Indigo Dream – Revolution of Consciousness – Chapters 30-32


12PM, November 1st, 2121 CE, War Torn Eden Prime, United North America, State of the United Socialist States of America, Eastern Sprawl, Boston District, Kalifornia Inn, Penthouse Suite
Rioting had taken over the Eastern Sprawl, there had been a mass power grid blackout in the ghettos of the Eastern Sprawl by URC rebels. The Valkyrie rotorcraft is parked on a freighter, near the Zakim Bridge. Zen, Serenity, Father Ig, Abbot Dogen, and the monks then fled on foot to an abandoned Kalifornia Inn where they resided on the penthouse floor. They were safe for now as firearms fired in the distance, smoke billowed from buildings assorted from all around them. Every once in a while, the building shook as a far off explosion blew up some target. Peacekeepers in Guardian Attack Rotorcrafts flew over the rioters, dispatching the crowds with lethal rounds. It is hell on Eden in the Eastern sprawl, with all this chaos, Gardenia forces would not find Zen or his friends. Zen stood looking out the window of the Penthouse suite, looking over the chaos in deep contemplation.
Zen van Nihil, how the name had come to fit him, he went from being a Messiah to a Pariah in that one speech at the Summit that caused this political and civil unrest. After three performances of awakening the minds of others, he could not believe this is what has happened, he could not believe that one misconstrued sentiment from the Summit and an interview prior which stirred these political beliefs had inspired him to state what he believed which he followed through on publicly at the Summit. Zen did not expect Gardenia to be as despotic as it is towards their own governing officials who had been won over at the Summit with the bloodbath that followed, what is a peaceful Dharma Talk about politics turned to complete societal upheaval.
The News Persona of Utopian News Network that damned propagandist, Dan O’Hara must be reveling in the civil unrest, he had been the one to interview in-depth ‘Rock Star Messiah’ purported to be behind this. Zen van Nihil had already announced in the publication of Epoch Magazine that Zen van Nihil was the Man of the Aeon by a democratic vote among the Gardenia citizenry. This event publicized Zen as a revolutionary figure of the Human race.
‘A savior that needed to be saved’ Zen thought to himself, contemplating further on that idea.
What Zen really needed to do is to save himself. Zen pondered the irony that he is regarded as the redeemer of Humanity but could not find redemption for himself? How can you care for anything if you do not care for yourself? How foolish had he been for his own survival that he could not foresee the ominous future unraveled by past events. He had to change this fate and the foolishness of other people by mere words. If Zen wanted to see any positive change in the world, he must first change himself. Zen van Nihil stood by the penthouse hotel window, gazing deeply at the chaos erupting all around him.
The seven monastics of the remaining monks were meditating in the other room with Father Dogen. They were asking the gods for help and guidance for Zen as well as ways to advertise their own inevitable doom which Abbot Dogen had spoken of soberly which all seven of them accepted. The monks embraced their duality of being Yakuza Mobsters thus awakening the true middle path of existence. Gardenia Red Paladins would probably discover them and the Sovereign Zen van Nihil, so by that logic the Yakuza Warriors smiled faintly for they knew they were apex predators, not prey.
Father Ig stood by Zen, he was smoking a cigarette, he offered the twenty-one year old Messiah if he wanted one, Zen declined. What Zen really wanted to do is leave, he wanted to go far away from all of this. Red Paladins may come, if not them then Vanguards Agents, if not them than an angry mob. All of which were the very people Zen is trying to save yet the entire world of the Gardenia hated him to the maxims of extremes. The only friends Zen had were those around him and the friend in the URC acting on a long-awaited plan. Father Ig held one of his .500 Cal Nighthawk pistols, a cigarette in his other hand which he is smoking. Father Ig would die fighting any Red Paladins, Vanguards Agents or Angry Mob for Zen. Official orders from the Cosmic Church of Celeste were to protect Zen at all costs. Father Ig pulled out his com-device, he had an idea which would be his trump card in this most ominous of situations. Father Ig dialed an encrypted code into the phone that would get him straight to his Holiness, Pope Leo. Father Ig spoke in Latin with his Holiness, nodding his head with the com-device to his ear, it is a private-call.
As Father Ig is speaking in an archaic language to the executive of his organization. Serenity walked out from the bathroom, she is still wearing her black dress. Serenity hadn’t worn makeup in years till the day of the Summit turned Massacre at the House of the Hegemony. Serenity’s mascara had bled down her face from tears. This is it, the inevitable doom of Zen van Nihil. Zen is still deeply meditating on the label of Zen van Nihil. How the name fit him, how he now embraced it. He thought to himself about Dan O’Hara, the man who had stirred the coals of the idea of URC Independence in his head.
In Zen’s own stream of consciousness, “It is all because of that ignorant bigoted deluded demagogue of a news anchor, Dan O’Hara placed that idea in my head about Mars, no that’s not right, I’m not right.”
Serenity had been listening to Zen’s thoughts and used telepathy to tell him, “Zen, I know it isn’t fair but take a look in the mirror before blaming others for your mistakes.”
“I’m a god, a monster, I’m a ghost, a hunter that paranoia creeping up the back of your spine is my true nature.”
Serenity is silent for a second before saying aloud, “You don’t mean that.”
Zen is also silent a moment before saying, “That’s how I feel, it is something that I know to be true.”
“But why,” Serenity said
“The first person I ever met in this physical realm is my immortal enemy, my arch-nemesis, his name is Aiden F. EisenHaus who is truly known as Aiden Aka Manah, the multidimensional evil consciousness who influences evil acts in mortal beings, Aiden is a being much like me but my inverted ideologue, I sense him plotting and planning against all of us every-day, I hear him, I see him, I know him only in my darkest dreams, and he is an absolute nightmare, I’m waking up to the fact that I’m just like him for he is me and I am him, we are brothers bound by fate.”
“Zen, what are you talking about?” Serenity exclaimed bewildered.
“Serenity, I am what they say I am, I am an outsider, my life began as a top-secret government Protectorate weapon same as Aiden F. EisenHaus, he and I were both created as weapons to combat the rising threat of Homo Esper and resistance against Eden in all its forms including the United Revolutionary Collective,” Zen faltered at this next part, “At the Summit, I spoke with a woman, a woman that had created me, the woman that mothered me in a test-tube or creation machine, she told me I was the clone of a multidimensional space-deity known as an Archon named Zenki Ex Nihilo and the revolutionary figure of the past who founded the URC, Calvin Moody Luther or Nemo, the woman’s name is Hegemon Iris Autumn, are you an Autumn related to this prestigious Autumn, if yes, how so?”
Serenity exhaled deeply, stirring, turning away from Zen then turning towards him and walking over to him, she placed her arm around Zen’s shoulder.
“Listen,” she said soothingly, “Hegemon Iris Autumn or my mother and I are not of this world, I mean we were born here but we are descended from a long line of Human appearing aliens from the United Cosmic Federation, we are of the Lyrian-Sirian race of aliens, aliens from Pleiades, we are a psionic variety of Human aliens, Zen, you were the combination of covert genetic engineering under guidance from both the United Cosmic Federation and the Draconian Imperium, conducted as a top-secret Gardenia operation, Frederick EisenHaus funded it in hopes to make two sentient weapons which he could conquer the Gardenia easily then hand over the Gardenia’s Human species to the Draconian Imperium, the United Cosmic Federation sent in one of their top science officers, Hegemon Iris Autumn to create you and Aiden then at some point use you two as warriors to fight against the Draconian Imperium or the Reptilian civilization. The EisenHaus family are Reptilians and Reptilian-hybrids ranging from their family members being descendants of the Alpha Draco Prima Reptilians, Frederick EisenHaus is a member of a disgraced Reptilian Royal House and to return honor to the emperor of the Draconian Imperium, he must conquer the Human race that originated from Earth, he’s a member of the most noble of ruling houses and families of the Draconian Imperiums governing body, he is of the dragon caste or variety of the Reptilian species which is the highest member of their caste system, he is a distant relative to the most powerful family in the Draconian Imperium, Zen, my family, the Autumns are comprised of Lyrian-Sirians, Andromedans, Sirians, Cetans, these four races mostly are closely interconnected and are able to breed among each other being Hyper Sapiens and Homo Ultra a part of a large collective of Human species from other planets, many races United Cosmic Federation, in order to thwart the Draconian Imperium in a power-struggle for Earth, Zen you have been unfortunately been chosen to be caught in the fray of a power-clash for the universe, there is no way to avoid that, you are the combination of splicing the genetic coding of Nemo as well as Zenki Ex Nihilo, a member of the seemingly multidimensional space deities known as the Archons, you are Sovereign Zen van Nihil, the Sovereign is the head of the Great Commission which are the twelve most trusted Archons of the Great Architect of the Multiverse, according the stories of the founding races of the United Cosmic Federation, the Archons choose a form which they discover unknowingly in their existence that they are an Archon, my grandfather Magus Mithra Mysterium is an Archon who prophesied your existence, he was not a run-of-the-mill Homo Esper, in fact, he’s still alive despite his elderly age appearing at 33 years old, Archons were created by the Great Architect to carry out blueprints for their forms in the infinite realms of existence, creating the natural laws and social laws which govern every dimension throughout the Multiverse, when the Archons originally come to a void dimension they create the shape of stars and planets within space, they design the flow of time, they combine these two in effect in our dimension but there are realms beyond our own, since the rise of Chaos Archons who disobey the Great Archon to destabilize dimensions so an Archon of Balance or Order will manifest to do maintenance and administration divine work throughout the dimensions affected by Chaos, according to the information my grandfather Magus Mithra Mysterium and what the Autumn’s have taught me when I was younger about the Great Architect, the Archons, the Great Commission, you as the foretold Sovereign, and the United Cosmic Federation, Zenki Ex Nihilo is an Archon who originates from his home plane of existence known as Hyperborea, he is revered as a god among many forms of life throughout the Multiverse in its entirety. Zenki Ex Nihilo had carried out the Great Architect’s will for this universe as well as throughout the Multiverse, he is considered to be one of the Great Architect’s favored Archons, his final universe to exist in is our Universe is to put an end to the renegade Archon known as Aka Manah, the Lawless One of the highest of the echelons of malevolent Archons of the Lord of Chaos against the Great Architect or Quantum Consciousness who you know as Friend, Aka Manah is being worshipped by a species of Humans that predate Homo Sapiens and Homo Esper which were known as the Atlanteans, an alien race who Aka Manah had made his unfortunate people and is planning on wiping out the fledgling cro-magnon Humans, when Zenki Ex Nihilo arrived there is a power-struggle between Aka Manah and Zenki Ex Nihilo among the Atlanteans in which a battle ensued resulting in Atlantis to sink below the Earth’s surface, there battle is so intense that is caused the supercontinent of Pangea to split to what we know geographical of Earth today as well as the deaths of Zenki Ex Nihilo and Aka Manah, the surviving Atlanteans buried Zenki Ex Nihilo and Aka Manah in their necropolis of the gods before fleeing the planet or intermingling among the Homo Sapiens, hoping they would survive through them.”
