Indigo Dream – Revolution of Consciousness – Chapters 33-36

6PM, November 1st, 2121 CE, Global Gardenia of Eden, United Europe, Providence of Italy, Rome, the Vatican, The Celestine Chapel.
Zen, Serenity, Father Ig, and Father Dante approached the Celestine Chapel doors, the Celestine Chapel is painted all over to depict stars and other cosmic entities of bodies in space, planets, moons, asteroids or shooting stars, stars, quasars, all depicted as anthropomorphic cosmic beings. Father Dante slid his keycard at the slot next to the doors unlocking them, they opened them to meet a man in Celestialism Papal clothing waiting for them in the lobby. This man is of African descent, he is the brother to the deceased Howard Aurelius. Pope Leo Aurelius is the highest ranking official in the religious order to commune with the Great Mother Celeste and is regarded as a wise man of Celestialist theology. The Pope is the highest of the clergy in the Cosmic Church of Celestialism.
“Hello your Celestial Majesty,” Father Ignatius and Father Dante said in somber unison, bowing their head slightly.
“Hello, my two most trusted men, thank you for bringing Sovereign Zen to me, we are in dire need of him as he is of us,” Pope Leo noticed Serenity, “Who is this? Are you Sovereign Zen’s lover Serenity?”
Serenity smiled, her cheeks rosy, she had always been a fan of Pope Leo, regardless of Celeste, he is the third to take the lifelong position and is a revolutionary in his position in how he treated his outspoken opinion about compassion to all deviants of the Gardenia.
Serenity said with glee, “Yes, I am Serenity Mysterium, better known as Lucky Unfortunate, true revolutionary leader of the Eastern Sprawl and defender of the weak, I led a society of homeless psionics, Cyborgs, and Humans who society had turned their backs upon, I am a civil rights leader in the same way you are and I highly admire your work.”
“Serenity Mysterium? Your father is an honorable and noble man, a true captain of industry much likened to the other members of the Autumn family, in comparison to the robber barons of the vile EisenHaus family,” Pope Leo is sullen for a second, “Although, Calvin Moody Luther or Nemo is related to the Autumn’s by marriage, his sons recently killed my brother Master Commander Howard Aurelius when the Martian Army or URC Rebels launched a terrorist attack on Lunar Base: Lunaris where he is stationed, those monsters responsible left no survivors out of eight-hundred, his life may have been spared if that damnable Frederick EisenHaus had negotiated for his life, I do not blame you, nor do I blame Sovereign Zen, nor do I blame Nemo, nor do I blame the sons of Nemo, I blame EisenHaus.”
Serenity’s mood had become pensive and melancholic, this reflected her facial expression.Serenity regained her composure, looking towards Zen for approval in her words, Zen read her mind and saw her intentions were pure. He nodded in agreement.
Serenity spoke with grace and confidence, “Your Celestial Papacy, Human Consulate of the Cosmos ordained by our Great Mother Celeste. Our Celestial Patriarch, I want you to know that Sovereign Zen van Nihil has prayed to the one he knows as Friend or the Great Architect on behalf of your brothers soul, I am familiar with the esoteric books only high-ranking officials allowed to read about the coming messiah, Sovereign Zen is that messiah, he communes with a power greater than the Great Mother Celeste, he communes with the one Mother Celeste communes with, your brother is a martyr, just as Nemo is a martyr. Nemo and Zen van Nihil are quite similar yet they are different in ways one may not comprehend. If the URC or Sons and Daughters of Nemo slew your brother, they did so for Hegemon Frederick EisenHaus allowed it. Hegemon Frederick EisenHaus was responsible for the House of the Hegemony massacre during the Summit. You would not have our condolences if Sovereign Zen had not come to console you with his presence. Sovereign Zen is the messiah of Zenarchism, he will lead us into a better era.”
“I have conferred with the Great Mother Celeste, this is all true, I also believe Mars deserves it’s right to govern itself that it is deserving of its autonomy, although the terrorist attack on Lunaris may have made this fight an equal match, a greater evil now how control over the Gardenia’s Grand Armada, the Great Mother of the Cosmos has told me that an evil unfathomable is now the highest ranking official in Gardenia Protectorate, his name is Aiden F. EisenHaus, Mother Celeste tells me his name is an unspeakable horror that he is older than time and the universe itself.”
Suddenly a name came to Zen’s mind as he said it out loud, “Aiden Aka Manah.”
Pope Leo shot him a glance of shock and discomfort at that name.
Zen continued speaking, “my earliest physical memory is on top of a mountain, Everest, our rotorcraft that was carrying Aiden and I to a new base for training, Doctor Lilith Moonchild was what my mother’s real name was, I’m sure of this certain fact, Hegemon Iris Autumn that Doctor Lilith Moonchild, my mother under the alias of Doctor Krankenkinder at the time, she blew up the base after sabotaging the rotorcraft so it would crash at the peak of Mount Everest, both pilots died on impact, Aiden tried to kill me as I was backed into a corner, I then for the first time used my powers to inflict pain on another being with extreme force, I knocked Aiden off the peak of that mountain, leaving me freezing and alone, when a Yeti came and saved me, he brought me to the Shambhala monastery, where I would find my true self but the truth is in this world of chaos outside the peaceful haven of the Shambhala Monastery, for every minute that goes by I am enlightened to something new, I am an outsider to the Gardenia, I am the Sovereign among the Archons bent on revolution, I know who I truly am as I know my enemy Aiden but as I am the return of Nemo who is Aiden the return of?”
Pope Leo Aurelius shot a neutral tone of fear at what he may tell Sovereign Zen that Aiden is the former male who was known as the messiah of Celestialism. Pope Leo Aurelius swallowed hard. The two Jesuit priests adjusted their collars, rubbed their fingers through their hair or coughed into their hands nervously. It is Serenity who provided this piece of enlightenment whom the Pope had known and shared with his two most trusted associates.
Time froze by the will of the Great Architect leaving Zen and Serenity to speak in a shared realm of consciousness.
Serenity grabbed Zen looking him in the eyes, her facial expression honest and bold, “Zen, my Sovereign, there’s something I must tell you, my mother is Hegemon Iris Autumn, Lilith Moonchild is my mother’s identical twin, she is the lover and soulmate of Nemo or Calvin Moody Luther, you are half of him returned through genetic engineering by the work of Doctor Krankenkinder or Lilith Moonchild as your mother, the leaders of the United Revolutionary Collective are Arthur and Micah Luther, they are your brothers, literally, Nemo and Eli Lawless were the first demigods among the Human genus of Homo Espers to appear, this happened around the time of the rebellion of the URC led by Nemo in the times of World War Three to our current day, when the old world of earth died and the new world of Eden Prime and the Gardenia was born that is when the first Homo Espers started appearing, Eli Lawless had powers that would deem him a demigod of a Homo Esper, he was Nemo’s best friend until Eli Lawless revealed himself to be the center of the plan of Celestialism, in league with the EisenHaus Enclave, Together they combat the threat of the emerging URC, Eli Lawless stepped forth as the old world religions false messiah of the Sovereign, anointed by Celeste to be the messiah of the new age, his name before becoming what he became is a mystery, even after disappearing from Nemo forces as a URC member but the name given to him is Elijah ‘Eli’ Lawless, he proposed a radical communist anarchist utopia which was backed by the Celestialism agenda, when it is inevitably a failure of chaos and anarchy, he did many vile and evil things while appearing pure to the public, Nemo and the Lawless One still live through you two, Lawless is identical in physical appearance to Aiden F. EisenHaus, the Hegemonies of Autumn and EisenHaus agreed to revive the Lawless One with Aka Manah, and you Zen van Nihil are the resurrection of Nemo and Zenki Ex Nihilo, Zen, you and Aiden are both Archons, and there are 5 Archons meddling in Gardenia affairs, in one place, the end is nigh for all of us but we all are depending on you, Zen van Nihil, the Sovereign prophesied by my grandfather Magus Mithra Mysterium, another Archon, Zen, you met my grandfather before you climbed Everest, I know you did, my cousin Khalid Ahl Mithra told me my grandfather waited there for the Sovereign there which Khalid was told in an instance by our grandfather that he did, he told me everything, what did he say to you?”
“I’m not the Maitreya of Buddhism as the Shambhala monks claimed I am the Sovereign, the revolutionary spiritual leader of Zenarchism, I didn’t know what he meant until my enlightenment on the mountain, and although I’ve known I am the anointed Sovereign of Saturn and Aiden Aka Manah to be the Lawless Lord, Aiden Aka Manah, I rejected any old world religion concept to create one better suited to my destiny as the Sovereign of Zenarchism, Zenarchism is what the Dharma Talks I spoke of were about, for I am not the eternal friend of all souls, I am the Sovereign of Saturn here to revolutionize this entire universe, anointed by my Friend who is the Great Architect to spread the truth of Zenarchism.” Zen spoke in an embittered coldness.
Pope Leo Aurelius added, “Aiden F. EisenHaus is the Lawless Lord, he is to become the end-all-be-all ultimate truth of Celeste’s anointed messiah come back even more powerful to spread annihilation, enslavement, and destruction throughout all beings in the universe, sharing this information to the public is punishable by death even to me, the propaganda put against Nemo is nothing compared to the unanimous proclamations Celeste speaks of both Aiden EisenHaus and you, Sovereign Zen van Nihil, the worst part of all of this is, Aiden F. EisenHaus is the manifestation of Aka Manah for Eli Lawless was only possessed by this Archon of Chaos, this thing.”
