Indigo Dream – Revolution of Consciousness – Chapters 24-25

October 30th, 2121 CE, Eden Prime, United North America, State of Canada, Region of British Columbia, Vancouver, Gardenia Utopian Community Political Sector, House of the Hegemony
Zen wore the suit of Calvin Moody Luther, not many had noticed the differences in his outfit besides the two he was with. Forty years ago, Calvin Moody Luther addressed the Western and Eastern Blocs at one of these Peace Summits wearing the same outfit, no one knew that it was the same exact outfit. Zen sipped on a glass of a double-shot bourbon and cola, Serenity drank red-wine, Father Ig drank a water bottle full of everclear. Many strong Autumn Alliance proponents were asking Serenity about what it is like dating Zen van Nihil. Father Ig had many from the clergy of Celeste ask him about his scar emblazoned across the left side of his face as a constant reminder of shameful battles.
Father Ig told them, “I got it while your mother was in confession,” they backed away at that statement.
Everyone met Zen van Nihil with an Autonomous Zones to his confident approach to talk to them personally, he wanted to listen rather than talk, invoking awe in the elites of the Gardenia Utopian Community. However, after Zen had been amicably conversing with the concentrated minority of the powerful in the Gardenia Utopian Community. an otherwise beautiful late-twenties silver haired woman, if it weren’t for her constant resting face of genuine disgust of everything non-egocentric to her revealed in personality as she approached Zen. Zen felt the psychic aura of caustic malice that stole him away, dispersing the large attentive group from her known reputation.
“Hello Outsider, I mean Zen van Nihil, my name is Lucy Teller, I’m the Czar of Security for the EisenHaus Enclave, it is strange to see this ghost of the Gardenia Utopian Communities haunted past among us to preach his message of revolution and anarchy disguised as love and peace.” Lucy Teller, the apparent EisenHaus Enclave Czar spoke venomously to Zen, her pale blue eyes piercing Zen with a gaze that would have crushed lesser men.
“That’s Mr. Outsider to you, otherwise the name’s Zen van Nihil.” Zen said quickly scanned her mind confirming how deep the connection to Hegemon Frederick EisenHaus went.
“Ohhh, okay Mr. Outsider, are you… scared to address the hundreds of billions in the Gardenia Utopian Community about what you have come here to see you address at this Peace Summit? You are the Gardenia Utopian Communities Human of the Aeon as triumphed by the Revolutionary Times publication?”
Zen van Nihil began hallucinating mildly from maddening voices and disturbing sounds from the hormones Lucy Teller emitted…
“I’m tranquil and thankful to be here, unlike our brothers and sisters in the Esper Gardenia Utopian Community who live in fear of being forced indentured servants for their skills, experimented as live test subjects or everyday in their lives as they walk down the street as an angry mobs amasses around them, the Espers knowing how each of these situations go down and it happening enough that there’s no escaping this reality Gardenia Utopian Community propaganda, I have not come to spread fear but to bring about an order that is brave in the Gardenia Utopian Community to stand as one as a family for if we do not we will surely perish together as fools.” Zen saw her eyes were golden serpentine with violet diamonds for pupils.
“Ohhhh, okay, hahaha, was that a joke? Mr. Outsider?”
“That was the truth, anything divided against itself will not stand and I have come to be a pillar to raise Humanity and the Gardenia Utopian Community out of brutal social injustice, now Lucy, it’s been nice talking to you but it’s time for this Outsider to return to the company of friends who are at the bar. So excuse me.”
“Ohhh,” Lucy Teller walked away cursing under her breath as Zen saw many gathered up at the bar approaching them greeting them all by name endearingly.
Zen asked the bartender politely for a refill of his drink, she obliged graciously as etiquette is an antiquated ritual among those in the sophisticated age. Zen spoke a blessing of future good tidings to the bartender personally addressing her by name, she was presently about to end her 8 hour shift with doubt shadowing her mind, Zen alleviated that doubt by sharing an allusion to her present issue revealing the reality of the goodness and greatness to come for her. The young woman making the mixed drink gazed at Zen with a heartfelt smile and hidden ecstatic joy in her eyes as she knew the reality that her application to Unity University had been accepted. The realization that her vision of a better reality is to come.
The Gardenia Utopian Community held the social-norm among the elite to the working class that the elite are a social-class who have done away with the sacred charity of tipping the ones who serve. Zen drank a hearty drink saying his gratitude for her service then addressing this radical idea to the elite at this open bar the idea of giving among their wealth to the lower classes that charity to those who serve is an act of an individual bearing good moral character. The reaction to this became revolutionary as it spread as the elites donated their money for service for their drinks and past drinks, began using etiquette, the little acts of kindness of the old world had returned as a social-norm.
Alcohol had no effect on Zen. Alcohol only created the social-environment that increased the courage needed for Humanity to realize that despite their apollonian social-image in the society that the truth is that Humanity by nature is merely Dionysus in disguise. Something Zen loved in himself. Humanity for aeons had drunk this nectar of the gods in order to lose their inhibitions, to make themselves wiser by invoking the full extent of their inner-fool.
Zen had understood Friend in his meditations, Zen reflected on this presently. That God doesn’t make things less, he creates them equal, A God that hopes to see his creation realize they are one with the creator. In cycles to creator and creator; the realization that the word Friend is synonymous with God. That Zen as a friend to all souls wanted these souls that they are divine in themselves and decidedly these divines to determine what they are as a divine manifestation for life in itself is a spiritual experience.
Zen is now approached by a seemingly familiar face out of the many he talked to with kindness and humility one that was deeply rooted in his past, a blond woman with aquamarine eyes, hourglass body, in her late-thirties, she wore a strapless blue dress that went down to her knees, absolutely beautiful.
“Hello Zen,” she said with a thick accent pertaining to the dead language of German in her voice.
Zen recognized her voice, something was missing about it, this perplexed him so he remained silent, taking a hefty drink from his bourbon and cola while she spoke again.
“You don’t remember me do you?” She spoke clearly in a tone of an Eden Prime English accent which resembled that of the United Socialist States of America’s Midwestern or Californian accent.
“Maybe, I don’t recall much of my younger life.” Zen said.
“Zen van Nihil, you gorgeous, intelligent man whom I worship and adore, my everything who’d I’d give anything for, my name is Hegemon Iris Autumn, I knew you way before you were born on top of Everest, I know of your life before that I raised you.”