Zen had a grim look on his face as he listened, this didn’t answer his question but he sensed that she is getting to Hegemon Iris Autumn’s character.
Serenity continued, “Zen, You and Aiden are part of an ancient prophecy held firmly in all advanced races found throughout the Multiverse that one-day the Archons would return, the marking of this would be two of them, one who is the Great Architect’s most favored Archons, Zenki Ex Nihilo and the other one being one of his most hated archons, Aka Manah, you are a messiah to all races and species, Iris Autumn is your mother and she wanted you know after years of not seeing you, she truly loves you Zen and I love you, I’m telling you this to take you out of the dark and bring you into the light, you are to enlighten and liberate the universe and I’m enlightening and liberating you for you have enlightened and liberated me,” Serenity explained.
Serenity hid her head from Zen, Zen’s expression of a downcast face changed to look at her with an expression of forlorn love and disbelief, he reached over with his hand, placing his pale fingers under her chin and lifting up her head, he kissed her passionately, lovingly, and tenderly.
“I love you Serenity,” Zen whispered lovingly.
“I love you too Zen,” Serenity responded in a similar tone.
They kissed again for another moment before stopping to be interrupted by Father Ig.
“Alright everyone, the Vatican has arranged a private shuttle from the Boston sector of the Eastern Sprawl to their headquarters in Rome, we’ve got to go now,” Father Ig commanded.
“One moment,” Zen said.
Zen pulled out the compressed bag of Nemo’s clothes, ripping it open, taking out the clothes and walking into the bathroom to change, closing the door behind him. Serenity and Father Ig looked at each other with concern then at the bedroom door as Abbot and ten monks began to file into the room picking up bags to carry for their journey to wherever the rail-station is that would take them to the Vatican. In the bathroom, Zen tore off his clothes putting on the form-fitting black jeans which fit perfectly, he then put on the white shirt which read ‘Omnia-Nihil` in binary-type upon it in black lettering then the punk-vest which had buttons and patches adorned all over it. Zen emerged from the bathroom, changed and ready to leave for the Eastern Sprawl Diocese of the Cosmic Church of Celeste. Serenity, Father Ig, Abbot Dogen as well as the Monks all stared at the Messiah known as Zen van Nihil, his face downcast, his fists clenched, his body wavering with deep panting breaths as emotions were over-taking him. Serenity walked over to him, embracing him, kissing him on the cheek then the lips.
“Hey…” she said consoling him.
Father Ig followed by Abbot Dogen came over to Zen, embracing him, Abbot Dogen rested his head on Zen’s shoulder, Father Ig kissed his palm and rubbed his hand through Zen’s hair, the Monks then gathered around Zen, Serenity, Father Ig, and Abbot Dogen, joining the group hug.
“Zen, we believe in you,” Serenity said.
“Zen, we believe in you,” Father Ig said.
“Zen, we believe in you,” Abbot Dogen said.
The monks then almost in mixed unison uttered the same affirmation. Zen raised his head returning the embrace, regaining himself, holding the group-hug for several long moments before they departed out of the abandoned Kalifornia Inn and Suites building.
“It is time for us to go,” Zen spoke.
They had left the hotel to meet the streets of the Boston Sector of the Eastern Sprawl. The Eastern Sprawl such as most of the megalopolis cities around the Gardenia had become a madhouse of chaos and rioting. The already impoverished area of the Eastern Sprawl had descended into a state of martial law matched by its absolute anarchy. Looters ran from stores carrying loot, rioters were tossing molotov cocktails through the windows of buildings, vandals tagging murals of anti-Gardenia propaganda on buildings still standing with spray paint, two men were fist-fighting to death. Eden Peacekeepers fired live rounds from assault rifles at the looters, rioters, the two men fighting stopped, the one who had the advantage at the time was knelt over pummeling the other had stopped to help his opponent up and they fled together.
Zen and his friends fled as well, their feet beating against the ground, they ducked into an alleyway as a Gardenia militarized Peacekeeper vehicle was turning down onto the avenue they were upon. They were headed to the Diocese of the Church of Celeste located in the Eastern Sprawl Boston Sector. The Church of Celeste had its own personal subterranean railway used by Church officials to go from diocese to diocese and to the headquarters in Rome. The power had been out for a while, making it permissible for them to travel the streets safely without the constant eye of surveillance watching them for the Electromagnetic free-energy harvesting tower had been bombed by rebel fighters during the war, none of them knew how the train would travel unless they had a backup broadcasting generator.
They had been running for a while now, long enough to make anyone tired. Father Ig led the way, he didn’t need the GPS on his portable Intelli-Device to know where they were going, for he had grown up in the Boston Sector of the Eastern Sprawl.
“How much further until we reach the diocese?” Zen asked Father Ig.
“Just a few more blocks then we will be there.”
“Good, my feet are getting tired,” Chimed in Serenity before adding, “Why didn’t we just take the rotorcraft.”
“It would be too dangerous, we have to travel by foot, it’s a no fly zone all across the planet with the exclusion of Gardenia Protectorate vessels.” Father Ig stated plainly.
“Oh damn and oh well.” Serenity responded.
“You said it sister.” Abbot Dogen responded.
They ran down one last alleyway between a series of apartment buildings and saw from across a large open parking lot the diocese building, the first time they had seen this much flora and fauna in the Eastern Sprawl with its gardens, nowhere near as majestic as the flower gardens surrounding the capitol buildings of Eden but flower gardens nonetheless, the Diocese building is a large concrete structure of Greco-Roman influence in architecture, a marvel compared to the cookie cutter box-shaped building that were spread throughout the Sprawl. Outside the empty Diocese building is Father Dante standing at the open gates to the path that would lead into the church, he is smoking a highly-illegal tobacco cigarette. Zen and his friends ran to Father Dante.
Father Ig greeted him first in some dead language known as Latin before continuing in English, “Father Dante, is everything ready?”
“Yes but there is a problem.”
“What’s that?” Father Ig said.
“Due to the blackout, we cannot use the train, instead, we’ll have to use the self-propulsion motion shuttle which can only carry four occupants that being said, Mr. Zen would you please choose two people to go with you, I am forced to go with for insurance measures to have you meet the papacy as well as our holy mother, Celeste. I think I already know who you are going to choose.”
Zen swallowed hard, he turned to his paternal figure, Abbot Dogen as well as his brothers in the monks saying, “Abbot Dogen, my brothers, I am sorry that I have to do this but I must.”
Zen is cut-off by Abbot Dogen who held out his hands in a yielding fashion with an expression of understanding on his face.
Abbot Dogen said, “It’s alright Zen, we understand.”
A moment of silence before Zen ran over to Abbot Dogen with tears in his eyes embracing him, the monks encircled them, putting a hand firmly upon them as a sign of recognition. Zen wept as Abbot Dogen held him in silence.
This moment is cut-short as the sun is dissipating behind black storm clouds, it is beginning to rain upon the Eastern Sprawl. Momentarily, the rain came in a gentle mist at first as the raindrops fell before coming down in drenching sheets.
Father Dante told the monks, “You may stay in the Diocese until the storm ceases after that you can do as you please.”
They all ran under the awning in front of the diocese, Father Dante unlocked the door with a keycard and they all entered. They walked through the foyer of the cathedral, there is a door that led to the fellowship hall which is open where Zen could see a bunch of tables for luncheons after services, ahead of them is the congregational hall where Saturday night and Sunday Morning Cosmic Church of Celeste services were held, pews aligned the room with a stage and pulpit at its front, a band section is to the left, a choir stage to the right, Abbot Dogen as well as the monks went into the cathedral hall to have a group meditation on the fact that this could be the last time they would ever see their blessed Sovereign, Abbot Dogen looked at Zen, Zen returned his gaze at Abbot Dogen. Zen ran to Abbot Dogen hugging him, embracing him while silently tears fell from both of their eyes, Father Dante waited with Father Ignatius and Serenity for this intimate moment between guardian and son. Zen let go following Father Dante with the other two left of his companions as they went left through a series of rooms that led to offices as well as a large area for desks with partitioners for administrative business that took place during the week, Father Dante led them to door that required another scanning of his security key card to unlock it, the door made a beeping sound then Father Dante opened the door, where Father Ig is the second through the breach then Serenity then Zen. It led to six flights of stairs which looped around each other with each flight to descend into the basement where the tram is located in the subterranean region.
They came to another door which Father Dante once again for a final time, scanned his security key card, the door made a beeping sound to alert that it was unlocked. Father Ig grabbed the door and held it open for Father Dante, Serenity, Zen then himself as the door closed behind him. They were in a subway that had a train of three cars on one side and a one train of one car including an engine which looked like it is powered by the trains of old, by winding cogs and arms connecting them, it is very rustic in appearance in comparison to the electric powered marvel to their left to the self-propelling train on the right which is the vehicle they were taking to the Vatican in Rome, Italy of United Europe where the Cosmic Church of Celeste is headquartered.
Father Dante scanned the door with his key card, the tram had an automated voice that said, “Hello Father Dante Aguilar.”
The three followed Dante onto the tram, Father Dante made his way to the front with Father Ignatius, they went into the room where the engine is located which had a coordinates setting which Father Dante set for the Vatican in state of Italy in United Europe where the United Church of Celeste is headquartered in the gentrified and renovated buildings of the Catholic Church. Father Dante began pumping the giant lever which started the self-propelled tramcar, there is another giant lever which Father Ig began to pump. Zen stood there and watched, he called to them as they began to tire as the vehicle started to roll forward.
Zen said to them, “Allow me.”
Zen used telekinesis to pump both the levers at a rapid rate sending the vehicle moving forward at incredible speed, it is generally after 15 miles of pumping on and off did you finally get the thing running at a normal speed of an early 20th century train, after about 15 miles made in 15 minutes, the car is traveling at the speed of a regular bullet train, at 400 mph, these vehicles could withstand such a speed but is impossible by manual pumping, the tramcar could propel itself without manual interface. By this, Father Ig is impressed, Father Dante is amazed.