Zen took all this in when a thought occurred to him, who is commanding the Gardenia’s Grand Armada against the Martian Fleet? He knew who it was, he needed confirmation.
“So Aka Manah and Eli Lawless both exist inside Aiden EisenHaus?”
“Yes.” The general consensus stated.
“I’m sensing that with all the highest ranking members of the Gardenia’s Protectorate dead, this leaves a power vacuum for Commodore Aiden F. EisenHaus to be promoted then put in charge over the Gardenia Grand Armada?”
“I know of one survivor of the Martian terrorist attacks against the Gardenia’s Executive branch, she is my friend, no harm must come to her or the EisenHaus family has it all on Earth, if Mars loses, they will have it all.”
“Who is this friend?” Pope Leo asked with surprise.
“She is the General Secretary of the Gardenia, her name is Jeanne Orleans, she is currently in hiding until the fighting subsides to avoid assassination to emerge as the most viable appointee for General Secretary of the Gardenia in the coming election, EisenHaus has no more supporters in office but enough militarized forces to maintain his order as Hegemon, even if the URC will be decimated by the end of today the right hand to EisenHaus, most powerful man in United Asia, Raijin Ryujin II has been assassinated leaving a major power vacuum in the economic stronghold of United Asia.”
Serenity embraced Zen, she sang joyously, “There’s still hope for all of us even if Mars loses, EisenHaus will lose a major foothold in Earth and his powers will be divided by conquering Mars, we may lose the battle but we will not lose the war.”
Pope Leo Aurelius stated, “Sovereign Zen, the Great Mother Celeste would like to have a word with you in private.”
“I’d best not keep her waiting.” Zen stated boldly.
3PM, November 1st, 2121 CE, Eden Prime, United North America, State of Canada, Province of Manitoba, Outside the Personal EisenHaus Hegemon Base.
Aiden F. EisenHaus waited with his adopted father as the EisenHaus warship was coming from a private space harbor from a subterranean docking bay to the surface. Aiden wouldn’t be going alone, he would be taking six Bootes Insectoid-Reptilian storm troopers with him on his journey to join the Grand Armada to do combat with the vast surmounting amount of the Martian Fleet, it would have been an equal match if the EisenHaus warship, the Draconis Armada technological grade warship known as the Jabberwocky which is developed by Draconian Imperium shipwrights and equipped with Reptilian weapons and projectiles capable of mass destruction. As the ship emerged from the ground the Bootes Reptilians shapeshifted into Human forms wearing Red Paladin and Peacekeeper Intelligence uniforms. Aiden full-well knew what Bootes Insectoid-Reptilians looked like, they appeared to be covered in green scales with burgundy bug-like eyes, they were significantly different than your run-of-the-mill Reptilian or Reptoids where one could have trouble telling apart the races and genus but Bootes Reptilians were known for their loyalty to the Draconian Imperium to put any shadowy organization who carried out atrocities in the name of loyalty to shame for Bootes Insectoid-Reptilians were notorious in their dark psychology. Their psychopathy knew no bounds, to them, their own lives were expendable in furthering the agenda of the Draconian Imperium and its royal houses.
As opposed to Frederick EisenHaus’ typical Human form of being a magnificently handsome man with jet-black hair, peridot green eyes, pointed nose, perfectly symmetrical face, a fine jawline, standing at six foot, three inches. (whereas the Bootes Insectoid-Reptilians stood at 5’6 in their Human counterparts but were up to 9 feet tall in their Insectoid-Reptilian form). Frederick EisenHaus is in his 14 foot tall, Draconal form. Frederick EisenHaus is a Draconal Dragon which is the noblest among Reptilian races with Reptoids being at the bottom. Frederick’s wings protruded from the back of his suit jacket, his face resembles that of a European’s idea of a dragon, a large snout, with slits nostrils that were at the end of his snout which underneath were full of razor sharp teeth, perfectly rounded ruby red eyes, his scales are crimson red denoting his place as an ArchDuke among the Red Draconis Noble House among the entire Draconian Imperium.
Aiden had come to understand or ascertain through reading Frederick’s thoughts. Aid envisioned that in the Draconian Imperium there is a caste system that there were many different types of Reptilian Humanoids, Reptoid Humanoids, Amphibian Humanoids, and Draconal Humanoids races, subraces, and genus among the Draconians. Among the EisenHaus family they referred to Frederick EisenHaus the 9th as the ArchDuke Sanguine Draconis or the Crimson One in fearful whispers. The EisenHaus family were a noble family of royalty within the feudal aristocratic royal houses of the Draconian Imperium who had fallen out of favor a long time ago but had risen to become the House of the ArchDuchy among the entire Draconian Imperium. EisenHaus ancestors in particular which caused all of Frederick EisenHaus family of it’s Dragon caste among the Draconian Imperium to be bred through eugenics to be shorter to handle the most petty of planets, Earth. Frederick is the descendant of a disgraced first born son of a royal house of the Draconian Imperium, for this they bred his offspring to be shorter, Frederick is a descendant affected by this. If the EisenHaus family or the Red Dragon Royal House were to make these super-apes known as Humans their slaves they would find favor with the other houses of the Dragons and all of the Draconian Imperium. The only dishonor EisenHaus family or Red Dragon Royal House had lost favor with is other Dragons who stood anywhere in their adult years from thirteen to twenty feet tall or in length. Elder Dragons stood in length at sizes unimaginable but seldom left their luxurious cavernous mansions in star systems solely owned by them. Frederick hoped to make Gardenia his own domain.
After Aiden is done pondering this and the ship known as the Jabberwocky emerges, Frederick and the six Bootes Reptilians transform back. Frederick hugged his twenty-one year old son who had accomplished more than any Reptilian could as the lord messiah of the Reptilian race, his little ace-in-hole, his little black hole of void grim nothingness.
Patting Aiden on the head, Frederick said, “What are you going to do to that Martian Fleet and their ground forces?”
“Obliterate them,” Aiden replied.
“What are you going to tell the Gardenia Grand Armada?” Frederick asked humorously.
“I am your commanding officer as instituted by Hegemon Frederick EisenHaus, I will give them each the state of emergency code to establish that I have been placed at the head of the chain of command with my own sentiments being, follow me to victory or be arrested for treason,” Aiden said smoothly, without a flaw in the flow of his voice.
“How are you going to accomplish your goals?” Frederick asked in a playful remark.
“If the ends justify the means, at all costs,” Aiden smirked deviously.
“That’s my boy,” Frederick chuckled, rubbing his hand through Aiden’s hair.
Changing the subject, Frederick then acknowledged the 6 Bootes Reptilian operatives to Aiden, “Aiden you say an order, these operatives will do just that, they view themselves as less than ants to the god that you are, my son.”
“Good,” Aiden grinned behind barred teeth, he imagined the vicious destruction unleashed upon those who challenged the means of authority of Hegemon Frederick EisenHaus.
Aiden led the six Bootes Reptilians in their true form as they shifted to Human as they followed him through the entry point onto the Jabberwocky.
Aiden called these operators, ‘Idiots, 1 through 6′.
The Jabberwocky has a decadent interior for a war vessel of massive destruction unknown to Gardenia vessels. Today, Aiden hoped he would be a hero to the Gardenia. From the calculations of predictions that were going to transpire, it is certain that the Autonomous Martian Protectorate would be annihilated.
Aiden took the Commander’s chair, two Bootes took the pilot and copilot chair, entering a security pass code given to them by Frederick EisenHaus to unlock the space-traversing war machine of doom. The crew around Aiden began preparing systems as it began to ascend with the advanced anti-gravity engines. The Bootes Reptilian pilot ascended the ship without a sign of propulsion, the vessel able to change direction instantaneously at speeds unknown to Gardenia Spacecrafts. A Bootes Reptilian handed Master Commander Aiden a headset then returned to his station. Two Bootes sat at the weapons kiosks to the controls as for the antimatter cannons. A Bootes alien handled the shield controls and radar controls. As they were all seated and ready, they took flight, what is a six hour flight for the Grand Armada would be a three hour trip for the Jabberwocky to join Gardenia forces around Martian space. Despite how wicked this newly appointed Master Commander of the Gardenia Protectorate is, the once Commodore Aiden F. EisenHaus is now Master Commander Aiden F. EisenHaus.

6PM, November 1st, 2121 CE, Eden Prime, United Europe, Providence of Italy, Rome, the Vatican, The Celestial Chapel
Great Mother Celeste, the motherly divinity of the theocratic-secular religion of Celestialism is housed in many places. Celeste’s most sublime place of propagating the faith is the Celestial Chapel. The Celestial Chapel is a futuristic avant-garde redesigned temple decorated with celestial signs, stars, and their planets. A holographic map of the universe was rotating around the Celestial Chapel. Shimmering in magnificent splendor as various constellations were shown closer in the hologram to reveal planetary bodies orbiting around stars. Beyond the golden glow of stars is a deep lucid blue to radiantly bright indigo replacing the void of black usually attributed with space for a more Celestial aura to the hologram projectors. It was the same inside the Celestial Chapel throughout the complex. The actual sanctuary is seating for pilgrims to attend worship except on holidays where the Celestial Chapel is reserved for the Gardenia elites belonging to the Church of Celestialism. an ambient sound of twinkling could be heard, the altar was empty besides a large Holoprojector that came up from the ground and a series of computers that dwindled around the altar.