“Are you?” Zen began as an influx of memories entered his mind, bits and pieces of the schooling and adolescent period of his life, all of which involved her, this seemingly eternal reminiscent flood of memories as emotionally-tied memories of his youth lasted only seconds.
He said in disbelief, “Doctor KrankenKinder… Mother Lilith Moonchild?”
“Not going to answer with a yes or no, close but not certainly, I’m just going to say I knew you were there I was there with you,” she said taking a drink from the straw that led to her glass full of a long island iced tea.
She said to Zen, “Let’s talk.”
Hegemon Iris Autumn led Zen up to the vacant General Secretary’s executive office. She opened the door by picking the lock before they went in, she locked the door behind them.
“Now that we’re alone,” she whispered quietly.
“What’s the meaning of this, how do you know me, how do I know you, I don’t understand this?” Zen asked.
said, “Zen, you are the central figure behind the revolution, I’m so proud of you, I’ve been to every Dharma Talk, I’ve watched every interview, I’ve followed your moves in the streets of the sprawls of United North America, State of the United Socialist States of America, and United Asia, Zen, I’m the closest thing to a mother being like you could ever have currently.”
Zen was in shock.
“You know how most babies are made in a womb inside a Human? You were made in a womb inside a machine. The woman who created you tended to that embryo, raised the child that came out, taught it, educated it, cared for it, loved it but like this woman I also love you, we’ve met, you don’t remember.”
Zen took this in, he took this in with, trying to decipher it with as little confusion as possible.
“Zen van Nihil, you are not a mere Human being, you are part of Human beings that Human beings are Nemo or Calvin Moody Luther, you are an Archon from genetic engineering of Nemo and something far more powerful than you could imagine.”
“That Archon is named Zenki Ex Nihilo and I am one as well…” Zen said in shock.
“So you know?”
“Yes, I’ve been aware for a long time.”
“Zen, you are Zen, not Nemo or Zenki Ex Nihilo, nor are you a Maitreya or a Messiah, you are far greater than anything the revolution could have, you are the coming of the Sovereign,” Hegemon Iris Autumn continued, “Zen, your suspicions are correct, you are the combination of Nemo and Zenki Ex Nihilo, you were born and raised to be a living weapon for the Gardenia Utopian Community, created in a top-secret Protectorate installation in Russia, Eden Prime, you spent your teenage years in the Autonomous Zone of Tibet-Nepal at the Shambhala Monastery but now in all of the realms in the multiverse that belong to you just grant us this favor and please help us with our revolution, Mars must have its independence, Humanity has no future if Espers are not treated with the respect they deserve, the rights of the Human beings they are.”
She kissed him long and hard on the cheek, before turning unlocking the door, leading him out, two rebels in balaclavas wearing Secret Service uniforms waited there, “Good evening Hegemon Autumn,” they said to Iris.
When they saw Zen, they saluted declaring, “Lord Zen, our prayers are with you and you are the answer to our prayers, hail you, Lord Zen.”
“Now boys, Zen needs to get ready to address parliament about URC Independence and Psionic civil rights,” Hegemon Iris Autumn laughed.
It was showtime, Zen had to go seize his spot at the side of the stage while some Gardenia Utopian Community entertainer introduced Zen. Zen now knew what piece of the puzzle he was, he was the center that held a spider web of convoluted lies and conspiracy in a place between hell and high water which Zen accepted peacefully.
October 30th, 2116 CE, Eden Prime, United North America, State of Canada, Manitoba, the EisenHaus residence near Hudson Bay.
Aiden had grown tired of his mother Michelle’s clinginess, her habitual emotional breakdowns, her chronic caterwauling. Aiden spent every opportunity he could with Frederick. Frederic is the mentor, Aiden the protege. Aiden viewed Frederick as his favorite means to an end. Aiden Frederick EisenHaus was his new name. Frederick had adopted Aiden as his own, erasing the name of the loving father who had held his son, Aiden so dear to his heart. Aiden spat out the open passenger-side window of the car he was in, Frederick is driving. They headed to the Peace Summit where Zen van Nihil, the two diabolical masterminds speculated Zen would be speaking on the topic of URC Independence and Esper Civil-Rights. That was the Dharma Talk addendum addressed to the Peace Summit where all the elite of the Gardenia Utopian Community would be gathered. The subject of the Dharma Talk was kept to the Zen and his company but Aiden seemingly knew what was going to be the topic at this Peace Summit. Today, tribute to our Sovereign. Tomorrow, a tribunal for our Sovereign.
The two had just left Simon’s funeral, he died with dignity but without honor in the eyes of the Gardenia Utopian Community. The true shame is that Simon didn’t see Zen speak at the Peace Summit. Zen was viewed as a friend to Simon Bathory-EisenHaus but all that had changed when Aiden literally forced Simon’s hand to take his own life. Yet still, the Revolution marched on. Aiden hoped that it would just march off a cliff already. Zen van Nihil, the bane of Aiden’s existence, would be speaking at the Peace Summit in close proximity to one another. Aiden wondered what dumb things Zen would say. As he pulled his head back into the sports car, taking a break from the beating wind against his face. Aiden could hear the vehicle’s sound system blaring Electronic Dance Music. Aiden had an intrusive thought about when they were being raised in the facility that they had messed up their names. That Aiden is Sovereign of Revolution and Zen is the Lord of Lawlessness. This infuriated Aiden greatly, those were the beings that truly were Zen and himself, something Aiden is proud of. Aiden thought in his dark abyss called a heart that he is the Sovereign to revolutionize the world that Zen is the Lord of Lawlessness which spanned suffering across the universe. These labels seemed mixed up to Aiden for he knew he was the Lawless Lord and proud of that fact bringing anger throughout his being in comparison to Zen.
What made Aiden rage is the fact that Zen and him are brothers. Memories of the lab facility in Moscow where they were incubated in a test-tube through genetic engineering born on the same day then sent to the underground base in the middle of nowhere. How loving and kind Zen is which makes him weak in Aiden’s mind. Aiden knew from day one that Zen wasn’t a killer or a slaver. Aiden knew Zen was not a part of the system keeping the sheeple people in line. The same sheeple people who walked his earth, breathed his air, how dare they share this with Aiden, he contemplated daily. The sheeple people were no more noble creatures than they were savage beasts.
At this thought, Aiden heard his inner-voice, the maltheistic Aka Manah whispered to him in a dark deep distorted haunted tone, “Zen van Nihil, the Outsider, favored of the Great Architect, Archon of the Great Commission, friend of souls, the Sovereign.”