The three males took their seats, Father Ig and Father Dante sat up front, talking about what had happened since they had last met in Father Ig’s secured room of seclusion when he was assigned to monitor Zen van Nihil, each sharing the events that had happened. Zen van Nihil took his seat with Serenity in the back of the tramcar. Serenity and Zen kissed, holding each other in their arms, gazing deeply into each other’s eyes. Zen’s sapphire blue eyes and Serenity’s golden amber eyes. Zen’s pale arms wrapped around Serenity’s umber beige skin, Serenity umber beige arms held Zen’s pale body. Serenity had changed when they had ducked into an abandoned shopping mall into black cargo pants, black tank-top, black boots, the straps of her black bra were barely visible around one curve of the blank tank-top. Zen still wore the anti-authoritarian garments of Nemo that he stole from the memorial. Serenity had her legs crossed over Zen’s left leg for she is seated at his left, he is seated at her right. Serenity’s long black curly locks hung down her shoulders, Zen’s medium-length mohawk is tasseled with her long locks as she rested her head upon his.
They quickly kissed before resuming their position for Serenity to nest herself on Zen as she fell asleep, Zen sensed something, someone calling out to him. He thought deeply about who this is and debated with himself whether or not he should answer this psychic call through astral projection, he began to enter a semi-conscious state astral projecting towards this person. Zen wondered who this Human is in their hour of distress that it is this urgent that Friend had directed them to him. Zen took the call as everything blurred, the world around him became dark with flickers of light that turned into a sea of stars which he swam through at a lightspeed, all these stars were his fellow beings, he swam to the one at a rapid rate as if he were traveling at lightspeed, he came to the star, merging with it.
12PM, November 1st, 2121 CE, War Torn Eden Prime, United North America, State of Alaska, Anchorage.

Jeanne Orleans had gotten to the living quarters of the apartments for the Magistrates would be staying in, she is horrified to see the Emergency Conference Center had been disintegrated in her rear-view mirror and could only feel grateful she is not there when the deatomizer explosion went off, she felt slightly bad for Osho and Yardbird but they had chosen their bed and it is time for them to lay it in that being incinerated into glass among the ruins of complete destruction. The best thing she could do is get some rest because she is tired and ridden with grief.
Jeanne Orleans had tried everything to get some sleep, she could not bear the idea of the anxiety that is beset upon her, she had done all the mundane things she usually did to help her sleep, reading a book, sedatives, meditation, and prayer, she had originally prayed to Celeste when she decided that with the information she knew being an insider in what is truly happening, she decided to pray to someone else, to make her presence known. Jeanne Orleans prayed to Zen, not in worship but in reconciliation, she wanted her presence known to him and the being he called Friend. She lay in her bed, head resting on the tear soaked pillows, her body under the covers. She prayed aloud hoping Zen would hear her.
Jeanne Orleans prayed, “Zen, can you hear me? This is the General Secretary of the Gardenia Executive Directorate, Jeanne Orleans, things have gone terribly wrong with the Human race and I don’t know who else to turn to, you brought so much hope to the people of the Gardenia, please hear my prayer, I’m asking for your advice out of a move to know what really happened, I know what you really are and I’m fine with it, I don’t think you actually lead a terrorist attack on the House of the Hegemony, I think you’re a really good guy who got blamed as a victim of circumstance for a much more sinister act, Please Zen, help me, and help us all.”
Zen heard this call from his current location aboard the tram headed to the Vatican in Rome, State of Italy, United Europe as it crossed the Atlantic Ocean. He began to focus on nothing, not even the call to bring himself to a meditative state as he drifted off into meditation, he is brought to a world of a sea of stars, he flew through a sea of stars Jeanne Orleans is lured into a semi-conscious state, she felt herself drift off into an ethereal realm, she started to feel like a spiritual form of herself is being lifted out of her body, the ethereal form of herself drifted above her corporeal form which is sleeping in a meditative state, she turned away from her physical form to look at the ceiling where a portal had opened, her ethereal form swam through it. She had entered an astral sea of stars with currents of fluorescent lights and radiant beacons for stars. This is the ocean that encompassed the Quantum Consciousness, the communication network that encompassed the very essence of the being known as Friend. It is vastly infinite, with no real end or beginning. She swam through looking at the different channels and currents of consciousness, she heard the whispers of thoughts from people around her, some were praying for protection, some were going about their day in the wake of the chaos, some were happy to be alive. Jeanne Orleans floated through the space, she saw a very large and seemingly infinite rift opened in space, an infinite beam of white light opened across the astral ocean.
Zen’s voice came from the infinite rift, “Jeanne Orleans, this is Zen, come to me.”
Jeanne Orleans obliged amicably by saying, “Yes, Zen.”
She swam through to the rift as she entered its gravitational pull. She is pulled inside it and is rushed through a beam as if she were speeding through Hyperspace, radiant beams of energy shot around her as she is engulfed in light. She is seemingly being pulled through the rift until everything becomes white besides her own ethereal form which floated slightly downward till it hit the bright light that is the ground. As she touched the ground, the world around her became more clearer. Forms and shapes began to make up the world around her, the light began to fade. She appeared to be on an island, a tropical island, she sat with her toes in the sand and her bottom dug into the sandy beach. Water crashed along the shore she turned and looked around besides a large gathering of trees inland with a mountain that peaked from its middle, there seemingly is no one else there on this deserted island, when she turned back to face the beach, she saw a man, this man is Zen van Nihil, he is wearing khaki cargo shorts, he wore a long sleeve baby blue button-up shirt, his sandals were on the beach, this world felt physically real yet it is an ethereal construct.
Jeanne Orleans waved at Zen, Zen looked up from his wading in the water, his crimson red lips formed a smirk across his pale face and he waved back, wading out of the water and towards Jeanne Orleans. He stepped onto shore, kicking the water off his feet before putting on his sandals by slipping his feet into them.
“Hello Jeanne Orleans,” Zen declared.
“Hello Zen,” Jeanne Orleans replied enthusiastically.
“What brings you here?” Zen asked.
“Oh, not a whole lot, there’s been a lot going on and I didn’t know who else to turn to.”
“You mean that nearly the entire Gardenia Government has been assassinated or systematically wiped out by rebels?”
“Yes, how did you know, did you have any part in that?”
“No I did not, I speak earnestly when I tell you I had nothing to do with any of this is that’s been going on, the only hand I played is an opinion of mine is greatly blown out of proportion, it is more of a suggestion, not an order as far the whole House of the Hegemony thing, I was merely the scapegoat for what happened at the political sector in Vancouver, Frederick EisenHaus ordered the extermination of all Martian sympathizers including me, the only people I neutralized there, is the Assassin who attacked me on my way in as well the Red Paladins who attacked my friends and I when we tried to escape.”
“What about the Governor of United Asia, Raijin Ryujin?”
“An associate of mine assassinated him for he sent an aforementioned assassin after me, a psionic cybernetically modified synthetic being of a super-assassin ninja known as Oni. We couldn’t allow a man with that kind of power to hunt me like a dog, so a friend of mine had him eliminated, it is our only option, there is no reasoning with him.”
“I understand, dEsperate times call for dEsperate measures.”
“Now Jeanne Orleans, now that you are aware of my innocence and how I have just been caught up in some terrible twist of fate, what is it that you would like to know?”
“I would like to know what really happened.”
“What really happened is, is an unfortunate atrocity, many people had been won over by my speech at the Summit, the gears were in motion to give Mars there Autonomy, Homo Espers their rights, and onto the interplanetary rights of Homo Synthetic. Frederick EisenHausas the rumors among the elite circles is an alien imposter, he is the autocratic successor of a Draconian Imperium alien being,” Zen paused, “Friend has told me that he is of a bloodline belonging to the Dragon caste of the Draconian Imperium, he is of their highest caste, their top invader and instigator of the process of enslaving and ultimately liquidating all Humans who will not bow to the malevolent society of the Draconian Imperium another family, a family representing the altruistic utopian society to aid Humanity in expanding throughout the universe instead of our own solar system, this family is the Autumn’s, the same family Calvin Moody Luther is married into, him being the original evolutionary advancement of Homo Esper and most advanced Homo Nexus. Calvin Moody Luther along with the Autumn’s we are a part of a vast species of alien life-forms that form the United Cosmic Federation, the Autumn’s and their related families comprise of an intermingling of Homo Ultra and Hyper Sapiens from the utopian government known as the United Cosmic Federation, Friend tells me that Frederick is planning on sabotaging the ambassadors from the United Cosmic Federation to force our hand to side with the Draconian Imperium an empire and species of Reptilians that he is a part of which I exposed his true nature as a Reptilian invaders, Frederick now wants me dead with the information I now have as well as the destruction of all the ideals and beliefs I have set forth, he made an executive decision to liquidate all Martian Sympathizers as well as my friends and myself. The Gardenia’s elite special forces known as the Red Paladins liquidated the members at the Summit so he could gain absolute power with his proxies taking complete control of Gardenia and it’s colonies.”
“I believe you Zen, this Friend you speak of the Great Architect, I hear him as well, he is real, he is my Friend, just as you are my friend.”
“Thank you Jeanne Orleans, I must disclose something else to you. I am the product of genetic engineering of a multidimensional demigod known as Zenki Ex Nihilo and the revolutionary hero who exists forever through me, Nemo. Another man is also cloned from an alien specimen, also an Archon known as Aka Manah and the man known as the Lawless One, I am Sovereign Zen van Nihil, I am the Sovereign many foretold the coming of, especially the eccentric man at Mount Everest who is Magus Mithra Mysterium and Mother Celeste who are both Archons like me, the other man is the appointed successor of Frederick EisenHaus, is the Nemesis Aka Manah combined with the Lawless One in the form of Aiden EisenHaus. Frederick and Aiden EisenHaus are two evil entities bent on destroying Humanity, they will enslave it then negate it as the Draconian Imperium has planned for us, I need you to fight this, not outright but with subtlety, I may be going somewhere where no one may reach me soon, only the future may know and Friend has clouded my abilities of precognition for my own safety to survive this whole ordeal. This is all I have to say for now Jeanne Orleans, I hope you enjoy your rest, this is not the Sovereign Zen van Nihil in this current space-time, I am in the eternal void of existence waiting to be discovered by the harmless Zen van Nihil the Outsider which has fully become Zen van Nihil the Sovereign.”
Jeanne Orleans had returned to her corporeal formas she lay in her bed under the covers, she awoke briefly. Still half-asleep, feeling relaxed with a new understanding. Snuggling under the covers, turning over, she fell back to sleep. To dream dreams of future plans for what to do for what is best for the Gardenia.
3PM, November 1st, 2121 CE, Global Gardenia of Eden, The Automated Tram Crossing the Atlantic Ocean, Approaching the Providence of Italy, Rome, the Vatican.
