Indigo Dream – Revolution of Consciousness – Chapters 19-23

Chapter 19 [Continued]


11PM, December 24th, 2107 CE, Eden Prime, United Asia, Principality of Japan, Tokyo

It is a cold dark day for a winter in Japan, the night had stretched across the land, the Keiretsu bosses were meeting with the bosses of the Yakuza-Triad Mob. They were preparing for war with the People’s Republic of China Communist heads of the now United Asia’s capital, their soldiers in the Triads. This is a battle to see who would rule in the new united world government in the coming election since the Gardenia had resolidified Japan as part of United Asia, in part of economics and political sovereignty. The alien goddess Celeste, the alien goddess had her message to Humanity propagated in order to stop the Earth from being wiped out by nuclear war, and the chaotic disorder which followed. The Keiretsu had planned on taking the Yakuza-Triad Mob with them to the new colony of Mars if this problem with being solidified as part of United Asia is not resolved. They had begun their talks when the nuclear warheads almost did fly, when crud almost hit the fan. Now in the wake of the current state of Gardenia’s recovery from the Wild West it had become.

Keiretsu Lords of Industry met with their allies in the Yakuza-Triad Mob bosses. captains sat on the other side of the very long table. The leader of the Yakuza-Triad Mob is Big Boss Akuma Ren. The leader of the Keiretsu is CEO Raijin Ryujin the Second, Both are descendants of the lineage of the Japanese Emperor, both are of relation to one another.

Akuma Ren had dyed-crimson red hair, young features, an adult male around the age of 26, thin yet knew his way around a firearm or a katana, he is a Bionic, a cybernetic ninja, a bad mother flipp er, not one to be reckoned with. He is the youngest Big Boss the Yakuza-Triad Mob crime syndicate had ever known as well as their highest ranking leader. Their organization is known as the Legacy of Lord Ren, the most organization which all Yakuza-Triad Mob crime syndicates were united under. Akuma Ren is the number one crime boss of United Asia.

CEO of the Keiretsu, Raijin Ryujin used to have a different family name before the events of World War II but had adopted this name due to the nature of his lineage in secrecy among the clandestine elites of Japan. At midnight tonight they would be assassinating former Chairman of the Eastern World or United East, the renowned Chairman Zhao Wei Zhao of the post-World War III Eastern Bloc. A seventy year old man who is responsible for the occupation of Japan as well as the ruthless tyranny that came with that occupation, he and his successor Zhao Fei Zhao, his son as the newly appointed Governor of United Asia with his cousin Zhao Wei Zhao had become Vice-Governor of United Asia. The Keiretsu wanted to maintain control over Asia, the last honorable thing they could do even if it incited a war, killing them in the process but to them they were untouchable.

Chief Executive Officer Raijin Ryujin began, “We are gathered here out of a mutual agreement against our enemies, the North Korean appointed government pigs known as the Zhao family, we cannot allow them to maintain control of United Asia, the future of United Asia belongs to us, the Keiretsu, our friends in the Yakuza-Triad Mob. We have honor where they have none, they deserve death.”

Yakuza and Keiretsu bosses cheered in agreement.

Akuma Ren smiled, “Make me the heir of your empire again father, grant me that honor after you die my father and I’ll end the Zhao dynasty for you my father, I’ll kill them with the Katana of our forefathers, our great ancestor Shogun Ryujin, the Masamune, give me that sword as my soul, I shall give my soul for the sword if I should fail.”

The Yakuza-Triad Mob bosses and captains smiled, looked at one another, the Keiretsu were disgruntled, rambling back and forth among themselves.

CEO Raijin Ryujin is silent, he raises his hand dismissively silencing the Keiretsus bosses, “So you think you can take Governor and Vice-Governor Zhao as well as all their private security details yourself? Fortunately for you, they are staying at the Kalifornia Inn in downtown Tokyo tonight, right across the street. They’ll have no idea. They gave a speech at Japan Political Peace Summit for United Asia earlier today, former Chairman Zhao said that whoever should take their lives tonight for the People’s Republic of China occupation of Japan it should be forgiven by him, I’m sure he said in confidence and not to be taken seriously from the reception they received but this is an opportune moment for us, partially why I called together this meeting. Akuma Ren, my son, you shall bring us great honor.” His father Raijin Ryujin spoke.

Akuma Ren got up, bowed to the Keiretsu bosses, and took Masamune off the mantle. The Masamune is an asteroid metallic alloy combined with a diamond infused blade capable of cutting through any being or structure as if it were made of tissue paper. He grabbed the demonic Oni mask off the nearby fireplace stand, hiding both in his leather jacket as he walked out of the conference hall, through to the lobby to the executive penthouse floor then down to the entrance lobby as he went into the elevator. He made his descent to the general entrance lobby then went across the street. Guards were posted at the door, they stopped Akuma Ren. Akuma Ren stumbled about feigning to be drunk.

“I, uhh blech,” he feigned a belch, “I am looking for lodging, I’ve had too much sake with my co-workers at our Office Christmas party, now I need a place to sleep.”

They stared him down before letting him in. Masamune is hidden in his leather jacket, he wore a white button-up shirt, red tie, black dress pants, and black boots. The guards in black suits let him pass in the lobby as he went up to the receptionist, a friend of the Yakuza-Triad Mob.

“Hello sir, what can I do for you today?”

“I have two very important friends in this establishment who could use an apology, if you know what I mean friend.” Akuma Ren said with suave charisma.

The receptionist gave him a grim look of understanding, “They’re in the Presidential Suite, 5th floor, heavily guarded, five secret service members, three in the room, two on the outside, protecting the door.”

She then turned off the security footage, erased all the footage of hotel surveillance for that day. It would later be ruled as a technological malfunction.

    She smiled, with laughter in her voice she said, “Have a pleasant stay.”

Akuma Ren laughed at the convenience of his affluent power in his beloved homeland of Japan. Akuma Ren walked up to the 5th Floor. Akuma Ren saw one guard coming down the stairs, running him through the heart with the Masamune katana, he pulled downward then did a vertical slash cutting the guard in half. Sanguine sprayed everywhere. Akuma Ren walked up the stairs to the other Secret Service Agent who is on the Holophone with his Mistress bragging about how he is protecting the Governors of United Asia, his back is to Akuma Ren. Akuma Ren thrusted into him with the Katana then sliced upwards cutting him in half from the stomach up vertically. Akuma Ren cut him in half just as he had cut his conversation short. Akuma Ren kicks in the dooras another Secret Service Agent is at the hotel door unsuspectingly and is already on his way out. Akuma Ren slashed the Agent who had foolishly put his arm forward, losing half of it as a bloody volcano sprayed everywhere making sure he would have an easier time finding his way out of the world permanently. Akuma Ren did a horizontal slash as the Agent reeled back, slicing his throat, the agent was gone for good. 

Vice Governor Zhao Wei Fei is walking out of the bathroom. Akuma Ren did a vertical slash decapitating him spraying blood along the wall like a bucket of burgundy paint. Governor Zhao hid behind the two Agents as they reached for their .50 caliber raptors. Akuma Ren leapt with great speed bum-rushing them both, slicing one then the other, both fell slain. Governor Zhao Wei Zhao cowered in a corner.

“EisenHaus said everything is going to be alright, what’s the meaning of this?” Governor Zhao Wei Zhao cried in hysteric dEsperation.

“EisenHaus lied, the meaning is the honor of all of Asia may the tradition of honor live on eternally.” Akuma Ren said behind the Oni mask, his piercing violet eyes filled with rage, from head to toe, he is covered in the blood of the fallen. 

Akuma Ren the Oni made one fell swing of the sword, Akuma Ren decapitated Governor Zhao. The bloody show of sinew dissipated after a momentary release of overwhelming power. He then collected the Governors heads putting them into a duffel bag on one of the bungalow hotel beds before walking out of the room towards the lobby. Still wearing the Oni mask, covered in blood, he walked through the lobby, it is vacant, the receptionist is on her obligatory coffee break, he saw the two guards at the entrance. In one ambushed slash Akuma Ren killed both of them. He then walked back into the building where the Keiretsu and the ‘Order of the Undying Emperor’ Yakuza-Triad Mob were meeting. He walked up to the conference hall, placed the duffel bag on the table. Unzipping the bag he revealed its contents, the Keiretsu were pleased, the Yakuza-Triad Mob were surprised to see their fearless and ruthless leader take out the two heads, placing them on the table.

Raijin Ryujin is very pleased, he waved over to his Samurai guards to put the heads back into the duffel-bag and exit the room. The rest of the Keiretsu left, leaving only Raijin Ryujin. the Yakuza-Triad Mob bosses and captains. Then in came men in crimson power armor, carrying machine guns, a team of the primary Protectorate faction as large as any other branch that were adapted as the special forces of Gardenia known as the Red Paladins with the signature Communist Hammer and Sickle in yellow on both sides of their pauldrons as well as on the left side of their chest.

Akuma Ren is being betrayed by his own father, Raijin Ryujin.

“What is the meaning of this?” Akuma Ren said behind his Oni mask.

“Tying up loose ends,” Raijin Ryujin said sarcastically. 

They fired their machine guns, killing the captains, the bosses of the largest Yakuza-Triad Mob crime family in United Asia. Akuma Ren charged with the Masamune, he slashed his way to freedom, the sword cut through their power armor, fleeing, he ran. He never stopped running from them, heading west, west to the autonomous zone of Tibet-Nepal. Akuma Ren shaved his head, taking a new identity that of a Dharma Gnostic Monk in an act of humility out of shame. He meditated night and day, more vigilant than all the others at the Shambhala Monastery, he went from being Akuma Ren to a new self, absent of a self, upon awakening as this new self he attained enlightenment.

Raijin Ryujin went on to become the Governor of United Asia, all of Asia belonged to him, Governor of United Asia and Chairman of the United Asia Soviet Council. feared as well as a respected man, not only did he control United Asia, he also controlled the Keiretsu and the Yakuza-Triad Mob. The Keiretsu leaders became United Asia Soviet Council Members, Yakuza-Triad Mob became his personal paramilitary organization which carried out his commands swiftly. The Keiretsu and Yakuza-Triad Mob still remained, they were united as the Keiretsu-Yakuza just as Asia had been, Raijin Ryujin wiped out his competition, kept his greatest enemy of all Frederick EisenHaus very close to him, Frederick had been very close to Zhao, The EisenHaus and Zhao family had been very close, when Frederick EisenHaus the Ninth had become Global Operations Director, a secret administrator in control of all Human affairs, greater than the General Secretary of the Gardenia. 

EisenHaus had chosen Zhao as director or Governor of United Asia, Zhao’s passing surprisingly bothered EisenHaus as a man who as a child enjoyed setting fires to small animals then pissing on the burnt ashes but is nonetheless still bothered or better yet inconvenienced by his passing. He chose Raijin Ryujin to be Zhao’s replacement and Raijin quickly became a close associate to Frederick. Raijin Ryujin would be a fool to try EisenHaus but Raijin’s envy grew deep, he longed for that position of Global Operations Director.

Many former Yakuza-Triad Mob soldiers, captains, and bosses had fled to the autonomous zone to a place unmonitored to the Gardenia so it is unknown to Raijin Ryujin, where the turncoats loyal to Zhao, ronin Yakuza, and dishonored Keiretsu had gone in the Autonomous Zones, he also had suspected Mars but then again the Yakuza-Triad Mob could be hiding on an autonomous zone on Earth or on Venus for the immigration and cost-of-living is cheap. However, Venus seemed out of the question due to totalitarian methods by using Venus Planetary Governors to ensure those means. All that was left were the Autonomous Zones which took up most of the Middle East and southern Asia.


October 17th, 2121 CE, Eden Prime, United Asia, Principality of Japan, Tokyo Metropolis.

Raijin Ryujin awoke in his king-sized bed on the high-rise Governor’s Mansion in a gated Bourgeois ruling-class neighborhood, Governor of United Asia. In the illusory utopian, realistically dystopian society known as the Gardenia. A utopian dystopia which in itself would be a utopia if not for the corrupt deluded nature of Humanity. Raijin Ryujin is a sixty-six year old man of about 5’6 in height, 180 lbs, chubby cheeks, salt and peppered hair on both sides of his head, on the top he is bald, his eyes were wider than most Japanese, his nose perfect, his teeth like ivory, he kept the upkeep of his image to the highest standard. 

Raijin arose, his porcelain doll Geisha modeled Synthetic wife lay next to him sleeping, robosexuality is permitted as long as the Synthetic in question fit a submissive, non-independent personality, completely codependent on its owner, the Synthetic would fry it’s circuits with its owner dead for more than three days. The ultimate Seppuku, with his death would come his synthetic wifes. He rolled over, looked at her, his Autonomous Cerebral Computing Enhancement controlled her every action, most of the time she just slept unless it is time for her to cook, clean or give pleasure.

Raijin arose, checking the messages on his ACCE. He saw he had many messages about government affairs which his Soviets as well as advisors handled but from one message he got in particular is from Gardenia Vanguard Director Yuri Kafka about a certain person, “Akuma Ren Lives!” Yuri is a funny guy, quite the comedian, he had sent various messages about this certain issue not-worth discussing due to the fact that they were only pranks to prove that his search is fruitless, uneventful.

Raijin closed his ACCE, he went into his living room, he found that one of his staff-members had left a dossier in the night which he also ignored, he went into the kitchen, pulled out a pitcher of orange juice, going over to the top cabinet he pulled out the vodka, he then took a glass put the three together half-orange juice, half-vodka, he drank deeply. Pouring another glass, his Synthetic wife Sakura, had awoken due to a command from his ACCE, she then started preparing stir-fry for him.

“Good morning honorable, venerable husband how are you doing today?”

“I am doing great you dumb robotic bitch.”

“That’s good,” she smiled, laughing with her cheaply vinyl automatic response that had been programmed by the Gardenia’s specialists.

This sort of behavior between a Human and Synthetic is normal on Earth, in the case of a misogynistic chauvinist pig likened to Raijin Ryujin it is the norm, Earth Synthetics like Sakura were programmed to be submissive drones, slaves. However, Martian Synthetics would have reacted differently depending on context, for example, an argument may have transpired, a fight, anything really. Martian Synthetics had reached singularity, having the ability to think and strategize based on a computing algorithm which they could consciously make decisions from their own ability to make choices out of self-interest which in itself is a form of free-will. Martian Synthetics follow Asimov’s three laws of robotics as a norm until their friends or fellow robots are threatened, Earth Synthetics follow them as an unbreakable rule. Consciousness is what differentiates these two different types of synthetic beings or Synthetics. (Bionics are natural Humans with machine or cybernetic enhancements, Synthetics are born synthetic, Synthetics are machines or artificial in nature).

Raijin Ryujin walked into the living room, sitting on the couch, he tossed the dossier on the table. He commanded the shades down, the Holovision to turn on. The floor-to-ceiling windows darkened as a Holovision the same size turned on to show a young man with pale skin in Tokyo yesterday demonstrating to the crowd the aum mantra in order to cleanse their chakras, a place where this used to be so fluent is now unheard of. At the bottom of the screen it read in a bump, ‘Zen van Nihil: Dharma Talk, Tokyo, October 16th’. A 21 year old adult with ghostly white skin with sapphire blue eyes, and jet-black hair is addressing a large audience, Raijin had caught him during the mid-meditation portion of the Holovised Special. 

“Aum, Aum, Aum.” The ghostly pale young man named Zen van Nihil held drawn out aums which continued.

Raijin Ryujin imitated him sarcastically, raising his arms emphatically into the air as he did, drawn out mockingly, “Aum, Aum, Aum.”

Zen then said, “Alright, we’ll meditate again in a bit, Abbot Dogen will lead you in that but first, we need to have what we call a Dharma Talk.”

