Indigo Dream – Revolution of Consciousness – Chapter One



July 16th, 2113 CE, Eden Prime, Sector of Eurasia, Soviet Union, Russia, Outside the City of Samara, Region of the Zhiguli Mountains.
Zen laid on his bed pondering the significance of the outcome of the day and his future forward in great depth. Zen’s legs dangled off the edge of the mattress, his hands placed comfortably behind his head. Zen’s room had grey painted walls, the ceiling had cylinder shaped fluorescent lights illuminating his room. In the far corner of Zen’s room is his twin-size bed that matched his young teenage frame. Next to the bed, Zen had a nightstand whose main use is to place a glass of water. At the end of his bed is a wooden bookshelf alongside the wall that had assorted books that led to his oak wardrobe, the wardrobe is filled with khaki pants, plain white cotton t-shirts, and socks. Across from the bed is a mirror connected to the wall. In front of the mirror is a metal desk with a metal chair that he sat at for long arduous hours while writing in his journals or reading books. Between the bed and desk on the wall is a Hologram Clock or Holoclock which always tells the exact times throughout all places in the intergalactic government of the Gardenia Utopian Community. All of them places that he’d never been but today he would see the surface and knew in his heart, mind, and soul that the spiritual meaning of existence would begin with the eternity of moments that Zen will experience.
Zen was most keen on watching the Gardenia Utopian Community Intergalactic Holoclock on his wall as it displayed the time of it being 11:30 AM in his proximity, Zen knew of his departure from the place he had called home is estimated to be at 12:00 PM. Zen noticed the standard 24 hour time zones of planets in their rotation similar to the standard Gardenia Homeworld Planet of Eden Prime (formerly known as Old Earth). The other being the example of the Crown Jewel of the Gardenia Utopian Community in the Cetus Stellar System of its Super-Planets where they had 72 hour time zones in rotation around what was once a Red Dwarf Star had been Stellarformed into a Red Star through Gardenia Protectorate Scientists and Engineers which were guided by the Enigmatic Organization of Negative 0. This process had been detailed in Zen’s notes in 2108 which was completed just recently leaving Zen feeling like he had been plagiarized but understood for it benefited the greater good. How this was possible was through Doctor Krankenkinder who he sensed was watching him while he worked at his desk, all the while gazing through the mirror of reflection where he felt an alien feeling of a genuine sense of love and endearment from who his brain said was not Doctor Krankenkinder but Doctor Lilith Moonchild who Zen van Nihil heard her silence of her consciousness which she kept still to not disturb him but Zen while he worked as he felt encouragement, kindness, love from what children call a mother.
Zen changed what he was contemplating on the echoes of a world that he envisioned for he felt his mood was elevated in joy yet a tinge of anxiety pulsed through him.
“My mirror of reflection reveals the illusions of my existence for all shall be revealed, today is the first day of my true existence of one that has meaning and purpose for my spirit shall experience many-worlds as all is one and one is all,” Zen thought to himself in pondering upon this deeply, “All is One and One is All.”
Today is the day, Zen would leave this place where he had spent his entire life. Outside his room is a hallway connecting an assortment of rooms suitable for his upbringing. This home he had known had no windows, Zen had never once seen the actual sun with his eyes. Today, he would end his preliminary academia at his facility to begin his real education at another site by his long awaited travel in a rotorcraft. He knew what this advancement of technology of the rotorcraft was based on the antiquated helicopter. Zen also knew everything about the rotorcraft from operation, repair, design, and construction all from his eccentric schooling in the artificial reality simulator. Zen had only flown or rode in one in the artificial reality simulator known as the Wonderland Dream Machine. Thinking of these things caused Zen to realize he was parched from anticipation as he looked at his glass of water on the nightstand as he laid contemplating all of his future from the far side of his bed.
Zen thought to himself, “I’m thirsty.”
Zen used the ability that Doctor KrankenKinder had been teaching him in his studies on how to use and control these talents unknown to anyone besides Zen and the other student Zen did not wish to think of. Zen held out an open hand using his willpower to call the glass of water to come over to him so he could have a drink. As Zen willed the action and the glass arose, levitating off the nightstand then floated over to his open hand. Zen took a thirst quenching drink realizing the water was lukewarm.
Zen thought to himself, “This water is warm. I want it to be cooler.”
Zen willed his wish into the material universe that instantly made the water chilled. Zen watched as the water inside the glass became slightly icy. The ice spread around the water on the inside of the glass becoming cold to the touch. Zen took a much deeper drink. The water was chilled to the temperature that he enjoyed.
“Much better,” Zen said aloud after finishing the water then rising to place the empty glass on the nightstand.
Zen positioned himself in front of the mirror, gazing intently at himself. Zen surveyed his features in detail. He saw that he is a handsome thirteen year old Human boy, he stood at five feet tall, he had dark jet black hair, sapphire blue eyes, salmon red lips, his complexion is that of pure fallen snow as pale as an albino, his pale complexion is what reminded himself and others of a ghost in physical form given. He wore a plain white t-shirt that is a blatant off-white in comparison to the color of his skin, he wore khaki cargo pants, white socks, and black slippers. He gazed at himself, taking drinks of the cool water, he enjoyed looking at himself, it gave him a sense of wonder that that is him. He looked at the clock to find it said 11:35 AM.
Doctor KrankenKinder had told Zen van Nihil that he and Aiden Aka Manah were going to be transported to a new location, somewhere they could further their studies in order to hone their craft for what Zen had known for 13 years. Zen felt excited as well as slightly frightened by this whole ordeal, Doctor KrankenKinder had said they were going to see the sun as well as the outside world, this is a first for Zen as well as Aiden. Zen had learned from his studies of what the outside world looked like, he had an unfathomable amount of knowledge due to all the studying he had done thanks to the artificial reality simulation program known as a Dream Machine. Where Zen would lay in the Dream Machine pod that generated the artificial reality simulation in which he gained true knowledge and experience. The Dream Machine artificial reality Zen experienced is powered by Quantum Computing, a type of supercomputer powered by by qubits of quantum entanglement that broke the binary of 1s and 0s that replaced the transistor with a Negative 0 Holocomputer powered by zero point energy that harvested limitless cloud storage in the cosmos on all frequencies from the classified interstellar civilizations that only the Gardenia Utopian Community knew of being the Solarus Imperium, Draconian Imperium, and United Cosmic Federation which inhabited the Virgo Supercluster comprised of the Milky Way Galaxy, Andromeda Galaxy, Triangulum Galaxy, and 110 Dwarf Galaxies. The Gardenia Utopian Community which they lived in inhabited 1/3rd of the Milky Way Galaxy and innumerable Dwarf Galaxies as an Interstellar but technically Intergalactic Superpower. Zen and Aiden were well-aware of classified top secret and confidential information undisclosed to the public.