Serenity sat in the back of the train, next to Zen, watching him sleep or meditate as the telekinesis powered train made its way down the track. Her gaze is an inquiry of pure love, watching Zen completely at peace after this whole ordeal is a rarity that she didn’t know how much longer she would be able to enjoy. Her arms latched onto him as he folded into himself. Zen awoke, slowly but within seconds is wide-awake.
“Good Morning sleepyhead!” Serenity called to him, chipper and relieved that her wait for him to wake is over.
“Goodmorning baby, how have you been awake?” Zen replied.
“I awoke about ten minutes before you did.”
Zen reached over and grabbed Serenity who was sitting next to him, holding her tightly in his arms. She latched on tighter. Gazing into each other’s eyes, they kissed.
Father Ig and Father Dante were finishing up a discussion on the Old World religion of Christianity, them being both Jesuits, they were able to be granted information to Old World religions and ways under clearance of the Church of Celeste. Anyone without this type of clearance would have had to have learned about the old world ways from living in an Autonomous Zones or autonomous zone.
“My belief is that some are predestined or chosen by God to get to heaven through divine election.” Father Ignatius said.
“My belief is that by choosing to accept in your heart to believe and follow God, you are saved and that is how you enter the kingdom of heaven.” Father Dante replied.
“No, I believe it is by God’s will and God’s choice alone one enters heaven, from your standpoint Father Dante with the less than 20% of the Human population throughout the solar system even being able to have access to this information that isn’t presented as an old world myth for a now pronounced fictitious character of the old world that out of that 20% only 5% of being the Jesuits, Old World Autonomous Zones, and antisocial believers among society would make it into heaven. Universalism is a thing of the past, Calvinism is the only thing which makes sense in this day and age, to say one’s will and one’s choice trumps God’s judgement for eternal salvation or damnation is blasphemy. A person can believe or think and feel very deeply of something but that doesn’t mean it’s true for believing one’s will is greater than God’s is blasphemy, a narcissistic claim that oneself is the most high.” Father Ignatius pontificated.
Father Dante changed the subject onto Zen, “Then what of God’s will for Zen and this Friend he speaks of? I received a report from the Mother Goddess Celeste herself that this man is not completely Human but what our order would call a Nephilim, the combination of Human and whether it being alien, angel or what is that term again?” Father Dante caught himself, “Archon DNA.”
“Yes, Zen may constitute as a Nephilim, of what you refer to as a alien-angel and Human hybrid what we understood as angels and demons are what he, our Great Father who art in Heaven, would refer to as an Archon or a worker for God that has come into flesh, he is of both Archon and Human genetics, Archons are no mere alien-angel, they span the many realms of existence doing work for our father, they are not messengers but laborers of his will, they are of a higher caste than angels from a new understanding.”
“Something higher than angels?”
“Yes, they are his most trusted craftsman of all creation carrying out his will and like the Man’s rebellion and the rebellion of the angels, there are renegade Archons, Zen does not come from a renegade Archon but God’s favorite Archon as Christ is to Man, Michael to the Angels, Zen is to the Archons. Our Almighty Father has chosen a new son for this contemporary age, a new anointed, a new messiah one to convey his message, he has revealed more of the nature of himself through this new messiah, he has revealed the inner-workings of the cosmos and the all-encompassing life within it, born of a virgin birth inside a test tube, a son of God and science, he had lived a blameless life until the forces of darkness decided they wanted to do the same for what they did to our our lord Jesus Christ, except this time there will be no arrest, no trial, no torture, and no crucifixion. Our Lord Jesus Christ had already done that to absolve us of our sins, now we as believers in God must not allow Zen’s capture or execution for an even greater sin will fall upon Humanity damning it indefinitely.”
The two men turned to see Zen and Serenity awake, they turned around in silence, remaining silent for they didn’t want their conversation to be heard.
Father, I’m looking forward to calling out to them, “Good Morning Zen and Serenity.”
“Good morning Father Ig.” The two lovers replied.
They then turned their attention to one another.
Zen looked away a second before asking Serenity some personal questions, “Serenity, all those years back, why did you try to take your own life with Daemon Dark, what happened to your father?”
Serenity is flabbergasted by this comment because it is only information she would have known. Serenity took a second to regain herself.
“Well…” She began, “My father Elisha Ahl-Mithra is one of the few people who worked early in his life on the elite team of individuals at Negative 0, Nemo’s pharmaceutical and cybernetics company, he also was the son of my controversial grandfather, who was a predominant spiritual figure in the Zion-Persian Federation who spoke of your exact coming as the Sovereign from the Great Architect which added more reason to attribute false-acts of treason for aiding Nemo or Calvin Moody Luther when in truth, it is my entire family who had helped Nemo establish his place of power to do the things he had done for his revolution, in the Autumns and Ahl-Mithras. As you know, my mother’s side of the family are alien agents of the United Cosmic Federation, if he didn’t take full responsibility my entire family could have been damaged from the accusations. I felt as though he were abandoning me and all of us when in truth he saved us, so being an irrational and emotionally devastated earthborn sixteen year old Lyrian-Sirian, I decided to take my own life with the same drugs, the medicinal form of it known as Daemon Light, what I took is the highly-illegal and recreational version of Daemon Dark which should have definitely killed me in such a radically high-doses ending my life in an agonizing death, although, the overdose did not kill me, it opened my mind to an infinite amount of possibilities concerning my psionic abilities, I had many realizations and epiphanies, I had a revelation that I must find the Sovereign my entire family believed in and help the URC, my father was a close-friend and confidant of Nemo just as I am to you my darling Zen, I never imagined I’d be the lover the Sovereign.”
Zen is pensive as he listened and melancholic in response, “When I had climbed Everest, I had many visions of the people of this world but the three that stuck with me were of a mysterious Keiretsu-Yakuza mob boss named Ren Jimmu who I believe is Abbot Dogen, he slew the Zhaos who were the governors of United Asia before being betrayed by his own father Raijin Ryujin, I saw Father Ig’s life and how he came to join the clergy, and you, you in such great detail, from childhood to you running away from your home after your father’s death, I saw you try and take your own life, you would have died but I prayed with all my heart and soul for Friend to save you, I prayed this for you had saved me when I was climbing Everest, do you want to know what Friend told me?”
“What, Zen?” Serenity asked as passion filled her eyes.
“The Great Architect told me, ‘Zen, by your own will she will be saved if she chooses to live but it is her decision to accept your revival’, so I willed that you would live and you did live by your choice, I have never been so alive in my life until I found you Serenity, you are what saves me everyday, I love you so dearly Serenity, if anything were to happen to you, I’d die, who I am would be dead.”
They embraced one another and held each other, tears streaming down their face without any sobbing for the joy of gratitude is the spring of these waters.
“Zen, if I die, I promise you will not die but only become stronger than before, you cannot be destroyed, you can only become greater from suffering, if I should die before you, I want you to be happy because I met you, I love you for you are what gives me hope as the foretold Sovereign as my grandfather said, ” I am you as you are me.”
After the flood of emotions of the inevitable end with two doomed lovers exchange of silence of an impassioned kiss of lovers uncertain of their existence. That the only certainty may be that this is the last of their days but they didn’t care about the end, they hoped to enjoy every single moment. The Self-Propelling train car entered the Vatican substation, they had arrived at the headquarters for the Cosmic Church of Celeste.

2121 CE, Luna, Moon of Eden Prima, Gardenia Colony of the Moon, Lunar Protectorate Base Lunaris, Oceanus Procellarum, Protectorate Command Center of the Gardenia
Lunaris Lunar Base is painted with static white walls inside the massive enclosed metal structure, the carpet is navy blue, many rooms were large with high-ceilings, cubicles for offices with video-phones and computers, manned by Vanguard Special Operatives at each station, working busily with the personal aboard the ships in the enroute Auxiliary Armada and prepping of the Grand Armada. The mood is tense and frantic due to the devastating losses suffered at the destruction of the Primary Armada by the Martian mega-cannon known as the Wormwood. Aiden EisenHaus had been called to duty as an Officer under the Space Force as his rank of Commodore. Aiden had been sent to the Lunar Lunaris Protectorate command center for the war waged against the Autonomous Martian rebellion. Warships were departing through Hyperspace gates to Mars to join the Gardenia Grand Armada in hopes to reach the planet before Wormwood started up again. Commodore Aiden EisenHaus surveyed the office of Gardenia Protectorate Intelligence personnel surveying statistics and running traffic communications to the warships traveling through the Hyperspace gates. Aiden was giving commands for strategy to the auxiliary Gardenia warships engaging the Martian Armada to keep the Martian Protectorate busy while the Grand Armada was gearing up to depart for the final assault on Mars. Hopefully, the Gardenia could neutralize the Martian resistance.
Aiden saw that the intelligence officers in the room wore white button-up shirts, black ties, black dress pants, and black dress shoes, the security Protectorate personnel field dress attire was reinforced liquid armor that comprised their uniforms while the liquid armor was liquid-gel kevlar body armor. Aiden wore a Space Force officer blue dress uniform, he had not taken off his cover nor his jacket, he is one of the men assisting the Gardenia’s Master Commander Howard Aurelius. Master Commander Aurelius sat at the central control station surrounded by fellow Generals, Admirals, and Commodores. The only non-officer at the Master Commander’s side is his personal assistant Private First Class, Charles Parker.
Aiden walked off and addressed himself to Master Commander Aurelius, at full-attention he saluted, “High Master Commander Aurelius, Commodore EisenHaus reporting for duty.”
The Commander’s face was joyful that the son of the EisenHaus Hegemon would be serving under him for engaging in the conflict on Mars, “At-ease Commodore EisenHaus,” High Master Commander Aurelius stated approvingly.
Aiden went to his at-ease position while High Master Commander Aurelius waved dismissively to not do that either.
“Commodore EisenHaus, your father is a very powerful man, the fact that you are here fighting the good fight with the rest of us is proof enough of your commitment to the cause of stabilizing Earth-Mars relations, do you have any suggestions for the war effort?”
“Yes sir, I have an idea.”
“What’s that Commodore EisenHaus?”
“It may sound crazy but it might work, we send a deatomizer missile through a Hyperspace gate at the Wormwood Cannon before it can wipe out our Grand Armada.”
“How do we do that!?” High Master Commander Aurelius exclaimed.
“Easy, I do it,” Aiden stated confidently.
“How certain are you that your plan will work,” High Master Commander Aurelius asked as he called over to an Intelligence Analyst, “What’s the numbers on the percentiles of this plan working.”
