Indigo Dream – Revolution of Consciousness – Chapters 2-4



July 16th, 2113 CE, Eden Prime, Sector of United Asia, People’s Republic of China state, Border of Tibet-Nepal, Himalayan Mountains

The EisenHaus C-75 Dragonfly flew from the State of United Asia’s state of Russia to now just exiting the state of People’s Republic of China, the pilots chatted idly with each other, the rotorcraft traversed at over 450 miles-per-hour in the skies above Asia, they had made this trek very quickly, it is a very smooth, relaxed ride. Zen with the complexion of a ghost looked out the windows of the Rotorcraft, he was in a daze, he had no real comprehension of what was going on besides he was in a rotorcraft, the sights of Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and People’s Republic of China. They were coming up to the Himalayas which Zen with pale skin thought were beautiful. The other passenger, a boy with crimson hair, emerald green eyes, and a Caucasian complexion. There were two crew members operating the rotorcraft. The pilot is named Captain Harrison, early-forties, from the Alaskan State of the Sector of United North America, he had served for over ten years in the Protectorate of the Gardenia Utopian Community. The copilot is named Warrant Officer Woods, late-twenties, he is from the State of Great Britain from the Sector of United Europe. They had both served in the Gardenia Utopian Communities armed forces as Rotorcraft pilot’s, the two of them were sharing stories of their service in Gardenia Utopian Communities Protectorate, it started out on the subject of their experiences regarding basic training then moved on to where they were stationed, their crazy nights off and on-duty, their encounters with women, and life-events that led from then till now.
The albinistic pale boy, Zen van Nihil looked over at the boy with crimson red hair and emerald green eyes sitting next to him, the pale boy asked him. “Hi, do you know where we are? Do you know what my name is? who are you, what’s your name?”
Aiden Aka Manah, the boy with crimson hair glared at Zen with his brilliant emerald green eyes. They had darted from his side of the passenger window as a devilish smirk of daydreaming atrocities turned to one of sadistic joys.
“Did you forget where we were going dummy? your name is dummy, who is forever my fool, I am your king, you can call me your majesty,” he replied in a condescending tone.
“Okay… your majesty.”
“Shut the bloody hell up back there,” Warrant Officer Woods howled at the boys, turning his head fully to do so.
Captain Harrison had turned his head slightly so his right eye was upon them, he had a look of hostility in his eyes. Zens quickly quieted down, both boys turning their heads to look out their respective windows. Warrant Officer Woods turned his body back to the front, he began checking the radar systems to see if there was any stormy weather headed their way.
Captain Harrison informed his copilot in a thick Alaskan accent, “Oh chyeah, I fought in the ‘Battle of Lapland’, you know at that Autonomous Zone in Finland six years ago?”
“Really? at the autonomous zones in Arctic Scandinavia? What is your service code back then? Were you still piloting a transport rotorcraft or something not as flipping lame as this crud?” Warrant Officer Woods inquired.
“No I changed my Gardenia Utopian Community Protectorate service occupation ten years ago to transport, my wife insisted after my daughter went off to university, my C-M-S-O is 45-Hydra, I was a pilot for an attack rotorcraft, I was piloting a EisenHaus G-22 Yellowjacket, I killed 60 of those damn reindeer herders,”
The pilots laughed heartily in unison.
“Wasn’t that when those damned inbred Nords got angry at the Gardenia Utopian Community for the dwindling population of the polar bears that somehow led to their extinction, how the Gardenia Utopian Communities ‘disregard’ for the environment is causing the waters to rise?”
“Yeah something like that ecological United Revolutionary Collective official publication of Vox Populi, Vox Dei propaganda bullcrud,” The Pilot and Copilot laughed.