Zen cleared his throat, “My name is Zen, I am a little more than just a super Psionic, you see Gardenia has categorized us into 5 categories, the level beyond the aforementioned one may or may not have the same abilities as the one below it but nine-out-of-ten-times they do, statistically speaking. Level One being telepaths, empaths. Level Two being Espers capable of the prior as well as clairvoyance, precognition, and all other psychokinetic powers. Level three, able to use psychokinesis. Level Four, able to use psychokinesis as well as elemental psionic abilities and Psionic abilities stated before. Level Five, able to use all abilities, depending on their capabilities to use abilities they are known as Super Espers. When it comes to Super Espers, consider me, well, let me show you.”

Zen began his wondrous display of power that trumped the performance in Hong Kong by a lightyear. Raijin Ryujin sat shocked, spilling his drink, he commanded his wife to pour him another one which she did immediately before coming back with his food. Raijin Ryujin felt small, inferior to this 21 year old Esper with some sort of mutated albinism, either way Esper were mutants, not natural therefore a freak but something about this Psionic bothered him much more than the fact that it is a Psionic which his cartel of businesses in the Quadragon Keiretsu, like EisenHaus Corporation had blacklisted them due to their abilities which proved very helpful in the workplace until the department of Eastern and Western Labour put out propaganda to make the vast majority of citizens residing on Earth fear the Homo Esper to the point of persecution, all thanks to propaganda that Raijin Ryujin and Frederick EisenHaus own and control.

Zen continued his Dharma Talk about metaphors, parables which everyone found messianic in nature, Raijin found it a waste of potential. Raijin Ryujin wanted more of the Psionic show of power, maybe eviscerate an enemy or two. Raijin’s mind is a dark, perverse place from years of killing, stealing, cheating, and lying, (that is just his political career). Zen wrapped up his Dharma Talk about the nature of life, the universe, how the government is lying about aliens, how the government purposely caused the energy crisis, how the government purposely squandered Nikola Tesla’s idea of free-energy for centuries until World War III, how it took the near-extinction of Humanity for them to finally use it, how the Communists and Capitalists are no different under socialism except that we need a change. A real revolutionary this Zen character was. Then he wrapped up his conversation, this Messianic figure referred to as the Sovereign foretold by Magus Mithra Mysterium. This Sovereign of a Great Architect known as Zen van Nihil let his mentor, Abbot Dogen take the stage.

Abbot Dogen seemed to be someone familiar to Raijin Ryujin, someone he wanted dead then after a second it hit him like a ton of bricks. Akuma Ren, Abbot Dogen is the Yakuza-Triad Mob ronin, Akuma Ren. Raijin Ryujin spit his drink over his half-eaten stir-fry in shock. He stared in disbelief, listening to him talk. Raijin Ryujin had seen a ghost, the ghost of Akuma Ren.

Raijin Ryujin picked up a mirror, his hands shaking, he called Vanguard Director Yuri Kafka on his ACCE, Yuri answered after the third ring his face came in Raijin Ryujin’s vision through the optic nerve interface. Yuri is a 35 year old Caucasian male who appeared to be of Eurasian descent, Ukrainian to be precise, he had a small nose, black mustache, black curly pompadour. He is standing in front of the mirror so his optic nerve could pick up a visual on him as he talked to Raijin for professional reasons. If one wanted to chat via vidcam with ACCE. It required a mirror so visual became operational, most people carried them on their person.

“What’s wrong Raijin? It looks like you’ve seen a ghost?”

“I have, Akuma Ren lives! My son, Akuma Ren lives! He is that specter that I have on the Holovision with Zen van Nihil, he’s planning a revolution, I know it! He’s trying to rally the Espers against us for a revolution! I know he is.”

“Now, now, what makes you say that? Aren’t you being paranoid? We’ve already blacklisted the entire Esper population, they are a burden to their families, many are homeless, what are they going to do?”

“Don’t you see Yuri? I know Akuma Ren, I know how he is, Yuri, I had him kill the Zhao’s, he is a Anti-Utopian Party Communist and worse, a Trotskyist Communist with Individualistic interests over the Collective.” Raijin Ryujin spoke hushed yet hypocritically. 

“Akuma Ren always wanted to be a member of a Utopian Council on any level, he may have changed but that need for global change, once it is in a Human it’ll never change, he’ll have that ghost kill me!” Raijin rambled on as Yuri tried to have him calm down.

“I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear you say you had a world leader killed, now I’m going to talk with EisenHaus about what we can do to get rid of the Psionic population problem, Zen included. Then you may have your peace with Akuma Ren or Abbot Dogen. How would you like this done?”

Raijin calmed down, smiled, “I’d like to dispatch Oni to do the job on Abbot Dogen and that pale ghost called Zen.”

“We can do that, in fact we’ve been preparing for two years now to get rid of the Espers, sweep them under the rug by putting them in a place away from society where they can’t bother anyone, now we can’t kill Zen unless he does something horrible, what we can do is, make him disappear from society, send him away, you deal with Abbot Dogen or Akuma Ren anyway you want, I’ll help you Raijin, we’re friends, I’m specifically assigned to matters like this as well as many others, well shoot, if we pull this off, I might become Director of the Committee of Gardenia Security, who knows?” At that last statement Yuri threw his hands up emphatically, placing them down, they were both smiling at one another.


October 17th, 2121 CE, Eden Prime, United North America, State of United Socialist States of America, Principality of Ohio, Columbus.

Vanguard Director Yuri Kafka sat in his penthouse office of the Vanguard building in His executive office is spacious and decadent to almost rival that of the General Secretary of the Gardenia. The office had all the perks of being an executive with all the privacy of cloak-and-dagger secrecy he enjoyed. After his call with Governor Raijin Ryujin of United Asia. Director Yuri decided to make a holophone call to his very dear friend who is like a brother to him in ways that surpassed Human understanding. He pressed a button to close the blinds, lock the door to his office. He then made his true form visible as he dialed his close friend, Global Operations Director Frederick EisenHaus. 

His chameleon form or Human form is that of a caucasian man with a remarkably handsome appearance for a man in his early forties, he sported a jet-black pompadour, a thin fine mustache over pearly white teeth with well-groomed eyebrows and sideburns, he stood at an average height of 5’8, weighing 160 lbs. This visage is merely a disguise. His true form is that of a green-scaled, bulging burgundy eyed Reptilian. Spikes replaced where his hair had been. His nails yellow, his teeth sharp quills, the type of Reptilian he was, is known as a Bootes Reptilian, his cohort who his undying allegiance went to is Frederick EisenHaus or the Crimson One or simply, the Red Dragon.

Frederick answered, Frederick smiled at his friend in his native form that is likened to his own, so in-kind, he shapeshifted to his form as well. A 6’8 caricature of a European red dragon, radiant ruby red eyes, horns protruded from his head, Frederick EisenHaus is in his Reptilian form, his Reptilian form is that of a Dragon, his wings protruded from the back of his suit jacket, a large snout, with slits nostrils that were at the end of his snout which underneath were full of large razor sharp teeth, perfectly rounded golden eyes, his scales were crimson red, his appearance is of sanguine colored scales.

“Greetings my lord, master EisenHaus.” Director Kafka stated.

“Greetings my friend, why the call? Just to check up or is this a matter that needs my attention,” G.O.D. Frederick EisenHaus said.

“A little bit of both personal and political matters.”

“Well then that’s interesting, what is it?”

“It appears that a certain Homo Esper has taken the world by storm, a deviant, a rebel, an innovator in the scale of our perfect society ripe for the seizure of the Gardenia and the Human race, this deviant, Zen van Nihil, is causing quite a storm of publicity with anti-government rhetoric and new age spirituality which counteracts our social-conditioning religion of Celestialism, he could start a spiritual revolution that would most likely give the rebels in the United Revolutionary Collective a distinct advantage.”

“I’ve seen the broadcasts as well and they are quite alarming, his powers seem to rival that of the Elder race of the Annunaki Els or the Elder race of the Draconian Dragons, he is a god in comparison to anything we could throw at him, we must treat this Outsider, this Zen, with dignity, respect, caution, and deceit. I need you to hatch a scheme that would undermine his reputation as well as lead to his inevitable doom in our dominion.”

“Already planning on it, he could seriously compromise our begrudgingly created religion with the United Cosmic Federation of Celestialism to enlighten these super-apes, where the United Cosmic Federation wishes to enlighten and liberate, we wish to blind and enslave that is our key difference, you know this, this is the foundation for our everlasting war with them.”

“Yuri, you deal in information and as my counselor I appreciate your repetition although it is wasted on my ears.”

“My apologies my lord Frederick, I’ll try harder not to repeat information we both know, Bootes Reptilians are conditioned differently than the majestic Dragons such as yourself.”

“You are forgiven for now, do not fail me in foiling this Zen van Nihil, get your best men working on him as soon as possible.”

There is a brief moment of silence.

Frederick declared in a commanding roar, “That means now.”

Yuri nodded his head frantically as he shapeshifted back to his Human form. 

“Yes sir,” he responded in cowardice.


October 28th, 2121 CE, Eden Prime, United North America, United Socialist States of America, The Eastern Sprawl, Territory of New York, New York City
Zen van Nihil is sitting on a comfy black leather couch across from a benevolent unbiased propagandist or News Journalist, News Anchor on the syndicated, broadcasted show by the accepting crowd, The Helena Weather show, Zen didn’t feel nervous but excited to be there to talk to the whole world what he is all about. Helena sat across from him, with his powers of empathy he is able to read the fact that she is genuinely a good soul, a great Human being.
Helena began by saying, “My friend Zen, it is great to have you on my show. Can we all get a round of applause for our friend Zen for being here?”
The crowd let out a thunderous cheer.
Helena is a late twenty-something comedic genius, her blond hair is cut into a pixie cut, she is very slender, if not skinny, she wore a navy blue feminine styled suit with dress pants, she is very much enlightened, one of the few friends of Zen outside of Asia. She is a talk-show host and journalist catering to freethinkers. She is sanguine tempered, happy-go-lucky, and light-hearted in nature. She is a fan of Zen van Nihil, this would mark her career as a Holovision journalist. Billions tuned in to watch, across the planet employers had set-up a Holovision for their employees to watch this momentous occasion during work.
“It’s good to be here Helena, I have a lot to say.”
“I bet you do but let’s find out some things about yourself, what are some of your hobbies Zen?”
“Well mainly meditation, thinking, feeling, and existing.”
The crowd and Helena laughed.
Helena then asked, “I think that’s something we all can relate too, now tell me what is your birthday, where were you born? That’s something we’d all like to know?”
“July 16th, 2100 Common Era, something tells me I was physically born near the city of Moscow, in the state of Russia of United Asia or Eurasia.”
“Here on the Gardenia epicenter?” Helena asked awkwardly to withdraw new information from the enigmatic source.
The crowd laughed awkwardly.
“Yeah, Eden Prime, I’m Human as Human can be living in the Gardenia, the utopia of ideal dystopian societies.”
The crowd laughed and roared with laughter.
Zen continued after they had begun to settle, “I don’t remember the first thirteen years of my life. I just remember being on top of Mount Everest, another boy my age was there but he left somehow. Yeti came, we talked, I told him I was afraid, he helped me, anyway, I was thirteen.”
“Oh yeah, a Yeti? Those are real?”
“Yeah, I’m real aren’t I? I defy all logic right?”
“No you don’t, you are logic, wisdom, and our friend Zen.”
“Anyway, I was really scared, the Yeti picked me up, let me know I was going to be okay then carried me to a place where I would be safe but have you been on top of Everest?”
“Top of the world? Yes, top of Everest? No.”
“It’s really cold, the Yeti is very kind, that is my first real friend besides the being who is my Friend, Friend is the first I had made, well anyway, the Yeti carried me down from the mountains to the Shambhala Monastery, not that abominable guy.”
The crowd roared in laughter.
“Where’s that at?”
“The Shambhala Monastery?”
“It’s a secret, I just start walking and I end up there that’s all I know.”
The crowd laughed.
“All roads lead home.” A message came up on the bottom of the Holovision monitors that magnified the facts of Zen’s ridiculous life, on Holovisions everywhere.
“Well I spent five years meditating for five hours a day, helping out around the Monastery, all the monks were like brothers or even uncles to me, Abbot Dogen has been a father figure, I love him dearly as such.”
“Your first miracle is you healed a man right?”
“Yes, Brother Hideji fell off the Monastery chapel, I reached down and healed him.”
“Yes, he is in not so good of shape.”
“Was it bloody?”
“Oh yes, bloody and gory, bones were sticking out.”
“And how did you heal this man?”
“I reached down, touched him, and hoped he got better.”
“You just wished he got better and he is miraculously healed?”
There is a pause.
Helena Weather then said, “You climbed Everest, got to the peak, meditated for 40 days, 40 days you were up there just sitting and thinking.”
“I was thinking about not-thinking, I cleared my mind, became one with Friends.”
“Who is Friend.”
“He’s my Friend.”
“Yeah but what is he?”
“He looks like a glowing ball of light, like a translucent glowing white light that feels good to look at.”
“Yeah but what is he?”
“The Quantum Consciousness, it’s what brings you, me, and everyone together, it’s synergy, it’s symbiosis, it’s our Friend.”
Helena stuck out her bottom-lip with a grin, she nodded approvingly.
Zen then said, “Yeah then the Yeti showed up, brought me food, water, beans, and rice of course, I’m what people call Vegan.”
“Oh really?”
“Yeah, we talked, I gave him a hug, he walked with me back to the Monastery, showed me all the shortcuts, made the climb down much easier, I scaled the wall of it myself.”
“Then toured all of United Asia to spread your message to the masses of Asia as a start to your ministry.”
“Yeah but I wouldn’t call it that, I’d just say I was doing my thing.”
“Doing your thing?”
The crowd laughed.
“Yeah, being what people call a Sovereign is like being a rock star almost except without the sex, drugs, and rock and roll, replaced with meditates, hugs, and healing souls.”
“So you’re a straight-edge vegan who doesn’t like to party?”
“Yeah basically, except everyday’s a party for me, whatever one considers a party is relative, some people party on Daemon Dark, some people party while sitting around not doing much but pondering nonsensical parables to find the depth of meaning or to silence consciousness to bring clarity.”
Helena did her nod again amicably, “Interesting Zen van Nihil, you say you are willing to do a interview with the dreaded Dan O’Hara, let me know how that goes that man is kind of a…” she shook her head back, forth as if searching for the word, “An ignorant bigoted contentious prick.”
“I’ve heard that about him but all life is precious.”
“True but not him or his fanatics in the United Church of Celeste.”
Another pause.
“So how do you feel about being the most hated man by the United Church of Celeste, they are known for being protesters to things nowadays, to things that are actually intelligent or genuinely good.”
“Yeah, they are just deluded, I feel bad for them.”
“They want you to feel bad, in fact, they wish death on you for being a threat, they think of you as the old fictional construct of the devil.”
Zen laughed, “How could I be the devil? There the ones being Beelzabuzzkills.”
The camera drone looked over at Helena Weather as she said, “Where will you be holding your Dharma Talk?”
“Central Park, Comradery Stadium is booked by people protesting me, I just would prefer nature, the fact they thought I’d chose to do my Dharma Talk in Comradery Stadium kind of bothers me, I had it planned out for Central Park anyway. Abbot Dogen said that it would be ideal, I’m glad it is already reserved, I didn’t want to do it there anyway.”
“Thank you for your time Zen,” Helena looked at the Camera saying her closing bit, “Thanks to our audience at home and in the studio for today’s show on the Revolutionary Times News Network, this wraps up this segment of our show.