Zen thought to himself sardonically, “The place Celeste truly dwells is in the imagination for this Great Mother of cosmos is simply a hologram connected to some electromagnetic radio broadcast waves that affect consciousness, Celeste is a holographic image, consciousness affecting electromagnetic waves, and a Super Artificial Intelligence, I know Celeste to be a fabricated lie.”
The room is dim with an ambient noise of a distant choir that came from neither a choir or sound system. The carpet floor is a radiant blue that matches the upholstery as the primary color for the interior. Zen felt the ominous feeling that he was not alone in this chapel room. He began sensing a strange intangible being that he knew there but revealed nothing raising his certainty of his synthetic Celeste suspicion. Zen knew that by the lack of any material entity that he would probably be dealing with a fabricated falsehood. Zen prepared himself as the eerie sensation encountering the actual azure goddess dwelling in the sanctuary of the Celestial Chapel. A computer came to life next to the organ as it began to play a rapturous choir that sang a symphonic tune of angelic voices in harmony with musical instruments from the baroque to a cosmic futurist period. A ball of radiantly fluid light luminously gleamed as an electric-aquatic indigo sphere illuminated on the sanctuary stage. The electric-aquatic indigo sphere of luminous light then began to spin as a dangerous vortex of inertia. The gravitational energy generator was dilating space-time around the sphere projecting tendrils of indigo light that shot static electricity across the ceiling as the indigo light danced in unity. In the center of the electric-aquatic mass appeared an azure Humanoid that appeared majestically as a feminine beauty. Zen now knew this would not be an instance of smoke-and-mirrors as a synthetic spiritual experience seemed convincing but the azure divine mother, Celeste had arrived. The teleportation field began to dissipate as Celeste slowly lowered herself down from the momentarily fading indigo light to Zen’s realm emerged as Celeste, a gorgeous cobalt goddess walked down from the altar in the now dim sanctuary as the far off ambient choir sang their minor key harmony in the Celestial Chapel. Celeste is a woman of azure blue skin, long dark curly locks of hair that flowed from her head, she had thin eyebrows that accentuated her rounded face, cheerful brow, diamond light blue eyes, maroon lips, her hourglass shaped body in that she is healthy she was also adorned in a flowing sequin dress that was of a starry night sky. The black dress had stars that twinkle and shimmered radiantly, long blue legs and arms protruded from the dress. She wore a signet ring of the Church of Celeste, her nails naturally a periwinkle hue that were filed perfectly, her legs long, majestic, she wore black plimsolls with red bows tied into them. This being manifested from what appeared to be a teleportation field to reveal that the Great Mother Celeste was a real physical being instead of an entity only seen rarely on broadcasts in the heavens or in this physical form that the URC claimed to be altered video-feed as this renowned real physical form of the Great Mother Celeste conversed with whoever had been the last three Popes of the Cosmic Church of Celeste for the last fifty-six years.
Zen was amazed, in fact he was shocked, what he believed to be a mere hologram was an actual being. A being brought to this reality through a transmolecular teleportation field but what could have been so much more. What wasn’t only a Holoprojector was also a transdimensional portal to another place in space-and-time. Zen’s mouth was agape, his hands quivered. Despite his life until this point as a sage which had been unhinged by the carnal desire in Serenity, he felt again, this time in the form of Celeste. He swallowed hard. nervously, his heart beat in uncontrollable ecstasy at the beauty found in Celeste. This feeling of heartfeltness came over Zen as if he truly belonged to Celeste in a spiritual marriage.
“Hello Celeste, my name is Zen, great to finally meet you,” Zen said as he understood that potentially everything Abbot Dogen had told him was a lie.
“Hello Zen, I am Celeste, you and I have much in common, generally I just project myself through the holoprojector to everyone but I decided to come here personally to come here in the flesh to talk to you,” Celeste smiled with coi delight.
“What is it that you wanted to talk about?”
“Many things but first let’s talk about you and me.”
“Yes Great Mother Celeste.”
“Please, just Celeste my Zen, anyway, I wanted to talk about you and I, how we are connected, what you are, what you stand for, the being you truly are.”
Zen stood in stalwart silence.
Celeste continued, “You are an Archon and a Revolutionary, there is a being, greater than all beings, this being is called God but his preferred nomenclature is the Great Architect who is the Gatekeeper of the Quantum Consciousness, the God of Infinity, the being you call ‘Friend’, Well, the Great Architect or your Friend created enlightened beings aeons ago, before he created the Multiverse, these enlightened beings surpass the Els of the United Cosmic Federation and the Dragons of the Draconian Imperium, the two most powerful beings in this universe who can astral project to other dimensions, unlike an Archon such as yourself who can physically shift through dimensions once you master that which you are an Archon of godlike proportion, an Ascended Master of the craft and authority of existence in all the dimensional matrices which out of all the Great Architect’s Archons his chief among them was Zenki Ex Nihilo, who led the orderly Archons through the infinite realms of order and chaos, creating the very fabric of the dimensions in accordance to the Great Architect’s will. Zenki Ex Nihilo had a brother, a rival, at one time his best friend, Aka Manah letter titled ‘the Bane’, well Zenki Ex Nihilo had been to all the infinite dimensions of the Multiverse through the realms of chaos and order doing the Great Architect’s will in making his grand design a reality when Aka Manah became jealous of Zenki Ex Nihilo’s favoritism with the Great Architect and rebelled with a conglomerate of other Archons. These Archons adhered to what is known as the Lucifer Illuminatus Principle and Parables after the first fabled rebellious Archon of existence, Lucifer Illuminatus who had rebelled then was destroyed and dismantled by the Great Architect personally, the Great Architect willed Lucifer Illuminatus into captivity for his Rebellion of Chaos,” Celeste took a breath, “Aka Manah followed Lucifer Illuminatus’ philosophy and came to this universe or dimension which was created to be the most orderly of dimensions, a dimension of Order known as paradise, where he turned it into a realm of one of the Nine Hells, a greater Chaos dimension but lesser to the other eight that had already existed, mind you there are an infinite amount of dimensions of Order and Chaos, of Heavens and Hells,” Celeste stepped towards Zen, placing her hand on his chest over his heart before continuing, “There were many races of sentient beings or Humanoid beings who dwelled on the surface as well as underneath the Eden Prime which still to this day is true, Aka Manah had developed a cult following of the Atlanteans where present day Antarctica now resides, Zenki Ex Nihilo came to reason with Aka Manah on behalf of the Great Architect before Aka Manah could take over this universe as his own personal kingdom, Aka Manah responded with hostility as a divide had been made in his cult that sided with Zenki Ex Nihilo when Zenki Ex Nihilo arrival to the planet from his home dimension of Hyperborea, a battle ensued that ended the Atlantean civilization as well as Zenki Ex Nihilo and Aka Manah slaying each other simultaneously in the process of their intense battle, history is repeating itself with you Lord Zen and Baal Aiden or Ahriman the Archons of the Great Architect are known as Lord or Lady Archons, Zen, you are a Lord Archon. Archons of Lucifer Illuminatus are known as Baal Archons, you are such a powerful Archon, Zen that you are considered the Great Architect’s Sovereign of the Saturnia Great Commision, now onto your Human heritage, Calvin Moody Luther, old world religious revolutionary in the Christian church as a Pastor of a large congregation, a peaceful political activist, in the shadows of his life involving the Autumn family, Calvin was a cybernetic engineering innovator of many cybernetic advancements as well as the inventor of the Autonomous Cerebral Computing Enhancement as well as the chemical engineer who discovered the miracle drug Daemon, his genius is unmatched, he was the first confirmed Homo Esper, posthumously that is, at his time, he was the most advanced Homo Nexus or cybernetically enhanced Human on the face of the planet with family and friends in the Autumn family, this man had a winning hand dealt to him, he had accomplished much at an early age of not even twenty but EisenHaus saw him as a threat and had his wife and newborn daughter were assassinated in his own home, this changed Calvin, he became someone else, he became Nemo, a name he derived from a book on theological studies by one of his personal heroes, he wore his former self as a guise to accomplish his new life mission, to end the ensuing conflict of the ever approaching World War Three, it is his success and failure that saved Humanity from total nuclear annihilation and gave rise to the United Cosmic Federation’s and Draconian Imperium’s plan to create a one world government, a New World Order under a new religion, under a new goddess, Myself, the Great Mother Celeste.”
Zen stirred on these words, he felt a sensation of intuition from Friend or the Great Architect that this was all true. He finally had a concrete definition on what he was and was told the truth and nothing but it, information no one could know but the Great Architect or Friend.
“Tell me about yourself Celeste, what are you? Are you a Hologram? a Genetic experiment? an Alien? an Archon? an El? a Dragon? What are you?” Zen asked fervently.
“I am a Goddess, I am an Archon such as yourself Zen but I am the balance between order and chaos in this universe.”
“You mean among Humanity as your primary function for keeping balance under the guise of a lie, feeding sheep deceit to support the end game of whoever shall win through you, the United Cosmic Federation or the Draconian Imperium?” Zen smirked.
“I forgive you for that for you outrank me in the Great Architect’s hierarchy of Archons and for me to say a cruel thing to you would greatly anger the Great Architect.”
“Hmmm,” Zen retorted.
“As I was saying, I am giving Humanity an ultimatum between enlightenment and enslavement, The ultimatum is you Lord Zen or Baal Aiden, the ultimatum is between the Autumn family or the EisenHaus Enclave, the United Cosmic Federation or the Draconian Imperium, however, it is ultimately Humanity’s choice and their choice alone.”
