Indigo Dream – Revolution of Consciousness – Chapters 5-9

July 16th, 2113 CE, Eden Prime, State of United Asia, Autonomous Zone of Tibet, Shambhala Monastery, Outside City of Gyantse.
The monks had given Zen a black-robe made for a boy of his stature, he wore it, the black contrasted his snow-white skin but matched his black hair. He sat in the chambers of the Abbot within the monastery. The Abbot’s chambers were on the top-floor of the large monastery in it’s main housing compound. Zen sat folded over one another on meditation cushions that were stacked on top of each other, the bottom meditation cushion is square shaped and is known as a Zabuton with a round cushion placed on top of the Zabuton which is known as a Zafu for his behind to rest on. The Zabuton meditation cushions were stacked two high so he could see over the table, his arms resting on the small tea table. His eyes watching the Abbot as he is pouring hot green tea into ceramic cups. Zen watched in curiosity at the beverage he was about to be served for the only thing he had ever drank was water. The Abbot placed the tea kettle on top of a rock next to the fireplace to keep the tea warm.
The Abbot walked with his hands folded at his waist to the side of the small tea table parallel from Zen. He sat down on a cushion. Zen got a very good look at the Abbot. The Abbot is a man of Tibetan descent, he wore a saffron robe, he stood at five-feet, eight-inches tall, he had a round face, yet sinewy muscular form. He is excessively bald leaving only the sides, back of his auburn hair which is quite short, he wore tortoiseshell glasses. His eyes were slightly slanted but mostly oval shaped. His demeanor is sanguine and carefree. Zen and the Abbot looked at each other for a few seconds before the Abbot spoke.
The Abbot said in perfect English, “My name is Abbot Dogen, I am the abbot or the head monk of this Monastery, what is your name my son?”
“Hello Abbot Dogen, my name is Zen.”
“Where did you come from Zen? How did you happen to find our monastery? Who are your parents and where are they?”
“I was in a strange world with my Friend, he gave me the name Zen, After we were done talking, I awoke to find myself on top of a mountain…” Zen paused, his memory of the crashed rotorcraft, the dead pilots, and the terrifying boy with auburn hair who tried to kill him is shrouded in a nebulous haze, his understanding of the event wasn’t clear, although he somewhat remembered it, he did not wish to relive the event by retelling what transpired on top of the Himalayan mountain.
Zen cleared his throat before recalling the next thing he clearly remembered, “I was lost, scared on top of the mountain, when I met a Good Samaritan, he is large and covered in hair like a gorilla but walked upright, he is what he told me, a Yeti, he is very helpful, a very good friend, he said you would be able to take care of me by getting me to some good people who would also be my friends, those friends being you and the monks here, he carried me all the way to the Monastery, I don’t have parents, I never had them.”
Abbot Dogen looked perturbed yet relieved by this information, he took a deep breath in through his nose, holding it in as a close mouthed sincere grin grew across his face before exhaling through his mouth, he appeared to be ecstatic about something, Zen peered into his mind, saw that it is filled with stupefying wonder of something he didn’t know, something Abbot Dogen knew about Zen that Zen did not.
What Zen perceived with his telepathy is a plan set-out beyond his current state of comprehension, something much greater than anything he could imagine, he felt the presence of Friend helping him fully-understand this new world, one he knew nothing of and with Friend’s help in understanding came a wave of blissful euphoria for this is the first day he had ever felt truly alive, yet the day July, 16th resonated with him as the day of his birth, July, 16th would be the day he is resurrected as a new person. No longer a candidate being conditioned to be a weapon of absolute control in his studies to be a super-soldier to ensure the government’s social dominance. Zen is a being capable of super-psionic powers unknown to normal Homo Esper in his caliber of godlike super-psionic ability is categorized at being that of being just that in godlike proportion for he is a Multidimensional Chimera Nephilim as Aiden with auburn hair had stated which Zen had proved by utilizing a defensive blast of minute proportions which led to him knocking him off the zenith of the mountain. These two thirteen year old boys were beings that the Gardenia Utopian Community had lost without any way of knowing how to regain. All of these things were learned from the enlightened, all-powerful entity known as Friend which Abbot Dogen had known of in its force in nature but not personally. Friends had made sure these events would happen, this is no mistake, this is part of the purpose of his existence, a determined event that is bound to happen which could not be missed or overseen. Friends let Zen know all of this in the moments Zen saw the warmth in Abbot Dogen’s smile. Zen understood this fully in an objective matter which Friend had passed to him through his interaction with Abbot Dogen. Abbot Dogen showed his full smile with teeth as he grinned in gratitude. Zen felt an everlasting appreciation for the universe, it’s creator that Zen knew as Friend.
Abbot Dogen spoke, “This is Shambhala Monastery, since it’s conception, all of my brothers, my brothers before me has had visions of you within deep meditation, you granted some of us enlightenment, everyone of us including myself has had visions during meditations, the dreams in our sleep of you, Zen your long-awaited arrival to this monastery, you are Zen, the one who will enlighten and liberate the Human race, you will have a ministry that will revolutionize Humanity, this ministry will spread throughout the interplanetary government of the Gardenia Utopian Community to be found throughout the cosmos, Zen, you shall lead us into a golden era of peace and order, you are the great liberator sent by our creator, many men have foretold your coming to this monastery, I thought it is only a legend to inspire hope in the brothers at this monastery, you are that legend come to reality, created by the all-maker, birthed where the earth meets the heavens, upon the zenith of the everlasting mountain known as Everest after falling from the heavens, you are Zen, you are good, you are an ambassador of enlightenment and peace in a world filled ignorance and suffering, you are the light that shines in a very dark era of Humanity that light will never go out from your arrival.”
Zen took all of this in, his mind expanding, information he had learned from the Wonderland Dream Machine is being awakened in his mind yet none of the events that had transpired in the underground classified Gardenia Utopian Community Protectorate base that is outside the city of Samara, in the state of Russia. Suddenly he knew things that he had not known before, his amnesia of the omnipotent and all-ascertained knowledge he had learned from the educational tool that is a computer that streamed information directly into the pupils brain.
“I’m in the autonomous zone of Tibet-Nepal of the state of People’s Republic of China in the union of United Asia, aren’t I?” Zen asked curiously.
“Yes you are!” Abbot Dogen exclaimed in excited Cantor, “You truly are Zen! You truly are a Human being with the ability to save us all, Zen, have you heard about the registry and monitoring of Homo Esper?”