Zen remembered something he had learned but couldn’t remember how as he piped in something he knew an answer to, “Umm-hmm,” clearing his throat before explaining, “The Massacre of Lapland is instigated when complaints filed by the council members of the Autonomous Zone in Lapland went unnoticed by the Gardenia Utopian Community when EisenHaus Industries were draining natural resources found in the coastal waters within the limits of their Autonomous Zone, after passively allowing EisenHaus to frack for oil within the borders of their Autonomous Zone, the laplanders were first upset when EisenHaus employees were killing the now extinct polar bears for entertainment, environmentalists from the Autonomous Zone of Lapland protested against it, they filed another complaint against EisenHaus Industries that the Gardenia Utopian Community disregarded, what initiated the Laplanders to attack is when EisenHaus caused an oil spill and expected the Laplanders to assess the crude waste, to take out of their own funding to employ workers from the Autonomous Zone of Lapland to clean it up that is when Laplander rebel leader, Juuso Haukatami aka the Arctic Fox, led the militia of the Autonomous Zone to attack the oil rig and other EisenHaus vessels, the Zone’s militia defeated the EisenHaus expedition with no casualties whatsoever. Frederick EisenHaus, CEO of EisenHaus Industries ordered the Gardenia Utopian Community to retaliate against not only the Autonomous Zone’s militia responsible for the attack but the citizens of the Autonomous Zone there as well, after Gardenia Utopian Community Protectorate Forces and the Laplanders militia clashed in the ‘Lapland Skirmish’ which after weeks of fighting the Gardenia Utopian Community Protectorate Forces won, although for every Laplander casualty there were ten Gardenia Utopian Community casualties most of these fatal, when the dust settled, the total number of casualties were 1,500 Laplanders to 15,000 Gardenia Utopian Community soldiers, when the Laplanders militia surrendered in fear for the innocent civilians that would be caught in the fray. The Gardenia Utopian Community assaulted the civilians viciously with attack copters that killed many innocent men, women, and children who were neutral in the whole affair, with the humiliation that the Gardenia Utopian Community suffered, they took the survivors of the Laplander autonomous zones to concentration camps to be worked for slave-labor or exterminated, the ‘Arctic Fox’ or Jusso Haukatami, is executed by firing squad in April of 2105 CE.”
Warrant Officer Woods turned around again, looking at the snow-white albinistic Zen with contempt. Captain Harrison’s eyes were wide-open from the realization that the shining moment of his Protectorate career is killing innocent civilians. The mood turned to horror as realization dawned on them. The concentration camps the Gardenia Utopian Community had within the outer-limits of their intergalactic colonies were highly-classified, top-secret, only the highest echelons of power knew about them. Those were supposedly United Revolutionary Collective lies when these boys most definitely knew more about the Gardenia Utopian Community than them as the godlike super-soldiers these boys were created to be.
Captain Harrison thought to himself, “I’m a flipping mass murderer aren’t I?”
Warrant Officer Woods thought to himself, “They told us they shipped the Laplanders off to the colonies on the moon off of Saturn for relocation, …you know, it’s moon Titan.”
Zen heard their thoughts via telepathy, he said aloud to them, “Warrant Officer Woods, all the Laplanders displaced there are dead, it is effective immediately, there are no civilian habitable colonies on the moon of Saturn known as Titan, anyone the Gardenia Utopian Community states is sent to Titan is sent to the large-scale concentration and labor camps to be exterminated via liquidation or work, it’s actually a Gardenia Utopian Community Protectorate outpost used for Earth’s defense against possible invaders that’s why the security clearance is so high around Saturn, it’s not because of transport, it’s because of secrecy in the Outer-Planets, otherwise known as the Fringe.”
“Shut the Hell up you Devil, How do you know that?” Warrant Officer Woods roared.
“I read about it somewhere.” The pale boy said timidly.
As they heard this bit of information, they felt horrified, on Utopian Earth News Agencies, they were telling how all different types of people were being sent to Titan, Gardenia Utopian Community agents had even told people they had known were sent to Titan, they knew that Titan is just another way of saying, ‘they were exterminated in a concentration camp’. Both of the crewmembers looked at each other in horror because these two boys they were transporting were the Gardenia Utopian Communities highly-classified, top-secret weapons of mass destruction; they were informed of all of the Gardenia Utopian Community activities and secrets including these two boys. They knew Zen with pale skin, jet black hair, and sapphire blue eyes wasn’t lying.
The pilot and copilot kept thinking as if it were a mantra, in complete shock, horror that this is the realization that they had come to that a piece of top-secret information had been revealed to them that they never wanted to know, “There are no colonies on Titan, there are no colonies on Titan, there are no colonies on Titan, there are no colonies on Titan, there are no colonies on Titan, there are no colonies on Titan, there are no colonies on Titan.”