Zen van Nihil was told by Doctor KrankenKinder who was the only sweet and loving maternal figure in this place of steel Zen had known as his home. Doctor Krankenkinder had told Zen van Nihil that Zen and the other boy Aiden had godlike powers unlike anyone else in the known cosmos outside Great Mother Celeste which were the result of them both being entities known as Archons which were 13th Dimensional entities who have existed in many forms throughout the many-worlds which were not known to Humankind’s 5th Dimensional Universe that the legendary notorious revolutionary, Nemo, the enigmatic CEO of Negative 0 defined the Gardenia Utopian Community as being 3 Dimensional in Height, Length, Width, 4 Dimensional in Temporal Time, and the 5 Dimensional is Consciousness in being able to perceive this material world from the immaterial. Zen studied the history of Gardenia and saw that Space, Time, and Consciousness were not linear nor cyclical but as two spirals of one ascending and the other descending in an abstract work of creative genius art where all of creation seemed more surreal than real.
Zen would study in the Dream Machine by sitting in an enclosed pod with a comfortable cushioned chair, with electrodes attached to his head, allowing the machine to stream knowledge directly into his consciousness through concentrated electromagnetic waves. The electromagnetic waves appeared visibly as translucent azure-colored beams of light that were aimed directly at the center of the prefrontal lobe. Through highly-advanced radio waves the knowledge passed through the skull into the grey matter of the user of this machine. Zen had been informed that not many boys his age knew about this certain type of machine and he is fortunate enough to use it in his education. Doctor KrankenKinder had informed Zen van Nihil that Aiden Aka Manah and Zen were absolutely astonishing by Doctor Krankenkinder and the Good Doctors as they were known or the scientific researchers under her to react always in absolute astonishment at the two boys to reinforce friendliness and nonaggression at good behaviour while the guards would put them in timeout or a padded cell that Zen sensed had some sort of crystalline electromagnetic conduit which negated their powers allowing them to contemplate their bad behaviour for a regular 12-24 hours on end.
When Zen van Nihil and Aiden Aka Manah were obedient, they would spend their days in Dream Machine which they both proved to be naturals of navigating the simulated realities of the Cyber-Web at this advancement of Quantum Supercomputing. The ease in ascertaining the information in the surface of browsing a Holoscreen and when submerging into the artificial reality journeying through pass codes and reroutes of the artificial reality known as Dreamworld but Zen and Aiden dove quickly into Nightmareland where they unlocked the secret puzzles left by the notorious leaders of the United Revolutionary Collective that fought against the Western Alliance and Eastern Bloc, Nemo and Lawless. Nemo, who was the CEO of Negative 0 lived his life as a revolutionary, leading the continued rebellion among the freedom fighters against what they viewed as the dystopian interstellar government that had come after World War III, Mutual Assured Destruction, and those negated by Great Mother Celeste which brought the Gardenia Utopian Community which they fought in the United Revolutionary Collective as well as being the Founder, CEO, and the technocratic overlord of Negative 0 which created Human-cybernetics in the Human modified by machine, Homo Nexus and the sentient Synthetics known as Homo Synthetics.
Lawless had been Nemo’s closest friend until Nemo realized that Lawless was a misanthropic psychopath that was a EisenHaus agent who had become close to Nemo, the technocratic overlord or Chief Executive Officer of an Autumn Association conglomerate which held all the information known and unknown to Human understanding that expounded on the exceptional brilliant intellectual elite of Old Earth as the Global Gentrification Project and Celestial Revelation were necessary evils of destabilizing the 5 Sociological Institutions of the United Socialist States of America led Western Alliance and the Soviet Union led Eastern Bloc to a state of postmodern nihilism in successfully destroying the culture of values globally to assert the outsiders of Great Mother Celeste then her two essential figures of Zen van Nihil and Aiden Aka Manah as the Autumn Association and EisenHaus Enclave champions who would resolve the United Cosmic Federation and Draconian Imperium Conflict for the future of the Human species whose homeworld of Old Earth had become Eden Prime to the interstellar Gardenia Utopian Community. The Gardenia Utopian Community was centered around Utopian Communism where the society that threatened the Gardenia Utopian Community was the United Revolutionary Collective which craved autonomy from the Gardenia Utopian Community. The United Revolutionary Collective built its autonomous zones which were united around the Gardenia Utopian Community in governance through a Constitutional Republic, Capitalism, Liberalism, Libertarianism, Personal Rights, Property Rights, Democracy, Due Process, and an emphasis on Individualism over the Collective.
These two boys had what was known as Esper Eccentric Esprit over technology or Technomancy in completing these tasks on Quantum Supercomputers without help from an Artificial Intelligence (AI) personal assistant in any of their tasks to completing these puzzles Nemo had left across the Cyber-Web to the artificial realities of Dreamworld and Nightmareland. Zen had also been told yesterday by Doctor Krankenkinder that he would be leaving his home in this place called Russian Soviet Union within the Gardenia Utopian Community, where he would be going to a new place known as Australia to call his home. Unfortunately for Zen, this place he is going to is also located deep underground without the sight of the light of day unless it is for field exercises.
He heard a knock at the door, his door is made of solid metal, it is locked from the outside by a series of locks and bolts. He could hear the rattle of securing devices being unlocked. Zen knew it was Doctor KrankenKinder as well as two of the riot gear armored Guards that carried assault rifles with a belt with many other things to subdue or detain someone. The Guards even had a handgun on their belt. The Guards always wore forest camouflage, large pads of bulletproof armor around their body, with a black balaclavas to hide their face. The guards varied by race but their age was between their mid-twenties to thirties.
Zen liked Doctor KrankenKinder but felt that the guards were quite frightening. Zen looked at the door, he chugged his glass of ice water knowing he would be leaving this place he had called his home for the last thirteen years. The door opened and in walked Doctor KrankenKinder as well as two Guards. Zen avoided looking at the Guards, fixing his gaze upon Doctor KrankenKinder. Doctor KrankenKinder is a strong, intelligent woman in her early-thirties with blond hair, aquamarine eyes, she wore a white lab-coat, black dress-pants, a yellow button up shirt with a black tie around her collar, she also wore large thick black framed glasses. Doctor KrankenKinder is from an Old World autonomous zone, it’s native locals were located in Siberia. The dialect of this Autonomous Zone is a mixture of English, German, and Russian, hence her slight accent.
Doctor KrankenKinder is holding a piece of cake on a plate. Zen had never seen cake before besides what he had learned about the dessert from the Wonderland Dream Machine. Zen knew that cake is eaten by people on certain occasions that were celebratory or memorable, a time worth commemorating. Zen had a faint smile on his face as he gazed at Doctor KrankenKinder, the piece of chocolate cake with a glaze of white icing on it that she is holding in her hands.
“Hello Zen,” Doctor KrankenKinder said in her thick Germanic yet Russian sounding accent, “Zen, do you know what day it is?”
Zen called Zen replied by saying, “July 16th, 2113 Common Era?”
“Very good Zen, what does this day mean?”
Zen responded by shaking his head side-to-side to show he didn’t know what this day meant.
“Zen, my child, today is your birthday, today, you are a man.”
Zen’s smile grew, his eyes widened in astonishment, Zen knew what birthdays were but had never acknowledged that any day he had lived was his birthday but his mind wandered as Zen could hear the guards thoughts, he could always hear their thoughts, they were never nice things to say.
One of the Guards thought, “They’re giving this freak cake for his birthday? This freak was created in a test tube with that other thing that I hate the least”
The other Guard thought, “The only birthday present I would give this abomination is a bullet in the head.”
