a AetherNet-Runner Haptic Suit laying upright in a Cyberspace Pod with cushioned interior that formed to his body for optimal comfort. He was logging into Cyberspace as the static of electromagnetic sparks of white noise temporarily filled his conscious as he plugged in his Autonomous Cerebral Computational Enhancement directly into the port where his central nervous system of his Reptilian Complex of his Human Mind had become a Robotic Cybernetic Complex of wires and steel rods where his brainstem connected to his spine. Nanofiber wires encompassed his sciatica nervous system making him full on cybernetic augmented human that specialized in Deep AetherNet Web-surfing.

Havoc was getting situated in his Hackers Paradise much like his Hero, Alakazam (4L4K4Z4M) the greatest Technomancer of all time. Havoc wished he could be like the legend Alex Zander the G04T who pulled more mischief, mayhem, and madness for the corporations of the Fascist Corporatist, – United Federation who’s cyberwarfare tactics trounced the Outsiders and greatly decimated the population of Neo-China in the war against Communism when billions of Post-Singularity General AI Simulacrum Neo-Chinese Netizens were fried by targeted Electromagnetic Energy Microwave Weapons Attacks which decimated the Communist Menace. After the great assimilation by the powers of the world government in Humanity’s search for new worlds, the United Federation came to Mars via MegaCorps for Capitalist disguised as the amalgamation of Right Wing and Left Wing Progressive causes which both Right Wing Progressives and Left Wing Progressives are merely synonymous with the unifying ideology of Socialism.

Dada Caligula had taught Havoc or Wilfred Denver many things as his guide through the Deep AetherNet and Dark AetherNet which is where a Martian Human, Black Young Male, 23 years old, standing at 6’0 got his 7.72 Soviet AK-470 and 5.56 NATO Techrunner Hand Cannon as well as all the technology, computers, hardware, software, gaming rigs, holographic simulators, and credits from his cryptocurrency mining super-rig that paid for Wilfred Denver’s bachelor pad in a subterranean mole man ultraluxe bomb shelter. Dada Caligula would be online soon like clockwork. Much like the sentient AetherNet Alien Life Forms which maintained and created new domains of the AetherNet being the Clockwork Elves which appeared as Gnomes with elven knife ears comprised of cogs and gears and other psychedelic mechanized features for in essence they were Machine Elves but were referred to as Clockwork Elves.

Dada Caligula had logged on, “Hello, hello, hello.” Dada Caligula’s manic up eat enthusiastic voice said, “Havoc, are you ready for some Mischief, Mayhem, and Madness?”

“Yes, I am, I’m ready for my big score to show off to all the other Goats (604Ts) like Alakazam (4L4K4Z4M) and Daydream (D4YDR34M) that there’s a new major player on the market, now Dada Caligula, we’ve waited 6 months to hit Wratheon’s United Federation Corporate Headquarters for the Military at Sparta, Mars” Havoc replied tying his black dreadlocks into a golden ring behind his head. This was to act as a padded pillow against the already cushioned to the optimal comfort of the AetherNet Haptic Gamer Chair which was similar except padded and adjustable for any position as well as being mobile.

Havoc continued, “Dada Caligula, Wratheon United Federation Corporate-Military Headquarters is the systems were hacking but the prize, you said it would be work a $100 billion UFD (United Federation Dollars) – we just create Havoc as my namesake in Sparta, Mars then we seize the prized golden goose egg of technology which is as you paraphrased Dada Caligula, Antikythera Mechanism and Ouroboros Quadrahedron Particle Accelerator which is as you call it the Ezekiel’s Wheel which can timetraveling faster-than-light vehicle that transcends the dimensional matrices of our universe that is kept in Sparta, Mars?” Havoc said gathering himself, “…Now we are on…”

Dada Caligula spoke in a stark authoritative tone, “Silence, you must not think about where you are, you cannot conceive where you are, you do not know where you are, you will not understand where you are.” Dada Caligula ensconced to Wilfred Denver (Havoc) before continuing, “Havoc you must shield yourself from the anarchy throughout and the anarchy within. You are Havoc, you are an instrument of the revolution, you are a lone wolf cyber-terrorist, you are the cream that rises to the top, you are everything and nothing. You’re desire is to become as me now I ask you if you have any questions before we begin our meditation?”