“What if this choice is nothing but an arbitrary illusion?”
“Like the choice you made when you came here?”
“Yes, causation and effect, past events dictate events in the future which make the present, the schism of Humanity causes its own dissonance with the Quantum Consciousness, I was determined to come here, I had little choice, everything has been a domino hitting another domino, all falling into place, however, despite this, I am the master of my own destiny, I am the forger of my fate, I may not be a Sovereign, I may not be a messiah but I am truly a multidimensional demigod, a Lord among worlds.”
“Zen, you’re a remarkable young and naive deity, you have yet to know true wisdom although you are wise, you are confident but not arrogant, you are a wise fool, you know that?” Celeste’s hand slipped down to his lower stomach area then she slid a finger up his body to his lips.
Celeste spoke more seductively, “I would like to speak of your accomplishments, your power, your potential but most importantly, your failures, your abuse of power, and your wasted potential, we’ll get to the latter half of that after we first talk of your successes.”
“Okay, how have I succeeded?”
“You succeeded in the greatest scheme ever hatched between the United Cosmic Federation and the Draconian Imperium, you have done everything correctly to weaken the current powers of the Draconian Imperium and strengthen the United Cosmic Federation, however, your brother Aiden has been crafting his own scheme to seize this power for universal control of the Human race as we speak, he is the commanding officer of the Gardenia’s Protectorate against the Martian rebel forces, he is a superweapon in control of a super-vessel of Draconian Imperium grade technology, EisenHaus must really trust him to grant him access to his own personal warship, the Jabberwocky. However, there is something you can do to counter his power-play.”
“What’s that?” Zen asked with wholehearted intent.
“Marry me as my god-king messiah of the Gardenia and the Monarch of Celestialism. The conditions are that you cut off all contact with Serenity Mysterium.”
Zen was taken aback by this momentarily, he then regained himself by exclaiming with brutal intent, “I would never dare turn my back on Serenity, I would never stop loving her, you can go to hell.”
“I can go to Hell? That’s an expression of the old religions of Eden Prime, how much have you heard from those Jesuits? After what I have told you about the nature of this universe being a Chaos dimension, you order me to go someplace worse when I wish to show you affection? I guess that’s how deep your loyalty to that whore Serenity who is aligned with the United Cosmic Federation goes, unlike certain old world religions which you seem to have some knowledge of, we in Celestialism believe in reincarnation, something you’re already very familiar with, you in fact are aware of two of your past-lives, you may not remember all of it but it will come back to you, Zen, your lives of Zenki Ex Nihilo and Nemo.”
Zen was silent.
Celeste continued, “Beloved Zen, if you decline my proposal, things will end badly for you and all those who you hold dear, I’ve done the scenario simulations, I’ve ran the simulation a million times over, every time it ends the same, with you failing, failure is inevitable for you at this point, you can fight it all you want but nothing will come of it.”
“Then may I fight it until the end, may I struggle unto my last dying breath, may I suffer till my inevitable death.”
“If that’s the way it’s going to be, then that’s the way it’s going to be Zen.”
“You’re forgetting something you false prophet.”
“Oh? What’s that?”
“That you’re a sycophant seductress who has nothing without me, you offered me marriage because you need me more than I need you.”
“That may be true but there’s something that you should know.”
“What is it that I should know?”
“That the entire Protectorate including Red Paladin and Peacekeeper Forces are on their way here to arrest you, this meeting has been monitored by Frederick EisenHaus and his top Intelligence officer, Director Yuri Kafka, the Director is personally leading this cavalry of Red Paladins strapped with Gauss assault rifles in power armor with EisenHaus Wolverine C-55 combat rotorcrafts, there truly is no escaping this, you should have accepted my marriage proposal, now your life and the lives of everyone you have ever known will end.”
Zen’s lip protruded in disgust, he had been betrayed, this was all a set-up, a larger conspiracy in which he played the role of scapegoat and whipping boy.
“I’m sorry, Zen,” Celeste said, grabbing him and kissing him passionately, forcibly sticking her tongue in his mouth, massaging his tongue with hers, it was the most passionate he had ever been kissed before.
Zen pushed her away as the doors to the chapel opened, it was Father Ignatius.
“Zen, we must go! Now!” Father Ig declared with a thunderous report.
Celeste helplessly looked up at Zen as she had just betrayed the man she had loved most, “I am sorry Zen, really, I am.”
Zen shook his head with a look of repulsion upon his face. He turned, running to Father Ig, Serenity also stood in the doorway. Zen ran to his lover, Serenity, embracing her, kissing her equally as passionately in view of Celeste without even bothering to look at Celeste’s fallen discomposure, Celeste reveled in her humiliation and shame. Zen, Serenity, and Father Ig then fled out the door to the foyer to meet Father Dante.
“Father Dante, have you alerted the other Jesuits to the situation, to commence operation ‘Peter at the Mount of Olives?’ Operation level Passion?” Father Ignatius asked.
“Yes, we have a clear shot to the Basilica then through the reliquary tunnels followed by a quick drive to the Villa Borghese gardens where a rotorcraft that will take Zen, Serenity that will take you to Abbot Dogen at an undisclosed location until this all blows over, however, the initial influx of the Gardenia forces have arrived, The Pope is stalling Director Yuri Kafka and his initial guard of Red Paladins, more are on their way in swarms, there isn’t much time to spare, we must go to the Cosmic Basilica then through it’s underground reliquary into the emergency escape tunnels which you three shall escape,” Father Dante explained in a hurried yet calm demeanor. His Nighthawk revolver drawn at the ready, for the next course of action.
“I will not be going with them, my final stand is here protecting my friend Zen and his love with my life, may God have mercy on my soul and may God guide us and the bullets we fire.”
At that, the four were headed out the door to the Celestial Chapel and into what could be their doom in an enigma of uncertainty at the events that were about to unfold.
6:30 PM, November 1st, 2121 CE, Eden Prime, United Europe, Providence of Italy, Rome, the Vatican, The Apostolic Palace.
Pope Leo Aurelius was speaking with great assurance that Zen van Nihil was not there, Pope Aurelius had been but asserted that Zen had denied Celeste’s request to become betrothed then left with aid from URC rebels headed to Mars or Venus.
“Director Yuri Kafka was the brightest of Vanguard Intelligence Agency under Frederick EisenHaus in your aisle of the Gardenia Hegemony. I assure you on behalf of our blessed and Great Mother Celeste that Zen van Nihil is no longer here, he was rowdy, obnoxious, rude, impolite, and to be quite frank, sociopathic in our gesture for sanctuary, Micah Luther himself came after murdering my brother to pick him up, Micah even laughed at my tragic loss as the man who gunned down my brother Master Commander Howard Aurelius in cold-blooded, I assure you Director Kafka that Zen van Nihil is not here, he was here briefly but he has probably fled for Mars or Venus, I am not certain.”
Yuri licked his lips, his face became downcast with a slight smirk, before raising his head to reveal a grin.
“Your holiness, I have bugged this entire place, The Great Mother Celeste told me she was communing with him here at an undisclosed location, my men are already tearing this place apart, in search of the terrorist known as Zen van Nihil, the crime being for aiding, abetting, and inciting the terrorist leader of the United Revolutionary Collective who incited the war between the Gardenia and the Autonomous Martian government, I’m afraid you’ve committed treason on the greatest scale, with Martial Law enforced, I’m afraid there’s only one way to deal with you,” Yuri said with grim satisfaction.
Director Yuri swiftly drew his .500 caliber War Eagle semi-automatic Gauss-powered sidearm. Raising it directly to Pope Leo Aurelius’ head. The Pope’s eyes widened with fear as Yuri fired a bullet directly into the center of the Pope’s head. Brain and sinew flew, he slayed the holy man of peace without an ounce of remorse or second-guessing his actions.
Director Yuri looked to his vanguard of Red Paladins in power armor with Gauss-powered assault rifles, he said two words, “Find them.”
7PM, November 1st, 2121 CE, Eden Prime, United North America, State of Alaska, Anchorage.
Jeanne Orleans was feeling better, she didn’t know what to do since the Gardenia government had all but been dismantled with the terrorist bombing that had occurred the day before, she was sure that Vanguard were investigating the bombing but she wanted to make a Holophone call to a certain someone before going back to the site to reveal that she had survived the incident by going to the private apartments for the High Council because in her words, ‘she needed some rest’. Although fearful of her answer it was the truth and no one had any way of countering her side of the story because they were all dead. She opened her suitcase and put on her traditional political attire of a suit and tie, slid on her glasses after tying her tie then made a phone call to her significant other. She dialed it into her Holophone, she was calling her beloved Ophelia Sunflower. The Holophone rang three times displaying the default image of Ophelia and Jeanne Orleans together that she used for her signature.
Then she answered, “Hello,” Ophelia said, regaining herself she said more enthusiastically, “Jeanne Orleans, my gorgeous woman, I thought you were dead, I’ve been forlorn this entire morning thinking about you.”
“No Ophelia honey, I’m alive and well, I left shortly before the terrorist attack and now I’m the only one left on the High Council, it’s only myself and Global Operations Director EisenHaus who are left in the executive branch of the Gardenia government, what’s the news been saying?”
Ophelia had long golden blond hair that hung around her neck in dreadlocks, her eyes a grey blue, she was average built, early twenties, she was sitting at her kitchen table, in the background was frying pan with bacon and another with eggs being flipped over and tended to through telekinesis while she sipped her coffee, this was made evident in the holographic image being displayed.