Zen’s wide smile, a look of happiness in his eyes wavered for a second but regained his happiness that he was finally going to consume a delicacy known as cake.
Doctor KrankenKinder handed the plastic plate with the chocolate cake on it to Zen. Zen held it in his hands looking at it with wonder in his eyes, Doctor KrankenKinder took a plastic fork out of her lab coat, handing it to Zen. Zen grabbed the fork, politely thanking her before he began eating the cake, curiously at first because he had never tasted something so sweet or delicious before. Zen had made a conscious decision to be a vegetarian and to never consume meat due to his sensitivities which pertained to his empathy for other beings, especially his empathy towards his animal friends during his training.
As Zen ate his cake in as much peace as he could despite his senses telling him one of the Guards thought, “Look at this freak eat, it’s disgusting.”
Zen paid no attention to this Guard, enjoying his birthday cake.
One of the Guards asked Doctor KrankenKinder, “How long till we depart, the chopper leaves at twelve-hundred hours which is only twenty minutes from now.”
Doctor KrankenKinder replied by saying, “Aiden has already had his cake, let Zen finish his and then we will depart for the facility in Queensland, Australia.”
In protest, the Guard let out a long exasperated sigh, “Uuuuhhhh.”
Doctor KrankenKinder watched with intrigue as Zen with snow-white skin ate his birthday cake, a smile stretched across her face, her eyes behind her glasses widened as the child ate.
As Zen finished his cake, he could hear Doctor KrankenKinder thinks to herself, “Look at him eat, how extraordinary.”
It is now time for Zen to leave. Doctor KrankenKinder, the two Guards led him out of his room, out through the corridor then into the hallway. The hallway had been painted grey, the white floor with tiny black dots assorted chaotically on the white, the hallway is lit with fluorescent lighting, the corridor had metal doors spaced out by twenty feet apart that led to other rooms Zen, other boy in what they called a school, Aiden had used for their classroom as well as other rooms where Doctor KrankenKinder had tested Zen, Aiden with what she called is their ‘extraordinary abilities’. Zen looked down the corridor, about twenty feet away were the three Guards circling Aiden. Aiden is a fourteen year old boy, Aiden had caucasian skin, emerald green eyes, crimson red hair, thin lips, and he is taller as well as stronger than Zen. Zen didn’t like Aiden because Zen profiled Aiden as an embodiment of the dark triad personality disorder from the Wonderland Dream Machine. Zen knew Aiden to definitely not be a nice person. Zen looked down at the ground, he held his hands together at his waist, Zen dreaded being around Aiden for Aiden is a malicious bully towards Zen. Zen walked with his hands slumped down across his waist. When Zen and Aiden were standing near to each other. Zen looked up at Aiden, his hands still clasped together at the center of his waist.
Zen said to Aiden in a timid voice, “Hello Aiden, how are you?”
“I’m a great dummy, how are you?” Aiden replied.
“I’m…” Zen started nervously before saying “I’m good Aiden, today’s my birthday.”
“Birthday? More like dumb-day.” Aiden replied before continuing, “Today’s my birthday too dummy, your birthday doesn’t matter, there’s nothing special about your birthday because it’s my birthday too!”
The Guards laughed, they always preferred Aiden over Zen.
Zen turned his face downcast, saying quietly, “Oh, okay Aiden.”
Doctor KrankenKinder’s face is a frown, leaning her head at Aiden Aka Manah as she said with authority, “Aiden, don’t be so mean to Zen, now apologize.”
“Oh, alright, fine.” Aiden said with protest.
Zen looked up at Aiden, discomfort in his eyes.
Aiden said insincerely to Zen, “I’m sorry that you’re a dummy.”
The Guards laughed.
“Aiden!” Doctor KrankenKinder said.
“Fine!” Aiden exclaimed dramatically.
Aiden cleared his throat, saying to Zen in a faux tone of apology, “I… I… I’m sorry Zen.”
Doctor KrankenKinder said to Zen, “what do you say to Zen?”
“I accept your apology,” Zen said.
“All-right, now that that’s been settled, it’s time for you boys to get going.” Doctor KrankenKinder said enthusiastically.
That is the first time Zen had ever received an apology from Aiden for bullying him. Zen felt happy, his hands unlatched at his waist, went to his sides, a smirk began forming on his face, he lifted his chin up, began to walk.
As he was walking, he heard Aiden think, “I’m gonna hurt you for making me apologize to you, dummy.”
Zen’s pride had been cut short, Aiden had bullied and tormented Zen whenever he possibly could, his source of torment is Aiden with his constant need to torment him. Momentarily, Zen slanted his head down, his smile disappeared from his face, he then lifted his head up to see where he was going, frown still upon his face. Doctor KrankenKinder and Aiden were smiling as they walked.
As they walked down the long corridor, Zen looked into the doors to the rooms where they had class, studied, and performed their exercises. The door to their classroom where they would fill out tests about what they had learned from the artificial reality simulations within the Wonderland Dream Machine, during Zen’s thirteen years here, it had relayed, instilled all information known to mankind, Zen could be considered to have education of a thousand esteemed doctors over with a super-genius level of comprehension, you could consider Zen’s level of intellect and eidetic memory, paired with his extraordinary psionic abilities in controlling the material world through volition. Aiden and Zen were the most powerful beings to exist in the known limits of the interplanetary government of the Gardenia Utopian Community.
An all-encompassing knowledge and its application of science and technology was hardwired into Zen and Aiden through the Wonderland Dream Machine. The weaponization of the boys in strategy and warfare. Zen and Aiden were masters of the world in utilizing weapon, thorough teachings of how to operate, clean, and use a firearm, how to operate, use the Gauss-powered, laser, plasma, and projectile firearms, they were taught all forms of self-defense ranging from hand-to-hand combat to mastering martial arts, they were taught philosophies in how to destroy and crush their opponent, they were even taught how to build and diffuse atomic bombs. Zen thought of all the times he had succeeded at the studies about knowledge but struggled when it came to the latter subjects about ‘Strategy and Warfare’, he thought about how Aiden mocked him for always excelling at Knowledge, where Aiden struggled but excelled at the latter. Zen is complacent with yet able to master and learn the Knowledge classes yet struggles in the Strategy and Warfare classes. They then walked past the room where the exercises that they performed. Zen mainly is tested in his ability to use things like telepathy, telekinesis, pyrokinesis, electrokinesis, and cryokinesis. He thought it is very fun to use these abilities, the part he dreaded most is the tests on live subjects which consisted of dogs, cats, rats, and chimps. Zen would always use his abilities to regenerate the animals back to life where Aiden didn’t care about the animals lives, taking great enjoyment out of torturing the animals with his abilities.
They then walked past the room where they kept the animal test subjects for these exercises. They were confined in cages, Zen would sneak out of his room by using his telekinesis to move the locks and bolts on his door to go visit the animals when the Guards were changing their shifts or in the Guard station playing cards while watching the Holovision. The best times Zen had at this place always involved the animals who were his friends. Zen would always bring the animals leftovers from his meals as an excuse to spend time with the animals.
Zen could always hear the animals telling him wonderful things with their thoughts, “We love you Zen,” “you are our best friend,”, “thank you for always being kind to us.” Zen smiled, he was laughing. When Zen had free time, he would take animals out of their cages, play with them in the room where ‘test subjects’ or the animals were kept and examined.