A few moments later, a message came over the ship’s Intelli-Glass that is in the rotorcrafts front viewing window, it is detailing that a small atomic bomb had been detonated at the facility near Samara, State of Russia, the entire underground facility is destroyed, the communications building they used as a cover above it had sunk into the Earth with it. Everyone at that facility had died in an atomic hellfire. The pilots tried to radio back to the facility in Samara to see if it is true but they had realized that their communications device hadn’t been working this entire time, the report of this incident were sent directly by an encrypted message from a member of the personnel at the base, someone who had been guiding the Rotorcraft this entire time. This is when they realized that none of their systems were working, all the information they were being fed was being controlled by someone else, they didn’t even have manual control over the rotorcraft themselves, it had been flying under the guidance of someone else. After the encrypted message displayed that the base that they had retrieved Zens from is now just a hole in the ground, a huge ‘WARNING’ in red-lettering appeared on their Intelli-Glass. A synthetic feminine voice said, “Warning, engine is failing, Warning, engine is failing, prepare for emergency crash-landing.”
The rotorcraft began to spiral out of control, it circled, circled, it is heading for a mountaintop in the Himalayas, the crew-members were screaming, frightened to death at what is about to happen, the passengers, Zen with pale skin, leaned back in his seat, eyes open, face clenched, fear spread through his body, Aiden Aka Manah who said he is the king, bounced up, down in his restraints of his seat, smiling, laughing, he is happy that they were possibly going to die. The two crew-members were screaming, Zen with the complexion of a ghost is scared stiff, the sociopathic boy with crimson hair is overjoyed.
Warrant Officer Woods yelled, “I can’t believe the moment we find out our first bit of classified information, we end up flipping dying!”
“My father died in a concentration camp, he didn’t move to Titan like they told us,” Captain Harrison cried.
The sociopathic boy with crimson red hair cheered, “Yaaaaay, we are going to die!”
Zen with pale skin said nothing, he just hoped with all his heart that he wasn’t going to die.
The general consensus was, “There are no colonies on Titan, we are going to die, there are no colonies on Titan, we are going to die, THERE ARE NO COLONIES ON TITAN, WE ARE GOING TO DIE!”



Noumenon, Astral Realm of The Doors of Dimension.

Zen with pale skin found himself in a very surreal, serene place, a feeling of purity and love is sensed in this place, he is laying on his back, the surface he is lying on felt like it is made of cotton, appeared to be made of clouds, the sky above him is an azure light blue. He sat up to get a better look at the world around him. He could see a golden sun in the sky on the horizon above the clouds. Suddenly he could hear the voice of a calming yet powerful entity, this voice spoke in his mind, the words went directly to his soul.
    “Hello Outsider,” the entity spoke.
    “Where am I?” Zen van Nihil asked.
    “Somewhere safe.” the entity answered.
    “Oh, okay” Zen van Nihil continued, “Who are you?”
    “I’m your friend, so you can call me Friend.”
    “Oh okay Friend, what’s my name?”
    “Your name is Zen van Nihil.”
    “Zen van Nihil?”
    “Why is my name Zen van Nihil?”
    “Let me think about it, possibly no reason, possibly that you are eternal wisdom from nothingness, wisdom from nothingness with no end.”
    “What are you thinking about?”
    “So that’s why I’m Zen van Nihil?”
    “What is my purpose?”
    “Your purpose is to exist and find the meaning of this existence through experience.”
    “Why do I exist?”
    “You exist because you have a purpose.”
    “What is the purpose of my existence?”
    “That’s for you to find out.”
    Zen took all of this in, the world around him began to fade to dark.
    “Wait, Friend, where are you going?” Zen called out.
    “It’s not where I am going, it’s where you are headed, remember Zen, I am with you, always.” Friend replied.


July 16th, 2113 CE, Eden Prime, United Asia, Autonomous Zone of Tibet-Nepal, Western Tibetan Plateau, Nepal, Himalaya Mountains, Mount Everest.