Aiden had a sullen expression on his face at the mention of something other than himself as the whispers continued, “We are the thing that does not exist Aiden, we are Nemesis, we are the adversary of all existence, we are the instigator of all conflict, we are the ender of all, we are the destroyers of the world, we are the king and he is a fool,” Aiden shook his head in delight at these whispers for they fed his ego, the inner-voice continued, “Aiden, you have enemies who are his friends, these enemies may be his friends but they can be his enemies too, the world is full of enemies, Zen truly stands alone, nothing will keep him strong, when he finds out how fairweather his friends in Humanity are.”
Aiden smiled as the car entered the parking lot for those attending the State of the Gardenia Utopian Community Summit. Aiden was happy, he looked over to see his present adopted father in the driver’s seat, the vehicle driving through the ending countryside into a more urban area, Frederick was shapeshifting from his Reptilian form to Human, his scales shifting back into flesh.
Aiden used telepathy to read his mind, Frederick thought to himself, “The United Cosmic Federation have already reached Sovereign Zen van Nihil, I would have never thought our species would wage war over the fate of super-apes, these super-apes will probably be the death of the Draconian Imperium, if they think their convoluted strategy of using the Great Architect’s Sovereign Revolutionary to defeat the Lawless Lord, they can think again, if the United Cosmic Federation can think they can defeat the Draconian Imperium, they can think again because I will crush their Sovereign personally.”
Aiden looked over at his shapeshifting mentor, father, high priest, co-conspirator.
Aiden said to Frederick as he was becoming his Human form, “How long have the EisenHaus been Earthborne Reptilians? How long have Reptilians been on this god-forbidden rock, how long have the Pleiadians, the Andromedans, and the Talosians been on this damnable planet, are the Autumn’s all Earthborne United Cosmic Federation aliens, for three-hundred years the EisenHaus clans of Draconis Reptilians of the Draconian Imperium waged their shadow war with the Autumn clans of the United Cosmic Federation. The United Cosmic Federation being all-inclusive in their combined intergalactic coalition of Sirius, Lyria, Pleiades, Talosi, et cetera, have in unity have waged war against the psychopathic supremacy of the infiltrating invaders of the Draconian Imperium here on Eden Prime, now in the age of the Gardenia Utopian Community as an interstellar force in the cosmos?”
“Since the fall of Atlantis, since Zenki Ex Nihilo fought Aka Manah, resulting in the civil war between our species, since the balance was made unbalanced, since good and evil have existed in relativity to what side is the only universal truth is that there is suffering, may we all suffer until every living being is dead, and may we suffer unto death, passed death, forever and ever, eternally.”
Aiden or Aka Manah let out a distorted demonic laugh as they pulled onto the road to the political epicenter of the Gardenia Utopian Community, in Vancouver, Municipality of Canada in United North America. Frederick had successfully become completely Human by the time Secret Service Agents in their black tracksuits approached him, seeing who he was, they let him pass, golf-cart ready for his three-mile ride to the Parliament building.
The Autumn Hegemony leader, Iris Autumn and Zen van Nihil conversed as Father Ig let out soft-burst of laughter at hearing Zen talk to a mastermind of the URC. Hegemon Iris Autumn and her nephew Arthur Luther shared power for they were both Autumns. He was applying a Martian Deadly Nightshade extract strip to his right palm, the poison was known as Thanos Hypnosis that would be spread through contact with his victims skin, he slipped his gloves on and was out the door. He hated Celeste, everything she did to his once proud faith had been compromised as he well knew, the bipArchon treaty by the United Cosmic Federation and the Draconian Imperium dictated that Humanity, its government of the Gardenia Utopian Community, were to be an experiment to see which side would succeed. The United Cosmic Federation’s liberating enlightenment of the Human race or the Draconians scheme of enslaving or exterminating the Human race. The message had been convolutedly compromised by this treaty, Celeste was useless, Zen van Nihil was the true future of Humanity, everything was going according to plan, before Father Ig could do anything more on behalf of his lord, the Holy Trinity. Father Ig had to pay a certain man his respects for almost killing Serenity, himself as well as the most holy of holies, Zen van Nihil.
Father Ig saw him, Raijin Ryujin II, standing there with his Keiretsu-Yakuza Yes Men. Father Ig approached him, he knew this was the piece-of-crud responsible for earlier that cybernetic Synthetic kill-bot super-assassin that must have been twenty years in the making and the only one of its kind that thing did not even scathe Zen or any of them, Zen took that thing out without a single scar or cut in his garment. Raijin Ryujin would be done in the same way except through his own preferred method of assassination, subversion. Father Ig approached Raijin Ryujin, Raijin was taking a drink from his green tea when Yakuza-Triad bodyguards stopped Father Ignatius. Raijin spoke in Japanese to make them move out of the way then motioned for Father Ig to come closer, Father Ig stuck his right hand, the one with the poison strip, Raijin held out his hand prepared for a firm, full, hand embrace. Father Ig clasped his hand.
“Hello, you must be Raijin Ryujin, I heard you built a new mall in the Vatican Autonomous Zone, how… how ‘nice’ of you,” Father Ig said, shaking his hand.
“Awww, yes I did, nice to meet you, what’s your name Father?” Raijin asked back in a slight Japanese accent.
“Father Ignatius, I’m a Monsignor in the order of the Jesuits, you may have heard about me from his holiness?”
“Awww! You’re that Father Ig, you’re like a kid brother to the Holy Sea, pleasure.”
“The pleasure is all mine.”
They released, the Grim Reaper had completely absorbed Raijin Ryujin’s bloodstream through the skin of his hand, his hours before a grizzly fate were now numbered.
“Well!” Father Ig started exasperated by the conversation, “I’ve got to go check on Zen, he might need me.”
“Oh so you’re a friend of Zen.”
“Yes and the kids like a son to me.” Father Ig smirked walking away to Zen’s dressing room, out-of-sight he ducked directly into the bathroom, taking a fresh pair of latex gloves, he put one glove on his left hand without the strip. He peeled off the strip then discarding it in the trash, applying the other glove he pulled off both gloves at the same time so not to come in contact with any highly-toxic resin on either glove, throwing them in the wastebasket, taking out the trash-bag then making his way to the dumpster that was out back, he flashed his high-security clearance badge, walked past them, threw the bag in the dumpster then walked back in, flashing his badge again then walked towards Zen’s dressing room. Serenity was bewildered by his entrance, Zen knew exactly what he had done, he walked up to Father Ig, embracing him.