The party had walked past the Guard station, Zen looked inside to see a Guard sitting at a computer logging information, the Guards mainly logged reports of the events they had happened during the day while on their duty at this computer. There is another Guard sitting in a metal chair, his arms resting on the metal table, he is smoking a cigarette, drinking coffee while watching the Holovision. Zen never watched a program on the Holovision, didn’t care for it at all. The party then comes to the metal door at the end of the hall, the metal door is latched, locked by a security code that is operated by an access panel next to the door. As the party approached the door, Zen looked over his shoulder at the other end of the hall, they were two metal doors that could only be opened from the outside, these two doors were known as quiet rooms, the quiet rooms were padded rooms, Zen and Aiden were sent to these rooms for disobeying or breaking rules, Aiden is sent there for countless acts of violence, antagonistic behavior, and disregard of authority. Zen is sent their solely on the reason of protesting against hurting or harming the animals during the exercises, Zen took one last look at those doors that led to the rooms he hated, saying farewell to one of the two things that brought him discomfort, (the other discomfort is harming the ‘test subjects’ or animals during the exercises). One of the armed Guards walked up to the security access panel swiping his key-card through the security access panel, he then entered a five digit code very quickly then it asked him for a retina scan which the guard raised his goggles to the top of his helmet, not removing the balaclava, he allowed the security access panel to do a oculos scan, the light that came out of the oculus scan is an aqua blue light that scanned his left eye.
After this process of opening the door, the security access panel beeped, a synthetic feminine generated voice said, “Access granted Security Officer Number 37.”
The door unlocked, swinging open, the Guard who had unlocked the door walked through first, waited while the rest of the party walked through the door, before there was a concrete stairway with a metal bar that ran along it for handrails. They then ascended a flight of stairs, they went up three sets of stairs, there were no doors at the landing of the stairs when they would turn, ascend the next set. When they came to a platform that had another security door with a security access panel, the same Guard known as Security Officer 37 repeated the process as he did with the door leaving the housing facility of Zen and Aiden. They walked through the door, they came to an elevator, the elevator had another security access panel, once again Security Officer 37 stepped forward to gain access past the security panel, the only thing that is different about this one is that before he could repeat the procedure he just did, he had to take a metal key out of his pocket, inserting it into a lock, turning it to first repeat the process he had done so many times before to gain entry to the elevator.
They entered the elevator which is quite spacious, the entry to the elevator is ten feet wide, the elevator platform is twenty feet by twenty feet. Another guard or ‘security officer’ directed Zens to stand in the center of the elevator while the Guards stood on the outside watching them closely, carefully. Doctor KrankenKinder stood on the right side of the elevator door entrance where the Guard known as Security Officer 37 stood at the left side of the elevator door where the control panel for the elevator was, to the left of the control panel is the security access panel for the elevator. The security access panel for the elevator is more relaxed, all Security Officer 37 has to do is swipe his key-card, hit a three digit code to access the elevator. The elevator had one-hundred floors or ‘levels’, the level they were currently on is level one-hundred, each level is labeled something different, Zen glanced at the elevator control quickly, the level they were on is labeled as ‘Nursery’ level. Security Officer 37 hit floor one, Zen saw it is labeled as ‘security bulkhead Entrance’. Zen quickly darted his eyes back to a forward position, he then, without moving his head, glanced sideways to his left at Aiden who is standing proudly, he saw that Aiden is sneering with his head tilted upwards, Zen then darted his eyes forward, moving his head to look at Doctor KrankenKinder, she had a genuine grin on her face, her eyes had a look of wonder. Zen forced a facade of a smile to cover his anxiety of what is going to happen. Zen had an inkling of an idea what this place is due to the learning experience he had with the Wonderland Dream Machine supercomputer.
As the elevator is accelerating upwards, two red holographic beams scanned the elevator, one is horizontal that scanned up and down, the other is vertical that scanned side to side. This scan lasted the entire five minutes it took to arrive at the first level or ‘Garden of the Gods Entrance’. The elevator doors opened at the first floor, before them is a massive security bulkhead door that is thirty yards wide, twenty-five yards high, the first one out of the elevator door is the guard known as Security Officer 37, he walked over to the left of the area between the elevator, the security bulkhead door he raised his assault rifle at the two boys in the elevator.
Doctor KrankenKinder said to the two boys in a calm tone, “Boys, don’t worry, this is a part of security protocol, just follow the instructions of the security officer and everything will be okay, alright boys?”
Aiden said nothing, kept his demeanor of confidence. Zen gazed at Doctor KrankenKinder’s face, her face displayed a demeanor of peace, tranquility to comfort Zen.
Zen whispered timidly to Doctor KrankenKinder without blinking or looking away, “I’m scared.”
Doctor KrankenKinder replied in the same tone by saying, “Don’t worry Zen, you’ll be fine.”
“Good Zen, don’t be scared.”
Security Officer 37 exclaimed in a commanding voice, “Security Officer 145, please step out of the elevator and take your position.”
A Security Officer standing to the right of Zen, Aiden is the next one through the breach of the elevator doors, he walked over to the side of Security Officer 37, raised his assault rifle, aimed it at Zens. This is when Zen saw the red laser pointer on the ground shine in his eye then hovered to the center of his temple, this laser pointer is connected to an assault rifle. Zen began to heave as tears began to shed from his eyes down his face. Aiden stood proud as a laser pointer is aimed at the center of his temple.the same synthetic feminine generated voice came over the intercom, this is the same voice that the security systems that welcomed personnel through the compound, is safe to assume is used for any confirmation for any activity used throughout the facility.
The synthetic feminine generated voice boomed over the intercom, “Attention all personnel, Security level has been raised to Code Red Level Five, Test Subjects Codenamed Ahriman Aka Manah, Codenamed Zen van Nihil are exiting the facility, use extreme caution, Lethal Force if necessary to detain or eliminate threat.”
Zen felt an emotion of anxiety, edginess to hear this, he knew the voice was talking about himself and Aiden. Zen’s expression became a frown, his eyes relayed a feeling of being frightened, uneasiness with what is announced over the intercom, his head sank into his shoulders, his hands were at his waist, he held his hands together, fidgeting with his fingers, he had never been so frightened or on edge in his life. Aiden is still standing the way he was, his head is held high, his posture is straight, his hands clenched into fists at his side, the emotion he conveyed is proud, confident, a certain hubris that Aiden always conveyed in any situation. Zen is thirteen, Aiden is fourteen.
Zen heard a thought of one of the guards behind him via his telepathy, “Wow, this kid is supposed to be a weapon used for the Gardenia Utopian Community? What a flipping wuss.
Zen began to sob, he felt the leering eyes of Aiden come upon him, heard his thoughts via telepathy, “Wow, what a chicken.”
Security Officer 37 then said with the same authority without breaking his tone, “Security Officers, please exit the elevator according to protocol, take your position.”
The Security Officer standing to the left of Aiden exited the elevator as he walked out of the elevator, Zen heard him say in his thoughts, “If this pale kid takes a step that is not authorized, I’m gonna put him in the dirt.”