Havoc asked, “Dada Caligula, when will we meet?”

Dada Caligula responded, “When the time is right.”

“Are there any others that you spend time with?” Wilfred Denver implored.

“If there were their would be none like you for you are everything and nothing.” Dada Caligula spoke.

“You can tell me.” Wilfred Denver said timidly, “You’re the closest thing to family or friend that I have ever had.”

“There is no one worthy of praise, only criticism, no you, only me. Let us get to work.” Dada Caligula commanded.

“Did you begin the hack?” Havoc said.

Dada Caligula spoke, “Commencing Christmas Tree Attack – Defcon Fire Sale Armageddon level threat, targeting United Federation Major Hub Worlds, Overriding Robotics governing parameters to set to attack, notifying Chaos Collective of coming storm, engage, engage, engage.

“Owh, my head. Where am I? What happened.” Zen Cohen called out in agony as an orange light filled his eyesight, his consciousness making out two people in the room Zen sensed was a subterranean room.

Zen Cohen saw two men in black suits, one was wearing their suit jacket one who stood over Zen Cohen had his sleeves rolled up. The one standing behind him had his suit jacket on and going over torture devices such as lancets, steel clippers, shears, knives, plasma torch, hammers, Et cetera. The one who had short dark hair with his sleeves rolled up and hands resting on his knees while the other had a pompadour similar to Zen Cohen.

A hologram woman from a holocom appeared from the projector on the desk. She was a gorgeous business woman with strong striking features. Adorned in diamond, gold, and platinum jewelry with a black designer dress that was made of silk and polyester, in a business v-top that went into a dress down to her knees with a gold buckle around her midsection, she was in her early 30s, she had dirty blonde hair, emerald green eyes, and stood at 5 feet, 6 inches tall.

“Hello Zen Cohen, or is it Zen van Nihil? My name is Mariana Ziganov, I’m with the Soviet Union’s General Staff of the Committee of State Security of the United Federation.” Mariana Ziganov spoke in a Russian accent that was flirtatious, “Are you in any way connected to the Hell breaking loose on Sparta, Mars and across the United Federation. My brother Artyom Geroyovich Ziganov was wondering, anyway, as your representative picked by Wratheon Corporation’s Bedlam Grove Chaos Agents, I cannot help you any further, these gentlemen are from the Belfort Initiative and they are very hell-bent on beating your brains in out of rival animosity. There’s no reasoning with them we tried. We are facing an Armageddon Event Horizon at the hands of alleged AetherNet Technomancers, Outsiders, and Extraterrestrials. I loved you Zen van Nihil and tried my best. Goodbye and Good Luck.” Mariana Ziganov said blowing Zen Cohen a kiss.

Zen glared at the two Belfort Initiative Agents, “What do you want?”

“Your microwave weapons technology.” The one with the pompadour spoke taking a drag from his cigarette.

“Don’t Tell me you believe that horse shit.” Zen groaned in agony.

The Agent with his sleeves rolled up punched Zen Cohen.

“How about the Ezekiel’s Wheel, did you give that to the Outsiders for money or is there some sicker part of the story like you did it for laughs.

Zen Cohen smiled internally, ‘Okay, I’ll bite,’ he thought.

Zen looked his assaulting assailant in the eyes, “The Outsiders are my friends. I gave them my spin on the Ezekiel’s Wheel because friends help each other and I really love helping out.”

The Agent punched Zen in the face. Zen felt the numbing bludgeon against his cheek as it became cherry red. Zen felt the sting but focused his psionic powers to heal him from any wounds as he concentrated on diamonds as he hardened himself.

“So you sold NATO out to the Outsiders, a freak communing with freaks, imagine that?”