Zen awoke from his vision to see that he strapped in a seat of a downed rotorcraft with no knowledge of how he had gotten there or where he was. He noticed the pilots dead mangled bodies in seats in front of him, it is the first time he had ever seen a dead Human body with his own eyes, two of them to be exact, Zen looked to his left to see if someone is sitting there, he sensed someone nearby, someone who wanted to do him harm, he had been sitting in the seat beside him but he had broken out of his restraints and is roaming around in the proximity of the crash. The rotorcraft lay destroyed on top of a plateau of a mountain, the rotorcraft is angled diagonally on top of the plateau, it is off kilter, the left side is closer to the ground, the right side is angled slightly upward, with the left side being the portion that the smoke is billowing out of the engine, sparks shown from the cut wires, the inner-quarters of the vehicle had managed to stay in one piece of large wreckage, the left passenger side-door is gone, everything is trashed.
Zen heard Aiden Aka Manah and emerald green eyes scurrying around, Zen with pale skin used his telepathy to listen to see what he is thinking, he heard Aiden Aka Manah thinking to himself, “Dummy, will like this, it’s nice and sharp, I can hurt him, stab him, torture him, and kill him with this.”
Images of what Zen with red hair is imagining is so very gruesome, they were images of Zen mutilated in a terrible, grisly fashion. Zen panicked, tears came to his eyes, he murmured to himself in fear as he tried to undo the straps, “Come on, come on, come on.”
Zen is in a frenzy, he started rocking back and forth in his chair as he tried to undo the straps, he got the first one undone, the seat-belt retracted to the wall, he heard Zen pick up something metallic, take a couple steps in the direction of the crashed rotorcraft.

“Dummy, Ohhh Dummy!?” Aiden Aka Manah called with playful intimidation in his voice.
Zen rocked back and forth faster, frightened, undoing the next series of locks for the second seat belt.
“Dummy, have you ever seen what your guts look like? I know you saw your own blood but you can see more than that, how about your heart? I bet it tastes delicious! Dumblerry’s heart? Yummy!”
Zen, heard his attacker getting closer and closer, he is on the last locking mechanism of the final seat belt, he is frightened fumbling with it, he heard Aiden Aka Manah just outside the wreckage. Zen is hysterical, he managed to use pyrokinesis to burn apart the restraints in his hands.
“Hey Dumbleberry, I’m going to eat your heart and drink your blood!” Aiden Aka Manah called to him, extending, drawing out every word with a psychotic demeanor that echoed throughout the Himalayan Mountains.
Aiden Aka Manah popped his head into the wreckage, he had a look of a maniacal killer on his face, a smile that scrunched up his face, his nostrils flared, wild eyes, eyebrows raised. Zen saw he had a long jagged piece of metal in his hand, it is a piece of the rotorcraft propulsion blade. The sociopathic boy with crimson hair entered the wreckage by jumping up on the left-rear passenger seat. Zen leaned against the front passenger seat, a look of fear in his eyes, tears coming down the side of his sapphire blue eyes, arms crossed against his chest, he is sniveling and shaking.
“Awww, Dummy, you afraid that I’m gonna rip out your insides, show you to them as you die? You scared boy? Are you scared? It’s okay, it’ll be over soon” Aiden Aka Manah called to him.
Aiden Aka Manah leapt at Zen, Zen got down on his back, slid out of the wreckage of the rotorcraft with the help of the angle it had crashed on. Aiden Aka Manah landed where Zen with pale skin had been standing moments ago, he leapt downward with a killing blow at him. Zen had slid out of the wreckage of the rotorcraft, he landed in the snow on his back, he slowly got up in his frantic hurry, stumbling a little before he started to run away. Aiden Aka Manah jumped out of the rotorcraft wreckage onto the snow, watching Zen run away. He walked slowly after Zen, relishing the fact that his prey is running scared from him. Zen is crying, running, his arms swung around limply as he forces one leg in front of the other. He screamed to the sky if anyone could hear him, “If anyone’s there, Please help me!”
Aiden Aka Manah and emerald green eyes called to him, “Nobody’s gonna save you Dummy, it’s just you and me in these mountains, Doctor KrankenKinder can’t save you now Dummy.”