The first Security Officer to assume his position, stood to the left, slightly forward of Security Officer 37, he pointed his assault rifle at Zen’s head, Zen had two assault rifles pointed at the temple of his head, Zen then realized the two Security Officers standing behind him had one of his rifles pointed at the back of Zen’s head, aimed at his forehead, the other Security Officer pointed his assault rifle at the back of Aiden’s head. Aiden seemed calm, it is as if he had been through this security protocol before. Zen found it very strange.
Security Officer 37 then said without breaking his tone of command, his gun still aimed at the center of Zen’s temple to Doctor KrankenKinder, “Chief Science Officer Lilith Moonchild please take your position at the security bulkhead door command center, prepare for breach of the security bulkhead door.”
Zen is sobbing severely, he has lost control of his emotions, is scared out of his mind at what is happening.
Before exiting the elevator to assume his position at the security bulkhead door control panel, Chief Science Officer Lilith Moonchild said to Zen in a calm, loving demeanor, “Don’t be so scared Zen, everything shall be fine.”
Zen said nothing but heaved, sobbed at how frightened he was. Doctor Lilith Moonchild walked out of the elevator to the security bulkhead door control panel at the far-side of the room, he began inputting the codes necessary to unlock the door.
“Gentleman, go through protocol with the subjects while I open the door, it may take me a couple of minutes.”
Security Officer 37 then said in an authoritarian tone to Aiden, “Subject Aiden Aka Manah, No Sudden Movements or we will neutralize you, do you comply? If so, please comply by saying yes, wait for further instructions.”
“Yes, I comply,” Aiden said in a calm, sincere voice.
From his observation, Zen knew Aiden had been through this procedure before, there is no doubt in his frightened, terrified mind.
Security Officer 37 then continued by saying in his commanding voice, “Subject Aiden Aka Manah, keep your hands up, palms facing outward, keep them where we can see them at all times, walk slowly to the center of the marked threshold in the center of the room where the designated area marked by the white square with diagonal lines, remember Subject Aka Manah, No sudden movements or we will shoot to kill!”
This is when Zen noticed in the center of the room that is surrounded by the defensive parameter or formation of the Security Officers. The white square is painted on the floor with diagonal lines drawn through it, the ‘designated area’ is a thirty foot square area.
Aiden extended his hands up in front of him, his fingers open, revealing his hands to be free of anything. His composure is confident. Aiden walked slowly forward without fear, his steps were shown to be with tranquility, drawn out to express this calm. Aiden walked towards the square in the middle of the room, is in the Security Officers offensive position, the Security Officer that is behind him had his assault rifle shown by the laser pointer aimed at the back of his neck where he trek to the designated area went smoothly, he stopped slightly to the left of the center of the designated area.
Security Officer 37 then aimed his assault rifle at Zen, the laser pointer aimed at his heart, Security Officer 37 said to Zen, “Subject Zen, No sudden movements of We will shoot to End You, Do You Understand? If so, please comply by saying yes, wait for further instructions.”
Zen is sobbing heavily, tears streaming down his face, snot running out of his nostrils, sweat drenched his brow, his heart is beating is rapid, he thought it was going to explode, the chocolate cake in his stomach spun in circles, he is never so frightened in his existence of seven years, today is the first birthday he ever celebrated, he thought it might be his last.
Zen regained himself for a second, he summoned all the strength in him he could, he said in a quiet yet frightened tone, “Yes, I understand.”
“Subject Zen, I did not hear your answer, please respond we will be forced to shoot you where you stand,” Security Officer 37 roared at him with rage.
Zen tried again, summoning more strength than before, he swallowed, he felt the lump in his throat go down slowly, it was painful, he could feel it sink into his stomach.
Zen said as calmly as he could in a louder voice, his voice wavering, “Yes, I understand.”
“Well then,” Security Officer 37 said with contempt before continuing in a much louder in a more authoritative tone of voice, “Subject Zen, Keep your hands up, Palms facing outward, Keep them visible at all times, walk slowly to the center of the marked threshold in the center of the room where the designated area marked by the white square, Subject Zen, No Sudden Movements or we will shoot to kill with the greatest the greatest thrill, freak.”
“Okay,” Zen said quietly to himself for reassurance.
Zen extended hands outward in front of him by placing them straight forward, palms facing outward, the fingers on both of his hands were held tightly against each other, his knees were slightly bent, his posture is slightly hunched over, his chin is angled downward, his face is downcast, his neck stiffened, he head is unmoving, his eyes looked slightly upward, his eyes shifting to see all the Security Officers in front of him, his blood chilled, a migraine is stirring in his brain, he could feel a tremor of anxiety, fear jolting through his entire body, he is shaking with all the fiber of his being as if the epicenter of the quaking is at his atomic structure. Zen, stood there for a second in shock, he stood there trembling, he then placed his right foot in front of him, he waited a second then placed his left foot in front of him, he then placed his right foot in front of him again, he had just crossed the breach of the elevator door, he halted mid-step, before putting his foot on the floor then another step, he is just outside the opening of the elevator.
Zen heard the thoughts of the Security Officers via telepathy, the thoughts that were crossing their minds into his were:
“I just want to kill this chicken-crud bastard.”
“I hope he messes up the security protocol so I can kill this freak of nature.”
“For a weapon of mass destruction, he sure is a little wuss.”
“One mistake, bang, straight in the dome.”
“Come on you damned abomination of science, mess-up so I can put one between your eyes”
“Come on you pansy, do something, stand up for yourself, do something so I can fill you with lead.”
“I’ve been wanting to kill this freak for a long time.”
“Just bang, dead.”
“Look at this whimpering little bastard, the psionic weapon that will bring the enemies of the Gardenia Utopian Community to their knees? Bullcrud.”
Zen had tears running down his eyes, the young boy was absolutely terrified, he misstepped, losing his footing, he was painted in red light as all laser pointers were shifted at him instead of Aiden.
“Subject Zen, you have a total of three seconds to correct your course or you will be terminated,” Security Officer 37 shouted at the scared boy.
Zen froze for a second, he is scared out of his mind, he is in hysterics. Chief Science Officer Lilith Moonchild began to slowly walk towards the frightened Zen.
“One,” Security Officer 37 said in a demanding voice.
Zen spun trying to correct his direction, he was bawling, he had lost control of his motion.
“Two,” his voice became significantly louder but not quite a shout.
Zen took another step, he was almost there correcting his course, he froze there, the counting had stopped, Zen felt a slight bit of relief that he had corrected his course, still crying. He waited there a moment, he then decided to move again. Zen extended his leg forward to take a large step in front of him as he did this, he tripped losing his footing, he crashed to the ground, he landed flat on his chest.
As Zen fell, Security Officer 37 fired a round at him, due to Zen’s centripetal motion, the bullet missed his head, hitting him in his right shoulder. Sanguine red blood sprayed from the impact of the bullet, it splattered on his clothes, body, his shirt becoming drenched in blood, Zen laid there as blood oozed onto the floor.
“Ahh!” Zen screamed in agony.
Zen could feel the sting of the bullet, the gunshot wound felt like it was on fire, it burned horribly, pain surged through his small body. Doctor Lilith Moonchild sprinted towards the wounded boy.