“Homo Esper are an evolved mutation of Homo Sapiens which have developed psionic powers, only 1% of the Human population has been affected by this evolutionary change, it is unlikely that these psionic powers can be created artificially in a Homo Esper are emerging all-around the world, something that has to do with me is vital to the survival of these people, the purpose of my existence is vital to the survival and welfare of all living things in-general but the psionic Humans are the key, the central part to all of this.”
“If that is what you believe then that is what shall be known for it shall be done, Zen, you are the one our Friend has promised us, we shall overcome the tyranny of the corruption within the Gardenia Utopian Community, we shall overcome the lies that is propagated by what is known as the Gardenia Utopian Community, we shall rise as a species, we will learn to live together as family or perish together as fools.” Abbot Dogen said with confidence.
“You are Zen, the one from outside this world, you are not a charlatan or deceiver like those who masterminded the creation of Celeste, you are the true hero of the Human race, Your prophecy has been foretold, you shall prevail.”
The tea kettle on the wood burning stove in Abbot Dogen’s room began generating steam as it whistled. Abbot Dogen grabbed a large piece of cloth as a potholder which he grabbed the kettle, pouring green tea into teacups on a tray, he brought the tray with the two tea cups on it to the table between them, serving one to Zen and himself as they were placed on the tray. The kettle is placed in the middle of the tray under a very thick piece of insulated cloth. Zen took a drink and noticed it was scalding hot, his face drew back with a remark of slight irritation. Abbot Dogen laughed dismissively, noticing it didn’t bother Zen too much. Zen focused for a second creating out of the ether of nothing for small bits of crushed ice to fall from the air into the tea drink which cooled it to palatable drinking level which Zen took a hearty sip of. Abbot Dogen is astonished by Zen’s psionic abilities and cognitive pragmatism.

December 2115 CE, The Moon, Eden Prime Colony of the Moon, Lunar Protectorate Base Lunaris, Oceanus Procellarum, Protectorate Command Center of the Gardenia Utopian Community, United Martian Colonies
Former Five Star General of Gardenia Utopian Community Armed Forces, Army division promoted to the chief executive director position of Master Commander of the Gardenia Utopian Communities largest employer, the Protectorate. Master Commander Howard Aurelius sat at his mahogany desk, a man of African descent. Master Commander Howard Aurelius is a dedicated man bound by a code of honor with a decorated doctorate and laureate of all fields Protectorate science. He is a rational man who deals with life and his position as the head of the Protectorate in a pragmatic and practical light. A hardened empiricist grounded in reality who is the greatest at what he does. Currently, Master Commander Howard Aurelius is arduously peeling a chilled orange with his hands likened to bare paws as he did his best to dismantle the peeling of the orange, cursing under his breath that he just had to peel a chilled grapefruit. Howard is a physical specimen of super-soldier proportions, his mind a master of all things essential to commanding the largest Protectorate in Human history. He is a dark-skinned man who behind his thousand yard stare of intimidating the soul were eyes filled with compassion and love when he wasn’t working a rotating constant of 18 hours on, 6 hours off, 14 hours on, 10 hours off, repeat. A large 6’4 muscular man despite his former Consultant of the Wraiths, the central leader of the entire division of the mysterious elite of special forces within the Gardenia Utopian Community before becoming a strategic mastermind as a General. This venerated Protectorate genius able to intimidate and empower his subordinates even while focusing his mental capabilities in peeling the sixth chilled orange or grapefruit to facilitate his mind in his free time which he generally played advanced realistic strategy games and simulations against gaming artificial super intelligence named Cybele, a feminine Synthetic who acted as Howard’s closest friend but Cybele is more or less a source of entertainment and mental exercise. Cybele had a sincere focus on either being what kept him sane through the long shifts where no work was needed to be done but to sharpen his mind. Cybele had a limited focus of the intellectual while Howard’s personal administrator is quite the opposite in a man who is like a special nephew who got his job through an intelligence deputy-director. As he sat in his chair at his desk, a permanent scowl with his rounded face, well-worn with rugged abrasiveness and various small scars on his face. Howard had a jarhead curly haircut primarily black with splashes of grey. His hat sitting on his desk, adorned in his decorated Protectorate uniform with dress shoes, his face red from the trouble of peeling endless oranges On his desk is an interactive intelli-holoscreen displaying that he had currently had on to look at notifications in his cyber-mail and check the time. The floor to ceiling window behind his off is a large intelli-glass window capable of projecting Holograms of entertainment which Howard used exclusively for Hologram conversations, in its inactive transparent window is a glorious scenic view of the Oceanus Procellarum with Eden Prime hanging gloriously beyond that. Howard’s office walls were adorned with pictures of Protectorate servicemen, esteemed Gardenia Utopian Community political figures at various events where he had been recognized as well as any sort of self-building congratulatory awards or his ‘I Love Me’, walls.
A communications audio-link from his administrative assistant Private Charles Parker opened on the interactive Holoscreen surrounding his desk.
A southern-fried voice of a good-natured simpleton buzzed in, “Sir, I have those files from Master Commander Bradford on Mars, you asked for cataloged, ready for your analysis.”
Master Commander Aurelius’s face became red with anger, “Private Parker, I asked you to do that hours ago, you finally got that done now? I had assumed there is a bug in the system.”
“Uhhh, yeah sir, I was doing that then I forgot, started doing some Sudoku.”
Master Commander Aurelius’s eyes widened as he ripped the orange peel, almost losing control of it, he exclaimed, “Parker, you mean to tell me that you just forgot to file those reports, you did Sudoku instead?” Master Commander Aurelius regained control of the orange before taking his fingers, digging them into countless pieces of fruit, imagining that I’m ripping your skull apart which is what I will be doing if you don’t get your act together.”
“Yes’sir,” Private Parker said simply.
Master Commander Aurelius put his head downcast in disgust, shook it back-and-forth.
“Private Parker, you better be glad your step-daddy is Guardian Deputy-Director Virgil Vexen or else I would have smothered you in your crib.”
Private Parker said back on the communications-link, “Golly sir that’s an awful mean thing to say, I try my best to do my job, my duty to the Gardenia Utopian Community, you don’t have to be so rude.”
There is a silence as Master Commander Aurelius breathed deeply to try to calm himself before Private Parker piped in, “Also sir, you have a Hologram-Meeting with General Secretary Ernesto Kapital in, oh, about one-minute.”