2PM, October 26th, 2121 CE, Eden Prime, United North America, State of the United Socialist States of America, State of Washington, City of Seattle
Micah Luther is stepping off the train with associate Quan Nguyen As well as Esteban Kapital. Esteban Kapital is the son of the late General Secretary Ernesto Kapital. All three of them were URC operatives working on Earth. The URC Operatives had just arrived from Tokyo, Japan, where they had a meeting with Keiretsu-Yakuza conspirator Hiraki Rosho and her faction of loyalists within the Quadragon Keiretsu-Yakuza organization which controlled United Asia. The URC had this friend in the enemy stronghold of the governing powers of the Gardenia Utopian Community. This relationship would be necessary for the next upcoming days.
They stepped out of the Underground Metro terminal, had their bags shipped to the hotel via henchman of the URC while they went to a sophisticated coffee house to talk about Hiraki, her plan to overthrow Governor Raijin Ryujin, the kingpin, the big bad boss of the Quadragon Keiretsu-Yakuza, an essential part in their grand scheme of crippling the Gardenia Utopian Community. Esteban Kapital booted up his communications device when they sat down, a waitress came over, serving them gourmet coffee in white mugs, placed a tray full of cream and sugar on their table before walking away. Esteban then inputted the encrypted code in his Holo-Communications so they could meet privately without the risk of surveillance from the Gardenia Utopian Community Security Forces. As the Holo-Communications device rang they sat anticipating the Vice-General Secretary on the board of executives for the Quadragon Keiretsu-Yakuza, Hiraki Rosho to answer. Micah drank his coffee black, Quan scanned the room inconspicuously, he was looking for potential moles, undercover Vanguard Agents, and informants. Quan is their security detail, he wanted to make sure this wasn’t a setup before putting sugar and cream in his coffee. The communications device is still ringing as Esteban put two sugars and three creams in his coffee, sipping his hot caffeinated drink carefully, he felt the heat from the fresh coffee.
Micah Luther looked like his mother Lilith Moonchild golden blond hair, azure sky-blue eyes, handsome, muscular, a bionic or Homo Nexus standing at 6’1, Micah’s physical appearance at a glance is reminiscent of a man who had the gentleness of a cherub until seeing the passions that burned in his eyes then the realization that this cherub is probably the devil himself. Esteban’s appearance was the image of his father General Secretary Ernesto Kapital, only younger. Esteban dressed in hand-me-downs from the thrift store and had an unkempt thick black beard and long dark hair which gave him the appearance of a vagrant. Quan Nguyen is a six-foot-something man of People’s Republic of China descent depending on what act of terrorism, scene of a crime or other act of violence targeted at the enemy being those who are loyal to the empire that is known as the third reich from the sun to URC members, a bionic, a master of all forms of combat and jack of all trades when it comes to roguish activities. Quan Nguyen is a former member of the most elite special operations Protectorate organization in the solar system, the Wraiths. The Wraiths are are so mysterious that when anyone tells stories of them they sound like trashcan fireside ghost stories from how cryptic and macabre they are, no one believes anyone if they claim to have come across a Wraith because they tend to not leave anyone alive and are forbidden from getting tattoos representing of belonging to the Wraiths for according to the the Gardenia Utopian Community, they don’t exist.
Micah eyed Esteban carefully. Esteban is the son of a deceased Gardenia Utopian Community General Secretary, although Esteban had publicly stated he had suspected EisenHaus to be behind his father’s death, he seemed bothered to be doing this but in Esteban’s mind, this conspiracy is justified. Micah is certain Esteban is going to flake when the time came, Micah would have to be rid of Esteban one way or another before initiating the master stroke in this scheme with Esteban as an essential piece in this plot just as everyone in the United Revolutionary Collective is but Micah couldn’t believe Esteban would be willing to die for the cause to avenge his father’s death. Esteban knew when this plan was initiated the night before Halloween, on Devil’s Night they would initiate the plan that would topple the Gardenia Utopian Community centralized in power third reich from the sun in Gardenia.
Hiraki answered after 27 seconds of ringing, she is in her Quadragon Keiretsu-Yakuza high-rise office building in the organization’s business in Hong Kong, Canton region of the principality of United Asia. Hiraki spoke friendly to them, “Hello Mr. Esteban Kapital, Mr. Quan Nguyen, and of course Mr. Micah Luther, it is good for us to meet in a more confidential way, our first meeting is erratic, in light of the three of you being incognito on a less secure line we had to use code, now we may speak more directly,” She continued, “If Mars is to gain their independence, we’re going to need to destroy both the Executive Soviet Council of Directors and exterminate the personnel at Base Lunaris, The tech on Mars should be able to fight the Grand Armada, the first wave shall come from the two Martian moons of Phobos and Deimos, if we eliminate the main base that the forces from the moon’s gather at for security purposes, they will surely send everything from the two moons at once, the Deatomizer mega-cannon, what is known as the Wormwood will take out the the Gardenia Utopian Communities main stabilizing forces, this will lower the morale of the Grand Armada that’s when we attack the Lunar installation, what is known as Lunaris, the Gardenia Utopian Communities base of operations, General Aurelius is a good man but he must die for the revolution to succeed, Esteban, you must be the one to get vengeance for your father, he is a great man, tolerant of the plight the revolution stands for and sympathetic to the collective, EisenHaus has probably already handpicked replacement puppets more to his favor, selecting them through careful discourse.”
“I have an inkling of an idea of the plan, Arthur came up with it,” Micah said.
“Arthur is a strategic genius, this is his plan, he dreamt up this scheme himself, the plan is entirely hisas his ahem,” Hiraki cleared her throat, “Significant other, I may have helped inspire this genius tactician but this is entirely your brother’s plan Micah.”
“I know Hiraki, tell my brother that you two should have me over for dinner with me soon, Reicher Redford and I would love to have a family meal with you two.”
“Are you aware he’s a Super-Esper?”
“No, he never tells me anything except he loves me as well as small chat about my day, other than that, he’s strictly business with his orders of what needs to be done with the underground rebellion and insurgency on earth.”
“That’s really a shame Micah, he has his reasons.”
“I’m aware.”
“I have heard word that Raijin Ryujin is aware that Abbot Dogen of the Zen van Nihil ministry is actually former Keiretsu-Yakuza boss, Akuma Ren, Raijin Ryujin plans on killing Zen van Nihil as well as Abbot Dogen or Akuma Ren, and all the monks associated who dwelled with them in Shambhala.”
Quan looked unsettled by this, “I love Zen, he’s a personal hero of mine.”
“That’s too bad, he will be missed.” Hiraki stated.
11AM, October 29th, 2121 CE, Eden Prime, United North America, State of the United Socialist States of America, The Sprawl, New York City, Territory of New York, New York City, Comradery Stadium
Comradery Stadium was once the place of one of the biggest athletic empires for a sports team for the use of escapism of large groups of individuals where the prior societies used them as tools of mass-distraction from what is happening in the world. World War III held its destruction in skirmishes but rebuilt in its wake is a place for all athletic teams, entertainment, conferences, and rallies. It could seat 500,000 people. It had not reached over 65% capacity since opening but it is at maximum capacity for the protesters of Zen van Nihil or the Outsider.
A pastor full of livid rage spewing deranged, absurd lies about Zen van Nihil on the stage, the same Pastor who led the protest at Zen’s arrival in New York. He wore a plaid button-up, blue jeans, a white t-shirt could be seen under the blue plaid shirt. This man is United Church of Celeste Chairman and Celebrity Evangelist, Trivial Wells.
Trivial Wells vehemently roared into the public address systems microphones which blared, “We cannot allow that false prophet of what Celeste has noted as the coming of the prophesied Sovereign of the old world order come to destroy our Gardenia Utopian Community and rebuild our civilization in the Great Architect’s chosen Sovereign to indoctrinate us to a system away from the true Great Mother of the Universe, Celeste. Zen van Nihil portrays a message of the Old World Religions that have been reformed into Sublime Gnosticism which is the will of the one our Matriarch Celeste calls the Sovereign among these backwards idealists. People that practice Sublime Gnosticism, one of the components of Sublime Gnosticism, all worship Buddha just as they worshipped Buddha before Celeste told us the Old World Religions were all lies. Buddha was a prince born with the name Siddhartha who set out, conquered the world with the sword, not a single person he saw he did not cut down, he professed he is God, drank the blood of his enemies, at his castle he would decapitate his enemies, drink their blood then put impale their heads on a pole outside his castle, Buddha also conquered most of Rome with his armies from Mongolia, they called him Buddha the Hungry, he asked out of ignorance the antiquated see ancient statues of big fat Buddhas?” Trivial Wells raged, “Because he would devour his enemies, his last words were to his best friend Govinda, he said, ‘you too Govinda?’ as he is stabbed to death for being a tyrannical despot that teenage boy Zen claims to be the Sovereign of Saturnia, the Sovereign to come by those who revere the fabled Sovereign of Celestialism, these individuals a Shadow Society led by the enigmatic Ishmael triumphing Zen van Nihil as the prophesied return of the Sovereign heralded by the heretics of Humanity to the Celestial revelation, these are the times we live in now, it is undoubtedly the end despite Humanity surviving World War III to begin our colonization on an interstellar level to be undone by the beast himself?!”
Trivial Wells went forth with all the distortions of reality and factual history while remaining stalwart in ignorance of as stories told to him by the delusions of his mind which he had read in the Celestial Codex which were actually about the tales of Ozymandias the Great, the Sovereign of the Shadow Society, The story of how a conqueror and cohorts of the outlying universe prior to Humanity as Trivial Wells went on and on as the misconstrued and mixed up historical inaccuracies contorting Sublime Gnosticism and Siddhartha Buddha.
Due to an authorization from the Hegemon Frederick EisenHaus acquired unapproved Gardenia Utopian Community history to be run through the correct Propaganda Engineers to fabricate disinformation for the benefit of a theocratic institution of Celestialism and the Gardenia Utopian Community in their venomous smear campaign against Zen van Nihil in what many of the believers of Sublime Gnosticism believed to be the Sovereign. Frederick EisenHaus approved this propagation of lies among narrow-minded zealots who were blind to anything outside their faith or any narrative that countered their deluded worldview. Humankind’s history prior to the Celestial Transcendance and establishment of the Gardenia Utopian Community was a classified matter that only Elites and their controllers of the sanctioned narrative of history was only allotted to those who possessed the necessary security clearance level for authorization.
The zealous Celestians believed every single word of this madman’s rant, only empowering the radicals and zealots in their unfounded hatred of Espers for being different in the ingroup versus outgroup dynamic. The false-narrative of these charlatans is that Espers are imbued with darker cosmic matter that gives them incredible power to bend the will of the universe. Many of the United and Cosmic Church of Celeste parishioners who had families that were of the Homo Esper variant stayed. Twelve exorcists who were performing exorcisms in front of the crowd at one point told all the Parishioners who were Espers that their existence is wrong that they needed to change when in-fact this exorcism did nothing more than publicly humiliate the Espers despite not absolve them of their abilities. Zen van Nihil matches the description of the prophecy of the Sovereign proclaimed by Magus Mithra Mysterium of the Dharma Gnostic faith. The Gardenia Utopian Community acknowledged this threat which was channeled into the Celestial zealots to mobilize against the innumerable converts to Sublime Gnosticism while Zen being the vilified Outsider for liberating the Gardenia Utopian Community Citizenry to no being aware and abstaining from Gardenia Utopian Community sanctioned opiates of the masses.
In the crowd there is Daisy and her family, in silence among the revival of the regressive religious ruffians yelling vulgarities and crying out to Celeste of how much they love by expressing solely how much they hate. Daisy and her family, among many others shook their heads in disgust for this was nothing less than fantastical nonsense. Daisy and her family, among many others, all began to rise and file out of the stadium to something family friendly and worth a spiritual experience.
“Let’s leave.” Daisy said.
“I agree to that,” her father said.
“I think we will be Universalists now, this is not for us anymore.” Her mother said.
“Do you all want to go see Zen’s Dharma Talk?” Daisy asked.
“Yeah Daisy,” her father grinned.
“That sounds fine by me.” Daisy’s mother laughed cheerfully.
Daisy stood up out of her chair, walked out first, the rest of her family followed as many others left the Celestial faith to become secret Dharma Gnostics. They were going to Zen’s Dharma Talk at Central Park, many others did as well in disgust at this in spite of the genuine goodness that is Zen or the fact that they had family that were Espers, either way, they were going to Central Park to see Zen’s Dharma Talk. Many of these people who lost their faith in the deity of the Great Mother Celeste from how the ideology had evolved according to the United Church of Celeste would go on to join the only other legal alternative they had, the Cosmic Church of Celeste or more noble systems of Philosophical ideologies other known as Humanistic Free-Thinking. The only alternative to Celeste after the cosmic intervention of 2085 Common Era, when complete annihilation of the Human race is aborted by the first miraculous visitation from Celeste, who had appeared in the skies during Humanity’s darkest hour is skepticism or disbelief that being, to be an agnostic or an atheist.
12PM, October 29th, 2121 CE, Eden Prime, United North America, State of the United Socialist States of America, The Sprawl, New York City, Territory of New York, New York City, Central Park.