The analyst answered, “0.00000000000000003 percent.”
“Sorry Commodore EisenHaus but your plan sounds too bat-crud crazy, you might be too much of a greenhorn at realistic styles of attack, maybe you should take this as a learning experience,” High Master Commander Aurelius said.
Aiden asked, “permission to be dismissed.”
“Yes, Commodore EisenHaus,” High Master Commander Aurelius stated.
Aiden at once walked over to the drone piloted fighter console, loading a nuclear warhead with a top-secret code he gathered through psychic powers, he sent the drone off through the Hyperspace gate when the Command Center in the Lunaris base became alerted.
“Sir, Master Commander Aurelius, a drone equipped with a deatomizer projectile warhead has just been launched through the Hyperspace gate, it’s headed for Martian space now.”
As this is said, Aiden made the drone fighter fire its payload, the force from being launched through the Hyperspace gate as it continually excelled faster for a small craft sent the warhead breaking through Hyperspace towards the intended target. Using telekinesis, Aiden guided the warhead directly at the Wormwood Cannon.
“Sir, it’s headed directly where the Wormwood Cannon is stationed on Mars.” an analyst said.
High Master Commander Aurelius was no longer angry but astonished that Commodore Aiden EisenHaus, an excellent cadet who made Commodore on test scores, however, still fresh out of the Protectorate officer academy had still done the impossible without any real training beforehand. Aiden guided the deatomizer warhead with the volition of his own mind forcing it to seemingly break the speed of light as the Wormwood Cannon prepared to fire at the Grand Armada. The warhead hit the Wormwood Cannon, destroying it and killing 25 Martian soldiers operating it.
The Lunaris Command Center exploded with cheer as their biggest threat had been destroyed. Master Commander Aurelius and a group of men walked over to the Drone console where Aiden was looking back at them grinning. Master Commander Aurelius patted him on the back, the entire Command Center on Lunaris is singing his praise.
After the celebration ceased, Master Commander Aurelius resumed new orders.
“Tell the Grand Armada to proceed through the Hyperspace gate, this war is as good as won, all thanks to Commodore EisenHaus, we can now proceed without threat of having our entire forces wiped out again. How’s the Auxiliary Armada doing?”
“Decimated along with the Martian Fleet they sent to meet it in between spatial points of Earth and Mars, they still have the Martian Armada which will need to get past but that should be no problem, the Grand Armada will overpower them and take Mars,” a Analyst said.
“Good,” Master Commander Aurelius said triumphantly.
1PM November 1st, 2121 CE, Planet Mars, Gardenia Colony, Martian Continent known as Mnemonic Island, Inscapist City.
The quake of the far-off Hyperion cannon could be felt by Premier Arthur and the rest of the members of the Martian war room as well as throughout Mars. This is a devastating blow which knocked out their main line of defense against the Grand Armada which is now on it’s way, with the Primary and Auxiliary Armada’s successfully eliminating this left the largest of Eden’s forces, their tour-de-force, their trump card. Anxiety and tensions were high in the war room as well as throughout all Martian forces. The Grand Armada would surely make-dual of them.
Arthur got out from his command chair and began pacing nervously, remaining calm but involuntary pacing while under pressure helped him think. Arthur is thinking deeply as silence is around the war room except for Generals giving orders to ground forces who were just wiping out the last of Gardenia forces from Deimos and Phobos as those bases were taken for the Republic of Autonomous Mars, they felt as though they could lose all the progress they had made in their revolution with the sheer power of the Grand Armada, a fleet of one-hundred carriers, five-hundred dreadnought starships, with hundreds of thousands of fighter-ships and warbirds.
Arthur contemplated Micah’s position on Eden Prime and the mass amount of guerrilla forces taking positions and wiping out Gardenia targets there, although the number of United Revolutionary Collective combatant forces had now dwindled from the carnage and bloodshed. Micah pulled up his ACCE to message his brother his final order before telling him to retreat with his forces to Venus after this final assault. This assault would be on the epicenter of Gardenia Protectorate operations, the Lunaris Protectorate Base on the Eden Prime’s Moon. Arthur is writing his brother an email through the windows in his vision from his Quantum Solace Autonomous Cerebral Computing Enhancement.
Arthur wrote, “Micah, I need you to take a squadron of men in mecha grade power armor with a Gauss powered machine guns, hijack a Gardenia Protectorate vessel, and take it to the Lunaris Base on the Moon, I need everyone their eliminated, things are looking grim with the grand armada, if we cannot take out the body, we will take out the head.”
Moments after sending the message, Micah responded, “Yes Arthur, ten steps ahead of you on the hijacking of a Gardenia Protectorate Spacecraft, we just stumbled into an armory full of the things necessary and will be on our way shortly to take out the targets.”
Arthur responded, “Thank you brother, father would be proud, escape to Venus after the attack, hideout there, Mars may fall, I may be killed or arrested, when you get to Venus, I need you to go to Biodome 31C, there is a cemetery located there, you’ll meet your contact upon arrival to take you there, you’ll meet the next in command to continue the revolution if Mars should fall.”
Micah messaged back, “Brother, Mom and Dad would be proud of you.”
Arthur responded back by simply replying, “I know.”
2121 CE, Luna, Moon of Eden Prime, Lunar Protectorate Base Lunaris, Oceanus Procellarum, Gardenia Protectorate Command Center.
Aiden had sensed a peculiar sensation from a drop ship heading towards the Lunaris base, a dropship which had all the necessary codes for landing, the correct mission statement, all the correct credentials. However, he knew this ship was full of Martian rebels who were hungry for blood. These Martian rebels had in their ranks among the noted of the fourteen in power armor with Gauss-grade machine guns were Micah Luther and Quan Nguyen. They were going to lite the place as their ship came to dock at the lunar harbor for entry at the base, not the floating harbor which harbored many warships that were departing, Aiden opened the hull door for them to enter, full-well knowing the chaos that is about to erupt.
The dropship entered, the atmospheric forcefield kept the pressure on as they made their landing. Space Force dock workers came to greet what is supposed to be a group of Vanguards officers turned out to be raiding Martian storm troopers. They opened fire immediately upon them, the Space Force dockworkers stood no chance, Aiden ran to a neighboring hanger where he would pilot a shuttle back to Earth to tell his father the great unfortunate incident when Martian storm troopers took the base, an event he supposedly had no involvement in. The machine guns fired, riddling the Space Force police officers with rounds, Gardenia Space Marines had been alerted by an alarm but by then the hanger was cleared of personnel, Aiden had already fled.
Master Commander Aurelius was in the war room when the alarm went off, high powered Gauss cannon machine guns were thundering as the fourteen Martian storm troopers made easy work of the unsuspecting base. They already had the blueprints mapped in their ACCE so there is no hiding, everything would be purged. Micah led his gang of storm troopers into a theater of desks where Intelligence and Communications Officers were working, hundreds upon hundreds dead, blood soaked the halls as the bullets flew. Master Commander Aurelius grabbed Private Parker, fleeing to his master’s office, this is where they would say their last words and make their peace with the gods of their fathers before them or whoever was listening.
“Sir,” Private Parker twanged as they ran.
“What Parker?” Master Commander Aurelius growled.
“Are we going to die.”
“To put it bluntly Parker, yes, yes we are.”
They fled the war room which is now being riddled with bullets as Protectorate personnel and Vanguard Agents fell left and right. The horrifying screams they made, the pathetic attempt of using a sidearm against power armor is all in vain as Master Commander Aurelius took Parker into his chambers, sealing the door behind them, he moved a series of racks made of steel in front of the door then placed everything heavy upon the racks, he opened his desk drawers, pulling them completely out then dumping them with their contents still in them, on the ground, filling the drawers with heavy objects in the room then placing them on the steel shelves. One of the things he kept with him is his .45 caliber revolver, an antiquated weapon, he loaded it full of rounds then flipped over his desk onto its side with the face-end facing the door as a source of cover. Parker and himself had their backs to the desk, looking out the unbreakable window that overlooked Earth from their point-of-view for their last stand. If they were coming for anyone, it is definitely everyone here, especially Master Commander Aurelius. The Grand Armada had left, no ships or any combat personnel were in the harbor or on base. Master Commander Aurelius turned to Parker, lighting a cigar.
Master Commander Aurelius stated boldly, “Parker, the last two in this gun are for you and me.”
“Buh-buh-but Sir, you don’t mean that,” Parker protested.
“Unfortunately Parker, I do.”
Now that the Martian storm troopers or URC members had cleansed the base of its well-over eight-hundred personnel without a single casualty among them by how successful their ambush is, they were now enroute for Master Commander Aurelius’ office since nothing stood in their way. The stormtroopers felt this mission was soon to be over. To Master Commander Aurelius’ horror, there came a knocking on the door, warranting intimidation from those outside to those inside the office.
“What do you want you sonsabitches? Do you expect to take me alive? Think again.”
A laugh that belonged to Micah could be heard on the other side of the door as the sound of a plasma torch could be heard igniting, it then began working on the doors many locks, the bulkhead door was engaged so it could be anywhere from minutes to moments to cut the door open.
Private Parker had pissed himself and Commander Howard Aurelius was pissed in the emotional sense himself, he couldn’t believe that this is how it would all end. He came up with an idea, to call his only sibling, his brother, Pope Leo Aurelius at the Vatican to say his final farewells. He ordered Parker to take the communications device off the floor from the other side of the desk and dial his brother, Leo on his personal line. Private Parker bravely leapt upward to grab the communications device back to their point-of-cover, dialing his commanding officer’s brother which is a speed dial command on Master Commander Aurelius communication device. Pope Aurelius answered immediately. A hologram form of Pope Aurelius appeared in the area between the upturned desk and the window to the Moon, his hologram glew and flickered with a blue tint. Leo heard havoc, Leo looked into the stalwart stare of impending doom on his brother Howard’s face. Howard is leaning against his overturn desk laying with his legs sprawled out. In the distant firing of assault energy and machine electromagnetic weapons were heard in rapid succession with Lunaris Lunar Base personnel yelling and screaming as they were blown to bits or even disintegrated, sizzling as they turned into a pile of ash coupled with agonizing sounds of death. Private Parker lay in the foetal position getting up to look over the desk, grab his knees and rocks, bite harshly at his fingers, all in mind-scrambling certainty of death. Howard’s pristine office became a disaster zone of upheaval.
Howard spoke soberly and bluntly, “Leo, my brother, there isn’t much time, Martian radicals have taken the Lunaris Moon Base and now there at my door, they’re probably going to kill me or do something much worse, I wanted you to know that I love you.”
Leo Aurelius is taken aback by this.