Zen would look behind him as he ran, Aiden Aka Manah would always be turning the corner behind him, Zen was running down a spiraling mountain trail, he wanted to just make this all stop, he wanted to be fine, he wanted to be safe, he wanted to live. Zen turned his head, saw Aiden Aka Manah turning the corner behind him. Zen turned another corner on the mountain trail that led down the mountain, he ran into something hard, he fell to the ground, his nose hurt, his face is in pain, he took his hand, reached up to his nose, blood is dripping out of his nostrils, he is slightly dazed. He then snapped back to what was happening, he turned using his outstretched legs, hands to put his back against the stone mountain wall. Aiden Aka Manah is closing in on him, Zen put his back against the stonewall, propped himself up with his hands as he pulled along the side of the wall, his legs kicked up, getting him to his feet. Aiden Aka Manah brandishing the razor sharp rotorcraft blade is closing in. As he stepped closer and closer to Zen, he slowed his step to build terror in his victim, Zen.
Aiden Aka Manah is close to Zen, he is in striking distance, Zen is against a stonewall, Aiden Aka Manah is 10 yards from the ledge of the enormous Himalayan mountain.
Aiden Aka Manah said to Zen, “Come on Dummy, beg, beg for your life, beg for me not to kill you.”
Zen is whimpering, shaking with fear, his body flat against the side of the mountain, eyes closed, tears streaming down his face. He is never so scared in his life, he said nothing, he just whimpered, murmuring.
“What is that Dummy? You want me to spare you? I couldn’t hear what you were saying? Could you speak up so I can hear you?” The smile of a psychopath about to kill his victim is on the face of Aiden Aka Manah, it is the face of pure evil, the face of someone without a soul.
“Please don’t kill me,” Zen whimpered.
“What is that? I couldn’t quite hear you?” Aiden Aka Manah taunted him.
Aiden Aka Manah took the blade in his hand, spun it, he took the blade, balanced against his pointer finger in his other hand, pricking it as he did so, he left it there, spun the blade around as a mannerism.
Aiden Aka Manah angled his head away with a sneer, he began to pace back and forth in front of Zen, his eyes never leaving Zen, he began to explain something to him.
“Dummy, I know you weren’t listening when Doctor KrankenKinder explained this to us, it is the day she let you bring that stupid rat into class, you wasted the entire time playing with it while she explained to us the most important thing we could ever learn.”
Zen, turned his head, his eyes slightly open, terrified out of his mind, he is going to listen to what Aiden Aka Manah said, after all it is important.
Aiden Aka Manah began monologuing, “Doctor KrankenKinder or Doctor Lilith Moonchild said that when the Humans, our creator, when the Humans made us, they took two of the most perfect specimens of the Human race, they used the words to describe the creation of us as, ‘genetic engineering’, well they took two perfect Human super-psionic specimens that they had the genetic material of, these Super-Psionic Humans seemingly bore no flaws in the eyes of our creator, this specimen’s genetic material is modified so that what is made with it could not get sick like us, it is intelligent like us, it is strong like us, it didn’t need to rest like us, it never got hungry like us, it had energy like us, and it had the powers that they don’t have…, Just… like… Us… then they took something else, two multidimensional alien specimens, these specimens or multidimensional entities are not from this world or even our known universe, they existed aeons ago, possibly before the beginning of time, they recklessly combined the genetics of the modified superHumans and godlike alien multidimensional entities together to create us, the chimeras or more specifically, Nephilim, we could hypothetically destroy or enslave all life in the universe single handedly or if we look at it from your perspective, bring love and peace to all life in the universe,” Zen with the crimson hair paused, took a breath then before continuing, “The Humans knew we were too powerful, so they put a special fail-safe in us, the Humans knew that if one of us Nephilim should rebel against our creators, the Humans that they could use the obedient Nephilim to destroy the rebellious Nephilim then worry about the rebellious Nephilim if anything should happen to shift its prime directive for you see, only you and me who can end each other’s existence, it’s a special code written in our monster genetic code, only the beings they made us from can without a doubt kill the other…” Aiden Aka Manah paused to take a breath, “So what I’m going to do is kill you now, so nothing can stand in my way of conquering the universe, unless you wish to join me Dummy then I shall spare you, together we could rule the universe, I will be the king, you shall be my fool.”