“Stop! Stop! Stop! Stop! For the Love of God, Stop!” Doctor Lilith Moonchild’s roar is audible past Zens screams for help in agony.
“Help Me, owww, owww, help me Doctor Lilith Moonchild, owww, owww, help me, awww,” Zen wailed in excruciating agony, the pain is unbearable. Doctor Lilith Moonchild cradled Zen, shielding him from any further gunfire.
Doctor Lilith Moonchild roared at the truly incompetent as well as absolutely cold-blooded guards, the lame excuses for ‘Security Officers’. She howled at them in a way they could understand her, in her anger, the uncontrollable emotion of anger that had come over her, she spoke with perfect English void of the superficial accent she generally used, “My god, what is wrong with you? He is just a boy, he is just a kind-hearted, loving boy, former Hegemon Frederick EisenHaus IX wanted him euthanized for being a failure to be weaponized, he is an experiment to be an alternative operative, not the weaponized operative that Aiden is. You are to follow the security protocols specified for Zen. You monsters of men.”
The Security Officers or monsters of men that were the guards of this facility chuckled amongst each other, they lowered their weapons to their sides. They stared at what they had done to an innocent child for the crime of never being able to be used as any sort of living god weapon subservient to the Gardenia Utopian Community and its Protectorate in any way whatsoever, Zen had never hurt another living thing in his life, when he is commanded to kill the animals to test his psionic abilities, he would rush over to them, using his supernatural abilities to restore them, reviving the fallen animals back to their forms, crying he would apologize to them, petting them, holding them close to him. Zen may have been created to be a ‘godlike sentient living weapon of psionic mass destruction’ but he is just an adolescent boy. Zen never hurts or harms another living being.
“I am Nature’s Nightmare.” Zen sobbed through the pain.
Zen van Nihil knew he would be hated by this world of the Gardenia Utopian Community for the crime of being innocent as an act of treason to his nature of being peaceful when his society stated that he would be an ultimate weapon of tyranny.
The Security Officers were quietly talking amongst themselves, they were mocking Zen by saying things in a mocking tone of the small boy:
“Ow, ow, ow, that really hurt.”
“He got a bullet in my shoulder for being a flipp -up.”
“He’s a freak that has feelings too.”
“Boo-hoo-hoo, he got shot because he can’t follow basic instructions,”
“He’s supposed to be more powerful than a hundred megaton atomic bomb yet he can’t even hurt another living creature, not even a lab-rat, how pathetic.”
Aiden is howling uncontrollably with laughter, he is laughing so hard, tears of joy were coming down his face, he held a hand to his brow, bent his upper portion of his body vertically as he stood there laughing hysterically at Zen or as he commonly referred to him as ‘Dummy’. The guards joined in the laughter of Aiden, laughing hysterically with him. Doctor Lilith Moonchild paid no attention to them, looking at Zen whose sobbing is quieting.
Doctor Lilith Moonchild cradled him with her right arm, rubbing Zen’s locks of jet-black hair on his head with her left hand, she comforted Zen by telling him a story that is relevant to the awful situation at hand, she calmly spoke to Zen by saying, “Shhh-shhh-shhh, Zen you’re gonna be fine, remember, remember when you blew up Mr. Rat with your invisible force blast?”
“Yeah?” Zen sniffed through his sobs, “Mr. Rat is my friend, I remembered when I blew him up with telekinesis,” Zen sobbed.
Doctor Lilith Moonchild continued, “Remember when you blew him up with your telekinesis, you became upset, you held him in your hands then he came back together, he became all good as new?”
“Yeah?” Zen sobbed.
“Remember how scared he was when you told him with your telepathy that you were going to hurt him, that you didn’t want to, that you were sorry, remember how scared he was?”
“He is really scared, he told me not to hurt him, he begged me not to hurt him.”
“What would you do after you blew up Mr. Rat with telekinesis?”
“I would hold him in my hands till he got better.”
“Yes Zen, remember how his blood, guts were everywhere but you scooped them up with your hands, remember what Mr. Rat would do?”
“He’d get better.”
“That’s right Zen, do you know what that’s called?”
“It’s called regeneration.”
“Yes Zen, let me show you your arm now.”
Doctor Lilith Moonchild lifted Zen’s shoulder towards him as he turned to look at his shoulder that had been grievously wounded, Zen observed his right arm, it had miraculously healed, it had regenerated, not a scratch or a scar.
“What about the bullet, can’t I get lead poisoning if it’s still in me?” Zen asked.
Doctor Lilith Moonchild scooped up something metal from the ground with her left hand, showing something to Zen, holding the answer to Zen’s question, Doctor Lilith Moonchild revealed to him a warped bloody 5.56 bullet round. Zen’s sapphire blue eyes widened as Zen is awestruck by this ability his body had and what he could sustain.
Doctor Lilith Moonchild said to Zen, “Zen, what does not kill us, makes us stronger, Zen my son, if you weren’t so darn special, your arm would have been blown clean off, do you know why your arm wasn’t blown off?”
“Because I’m special.” Zen answered calmly, a huge close lipped smile spread over his face, Doctor Lilith Moonchild showed him a large grin, Zen returned this expression.
Doctor Lilith Moonchild tossed the bullet aside, she took out a handkerchief from her pocket, spitting in it, she began wiping the sanguine blood splotch off the side of Zen’s snow-white face. They smiled in unison.
“I…” Zen began to say, he continued, “I love you Doctor Lilith Moonchild, I love you even if your name isn’t Doctor KrankenKinder, I love you Mom.”
“I love you too Zen.”
A tear fell from Doctor Lilith Moonchild’s right eye as she finished wiping the blood splotch from Zen’s face. For the first time in Zen’s life, he had heard someone besides the animals they tested on say the aforementioned words, ‘I love you’. Doctor Lilith Moonchild truly did love Zen, he is her creation, her magnum opus of her career as a scientist, he is the closest thing to a son she had ever had, a son that she is proud of, she loved him dearly. Aiden had grown impatient with this intimate moment between creator, creation, he saw no need for this encounter, wishing to get a move on as quickly as possible, he fidgeted, his hands behind his head. Aiden is not the only one who had grown impatient with this encounter between Doctor Lilith Moonchild, Zen, the Security Officers had their assault rifles redirected at Aiden, their arms growing tired from maintaining this position, each one of them filled with disgust at the compassion Doctor Lilith Moonchild showed for this freak of nature. Beneath their balaclavas, the guards’ faces twisted with a sneer of rebuke. The two guards from inside the elevator were standing between the elevator and Doctor Lilith Moonchild who cradled Zen, they had their weapons aimed at Zen, the rest had their sights aimed at Aiden.
Security Officer 37 called out to Doctor Lilith Moonchild, “Chief Science Officer Lilith Moonchild, we are late for the transport for the two test subjects, we really should continue moving.”
Doctor Lilith Moonchild arose, offering her hand to Zen, helping him up, she slid the blood-stained handkerchief back into her pocket.
Doctor Lilith Moonchild, calming down as her anger began subsiding, she called back to the Security Officer, “Let me finish opening the security bulkhead door then we will be on our way.”