“I have a meeting with the General Secretary of the Gardenia Utopian Community in a minute! Private Parker, you are thee most incompetent administrative assistant I have ever had!” Master Commander Aurelius roared.
“Gee, sorry sir, I was busy talking to my sweetheart Mindy back home on the Holophone, I’m sorry.”
“I’m gonna skin you alive.”
“Gee, sir, don’t have to take your anger out on me, I’m just the messenger, here he is now.”
Master Commander Aurelius put the orange down on the table, put his hat on his head, turning his swivel chair as he did, he stood. He faced the Intelli-Glass window that displayed the moon on the other side. A wall of translucent orange light lit up in front of the Intelli-Glass window, angled out on both ends of it. A scanner of blue-light emitted through the room, the scanner is capturing an image of Master Commander Aurelius.
A holographic image of a man appeared facing parallel to Master Commander Aurelius, the man is of Hispanic heritage, in his late-forties, standing at five-feet, nine-inches tall, he had black hair, brown gentle eyes, laugh-lines, this is his first-term, first year as General Secretary of the Gardenia Utopian Community.
Master Commander Aurelius saluted, he said nervously, “Hello Mr. General Secretary, what is the pleasure of this meeting?”
The gentle, well-mannered General Secretary of the Gardenia Utopian Community spoke confidently, calmly, “At ease Master Commander, I have news of the utmost importance to national security, the safety of the public.”
“Please continue sir,” Master Commander Aurelius said, putting his hand down at his side.
“For the sake of the Gardenia Utopian Communities general security, I am about to disclose information that has recently come to light, information of the utmost importance that must be addressed immediately, there has been a new highly evolved race of Humanity emerging among us, a genus of Humanity with great power, could provide a great benefit as well as threats to intergalactic security. A race of Humans with what Intelligence refers to as psionic Humans known as Homo Esper, Out of the Human races population of twelve-billion people, only 1% of this population has been estimated by Guardian to be affected by this mutation, one-hundred million Humans are Homo Esper, they have the powers of psionic abilities, those powers include telepathy, extrasensory perception, clairvoyance, psychokinesis, pyrokinesis, among many others, those being the most common in the general consensus of those with the mutation, these Homo Esper could empower or weaken our hold on the citizens of the Gardenia Utopian Community, it’s colonies. Your current mission which is vital, will be around-the-clock updates on their activities on Eden Prime as well as Mars, these Humans are hyper-intelligent, hyper-aware, and are, for a better word, superHuman, we are about to enter a new age of Humanity, we will be transferring our best intelligence officers and security personnel to Lunaris Lunar Base to monitor all Homo Esper activity on the Gardenia Utopian Communities interplanetary network of Eden Prime, Mars, and the Biodome displacement zone of Venus, this will be your current objective, the personnel left this morning on a Space Naval carrier an hour ago, they will be arriving in approximately fifteen minutes that is all.”
The hologram transmission of General Secretary Kapital ended. Master Commander Aurelius felt overwhelmed. He felt a refuting of this in the form of complete disbelief at what he just heard is his form of denial. Slowly his mind is wrapping the reality that Humans had evolved to affect the world by volition alone, the power of their will could affect the physical world with exertions of their minds. This is all too much to take in. This is a sensory overload for Master Commander Aurelius, he sat back down at his desk, picked up the orange, continued peeling.
The audio-link from Private Parker opened back-up, “Sir? is that the General Secretary? What did he say?”
“Parker, he said…” Master Commander Aurelius gasped, breathing in, the realization that his job of just monitoring rebels in Autonomous Zones just became a whole new reality in the general populace is just setting in.
“What did he say?” Private Parker implored.
“General Secretary Kapital disclosed to me Private Parker,” Master Commander Aurelius gasped before continuing, “None of your damn business.

January, 2116 CE, Earth, Eden Prime, United North America, State of Canada, Region of British Columbia, Vancouver, Gardenia Utopian Community Political Sector, the House of Parliament.
General Secretary Ernesto Kapital sat at his desk for the executive official of the Gardenia Utopian Community, nervously checking the HoloClock application on his intelligence interactive hologram generated screen of Intelli-Holocomputer. While looking through his notes, he understood the gravity of this day of his State of the Gardenia Utopian Community in its impending momentum of unfolding. Beads of sweat dropped down from General Secretary Kapital’s head as he looked over the report from the Lunaris Intelligence Command Center. The information of the highly-classified documents pertaining to the exactness of this emergence of what the scientific Gardenia Utopian Community is calling Homo Esper. This is the formal disclosure to all the citizens of the Gardenia Utopian Community. an undeniable truth, a dangerous reality needed to be brought to light. The entirety of the Human race needed to be updated and informed in what is occurring naturally in Human evolution. Who exactly and how many were being affected by this evolution. What 99% of the population can expect from the 1% of this minority. What institutions and policies the Gardenia Utopian Community would establish in their dealings with the now fourth subspecies of the Human race or what is defined as, Humanity.
General Secretary Ernesto Kapital is alerted by one of his executive staff members that the time for his Gardenia Utopian Community mandated yearly speech, the State of the Gardenia Utopian Community had come.
“Sir are you ready to give your speech on the State of the Gardenia Utopian Community?” The staff member asked.
General Secretary Ernesto Kapital is silent momentarily before saying, “I am.”
“Good sir, follow me,” the staff member replied.
General Secretary Ernesto Kapital arose, Secret Service agents and his executive staff members all followed General Secretary Kapital as they walked into the hall where the General Secretary’s constant shadow of Gardenia Utopian Community officials and security followed the General Secretary always. The State of the Gardenia Utopian Community would be broadcasted throughout the interplanetary society of the Gardenia Utopian Community throughout the solar system to Humans everywhere. Satellites would transmit it from Earth, and across Earth, Mars, Venus, the Moon or the Space Station Cities which drifted in between. Today is a monumental day in history, a juggernaut of a movement which would form a catalyst that would change everything. The twelve men walked down the halls to the stage where the podium is where General Secretary Kapital would give his speech about the current State of the Gardenia Utopian Community, most notably it’s biggest issue that of the rise, emergence of Homo Esper which could no longer be ignored as countless witnesses had given testimony to what they had seen, the media revealing this information to every Human in the known solar system through broadcasted videos on the Holovision. General Secretary Ernesto Kapital felt nervous for the first time since he is just campaigning as a representative of the Gardenia Utopian Communities Congress of the Eden Prime State of United South America, they trudged forward down corridors, finally they came to the backstage of the podium where General Secretary Ernesto Kapital walked out gallantly to face an audience of the most powerful people in the Gardenia Utopian Community. This is being broadcasted throughout the solar system to every Holovision located in the Gardenia Utopian Community and its interplanetary worlds.