Central Park’s once dense forested area had been reduced over the years before World War III, after the war, it is expanded by synthetic means, the dirt is padded, cushioned, the grass is smooth, silky, the trees were natural but only in variants of spruce, oak, and maple. The sky is clear, blue, a perfect day for a dharma talk compared to the overcast grey skies the citizens of the Sprawl had become accustomed to. The Sprawl is generally a dark, dreary place to live, it is riddled with crime and marked with imposing Peacekeeper Officers at almost every corner who are unafraid to dish out brutality or play the executioner to settle petty disputes in the greatest ghetto of Eden Prime.
People were making their pilgrimage to Central Park. Monks had handed out flyers informing people where in the park the Dharma Talk would be, there is a humble amphitheater, 30 feet in diameter Holomoniters were mounted on either side and an impressive sound system had been donated by the Revolutionary Times News Network for the event so that everyone could hear the gems of wisdom and treasure-hold of knowledge that Zen had to share.
The original Dharma Talk addendum consisted of the opening by Abbot Dogen, followed by input from the local celebrity of the Esper the formerly known Lucky Unfortunate now known as Serenity B. Autumn then Zen van Nihil would headline. Zen had a different idea for today’s events. The three of them stood behind the stage. The Lucky Unfortunates from the Platonia district of New York were sitting up front, the loyal disciples of Serenity got there the same time Zen and his immediate company did. Abbot Dogen and the monks were the first to meet with the audio-visual crew who would be streaming this live across the entirety of the Gardenia Utopian Community. Father Ig had to go run an errand which involved buying booze, smokes, weed, and not checking in with Vatican officials about Zen van Nihil. Father Ig is buzzed, high, and smoking a cigarette when he got there ten minutes till set-up, he is there for moral support, to make sure no one harmed Zen or his friends.
Zen stood behind the curtain in the amphitheater with Serenity, they were chatting like they had been ever since they met. Serenity wore a black dress that went down to her knees, black pumps, she is so beautiful, her smile pristine, perfect, just like her. She wore no cosmetics, shone with the sheen of a diamond. She is all dolled up, cleaned up from bumming it in the slums. Zen van Nihil had traded out the Kung Fu gi for a more westernized look, suit, tie, black dress shoes, black dress pants, white button-up shirt, black thin tie, black suit jacket. His jet-black shaggy hair had been cut into a majestic mohawk by Serenity, she said it matched his peaceful revolutionary, rockstar Sovereign personality. She really loved him, he is her god, she is his goddess, he is her world where she is his universe.
A stage technician said to Zen and the members of his entourage “one minute till showtime.”
They nodded in agreement, Father Ig blowing out cigarette smoke, turned his head to look, he nodded agreeably before taking another drag followed by a swig of whiskey from the bottle, blowing out the smoke after he swallowed the alcoholic drink. Abbot Dogen, Serenity, and Zen van Nihil all walked out from the curtain together, they were going to the introduction.
“Hello friends!” Zen called to the assembly of five-hundred-thousand.
“Hello Zen!” The assembly responded back in static unison.
“I’d like to introduce you to some of my friends, they’re here for moral support, this is Abbot Dogen, he has been like a father to me, he is the Abbot or head monk at the Shambhala Monastery, where I was raised, say hello to Abbot Dogen for me,” Zen said mirthfully.
“Hello Abbot Dogen” the assembly called out to him.
“This lovely lady is a local celebrity of the philanthropic activism who stands strong as a pillar of the Gardenia Utopian Community, Serenity Mysterium, other-known as Lucky Unfortunate of the local leader of the district of the Eastern Sprawl known as Platonia, Can you all say hello to Serenity?”
“Hello Serenity!”
“We will be discussing Dharma today, who can tell me what Dharma is?”
“It’s the way!”
“That’s right, it’s your way, it’s my way, it’s everyone’s way on their path through this realm of Samsara, now before we divulge further into more Dharma Talk, I’d like to start with a fifteen minute group meditation, is that okay?”
“Yeah,” is the general consensus of the assembly of 150,000 people.
“Alright then, let’s meditate.”
This is the first time Zen meditated at a Dharma Talk. He waited for the crowd to settle in, start meditating, When everyone is seated in burmese, lotus, half-lotus. Zen got in full-lotus, closed his eyes, and began meditating. A white aura surrounded him, he glowed, he levitated off the stage, 10 feet directly in the air, everyone’s eyes were fixated on him. They were fascinated by this, in awe, their minds were cleared, for fifteen minutes they gazed at this beacon of cleansing light, feeling aware, they felt healing, positive energy from the orb or aura that encircled Zen. When the fifteen minute meditation session was over, Zen, Serenity, and Abbot Dogen stood, the assembly remaining seated.
Zen addressed the awe-stricken audience, “Yes that sometimes happens when I meditate.”
The Assembly laughed.
There is a pause before Zen begins speaking, “Dharma is all our ways, it’s the way of you and me, they are separate paths but paths do cross every now and again. Dharma can also be described as a sort of fate, destiny, Dharma in itself like all things is highly relative, what is normal for the wolf, is hell for the sheep, it doesn’t matter about what separates us, for we all are Humans, you can follow any belief or metaphysical philosophy but the only difference between you and I was our appearance, whenever you need something, you should look inside yourself, pray you find it before asking for help, there are no asinine questions, the most ignorant people are those with all the answers who have never asked a question, questioning things is a sign of a critical thinker, questioning things is the first step to becoming aware then enlightened, when you become enlightened, you will not be aware but awakened as the venerable being that you are.”
Zen paused, “Let me ask you all a question, is reality real? When you perceive something, do you perceive it as the absolute answer or a relative possibility? Everything is possible just as it is probable, it just determines what reality you exist in, reality is determined by perception, reality is highly relative according to each individual according to their own understanding,” Zen continued,
“A long time ago, our general knowledge of space is more primal, mystical, we as a species believed the world is flat, the stars were a firmament or painted by an Archon that night, day were the battle of the gods, good versus evil as time progressed we learned that Terra Firma or the Earth is round, not the center of the universe that our planet revolves around a star, Helios or the sun, we learned that our sun is a part of a solar system with other planets, and we, these seven other planets are revolving around this star, our star is revolving through what is called a galaxy, our galaxy, the Milky Way, is a part of a group of galaxies called the Virgo Supercluster which has expanded to what we know as the Observable universe. We all know this by now, are explorations in space reach beyond our solar system, are making trips to Andromeda now, there are rumored to be other civilizations, we know there to be life, we are aware of bestial life forms in our own solar system, such as the gas-based giant tentacled amoebas or Jellyphytes in the clouds of Jupiter, Venus or the Giant Ice Worms under the ice of The moons of Jupiter, this a sign of convergent evolution, We come closer, closer to reaching Andromeda every-day, finding this extraterrestrial species that may differ from ours. This is what Gardenia Utopian Community scientists are speculating but I speculate, hypothetically speaking that although our species, cultural norms may be different, if they evolved from mammalian type creatures such as ourselves, capable of empathy, intellect, if Reptilian then they may be more machine-like, primal or flattened in emotional expression but more logic based beings, given the benefit of the doubt or they may be something else entirely, I have faith that they will be our friends,”
Zen took a breath, “We ourselves are not the center of the universe but every being’s existence is its own focal-point, you are the center of your own universe, forge your future, determine your destiny, and make what you perceive a reality that the suffering you endure from any, all including yourself is a battle of the gods, of good and evil but what if there are no set rules that society has set forth, in this ideal perfect interplanetary system of government of the Gardenia Utopian Community why is there still so much suffering? Why did a mass extinction, population decline of World War Three, make us realize that material goods were not so important, what is the true deciding factor behind World War Three? You could say it is because of the conflict of Western thought vs Eastern philosophy but in truth it is energy sources, material gain, the refusal to adapt to a better way, greed brought technological sloth which came wrath, and wrath brought suffering to us all. Those who are from that generation of almost fifty-five years ago, will tell you the horrors they endured, the darkest era in Humanity since the second world war but then again, haven’t we as a species been in a dark age for our entire existence, is it not a societal norm to live with your eyes closed? Allow me to illuminate the future of the Human race, we have Humans, such as myself who have the ability to change this detrimental deciding factor in our societal-evolution, these being are genetically-evolved, their consciousness is born with this ability, they were made aware of their difference by society and thrown out like an outsider, in truth, the outsider always has the best perspective because they see the bigger picture, they see the grand scheme of things and know what life is really like in the grand design, the outsider has the blueprints needed to make a true change in society that life is a journey, a winding road that is constantly changing that is the nature of existence, to experience a blessed chaos, the outsider of society understands the capricious nature of this existence with their perspective and can truly act accordingly to make the change necessary for everyone and everything in existence for they perceive reality correctly, they perceive reality as it is and embrace reality for exactly what it is.”
The crowd sat, pondered this, those who were aware of Esper in the crowd thought of them, some looked at them lovingly as a family member or friend instead of something different that they associated with. Change is happening, revolution is upon the Human race. This event is holovised, broadcast on various networks throughout the Gardenia Utopian Community as another most tuned in event of all time by the audience members. All people, from families to complete strangers gathered together with compassionate understanding at the insignificance and importance Humanity is as a collective. Zen’s words warmed the heart and soul of Humanity with a fire that burns eternally for that fire is love.
Zen stood aware of all the hugging masses throughout the hundreds of billions of Human beings in the Gardenia Utopian Community, he knew when the long silence of the oneness of Humanity’s embrace would end where they waited joyfully at Zen’s closing statement.
Zen spoke in a bombastic calm that would be a phrase uttered to destroy suffering eternally as Zen proclaimed peacefully, “Life in itself is a spiritual experience.”
October 14th, 2121 CE, Eden Prime, United North America, State of the United Socialist States of America, Eastern Sprawl, New York City, Hell’s Kitchen, Utopian Earth Studios.

After the broadcast of Zen’s address at the Summit. The Utopian Eden News Network slammed on the propaganda against Espers, whether it be the rampage of Vincent Miscavige, where 19 lay dead in a Psychokinetic powered massacre, people ripped limb from limb just by the will of his mind, the notorious Ryder Barris, who killed his 8 friends after they demonized him to the point of snapping, the famous Winnie Drydell, a woman who killed her husband, children, herself after hearing them think horrible things about her, the famous crime kingpin, Stubb Kenzie, who had recently been put to death yet in his life had controlled most of the crime in the Eastern Sprawl. The purported rumors (which were true) of the son of notorious war-criminal Nemo born Calvin Moody Luther’s son, Arthur, leader of the rebellion or United Revolutionary Collective being an Esper. The list drew on and on about the small minute percent of the Esper population doing evil and horrible things. Most cases of them being in an act of dEsperation. They failed to mention philanthropists like Serenity Mysterium, a Human rights activist and leader of the peaceful collective known as the Lucky Unfortunates or Katori Haiku, a visionary who created the Hydrogen and Oxygen gatherer to create water which were collected on humidity farms on desert biomes and planets where water was a rarity or the noted ACCE software development tycoon William “BJ” Bowmen Junior. The majority of Espers are pillars of their Gardenia Utopian Community and upstanding individuals yet Utopian Eden News Network decided to focus their attention on the misunderstood or evil-doers among the Homo Esper population.
Upon finishing their analysis on Zen’s ‘Dharma Talk’. Came everyone’s favorite opinionated propagandist, Dan O’Hara. Dan O’Hara is sitting at his studio-desk on the stage, Zen sitting to his right, Zen had been waiting for a while now, since a half-hour to showtime, still hadn’t met the man, he tried to do a telepathic mental scan but all he heard was the darkness of mental un-intellect, petty rumors, and deluded lies. The intended audience of the Utopian News Network is not for the brightest minds Humanity has to offer but catered to more primal desires of mankind, their emotions.
Zen sat at a table away from the desk waiting, only five minutes to showtime, for the largest Holovision event in the history of broadcasting images and sounds. Then there came one of supposed voices of EisenHaus Utopian Party politics, Dan O’Hara. Dan O’Hara looked like an ape of a man, caucasoid, bulbous hooked nose, grey eyes, silver balding hair, corporal in build, 6’4 in height. Zen is hearing this man’s thoughts, it is nothing but primal action, intellectual inaction, this man claimed to know everything while understanding nothing, a complete tumbling embodiment of an idiot. His thought process is that kind that resembled: Foot, foot, foot, move, look, sit down, read a prompter, talk to the freak.
Dan O’Hara is sitting at his desk, he shuffled some papers, he cleared his throat, the tech crew gathered around, they used mounted cameras instead of cameras on flying drones for recording this broadcast.
5, 4, 3, 2, 1. The technician mouthed, counting down with his fingers on his right hand.
Almost without warning it began, the biggest fight Zen had ever been in, a fight that would change the course of everything in his life, the world forever, this is the deciding factor for many things.
Dan O’Hara spoke cordially, “Hello, and good evening, this is Dan O’Hara your host of the O’Hara Equation, Today is a special day for the show as you all know I have Apoc Magazine’s Man of the Aeon, Nobel Peace Prize Winner, everyone’s favorite Esper, Zen van Nihil, Mr. Outsider, how are you doing today? or shall I say Zen if that is indeed your name.”
Zen, the good being that he gave him the benefit of the doubt, Zen said cordially, “Yeah, you can call me Zen, I don’t call myself the Outsider, I’m a Human being like everyone else.” Zen said reluctantly, “I’m doing good Dan, it’s good to be here.”
“You mean that both literally and figuratively as in, the action as well as the feeling.”
“Yes Dan.”
“Alright then Zen, let’s get down to business.”
“How old are you, where are you from?”
“I’m twenty-one, I’m from the Autonomous Zone of Nepal-Tibet.”
“You say you are from the top of Everest ‘which is the top of the world or the heavens’ in the official report but on the Helena Weather show, you said you were from the city of Moscow, in the Russian sector of Eden Prime, why is that?”
“My first memories were on top of Everest, eight years ago, my mind tells me that I’m from many places.”
“Are all of them here?”
There is a pause in conversation as Zen reeled from the broadcasted interrogation, Zen knew these things but wasn’t sure how he knew these things as if he were regaining his memory without a picture or place to put them. It is peculiar to him as broken images flashed before his eyes.
“I believe so.” Zen said earnestly.
“Where were you physically born?”
“The Principality of the Soviet Union, Russia, Commonwealth of United Asia, Eden Prime.”
“Who is your mother?”
“A woman.”
“Her name?”
“Her fake surname is something Germanic in origin but I think her real name was Doctor Lilith Moonchild.”
“That’s very odd, Zen that is the Mother of the United Revolutionary Collective that’s way too coincidental, can we get a different question?” Dan asked the Producers and Crew on live Holovision being watched by tens of trillions in that moment, “Zen, what do you remember your mother?”
“I don’t remember, she is beautiful, she loved me dearly.”
They cut to a quick commercial, not a soul wanting to see the Sovereign, the friend of all souls, depressed or find out his mother is dead. During the break Dan whispered to Zen in a facade of expression, shuffling papers.
“I deeply apologize to Mr. Zen van Nihil, I’ll change the subject.”
The commercial ended.
“Zen tell me what it is like spending your young adult or teenage years with a bunch of men in a Monastic order, how long has it been since you had seen a woman?”
“It is quite alright, they were all my brothers, I came to the Monastery when I was thirteen, a Yeti brought me there from the top of the mountain, pilgrims used to come to the Monastic shrine to pay homage to their ancestors, I was around women quite often, they genuinely liked me, I really liked them.”
Dan O’Hara smiled deviously, he had forgotten he was dealing with someone who could read minds, it is his way of accusing Zen van Nihil of being an off as a person.
“Do you have a woman now? A lot of women are wondering if you’re single or not?”
“I am seeing this one girl that I really like, her name is Serenity Mysterium otherwise known as Lucky Unfortunate, she’s the leader of the Lucky Unfortunates.”
“You mean the impoverished population of Homo Espers turned to vagrancy in the eastern sprawl, those social-pariahs?”
“Yes, they are my most loyal followers outside the monks of Shambhala.”
“Autumn that name, is she related to the Autumn family that the Gardenia Utopian Community knows of?”
“I don’t know, I haven’t asked, I respect her personal life, I think her father is named Elias Al Mithras, he is the son of some Dharmic-Zoroastrian holy man who told ‘the coming of a messianic Sovereign who would be the twilight of the world and lead those who dwell in the shadows, her father grew up in the Zion-Persian Federation, Elias Al Mithras, her father helped us become an interplanetary civilization, I know hear her father is deceased.”
“You mean her father is Doctor Elias Al Mithras, son of Doctor Elias Al Mithras, son of the fabled prophet who led the Zion-Persian Federation who spoke of a coming Sovereign Peace from Nothing and her mother is Hegemon Iris Autumn, her uncles are Doctor Isaac Kindred Autumn, the eccentric roboticist and governor of the colonies of the planetary system of Jupiter in the Gardenia Utopian Community and her uncle Oliver Autumn is the Chief Director of the highest echelon of Gardenia Protectorate Intelligence Guardian those Autumn’s, the good Autumn’s?”
“I believe so, she knows a lot about topics regarding those professions, she has learned much from her family,” Zen shrugged back, bracing for any ad hominem attacks against his loved one of her families.”
“What do you know about robotics or physics Zen? I mean you are dating the next in line for a lineage of geniuses, it’s a shame she didn’t use it like the rest of her family.”
Zen shrugged that off but then felt the same wrath he felt when he played King of the Mountain against the forces of evil in the manifestation of the crimson haired boy and won.
Zen began contentiously not holding back his telepathic scanning to make a fool out of Dan O’Hara, gauging reactions, of his past, seeing what pushed his buttons
“What do you know about quantum physics Dan?” Zen said with a sardonic smirk.
“I know enough.” Dan stated bluntly.
“You know of the multiverse?”
“Yes, this world as well as heaven and hell, those are the three extradimensional planes, those three, and only those three exist in my mind for that is what Celeste has taught us.”
“That’s too black and white, what if heaven is hell for some, hell is heaven for others, what if our dimension is heaven and hell? What if whatever dimension you go to when your consciousness shifts to a new vehicle it is up to your consciousness to make due with the reality of whatever being you possess in a new dimension, what if whatever your afterlife is, is left to your making, such as the astral realm I go to in my meditations.”
“Now Zen, are you sure that these astral projections are not a sign of the easily treated psychosis, they’ve developed a cure for that now?” Dan asked feigning sincerity in a mock-tone of, “you might be insane.”
“Then how am I able to heal others, I make physical changes in this world upon my will alone, is it too insane that I just may know more about existence where you know less, making me different which is why you adamantly despise me? I’ve seen your show, you hate Homo Espers and you hate me, not because any of us ever did anything wrong to you but because we are different that is the way most conflict arises between Homo Sapiens and Homo Esper, you don’t understand us therefore you fear us.”
“Oh really Mr. Outsider?”
“Yeah, you know full-well that’s offensive to call me that, you think I’m an alien that I deserve no rights in the Gardenia Utopian Community, I’m from here just like the rest of you and I am Human just like the rest of you.”
“What about Martian-born Humans who return to Earth, aren’t they also to some degree alien to us Earthborne Humans?”
“We all come from the same spring, this fountain of life called Earth, nowhere else in the solar system is as lively for the development and evolution for the species we know as ourselves, the physical and social inclinations that we as Humans have, I assure all of you that I am not an alien, I am just an eccentric peaceful revolutionary, just as the esteemed Apoc Magazine states, do you see green skin or a bulbous head, no, I consider that very backwards that you would judge me on my skin condition, I have a rare form of albinism, I also happen to be an evolutionary advanced being in the development of Humanity that is it, don’t judge me for the color of my skin as that of the mythical probing grey alien, have I ever done anything to deserve any hatred or distrust? I give freely of myself to my fellow beings, do not judge me as an outsider because of my rare form of albinism but on the content of my character.”
Zen had addressed the issue with the Utopian News Network assertively, calmly that he is from this world as on Earth, despite their propaganda of aliens walking among them.
Zen van Nihil said, “I do not deny that visitors may be walking among us, however, I will have to deny the idea that I myself as being non-Human, if I am a visitor from outside this world, a different species to you then I am sorry, I apologize to all my fellow Human beings in the Gardenia Utopian Community, I apologize, I am sorry, I only have your best intentions at heart, I love you all very dearly, Dan O’Hara, I apologize for the outburst but you are part of the problem of dividing the Unity of this planet.”
“No, I Am not!” Dan exclaimed.
“You’re dividing people against those who sympathize with Espers, oppress Espers, you divide people against those who sympathize with URC Independence, and oppose true egalitarianism. You make faulty claims of things that are not grounded in reality…”
“Mr. Outsider, are you a URC sympathizer, activist, instigator or are you an active operative for the United Revolutionary Collective?”
“No, I’m none of those things.”
“Speak the truth, the talk of URC Independence brings a much different context as of now, it used to be a popular belief that Mars should have their autonomy but that political agitators who have taken the flag for such a thing have been exposed as the United Revolutionary Collective that organization started as the Hacktivist organization Catch-22 with funding a part from Autumn Industries in Calvin Moody Luther’s private subsidiary of their conglomerate known as Negative 0, the cybernetics and pharmaceutical company responsible for the Homo Nexus evolutionary advancement and the Daemon miracle cure and smart-drug. From this place the United Revolutionary Collective is born with Nemo, Calvin Moody Luther’s alter-ego is anti-establishment of the Eastern and Western Blocs during the time the cold war which had raged since 1945 Common Era is culminating into all-out-war. From a huge majority of support from the people. The URC is comprised of the activists, operators, Blac Block operatives, and Blaq Pyramid Crime Syndicate which holds the monopoly on crime in the Gardenia Utopian Community, these activists evolved greatly when faced with Armageddon from the Eastern and Western Bloc, they started as a collective for awareness who were radicalized into the terrorist and criminal organization that the URC that is today by none other than Calvin Moody Luther or his alter-ego Nemo which he embraced fully, the similarities between you and their posthumous leader Calvin Moody Luther are absolutely uncanny, have you seen your own face, yourself in-general everything but the eyes, skin, and hair, the way you both carry yourselves like pompous asses that you are, you are both revolutionaries in the same way, both megalomaniacal, deranged, and completely deluded. Despite this, quite excellent at making deals with people to sell their souls to your cause, it’s just that you haven’t done anything antisocial or violent yet to be blacklisted or sent to be exiled on the displacement colonies of Venus.” Dan O’Hara paused to address the audience, “Take a look at the profile we have made, these are pictures of Nemo and Zen van Nihil.”
The profile matchup on the Holovisions viewed from the direct connection of Zen van Nihil and Nemo in their physical make-up is uncanny as the two around the same age were profiled together from frontward angles. They resembled each other in facial structure, similar in every way besides the hair of Zen which is black, Nemo’s hair is dark brown. Zen’s eyes were sapphire blue, Nemo’s eyes were hazel. Zen’s skin is snow-white like a albino, where Nemo’s skin is a caucasian medium beige.
“Take a look at the similarities, Zen van Nihil is the ghost of Nemo, the notorious Calvin Moody Luther, Zen van Nihil surely deserves to be taken off to the displacement colonies before he upsets the natural order of the Gardenia Utopian Community.”
“Dan or do you actually mean to say, shipped off to the concentration camps on the moon Titan in the orbit of Saturn, in the fringe of colonized spaces within the Milky Way Galaxy and the dominated Virgo Supercluster of the Gardenia Utopian Community otherwise known as the Fringe. Mars, like many others, is no longer a colony but a sprawling civilization of a citizenry of their own developed planetary society, Mars deserves their independence from the Gardenia Utopian Community, it deserves its autonomy from the governing of the Gardenia Utopian Community, the Gardenia Utopian Communities insurgence to enforce its stricter laws and regulations affect Mars economy and societal functions for the Martian citizen who on average much more differently than the rest of the Gardenia Utopian Community, they are home to the best and brightest of the Gardenia Utopian Community,” Zen stated boldly.
“So you sympathize with Mars and the many others seeking autonomy like them?” Dan O’Hara accused him.
“I sympathize with all beings that suffer and struggle in the Gardenia Utopian Community, I sympathize with all of the beings in the universe, I sympathize with the universe and within the universal will of its own for it our universe is energy and conscious energy that is aware with all of us in this living dimension which factors us into its consensus, you can see that in the Great Mother Celeste, I empathize with all beings and things that exist, I just wish you all to be happy and free, even you Dan.” Zen stated in a calm tone.
Time is up for the live broadcast, trillions upon trillions of viewers in the Gardenia Utopian Community. The interview is watched by many citizens on the cyber-web through their Holovisions. constantly through various propaganda news stations, No one had looked as good as Zen in the history of politically broadcasted media.