Doctor Lilith Moonchild walked over to the security bulkhead-door control panel, she quickly finished entering the codes necessary to open the door as she finished the bright flood lights changed to a crimson hue which now illuminates the area, an alarm bell rang as cautionary sign that the door was opening, the sound of the hydraulics of the security bulkhead-door at work, you could hear the bolts, latches unlocking, the gigantic circular portion that appeared to be a giant cog middle spun in circles till it stopped, the bulkhead doors of the security bulkhead-door separated at the center, the doors then compacted into massive slits in the wall.
The party moved through the aperture which led to an expansive area which the room is 10,000 square yards in area, the ceilings were 100 yards in height, placed in a 8×2 formation, there were large pillars supporting the building they were under. The party had the Security Officers walk in a circular formation creating a perimeter around Aiden, Zen, Doctor Lilith Moonchild took the rear. They walked through the subterranean portion of a structure that hid this Gardenia Utopian Community Protectorate facility. They trekked across the expanse till they got to another elevator. Security Officer 37 initiated the next protocol which wasn’t as strict as the procedure when breaching the security bulkhead door, two of the Security Officers entered the elevator, going up first, Zen looked up at the ceiling, waiting for the elevator to return, the elevator returned, the two Security Officers entered first, followed by Zen, Aiden, and Doctor Lilith Moonchild. The guards took their respective positions by the door to operate the elevator. Doctor Lilith Moonchild minded the two boys.
This elevator seemed like it was made in an older time, it is definitely not made in this century, it appears to have had over 50 years in service. The elevator doors opened at what appeared to be a stairway, the two guards that went up first were not there, from Zen’s extrasensory perception, he had sensed they had already climbed the stairs, they were waiting somewhere above. The five individuals in the party ascended the stairs till they came to a door, the two Security Officers were waiting there, the two guards waited there, they propped the door open then went through, sunlight shone through the door.
Zen had only seen pictures of the outside world through images related to him by the Wonderland Dream Machine eyes filled with wonder, a large open-mouth grin spread across his face, he had never seen the light of day, he is jubilant, it is the first time he’d be outside it would be day, he is overjoyed, Zen trotted through with a hop in his step, when he stepped outside, he is absolutely astounded at what great sights he is witnessing, it is beautiful, he gazed at the azure sky, the white clouds that looked like giant cotton balls, the bright orange sun, he had never seen in his life. There are mountains covered in verdant woods, there is a vast blue river, Zen is looking at Russia’s Zhiguli Mountains as well as the Volga River, this is the first time Zen has seen the light of day, and it is glorious.
The structure that is the cover for this subterranean black-ops Protectorate facility appeared to be an old Soviet communications building, the building is made of concrete, it is a beige building that stood three stories high with barred glass windows, on the roof is a large Satellite dish, the ground entrance is a metal door with two armored guards in woodland camouflage standing outside of the double doors, there is a twenty foot high fence trimmed with barbed wire surrounding the facility, there is a gate that opened that led to a gravel road, the parking lot of the facility is gravel that had Protectorate shipping trucks, armored personnel carriers, Protectorate personnel vehicles. There were guard towers with sharpshooters mounted with .50 caliber machine guns.
They were on the roof of the building, on the roof, there is a global-communications satellite dish that sat on the far-side of the roof behind them on a raised platform, before them is the bases only aerial transport, it had been sitting there for a while, it is on a helicopter pad that sat a Gardenia Utopian Community Armed Forces, EisenHaus C-75 Dragonfly, the EisenHaus C-75 Dragonfly is a Gardenia Utopian Community Protectorate transport tilt-rotor quadcopter rotorcraft, the single rotor helicopter had become completely obsolete by this technological advancement, both Protectorate, commercial rotorcraft were tiltrotor, they had either four or six rotors.
The first female Zen had ever seen outside Doctor Lilith Moonchild is of Caucasian descent, mid-thirties, wearing a woodland camouflage Protectorate uniform, giving him a black long-sleeve shirt, Zen took the bloody white t-shirt off, putting on the black long-sleeve shirt, he had never worn anything other than white, he is joyful at that fact. Doctor Lilith Moonchild thanked her for bringing Zen a new shirt, she had messaged Operations while they were walking with her Intelli-Phone communications device that Subject Zen needed a new shirt.
There were two rotorcraft pilots standing outside the craft waiting for them, one of them was complaining that the engineer hadn’t shown up to inspect the rotorcraft to see if it was safe to fly, if it needed any repairs. They were complaining with each-other about the incompetence of the Gardenia Utopian Community Protectorate as a whole, they were smoking cigarettes, they wore black flight-suits, helmets with a communications headset built into it as well as Intelli-Glasses that displayed information necessary to help them operate the rotorcraft, they both had .45 caliber sidearms at their waists on a belt.
Doctor Lilith Moonchild overheard them, approaching them, she put a clenched fist to her mouth, clearing her throat, putting down her fist at her side, she spoke to the rotorcraft pilot, copilot, “Huh-low Gentleman, I am a bit of a Renaissance woman, Jill of all trades, I’d be happy to prep ze rotorcraft to see if it’s flight worthy.”
The pilot and co-pilot’s faces lit up with relief to know that someone could inspect the rotorcraft to see if it was fly worthy.
“Hell yeah you can inspect our transport,” the pilot declared.
“Finally,” the copilot said.
The pilots watched Doctor Lilith Moonchild inspect the rotorcraft as the guards stood around Zens watching impatiently for Zens to board the rotorcraft, departing from this facility forever. Doctor Lilith Moonchild returned after inspecting the hardware of the rotorcraft, all other aspects of the rotorcraft that needed inspecting for it to fly.
“Finally,” one of the Security Officers exclaimed.
“Alright boys, come with us.” Security Officer 37 said.
Doctor Lilith Moonchild quickly chimed in, “Hold on men, I’d like to half a word with Zen before they make their flight to their location, I’d also like to administer some anti-anxiety medication to Zen so he doesn’t get scared on the way there, he is quite timid, a tab bit squeamish after all.”
The Security Officer’s stood there silently before one of them said, “Alright.”
The guards were distracted, they were escorting Aiden to the Rotorcraft as Doctor Lilith Moonchild bent over at eye level to Zen, hands resting on her knees, she was going to have more than a word with him before his flight. Doctor Lilith Moonchild gazed into Zen’s sapphire blue eyes, Zen gazed into her pale blue eyes. Doctor Lilith Moonchild took a syringe, small sealed vial of clear liquid, the vial could hold 100 units in a syringe, she extracted a large amount of the clear liquid from the vial filling the syringe, filling the barrel, the scale read on the syringe that it is at 75 units, she then pushed on the plunger to get rid of the air bubbles. Doctor Lilith Moonchild then placed her hands on her hips, the syringe in her right hand, needle pointing outwards.
Doctor Lilith Moonchild said to Zen, tears falling down her face, “Zen, this will sting a little, this will make the flight to your destination much easier, it will get rid of any anxiety you may feel while you fly in the rotorcraft for the first time but most importantly…” Doctor Lilith Moonchild paused, she was nervous, she raised her fist to her mouth, cleared her throat again then placed her hand back at her side.
Doctor Lilith Moonchild sighed, “Truth be told Zen, this will make everything you’ve been through seem like a memory to never cross your mind ever again, everything will seem like a bad dream, you’ll be free my child, you’ll never have to worry about these evil men ever again, your nightmare is over.”