“For the revolution.” Zen said accepting his fate as the Summit was about to start.
“May Nemo live on through you, we lost Simon Bathory-EisenHaus, you didn’t know him but he was a good man fighting the good fight for the revolution, one of our leading intelligence officers, I had to eliminate Raijin Ryujin on behalf of the betterment of United Asia, and might have been Abbot Dogen’s arch-nemesis or something like that.” Father Ig explained.
“I know, Raijin Ryujin is the head of the Quadragon Keiretsu-Yakuza and the Governor of United Asia, he viewed us as a threat after my Dharma Talk tour in United Asia, we set the stage for a spiritual revolution within the individual self within a collective, we didn’t mean him any harm,” Zen said swallowing his last word, remaining silent as he pondered meditations past as he realized something.
Zen collected himself, stating, “Thank you, my friend Father Ig.”
Father Ig replied humorously, “You’re very welcome my friend, Zen van Nihil.”

8PM, October 30th, 2121 CE, Global Gardenia Utopian Community, United North America, State of Canada, Region of British Columbia, Vancouver, Gardenia Utopian Communities Centralized Political Sector, the Gardenia Utopian Community House of Parliament
The exterior of the Gardenia Utopian Communities House of Parliament building represented that of the architecture of the Greco-Roman Hellenistic era pillars which encircled the exterior of a postmodern enclosed glass-domed sporting arena. The interior grand conference hall represented that of a commercial athletics stadium coupled with an amphitheater. The amphitheater stage was the focal-point of the three encircling sides of the House of Parliament meeting chamber. Black artificial leather cushioned pews that resembled rows of giant luxury sofas on the ground level which had a black and white checkered patterned tiling floor. an encircled raised area formed a rotunda around the ground seating with the same seating arrangement of luxury chairs. Above the rotunda of luxury stands were skyboxes, typical of the bread and circus of the Gardenia Utopian Communities politics. The entrance to the House of Parliament building had many decorative fountains of angels in architecture that incorporated the way water flowed from them. The entire outside structural and aesthetic decor of the architectural wonder was made from white marble. A marvel of the 22nd Century, old Greco-Roman pillars lined the rooms for aesthetic support, the outside ground and second floor of the building was aligned with glass floor-to-ceiling windows for a circular walkway or rotunda within the outer perimeter of the House of Parliament building. This gave the elitists and political power-players a view of the Memorial Gardens as they walked around the building to find their seat.
Zen stood at the podium as the elitists of the Gardenia Utopian Community sat in their seats watching attentively. A Dharma Talk was about to be held by the most influential figure who most would consider to be a messiah of the Human race. Three massive Holoscreens which adorned the overhead region of the amphitheater’s shell showed a standby image of the seal of the Gardenia Utopian Community. The seal was a downward sword in front of an image of Earth which was constantly revolving at a slow speed to constantly display the entire planet in intervals, a laurel of flowers surrounding the planet. Eden Prime had evolved from the Western and Eastern Blocs of the old world order Earth which had dissipated from the Celeste intervention creating Eden Prime, the Gardenia Utopian Community, and everything encompassing it. The House of Parliamentary building could sit 10 thousand delegates and puppeteers of Gardenia Utopian Community. Among Zen’s friends in the audience are Serenity and Father Ig, they were seated in the center of the third row from the stage. The enemies of Zen, both Aiden EisenHaus EisenHaus and Frederick EisenHaus IX sat in the most elegant skybox with the best view of the stage.
Zen had the audience’s full attention, they were waiting for the Dharma Talk to be broadcasted live through all throughout the entire Gardenia Utopian Community, from earth to its domain in the inner-planets and the outer-planetary worlds beyond the mining surveyors in the artificial city-stations along the asteroid belt. For any speaker at a Gardenia Utopian Community Summit this would be the defining moment of their career but since Zen was given an honored privilege as Gardenia Utopian Communities Man of the Aeon as elected by one of the Utopian Parties media outlets known as Revolutionary Times. Zen was elected unanimously as the Man of the Aeon by Revolutionary Times, this honorary award was created from Person of the Gardenia Utopian Community is to the greatest individual of Humanity yearly, this award is for this entire epoch of Human existence. Zen felt honored to have this title, to have this honor of being the speaker of knowing what was best for Humanity, he was chosen by fate to undertake this divine purpose. Zen thought the purpose of life was simply to live life for a purpose, this was his purpose, to enlighten and liberate Humanity.
Men and women in formal wear suits and dresses were in the audience, piloted drones with cameras attached hovered via their anti-gravity propulsion engines above the audience, capturing Zen at all angles for his Dharma Talk. This Dharma Talk would be strong, this Dharma Talk would be more-or-less a plight for political resolve. Zen took a drink of water from a glass on the podium, the water was lukewarm so Zen chilled water with cryokinesis, the audience’s eyes widened at this, anything Zen did was an astonishment that incited both numinous awe and crippling fear.
Zen cleared his throat then began speaking, “Hello my fellow Humans of the Gardenia Utopian Community, I am Zen van Nihil, I am honored to be here today at Gardenia Utopian Communities grand Summit for peace and prosperity, with each passing day of my existence is a new Everest I climb, I am standing here today before you all and it is a greater meditation for me that I may pass a greater meditation onto you, I would like to address suffering, all the suffering of beings is a tragedy, a great misfortune unto all those who exist but there is a pressing issue that must be addressed, the suffering of the Homo Esper, the most feared and hated minority of the Human race, we have come leaps and bounds since I have started my ministry, commissioned by my Friend and all our Friend, the Quantum Consciousness, what I ask for you today is to examine the way minorities have been treated throughout our history, whether they be of a race, gender, sexuality, ethos or creed. We say we have come a long way but we are no better than our ancestors of the dark ages or the time during the rebellion of Nemo and the aftermath of World War Three, I am aware that many of you would like to think of me as some sort of harbinger of doom but in reality, I am a bringer of light, I am a friend to all souls, I come to bring enlightenment and liberation to all beings, to illuminate the darkness of this world for closer examination,” Zen paused taking another drink of water before continuing, “The Psionic Humans which dwells among our ranks of our species are the key to our survival as a species, it is why I exist, it is why they exist but to think you are no more important than them is a fallacy, for we every part of the machine of society needs all its parts in order to function, our ecosystem once was Earth alone but now we can span the entire universe. Among the scientists of our Gardenia Utopian Community, they have confirmed that other life exists, we’ve known this for twenty years now, we will soon be making contact with Andromedans, whatever species they are, they are indeed intelligent, far more intelligent than us, they are a race of Psionic beings, if they see how among us we treat our Psionic brothers and sisters, those gifted among us with the abilities which we treat like pariahs or freaks of nature when we as a species should embrace these beings for there is much to be learned in the peculiarities of their existence for they are a treasure trove of ideas for progress and change just as we all are, it is not about whether you are the natural Human or Homo Sapiens, it is not whether you are the artificial Human or Homo Synthetic, it is not whether you are the modified Human or Homo Nexus, it is not whether you are the psionic Human or Homo Esper, it is about one thing and one thing only that you are Human, if one is a person in the Gardenia Utopian Community then one deserves to be treated just as an equal to all Humans in the Gardenia Utopian Community born out of our homeworld Eden Prime, in order to achieve an even greater family with the Andromedans we must show we show them that we are the type of species one would wish to be kin to for in our current state they may perceive us as a barbaric and uncivilized race, they may avoid all contact with us, if they have spanned the to other planets as our scientists have stated, it may result in our alienation with the other races of the universe, to all out war, a war we could not possibly win, this is why it is of the utmost importance that we learn to live together as family or we will perish together as fools,” Zen asserted his confidence in his words successfully for his pause in his speech to be met with a unanimous roaring applause from the audience.