General Secretary Ernesto Kapital took a drink from the glass of water located on the podium that had been prescreened for poison, tested clean. General Secretary Kapital took a deep breath before beginning his speech. He felt nervous, on edge, this is almost as problematic as saying that they were not alone in this universe or that a black hole had opened and the universe is going to be devoured by a void in the bracing moments.
General Secretary Kapital said in a confident, calm, and sober tone, “My fellow citizens of the Gardenia Utopian Community, there is an unrelenting truth, dangerous reality we all are be faced with, Humanity is changing, growing, we will soon be able to master, harness the power of teleportation to travel from around your city, nation, world or to other planets. We will soon have the power to colonize the entire galaxy, all others outside of that, Fifty years ago, we were on the verge of destruction of World War Three, when we received the revelation of strength through unity as a extra-dimensional being revealed itself to us, letting us know we all are family, uniting the world’s government, universalizing our beliefs, basic tenants for Human rights, this extra-dimensional being is known as Celeste, she is the one who stopped the nuclear bombs, tools of armageddon to destroy us, Celeste warned us of combining the Human mind with machine that machine being the super-computer known as the ‘ACCE’ or Autonomous Cerebral Computing Enhancement, we have learned that it is morally wrong to create Automatons with the ability to kill, instead use remote-controlled drones to accomplish this task, no Automaton should be used in policing the population or combat against terrorists that is morally, ethically wrong for a machine to have the ability to take a Human life, absolutely degrading, may Celeste guide us, Celeste warned us of a great change, awakening among a minority of the Human race, one that would either create our future or destroy our existence, you have all heard the reports of Humans with psionic powers, the Homo Espers, you have heard of the potential for advancements in our society, the possibility of our society’s destruction.” General Secretary Kapital stated objectively, taking a breath, the General Secretary continued.
“Yes, there are a new form of Humans emerging among us according to Darwin’s great natural philosophy of Darwinism, his absolute truth of evolution, natural selection, Humanity is evolving, a small minority of our species has developed psionic powers, this new subspecies of Humanity is known as Homo Esper, they are Hominids that possess abilities and powers described as psychic or psionic, evolutionary scientists are noticing this evolution is the awakening of dormant psychological pathways of the brain coupled with a mutation that radically changes our views on everything about the Human genome including Human volition, these abilities which affect our material universe come from the energy of consciousness which interacts in ways which are innumerable to our perception of our tridimensional realm in which an individual’s conscience mental decision, an act of a Homo Espers’ power of will affects reality, the physical world, this evolutionary leap of the radically modified 23 pairs of chromosomes which are balanced in harmony, the 23 pairs mutate to yield results that our respected genetic designers, the scientists who choose the genes to produce our future finest members of our society whom the expecting family’s trust with aiding in their new member find adverse unexpected results which happen by freak circumstances, both models of reproduction involving the common practice of designed children and the small percent of natural births have this result when the Homo Esper has become apparent, genetic analyzation reveals the freak circumstances to be natural yet the occurrence of the mutation appears to be supernatural or even divine in the case of the Homo Esper, the 23 pairs of chromosomes modify exponentially then interact together equally, powers that could do the greater good or tremendous evil for our society. Psionic abilities include telepathy, apportation, clairvoyance, precognition, recognition, aura reading, astral projection, telekinesis, pyrokinesis, cryokinesis, electrokinesis as well as other elemental powers concerning psionic phenomenon, the Gardenia Utopian Community is taking steps necessary to control, monitor, and survey the Homo Esper population, they are a great asset as well as a potential threat to all Homo Sapiens or non-psionic Humans everywhere…” General Secretary Kapital spoke.
General Secretary Kapital went on to talk about other important issues to the Gardenia Utopian Community but the only thing on people’s mind is how exactly they were going to handle this issue of the Homo Esper. The population of the Gardenia Utopian Community had mixed feelings on the topic; some were afraid, some were enlightened, some were accepting, some were in denial, some felt hatred out of ignorance, some others felt a sense of approval of the future. Wherever an individual stood on this subject it would be a conflicted issue in the years to come.
General Secretary Kapital continued, “My fellow citizens of Gardenia Utopian Community, we are forever stronger than we’ll ever be, into the future we will march to master our destinies, perfect our race, we will enter a new, wonderful, golden dawn of the new age.”
All of those of the Gardenia Utopian Communities population in the septillions of Humans whether it be witnessing it live from the House of Parliament or at home in star systems across the Milky Way were cheering at this State of the Gardenia Utopian Community address. There were mixed feelings in all those in the Gardenia Utopian Community who had watched the broadcast or caught the highlights with its interpretation and meaning of this State of the Gardenia Utopian Community address. Humans who did not know any Espers but feared them by the examples propagated in the media, only a minute amount had used their powers to commit horrible acts which is not even a closely accurate depiction to the character of the average Homo Esper. However, fear compelled these Humans to applaud their government’s stance. Humans who knew the reality that these were people could advance Humanity greater, the enlightened of Humanity knew the history of their species and would not let it repeat itself. These were the Humans were sizing themselves up to their government in the Gardenia Utopian Communities right to revolution in what they would possibly do if Human rights were violated. Homo Sapiens, Homo Nexus, Homo Synthetic or Homo Esper, it mattered not for these were all forms of Humanity. The general consensus of what mattered is the welfare of their species and the Autonomous Zone of their interplanetary verging on interstellar unified society. Despite diminishing individual liberty in what had been micro rights taken slowly but steadily into the manifestation of the fascist and authoritarian state while maintaining an illusion of utopia.