“Are you serious my brother?” Pope Leo asked.
Philip is dressed in his full papal robes, they were blue and gold. Howard is dressed in the battle fatigues of the Gardenia Master Commander of the Armed Forces. A black uniform with white insignia complete with the standard issue combat boots, considering it is a time of absolute war where every man and woman is expected to fight.
“Brother,” Howard began, “Remember when mom and dad were still alive?”
“Remember when they protested me joining the Gardenia Marine Corps thinking I would one day be killed but after I had lived long enough to reach the rank of Major they were relieved because I would never see combat again?”
“Yes brother,”
“Well we were all wrong, remember how right they showed you the same disapproval when you joined the Church of Celeste?”
“Well look at us, we reached the top of our profession, mine just ended up taking my life.”
“Brother, Zen van Nihil is on his way to meet me in the Vatican for a safe haven, I know he has been accused of starting this whole revolution which will most-likely be the cause of your death, I just wanted to have your blessing,” Pope Leo said soberly.
“You have more than my blessing, Zen’s a good guy in my book. It’s those damn Martians, the URC, and the EisenHaus’ family that you gotta watch out for.”
The Bulkhead door fell.
“Brother I love you, goodbye, I gotta go,” Commander Howard Aurelius said boldly.
“I love you too brother, good-,” The transmission is cut short as Gauss bullets ripped through the room knocking the communications device from its rack, unplugging it. Bullets flew all around them. Master Commander Aurelius turned firing four rounds from his gun, the bullets bounced off the Power Armored goons like bee stings to a locomotive.
He turned placing the gun to Parker’s head about to fire, killing his assistant, sparing him the torture that the Martian radicals could provide when bullets ripped through the desk blowing off Master Commander Aurelius hand. Blood and sinew sprayed as Master Commander Aurelius reeled in pain.
Parker’s look of horror turned into a frantic state of terror. He got up and tried to run past the Martian storm troopers who took him to the ground with a slam from the butt of a Gauss powered machine gun. Breaking his nose, cheekbones, and orbital. Parker became a bloody mess as they riddled him with bullets.
Before he died, with Private Parker’s dying breath, he let out the words, “Sir, help.”
Master Commander Aurelius lay writhing in agony and pain. The gun is destroyed as well as his right hand from the wrist up. Micah ran over to Master Commander Aurelius, slamming his metal boot on his chest knocking the wind out of Master Commander Aurelius then stepping on his bloody mess of an arm spraying more blood, sinew, and vein. Quan Nguyen came over with the blowtorch sealing the wounded Commander’s hand, cauterizing the wound. The Martian storm troopers found the communications device, refitting it with cables just as Commander Howard Aurelius is receiving a call from Hegemon, Frederick EisenHaus.
Micah answered and stood boldly where three of his goons held Master Commander Aurelius at gunpoint, two others bound him at his feet and his stub of a right arm and left hand. The two immediately joined the others with their machine guns proudly presented in a show of might to Frederick EisenHaus.
Frederick appeared on the screen, when he saw the Commander, his face turned to a face of sincere disgust at how such perceived incompetence could be allowed to happen.
Master Commander Aurelius called out, “Frederick, they somehow got into the base, everyone is dead but me, please barter for my life!”
“My son is trusted with you at your little base of operations and he barely escaped with his life, he’s told me all about it. I’m sincerely disgusted with you Howard.”
“I’m sorry that any potential harm could have come to Commodore EisenHaus, I am so very sorry.”
“You’re dead to me Commander, just wanted you to know that,” Frederick then changed the conversation to Micah, “Sorry, the Gardenia doesn’t negotiate with terrorists, Micah Luther, you URC can do whatever to this disgraced Master Commander, torture and kill Howard Aurelius for all I care, I will not provide anything for his life nor do I care to negotiate for this man is now worthless and dead to the Gardenia.”
Micah made a grimace of disappointment, he is hoping to trade General Aurelius for Martian soldiers or URC rebel members. Micah turned pulling out his sidearm, a massive .500 revolver. He held it with both hands directly at Master Commander Aurelius’ head, he fired, a loud bang could be heard as the massive round rocketed into Master Commander Aurelius’ head, blowing it into a pulpy mess. Frederick EisenHaus watched with a mixture of disgust at the failure of those he trusted but after the execution a visage of satisfactory euphoric pleasure replaced his expression of disgust. Moments after Master Commander Aurelius is slain, he signs off. Leaving Micah and his squad of stormtroopers to radio the dropship to return and to set a course for Venus. He would contact Arthur when they were on their way to Venus for exact coordinates where they would remain for the rest of the war.
November 1st, 2121 CE, Planet Mars, Martian Continent known as Mnemonic Island, Inscapist City.
Arthur stood with his arms propping himself up at the holographic geometric map of the theater of war that displayed the Gardenia’s Grand Armada entering Martian space, he also surveyed his forces both spaceborne and on the ground, with the Hyperion cannon wiped out, they would have to fight this fight with sheer brute force which he knew, would cost the lives of many. Unshaken, he read the statistics for success as a hundred simulations played the battle out before him, he had a 45% success rate against the Gardenia’s Grand Armada factoring the Armada’s command center destroyed, its strategists posted there had been eliminated. He felt proud of his forces and himself as a leader, if they made it through this one last final push, Mars would be its own independent state with Eden lacking a Protectorate force to reckon with the force of his Autonomous Mars. A thought to contact his brother crossed his mind, he had given him quadrants to where Micah would hide out till this is over, he decided that while he was in the area of the hideout he could discover something for himself.
“Sir, thirty minutes till Eden’s Grand Armada arrives Premier Luther,” General Bradford said to Arthur Luther.
“Thank you General Bradford,” Arthur responded
Arthur activated his ACCE, writing an email to his brother.
Arthur wrote his brother via email, “Micah, my dear brother, at neighboring quadrants to your current destination of T-0135 in the Biodome of Venus, there is a place of exact quadrants of T-0137 Delta, there you will find what you’ve been looking for, I’m sorry I kept you in the dark for so long, please forgive me, Eden forces are approaching Mars so please do not respond for I will not answer till after the battle, Godspeed and God bless.”
Within moments, Arthur could see that Micah had read the message and just as Arthur asked, he did not respond to it. This pleased Arthur for he could not bear to talk to his brother about what he had been hiding from him for so long. Arthur then turned his attention to his officers and generals.
“Prepare the Martian Armada, we must not let them get within firing range of Mars, have our armada meet them in space to do battle, we cannot lose, the revolution must live on, we must secure Mars as our rightful home.”
“Yessir,” General Bradford replied.
The Martian Armada is mobilizing to meet the final wave, the Gardenia’s Grand Armada outside the Martian gravitational pull for interplanetary warfare. Beads of sweat were building on Arthur’s forehead, his only organic hand, his right hand shook slightly as tensions rose in the war room. He took a couple of deep breaths and the shaking subsided. He is ready for this, he closed his eyes, breathing deeply, Arthur used his abilities of precognition, he could see a bloody battle among ships but nothing passed that, his skill as a precognitive Homo Esper isn’t that developed. He swallowed at the thought of the events leading up to this moment then realized that whatever happens, happens.

4PM, November 1st, 2121 CE, Global Gardenia of Eden, United Europe, Providence of Italy, Rome, the Vatican
They were nearing their destination. Father Ig and Dante were discussing the Old World religions, and how they had felt about Celeste taking over as the position of Divine Authority over the Human race. Ambivalence but the general consensus is that she is a holy, sacred, and divine goddess who guided Humanities progress of evolution yet were discussing their own troubles with faith at the fact that Humanity had for long centered around religions based out of the Middle East, the one in particular is of a Jewish man from Judea-Israel in the now Zion-Persian Federation that spanned from Egypt to Iran known as Jesus Christ, someone their order allowed them to retain their praise and worship of as the historians of the former Catholic Church.
Zen and Serenity had awoken in each other’s arms. As they yawned and stretched on the tram seats. Zen began to play with Serenity’s hair contemplating a question, an expression could be seen upon his face as a bewildered look of uncertainty about his loved one. Serenity shot a look of playful concern knowing something is wrong with her beloved Zen. Her expression is a mix of both pouty and bitchy.
“What’s wrong?” She asked in a coy yet respectful tone
“Nothing besides,” Zen responded.
“Nothing besides what? Zen I don’t need to read your mind in order to know something is bothering you other than being public enemy number one to the largest government known to Humankind.”
“You say I’m an Archon, a being in direct service to as well as created and ordained by a Great Architect to fulfill this master designers plans throughout the universe or Multiverse for that matter, you tell me you are descended from an alien race who must have its own government, tell me about that, what about the other governments in the universe, things unbeknownst to Humankind, civilizations like the one you come from, I’m sure there are others just as large, tell me everything but first tell me about your people’s homeworld.”
“My family are a mix of aliens who are very similar in genetic make-up who come from a mix of primarily Lyrian from Lyria, Sirians from Sirius, and Pleiadians from Pleiadians. The Andromedans from the Andromeda galaxy which were a mixed bunch of United Cosmic Federation and Solarus Imperium Human Aliens which spanned the Universe outside the Virgo Supercluster to far expanses of the Universe. All of these Pan-Human species have colonies found throughout the Universe, these species and the entirety of advanced technological civilizations capable of lightspeed Hyperspace intergalactic travel primarily belong to the United Cosmic Federation. The citizens of the United Cosmic Federation pertain to numbers so large that those numbers might as well be infinite for all the varying alien races that make up the population of the United Cosmic Federation. The United Cosmic Federation is a true socialist utopia, its governing body is a series of councils governing over sectors with an assembly of High Council at the top, the highest being in the government is an Archon such as yourself Zen, he is Darius Tiberius Eldari the Great, he is of the El race which closely resemble that of Earth’s depiction of angels,” Serenity continued, “However, there is another intergalactic spanning civilization whose numbers are equal to the core races of the United Cosmic Federation but their brutality, savagery, and blatant disregard for life knows no bounds. Their species is an oligarchical feudal monarchy, one with noble houses, a caste system, and a tyrannical emperor, this civilization is comprised of lizard-kind life forms known as Reptilians, they come in many forms of either lizard-esque, serpentine, amphibian or other Reptilian based creature. The highest order of the Draconian Imperium are the Dragons, a race similar and as old as the angelic Els but unlike the Els, they are vile with their schemes and vast psychopathic intellect, the Reptilian Dragons comprise a small percent of their species but are considered to be their kings, their lives are almost immortal, they reproduce less to stave off opposition and they are exactly as what you would think, draconic beings. Frederick EisenHaus is descended from the Crimson Dragon family, who has become a Draconic Lizard variant through eugenics to keep him smaller, he is capable of shifting into a Human form similar to the Human race that encompass the United Cosmic Federation.”