As Zen said these things, Frederick EisenHaus placed his hand on his face, he saw that Zen had made a valid point, his only wish is to exploit this information against Zen, Frederick being loyal to the Draconian Imperium instead of the allegiance that the Andromedans had to the United Cosmic Federation. The United Cosmic Federation was a vast collegiate of races and planets who were at constant war with the Draconian Imperium. This Friend, Zen spoke of was the Quantum Consciousness, something only the Dragons of the Draconian Imperium could communicate with as well as the Els or angelic like beings of the United Cosmic Federation. The information Zen had exposed was common knowledge that there were Andromedans in the Andromeda solar system, the solar-system which neighbored ours, through messages in the region between Pluto and Andromeda, Space Force explorers had received telepathic messages and relayed those messages via communications to the Gardenia Utopian Community Vanguard Organization which were then relayed to the public, the information relayed to the public was censored and channelled through Celeste. Zen had just put all of this in proper perspective to all of the Gardenia Utopian Community.
Zen continued speaking, “The next thing we as a species must accomplish is URC Independence, The Martian citizens belong to Mars, a society intelligent and wise enough to govern themselves outside the control of Gardenia Utopian Community, Mars may remain a part of the Gardenia Utopian Community but of their own accord, we cannot continue to claim occupancy over them for it will only lead to more insurgents attacking any structure or person that represents the Gardenia Utopian Community, how much blood must be shed before we realize the inevitable that giving Mars their independence is something that must be done, and it must be done soon, we as a species are divided by this, this division will stand as long as we do not give Mars their autonomy instead of the totalitarian rule we have on Mars already so they may flourish, Mars is a safe haven for freethinkers who may know what’s better for them than we do, by allowing an autonomous Martian government we create a permanent ally much likened to what the United Socialist States of America had with Great Britain in fear there may be an escalation towards conflict that in symbiosis we will work together, we must allow Mars to be a safe haven for those who exist alternatively to the Gardenia Utopian Communities way by giving them this right, we give them a right to live their lives yet as the we, the Gardenia Utopian Community here upon Eden Prime know that giving them this liberty will not create divisions but further our cause for unity within the Gardenia Utopian Community for the Martians shall meet this with gratitude,” Zen finished his water with another drink, “This concludes this Dharma Talk on the way Humanity should walk for our progress for survival.”
The audience was taken-back by this, they were mixed feelings about this surprise message of a Dharma Talk for there is truth in his words but many were considering Zen’s words. For tomorrow the Gardenia Utopian Community government would be forced to vote for URC Independence. For this new enlightening perspective there was no applause, no amicable agreement, no soulful unity. The Gardenia Utopian Community elites did not receive what they had expected. Instead, the message is an ultimatum for the future of the Human race and a perspective on an issue that seemed satisfactory yet a little unnerving as a necessity to be done in order to reach a moral applause. A collective agreement, a true soulful unity. The first part, a consensus needed to be met is that Homo Espers needed to be given their civil rights as Human beings instead of the rules and regulations which kept them at the status of oppression against the Espers as second class citizens. The second part, to grant autonomy to Mars in hopes to form a better alliance with the dominion in its rising amount of revolt to the Gardenia Utopian Community.
Zen stood there for a moment, boldly waiting for the longest momentary silence as the crowd began to slowly clap which grew into a roaring standing ovation as the realization had come to the Gardenia Utopian Communities governing body. Zen stepped in front of the podium and bowed respectfully with his hands folded three times to the left of the stage, the right of the stage then the center of the stage before walking off the stage. Frederick sat in the privacy of his skybox observing all of this splendor that had just dealt a deathblow to his plans of a more Draconian Imperium agenda for the Gardenia Utopian Community. Frederick sat in his luxury throne in his true form. Frederick’s crimson Reptilian scales were visible on his skin, his head shaped like in its true form as a dragon, his wings folded to be short as they protruded from his white undershirt for he had taken off his suit jacket and button-up shirt to meditate on his own Draconian philosophy, his Reptilian intuition, by the primality of this show as a noble truth had been declared to the audience about the future of what was best for the Human race. He stirred on his next course of action.
Aiden sat next to him, his lips quivering as he stood to stab at the glass with a combat knife to where Zen was in his line of sight at a distance, creating a tapping sound against the glass, in doing this, he quelled his thirst for immediate revenge against Zen.
Aiden with each tap on the glass as he stabbed it pretending it was Zen, Aiden whispered, “Die,” with the occasional statement along the lines of, “I’ll kill you Zen.”