“The news has been saying that the terrorist Zen van Nihil is still at large, the Martians Fleet and the Gardenia Grand Armada are just imitating each other in combat, these are really dark times Jeanne Orleans, I wish you were here with me right now.”
“I wish I was too baby but the Gardenia needs me more unfortunately.”
Ophelia finished her cup of coffee with a hefty pull from her mug when a knocking could be heard at the door. Ophelia walked over to her security system to see that two Red Paladin and Peacekeepers were standing at the door.
“Jeanne Orleans did you send a guard of Red Paladin and Peacekeepers to protect me while everything is in disarray? Because they are here right now.”
“No, I did no such thing.”
The door was violently kicked down by a power armored boot and the two men plus two more came rushing in. Ophelia grabbed a butcher knife backed into a corner by her stove.
“What do you want? Why are you here?” Ophelia stated.
“Ms. Sunflower, you are to be taken to a Homo Esper internment camp for the condition of what you are, a Psionic therefore a threat to the public safety as well as the general population of the Gardenia,” A Red Paladin commanded.
“Ophelia, baby, what’s going on?”
Jeanne Orleans only heard screams of protest, afraid of what was happening. On the other end of the communications device, Ophelia was doing battle with Red Paladin and Peacekeepers, she flung both frying pans of hot grease at them with the steel they were composed of at their heads, burning them significantly. She sliced at another with the knife but was quickly disarmed then taken to the ground to be arrested on the grounds of EisenHaus’ executive order to round up all the known Homo Espers to be taken to internment facilities.
“Help me Jeanne Orleans, they’re taking me somewhere, I love you,” Ophelia screamed in fear.
Jeanne Orleans held the phone close, “I love you too,” she sobbed as the transmission ended.
Jeanne Orleans began bawling into her pillow, afraid of what had become of her girlfriend, she was scared of many things but the one definite was that goons, most likely government goons from the Peacekeepers had taken her away or worse, well-armored and well-armed Esperphobes were doing the worst things imaginable to her. Whatever it was, it wasn’t good. Her mind was clouded with horror, her heart raced as if it were throbbing out of her chest as she cried.
“Zen, please help, please help me Zen, Zen find my sweet Ophelia and help me get her back, I’ll do anything for you to help her.”
A few moments later, she sensed the presence of Zen but not the way she had sensed his astral form in her meditations from earlier.
“Jeanne Orleans, I’m sorry, I cannot help you, I’m in United Europe, currently the Gardenia authorities are closing in on me but I still have a chance to escape, what’s wrong my friend?” Zen spoke in a voice of calm serene empathy.
“My girlfriend was just abducted from her apartment,” although her sobs were almost inaudible, Zen understood what was happening.
“What? How did you find this out?” Zen’s calm voice faltered at first before regaining itself.
“Over the Holophone, we were in a Holocall and they broke in and took her,” her sobs were more controlled now.
“I hear the screams and cries of many of my brothers and sisters actually, was your girlfriend a Homo Esper?”
“Yes, yes she was.”
“I can’t tell which one she is, there’s too many, it’s nerve wracking and bone chilling to hear this much systematic suffering.”
“Is she alive?”
“Jeanne Orleans, I believe so, they are not going to kill them, they want something from them, I know the day that EisenHaus pinned the massacre on me at the House of Soviets at the State of the Gardenia’s Grand Summit, Frederick EisenHaus signed an executive order into action, among those things was to purge all Martian sympathizers from the Gardenia’s governing body, arrest and detain me at all costs, and gather all the civilian Homo Esper population for relocation to somewhere, I am not certain, what’s your girlfriend’s name?”
“Ophelia Sunflower.”
“Can you picture her in your mind?”
“Yes,” Jeanne Orleans said imagining what her beloved looked like the last time they talked, it was at a coffee shop in San Francisco, in the northern province of California.
“Okay thanks, I know what she looks like now.”
“You do?”
“Yeah, I saw what you imagined.”
“How much did you see?”
“Ophelia has golden blond hair cut into a mohawk hairstyle, her eyes are grey blue, she is quite the looker, early twenties, she was sitting at a table outside what I think was a cafe.”
“Yes that was the last time I physically saw her, the day before the Summit.”
“When I find her, I’ll let you know.”
“Thank you Zen, thank you.”
“Jeanne Orleans, can you do a favor for me?”
“What’s that?”
“Don’t give up, don’t give in, always remember, never forget, if they catch me, I don’t know what they are going to do to me, something’s been clouding my mind’s precognitive ability, the future is uncertain so I don’t know what’s in store, it’s as if the universe’s timeline is reforming itself based on these recent events, however, I do know this much.”
“What’s that my friend Zen?”
“That you’re going to be a Hegemon of the Gardenia after this.”
7PM, November 1st, 2121 CE, Planet Mars, Autonomous Mars, Martian Continent known as Inscapist Island, Inscapist City, Martian Command Center known as the Nest.
It was mere moments before the Gardenia Grand Armada and Autonomous Mars Fleet would be doing interstellar battle outside the atmosphere of Mars. Arthur didn’t know that in fifteen minutes until Aiden EisenHaus would be entering the fray with an advanced warship, the Jabberwocky. This still was the perfect time to call his brother and tell him the coordinates of what Micah should have known this entire time. A haunting reminder that stayed in Arthur’s conscience, something that perturbed him deeply. Arthur called his brother Micah via the ACCE communications device. It rang twice before Micah answered on a portable communication device, a Holotablet which Arthur could visibly see him but Micah could only receive audio from this call.
Micah had his power armor taken off, he wore all black with a combat gel bullet resistant vest. His blond locks cut into a crew cut. Arthur rubbed his hands through his shaggy black hair. How Micah looked like their mother and himself their father. The stormtroopers had followed suit dressing in URC rebel colors, all black clothing. Arthur swallowed nervously for he was about to indulge his brother in the matters of their family.
“You may not remember this as a kid, you were very young but when father died, he didn’t die running, he died fighting, he had ran for many years, hiding in secrecy but when Red Paladin and Peacekeepers came knocking at his door, he told our mother to take us and leave while he stayed and fought till we escaped,” Arthur explained morosely.
“I remember you telling me this, I remember mother telling me this, I remember the flipping news and history books telling me this but I do not remember those days as you do,” Micah seemed agitated as he rightfully should.
“Micah, at that place I told you to go find mother, you’ll find her.”
“Mother’s been dead for ten years, how can you say that? You want me to visit the grave? It’s not on Venus, it’s on Eden Prime, the place I cannot go back to right now.”
“No Micah, she’s not buried there. You may have not known the Autumn’s like I do but when we escaped Eden Prime when our father was fighting we were taken in by our Autumn relatives on Venus, our mother was so grief stricken that they did everything they could to relieve her suffering through compassion and understanding, they healed our mother’s broken heart, our mother suffered and found peace, her burial there was for the best.”
Micah let out a deep exasperated, “Okay.”
“There will be the true masterminds of the URC there waiting for you, the Autumn’s which healed our mother and by proxy, raised us. Greet them with open arms, for they will be your new family after I am gone.”
“Brother, we’re going to win, Base Lunaris was taken out, the Armada has no real intelligence or leadership besides the commodores aboard the ship. We’ve waited our whole lives for this moment and you’re already saying it’s over.”
“Micah, whether I live or die, am able to escape or am imprisoned, I am certain I will be dead to you.”
Micah gave a nervous expressive visage for his answer as Arthur said, “Goodbye Micah, I will always love you.”
Arthur ended the transmission then braced for a grand scale battle in the heavens over his newly found planetary dominion. As he stared from the viewing window of his command center on Inscapist Island, he saw the ships in the atmosphere begin with their first flickers of light as the interstellar combat of laser, plasma, and photon blasts from the Gardenia’s Grand Armada and the Autonomous Martian Fleet began their assault on one another. Arthur lit up a cigarette and watched the light show up above. What kept him going were thoughts of his father, his mother, his brother. He was reminiscing on the closeness he and his brother shared, how it was possibly forever severed. Their bond of brotherhood would be shattered by what Micah would find. His mind was on the positive memories of the past, he trusted his admirals, generals, and commanders to fight this intergalactic battle.
Taking a drag of his cigarette then exhaling he spoke his quiet soliloquy to himself, “My heart is heavy, my mind is heated, this day we fight, today is the day we beat them, I don’t know who will stand the victor when the ashes clear but I assure you the memory of this war will forever be remembered as war fought out of bravery instead of fear, so to my brother two planets away I say, you were the one in my life I held most dear.”
7PM, November 1st, 2121 CE, Eden Prime, United Europe, Providence of Italy, Rome, the Vatican, the Cosmic Basilica.
They had passed through without detection to the Underground Reliquary, they had passed numerous top-secret documents of the Church and the design plans of Celeste for maintenance and operating system for the Global Broadcast Interface computer network. They passed this, they took notice of it but fled disregarding the computer laboratory and server farm. They had a room full of files for pure hard copy documentation purposes. The Underground Reliquary is now a high-tech computer laboratory, server farm, and endless file cabinets full of information. Whatever that was here prior had all been destroyed, probably by incineration.
