Cope. Seethe. Dilate.

Why must everyone fight only to lose sleep at night.

Staying up shouting, going to sleep crying.

The chaos gets louder and louder by the hour.

My sanity and well-being are dying.

Why must we destroy, why must we hate?

Wouldn’t it be great to simply create?

Minute by minute to day by day.

The struggle to live becomes harder for madness we crave.

Why must we lie that things are good why can’t we try to know the people we once knew.

Happy and laughing like a child, who knew that this peace could be gone after a cosmic while we knew that the world was pure but then again with what matters how do we know that to be true.

How do we try to find peace, we must secure our future, sanction our sweet release.

Looking over the horizon for a rising sun of tomorrow.

Suffer the slings and arrows, feeling the harrowing sting of nihil void.

We must unite and collectivise, welcome to the nightmare broadcasting live.

It is cold, dark, and lonely while we die.

Turn on the lights, the sun will rise in our darkest hour filling us with divine power in order for us to survive.

Come take my hand, enjoy a hugging embrace, after the collapse we must save face of the human race.

What sweet music, how bright the light, what saving grace.

Cope. Seethe. Dilate.

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