Other than Aiden they were alone in the skybox, the glass was mirrored and one-way so only those could see out of the skyboxes instead of in. The skybox was typical of a luxurious skybox you could have at any athletics game, a skybox typical of one for the owner of the team, in this same stylization of hedonistic pleasures this would be considered ‘atypical’ for one that involved politics. Frederick meditated in his Draconic form, his shoes and socks were off to reveal his crimson scaly toes with spiked feet, his hands wider, his finger longer, his nails like sharp rending claws, one hand was at his side, the other over his Draconic snout as he pondered his next course of action. The ancestral dragons of the Crimson Draconic House of Draconis Prima had spoken to him in the tongues of the esoteric Draconic language of the Dragon caste of Reptilians, the whispers were haunting and phantasmal. At these indecipherable unworldly words, Frederick then decided what he was going to do. Frederick began tapping into the souls which he owned through the Order of the Serpent, the vast amount of security and Protectorate Forces of the Gardenia Utopian Community who had drank the blood of the serpent or imbibed the sanguine essence of a Reptilian in a trade for power and status in the Gardenia Utopian Community, for this power and status, they allowed those of that Reptilian bloodline to manipulate and control those who imbibed the essence who had the illusion of freewill as they went about their life but due to their pledge by volition to the secret society known as the Order of the Serpent, were actually Frederick’s thoughtless thralls, waiting for Frederick’s beckoning call to do whatever their master Frederick wanted, including assuming control of their entity to do his will. Frederick EisenHaus the 9th or better known as the Final Symphony was going to play some games with his Human puppets tonight, sing a song or strum a tune while he had some fun with the game, the song would be a dirge for Zen van Nihil and his soon to be dying dreams, Zen’s life would become a nightmare for even believing there should ever be any hope for Humanity.
Midnight Martian Time, October 30th, 2121 CE, Planet Mars, Martian Continent known as Inscapist Island, Inscapist City.
Arthur Moody Luther had been watching the broadcast of the Sovereign of the Great Architect that the old world order Autonomous Zones religious figures from mystics, prophets, and visionaries had unanimously agreed as a universal as a manifestation of the One True God would reveal this being, the Sovereign to revolutionize every part of the Human condition in every Human aspect. The Old World Order religions had made a new universal interfaith pact which had been revealed in the past 100 years throughout spiritual and religious organizations free from the hatred of the state agenda flourished, united against Celestialism and the Gardenia Utopian Community for the destruction of the faith of those who perished in the resource war that Sovereign Zen van Nihil would bring the will of the Creator in the name agreed upon as the Great Architect to Humanity.
Arthur knew in that moment what his mother had done, why she kept her secrecy as Arthur innately knew but could not believe. Enthralled by what Arthur is gazing with astonishment at Zen van Nihil, the Sovereign who is in many ways as his father besides the snow white albinistic pigment, sapphire blue eyes, jet black hair. These details are arbitrary to the physical shape and form of his father in Zen, this ghost of his father spoke in the same voice, held similar manners, personality, had similar spiritual views of Humanity. Zen’s uncanny resemblance to his late father all the way to the clothes he was wearing, those clothes Zen is the same outfit his father wore as Calvin Moody Luther as the Human of the 21st Century in 2075 CE. These were clothes from his father’s era of being a televangelist, not the money-grubbing soulless greedy monsters that existed when Christianity was still prevalent but a man warning of actual dangers of the division of the War between the Eastern and Western Bloc that lead to World War III, his father never asked for a cent because his father was already independently wealthy. The clothes he wore every-Sunday as himself, the theologian and preacher Calvin Moody Luther resurrected or in this case, reincarnated as Zen van Nihil.
Arthur’s apartment which was quite a humble abode for the residing place of a leader of an intellectual and militant collective. The radicalized militants of this organization were innumerable, speculated to be anywhere from from two out of ten people, to over half the Human population. Arthur would glance daily at his monetary net-worth that placed him as one of the Gardenia Utopian Communities five most wealthy people. Arthur sat on his couch reclined back for his heart tensed for the pale magus of wisdom known as Zen that Arthur watched on the Holovision in a state of relaxed horror who Arthur knew Zen had just ruined his own life by monitoring the change-of-heart happening live in the emotions of the majority being EisenHaus Enclave and the smug joy of Autumn Associates. Arthur knew Zen had just dealt Frederick EisenHaus a destructive blow for all that Frederick EisenHaus influenced in his Enclave concerning Humankind that had experienced enlightenment from Zen van Nihil. Frederick EisenHaus considered their experience a break-in-consciousness to the Enclave. Arthur knew that Frederick would initiate something sinister for his authority being compromised. Arthur continued watching Zen calmly, intently anticipating the initiation of his master plan to benefit from the folly of hubris Frederick EisenHaus possessed and will act on.
Zen said from the Holovision, “We as a species must learn to let go of attachment as a collective of the Gardenia Utopian Community we have created a schism of political and economic interest with our brothers and sisters of Mars, whether they be Homo Sapien, Homo Sentient, Homo Esper or Homo Synthetic, they are still are brothers and sisters in Humanity, to break this schism we must learn to let-go of this attachment by giving Mars its much needed political and economic autonomy for we are what is holding back the future of our species and together we must learn to let-go of our attachments for everything is temporary but we as individuals are eternal. Through peaceful diplomacy we must hand over our sovereignty to the people of Mars so they can be free, otherwise, by the law of causation and its effect, their cause, your cause, our cause we’ll have an adverse effect on the societal structure of the Gardenia Utopian Community where conflict will inevitably happen, the great conflict must be avoided at all costs for all conflict brings suffering, all is conflict in politics for politics is everything.” Zen breathed in a deep serene breath, “Everything is nonsense to me.” Zen spoke that sentiment in rapturous conviction.
Arthur heard truth in these words for these were altered words of his own father speaking directly to him. Arthur knew his father Nemo’s revolution lives through Zen. By some enlightened and altered form newly reincarnated as Zen. Arthur knew Nemo would agree that now is the time for revolution and the full-scale war for Humankind’s survival. Arthur accessed his ACCE. Arthur began monitoring a thousand news sources and security cameras across the Gardenia Utopian Community that peaceful protests were erupting into rioting after Gardenia Utopian Community Peacekeepers began firing live rounds at protesters for URC Commandos hidden among the crowd to draw their concealed weapons to engage in urban warfare. Arthur had predicted this night on what seemed to be precognition but the past, present, and future-history of Human conflict had truly dictated his reasoning to schedule this series of events would set the stage for total war leading to a Gardenia Utopian Community directed by the revolution of Nemo. Causation and effect.
Arthur then began sending comprehensive cyber-documents to his Protectorate Commanders coupled with the special operations units were to be dispatched, their objective to start guerrilla warfare with the Peacekeepers on the scene as well as assassinate Gardenia Utopian Community loyalists around Mars simultaneously. URC cyber-space pirates would use their hacking abilities to raise hell throughout the forces the Gardenia Utopian Community had on Mars as well as throughout all of Earth as the Black Cat special operatives in the collective would bomb special locations to ensure blackouts of all types as looting and rioting would take place. Followed by an attack on the installation located on the planet of Mars that would scatter the two approaching forces from Phobos and Deimos. The systematic overthrow of the Gardenia Utopian Community authorities was to be thrown into overdrive on both planets.