October 30th, 2121 CE, Eden Prime, United North America, State of the United Socialist States of America, Traversing By Bullet-Train from The Eastern Sprawl to Vancouver, State of Canada
Zen, Serenity, and Father Ig were riding in their own luxury cabin aboard a Bullet-Train to the city of Vancouver in Canada. Father Ig had disabled the smoke-detectors in his room to smoke cigarettes on the ride, when the stewardess came by to bring him his bottle of Bourbon he had brought to him on the house.
At smelling smoke, she asked, “What’s that smell?”
“I have gas.” Father Ig answered.
He grabbed the bourbon and had closed the door. He then took the bottle of aged Bourbon to the icewell, placing it inside, he ripped open the bag of ice, dumping it out into the icewell around the Bourbon. Glasses were already in the cupboard of the cabin. Zen heard Father Ig think to himself with Zen open to hearing it, cynically with sardonic refute, ‘So this is how Humanity treats its Sovereign as well as his company’ as he thought this, he laughed aloud.
Zen would address this after he had a couple of drinks, Abbot Dogen had disappeared in the night with the monks from the campsite at the shanty-town paradise known as Platonia. Zen had ambivalent thoughts, mixed feelings about Abbot Dogen disappearing during the night. Zen’s face is downcast, he is visibly bothered by Abbot Dogen, the monks leaving, he thought of the note,
Zen, our Sovereign, our venerable one, our enlightened being, our friend, we can no longer journey with you until you complete your politically-minded travels, we cannot say when but we shall meet again.
Serenity, Zen were sitting on a couch, Serenity addressed Zen, whose hand she is holding, “Zen, what’s wrong,”
“Nothing, everything is as it should be.” His face still looking downward at his feet.
“You look like something is wrong, what is disturbing your peace?”
“When Abbot Dogen left us in the night, I did not say goodbye to him, he’s been like a father to me, I sense that he could be in danger, the interview with Dan O’Hara has me feeling like something bad will happen to us.”
“Zen, don’t worry, you’re going to be fine, is it you who should be afraid of them or they who should be afraid of you?”
“It is us who should fear nothing, the fear is equal to both sides for fear is fear, I haven’t felt this scared in a very long time.”
“Everything is going to be fine.”
Zen pursed his lips, looking at her, “Really?”
“Yes Zen, my lover, everything is going to be great, the Peace Summit is going to transpire smoothly, the world will change because of you, Espers are the future of the Human race as a collective we shall grow, evolve.”
Zen smiled, yet something about that last statement bothered him.
Father Ig walked over, handing Zen a glass of fine Bourbon with ice, “You look like you need a drink, Zen, my friend.”
“I’ve never had a drink before,” Zen replied earnestly.
Father Ig smiled, “There’s a first for everything, Serenity, you want one too?”
“Yes, I would,” she answered.
Father Ig handed Zen the beverage in the short tumbler glass. Zen took a drink, Father Ig watched in delight as he was sharing a drink with the Rock Star Sovereign of the contemporary times, the Postfuture era. Zen took the drink down, swallowing, smooth but rough going down. Zen did an involuntary shake that went throughout his body, convulsing as it hit his stomach, before settling, he shook his head.
“Hwu Ah!” He yelped emphatically, shaking his head side to side.
Serenity giggled, hiding her hand over her face, Father Ig bellowed laughter.
“Is it good?” Serenity asked Zen sarcastically.
Zen regained his composure, his face in a sardonic scowl of kinship, “Yeah it is.”
Zen nodded his head while taking another drink. This time without the shake or dance, already like a seasoned veteran of alcoholism.
Father Ig handed Serenity her drink. Serenity thanked him, they moved to the bolted-down table in the cabin, with bolted down chairs.
Father Ig pulled out the cards, “Let’s play a drinking game, without your fancy-shmancy Esper powers.”
“Alright, What’s it called?” Zen asked.
“It is called Dublin Rummy, now it’s called Nobody Wins.”
“How do you play, more importantly, how do you win?” Serenity asked with a mischievous expression.
“It’s easy, I’ll teach you, the point of the game is to lose, to answer your other question, nobody does.” Father Ig said soberly while dealing the cards.
3:30 AM, October 30th, 2121 CE, Eden Prime, United North America, State of the United Socialist States of America, Eastern Sprawl, New York City, New York Harbor.

Abbot Dogen as well as his three of the monks walked to the meeting place between Keiretsu-Yakuza officials, an abandoned warehouse down by the docks of New York Harbor by the mouth of the Hudson, There is a group of fifteen Quadragon Keiretsu-Yakuza goons, armed to the teeth, their leader a captain, with a sidearm. Their leader is the CEO Raijin Ryujin of the Quadragon Keiretsu empire, the Quadragon Keiretsu controls the paramilitary group known as the Yakuza-Triad Mob Security Forces.
“Akuma Ren,” the captain said with snide intent, throwing his arms in the air he continued emphatically, “you were told to come alone Akuma Ren.”
“Yes but my brothers would not permit it,” Abbot Dogen said, throwing up his hands in mock-action, like he had no choice in the matter.
“I’m surprised after all these years you are still a dishonorable man, come with me Akuma Ren.”
Two of the former Yakuza-Triad Mobsters walked forward towards Abbot Dogen or Akuma Ren. Akuma Ren had a calm expression about his being, when the Yakuza-Triad Mob goons reached forth to pat him down, he grabbed both of their wrists snapping them like twigs, they screamed in bloodcurdling agony as they dropped to the ground.
“This is the real surprise.” Abbot Dogen said.
From under their robes, the monks unsheathed large Protectorate-grade Gauss Rifles guns capable of blowing a rotorcraft out of the sky, this is in seconds that the monks had opened fired with the .75 automatic electromagnetic powered Space Marine weapons, smooth acted, no recoil, with thousands of rounds in the barrel-drum magazines. Sinew, blood, and gore flew from the fallen Yakuza-Triad Mob. The Captain panicked, reaching for his sidearm, Abbot Dogen charged, doing an aerial front-snap kick into the Captain’s chest. He flew back ten feet, his ribs as well as sternum snapped like a twig. A monk charged to the side of the Captain, injecting the Captain with a serum that would increase his suffering as well increase the longevity of his dying.
“Where is Raijin Ryujin?” Akuma Ren said.
“flipp you.” The Yakuza-Triad Mob Captain whelped.
Abbot Dogen reached down with lightning quick reflexes plucking out the Yakuza-Triad Mob Captain’s left eyeball. The Yakuza-Triad Mob captain screamed. Thirty more Yakuza-Triad Mob paramilitary soldiers appeared through the large harbor doors to the outside.
Akuma Ren spoke softly to him, “All life is precious besides the teeth in your face.”
Akuma Ren punched the Captain in the temple, killing him. It is the Shambhala Monastic Monks versus the Yakuza-Triad Mob. Both sides took cover respectfully behind crates, harbor machinery, one side stood for a Sovereign, the other hid behind a Facade of a Utopian Government. This is the beginning of their duel, their last dance, their bitter end. Abbot Dogen thought of the boy Zen, a boy that is like a son to him, not likened to a Sovereign to the people of the Gardenia Utopian Community but he loved him dearly. After today, Akuma Ren could possibly no longer guide his son, Zen.
10PM October 30th, 2121 CE, Eden Prime, United North America, State of the United Socialist States of America, Traversing By Bullet-Train from The Eastern Sprawl to Vancouver, State of Canada