The Political Institution of the Gardenia Utopian Community stemmed from the authority of the Autumn Association and EisenHaus Enclave who dominated in the interstellar society in wealth, power, influence, and prestige of the interplanetary society of Humankind. The Utopian Party comprises two internal political groups which a member of the Gardenia Utopian Community identified in political ideology. In the Gardenia Utopian Community Utopian Party divided into the Autumn and EisenHaus factions of political ideology. EisenHaus Enclave in the form of the EisenHaus Utopian Party are tyrannical robber barons, misanthropic Machiavellians, and high-functioning psychopaths who have a chameleon of ideas they promote to justify New Malthus tyrannical ends. The Autumn Association in the Autumn Utopian Party are libertarian captains of industry, progressive traditionalists, intellectuals, who all promoted universal Humanism above all else as a sign of their Humanity in thought, word, and deed. The Autumn Association is a collective ideology of Humanism, Progressivism, Centrism, Anti-Malthusianism, Egalitarianism, Libertarianism, and Populism. The opposition who adhered to Psychopathic Narcissistic Machiavellian, Regression, New-Malthusianism, Supremacy, Tyrannical Elitists views were members of the EisenHaus Enclave.
The Autumn Association are champions of Humanism in that Humanity and their eternal order of the Gardenia Utopian Community has entered a social-contract with their right to life, liberty, and the pursuits of happiness in individualism and cooperating collectivism. The Autumn Association respects the rights of life, liberty, individualism, and cooperating collective of its citizenry of Humankind and any tyranny against the liberties of the individual or the collective mandates the Gardenia Utopian Community Citizenry the right to revolution. The Autumn Association uses practical reason to balance socialism and capitalism while maintaining liberties and Human rights were held in excellence in the Gardenia Utopian Community while the EisenHaus Enclave’s ideology stemmed from Hobbes in the Regression of the World War III of a varied narrative of explanations in disinformation while ignoring the Celestial Revelation unless at a convenience used often to assert that Humanity’s natural state is that of constant war and barbarism. That despite four genus of the Human species that had physically and socially evolved that Humanity were super-apes and nothing Celeste could change that in passive postmodern nihilism where the Autumn’s in Nietzschean Kierkegaard-esque rebuttal claimed Celeste had established the time of the superHuman had come and that history is to be studied to not be repeated for authorized historians should become universal, the Autumn’s used truth as authority in challenging Gardenia Utopian Community revisionists of history for narrowing Human consciousness while garnering the majority of the population as populists in staunch intellectual combat against the fatalistic pessimistic nihilistic lies of postmodernity that EisenHaus Enclave propagated as the Autumn Association were heralded as heroes openly by over half of the Gardenia Utopian Community Citizenry.
Despite this, behind closed doors in secret meetings, around 25% of the Gardenia Utopian Community Citizenry shared the Eisenhaus Enclave’s ideology of master-slave in social control dependent on 25% of the Undecided Citizenry. In General Elections. The Autumn Association competed with the EisenHaus Enclave for they were both the controllers of the Dualist Monopolies who created the illusion of competition in the Cartel of subsidiary companies that were equal in might and measure for capitalist innovation and industry was ever expanding in a mutualistic meritocratic social democratic society preserved by the Autumn Association but constantly challenged by the EisenHaus Enclave. The Sociological circumstances of the EisenHaus Organization stressed the theocratic elements of Celestialism institutionalized in government is that the leaders and elite of the Gardenia Utopian Community were given their status of authority by a divine right of rule bestowed upon them by their goddess, the Great Mother Celeste.
The directors of Gardenia Utopian Community departments and executive parliament members stood and applauded. The EisenHaus faction were impassioned as the Autumn faction was disheartened. The Hegemony of the Gardenia Utopian Communities elites mixed feelings of applause at the end of the speech.
A Gardenia Utopian News Network reporter spoke over the visual-feed stating, “This has been your State of the Gardenia Utopian Community.”

10 PM, July, 2113 CE, Eden Prime, State of United Asia, Autonomous Zone of Tibet, Shambhala Monastery, Outside City of Gyantse
Zen awoke in his twin-sized beds in the monastery, he slept in a room that is connected to the Abbot Dogen’s room. All the great, positive things he had seen, none were to concrete in his brain, it is like a prophecy of the great things to come, Zen is very excited for the future but most importantly he is excited to join the monks in their daily tasks, chores, he wanted to learn of the wisdom, experience they had earned through meditation, Zen recalled the one part of the dream which had stuck with him, after seeing a future of himself which he perceived as great but couldn’t remember the exact details of the prophecy that is going to come true, Zen remembered he needed to join the monks in the grand meditation hall for their morning Aum mantra chant.
Zen sat up in his bed, looking around, he uncovered himself to reveal black pajamas which he wrapped his black robes around before venturing downstairs to see where his friends Abbot Dogen as well as the rest of the monks were. Zen could hear a far-off bellow of an extended “Aum,” mantra that rapturously shook the monastery with the vibration of humming. This reverberation is coming from the congregation of monks in the grand meditation hall. In unison they were chanting a ‘Aum’ mantra which Zen could hear as it echoed throughout the monastery. Zen went down to where they were gathered, for he is late for his first group meditation in the grand meditation hall. Quietly, Zen made his way to the grand double doors to the grand meditation hall, opening one then closing it behind him softly. Zen observed that there were a little-over fifty monks total in the hall, before finding an open cushion to sit for his first meditation. Zen found an empty cushion in the very back behind all the monks, Abbot Dogen is on the slightly raised stage made from wood, sitting on a comfortable meditation cushion, leading the Aum chant.
Zen sat down in a half-lotus position, closing his eyes, preparing himself. After they finished their current extended “Aum” mantra chant, Zen joined in.
“Aum,” Zen let out, his extended chant is half as loud as the entire brotherhood that had been gathered in the grand meditation hall, the Aum mantra chant paused for the next one, Zen let out a booming, “Aum,” mantra chant which is equally as loud as the rest of his brothers in the meditation hall. Then the next Aum mantra chant is to be sounded which Zen did, with Zen’s Aum mantra chant alone it shook the entire monastery, his Aum mantra chant would not become louder than this, he did not only omit this sound vocally but also telepathically, empathically, it is in the thoughts and feelings of all the brothers inside the monastery, suddenly Zen’s world became fuzzy as he drifted off into a deep meditation.
Zen is once again in the clouds, he sat upon the tufts of the heavenly terrain. Two bright, shining suns revolved through the sky above the cloud bank, one a dark purple color, the other a sanguine red, they came closer together, colliding with one another to fuse into a blinding white light which shown to Zen, Zen is shell-shocked, amazed by this vision, even though this is the only part of the vision which he had a cognitive memory, it seemed as real as reality even though he is recalling the event in his head. The blinding white light engulfed everything in existence, a ringing could be heard in Zen’s ears, after a couple passing moments the ringing stopped, the light became the center of Zen’s focus. The blinding white light spoke to Zen in a loving yet strong voice, “Hello Zen, it is your Friend.”