They came to a locked door which Father Dante approached to slide his security card, Father Ig stopped him, sliding his instead, making sure his data footprint would be left instead. Father Dante shot Father Ig in a look of shock, knowing what Father Ig intended. The reinforced door popped open then swinging slowly and gradually by itself till it was fully open. Father Ig held his arms in a courteous way to ask them to go first. Zen went through first then Serenity. Father Dante gazed at Father Ig in disbelief momentarily before following at a short distance from Serenity and Zen. Father Ig dropped the Holotablet from his coat pocket, hitting the concrete, it shattered the screen into a spiderweb, he immediately began stomping on it to ensure it’s destruction as it was smashed to pieces. He then drew his two .500 Nighthawk Gauss-powered semi-automatic pistols that were at his hips before trudging forward after them. He knew what was going to happen, he expected the worst.
Zen and Serenity held hands, Zen leading her, they ran at an even pace with one another, Zen felt a glimmer of hope, he imagined himself more liberated and enlightened by all of this then he had ever been, he no longer felt afraid, he was no longer scared for he knew, everything was going to be alright. He stared down the long corridor which winded at every turn, carefully without slowing their run they ran. Fluorescent tube light fixtures lit their way. A faint smile was upon Zen’s face, a smile that no one could see, a smile that he felt no one could take away. He saw an opening at the end of the hall to a larger room that was filled with shipping crates, barrels, and industrial sized shelves which contained more steel crate boxes of computer parts. Through the tech storage facility there were three tunnels which led to freedom. The catacombs of the Vatican, he was here, he was almost home-free, wherever home would be.
Zen and Serenity crossed the aperture followed by Father Dante, Father Ig had hurried as quickly as he could and was closing behind them. They heard rustling magazines were being loaded into rifles behind the vast amount of cover in front of them. Out stepped from behind an industrial shelving unit, Director of Vanguard Yuri Kafka, along with a platoon of Red Paladin and Peacekeepers in power armor, wielding Gauss assault rifles. Father Ig fired a couple shots from behind them causing them to dive back for cover. He dove behind a barrel nodding to Zen of what he should do. Zen nodded in compliance, getting up and running. Father Dante follows to the tunnel on the left. As they closed the gap into the tunnel, Zen used his power of telekinesis to slide the nearest shipping container in the room in front of its entrance leaving Father Ig with Director Yuri and his vanguard of Red Paladins.
“Father Ig, Why didn’t you follow me,” Zen expressed in dread for the certainty for Father Ig is death.
Zen could hear Vanguard Director Kafka’s steady laughter grow and grow, building just as the fear built up in Zen at what Zen had just done to one of his closest friends.
“Wait one second Zen while I explain to you something, I promise, to give you a head-start if you do,” Director Yuri Kafka said in ridicule.
“What is it you fiend?”
“Your friend, Father Ignatius is actually one of my top men, an Intelligence Officer for the Gardenia Government as well as a member of the antiquated and esoteric Jesuit Order that will soon to be abolished in the Church of Celeste, he used his guise as a religious official to run intelligence on you Zen that’s how we knew you’d be talking with Celeste, there’s no one you can trust, only people you can believe will take you so far until their true nature is revealed, fortunately for you Mr. Outsider is that you were charismatic enough to make one of my top field agents develop stockholm syndrome for you, him and Father Dante are as good as dead at this point, so why not trust them? After all, it’s not like they led you here for this exact purpose, this moment of drunken glory will not last, persecution among believers of the old world order will be escalated, Father Ig will die, Father Dante will die, and finally your beloved Serenity will die, it’s inevitable, you even chose the long way, the way my men had no access from, neither did I plan on Father Ig betraying us so viciously that the one exit route you could take, he gave to you like if it were nothing, no matter,” Director Yuri changed the direction of his sophist of doom rant to Father Ig, “Monsignor of the Church of Celeste and Vanguard operative Ignatius Shepard…”
“I’ll go quietly, arrest me, send me to the concentration camps on Titan, I no longer care,” Father Ignatius turned his attention to Zen, “Zen, you’re my friend, the closest thing to the one true king I have ever met in my lifetime, I regret nothing, now Zen, run.”
Zen felt tears well up in his eyes, he clenched his right fist and rubbed his eyes to get rid of them. Serenity embraced Zen expressing sincerity as he gazed with wide eyes of disbelief.
“Zen, I’m serious, run, godspeed, get out of here,” Father Ig commanded him.
Zen snapped out of his shock by grabbing Serenity’s hand as Zen felt his last nerve shattering into what felt as radical freedom in the face of certain doom. They began their flight down the dimly lit halls of the catacomb tunnels. Father Dante followed behind them looking back at the shipping container as they fled. This was the last time they would see their friend Father Ignatius.
7PM, November 1st, 2121 CE, Eden Prime, United Europe, Providence of Italy, Rome, the Vatican, the Vatican Catacombs.
Father Ignatius threw his guns down kicking them so they slid in front of the barrel to the right of him, he slowly walked in front of the aperture between the two barrels getting down on his knees, placing his hands behind his head. Yuri’s grin grew into a maniacal smirk.
“Arrest him, we’ll take him to Titan with the others we capture.
Two Red Paladins holstered their weapons behind their backs, and marched over gallantly for taking down the biggest threat to their assault besides Zen himself, a renegade Intelligence Officer, to the arresting officers this was too good to be true, to tell the truth, it really was. As they rounded either side of Father Ig, something miraculous happened.
“Burn in hell,” Father Ig declared.
Father Ig said this while unbreaking his hands sliding two smaller .40 caliber Gauss-powered concealed firearms that were hidden on rollers along his wrists. The two Red Paladins were parallel to him on either side of him directly in his line of fire, he pulled both triggers simultaneously blowing the heads clean off the Red Paladins as they exploded into flames from incendiary rounds. Father Ig immediately began firing into the different areas of the warehouse which provided cover, flames erupted and burned as hot as white phosphorus for that’s exactly what the sixteen rounds all-together contained within them. Besides the two that had fallen slain into a pile of white ash, five others had also fallen dead by the hellfire that belonged to them.
The Red Paladin and Peacekeepers panicked in a frantic array of jumping from one area to another. Frantically running about scared as the flames spread. In fear, they looked for other sources of cover. With the guns out of rounds, Father Ig picked up his two firearms and ducked behind a shelving unit that had fallen over, two of them, providing many steel girders for cover, the steel girders had fallen like dominoes to provide plenty of cover for Father Ig. More Red Paladins began flooding the room from the tunnel adjacent the one Father Ig and his fleeing friends had come through as well as a tunnel to the right. Father Ig slid on infrared glasses to distinguish heat signatures of the Red Paladins and the phosphorus. Father Ig pelted Red Paladins with deathblows from his Nighthawk Gauss BFG pistols, gunning them down as if it were like shooting fish in a barrel.
Yuri had not left, he was biding his time as fire was being relayed back at Father Ig. Father Ig was a hardened elite of the art of the firefight, he had survived hundreds if not thousands of these as a spec ops member of the Intelligence Gardenia, his abilities as an assassin truly shined. Father Ig aimed to blast a Red Paladin in the head that ducked around a shipping container, blood splattered on the wall, in nervous twitches, the Red Paladin was no more. He did the same exact action with the same effect to four more Red Paladins before crouch running his way behind a barrel which had a plethora of steel girders in front of it, it would be impossible for the Red Paladin forces to flank him from this position. Father Ig waited through the volley, his guns magazine held thirty rounds in each, he had sixteen in his left, fifteen in his right, he had taken down over forty Red Paladins in this quick skirmish so far.
Father Ig heard screams as another Red Paladin was hit with phosphorus flames. He spotted other Red Paladins trying to aid their burning comrade, he gunned down all four, saving the incinerating one for last to take him out of his misery quite painfully. Father Ig laughed quietly as the smoke billowed, he had realized his guns were custom smithed to be silenced with no recoil. Suddenly a large group of Red Paladins began charging down the left through aisle to the shipping container that Zen had fled down, they had explosives they were priming as they ran a good distance away. Father Ig knew it would be a tricky shot but he began firing until his clips were empty but it had hit the explosive causing a thunderous cloud of black smoke and vibrations to shake the rest of the Industrial girders to the ground.
Many more had been slain, a total death toll of over 150 Red Paladins had been killed by Father Ig. Father Ignatius reloaded his guns. As he stood, he had found Yuri standing directly in front of him. Yuri fired three advanced shredding hollow point rounds from his own sidearm directly into Father Ignatius’ stomach. Father Ig fell to his knees, his intestines hanging out of him as he dropped his guns. Yuri stood over him menacingly. Yuri’s true form as Bootes Reptilian was glaring in the hideous insectoid-reptilian 9 foot giant.
“Any last words, would you like to make your peace with God?” Yuri laughed.
“flipp you, you flipping freak, God rest my soul, may you burn in hell.” Father Ig rasped and choked blood.
“Funny you should say, ‘burn in hell’ Iggy, because guess what? on my homeworld, burning in hell is the highest honor one can receive upon death.” Yuri chuckled.
“Eat crud and die Yuri! Amen!” Father Ig shouted his respite loudly in vindication.
Yuri pulled the trigger putting one last round in Father Ignatius Shepard’s head, killing him instantly as grey matter and bits of skull flew about. Blood leaked out onto the floor, leaving a large puddle behind Father Ignatius. As the satisfaction flew through Yuri he changed back to his conniving dark haired, handlebar mustache over a maniacal grin of a verin of man in Human form.
Yuri turned as the fires blazed all around him, his immediate vanguard and reserves who had followed him down here were all slain in the ensuing firefight, the rest of his forces were waiting above for his next command.
“Yuri, are you alive?” a familiar voice asked.
“Yes, my lord Frederick EisenHaus, Zen has escaped through the long-way out of the catacombs that isn’t quite mapped out yet, this flipping church and their separation from the Gardenia was almost the death of me, I just lost over a hundred man to one flipping rogue agent, do you know how angry I am.”