“This is all very eye opening, how did I come into existence Serenity?”
“Through a joint effort by the United Cosmic Federation presence and Draconian Imperium insurgencies, Frederick EisenHaus IX funded it but the project is under the direct supervision of Hegemon Iris Autumn, my aunt, when deciding who to use for the Archon Zenki Ex Nihilo, we unanimously decided to use Calvin Moody Luther’s DNA because of his genetic material is ripe with Homo Esper DNA and considering how influential he had been to our current time, he is the greatest man in the last one hundred years. He created the autonomous cerebral cybernetic enhancement, the miracle superdrug Daemon, and he was the leader of a revolution that still exists which saves the Human race from certain destruction, however there is one thing he did not do.”
“What’s that?” Zen asked.
As Zen said this, their conversation was cut short when Father Dante had aroused and pulled the lever for the brake causing the tram to come to a screeching halt at the underground substation. The tram shot up sparks from its point at the railing as it gradually slid along the railway to a complete halt at their destination, the Vatican’s subterranean railway station.
Father Ig turned looking at both of them reluctantly, “We’re here,” he said.
Serenity looked at Zen with a look of awkward expectancy, revealing something to him through telepathy.
She messaged him, “you’re about to meet what he could not prevent.”
Zen’s silence is that of understanding as he nodded his twice in understanding that he is probably not going to just have an audience with Pope Leo but with Great Mother Celeste. Father Ig confirmed this.
“Zen, are you prepared to meet with our Great Mother Celeste?” Father Ig asked.
Zen shot his head towards him, “Yes, I am.”
“Good, she really wants to meet you.”
Father Ig is holding a Holopad alphadrive device in his right hand outstretched, his other hand at his side, he had been messaging Pope Leo Aurelius directly about the situation. Serenity walked down the corridor of the tram first and made her way down the steps off the tram while Father Ig waited onboard, Zen then made his way down the corridor then down the steps to see Father Dante and Serenity waiting for him. He took a couple steps forward towards them as Father Ignatius disembarked the tram, closing the door behind him.
“Shall we?” Serenity said reaching out to Zen to take her hand.
“We shall,” Zen replied.
Father Dante led the way through the massive subterranean station, it is spacious with three bullet-trains waiting on the platform on the other side of the station, they were at the platform closest to the exit. on the left side, there is another entrance and exit on the other side of the station as well. Serenity buried herself into Zen’s chest, rubbing her head against his chest then kissing him on the cheek, in turn he grabbed her face and kissed her. Father Ig followed behind, writing a message to Pope Leo Aurelius with a look of concern upon his face.
“Father Dante,” Father Ig called out.
“Yes, Monsignor Ignatius?”
“His Holiness, Pope Leo, his brother recently passed, he was killed by rebels in a terrorist attack on Lunaris Lunar Base, he is executed by the noted terrorist Micah Luther, His Holiness spoke with his brother, Master Commander Howard Aurelius moments before his death, thousands were slain by a small raiding party in power armor with heavy powered Gauss machine guns.”
“That’s a tragedy,” Father Dante said in horror, turning to face Father Ig with his hand over his heart.
“His Holiness has already prayed to the Great Mother, Celeste and concerted with her on his brother’s behalf, he is with the universe, he will be reborn as something magnificent.”
“Zen, do you know what he will be reborn as?” Father Dante asked the messiah.
Zen quickly sought out a Friend or the Great Architect who projected to Zen that he would be reborn as a man who would resolve conflict with words instead of violent force.
“He will be reborn as a man of peace, a man who will end conflict peacefully without use of violence or force, he will use words to bring peace.”
Father Ig and Father Dante turned to one another to make eye contact and nodded their heads in amicable agreement that Zen did have a gift for compassion and empathy, possibly a gift for astral knowledge as well for that is what the Pope said the Great Mother Celeste had said as well in confidence over messages to his two most trusted field operatives.
The companions walked up the stairwell to the Vatican’s surface station to the global transport system. It is vacant, there were no Nuns or Priests waiting to board any station, the Jesuit Order of the Cosmic Church of Celeste had done everything they could to covertly get Zen and his entourage to Pope Leo Aurelius and the cathedral which held the Great Mother Celeste where the Papacy is consorting with the Great Mother Celeste. The courtyard, Saint Newton’s square (formerly known as Saint Peter’s square) is empty, The Cosmic Basilica, (formerly known as the Saint Peter’s Basilica) stood in grand view, it had an ornamental radiant sun with rays around it on the Basilica’s southern side and an ornamental blue crescent moon on the northern side built on a spire on top of arches on either side of it then on the center spire had the sigil of the Cosmic Church of Celeste, an ornamental yellow radiant sun with rays around it with a blue crescent moon built into the design along the northern side or to what they faced as their right side of the Cathedral.
This is the first time Zen has seen the Gardenia’s greatest architectural marvel from before the Third World War. The Vatican is the most sacred sector in all of the Gardenia for that is the home of the deity which had spared Humanity, the goddess and guardian of the Human race. The one world religion Celestialism differed greatly from what Friend had taught Zen, the Friend better known as the Great Architect who wills the Quantum Consciousness be brought forth in emerging Homo Espers of Humankind’s evolution. It differed from his higher form of existence which is revealed to him by Friend, his higher self known as Zenki Ex Nihilo. It differed even greatly then the spiritual philosophies of Buddhism and Taoism which Abbot Dogen had taught him. Everything about this place is different and strange to him.
There were many broadcasting stations in the solar system to where the Great Mother Celeste could be seen, her house is the Cosmic Basilica but the group would be congregating in the Celestine Chapel for a more private meeting considering it had been made vacant for Zen’s meeting and the Cosmic Basilica had much of the clergy housed in it as a safe haven to protect the church from looters. As they walked through an alleyway, Father Ig led the way with a hand on his sidearm, ready to draw. Father Dante had drawn a pistol as well, a smaller one, a .45 caliber sixteen shot projectile weapon, nowhere near the devastation of Father Ig’s .500 caliber twenty shot Gauss powered hand cannon, this custom smithed electromagnetic charged projectile weapon nicknamed ‘Maria’, had rounds capable of rendering through flesh and steel at a horrific scene with explosive properties build into the munitions and handcannon. As they walked forward to check if the next street is clear, they stood at either side, looking, Father Ig holstered his weapon then stepped out looking around innocently briefly walking down the street from both sides then a brisk walk back to them telling his companions the coast is clear, looking over the application on the holobook, he checked for all movement signatures before saying.
“All is clear, we have no movement, most of the residential clergy either evacuated or have secured the Celestine Chapel, the movement in this area is minimal, if nil,” Father Ignatius spoke in a sigh of relief.
“Come this way,” Father Dante called out, leading the group, he added, “It’s just up here, we’re almost there.”
They came down the street which turned at a sloping arch that led to the Celestine Chapel. The group of four approached this place, walking slowly towards the doors. A part of Zen wanted him to drag his feet, a part of him is ready for anything. As Zen came to the doors of the Celestine Chapel, he felt his heart sank as he swallowed his pride, how many times had Abbot Dogen warned him about the Great Mother Celeste, it is truly heartbreaking that he is consorting with the thing he is supposed to replace yet now he would be begging it for mercy, for it to intervene on his behalf. A flood of memories played out in his head.
September 26th, 2115 CE, Global Gardenia of Eden, State of United Asia, Autonomous Zone of Tibet, Shambhala Monastery, Outside City of Gyantse.
Zen had just turned fifteen years of age, two months and ten days prior. He was meditating in the Dharma Sand Garden when this visitor had arrived, his psychic construct alerted Zen, waking him from his state of hyper-consciousness. Friend had told him that a certain individual had come just to visit him with Abbot Dogen’s approval. Zen arose from the Dharma Garden, not a soul in sight, he turned his head into the main monastic compound when he saw Abbot Dogen standing there, already waiting for him to cease his meditation.
“Sovereign Zen, did you sense something out of the ordinary?” Abbot Dogen asked.
“Yes Abbot Dogen, I sensed that a man has come to the monastery in hopes to enlighten me on things happening within our world.”
“Your assumption is correct, your powers are developing nicely, our Sovereign, a man named Quan Nguyen has arrived from a long-travel to bestow information to you about current events which you should know.”
“Then they shall be known, I wish to become more enlightened to this world in order to reduce suffering.”
“Very good Sovereign Zen, right this way.”
Zen followed Abbot Dogen into the monastery, they followed the staircase to the top floor where Abbot Dogen and Zen slept. The long winding staircase to the fourth floor is an easy walk considering how many times Zen had taken it. That time is relative and patience is the greatest virtue, something Zen had realized their guests had known as well. They entered the sliding doors to Zen’s compartment of the top-floor where a man of Vietnamese descent sat at a device he hadn’t seen for a long time, a computer with a Holomonitor. Something in his current memories could not remember but yet seemed familiar to him.
The man is a very muscular built man, strong and handsome, he wore a black button-up shirt, black dress pants, his head is shaved. He flashed a smile at the two.
“Hello Zen, how are you?” The man stated boldly, “my name is Quan Nguyen, I am here to enlighten you on the outside world.”
“Oh, please do, whatever enlightening wisdom you have for me, I wish to know,” Zen replied eagerly and earnestly.
“Well then, pull up a chair and we shall begin.”
“Very well.”
Zen pulled up a bamboo-weaved chair next to Quan, Quan is sitting also in a bamboo-weaved chair provided by the monastery. He began to open files on his computer then tilted the monitor towards Zen.
“Zen, I was once a monk here at the monastery just like the rest of your brothers, when I was proven to be more than capable to spread the word of our philosophy, I became a missionary, a part of my mission is to help the United Revolutionary Collective, I am going to teach you everything about the United Revolutionary Collective, its deceased leader, Nemo or Calvin Moody Luther, and the greatest enemy we are facing the Gardenia and Celestialism.”
Zen had a look of fascination upon his face, he was prepared to learn all that this missionary monk had to teach him of the world outside the Monastery.
“This video will detail everything you need to know about everything.”
The video started, on the computers Holomonitor stood Calvin Moody Luther as Nemo, his face covered in a black bandana, his black beanie covered his forehead. Only his radiant sapphire blue eyes could be seen which gave a look of intimidating frustration that frustration is about to be detailed by his words. Nemo stood in front of a black flag with the United Revolutionary Collectives Insignia upon it.