Zen called back enthusiastically, “Hello Friend, it’s so good to be with you again.”
“Zen, my friend, I am always with you, you are just aware of it sometimes more than others.”
Zen smiled ecstatically, saying in a cheerful manner, “Friend, thank you for sending Mr. Yeti, thank you for having him bring me to the Monastery to be with such good people, Abbot Dogen is a very good person, I hope he makes a good friend, Friend, you are my most good, best, and a true friend, I love you.”
“I love you Zen, my son, my chosen Sovereign, Zen, while you are at the monastery, I just want you to know that I want you to have fun, just be yourself, just find yourself, learn all that you can, this is a time for growing, this is a time for wonder, to do your chores and gain approval from your brothers in the monastery, you are viewed as more of a son by them but soon you will be viewed as an elder, you will be admired, you shall be adored by all but remember Zen, you are a Human being just like everyone else, the truth is known to you Zen, for the truth is one with you, the truth is that you have the possibility to pacify the crisis of existence, liberating the Human race.” Friend said this, a white-light filled Zen’s vision, slowly fading as he is brought back to reality, out of his meditation.
Several hours of meditation had passed…
When Zen came back to reality, the entire ascetic brotherhood of the Shambhala Monastery were gathered in awe of Zen. Zen had opened his eyes to behold what is before him the monks were gathered around him. Zen’s monastic brothers had their jaws dropped, their eyes bulging in wonder, it is as if they had seen something from out of this world. Zen wanted to know what is the source of their astonishment, when he knew, the source of it, is himself. Their attention is drawn to Zen from the echoing of a chorus of rapturous splendor that had aroused them from meditation to see that Zen had levitated four feet into the air. Zen is enveloped in an aura of brilliant white light, the aura is orb shaped, transparent yet illuminated with great radiance. Zen sat in this aura of light in the lotus position, eyes closed, a serene smile on his face. It is as if Time seemed to stand still as they gazed at him, fascinated by this site as nothing like this had been seen with their eyes. In disbelief they watched the orb fade, Zen slowly descended back to the ground. Zen got to his feet, brushed off his black robes.
Zen said in surprise to diminish the tension of disbelief he had caused by saying, “I apologize for the disturbance, I didn’t mean too…”
Abbot Dogen approached him from the sea of faces, saying to him calmly, “Zen, come with me, we need to talk.”
Zen’s expression turned to that of a boy who thought he was in trouble, his eyes grew heavy, a frown fell upon his face, he looked down in shame.
Abbot Dogen then said in a calm, ensuring tone, “Zen, you are not in trouble, you are in anything but trouble, we just need to talk.”
A hopeful look came to Zen’s face, there is some semblance of doubt still in his demeanor, he didn’t bother to use his telepathy to read Abbot’s mind in fear of being disrespectful to his gracious host nor would he ever. Zen had guilt in his eyes with a heavy heart.
Zen simply stated, “Okay Abbot Dogen.”
Zen followed Abbot Dogen up the stairs to the top-floor of the Monastery where Abbot Dogen’s room was, they walked in silence, Zen following Abbot Dogen, refusing to say anything or enter Abbot’s mind to see what he was thinking or what was going to happen next.
When they arrived at the Abbot’s room, Zen swallowed a knot of anxiety that had built up in his throat. Abbot Dogen slid the wooden door open, stepping through first, Zen stepped in a couple steps into the room, staring at the ground, he heard Abbot close the door. He felt the Abbot pat him on the head, stepping to Zen’s side, he motioned for Zen to take a seat at the table. They stepped over to the table, they sat in the same exact seats they had sat yesterday when they had tea when Zen had first arrived. Zen still has a troubled look upon his face, his look angled at the table, afraid to look up. Zen’s gaze is fixated on the blank space of the table where his tea had sat the day before.
“Zen,” Abbot Dogen cleared his throat emphatically before speaking again in a more calming tone, “Zen, Zen look at me.”
Zen looked up, his eyes met the Abbot’s who sat across from him. The Abbot had a worried look upon his face that he had caused Zen discomfort.
The Abbot said softly, “Zen, I would like to start by saying that you are a blessing to us, your presence has been awaited for a very long-time.”
Zen’s demeanor changed into that of an inquisitive listener.
Abbot Dogen continued, “Zen, yesterday when we spoke, I was in disbelief of what had happened, the importance of your arrival had not yet sunk in, I’m still getting used to the fact that the prophecy has come to pass that you Zen now dwell among us, you are a friend to the Human race, a gift from the creator, a beam of light in the darkness.”
A faint smile appeared on Zen’s face, his eyes full of trust that had been rightfully placed, a decision well-made.
“Zen, all I can ask is, what can I do for you?” Abbot Dogen asked.
There was a momentary silence before Zen said cheerfully, “I just want to make friends with everyone, especially Abbot Dogen, you’re my best friend in this world.”
A look of disbelief with long-awaited relief came to the Abbot’s face, tears streamed from the Abbot’s brown eyes, his hand placed over his mouth to contain his sobs of joy. Abbot Dogen regained himself before explaining the reason behind his moment of emotional outpouring.
Abbot Dogen said subtly, “The Shambhala Monastery is founded by Elder Zhu Shuang, an ascetic hermit who upon achieving enlightenment received a vision of a being known as the Sovereign to be sent by the creator, the Sovereign would someday descend from the heavens to the top of a mountain in the Himalayas where the earth meets heaven on Everest, be brought to this exact Monastery by a man of primordial nature we know as the Yeti, this Monastery is constructed by Elder Zhu Shuang in the exact location that he had received his enlightenment, Elder Zhu Shuang passed this question to his successor as Abbot, just as that Abbot would pass this on to his successor, so on and so forth that is the question to be asked to the prophesied one, you have fulfilled that prophecy by stating that answer to me, the prophecy spoke of the pale as the pure snow wanderer who would come down from Mount Everest who would be what is known to most understanding as the Maitreya but is chosen by the Creator to be his Sovereign, the friend of all souls and the liberator of the Human spirit, there is no one else in existence who knows that but me that question is guarded in my own mind.”