“What do you mean?” Zen Cohen asked.

The one with his sleeves rolled up bounced his hands on his knees, “Zen Cohen, the snow white albino of Hyperborea, eye color, sapphire blue, hair color, jet black, stands at 5’10-6’1 depending on how he slept the night before and we know that you’re psychic, we know you have psionic powers. The savage snowy highlands of Hyperborea made you who you are, freak.”

The one with his sleeves rolled up swung back to punch as hard as he could. He rocked back then launched forward. The Torturer watched his hand and wrist shatter and turn into a bloody mess spraying blood across Zen Cohen’s left cheek and shirt as the Torturer held his hand and screamed a howling scream.

“Serves you right.” Zen Cohen said firing a psionic bolt through the restraints and chair holding him. The other Agent smoking drew his side arm but Zen Cohen was already at the ready with another psionic bolt that he killed the Smoker Agent. The one holding his hand went for his side arm but Zen Cohen flipped into an aerial somersault and slammed his leg down squarely into the Crippled Agent’s center brow killing him. Zen Cohen got up and ran out of the room’s wide opening to realize that it was a shipping container in a warehouse. Zen Cohen kept running until he made it through an aperture.

Zen looked up at the Red Sky with white clouds and yellow sun among the atmosphere that Zen Cohen knew as belonging to Mars. The red soil that remained even after Mars being terraformed. Zen Cohen hoped there wasn’t more Belfort Initiative Agents despite relishing the thought of a good battle against those not possessing prescient pertinent information in their person of interest in Zen Cohen nor adequate skills to handle a psionic caliber of Zen Cohen’s psychic capacity.

Zen Cohen looked for his Intelligence Agency of Wratheon’s Bedlam Grove. As a Chaos Agent and Mayhem Manager. Zen Cohen used his clairvoyant senses to find his path to any nearby Bedlam Grove Agents waiting out for Zen Cohen to escape such conflict in approximate estimation of where he could find a fellow Agent(s) from Bedlam Grove for his evacuation route to a Wratheon MegaCorp controlled city or territorial region on Mars.

Zen Cohen quickly felt through prescient clairvoyance that he was in Mars City through extrasensory familiarity. The Harbor was a mutually shared region for all MegaCorps to purpose in their own business ventures. Zen Cohen saw the sky was full of Triangular Spacecraft known as Illuminist Vessels. Zen Cohen knew that the the Belfort Initiative Agents were sent by someone who was more than a bad faith actor but truly an Anarchist from the Chaoskampf Collective had sold out Zen Cohen as the one selling Wratheon MegaCorp level 9 security clearance secrets. Zen Cohen was one of CEO Elijah Wratheon’s best Chaos Agents and Friends so Zen Cohen knew that the Vampire Lord, Elijah Wratheon knew Zen Cohen better than selling the Ezekiel’s Wheel to the Outsiders. If this was the case the Chaoskampf Collective allies in the Anarcho-Nihilist void walking Outsiders had achieved to acquire the most advanced technology that could exist.

The Outsiders were Mutant Humans that had been warped beyond recognition who elongated limbs, bulbous head, sinewy slender yet muscular long limbs, human who had been developed in the void to create monstrosities with warped characteristics of the void such as long troll-like tusks and demon horns as well as a universal bioluminescent quality of green-yellowish glow with deep pocketed eye sockets the size of billiard balls that were glowing crimson red.

Zen Cohen kept running. He wore his Bedlam Grove black suit as he ran. Zen Cohen saw a sports car pull up beside him. The door opened, it was Emily Chen.

“Hop in,” Emily Chen called.

“Thanks.” Zen Cohen said as he got in, “Thank you so much.”

“You’re welcome. We have to find someone. The target is a hacker named Dada Caligula and H4V0C they are Technomancers coding the network, they alerted the Belfast Initiative Agents to your location as a fall guy. Havoc is Wilfred Denver, a single black youth male, computer prodigy with the arcane ability of technomancy. He is to be reprimanded and captured, if the deal doesn’t go through we will attempt to hire him. We have no inkling of an idea who Daydream is or what exactly whether it be a xeno life form compelling Havoc to make this deal of trading Ezekiel’s Wheel to the Outsiders as your supposed trespass was but he lives up to his name… Havoc!” Emily Chen explained.