“Not as angry as I’ll be if you fail me,” Frederick EisenHaus snarled in a deep distorted unworldly voice, he was speaking from his Draconian form at this moment in his bunker in Canada.
“I assure you my lord, I shall not fail you.”
“Good, see to it you make post-haste to Zen’s location, notify your men of possible openings they could escape through, don’t send any into the network of tunnels just wait for him to find you.”
“You must have read my mind.”
“That’s because I did.”
Yuri felt the sprinkler system kick-on as he exited the way Zen and his friends had came, making sure to latch the steel reinforced door behind him before heading up through the Cosmic Basilica, busting through the front doors into the Cosmic Square where a large battalion of Red Paladins and Peacekeepers had gathered, they had rounded up all the Jesuits in the area they could find, they were kneeling on the ground with their hands cuffed behind their backs. Yuri took a SMG out of his coat jacket, going down the line executing every last single one of them with a one-round burst via a bullet to the back of the skull. The Red Paladins didn’t question his motives, they knew of the Jesuit that had killed one-hundred of theirs in the Catacombs. Rotorcraft were stalling in the square.
“I’ve updated your Global Positioning Systems to monitor known exits to the western catacombs, let’s move out,” Director Yuri roared.
“Yessir,” was the unanimous agreement from his Red Paladin henchman.
They boarded the rotorcrafts and began their ascension to their next objective, capturing Zen at any cost necessary. Yuri’s eyes glowed red with rage as the rotorcrafts made their way through the skies to the location of their next course of action.

7:30PM, Mid-Afternoon Mars, November 1st, 2121 CE, Planet Mars, Autonomous Mars, Martian Continent known as Inscapist Island, Inscapist City, Martian Command Center known as the Nest.
Arthur stood with his generals, admirals and commanders among in the command center known as the Nest which was built to look like a new domed sports stadium that was under construction but was covertly built on Inscapist Island in the heart of Inscapist City to be a command center just for this war he was waging. Arthur with his generals, were directing their generals, admirals, and commanders in the heavens above. With Arthur’s edge of precognitive ability, they were able to tactically take down three of their warships and one carrier, they had only lost one battleship. Countless fighters had been lost but out of the 100% total losses of interstellar gunships, 60% of losses belonged to the Gardenia’s Grand Armada and only 40% to the Autonomous Martian Fleet. Things were looking up, Arthur waited for the next time his name should be called for his next precognitive revelation for his next movement of command.
General Bradford called to Arthur, “President Luther, another carrier is trying to maneuver out of direct fire, are its shields down?”
Arthur thought for a second using telepathy he scanned the skies.
“Yes they are, hit it with a subatomic warhead.”
“Yes sir.”
General Bradford radioed the Admiral in the skies which caused the firing of the subatomic warheads which hit the carrier of gunships destroying it causing massive casualties and heavy losses to the Gardenia. This battle could take an entire week without end to fight. A week the Gardenia didn’t have at this rate to fight. Although the Grand Armada was heavily disorganized, the rate that they were dropping was ridiculous as a Martian battleship went down in plasma blasts, two more battleships on the Gardenia’s side fell to the same fate. For every warship the Martian fleet lost, five the Gardenia Grand Armada warship was vaporized. A bloodbath extravaganza. an open bar to becoming blood drunk. Arthur felt a wave of relief, although he was losing good men, he could only imagine how many they were losing as the rate then fell to every ten minutes two Martian warships being destroyed to eight of the Grand Armada’s finest being obliterated. The total loss was now eleven Martian warships to forty-five the Gardenia warships by 8PM.
Arthur basked in his own glory, it was too good to be true, half the Gardenia Grand Armada had been destroyed without any sort of fight necessary, Mars would belong to him and his associates, to the like-minded people who colonized this world to escape the Gardenia. He rested his fist underneath his chin then his chin over his mouth and contemplated deeply as he sensed something was very wrong.
He heard a voice, a younger voice than himself, a man who was well-spoken with well accentuated words in his head, a man communicating to him through telepathy.
“Hello, Arthur Moody Luther, my name is Admiral Aiden F. EisenHaus, I see you’ve enjoyed destroying the Gardenia’s fleet after supposedly cutting off the head of the serpent, well your presumption was wrong, I am the highest commanding officer currently in the Gardenia’s Protectorate, you’re about to find out why,” the voice said.
Arthur got up from his leaning position over the guardrail on the platform above the officers running intelligence and relaying commands below. He was unsettled by this. Perturbed that his brother had not taken out this Gardenia official, EisenHaus of all officers had just arrived.
“Colonel Foyle, has a new warship arrived?” Arthur asked.
After a second of looking over holomaps and radar blips, Colonel Foyle responded, “No sir, no activity here.”
Arthur took a final drag of his cigarette throwing it on the ground and grinding it out with his foot.
“Ask the eyes in the sky if we have a visual on the ship General Bradshaw,” Arthur spoke his command.
“Yes sir,” General Bradshaw responded.
General Bradshaw began opening a com link to a bridge where an Admiral was in the sky commanding forces.
8PM, November 1st, 2121 CE, Planet Mars, Autonomous Mars, Outside the Atmosphere of Mars.
Aiden F. EisenHaus sat in the Master Commander’s chair aboard the Jabberwocky. He was commanding his two Bootes Reptilian crewmen at the weapons console to fire their weapons in the direct center where a group of ten Martian ships were.
“Arm the deatomizer laser cannons and two deatomizer plasma missiles for the direct center of the Martian fleet,” Aiden spoke.
The Bootes Reptilians nodded their heads in understanding his command, following through with the command, the Jabberwocky became visible to the naked eye as it fired these weapons directly into the middle of the fray of Martian ships. In a flash of indigo light, eighteen Martian warships were destroyed from a vessel significantly smaller than their own leaving a gaping hole in the Martian Fleet’s defenses which were easily flanked, the amount of Martian gunships destroyed was exponentially higher now with 70% losses belonging to Mars and only 30% to the Gardenia.
Aiden opened a comlink to the Martian command center on Inscapist Island. They answered. Before Aiden was Arthur Moody Luther, his face in shock at the indigo sky that had opened up above him. Outshining the red hues that generally made up the Martian sky.
“So President Arthur Luther, do you think you can still win this war? Wait, before you answer that question, show him some more,” Aiden laughed.
The two deatomizer cannons fired again, this time destroying fourteen more Martian Warships. As more Martian warships thinned themselves to fill the gaps, deploying more gunships to combat this threat, Aiden fired again. Destroying eight warships as well as a plethora of gunships.
The indigo hues radiated the sky as Arthur’s face turned into a sneer over the comlink while Aiden’s visage turned into a smirking grin.
General Bradshaw said to Arthur from out of view, “President Luther, every last man is willing to fight to the death for you, let them take skies that won’t stop our men from fighting.”
Arthur shook his head as the lesser amount of Martian warships depicted in the sky firing laser, plasma, and photon blasts still fought on.
“General Bradshaw, if they destroy our ground forces are to strip themselves of their uniforms and return to be with their families, any loyalist willing to fight until the end will meet here at the command center, they’re going to take me alive as well as my commanding officers, I’m already prepared for the worst, Any man wearing a uniform will likely be arrested then shipped off to Titan with myself and our constituents in the Martian Protectorate and United Revolutionary Collective,” Arthur explained reading Aiden’s mind.
Aiden feeling violated by what he now confirmed to be a super-psionic, none other than the Son of Nemo.
Aiden declared in spite, “Then you don’t mind if I?”
nodding to his men off the holographic communications-link screen he had then ordered his men aboard the Jabberwocky in an aerial sweep and display of force to annihilate the rest of the Martian fleet.
Aiden displayed his smirking visage to Arthur as the ship soared around the outside of Mars atmosphere firing a miniscule amount of it’s munitions to destroy the rest of the Martian fleet, the entirety of the Martian sky turned to an indigo hue as the Martian fleet was eradicated before leading the rest of the remaining the Gardenia Armada which was a little over half of it’s full force in the wake of destruction brought on by not having any sort of centralized command which undermined the Bureaucracy of the Gardenia, it’s Gardenia of colonies, and it’s Protectorate. Bureaucracy was the Gardenia’s fatal flaw that almost cost it the war. Aiden thought of bureaucracy as an unnecessarily tedious hierarchy where the Draconian Imperium’s tyranny was truly useful in commandeering power over others. He fought for the Draconian Imperium. This was not a war won by the Gardenia but by the Draconian Imperium, although the Gardenia would not win the war this day, they would celebrate it as if they won it themselves. He thought how he, himself and his adopted father and mentor Frederick EisenHaus would be celebrated as heroes who kept the bureaucratic union of the Gardenia together.
“No gods, no masters, all bureaucrats are bastards.” Aiden thought to himself, a thought which Arthur was reading.
“That’s the one and only thing we agree on you flipping worm.” Arthur communicates telepathically with him.
At this thought transference Aiden closed the comlink also ending the telepathic conversation as well.