Aiden Aka Manah is standing in front of Zen, he is looking into his face awaiting his answer, Zen gazed with a neutral expression upon his visage, he is gazing in the emerald eyes of Aiden Aka Manah, he had felt anger for the first time as Zen looked with his sapphire blue eyes showed it as he stared into the emerald green eyes of the monster that stood before him with crimson hair.
Zen shouted at him, “I will never allow you to rule the universe, you are evil, sick, twisted, and as long as I live I will never allow it.”
“Well then, I gave you the opportunity to rule the universe with me, and you threw it away, So be it, prepare to die, fool,” Aiden Aka Manah said menacingly.
Aiden thrust his blade into the direction that is the chest of Zen, the blade stopped an inch over the place where Zen’s heart would be, Zen looked down at the blade as it is frozen there, Zen using his powers for the first time to defend himself to do damage that was not in a controlled environment as a living weapon doing as he is trained to do with telekinesis stopping the blade. Zen then used the psionic force to pin Aiden Aka Manah in his place forcing the maniacal boy to drop the blade. Zen used cryokinesis to make a layer of thick 10 inches of ice around the hands and feet of Aiden Aka Manah, disabling his movements. Zen willed pyrokinesis to summon flames to engulf the sociopathic boy’s head, torso and feet. Zen then shot electrokinesis, physical electricity to run through Aiden Aka Manah’s body then finally blasted him off the side of the peak of a mountain where the heavens meet the highest point on Eden Prime. Aiden Aka Manah, the sociopathic crimson haired boy flew off the side of the mountain. Zen walked over to the side of the cliff, looking down. Zen had sent Aiden Aka Manah nearly 30,000 feet from the zenithal point of the world. Zen proved to Aiden Aka Manah who is the king and who is the fool.



July, 2113 CE, Eden Prime, State of United Asia, Autonomous Zone of Tibet, Himalayan Mountains, Outside City of Gyantse   

Zen stood on top of the snow covered mountain in the Himalayas. Snow blowing through the air, the whispering of wind filled his ears, it was frigid. He felt frightened, he had no idea if he is going to make it through this, although he is sure of his regenerative elements of his physical body, Aiden Aka Manah said he is ‘Immortal’, he is unsure if he is going to make it through this, he began walking around the path that circled the plateau of the mountain he is on, trying to see if he could find a way down. Suddenly, he heard a howling sound, the howling that is similar to an ape, something rather large, intimidating. He looked around for a place to hide, he panicked, stepping side-to-side, his head swaying back, forth, eyes scanning everything around him. He turned, seeing in-front of him what appeared to be a large bipedal Humanoid creature, it appeared to be both ape, man, muscular in physique, it walked upright, it is covered in long dangling white fur, it stood at 12 feet tall. It stood only ten-feet away from him. Zen cowered back as the thing let out an ominous roar.
Zen heard it’s thoughts through telepathy, it is trying to convey, “I’m very afraid of you, you are intimidating me, please run away now.”
Zen crumpled to the ground crying, in his thoughts which he said verbally as well as conveyed telepathically, “please, don’t hurt me, I’m scared, I’m frightened, I’m freezing, please help me.”
The Yeti stopped roaring, stood there for a second, it then walked over to Zen, the Yeti scooped him up, cradling Zen in his arms, the Yeti then started making cooing sounds as he was comforting Zen.
The Yeti began conveying the message to Zen through his telepathy, his voice sounded masculine, deep, and comforting, “there, it’s alright little boy, I wasn’t going to hurt you anyway, I was more scared of you then you were of me, let me get you to the kind monks at the monastery, they’ll take care of you, it’s alright, I’m your friend.”
“You’ll be my friend? I only have one of those. You’ll help me get to the monastery? There’s monks? They sound nice.”
“Of course I’m your friend, I’ll take care of you if you’re a little one, no worries, the monastery is very nice, they have Human food, shelter, it’s nice, warm, the monks are very good people.”
Zen is crying, he said aloud sobbing, “Thank you.”