Zen Cohen implored, “What else has Havoc gotten into? What is he doing?”

Emily Chen spoke, “It’s not just him, Daydream is doing most the heavy work with most of the damage to the Martian planetary infrastructure, especially in Sparta, the military complex supercity of where we are now that trains the United Federation soldiers. I believe Wilfred Denver and Daydream are here utilizing the vast data networks to steal Ezekiel’s Wheel and all it’s secrets to give to the Outsiders. We cannot allow that. It would be the end of everything.”

“Where’s the Memex Computational Atlas?” Zen Cohen asked.

“The MCA is in the backseat!” Emily Chen yelled.

Zen van Nihil connected the MCA to his port noticing endless nodes like stars in the void of space that were actually planets of holographic epistemic existential life or HEEL. Grounded in islands of solitude in effervescent splendor or tranquil delight. However, in Zen Cohen’s analysis of the AetherNet was Mars local network metaworlds were on fire causing those trapped in the AetherNet to scream in terror and writhe in agony for being fried by the Cyber-Social EMP in the related AetherNet that was spun by a Draconic Wyrm in cyberspace that bore and dug through the nods and cyberspace as untold millions were being assisted by DARPA’s Agency of Storm Watch who had dispatched their Agents known as Weathermen who were putting out the storm in the Cloud of cyberspace.

Zen Cohen saw it was absolute anarchy among the Mars server clouds as the cyberspace sky was firey red and filled with smoke and soot as pillars and pylons crashed over. A columned building was sinking into the ground. Hi-rise buildings were on fire. Zen could see horrible abominations of warped flesh and covered in mouths with polyps that were covered in mouths with innumerable eyes about the creature with circular bands around the creature covered in eyes and mouths. Each eye intensely staring a glare of infinitesimal horror, each mouth had a variety of types of teeth from the unsettling human to the gnashing jagged fangs. These Eldritch Horrors had replaced the Clockwork Elves that ran routine maintenance had been replaced by Shoggoths, of the blind idiot god, Azathoth. Zen Cohen saw on jump off a building pyre and come crashing down towards him.

Zen Cohen logged off and disengaged from the MCA, “What a nightmare.” He said. Do you have the profile on Wilfred Denver our hopeful in Bedlam Grove Chaos Operations Agent if this Schizo is sliced, diced, and chopped into a spineless piece of cerebral feces as you claim, Emily Chen. Well then maybe we can rid him of his Daydream Anomalous Intelligence acting as the oversight of the deal of Ezekiel’s Wheel.” Zen van Nihil said, “Now how badly do we need to worry about the Brit-Bongs in the Belfort Initiative?”

“Judging by your actions what do you think?” Emily Chen asked.

“We may have to kill every last one due to the fact that they are blinded in their Assassins’ Program to wipe out all Bedlam Grove Chaos Agents due to the fact that there hippocampus is deformed, malnutritioned, and damaged from zero point energy microwave weapons frying their minds from the Soviet Union Vanguard. The Belfort Initiative is not as Clandestine as they advertise themselves to be with their specialties operating in obscene vulgarities instead of opaque subtleties.” Zen van Nihil said finding that other Aether Networks to cyberspace were blocked via failure to connect to servers due to the downed nods and destroyed AetherNet Towers and satellites over Mars.

The United Federation of the Human race had sent an Army from Triton to Mars to resolve the conflict ongoing with Dada Caligula, Havoc, the Outsiders, and Ezekiel’s Wheel.

The Army sent was to fulfill many facets including the Nightmare network of cyberspace consuming Mars planetary AetherNet due to Daydream and Havoc giving the Chaos Collective the affirmation to unleash anarchy upon Mars in all it’s forms of that which is a macabre flaming inferno consuming all that is in its path leaving nothing but destruction. The Chaos Collective were rioting, looting, assaulting, vandalizing, and committing arson.