Zen replied to her simply by saying, “What are you saying, Doctor Lilith Moonchild?”
“That I love you very much my son.”
“I love you too Mother,” Zen said with sincerity but inside him was confusion and uncertainty.
Zen scanned Doctor Lilith Moonchild’s mind via telepathy, she is thinking, “My God, what have I done? What have I done to the Human race? The risk of Subject Aka Manah escaping is frightening but if they do transport him to Hell’s Hollow, he will be completely weaponized, the future of the Human race is doomed, when Zen gets to Hell’s Hollow, he will most likely be exterminated for being a failure… No, Zen must escape, he must live, he is our only hope for the survival of the Human race, I must redeem myself, the ending of Goethe’s Faust, is very familiar to me, if I succeed, she is saved, if I fail, she is condemned, God forgive me…”
At this, Doctor Lilith Moonchild injected the syringe into Zen’s arm, there is a slight pinch of discomfort, the doctor pushed down on the plunger injecting the drug into Zen. Zen had looked at the label on the vial Doctor Lilith Moonchild had extracted the drug from, according to the label, the drug that is running through his veins is a drug called Psychalenadrin. Zen had learned from the Wonderland Dream Machine that this drug is used to treat patients with psychological trauma, this high of a dose is exponentially greater than the most extreme cases of patients that suffer from extreme psychological trauma, the drugs basic effect is memory loss, Zen recollected this information. Psychalenadrin. It is known as an Amnestic. It is a drug used for treatment of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, and any or other cases of extreme psychological trauma. This drug causes amnesia to past events with therapy could target these destructive memories, by destroying these memories, it also destroys any and all negative thoughts as well as emotions triggered by these memories, it also allows the experiential part of the mind to be wiped clean. Psychalenadrin, is also used by Gardenia Utopian Communities Guardian Agency for the purpose of mind-control. Psychalenadrin erases the minds of candidates selected to be first broken down then to be reprogrammed, this is used for a wide variety of purposes by the Gardenia’s Intelligence Agencies.Zen had looked at the label on the vial Doctor Lilith Moonchild had extracted the drug from, according to the label, the drug that is running through his veins is a drug called Psychalenadrin. Zen had learned from the Wonderland Dream Machine that this drug is used to treat patients with psychological trauma, this high of a dose is exponentially greater than the most extreme cases of patients that suffer from extreme psychological trauma, the drugs basic effect is memory loss, Zen recollected this information. Psychalenadrin. It is known as an Amnestic. It is a drug used for treatment of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, and any or other cases of extreme psychological trauma. This drug causes amnesia to past events with therapy could target these destructive memories, by destroying these memories, it also destroys any and all negative thoughts as well as emotions triggered by these memories, it also allows the experiential part of the mind to be wiped clean. Psychalenadrin, is also used by Gardenia Utopian Communities Guardian Agency for the purpose of mind-control. Psychalenadrin erases the minds of candidates selected to be first broken down then to be reprogrammed, this is used for a wide variety of purposes by the Gardenia’s Intelligence Agencies.Zen had looked at the label on the vial Doctor Lilith Moonchild had extracted the drug from, according to the label, the drug that is running through his veins is a drug called Psychalenadrin. Zen had learned from the Wonderland Dream Machine that this drug is used to treat patients with psychological trauma, this high of a dose is exponentially greater than the most extreme cases of patients that suffer from extreme psychological trauma, the drugs basic effect is memory loss, Zen recollected this information. Psychalenadrin. It is known as an Amnestic. It is a drug used for treatment of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, and any or other cases of extreme psychological trauma. This drug causes amnesia to past events with therapy could target these destructive memories, by destroying these memories, it also destroys any and all negative thoughts as well as emotions triggered by these memories, it also allows the experiential part of the mind to be wiped clean. Psychalenadrin, is also used by Gardenia Utopian Communities Guardian Agency for the purpose of mind-control. Psychalenadrin erases the minds of candidates selected to be first broken down then to be reprogrammed, this is used for a wide variety of purposes by the Gardenia’s Intelligence Agencies.A moment passed of them standing there, Zen felt the medication started taking effect for being fast-acting, Zen felt disoriented for a second, a feeling of amnesia began to settle in over him, he suddenly is losing his episodic memory, retrospective memory, prospective memory, yet retaining his semantic memory, procedural memory. Meaning, he is forgetting things about his identity, the events that had transpired his life leading up this moment, what events had happened here, the people he had met, any place he had been before, any, all the things he had interacted with, his mind is erasing any person place or thing he had encountered, this facility, including everything that happened here would be completely erased in two hours when the medication coursed through his system, if remembered, it would surface itself from Zen’s subconscious in dreams during the Rapid Eye Movement portion of sleep, it would all just considered a dream. Although this part of Zen’s memory had been erased, the omniscient level of knowledge he had learned but the awareness of his abilities would be erased in hopes for him to live the life of a normal boy.
“Alright Zen, let’s get going.” Doctor Lilith Moonchild said quietly.
The guards were strapping Aiden into the left backseat of the rotorcraft behind the copilot on the right side of the inside of the rotorcraft. Doctor Lilith Moonchild held Zen’s hand as they walked over to the rotorcraft, the sliding door that is the passenger seating in the back of the rotorcraft is already slid open. Doctor Lilith Moonchild picked up Zen, placing him in his seat, she strapped Zen into the sea, leaning in close to him.
“Zen, I hope you have a safe trip, I love you very much.” Doctor Lilith Moonchild said.
“Thank you Doctor Lilith Moonchild, I love you too, wait, who are you, who am I, where am I?” Zen replied in confusion, he is looking around, trying to get some understanding of what is happening at this moment in time.
Doctor Lilith Moonchild kissed Zen on his cheek and forehead hard with repetition, she closed the sliding door, tapping on its window, the rotor blades of the rotorcraft started turning, Doctor Lilith Moonchild waved her hand in farewell to him. Out of good-manners, Zen with snow-white skin returned the wave with his right hand. Doctor Lilith Moonchild walked away from the rotorcraft at a safe distance, looking up at a being she considered to be a son of her own, a perfect and loving son. Zen saw that tears were streaming down her face, Zen no longer knew who or why this woman was crying, her head was slightly rocking back and forth, nodding approvingly. Behind her glasses, her eyes were clenched, tears streamed down her face, her nose was twitching upwards rapidly, the sides of her lips were pursed, quivering. As the helicopter ascended into the air, the grieving scientist extended her arm waving goodbye to Zen.
Zen could hear his loving mother, Doctor Lilith Moonchild thoughts via his telepathy, “the nightmare is over my son, you shall be free, live your life, fulfill your destiny, love yourself, love others, love the world, you shall bring peace back to this world, you shall restore innocence to the Human race, you are not a freak of nature, you are truly a gift from God, I love you my son.”
This is the last time the duality of the scientist, the experiment, the creator, the creation, the mother and her son would ever see each other again, the memory Zen had of this woman who directed the process in creating him would be erased, it would only come to his mind as a dream.
The last thing Zen heard the woman who mothered him say in her thoughts through psychic transference was, “My soul be damned for the world…”

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