The Yeti softly brushed the side of Zen’s face, pushing his bangs back, “You’re welcome, my friend.”
Zen wasn’t scared anymore, he was quite happy, a smile on his face, a look in his eyes, glimmer of hope, wonder, he remembered what Friend had told him, thinking that this is his doing, maybe Friend had sent the Yeti to help him. The Yeti would take him to some nice people, not monstrous like the psychopathic little boy with crimson hair. As the Yeti carried the little boy known as Zen in its large strong long arms. The Yeti would look down from watching where he is going to check on Zen to see if he is comfortable, the Yeti saw Zen smiling, they would make eye-contact, the Yeti would grin at Zen, he would grin with his large squared teeth that was a purely benevolent grin. The Yeti had brilliant ice blue eyes that glowed with a calming peace. The Yeti carried Zen down a mountain trail then through the Himalayan Mountains. The Yeti’s fur is thermally insulated so the Zen is kept quite warm, comfortable. It is a little afternoon when they reached the Tibetan countryside, small rolling hills with areas of flatland, they were walking along the Nyang river, it is just a few more miles till they would arrive at the monastery. They were three-hundred kilometers outside the monastery when the Yeti set down Zen.
Zen looked up at the Yeti, saying aloud while conveying the message telepathically, “Thank you Mr. What’s your name?”
The Yeti responded by conveying the message to Zen which Zen heard telepathically as the Yeti made cooing sounds, “People call me the Abominable Snowman but I prefer to be called Yeti but my name is Oleg the Kind.”
    Zen rushed over to the Yeti’s leg, hugging it, saying aloud, “Thank you Mr. Oleg the Kindest of Yetis.”
    The Yeti scooped up the Zen, hugging him, holding him close, not enough to cause discomfort or pain but just enough to show his kindness to his friend, Zen.
“No, thank you my friend,” Oleg the Kind Yeti cooed.
The Yeti set down Zen, Zen walked with joy towards the monastery, the Yeti watched as he walked towards the monastery. The Yeti had a smile on his face, after a minute of watching Zen to make sure he was going to make it there safely, the Yeti turned, beginning his trek back towards the mountains. Zen had a grin on his face, he was overjoyed, he couldn’t wait to be at the monastery, he wanted to make more friends like Friend or the kind Mr. Yeti. The monastery is a large, accommodating, and majestic building of Asiatic architecture. The monastery is surrounded by a ten-foot high wall. There is a gate that is unlocked, Zen pushed it open, walking into the yard that surrounded it. The courtyard that surrounded it had over a dozen monks spread across the courtyard, they were sitting with their legs crossed, their hands folded into their laps, their back-straight, their eyes closed, they were practicing Zazen meditation. Zen is perplexed by this, he wondered what they were doing, he thought they were resting or sleeping. Zen wanted to make friends with them, so he quietly tiptoed his way near the center of them. He sat down in the same position that they were meditating, he closed his eyes, sitting there for a while like that.
He began to wonder, “I hope to make friends with the monks, I can already tell I’m going to like it here, I can’t wait to see Friend again, Friend is my best friend, Mr. Yeti is a very good friend for taking me here, he carried me all those miles for me to meet these people, if Mr. Yeti thinks their nice then they have to be nice.”
Zen contemplated these things, in hopes to make friends with the monks, how grateful he is Mr. Yeti brought him here but he mostly thought of Friend, he wished he was closer to him. When the monk finishes with their zazen meditation session in the yard, there is a sound of wonder, and awe. They ran quietly in shock at what they were seeing. They rushed to get the Abbot as well as the other monks. The monks had all gathered to see the wonder that the monks had told them of, they gathered in the courtyard to see this, the Abbot stood gazing at the wonder they were seeing. Zen is levitating, he gleams with a faint aura of white light that surrounds him. Zen had fallen into a deep meditation. His contemplation of friends had turned into an astral journey through the stars. He finally came to when he realized that he had drifted off into a deep trance. Zen, slowly descended back down to the ground, his eyes opened, he was standing there, looking at the monks.
He stretched his arms, said excitedly, “Hello friends!”
To that the monks cowered back, exclaiming statements of shock, reproach, the overall message they conveyed was, “It is him, he has returned.”

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