United Federation Commandos, Storm Troopers, Shock Troopers, Soldiers, and Marines were gunning down Chaos Collective Black Bloc Anarcho-Nihilists in raising hell with Riot Shotguns, Assault Carbines, Flamethrowers, Laser Rifles. The Chaos Collective Black Bloc Anarcho-Nihilists were dressed in Combat Armor. Zen van Nihil and Emily Chen put the Wratheon Delta SRX into autopilot as it cruised down the streets of Sparta, Mars. They quickly got dressed into there Shadow Knight armor, gizmos, gadgets, utilities, and weapons.

The Shadow Knights were able to jump hundreds of yards in the air, upward, downward, diagonally, from side to side, they were able to do this with a special exoskeleton rig known as a Spring Heel Jack. The Shadow Knights were renowned for this Spring Heel Jack exoskeleton armor and Superhuman aerodynamic rig. The Spring Heel Jack is a hydraulic powered exoskeleton armor that went from the soles of their feet, along their spinal cord all the way to the back of their neck, along the underside of their arms to the palms of their hands. This is worn underneath attire. Shadow Knights, the elite special operatives in the field. The Shadow Knights were able to jump hundreds of yards in the air, upward, downward, diagonally, from side to side, they were able to do this with a special exoskeleton rig known as a Spring Heel Jack. The Shadow Knights were renowned for this Spring Heel Jack exoskeleton rig. The Spring Heel Jack is a hydraulic powered exoskeleton spine that goes from the soles of their feet, along their spinal cord all the way to the back of their neck, along the underside of their arms to the palms of their hands. This is worn underneath a Shadow Knights attire.

The Shadow Knights bound through the heavens as the fabled Dragoons, leaping as wingless angels to the skies to do battle with Dragons. For Dragoons are knights who have mastered Dragon slaying. The fabled Guild of the Dragoons which the Shadow Knights are modeled after, for the Shadow Knights are Dragoons as the Dragon slayers of their phantasmic reality except they protect civilization, eradicate Lawless, and hunt the eldritch terrors which hunt them. The Shadow Knights achieve great leaps of faith that the Dragoons used for bounding to the heavens to slay the Dragon except for the Shadow Knights leaped forward into an abyss forever gazing into them, only to fight with monsters that would render their flesh and make them one with the monster in this Darkness enshrouded land of Lawlessness if the Shadow Knight did not slay these monsters first for survival is every darkened lawless day in the world of everlasting decay. The Shadow Knights relied on their Spring Heel Jack exoskeleton suit which relied on a computing system interface that regulated the exoskeleton. The steel dermal embedded cybernetic modification rested on the back of the neck. The computing system would read the user’s kinetic movements through electric pulses from the brainstem where a bio-cybernetic supercomputer has advanced the Human brain to an exponentially greater form of evolution in the cybernetic cerebral enhancement of the elite model known as the Quantum Autonomous Cerebral Computing Enhancement, (ACCE). The basic rudimentary model of this grayware cybernetic evolutionary advancement is the Universal ACCE.

Shadow Knights were the elite special operatives within the Shadow Society. The Shadow Knights were known for their utilization of Spring Heel Jack exoskeleton rigs which fit all along the user’s bodies from the cybernetic access where small magnetic interlocking plate to the suit at the base of the neck which plugged directly into their central nervous system which led to the Quantum ACCE. The exoskeleton is a mechanical spine that went from the back of the neck to the tips of the user’s toe, it has special shock absorbers which could lessen any fall or impact, the added utility of using a quickly changing multiple latching grappling hook improved the Spring Heel Jack exoskeletons suitability greatly as an essential part of transportation via the Spring Heel Jack rig.