Zen’s eyes grew wide, his smile had turned to a look of disbelief, this is new to him, this is his existence, this is his purpose. to be a prophesied figure that had come to pass with his exact arrival and exact wishes.
Zen simply said in shock, “So, we are friends?”
Abbot Dogen asserted this mutual understanding, “Yes of course, we are friends Zen,” Abbot Dogen gazed into Zen’s sapphire eyes, saying emphatically, “Zen, we are friends.

May 1st, 2097 CE, Eden Prime, Ecological Preserve of Antarctica, Marie Byrd Land, Near the Ross Ice Shelf.
Doctor Braintree awoke, the elderly man lying on a cot in a small cramped metal room, part of a series of cramped metal rooms which are the apartments of the most phenomenal archeological discovery in Human history. This room like all others consist of a cot, a sink that spews out cold water after the knobs have both been turned for a while which takes a moment for water to spew forth as well as a more hidden area that is a bathroom and shower. Along the walls of the room, pipes ran along the walls and ceiling. The pipes wheezed and shook as steam was constantly shot through them to serve as the standard 15 minute lukewarm water shower for each crew member and heating system of the apartments.
Doctor Braintree laid there for a second, his eyes were wide-eyed, he is excited for today. He wiggled his way out of his sleeping bag, placing his feet on the ground next to his cot, he was wearing baby-blue pajamas, a matching colored nightcap with a fluffy ball slung to one side of his face.
Doctor Braintree picked up his glasses, placing them on his face, he rose. His old bones popping as he did, stretching out the extremities of his body, the popping sounds of air moving through his joints filled the room. After he is finished stretching. He cleared his throat, spitting the built-up phlegm into the sink as he readied his morning routine before bundling up. Finishing, Doctor Braintree scooped up his cane for support of his old eighty-nine year old elderly being. Doctor Braintree is preparing for the biggest day in his career as an anthropologist and archaeologist. Doctor Braintree as the most renowned scientist in his field in all of the interplanetary government of the Gardenia Utopian Community was more than ready for what would be the crowning achievement of his life’s work.
Doctor Braintree dressed in his intense environmental clothing to keep warm, before walking out of the compound into the harsh cold that is the Antarctic frozen wasteland. He put his cane out in front of him, pushing forward through the ice and snow. He is grinning a grin that appears to be of satisfied accomplishment, looking directly ahead at the excavation site of the highly-classified archeological discovery commissioned by the highest echelons of the Gardenia Utopian Community. After three months, the archeological mission had finished digging a three-mile deep pit through ice and frozen hearth of the south pole of the planet Eden Prime. Surveyors walked around with Intelli-Pads reviewing their documented findings. Each one greeted Doctor Braintree as their authority figure as the Chief Scientist of the mission. Doctor Braintree graciously returned their salutation. All the members of the expedition were very excited, everyone involved in excavation is in an accomplished euphoric demeanor. The large number of those involved had just finally dug their way to the goal of the mission. The mission is to discover the civilization predating the Paleolithic era by 20,000 years known by the team as ‘Atlantis’. Currently, there is a crew checking out the conditions of the ruins.
A surveyor named Dmitri approached Doctor Braintree, speaking confidently he stated, “Doctor Braintree, we have received a report back from the probes, surprisingly, the underground ruins is sustainable without a life-support or an environmental suit, it has an atmosphere that is oxygen-rich, it’s temperature is at seventy degrees fahrenheit, a survey team awaits you in what were glimpsing at is something unfathomable to our Humanity’s own state of evolution, are you ready to descend into the ruins to begin inspection.”
“Excellent Dmitri, yes I most certainly am, we must make post-haste to not keep the team waiting,” Doctor Braintree declared enthusiastically, gaining a little dance in his step tapping his cane against his boots in the process.
Doctor Braintree remembered back to the beginning of all of this wondrous mission as the phone-call for the classified mission from the highest echelons of power in the Gardenia Utopian Community government. He had just got home from teaching anthropology at Unity University. What had given birth to the expedition is a finding from a surveying satellite of the structures in the earth’s crust via a sonar emitted scan of Antarctica that had discovered an anomaly. That anomaly being the artificial structures deep under Antarctica’s land mass. This collection of structures is believed to be the first civilization and city-state to ever begin on earth, a civilization highly-advanced to the state of Humanity, from the speculations of the proximity of the earth’s crust. This Atlantean society existed 20,000 years before the paleolithic era of Humanity on their homeworld Eden Prime, the 3rd planet from the star Sol, in the Sol System. This would hopefully explain the origins of the Human race or a highly-intelligent species that came before us or an extraterrestrial species that had colonized this world while Humanity is still developing then disappeared. These were some of the many hypotheses being proposed by scientists who were given access to the classified information from the highest echelons of Gardenia Utopian Communities intelligence and security agencies. The zenithal of authority in this field of intelligence and security sectors of the interplanetary government is Guardian who is directly overseeing the findings of this excavation. Due to soil layers that greatly predated that of Sumeria, Babylon, Akkadia, Egypt or any Human civilization. Discovering this ancient civilization became imperative to the possible truth of Humanity’s origins among other things.
“Come,” Dmitri said to Doctor Braintree.
Dmitri and the Doctor Braintree walked towards their destination of the giant hole in the ground that seemed to be endless in darkness. Their way down to their destination is a caged elevator built into the side of a hole that is four-hundred feet in circumference. Doctor Braintree and Dmitri walked over to the elevator.
“Hello Doctor Braintree, going down?” The elevator operator asked, completely ignoring Dmitri.
“Yes, I’m ready to make my analysis of the site,” Doctor Braintree replied chipperly.
“Alright sir, the surveying team is awaiting your arrival to the entrance of the ruins, from taking the trips needed to bring the surveying team down, I got to take a gander at the ruins in the distance, it’s quite remarkable, if I do say so myself.”
Doctor Braintree, Dmitri, and the Operator stood on the elevator platform in the elevator’s cage. The Operator pressed a button then pulled a lever-down causing the elevator to descend. They descended at thirty-five miles an hour. They would arrive at their destination in a matter of minutes. They could see the walls of ice outside the cage which turned into layers of rock, dirt. The more they descended, the more the temperature rose, they stripped themselves of their winter attire, Doctor Braintree is now wearing an eggshell suit, Dmitri is wearing a black v-neck long-sleeve shirt and denim cargo pants, the operator is wearing a plain white t-shirt with his coveralls slung to his waist. It is indeed seventy degrees fahrenheit When they arrived at their destination.