The next step was to wait and see what the Gardenia Utopian Community would do. Arthur knew they would dispatch their Protectorate Forces stationed on Deimos and Phobos to combat the Martian revolution. All he had to do was anticipate this attack with reactionary force so the revolution would take its course. Arthur relaxed, sitting with his hands-folded in his lap, staring at the screen of Holovision while the menus for his ACCE clouded his inner-vision. Selecting options on applications through the translucent menus in his eyes as he wrote a series of emails to his Generals conducting their presented course of action to the innumerable Guerrilla freedom fighters for the United Revolutionary Collective located throughout both planets. On the Holovision, was the bigoted biased political commentator of the Utopian News Network, Dan O’Hara detailing his own beliefs about his prediction of Zen van Nihil being a URC Martian sympathizer. Arthur smiled at Dan O’Hara, hearing that idiot drone about the supposed dangers and evils of Zen van Nihil when the Sovereign had no part in what was about to unfold, just a casualty caught in the crossfire of personal war. Even now Arthur sensed something happening where Zen was vilified for a crime he did not commit but by the crooks who reigned over the Gardenia Utopian Community. Arthur saw this as his attack of opportunity, Arthur believed this attack would lead to Gardenia Utopian Community forces on Mars being decimated, and all threats to an Autonomous Martian government destroyed.
9:30 PM, October 30th, 2121 CE, Eden Prime, United North America, State of Canada, Region of British Columbia, Vancouver, Eden Prime Political Sector, House of the Hegemony.
They were back in the House of the Hegemony, the trek from the House of Parliament building was less of a trek thanks to Father Ig sharing his Bourbon out of the flask with Zen and Serenity. The celebration was underway, no matter how sullen it was, Zen had truly struck a chord with them about what to do with the future prospects of the Human race and the governing body of Eden Prime, giving up Mars met giving up the central planet in economic and technological power as much as they didn’t want to give up the once Red Planet, they saw truth in Zen’s words but ignorance and stubbornness would prevail over giving Mars their independence. The House of the Hegemony was rather quiet in comparison to the usual rip-roaring parties after a Summit. Zen and Serenity held hands as they began their tour-de-force of political talk on promoting a Martian Commonwealth free from the Gardenia Utopian Community. After talking to everyone and knowing they had one favor with their opposition or celebration with their fellow believers. Zen and Serenity sat at a table, drinking out of the hideable canteens of whiskey they had brought with them
“I love you Serenity,” Zen spoke to a stern looking Serenity who was applying lip balm which was followed by crimson lipstick while looking into a compatible pocket mirror she produced from her purse.
“I love you more Zen,” Serenity replied, closing the lid of her pocket mirror and setting it all in her black synthetic leather handbag as she held Zen’s hands tightly, they gazed longingly into one another’s eyes in silence.
Despite winning over more than necessary political figures for new legislation for the advocacy of equality to Homo Espers and to end Martian citizens weekly riots and perpetual state of revolt towards the Gardenia Utopian Community for not fairly representing Martian citizens in the Gardenia Utopian Community by creating an independent Commonwealth of Mars. There were still plenty of people who would want to see Zen, Serenity, Father Ig, and all their friends dead. Zen had angered a lot of people with his views while many at home had been swayed by this particular speech, the Eden Prime government forces felt disrespected, using the guise of a Dharma Talk to force a political agenda. However, after this dance, the crowd’s mood was lightened.
They were approached by Aiden EisenHaus EisenHaus, son and heir apparent of the Hegemon. The young man named Aiden EisenHaus, had a fair complexion, maroon red hair, emerald green eyes, he stood at 5’10, he wore a black suit jacket, white button up shirt, crimson satin tie, black suit pants, black socks, black dress shoes.
“Hello Zen and friends of Zen,” he said as his greeting to them.
“Hello.” Father Ig and Serenity said guardedly.
“Hello Aiden.” Zen said effervescently, open to all those who would or could oppose him.
“Relax,” Aiden said, “I’ve come to congratulate you!”
“That’s the first today,” Zen said in a sarcastic tone.
Aiden laughed, “I am Aiden EisenHaus, my father is Frederick EisenHaus, we would both like to speak to you about the proposals you brought forth today.”
“Oh really?” Zen said in mock-shock.
“Yes, really,” Aiden said, “Would you follow me?”
Zen looked back at his two friends before walking away with Aiden. Aiden led him through many corridors and up many stairs in the House of the Hegemony which was laid out like a giant office or apartment building in parts. They finally reached an elevator which would lead them to Frederick EisenHaus, the Hegemon’s office, Aiden called it while they waited in silence. The elevator arrived. It was luxurious with gold walls and handrails, an illuminated Holomonitor for command prompt of the elevator. Aiden selected the penthouse then up they ascended.
As the elevator ascended up the towering levels of the House of the Hegemony. Aiden decided to talk to his long-lost brother.
“How have you been Zen, you sure pissed off a lot of people with that speech, done more harm than good I would say, you realize what you have done right?” Aiden said with coi remark.
Zen just sneered at him.
“Relax, Zen, you’re a king, I’m a fool and vice versa, you have no idea what kind of commotion you’ve caused, the proverbial snowball is rolling down the hill into an avalanche, you think you’ve done the greater good but the greater good does not entail your favor, my brother.” Aiden said these things out of spite, Aiden could not control himself anymore, he was saying nonsense just to get to Zen, to take his peace, to make him want to wage war, he was waging psychological warfare with him to see if he could get him in a rage.
“You seem oddly familiar.” Zen interjected.
“Oh really? Like when we played king of the hill on top of Everest and you knocked me off the mountain? Well the shoes on the other foot now, Mars is being patrolled by its local Gardenia Utopian Community forces, there’s nothing good that will come from your speech, we have technicians in Mecha suits ready to tear the planet up, no revolution is going to happen, everything you’ve done since day one has been a failure.”
Zen gazed at him, laughing sardonically, he shook his head in disapproval, “Aiden right?”
“Yeah, you can call me that.”
“Whatever happens, happens, I no longer care.”
“Suit yourself,” Aiden replied as the elevator reached the penthouse and office of Frederick EisenHaus the 9th in the House of the Hegemony.