The Shadow Knights wore the form-fitting, easily concealable and silent to operate exoskeleton suit of the Spring Heel Jack with the ordinary clothes of black cargo pants, black long or t-shirts shirts, and black socks. The special Shadow Knights field operative uniform involved Shadowstep Boots which were jet-black combat boots which never made a sound upon the terrain they traversed upon by foot as well as making the climb of a building with unparalleled speed and agility which made any terrain the same. The hooded shadow cloaks they wore had stealth technology consisting of fiber-optic mirrored technology which could reflect light off it making the cloak translucent rendering it’s wearer almost entirely invisible. Talons of Shadow were jet-black colored, form-fitting, thermal yet breathable material gloves which always kept the comfort of the hands, these gloves matched the Shadowstep boots in climbing with retractable Arcturian Vorpal steel blades at the fingertips as well as Arcturian Vorpal steel plates in the fingers and knuckles for unarmed fighting, the plates protection underneath them made from the material of all their attire, arachnoweave armor. Shadow Knights wore form-fitting, full-body, from neck to wrist to ankle, dark as the void, arachnoweave combat armor. The Arachnoweave body armor is ultra-lightweight, resistant to stabs, shrapnel, and pelts from projectile weapons. Arachnoweave full-body armor is weaved from the silk of enigmatic spiders from an extradimensional origin. These spiders belonged to a pandaemonic spider deity or Archon of Balance known as Anansi and his Astral Arachne. This is the official Shadow Knights Guild attire of the Shadow Society. The Shadow Society is the elite esoteric order that has divisions known as Shadow Society’s. The Shadow Knights are an organization or Shadow Society within the Shadow Society.

“Zen Cohen, you don’t think that doing this is a conflict of interest with Wratheon?”

“What?” Zen van Nihil said flabbergasted, “We are the best and brightest the Bedlam Grove Chaos Operations Agents has to offer. We are privileged to be a part of a secret society who are Knights of the Shadows. Emily Chen. Remember – the reason we make such great Bedlam Grove Chaos Agents is because we are Shadow Knights.”

“That’s not it Zen,” Emily Chen said, “It’s the fact of the matter that billions of people suffer in megacities filled with slums, ghettos, and barrios with Gangs and Anarcho-Nihilists running the streets, not to mention the evil corporations and governments integrated in power to consolidate unilateral authority through merged acquisitions of mutual shared interests to create Corporatist Fascism.”

“So you’re worried Elijah Wratheon may find out about us being in the Shadow Society. Don’t worry, he’s got our backs.” Zen van Nihil elaborated.

“Whatever you say Zen Cohen.” Emily Chen replied.

Dada Caligula was undermining securities as his Shoggoths cannibalized the vectors in cyberspace of data, information, and precious memory of cyberspace as Clockwork Elves, Weathermen, and Internet White Hat Hackers battled off the Shoggoths from devouring everything of Sparta, Mars and furthermore United Federation’s AetherNetwork systems. Dada Caligula and Havoc were in the system running past destroyed doors, hacking the locks of doors in their way. Where they were headed was Site 33 JEF where they could send the Ezekiel’s Wheel to the buyer of the Technology. Robots were in the streets waging war against Humans, Cyborg, Android, and Psionic. Outside the AetherNet it was the same scene as the Grey Goo Nanobots fused together with biodiesel to form Shoggoths that were roaming around Sparta bringing death, destruction, and unmitigated mayhem. This was one of many targeted worlds where shipping containers containing Nanobots had congealed into a Grey Goo then acquired biodiesel to form into Shoggoths which terrorized the Megacities as the Robots that served Humanity had been hijacked to serve Dada Caligula as the Chaos Collective rioted, looted, smashed, and bashed.

Among the Chaos Collective there is a Leader named Julia Dillinger who is the most clever, carnivorous, and charismatic who leads her Chaos Collective comrades in perfect harmony to a cacophony of bringing cactopic anarchy. Day by day, Julia was a vessel of wrath and destruction. Julia Dillinger had crimson red hair and soot covered freckled face. Sunspots among the splotches of grease were her freckles which Julia Dillinger told people that they were for every soul she collected.

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