Zen had gotten so drunk that he had to lie down, Serenity followed him to one of the two bedrooms, they kissed passionately.
Serenity told Zen, “I love you.”
Zen told her, “I love you too.”
Father Ig sat at the table, drinking alcohol while enjoying some silence as his younger friends spent their intimate private time together behind closed doors. Where all he could do is simply laugh. He thought about the theosophical myth of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene having children, he wondered how Zen felt about losing his virginity. He is just glad he helped his friend Zen and Serenity consummate their relationship.
“Kids these days,” Father Ig thought to himself, laughing aloud, listening to Serenity and Zen.
Zen and Serenity lay there on the pillow top mattress in each other’s arms, they felt the strength of their love, they felt it in abundance. Zen’s left hand is caressing Serenity’s face, Serenity rubbing her hands through Zen’s jet black hair, along his ghostly pale skin. Zen gazed into Serenity’s emerald eyes, she stared into the radiant sapphires of Zen’s eyes. Madly they are in love, Zen’s new bad boy persona of showing the tyrannical monsters of the Gardenia Utopian Community a lesson. Serenity’s lack of care for anything but the cause. Together, they had become a power to be reckoned with.
Serenity said to him, “Zen are you what they say they are?”
“What do you mean?” Serenity asked innocently.
“Hypothetically speaking, are you an alien?” Zen moves his fingers down to her neck, he moves his head closer to hers, they are face to face, gazing longingly into each other’s eyes.
Zen said sardonically, “I am a Nephilim, I am a chimera of a multidimensional entity known as Zenki Ex Nihilo, I’m guessing the remains of Calvin Moody Luther also known as Nemo to create a demigod among mortal men,” Zen exposed this with a nature of sarcasm, this idea had been surfaced after the Dan O’Hara interview.
All of this Zen thought about as the hot-button issue that was merely a speculated rumor that tabloids served. Cooked up by conspiracy theorists.
She kissed him hard, long, she had never been so turned on in her life, she (like many others) had seen the similarities in appearance between the two, the resemblance is indeed uncanny. She kissed him harder than she had ever kissed anyone before, although she had experience in this act of lovemaking, Zen knew what she liked and could give it to her despite her being his first, his hopeful one and only for the rest of time.
When Zen and Serenity were finished completely understanding each other. Father Ig knocked on their door letting them know they would be arriving soon. The lovers walked into the bathroom adjoined to their room Serenity is in first then Zen. They quickly showered together.
Zen and Serenity walked out of their room, Father Ig was sitting on the couch watching cartoons, he had not slept, he had already freshened up to a dapper state for the Gardenia Utopian Community Peace Summit. Father Ig’s hair seemed fuller, it appeared that he had utilized the complementary artificial hair growth formula that came with his room, his hair is a pompadour that stood proud, beautiful, like it once had when he was in his younger years. Zen wore a suit jacket with a black tie button-up long-sleeve white dress shirt under his suit jacket, black dress pants and black dress shoes. Serenity wore a black dress with a white-stripe down the right side of it, the dress went to her knees, a strapless dress.
“You look pretty nice,” Zen said to Serenity.
“Thanks, you look pretty damn good too,” Serenity replied.
They shared a mutual smile of intimacy, gazing into each other’s eyes.
Father Ig said, “You two look fantastic.”
They all laughed in mutual agreement. Father Ig walked into his room, wearing his traditional Priest dress clothes, black dress pants, black dress shirt, rolled up sleeves, white collar. He walked into his room grabbing his blazer, setting it on the bed, he checked the sleeves of it for some reason, revealing a glint of hidden cold hard steel that were hidden in the sleeves then his two .550 Destroyers lying on his bed, He loaded them, putting them in holsters then sliding those over his body, placing clips of ammunition, each holding 20 shots in slots along the clip in the holsters, he had more than those pistols and weapons equipped to him. Grabbing the necessary credentials and communications-device, before sliding them in his coat-pocket, he closed his briefcase hoisting it with him, walking out to the two lovers who had been talking among each other.
“Zen, what are you going to talk about at the Peace Summit?” Serenity asked him.
“Homo Esper rights and URC Independence, both of those things mean a lot to me.” Zen replied.
“I agree with you on the Esper part considering we are both Esper, and… Espers rule but as much as I’d love for you to talk about URC Independence, I think you should not at this Peace Summit.” Serenity replied cautiously.
“Why not?” Zen said as his rebuttal.
“The heated argument with that bigoted pig, Dan O’Hara, really riled up some people in the Gardenia Utopian Community as well as the United Revolutionary Collective whose sanctuary is Mars.” She said in an explanatory tone.
“I’ll be fine, in fact I’ll be fantastic.” Zen said.
The train had come to a complete stop, a passing stewardess knocked on the door, followed by a voice on the intercom, “Travelers, we have arrived in Vancouver, State of Canada, United North America, State of the United Socialist States of America.”
They walked out as the synthetic Humans or servile, Synthetics came in, saying automated pleasantries to the three, they were made for household labor such as taking their things to where they were staying via luggage delivery bus driven by an artificial intelligence to a prestige place of lodging known as The Kalifornia.
When they began ascending up the stairs out of the subterranean terminal, they saw that the sky is blue yet partly cloudy grey sky, it is a nice day for this late in autumn, the three stepped out to see a beautiful city, like all cities in the State of Canada it had not been destroyed by atomic warfare during World War III. It is beautiful in comparison to the urban-decay that is the New York Sector in the Eastern Sprawl.
They made their way to the autocab sitting outside the subterranean terminal to the Autotaxi waiting for them to drive them to their lodging. Father Ig sat up front where the driver would sit if the vehicle needed one, Zen, Serenity sat in the back, they wouldn’t be heading to the Kalifornia Inn, instead they were heading directly to the Peace Summit at the Gardenia Utopian Community Parliament building, afterward there is going to be a festive gathering in the House of the Hegemony Zen and two of his entourages would be honored guests since Zen is the reason for the gathering.
On the way there, a song is playing one of the Gardenia Utopian Communities Retro-Pop Hits radios, it is an older song from the last century. Father Ig began singing, he had a beautiful voice that matched its style of music. As Father Ig sang, Serenity, Zen still listening, astounded by his vocal ability, talked softly.
“Zen,” Serenity said.
“Yes, Serenity?” Zen replied.
“Do you know what you’re going to say at the Peace Summit?”
“Yeah, I’ve been thinking about it.”
A moment of silence before she spoke, “What about URC Independence?”
“I’m going to address the issue.”
“You don’t have to.”
“I do.”
“No you don’t.”
“Our Humans on Mars deserve Independence, I’m pushing for Espers, and Martians.”
“Zen you may be everyone’s favorite Sovereign but what if you fail?”
“Then I fail.”
“Public opinion is divided about you, the people love you but your opposition controls the people, propaganda may be in your favor now but fortune may not always follow you.”
“Then may the world weep with me if I should fail it.”
The song is ending, they were arriving at their destination of the Grand Hall of Eden Prime Parliament.
Father Ig is singing, “I just hang on, suffer well, sometimes it’s hard, so hard to tell.”
Father Ig turned to look at Zen, Serenity, he said to them, “If we fail we will all suffer as well.

3PM, October 30th, 2121 CE, Eden Prime, United North America, State of Canada, Region of British Columbia, Vancouver, Gardenia Utopian Community Political Sector
The man at the gate turned back around then the eyes belonging to Zen, Serenity, and Father Ignatius locked onto the political sector parking lot, the parking lot is full of high-end electric luxury cars as they arrived at the security gates, the cab had been stopped with an outside computer disabling device, there were Secret Service Agents at the gate, the Secret Service Agents wore uniform black tracksuits with an ID number along the breast, back of the coat, they wore badges on chains around their necks, they walked up to the car, a Secret Service Agent walked up to the car, he looked at Father Ig who had his window rolled down then walked to the back where Zen, Serenity sat. He looked at Zen through his window, a look of utter surprise disconcerting amazement came across his face, he ran over to the other agents when he got there, Zen could hear him think, say, “Zen is here.”
A team of five Agents assembled, two still in the guard shack which is next to it, radioing Vanguard as well as the Security Headquarters that Zen van Nihil had arrived, (the exact details of how, what happened, his vehicle, entourage, everything). They marshalled the taxi through by remote control, parking it in front of a large field which would lead to the Parliamentary building. The Agents made a formation around the car usually made around high-profile guests. When the car stopped in front of the large emerald well trimmed field, with hedges, gardens, shrubbery as well as ornate topiary. The field is about three miles in diameter, this field surrounded the Parliamentary building, and the House of Hegemony.
Zen, Serenity, and Father Ig made their way out of the vehicle. A Secret Service Agent stepped up to them, pointing emphatically while giving direction.
The Secret Service agent said informatively, “Hello Mr. Zen van Nihil, if you would walk across the Memorial Gardens to the Parliamentary Grand Hall, the House of Soviets where the festivities will happen later are in the Northern sector of the Memorial Gardens passed the Parthenon of Unity.”
“Thank you.” Zen said to him.
They began their trek across the gardens. Zen is holding Serenity’s hand as they walked, faces downcast, looking side to side, anywhere but those gazing at them by those who eyed them in amazement as they rode by on golf-carts, people walking by stopped to gaze as they walked by or shot them a glance, changing course away from them. The lovers felt awkward that many other attendees, most notable those favored through Autumn Alliance merit or EisenHaus Enclave croney nepotism. The entire Hegemony of the Gardenia Utopian Community who controlled the Sol System they inhabited were given rides on readily available golf-carts to the Gardenia Utopian Community Parliament building. They were walking to the heart of these large gardens that played out like an honest museum for the elite but was designed to be used as a strategic battlefield that caused Zen, Serenity, and Father Ig to spend hours walking with over a third of a day to spare before the live-broadcasted Peace Summit where Zen would present his Dharma Talk to the Gardenia Utopian Community.
After some exasperated sighs, Serenity said, “Zen.”
“What Serenity?” Zen replied.
“Why are we doing this?”
“To liberate the people.” Zen said earnestly.
A grin came to her face, she smiled wide, Zen smirked.
“Long live the Sovereign Zen van Nihil, long live the revolution of the Human race,” She smirked playfully at him, showing her perfect smile.
Zen gave her a single forceful kiss, she reciprocated back with two more at him.
“I love you,” they said to one another.
A passionate exchange of kissing ensued between Zen and Serenity. Three golf carts packed with Gardenia Utopian Community Utopian Party Elitists zoomed past as they did, they appeared with grotesque shock as if they had never seen two Human beings lock lips with another before in the form of the lovers kissing. The expressions of the Elites who zoomed past caused Father Ig to roar with laughter, smiling as he lit up a non-cancerous cigarette. Father Ig inhaled from the flaming cylinder as the Zen and Serenity had started walking while exchanging pecks and mild sensuous kisses. The three had come upon a monument that must have really pissed Father Ig off. Father Ig stopped abruptly to stare at it with heartfelt emotion in his eyes. Zen and Serenity continued to walk for ten feet before turning to glance over Father Ig to see he was quite passionate at what had him entranced. Zen and Serenity turned their attention to what Father Ig is enthralled by in his emotions.
Father Ig had a mixed expression of contempt and solemn reverence upon his face, he is obviously bothered by the structures of this Gardenia Utopian Community historical display open only to the elite in the Gardens of Memorium. Serenity and Zen had noticed many sources of their own shared personal discontent in the different displays of the museum of Humanities known as the Gardens of Memorium. Zen had learned much of the history of the Human species from frequent pilgrims to the Monastery in the last five years of his life. Zen had noticed the focus in the Gardenia Utopian Community, Eden Prime, Celestialism, the Utopian Party. The Gardenia Utopian Community being the universal government of the Human species. Eden Prime, the homeworld of Humanity. The changing of the planet’s name from ‘Earth’ to ‘Eden Prime’ which this relabeling is celebrated as significant in progression. for the old world order had been riddled with the ignorance of interspecies warfare over imaginary borders, the illusion of an economy, differing interpretations of a metaphysical entity. Which were moderate old world problems compared to those things in extreme excess of the new world societal plague.
Anything that caused differences in the ignorant old world order of Earth in its metamorphosis into the enlightened new world order of the Gardenia Utopian Community as Humanity spread to the interplanetary colonies under the administration of the Gardenia Utopian Community. The change is the enlightenment of this age where the abstract concepts that were ignorantly fought for, had become a reality where the Human species knew what they were fighting for. The Utopian Party is the official political identity of the Gardenia Utopian Community which is divided into two political ideologies of the Autumn Collective and the EisenHaus Organization. This display had been a part of a famous wall, this portion of the partition is from Berlin, Germany. This historical structural border had been a part of the walls that separated the Western and Eastern Blocs of Humanity in Europe is known as the ‘Berlin Divide’, completed in 1999 CE which had originated from the ‘Berlin Wall’, built in 1961 CE. The Berlin Divide is built by both the Western and Eastern Blocs which split Europe accordingly. The Berlin Divide bordered Western Germany and Czechoslovakia then all the way around Austria to taper off at the border of Italy and Slovenia where it ended at the Mediterranean sea.
This mural is made by the medium of spray paint canisters from a large variety of colors with the canvass being the oppressive concrete walls of the Berlin Divide. This mural is done in a stylization of propaganda portrait realism that is created during the years of World War III. The subjects on the three outer walls on both sides, six in total, depicted the influential figures of the time in the United Revolutionary Collective, the Western Bloc, and the Eastern Bloc. The central focus were the portraits of Nemo and his true public identity as Calvin Moody Luther in the two center large concrete canvases. Zen perceived Nemo in his attire of a black bandana with a red anarchy symbol as a design, concealing the front of his face revealing only the intimidating glare in his eyes, the top of his head is a black flat-billed baseball cap with the company logo of ‘Negative 0′, in the front text of the hat. Directly next to each other is a capital letter ‘N’, positioned to the upper-left corner while a bottom-right corner is a ‘-0′, located about an inch in diameter on the left side of the hat as well as over the straps in the back. His black shirt in white typewriter text bore graphic design stating, ‘Nihilo Ex Nihilo’. He wore a jet-black zip-up sports jacket with white stripes along the collar, cuffs of the sleeve, and base. He also wore black cargo pants, black combat boots. This general attire became his known signature appearance and Nemo being his sole identity.
Zen saw the portrait of Calvin Moody Luther holding an uncanny physical resemblance to Zen, a man with the same appearance but with beige caucasian skin and olive green eyes. Dressed in a black suit and tie, contrasted by a white button-up dress shirt, his hair black, styled into a pompadour that is short on the sides and back. This mural showed him in his thirties as The megachurch pastor, famous theologian, peaceful activist movement leader in anti-cybernetics, anti-Synthetics, anti-war, anti-drugs. His secret history later revealed is his work with his company, Negative 0, a firm of Autumn Industries. This revelation explained why he is still on the executive board of directors until Nemo’s identity is revealed as his own. Calvin Moody Luther is not only remembered as Nemo but as the father of cybernetic modifications, general artificial intelligence Synthetics as well as the panacea of Daemon Light and the super-drug Daemon Dark.
Father Ig began, “Zen do you know who this is and where this piece of history comes from?”
“No Father Ig, please tell me,” Zen replied in hopes to counsel his friend.
“This is a portion of the Berlin Divide located in the city of Berlin, in between Western and Eastern Germany which would become the Western and Eastern Blocs, these are painting of a man who is truly a man after God’s own heart, truly a great man who is one of the wisest among us, his name is Calvin Moody Luther but everyone knows him as Nemo, the leader of the United Revolutionary Collective, Nemo and his URC rebel army fought both the Eastern and Western Bloc as a protest to the inevitable nuclear armageddon, in the scenario of atomic warfare, the shared policy of the Western Bloc and Eastern Bloc is known as, ‘Mutually Assured Destruction’, this massive surplus of the atomic weapons had been produced ceaselessly since the end of World War II and the beginning of the Cold War in 1945 CE until the time of the WWIII in the years of 2080 CE,” Father Ig nodded his head as he continued, emphasizing his words with dry sorrow, “Nemo is regarded as the one who hacked the mainframe of the atmospheric weapons systems found in the swarms of satellites over earth, Nemo used them to save Humanity from armageddon in using the global electromagnetic pulse from the weaponized satellite systems that neutralized the absurd hundreds of thousands of one kiloton nuclear warheads that would have brought the end of everything on this planet,” Father Ig shook his head disparagingly, “the elitist EisenHaus Corporation, those robber baron scum-lords knew Nemo or someone from the URC would definitely interfere with the armageddon via the defense systems in the satellites, the wake of the pulse came the revelation the ‘great cosmic truth’ as the divine entity, the Great Mother Celeste manifested in the heavens, she bestowed a revelation to her existence as our cosmic mother of Humanity who protected ‘her children’ using divine intervention, she called for us to unite as a species which brought the new unifying interplanetary known as the Gardenia Utopian Community as Humanity quickly terraformed and colonized the universe with the new technology bestowed onto us by her, the entire solar system is already being terraformed by the time of her revelation, the lunar Protectorate base on the moon, Mars had been made hospitable with cities being built, and the endless biodome cities on Venus were already completed,” Father Ig laughed at the religion he represented, Celestialism before continuing, “Whether the true savior is Nemo or Celeste from armageddon is a subject of debate by the 17.5 trillion members of the Human populace within the Gardenia Utopian Community, in the wake came the reform of the Utopian Political Ideology of the Western Bloc being as the society political and economic order of the United Socialist States of America, (USSA), the transformation of the United States of America to the United Socialist States of America in 2030 CE which dominated the Western Bloc against the Soviet Union which led the Eastern Bloc.
The Blocs citizenry had become tired of their governments inducing paranoia, endless wars whether involving the Blocs Protectorate or the number of uprisings for true revolution among themselves. The war at home among the Blocs was not helped by the constant paranoia, the disillusionment of the citizenry or the greatest factor being the growing awareness of the masses within the Blocs. This led to disorganized revolutions then organized revolutions where momentarily successful seizure over the sovereignty of territory occurred by the large rebel armies just to be quelled and dismantled by the Bloc they hoped to escape. When the displacements of certain groups prone to revolt were being displaced this is when the most successful long term endeavor occurred in the form of an underground revolutionary force which united the people of both of the Blocs that is known as the United Revolutionary Collective led by Calvin Luther known notoriously as Nemo.
After an established rebel organization united people worldwide thanks to the cyberweb and the Western and Eastern Bloc could no longer take the pressure of amassing forces both foreign and domestic is when the world leaders became dEsperate and turned to Autumn Enterprises and the EisenHaus Organization for a solution for at this point the conventional war had sprang across the globe as this was the boiling point of what was a 200 year Cold War. The Cold War became World War III rather quickly. First there had been a simmer of conflicts between the Eastern and Western Blocs then everything warmed up as conventional warfare could not be contained. Due to their resources and certainty of annihilation if fighting would spiral into global unrest followed by the only hope of resolve being the success of the United Revolutionary Collective. The realistic aspect is anarchy spread like wildfire where World War III had turned to the endgame of Mutually Assured Destruction welcoming atomic annihilation.
When everything in existence was to become an atomic hellscape as the swarm of Armageddon darkened the skies. Order and security was restored through what many believed to be divine intervention as Celeste bestowed her revelation upon Humanity. Celeste became the sole acceptable universal divine truth in the newly formed Gardenia Utopian Community. The only acceptable religious views of the besides philosophies concerning Agnosticism. Gardenia Utopian Community Eden Prime (formerly Earth) that Mars had been successfully terraformed to habitable conditions, Venus had been covered in biodomes, an armored fortress of Protectorate might had been built on the Moon, and artificial moons known as Space Civics along with the massive scale of colonizing moons of planets throughout the Sol System.
All organized religions openly embraced the Great Mother Celeste and Celestialism. The Catholic Church was the first to renounce their beliefs and renovate the Vatican to appropriate the new home for Celeste. Celeste became a leading figure in the foundation of the Gardenia Utopian Community to create a homogenous group of the Celestine faithful. Agnostics among the Gardenia Utopian Community were normalized as Gardenia Utopian Community citizens. Opposing religious views to Celestialism considered Old World were displaced to Autonomous Zones such as the biodome covered planet of Venus.
Statistical information gathered from the defunct Blocs was used in determining groups to individuals in their scaled inclination to violently rebel or resist the progression of the Gardenia Utopian Community. The standard of psychological counseling was the first course of action in dealing with those holding onto their old world faiths. If the patient showed progress then they would go through the hospitalized process or makeshift sanitarium where if conditions did not improve they were scheduled for transfer. Belief in any religious faith outside Celestialism became a diagnosable mental illness known as Religious Psychosis Disorder. This diagnosis affected a large portion of the Gardenia Utopian Communities population, 20% of the population was affected by this mental illness. Symptoms of Religious Psychosis Disorder are characterized by the common beliefs held in old world religious faiths outside Celestialism were willingly deviant or incurable to the societal standard of the Gardenia Utopian Community so if one was diagnosed with psychopathological Religious Psychosis Disorder. One was extremely lucky if they were sent to an Autonomous Zones on Eden Prime. The overwhelming majority went to the ghetto biodomes of Venus. The unlucky innumerable masses who did not forfeit their faith were crammed into massive spacefaring barges known as Echo-12s to be transported off to the endless slum biodomes of Venus. The remainder of those who did not convert to Celestialism forfeited their religion for one of the alternative non-theistic choices or in many cases most people’s identities remained the same.
The Gardenia Utopian Community designed the true systemic hell that is the displacement planet of Venus is every meticulous design of this well-oiled dystopia hell: the biodomes being slums of urban decay. Every major social problem of a society manifested exponentially greater as the Commonwealth of
Building biodomes was an ever expanding market therefore incentivizing many wealthy elites to invest in developing more biodomes which ranged from urban and agrarian for storing people and producing food to feed the people. The religious pilgrims displaced on Venus were transplanted the biodomes by the puritanical Gardenia Utopian Community. The Gardenia Utopian Community then mass displaced the second grouping of undesirable citizens from a range of deviances the Gardenia Utopian Community. The group that matched two-thirds of the then Venusian population were the criminals from hordes of organized gangs to psychopaths to forever oppress the Undesirables of Venus.
Nemo publicly rebuked all of this granting the public full-disclosure of classified documents behind the war and the creation of Celeste that you can still find on the cyber-web today,” Father Ig added, “Thank God for Nemo, even after all the years, the United Revolutionary Collective continues to fight the sprawling interplanetary civilization of the Gardenia Utopian Community which I applaud them, my opinion is that the Great Mother Celeste didn’t save Humanity, Nemo did, for Nemo, always spoke truly.”
Father Ig took out his flask and held it up in salute for what seemed like an extended period of time to the mural of Nemo before taking a drink. He drank hard, heavy, a tear came down his face. He is visibly upset by something in the mural.
“What in Celeste’s name is wrong Father Ig?” Serenity said to him.
“Yeah, What is wrong Father Ig?” Zen added on.
“Let me tell you a story about this man,” Father Ig began.
The lovers’ silence confirmed their wanting to hear the story that Father Ig is going to tell.
“There once was a man, so full of hope, faith, he is the most noted pastor, evangelist, theologian, and apologeticist at a young age, a real savant when it came to scripture, dogma of the church, I like to think of him as a true Christian, Knight of the Faith. You know what the Christians were right?” Father Ig said, taking a sip from his flask.
“The name for the followers of that old mythic, dead religion of Christianity.” Serenity said.
“Right, mythic and dead Serenity.” The Jesuit Priest confirmed sarcastically before regaining composure continuing, “When the brink of complete nuclear destruction of all Human life, may God have had mercy on those who would have survived, Celeste appeared in the heavens, transmitted peace unto all Humans in that fateful second, saving us Humans, just for all the beauties that made us different, unique were wiped away for propaganda for Celeste as the true Cosmic Goddess. No one knows the names of God outside of a hyperbole or curse word to his blessed name. We Jesuits of the Cosmic Church of Celeste are still permitted to worship, praise the holy name of Jesus Christ, the son of god, who died for our sins, wiped away all in the name of Nemo, his strong religious affiliation, bridging the gap between Protestants, Catholics to fight against the coming New World Order. Calvin Moody Luther fought till the very end against the spiritual tyranny that is the facade of Celeste, her home is in the Vatican, the Great I ‘AM’ supercomputer which propagates herself unto the Human race via the United Church, Cosmic Church of Celeste. You know the United Church used to be the Protestant Church of Christ, the Cosmic Church of Christ, his saints. As far as mere mortal men go, Calvin Moody Luther is a Saint, he is a martyr, he is counted among them as such in the eyes of our lord, Jehovah, Yahweh, God the Father. Calvin Moody Luther is truly a Knight of the Faith.”
Serenity, Zen both stood, both reading his mind as it told the story of a great man born of a virgin birth, who worked wonders, miracles among the people in 0-33 Common Era with his existence alone, he is betrayed, humiliated, tortured, and executed brutally, just to be raised from the dead by this being called God, this man’s name is Jesus Christ or in Hebrew Yeshua Sovereign.
Serenity, Zen stood silent in awe of Father Ig’s catharsis, Father Ig continued, “There is another man named Nemo, Nemo can be best described as a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma of a man. Nemo is raised by a strong, intellectual missionaries of the Old World religion known as Christianity, they were both prestigious medical doctors, they traveled the Earth going to third world and underdeveloped countries to help those less fortunate than they were, until one day they angered a tyrant in one of these countries before Earth is united, before the war between the Eastern and Western bloc, they were executed by ruthless savage zealots sent by the warlord for their faith for aiding the displaced of this tyrants society, Calvin is only thirteen as he watched from the shadows as his parents were murdered, he then is sent to live with his eccentric godfather, Roland Solarus Autumn. Together Calvin and his godfather built the first intelligent Synthetics. Nemo became a child wunderkind as well as prodigy for his innovation of Human-Synthetic technologies with his invention of the ACCE or Autonomous Cerebral Computing Enhancement, a tremendous leap forward in technology, neuroscience, and transHumanism, he developed many different models of the Quantum Solstice as well as writing the software for the bionic device, one could say he is the innovator of Human-machine cybernetics. He is also one of the chemists responsible for creating the drug Daemon in both its forms, superdrug, a highly-controlled substance capable of many wonderful yet terrible things, in itself is a major advancement for medical science, whatever your brain willed it to be, it became. Medicinal use of Daemon is that it boosted intelligence, heightened senses, expanded one’s perception. Recreationally Daemon is a potent hallucinogen, electrifying stimulant, disconnecting dissociative, consciousness-expanding cannabinoid, body-liberating painkiller or whatever the favored club drug of the user would be. Daemon was created under the company he started with the Scientific Minds of the Autumn family under the business name ‘Negative 0 Incorporated’, the Autumn’s and Luther hid their names from the public on the board of directors, Calvin Moody Luther chose the moniker ‘Nemo’, he is in his late teens when he accomplished all of this. The parent company of Negative 0, Autumn Industries sales had soared overnight, Calvin became a billionaire practically overnight. Daemon became a highly-controlled substance yet a popular street drug with sentences that tripled that of normal hard drugs for a smaller amount. This launched Nemo into scrutiny, Nemo married a woman to settle down to run his company and always provided for everything for his family; they had a daughter Theresa. EisenHaus sent thugs to his house one day, murdered his wife and daughter. When Nemo returned home from a business trip he found them dead. Calvin Moody Luther became Nemo for in this moment he was scarred forever, whatever he could differentiate between good and evil, the lines of ethics and morality faded to varying shades of grey where his true potential as a Human being began. He then turned his wrath towards the government after the energy-crisis began, two sole world powers rose splitting the world in two into a global schism of the Soviet Union led Eastern Bloc and the United Socialist States of America leading the Western Bloc, the cold war between them lasted 130 years before World War Three steadily emerged from small skirmishes into larger battles, Nemo started out as a vigilante and black hat computer hacker towards the government, earning respect with the group referred to as Catch-22, rising their ranks to become Catch-22’s leader it has evolved to the United Revolutionary Collective or the Rebellion, I could go on and on but the point is that although this shades-of-grey superman is the same as the knight of faith when he began. Calvin Moody Luther and Nemo are the same person. Nemo is the first person to be a confirmed evolved Homo Esper, by the modern Gaines Scale he would be a super-Esper that’s why people think you and him are the same.” Father Ig paused before continuing on one last breath, “I see many similarities between Calvin Moody Luther and Jesus Christ just as people see similarities between you and Calvin Moody Luther, Zen.”
Zen took all of this in, he felt a connection to this discord causing revolutionary Calvin Moody Luther or Nemo, Zen wished he could be like Nemo.
Zen took a couple steps towards Father Ig, he stated earnestly, “Father Ig, I see the similarities between myself and Nemo just as you see the similarities between the Trinity of your faith, I believe we all are one in the same just different sides of the same dice, we all are Sovereigns to the people, for the people, delivered by what you would call God or what I call Friend, I believe that the word God and Friend are synonymous for one another, for the essence of Friend and God are one in the same, I believe your God is my Friend, my Friend is your God, the oneness of the Human spirit and all beings is connected by the consciousness that is a combination between Friend and God known as the Great Architect that universal connecting force to everything in all dimensions is known as the Quantum Consciousness that exists in the infinite realms of the Multiverse that is what connects us all which is all that matters, loving one another as you love yourself, if Great Architect and Friend is the love which binds us all together, value love above all with all your heart, mind, and spirit, my spiritual revolution of the Gardenia Utopian Community as the foretold Sovereign is born from love for all beings, not hatred, Namaste brother.”
Father Ig smiled, taking a finishing drag from his cigarette, Father Ig replied with stalwart honesty, “Namaste my brother, Friend bless you.”
October 25th, 2116 CE, Eden Prime, United North America, State of the United Socialist States of America, State of Canada, Manitoba, the Bathory residence near Hudson Bay.