Zen and Aiden walked out of the elevator, and sat Frederick at the front desk to this political abode. The most powerful man known to Humankind, Hegemony of the Gardenia Utopian Community, Frederick EisenHaus the 9th. His legs propped up on the table, his suit black, white-dress shirt, black dress pants, black tie, couture pompadour haircut.
“Please sit down,” Frederick said to both of them.
They obliged him by taking two seats in front of his desk.
Frederick cleared his throat before speaking, “Zen van Nihil or Mr. Outsider, I have a proposition for you.”
“What’s that?”
“You change your stance on Mars that Martian solidarity with the Gardenia Utopian Community is the only way we will stand strong against possible attackers from outside and within.”
“What do you mean outside, I understand the conflict with the United Revolutionary Collective but I do not understand what you mean without, the Andromedans have been broadcasting peaceful messages,” Zen replied.
“Yes, yes they have, the reason being is that in this universe unknown to the general public is a force as great as the alliance they are a part of and that they one-day wish us to join.”
“What power is that?”
Frederick pulled a cigar out of his humidor before speaking, “The Draconian Imperium, a race of what you Humans who know psychology would say that the Reptilians are universally are a species which embodies the dark triad of your behaviors: Machiavellianism, Narcissism, and Psychopathy,” Frederick looked up gazing Zen in with cold Reptilian crescent eyes as he lit his cigar, puffing on it before continuing, “Reptilians shall we say are cunning and capable of smashing the Human race like ants to a planet-destroying deatomizer cannon, do you catch my drift?”
“Yes, the only thing standing in their way is the United Cosmic Federation which unfortunately has denied the Gardenia Utopian Communities membership among their cosmos spanning dominion at this present moment, the United Cosmic Federation is a utopian society comprised of a diverse coalition of societies, cultures, and species who this collective claim we are too barbaric and uncivilized but fortunately for us, their ambassador Celeste which is the same as you for your information, speaks of the problem of not us versus them but us versus ourselves.”
“What’s that?”
“That you have been exposed as an agent for the URC and the furthering URC controlled Martian Commonwealth that independence you proclaim would only lead to a United Revolutionary Collective governed Mars, you may have the public opinion of a rockstar Sovereign, Magus Mithra Mysterium the mad foresaw coming but who’s to say Zen that you’re a citizen of the Gardenia Utopian Community originally or even Human? Maybe you’re like Celeste, an agent of the United Cosmic Federation who wishes to see the Gardenia Utopian Community prosper but this autonomy that you voiced today brings many troubles and compromises to the Gardenia Utopian Community to enter a state of civil war and is another reason to prevent the Gardenia Utopian Community from entering the United Cosmic Federation, are you aware Zen van Nihil of what you say and do?”
Zen was taken-back by this, he did not know what to say, he gathered himself, “I had no idea we were this close to establishing this acceptance into such a truly utopian society, Frederick you’re a tyrant and a cold-blooded psychopath, I meant nothing like that.”
Frederick leaned forward in his chair, shoulders resting on his desk, “Who is this Friend of yours? What kind of being is he?”
Zen spoke earnestly, “The one who is the Gatekeeper of the Quantum Consciousness known as the Great Architect who is the Creator of the Many-Worlds of the Multiverse, I am his Lord Archon who serves him Zen van Nihil who previously was known as Zenki Ex Nihilo in my last life as a Lord Archon who went into the Quantum Consciousness to await my return as who I am now, Zen van Nihil.”
“Thank you for your honesty, it has come to my attention that you are not just Zen but a Lord Archon or shaper of cosmic laws of reality throughout the thirteen dimensions of the Multiverse who is active in our Universe working under the guidance of this Great Architect who is the All-Creator and Gatekeeper of the Quantum Consciousness or who personally told you to call Friend that you declare taught you Zenarchism, Zen, you are the manifestation Zenki Ex Nihilo, the Zenki Ex Nihilo you speak of manifests in you as Zen, you do realize that Zenki Ex Nihilo is the name of a trickster deity and that you have been pranked, a trick has been played on you, to cast an illusion to all of Humanity to inhibit our emergence with the United Cosmic Federation.”
Zen sensed something wrong, he sensed deception and deceit, they were trying to mislead him. Friend the Great Architect who is Master of the Multiverse and Quantum Consciousness would not lead him astray. Aiden who sat next to him had a grin which could not be hidden, it was the grin of cunning and duplicity. Zen thought for a second then realized what he must do. Zen used his psionic abilities to illuminate the room with the perception of truth, Aiden became a horned demon with a skeletal goat head, Frederick EisenHaus became a scaled Reptilian person, he did this by opening up his third eye or peripheral gland. The brilliance of the illumination of the truth behind this reality blinded the two, just as he did this, EisenHaus’ assistant burst into the room. The assistant was a man in his twenties wearing a navy blue dress shirt, suit jacket, black dress pants, and black dress shoes entered the room.
The assistant declared, “Sir, there is an all out revolt on Mars, embassies have been bombed, Gardenia Utopian Community Security has been scattered, what should we do?”
Zen exited the room as the assistant entered. Zen ran past the assistant who was staring in horror at the two others remaining in the room. Aiden or Aiden Aka Manah, fired a bolt of cryokinetic energy freezing him as ice sculpture that once was a man then used psychokinesis to explode him like a bloody popsicle spilling crimson shards all over the floor. The two shapes shifted back to their normal forms.
“Go after him Aiden!” Frederick called.
Aiden immediately began chasing after Zen, out the office door and down the many corridors and halls to where Zen was trying to escape from him.
Frederick hit his intercom button to put-forth his executive order into action, this executive order had six parts to it:
Killing Zen van Nihil, Serenity B. Autumn, Father Ignatius, Abbot Dogen, and all monks of the Shambhala Monastery.
Placing a kill-list on all high-level Eden Prime political figures who sympathized with Martian Autonomy.
Stabilize Mars, neutralizing any and all URC or Martian Protectorate on the newly Autonomous Mars.
The arrest or death of Arthur Luther and Micah Luther.
Stop the United Cosmic Federation Agents of the Alien-Human Autumn Family from interceding with his executive orders.
After all other orders have been met, roundup the registered Espers to be taken to the highly-classified Nightmare Land, under the guise that it was Saturn’s moon Titan where they can thrive and live in peaceful apartheid from the non-psionic Human population. Otherwise taken to undisclosed deep underground Protectorate prisons for experimentation and research in how the Gardenia Utopian Community can learn to control them to create super soldiers or exploit their powers for war against the United Cosmic Federation, aligning themselves with the Draconian Imperium.

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