Doctor Braintree could see the ruins of architectural wonder from inside the elevator cage, his heart rose in anticipation as the elevator doors opened, revealing the wonders of ‘Atlantis’. He stepped out of the cage, his cane prodding his way forward. There is a troop of fifty men wearing orange jumpsuits, they appeared impatient, restless, and relieved that Doctor Braintree had arrived yet disgruntled by his act of narcissism for them to wait to survey the site while they did their findings. They began to activate the Automaton drones, the Automaton drones were of the EisenHaus Oculos Probe 375 model. The drones came to life, hovering up into the air, the drones were oculos shaped, they had orange glowing eye surrounded by steel, they were circular, three feet in diameter with retractable limbs used for a variety of utilities in a variety of circumstances such as: to gather findings, provide support, and to light the way of the team. The drones hovered with anti-gravity engines that acted like a rotorcraft but with projectile force of ionic energy that acted chaotically, spinning the turbines, their large oculos lens which they were named for glew with an orange hue.
Atlantis is fairly well-preserved, the architecture of the ruins is a mixture of what appeared to be Oriental and Nordic. Everything is made from stone bricks yet gilded with gold, the majority of it is rubble but the buildings that still stood were magnificent. The remains of the city were divided into different portions, industrial, administrative, business, and residential from what they could tell. They searched the majority of the city tirelessly but to no avail. They couldn’t find any remains of organic life or the tools this civilization may have used. From the damage to certain areas of the city one understood there had been a battle that took place at the end of this civilization. A highly-advanced conflict that ended in catastrophic proportions. There were little remnants of this alien technology which were aged yet comparable to the age of the Gardenia Utopian Community in 2100 CE. This seemingly is placed on altars for display meant for discovery as the realization that this civilization of Atlantis had left a level of technology beyond its contemporary discovery. Whenever they found an altar of history, Doctor Braintree would command them to mark it for extraction. After lucking out tremendously, Doctor Braintree became unnerved and trekked down an alleyway that led to a large palisade mausoleum. This is the only preserved building as well as a wonder of the ancient world combining all the elements of the Old World Autonomous Zones of the Zion-Persian Federation with the exotic wonders of alien architecture as a building that seemingly is found in a paradise realm imagined by an alien mind. This majesty of a preserved tomb, a necropolis this place had become and this housed the palace of the dead. Doctor Braintree’s heart raced, his mind filled with magnanimous joy as he began to wonder the contents of the perfectly preserved palace of a mausoleum. He is about to discover the greatest find in the history of Human archaeology and anthropology. Only the tomb to the door lay in shattered rock upon the floor as if something had forced it open.
Doctor Braintree walked inside, there was a great hallway made of steel, the floor made of bricks of gold. Two Oculos drones with a squad of five men followed him inside. They walked down the hall till they came to two circular plate-glass coffins that matched the size of the bodies, they were preserved, the coffins were cylinder in shape with two gold latches at both ends. The two coffins held the confounds of two corpses of undecomposed, unworldly beings of extraterrestrial, extradimensional or possibly multidimensional origin. Doctor Braintree immediately contacted the team of life-form extraction anthropologists as he would be the first to analyze the two beings. He commanded the Oculus drones to open the coffins to examine the bodies further, they obeyed accordingly. The Oculus drones opened the glass-plate coffins after tinkering with it’s locking mechanism to reveal one of the unworldly beings to be able to be touched instead of only observed.
Doctor Braintree rushed over, started examining the body. The first corpse of the unworldly life-forms is Humanoid in appearance, it stood at fifteen-feet tall, weighed an estimated one-thousand pounds, it’s body is proportionate as a Human’s was, it closely resembled an ape but in also a man, it is covered in crimson hair, resembled a masculine form of life, large fangs for teeth protrude from its mouth, it’s ears were protrude outwards, hooked along the side of it’s head, it’s had a large bulbous apelike nose, emerald green eyes, a blue tongue, it had a face that’s cranium extended out much larger, it’s brain and cranium were definitely bigger than the rest of it’s head, it had six digits for fingers and toes, it is definitely a psionic creature that is far more superior to Humanity’s rare genus known as Homo Esper. his mind became filled with banter of dark thoughts of a horrible nature with that name being proclaimed as he gazed. The name that came to Doctor Braintree’s mind was, ‘Aka Manah’.
Doctor Braintree broke the magnetism from gazing into the eyes of the specimen of Aka Manah noting that looking into the face of this being is where the thoughts came. Doctor Braintree rushed over to the other Atlantean alien being. The other unworldly creature is also Humanoid in appearance, it stood at sixteen feet tall, weighed six-hundred pounds, it’s build is slender without much muscle mass, it’s body is proportionate that to a Humans as well, it’s skin color is snow-white, it is completely hairless, appeared to be, androgynous or gender-neutral yet leaned towards appearing masculine in nature. The being had two slits for a nose, sapphire orbs for eyes, small well-shaped perfectly aligned teeth which were all the same shape as one another, an even larger, more bulbous head as well as cranium than the first, it had five long, bony fingers, toes longer than most Humans yet smaller than its fingers, it had long legs, a twelve foot long reach, a three foot long slender neck, this creature is obviously more superior to Humans as well as the other unworldly creature, Doctor Braintree, thought for a second for a name for the specimen when a thought is seemingly appropriated in his head, he named this specimen, ‘Zenki’. Doctor Braintree noting the good feelings that radiated from this being, the immediate pacification of abyssal negativity from gazing into the eyes of the ‘Aka Manah’ were gone as a feeling as a calm came over Doctor Braintree from the serenity brought by ‘Zenki’
“Sir, the medical extraction team is arriving,” said a surveyor who had rushed into the Necropolis to look around in wonder.
“Good,” Doctor Braintree exclaimed exasperated.
Doctor Braintree stepped back in wonder, amazement at what he had just witnessed, dumbfounded, his world had been turned upside down. Doctor Braintree realized that this civilization had destroyed their own dead and preserved these two as gods as this alien race left for the cosmos or to spread among Humanity from the psychic transference only he would receive from this room when he made his report on the Atlantean civilization and species.
“Doctor Braintree, are you alright?” Dmitri asked.
Doctor Braintree stuttered astounded utterances before speaking in thunderous clarity, “Atlantis, the myth, the legend is wondrous beyond comprehension.”

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