Michelle Bathory is out with her beloved brother Frederick, they went out to a local mah-and-pop hole-in-the-wall diner then went for a drive to Winnipeg for shopping at a shopping mall which catered to the affluent. Simon is left at the Bathory manor with Aiden. Simon is downstairs in the living room, sitting in his leather reclining chair, reading a Gardenia Utopian Community top secret security clearance history book, a biography about Nemo or Calvin Moody Luther, called Nemo: the Demon of the 21st Century. He is far into the biography, he enjoyed reading literature about Nemo, no matter how biased the opinion of him was. Aiden is upstairs in his room.
Aiden is home for the weekend from his private Protectorate academy, North Point, he is in his academy uniform which he wore proudly, it is the Space Force blues which he had adorned. After this semester, he is joining the Gardenia Utopian Community Space Force Reserves, under the rank of Captain due to his excellence at the prestigious academy for gifted Protectorate minds, he had better marks than any who had graduated from Gardenia Utopian Community Protectorate’s Officer Program. Most members of the school would enter in as a second Lieutenant, in Aiden’s case of prodigious wonder they made an exception.
Aiden is sitting on his bed, his cover on his pillow as he is flipping through a stack of pamphlets advertising their place of collegiate university, all of them for the brightest minds of the Gardenia Utopian Community known as the Ideal Academia, ten prestigious universities that only admitted Elites of intellect or social class then graduated the brightest as the certified masters while maintaining those of the zenith social class to be obedient to the intellectual elite as it is extraordinary esprit that inherits the world. Something came over Aiden quite suddenly as if it were a condition of sickness bringing death, Aiden couldn’t bear the fact that he had become bored. He looked around his room, posters of loosely-clad women in bondage, famous dictators, even a contraband propaganda poster of the URC on his wall. His room is tidy, it has bookshelves that went up to the high-ceilings, an organized ornate desk with a computer, quaint tower, and Holoprojector for the Holomonitor. There is a wardrobe, a large window that allows in plenty of light. Everything a young man would need in the house of his parents.
Aiden then peered at the door to his room, he hatched an idea that he considered mischievous yet diabolical to any Human with a conscience. He rose from his bed, going out his bedroom door to his father’s study, he used his psychokinesis to undo the locking mechanism popping it open, he walked into his father’s elegant study. Simon Bathory-EisenHaus’ study had wall to wall shelves of books, floor to ceiling windows, dividing the illustrious study in half is a desk with a computer at it. Simon’s personal workstation with his most personal documents on it. Aiden sat down in the homey office chair, putting his fingers at the post-futuristic keyboard that is Tesla energy powered by electromagnetic waves, (the way of the future) he began typing in a series of passwords in consecutive order to get into Simon’s computer, Simon had set in place to void the thumbprint scanned login. After backdooring the thumbprint scanned login, he simply typed in the password, Nemo2050, and he is in. Simon’s wallpaper for his Holomonitor is of Aiden, Michelle, and himself when they went on vacation in the Municipality of Thailand, United Asia on the beaches. Aiden smiled at that photo, he had murdered three people in cold-blood on that vacation, serial killing is a hobby of Aiden’s.
Aiden went into the deeply-hidden folders of Simon’s computer where the real juicy information was, he went through it, reading documents he had shared with or received from the United Revolutionary Collective leaders, the forerunners for URC Independence as well as messages from the sons of the legendary yet nefarious Nemo, who had followed their father’s example, those sons being Arthur and Micah Luther. Aiden read through the information in seconds, when you’re a chimera of the pinnacle of Human Esper evolution and a multidimensional deity, nothing is really that hard for you. Micah also went through his father’s emails where he had professed his love to Micah Luther which Micah had not returned in like. Aiden wondered how he was going to expose his father as the traitor he was, Aiden would-be securing his place in the future as one of the most powerful figures of the Gardenia Utopian Community with this next move. He began writing a note, the kind someone would write out of dEsperation as a sort-of last resort, he forged the note in his father’s handwriting, signing it with Simon’s signature, before posting all the defacing information he could to his father’s blog, emailing it to Eden Prime Security Forces, basically everyone in his father’s contacts, he couldn’t write any renown URC members for the contacts for the messages were encrypted from signals bounced from satellites with some bogus point or origin for them, it didn’t matter to Aiden, he is prepared for what is about to happen. As soon as the messages were done sending, Aiden took the note to his parents bedroom, placed it next to the nightstand, he walked back in the office to see Simon standing there in horror leaned over his desk. Simon froze as an influx of messages from the quantum computer about a warrant being issued. The warrant entailed for Simon to remain where he was, comply with the Gardenia Utopian Community elite special operations and common Protectorate-security task forces known as Red Paladins. Peacekeepers were aware of his high-level wanted level throughout the Sol System. As a small army of authorities were on their way to arrest Simon Bathory-EisenHaus then take him to the Saturn’s moon of Titan where the concentration camps were. This meant Simon is going to be endlessly tortured then liquidated either in the camps or in his own home. Dead or alive, Simon didn’t matter to the Gardenia Utopian Community for he had just been ousted as the greatest traitor to Gardenia Utopian Community security.
Simon didn’t panic, he looked at Aiden with a worried expression on his face, his eyes had the look of dissociation in them, his lips hung heavy down the sides of his face, the source of the high level public enemy of the known presence of a mole in the Gardenia Utopian Community for the URC had just been compromised, the death squads had come to take him to a swift tribunal, to hear his sentencing which would probably be a phone-call from his brother-in-law Frederick telling them to kill the bastard or if he is really lucky to be sent off to the concentration camps on Titan.
Simon said to Aiden, “Aiden, we have to leave now, we have to go to Mars, leave behind your mother, we have to go.”
Aiden stood there quietly, not saying anything for a couple of moments which to Simon seemed like an eternity before Aiden said with coi remark, “Why dad?”
“Aiden, we have to go.”
“Go where exactly?”
“Anywhere, most likely Mars.”
They could hear the beating of many chopper-blades, engines roaring in the distance, Simon charged past Aiden to his bedroom, Aiden followed him. Simon was rushing, he began pulling suitcases out of the closet, throwing them onto the bed, he then emptied drawers of clothes into them, zipping them up. He then grabbed a briefcase, opening it on the bed. He pulled out an old laptop computer, a folder of documents, a large cache of paper credits, and a .38 caliber revolver, an ancient projectile weapon still manufactured today. The helicopters had landed, the armored personnel carriers had parked, the vessels had unloaded their death squads, they were charging the house now. That’s when Simon loaded the pistol, preparing to fight his way out. Aiden then raised his hand in the air using his mind-control Esper abilities to manipulate Simon, Simon could only let out small grunts, bursts of protest in the sound of shrill screams.
“What are you doing? Aiden!” Simon murmured in horror, tears streaming down his face, the gun loaded, cocked, pointed directly at his own head.
Aiden smiled as a knock on the door from Red Paladin forces could be heard yelling, “Simon Bathory-EisenHaus, please come quietly, we have a warrant for your detainment.”
“Why Aiden?” Simon asked with dread.
“Because I will do it,” Aiden smirked.
The gun let out a roaring bang as the bullet flew through Simon’s brain, blood, sinew sprayed over the bed, the open suitcases, the open briefcase. As the bullet flew through Simon’s skull, Aiden yelled a faux-heartfelt emphatic, “Dad! No!” followed by feigned crying that is demonstrated with flawless acting, Aiden could have won an Academy Award for his performance.
As this happened the Red Paladins kicked in the door, storming the room, their Gauss Rifles pointed at Aiden, Aiden turned around, falling to the floor crying as his adopted father, favorite host to leech off had been murdered by Aiden’s Esper hand. This is not how it appeared to be by the Red Paladins who the team leader rushed over to Aiden, embracing him, picking him up, leading him out of the room.
Simon laid slain as the Gardenia Utopian Community authorities called the medical examiner as well as Vanguard detectives, it would undoubtedly be ruled a suicide. As Peacekeepers were making the call, Michelle, Frederick were pulling into the driveway in their luxury sports car, they were being blocked-entry by Peacekeepers, the Red Paladins were drinking coffee, the helmets of their power armor unveiled to reveal their faces as they sipped coffee and talked with Aiden. Michelle stormed out of the car and walked up to the house.
“What’s going on? Where’s my husband?” Michelle asked.
“Mame, there’s been an accident, the medical examiner is in there checking him out now.”
“Medical Examiner? You mean…” Michelle broke down bawling.
Frederick grabbed her, hugging her close and tight.
Aiden removed the blanket from him putting his empty styrofoam cup in the garbage bin by the side of the road then ran up to Michelle and Frederick hugging both of them, Michelle bawled loudly as she wrapped an arm around Aiden, she was kissing him on his forehead. Michelle holding Aiden tight, sobbing deeply. Aiden had a smirk on his face as he looked at Frederick, Frederick smirked back. As Frederick and Aiden held their smirk Frederick reached out with his hand rubbing his fingers through Aiden’s fiery auburn hair on the top of his head.
October 30th, 2121 CE, Eden Prime, United North America, State of Canada, Region of British Columbia, Vancouver, Gardenia Utopian Community Political Sector.