Nemo said boldly, without flinching or stumbling over words, “My fellow Humans of Earth, we are seconds from total thermonuclear war, it is all of utmost importance to pay attention to my words for it has been my intention to inform and liberate others as World War Three rages and armageddon comes to us on the multiple-sun Horizon, the more information is being pilfered from both the Eastern Bloc and the Western Bloc by us in the organization known as Catch-22, Catch-22 is the people’s source for truth in a world full of propaganda spewing lies. What I have ascertained and what Catch-22 has ascertained is to be known by all, both sides want this war in order for elitists found on both sides to win and for the common man to lose. The elite want to kill off as many of the Human race as possible, even those among them who sympathize with their lucky unfortunates of a being are destined for extermination. None is safe from the tyranny of what is to come. The nuclear bombs will fly, when they do, Catch-22 will stop it. There is however one inevitable problem which we cannot overcome. We are hours away from complete annihilation, we at Catch-22 may be able to stop the bombs from killing all life on the face of the planet but at a more graver ultimatum. Upon cracking and hacking our way through national security to make the launch codes for the bombs themselves inert, there has been a failsafe installed, a failsafe that could only be avoided by letting the nukes fly. That failsafe is a grim and dark reality which we all will face when we successfully save all of Humanity and the Earth itself. That reality is Project Bluebeam coming to fruition, Project Blue Beam is a series of holograms being broadcasted from satellites in space to create a holographic image of a deity who will claim to have saved you when it is your fellow Human beings all along, this simulated deity will proclaim many things to you, this simulated deity will dethrone all the major world religions and governments which will usher in the true New World Order, those who do not comply with this new ethos or creed will be either liquidated or forced to live on Autonomous Zones, I am not a prophet, I am a revolutionary. What I proclaim to all of you, no matter what religion you may be to not be deceived by this. 10%-30% may heed my words but that is all that matters in my judgement of this dire situation with even more dire consequences.”
Nemo looks off camera to notice someone saying something to him which is inaudible.
“I must leave you now, for you all need me in these dire circumstances, do not give up, do not give in, the United Revolutionary Collective shall live on.”
The holo-video ended and Quan started up another two looped up to two screens, one showed Nemo from a security cam footage gun down two Peacekeeper Red Paladins before putting three more bullets in the heads of the Vanguard Intelligence Officers at the central mainframe for the atomic warhead launch console. One of many in a vast network, he began hacking into the primary matrix for all warheads everywhere.
“30 seconds till launch, nuclear annihilation imminent,” an automated voice said over the speakers.
Nemo worked fast, hacking into the Earth’s nuclear arms prevention system. As he did this, another camera showed the night sky overhead then the daylight sky around the world then a close up of satellites in space, drifting into position.
“15 seconds till launch, nuclear annihilation imminent,” the automated voice said.
Nemo hacked through firewall and firewall, he viewed all the ins and outs of the security system and nuclear launch operating system network through his ACCE, ten seconds had passed, he was nearly there.
“5 seconds till launch, nuclear annihilation imminent,” The automated voice boomed.
As Nemo accessed the centralized mainframe of the guidance and detonation systems of the satellites guiding the warheads, the automated voice rang out.
Nemo had hacked it successfully he had triggered the Emp blast to emit in the skies above Earth.
“Launching payload.”
This simultaneous message is heard around silos around the world, from the Eastern and Western Bloc. The warheads began their projection from their jet propulsion as they became airborne overhead, thousands of nukes bearing thousands of kilotons each flew through the sky headed over their destinations when the Nemo had released an ace up his sleeve to the full-house of destruction that was about to ensue. The sky is full of armageddon filled horror, the elite had hidden in bunkers deep within the Earth but that 1% of Bourgeoisie Human life is hoping this horrorshow of hydrogen warhead fueled explosions would happen over the alternative only a minute percent of them knew about, those two factions in the elite were the Autumn and EisenHaus Hegemonies. The families and all those claimed as distant relatives being large and diverse originated from other worlds. The families of Autumn and EisenHaus controlled their respective Hegemony from the highest echelons. The Autumn family from the United Cosmic Federation, the EisenHaus family came from the Draconian Imperium.
As the atomic weapons of mutually assured destruction soared through the atmosphere of the planet. They were neutralized by a miraculous illumination like the sun that appeared as an indigo sky enlightening all of the world that they had survived. an electromagnetic pulse from Nemo had been triggered to stop the warheads from reaching their destinations and from detonating all-together. What would have killed billions of people turned into a moment of clarity all across Humanity as the soldiers fighting on the expansive war zones had lost their will to fight as they gazed upwards at the indigo sky. United in wonder, people from around the world left their shelters to witness this miracle of sparkling gems of stars that shimmered across an indigo sky as the atomic weapons came crashing to the ground in a slow fall as a feeling of euphoria warmed the hearts of Humanity to witness in silence.
The indigo sky acted as a background for a wonder that displayed all the world’s depictions of popular religions and even popular spiritual ideas to form a single entity that all could see in the sky above them as a mass of teal luminous light. This being is a goddess comprised of golden and blue colors with a cowl made of shimmering stars, this is the most gorgeous being ever imagined with diamond blue eyes, her lips were violet, her nose perfect like every aspect of her, this image would be seen all-across the surface world of Earth, her message would reach all within a 300 kilometers of the Earth’s crust. She had deep blue pale skin. She could be seen from all four corners of the Earth as the sky around her is still indigo as well as into the consciousness of all those on the planet.
This vestige of cosmic power spoke, “My name is Celeste, the Great Mother of the Human race, I am the musings of all thought and emotion among the Human race, I created you through evolutionary means and have guided you since but I cannot allow my children to become an extinct race in a senseless war over petty differences, I have been the musings of all men and women, I have given you science, religion, philosophy, art, technology, and all things beneficial to Humanity everywhere, I am your mother, I created you and have cared for you since you were mere hominids. I will always watch over you but now I must make my presence known, you must all know the truth that despite what you believe, I am the one true goddess of Humanity that this schism of belief between you all must end and you must begin a new, I shall guide you, I will dwell in the houses of the ones you deem holy for I shall make you whole as a species, through me, you shall survive. You have all been in my prayers and you all have my blessings, this is your redemption and I shall redeem you forever and ever for I love you.”
The nearly 10 billion Humans on Earth were stunned by this, Nemo is stunned by this, he had failed to notice the fail-safe on the emp blast that would trigger such an action. Nemo being a devout protestant and protestant pastor born Calvin Moody Luther who preached the gospel to his congregation at a megachurch in the Midwest of the USSA. Nemo knew what the EisenHaus Enclave and Autumn Association had agreed upon that they had kept from him. Nemo didn’t expect the evidence he had uncovered throughout his revolution from infiltrating the EisenHaus Enclave, his from the shadows surveillance on his relatives in the Autumn Association, the almost Lunaris Lunar Protectorate Installation hadn’t realized he may have started the one world religion which the New World Order would use to concrete their position.
The satellites aligned perfectly for the broadcast, the camera footage showed that they were all radiating holographic images and broadcasting alpha, beta, and delta waves in every language possible that was broadcasted to any person in their primary language. This was debunked by the URC as an example of electromagnetic broadcasting waves that affected Human consciousness but could not be used for more than an hour without inducing insanity. This technology is made available by the United Cosmic Federation and the Draconian Imperium, the one joint operation they had ever had is to civilize Earth and Humanity, a race about to enter the space-age of phenomenal magnitude. Quan Nguyen showed memoirs to Zen detailing Nemo’s lamentations on what he had done, he had saved Humanity but at what cost? Quan Nguyen then showed another antiquated broadcast from after the War.
An Asian-Western Bloc Documentarian is reading off a teleprompter as it showed images of the fall of the United States of America and the fall of the Western Bloc as a whole into a Communist state as their capitalist state had fallen, their economy had crashed and with help from the Eastern Bloc began to flourish again. Old world religion had become a deviant minority, all those who did not adhere to Celestialism were displaced to live on Autonomous Zones around the world. If you wished to retain their status among citizens of Eden must bear a visible emblem on all their clothes depicting them as a deviant to the world which made most gladly move to the Autonomous Zones. The only religious organization unaffected by this is the Jesuits who acted as special representatives of the Great Mother Celeste as the Pope of the Catholic Church welcomed the Great Mother Celeste into his household as the one true deity, the one true goddess and mother of the Human race for now headquarters and the home of the Great Mother Celeste is moved to the Vatican, all priests retaining their Christian or Catholic faith which were a minute minority at this point moved to the Autonomous Zones, two branches of Celestialism were created by this, the Cosmic Church of Celeste which is housed in the Vatican which the majority of the population adhered to and the Cosmic Church of Celeste is a pastoral offshoot which is socially-acceptable by Gardenia bureaucrats and officials. Her broadcasts were transmitted in both temples of faiths of Celestialism across the civilized solar system.
From the Vatican she hosted her Sunday morning mass which is broadcasted to Holomonitors in the temples as well as to Holovisions in the home on special Cosmic Celestial Church Holy holidays the sky. The Great Mother Celeste guided the Eastern and Western Bloc into a Marxist Utopian One-World Government, under this new union of Humanity they focused all their efforts to rebuilding after World War III, with her blueprints programmed into her by the United Cosmic Federation and Draconian Imperium they were able to develop General Artificial Intelligence Homo Sentient, advancements in the cyberware and bioware of Human Cyborgs known as Homo Nexus, Hyperspace cannons, the building of space harbors, the first accomplishment is building several artificial planets that were merely large space stations, building the Protectorate base known as Lunaris on Earth’s Lunar satellite. By 2080 they began terraforming Mars and building large biodome cities on Venus, by 2090 these endeavors were complete and both were being colonized. What took two-hundred days to travel to Mars only took six hours with Hyperspace technology, a trip to Venus only took two hours. All this information is something school children were indoctrinated to know and it is all thanks to the Great Mother Celeste.
The young Zen weighed the information that Quan Nguyen had enlightened him with, things he had seemed to know in a past-life, a life he couldn’t quite remember but this weighed heavy on Zen’s conscious that everything nearly every being believed outside of the old world Autonomous Zones where it is public opinion hence why they chose to live there and worship the old gods freely and commune with each other freely despite their old world religious beliefs, they had something that bound them together stronger than a belief in a higher power and that is that evil is real and existed in the globalist communist government known as Gardenia.
The young Zen turned to see Abbot Dogen nodding approvingly at what Zen had been exposed to that it is the truth that all of Humanity had been duped into a state of peaceful herd-minded creatures that it is all a ruse based on a conspiracy created in enigma. That Zen knows it is his job to expose this awful truth, to take down the elite of the Gardenia in order to recreate this collective society of individuals into something completely revolutionary.

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