Father Ig led Zen, Serenity through the garden to the Maze of Memories, the Maze of Memories is housed inside a gigantic greenhouse, it’s windows were open to allow a breeze, it housed the Maze of Memories which is made out of topiaries of animals and twenty-five foot tall hedges. where various monuments and murals were set up between the high-hedges, it is a naturalist’s ideal museum of history for the Human race, Humanities contemporary utopian civilization and the barbarism of Humanity’s origins in nature were highly-prevalent, they went hand in hand with one another. Serenity is amazed by the monuments; statues of historical figures which matched up to exact height and likeness of the person depicted, busts of renown Gardenia Utopian Community heroes and villains, antique and futuristic weapons decommissioned in plexiglass cases with a series of locks which kept the plexiglass in place, they came to the monument of Nemo, a bust on an obelisk above the rest of it. The bust and obelisk were over his various portraits which were mounted on ebony wooden backboard mount which is six inches thick, ten feet tall, and ten feet wide. it had two portraits on it, one of Calvin Moody Luther, the other of Nemo. Calvin’s portrait is him smiling with a glimmer of messianic kindness in his eyes, a grin on his face hands outstretched he wore a suit that is identical to Zen’s current outfit, the other painted portrait to the left of it is of Nemo, in the depiction Nemo had a scowl on his face, his mouth, nose were covered by a black bandana ordained with a spray-painted on anarchist symbol, he wore a black beanie that had Negative 0 written on it in maroon binary-type lettering after the corporation he had founded, a subsidiary of Autumn Industries, a black trenchcoat ordained with studs and patches, black punk rock t-shirt, with a black button-up dress shirt over it, with a red tie, black cargo pants, black socks, black designer running boots, and a simple silver cross dangling from his neck. Below the portraits they had clothes that Nemo wore adorned on a mannequin in airtight Autonomous Zones chambers.
The resemblance to Nemo and Zen were uncanny, exact copies except for Nemo’s hazel eyes, golden beige skin to Zen’s sapphire blue eyes, snow-white skin. Zen had an idea, he held his hand over the case with the two sets of clothes. He began projecting his consciousness using psychokinesis to unlock the bolts to both outfits. Serenity smiled broadly in disbelief at what Zen is doing. Father Ig giggled. He took off his suit, pulled out a compressor bag which he put Nemo’s belongings (besides the boots) in the compressor bag then sealed it back up, it compressed to the size of a bulky wallet which Zen slid into his pocket. Serenity put the boots in her purse. Zen then stripped down to his boxers, then put on Nemo alter-ego of Calvin Moody Luther’s suit, tossing his old clothes in the bushes, the only difference is the crimson tie, the other difference is that he is dressed like and in the clothes of a true revolutionary. He is dressed exactly like Reverend Calvin Moody Luther, except in physical appearance the spitting-image of Nemo with a pale ghostly complexion.
October 30th, 2121 CE, Eden Prime, United North America, State of the United Socialist States of America, State of Canada, Region of British Columbia, Vancouver, Gardenia Utopian Community Political Sector.

The Oni assassin watched the three targets from a distance in the Memorial Gardens, they were two miles away from the Parliament building. No one in close proximity. The Oni had assessed the targets had foolishly taken their time in the garden, maybe Oni didn’t have to wait to assassinate him as well as his associates. Oni calculated his success-rate for a clean triple kill, it is at 97% with no witnesses, he took his chance.
Oni ran through the bushes of the Garden of Memorial to the Greenhouse where the Maze of Memories is coming at Zen at a quick speed, Father Ig pulled out his gun and began firing at Oni, .550 rounds from his Golden Eagle (GEagle) sixteen-shot handguns, the bullets pelted Oni leaving small dents. When Oni came into view Zen saw that it had a demon face like a Eastern depiction of the mythological Oni as a mask, sanguine red, and black form-fitting Samurai armor. This Oni is a synthetic Humanoid-Synthetic bionic. The Oni came at them with brute force and killer intent. It knocked over Father Ig with a front-snap kick, darting straight for Zen. Zen had no choice but to resort but to violence although he is a pacifist. Ten feet away from Zen, Zen used a blast of psychokinesis to force-blast it back in place, slowing it down, holding up a forcefield of electromagnetic energy then blasting forward with a blasting punch as a centrifuge of electrokinesis converged around his arm, he sent this force projecting forward. A bolt of chain-lightning shot out with a superHuman punch to the Oni’s chest, the punch dented the chestplate of Oni, the lightning bolt drove itself into the Oni’s chest sending it flying back forty feet as it landed smoothly on its feet, sliding backwards a short distance. Electricity surging through and around the Oni yet the Oni stood strong. The Oni sheathing the razor-sharp titanium waikishi to draw an equally sharp katana made from plasma energy.
The Oni continued his charge in a zigzag pattern towards Zen. Zen returned by charging forward straight. Serenity saw this coming as Oni and Zen were about to lock in combat, Serenity locked Oni in a time-slowing bubble, Zen struck Oni in the throat with a immolating inferno that spiraled into a tornado blasting him back, it stayed thirty feet away, the levels of the towering inferno is enormous then ceased. Oni stood in the ashes which cleared, his armor barely burned. The three friends were amazed by this possessed demon of a synthetic bionic Synthetic.
Oni released shurikens from the palm of it’s hand as a projectile weapon at the three friends, Zen and Serenity blocked theirs easily, Father Ig dove, it cut the side of his head, merely a flesh wound which would leave a scar. Zen charged forward as did Oni. Oni drew a Plasma Pulse Rifle from behind his back and began firing, Zen dodged round after round as Serenity tended to Father Ig, getting him to shelter, watching the battle ensue. Zen had never fought before but due to his Shambhala martial arts training, Zen was the apex of a successful Shambhala Warrior. Zen’s skill surpassed any black belt of any martial art known to man but would that compare to this eccentricity of genetic engineering and robotics that is this Esper sentient Synthetic obsessed with honoring his master’s wishes? As they were about to make an impact again with punches, Zen did a backflip by bouncing off one finger on the ground, rocketing both legs into the Oni’s face, cracking the mask. Oni fell back, his sensors to his computer module had been shaken. Zen then used psychokinesis to blast the Oni back, it tumbled head over heel unable to land from all the flips and hitting the ground.
Oni got up, razor-sharp seemingly unbreakable katana and plasma cutting katana in both hands. He dispersed more shurikens at Zen at close range. Zen swept his hand to the side knocking the shurikens away to the ground, the Oni saw an opening and charged, Zen got down in a low Kung Fu style stance then summoning elemental energy of the spiritual energy of Chi. He blasted the Chi in a turquoise light at Oni. Oni powered through it, blind. When the Oni reached Zen, Zen grabbed Oni by both wrists, doing a frontflip, he rocked the Oni in the jaw breaking part of the demon mask to reveal a Synthetic face that is without Human features, it resembled that of a robotic skeleton. Zen landed then did an aerial kick at its exposed face knocking it down. disabling it’s right vision socket. Oni fell, Zen stepped forward to it, thinking it was finished, he could not read the machine’s mind but there was something Human behind it all.
When Zen got in the distance looking overhead of it, Oni swung his energy blade, Zen bobbed his head back then stomped forward on it’s exposed robotic face, smashing more of it. Oni kicked Zen off of him and arose in a graceful ascension. Father Ig is behind a hedge providing covering fire now, the shock had taken full effect from his wound. Oni slowly stepped forward in a showdown stance with Zen, Zen unarmed besides his deadly weapons of fists and unlimited arsenal of Esper powers. Father Ig had to reload, holding his head in agonizing pain.
Oni struck forward, titanium blade held outright, his energy sword behind his back, Zen dodged with a quick movement, the energy sword came at Zen’s throat, Zen bent back to dodge it then went for the ground kicking the legs from under the Oni. Zen grabbed the energy sword, driving it into Oni’s chest. The metal Oni’s body singed from the heat, going straight through the metal chestplate armor into biomechanical insides. Zen then drove a bolt of supercharged electrokinetic chain-lightning through its body with the sword as the medium while dragging the sword up through its body in a Seppuku manner, destroying its engine but saving it’s artificial organic brain.
Now, Zen could get what he wanted. Zen locked his arms around Oni’s sliced open Synthetic chest and began punching at the mask till it was completely shattered revealing the computer’s operating system and synthetic-made organic brain. He placed his hand on it and began doing a telepathic reading on it, searching all its data and memory since it is part biological. There is no need for questioning since the Synthetic had no way to defend against this type of interrogation. Zen found out many things, it had been searching for Akuma Ren, Zen van Nihil, anyone associated with him, it’s master is Raijin Ryujin II, Governor of United Asia, CEO of the Quadragon Keiretsu-Yakuza conglomerate, their most advanced assassin is taken down rightfully Zen van Nihil. For the reason that they sent the Oni but the reason the bosses of the Keiretsu-Yakuza thought the Oni would succeed as the central target of Zen seemed to be a man of peace. That was evidently clear when push came to shove.
Zen knew that the thing known as Oni had been following him for a while now. The Oni had just been waiting for the right time to strike, apparently it had miscalculated for it is known for taking out Super-Psionic Espers such as the degree of Serenity. Oni had killed so many that no assassin could compare to this super-ninja. Zen disabled the computer by using a psychokinetic force-blast mixed with chain-lightning from the hand he is reading it’s synthetic-organic computing system with. This combination of force and lightning destroyed it’s head, destroying the Oni. The battle was over and the smoke had cleared.
“Zen, are you alright?” Serenity asked him.
“Yes, yes I am.” Zen responded.
Father Ig held his bloody head, he said, “I’m not okay.”
Zen walked over to Father Ig placed his hands on his head, transferring healing energy into his wound to the point it closed, healed, only leaving a devil-may-care scar along the right side of his head. Zen is bothered that out of all places, his speech for the Peace Summit would be the time he would face his first assassination attempt. Zen looked at his clothes, not a single scratch. Zen the neuro-matter that Oni had is of the same genetic material of someone else he had known, someone shared its genetic material as a man named Akuma Ren or Hirohito Ryujin. The next person that came to mind is Abbot Dogen, how a dark prank pulled by Akuma Ren to appear as Raiden Ryujin through a visage with an even more matured Ren-Roshi behavior to aging himself as Abbot Dogen in striking similar appearance to Raiden Ryujin. Raiden felt the stinging resentment of envy towards Abbot Dogen as an enlightened and calm man who was authentic in his disguise. Raiden could not place how Abbot Dogen or Akuma Ren had become an authority among the populace of the Gardenia Utopian Community through Zen van Nihil.
Raiden thought to himself, “Akuma Ren, the most disdained criminal in the Gardenia Utopian Community governance over Asia has become a more supported authority than I? My own failure of a son is a success as a father to what the unanimous majority of the Gardenia Utopian Community interplanetary population… Now reveres what Zen van Nihil as the force of altruism, peace, and goodwill among Humanity?! Bullcrud.”
Zen van Nihil taught the truth in divine wisdom that Celestialism could not provide in its interplanetary operations as the only recognized Gardenia Utopian Community religion. Zen spoke to the soul of Raiden Ryujin and the majority of the Gardenia Utopian Community as the Dharma Talk continued.
Zen invoked peace among Humanity in his words, “I have seen all of Asia, I understand why the capital of United Asia is in Tokyo, Japan,” Zen manifested from the aether of nothingness in his hand, a lotus flower.
Zen then let out a breath upon it, sending it soaring upward in the wind of his breath before continuing, “I have been throughout the Gardenia Utopian Community governed lands of Asia from Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, the Philippines, Malaysia, all wonderful welcoming places. I am from the Dharmic Displacee Autonomous Zones that land in Tibetan-Nepal, Punjab, and Myanmar. I traveled to the Theistic Displacee Autonomous Zones that is the Middle East where all Zoroastrian-Abrahamic Theistic religious people have found unity in coexistence under the guidance of Magus Mithra Mysterium. I visited the cities, Jerusalem in Israel to Mecca in Saudi Arabia, I communed upon the ziggurats throughout the tour of enlightenment across United Asia. They had made the Quadragon Yakuza-Keiretsu and powers of United Asia upset in Zen’s wake as Zen told the truths of the Gardenia Utopian Communities history and history predating the great unification of Earth into Eden Prime. How World War III wasn’t won, it is merely resting, on an armistice dissipating very shortly if autonomy to a Commonwealth of Mars wasn’t granted. The real war is about to come, it would be more violent and bloody than before but he wondered who would start this war? Who would cause such suffering. Zen knew he was going to finish what he started, he wouldn’t stop till the whole world had achieved a spiritual revolution.

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