Aiden had thought about a lot in this self-masturbatory, self-aggrandizing moment of glory. Aiden revealed to Arthur with physical evidence that the EisenHaus family was nothing but a bunch of Reptilian folk invading insurgents from the Draconian Imperium. That the information on the Deep Matrix was true that the Gardenia was run by Reptilians as well as their Human Yes Men and Henchmen. That every Human official of the Gardenia was merely a pawn or puppet of the Draconian Imperium. Despite how much it would hurt Arthur to give up his planet that he had fought for that his father once said would be his, where his father would be celebrated as a hero, where his father’s religion, where his father’s comrades in arms could worship as they please outside the reach of the artificial goddess known as Celeste, Arthur had dreamed of bringing back the Old World Order ways to Mars before the New World Order had began, it would be the Old World but better this time. Humanity would be united despite their differences. Before one world government globalization, before interstellar colonization, before his families and those who believed in the ideals of Nemo’s deaths, before Zen van Nihil.
Zen van Nihil, the spirit of the revolution, how his embodiment haunted him as a sapphire eyed, jet black hair, ghostly pale skinned true revolutionary of this war. A revolutionary almost identical to his father despite some aesthetic differences. If Zen van Nihil had dark brown hair, hazel eyes, and medium tone beige caucasian skin. Zen and Arthur’s father Calvin Moody Luther (aka Nemo) would have been identical. Arthur took this all in, he had seen the reports of the night Arthur took a stance of violence at how the Gardenia Peacekeeper officials had been gunning down the peaceful Martian protesters the night of the Gardenia Gardenia of Colonies Grand Summit. the Gardenia official news sources or professional propaganda broadcasters had said that after the Summit, Zen ‘and his Friends’ in the United Revolutionary Collective had launched a terrorist attack on the elite of the Gardenia in order to overthrow the Gardenia of the Gardenia by assassinating its entire hierarchy of the figureheads of the sole political party known as the Utopian Party. Numerous news reports dictated the carefully pieced together story that Zen van Nihil had planned to overthrow what he viewed as the Bourgeoisie of an already perfect Marxist society in order to benefit an Autonomous Mars where he had been promised a position of power. That was not the case, no URC rebels nor proponents of an Autonomous Mars had contacted Zen van Nihil at any point, the only party of revolutionaries which had contacted him were the Autumn’s, a family he was related to, after all, his mother was an Autumn.
Arthur then thought of his brother Micah, focusing on Micah and how much anger he would be feeling towards Arthur, these were not pleasant thoughts so Arthur thought about the past but the present and the future seemed to outweigh that. As the Gardenia ships broke the atmosphere and were closing in on locations of Protectorate outposts on Mars, Arthur checked to see reports of his officers on the ground to see if they had successfully abandoned and burned their uniforms before switching to civilian dress and returning home. Arthur accessed the heavily encrypted networks of servers containing any information pertaining to information exchanged between all URC and Martian Protectorate on the Gardenia Sol System cyberspace networks. Arthur deleted all files that could link anyone to this short-lived revolution. Arthur’s mind raced between Zen and his brother Micah.
Arthur chose to call out to Zen, the closest thing to a messiah he knew of. In this zeitgeist, this spirit of the age, if Arthur was a political revolutionary then Zen was the spiritual revolutionary. Arthur focused his mind, he was a very powerful Homo Esper, a super psionic, not of the likes of Zen but one of the few most powerful, more powerful than any other Human Homo Esper.
Arthur focused harder on Zen, concentrating he asked, “Zen, can you hear me, I wish to commune with you for I am a friend, I need you.”
Not a moment later, “What is it my friend? What is your name?”
“My name is President Arthur Moody Luther, I’m a revolutionary, a short lived leader of Autonomous Mars, I am the son of Calvin Moody Luther who was otherwise known as Nemo, I seek your counsel.”
“You’re in a bad way aren’t you my friend, you’re in a dark place, aren’t you?”
“Yes, this damnable Aiden EisenHaus and the Grand Armada are searching the skies for an ambush waiting to see if we’ll do anything, Zen, my forces have returned to their homes, all records have been destroyed, loyalists are amassing on Inscapist Island, my locale for a final fight, all civilians have been evacuated, knowing them they’ll want to take the island instead of just blasting us, is this true?”
“To put your mind at ease Arthur my friend, they are not going to blast you, they are going to deploy dropships and gunships to get soldiers on the ground on Inscapist Island and take you alive at all costs, no matter what you throw at them, EisenHaus made a executive order for you to be taken alive to be made a example of, there will be no trial, you’ll be taken to the moon of Saturn known as Titan’s Concentration Camps for ritualistic torture, imprisonment then death. Gather your most elite of men with you as high-ranking officers to the strategic Protectorate minds you already have, they will arrest most of you, including loyalist enlisted men, they will take you aboard a star freighter to Titan, the star freighter is the GUCSS Charon, download its designs off the cyber-black market now while you can and study the ship, do not let them know that you have a ACCE, only your brother knows you have one, they will put a device on your head to negate your psychic abilities, this device can be removed via ACCE from there you’ll know what to do.”
“Thank you Zen, where are you?”
“I’m running through the catacombs under the Vatican, trying to escape Red Paladins, Peacekeepers, and Vanguard Agents, to be honest, I’m afraid, well, I’m worried, not for my sake but for the ones I’m with, do you have any URC rebels near the Italy province of United Europe?”
“Yes but they’re all busy, I’m downloading a map of the catacombs from the Deep Matrix of people who have explored the catacombs and a way out, do you have a friend nearby with an ACCE or other technical device?”
“Yes, Father Dante has a Holotablet but he knows the way out.”
“That is true Zen but I’m doing a scan of surveillance in that area and every main exit is heavily guarded, what you’ll want to do is take it all the way through to find an old subway train tunnel and escape through the old Rome Metro tunnels through Line A that is nearby.”
“We’re taking that exit now.”
“Good, who are you with? I sent the data file with GPS markings to Father Dante Aguilar whose location can be found through the global positioning system on the holotablet, it’s registered to him and his social networking information states this Zen about Father Dante, he is a Guardian Agent from the files I found on the deep cyber-web dating back to a few months ago, can you really trust Father Dante?”
“I trust him but then again, I don’t really know who to trust but I trust that I can trust someone, my close friend was also a Cosmic Church of Celeste Priest as well as a Vanguard Officer, he went rogue and killed a hundred Peacekeeper Red Paladins.”
“Yes, very but he’s deceased now, his name was Father Ignatius Shepard, he was a very good friend, he was the first man I ever imbibed alcohol with, we played drinking games, he helped me live life, showed me how to alleviate my suffering through alcohol and in my drunken debauchery, he was in the other room when I lost my virginity to Serenity, he gave me the courage to consummate my love and solidify my relationship to Serenity, he was like Abbot Dogen to me, who is like a father, he was like my other my other dad that’s why I always called him Father Ig.”
“you solidified more than just your love to Serenity Mysterium?” Arthur laughed aloud as he broadcasted this message in the privacy of telepathy.
“Yeah, why do you ask?” Zen asked inquisitively.
“She’s my cousin, her mother was my mother’s sister or aunt.”
Zen’s telepathic voice became hesitant, “Are you aware of the Autumn family secret?”
Arthur pondered a moment, “You mean the whole Autumn Industries helped fund Negative 0 Incorporated, my father’s company which led to the creation of the miracle drug Daemon, both forms of Daemon, Light and Dark, the autonomous cerebral computing enhancement or ACCE that the Autumn’s have been fighting on the side of benevolent revolutionaries for centuries? That the reason my father Calvin Moody Luther became Nemo is because EisenHaus murdered his first spouse as well as my half-sister Maria which after that, the Autumn’s then helped my father reach his true potential?”
“Not exactly, no, the Autumn’s are aliens, your father was the first confirmed super-psionic Homo Esper and as a generality, the Homo Esper genus of Humanity in the scientific Gardenia and I’m the combination of genetic engineering that included your father and a multidimensional alien that was essentially a space-god known as a ‘Archon’ named Zenki Ex Nihilo.”
“You’ve got to be flipping with me, when you spoke at the Grand Summit where I watched the political gathering live on my Holovision from my apartment on Mars, when you were speaking, I was hearing my father’s voice and words talking about URC Independence, you have an uncanny resemblance to my father, minus the sapphire blue eyes, jet black hair, and the albino pale complexion.”
“The messed up part is, I’m not joking with you, they hid it from you this whole time, Serenity hid a lot of things from me until quite recently, her father was friends with your father correct?”
“Yeah but her mom and my mom are sisters, her mother’s insane though, mine was just mentally ill, Serenity loved her father much more, so that makes sense that they’re aliens because they all look very different, meaning completely different races with no distinction of familiar physical traits but the same last name, it makes sense, all the family from out-of-town that we met over the years now.”
“What’s her mother’s name?”
“Iris Autumn, Doctor Iris Autumn.”
Zen ended the conversation with, “ that’s very weird but I’m okay with it, now if you don’t mind, I’m going to continue on my trek but one more thing Arthur.”
“What is it?”
“Soon, you will be the Hegemon of your own House of the Hegemony among the Gardenia Utopian Community among the cosmos.”
8PM, November 1st, 2121 CE, Eden Prime, United Europe, Providence of Italy, Rome, the Abandoned Rome Metro, Line A.
As they jogged at a speed together, Zen and Serenity held hands as they ran. Zen was to the center, Serenity on his right. Father Dante to Zen’s left, trailing behind by a couple of steps as he would take two times a minute to gaze at his tablet.
“What’s this?” Father Dante asked peering at his Holotablet as they ran through the abandoned metro tunnel.
“It’s the map of the catacombs leading to the abandoned Rome Metro, at this current moment we’re on Line A, we’re going to escape into the city of Rome at the next abandoned substation, from there we will meet continue our escape at the Villa Borghese gardens,” Zen stated assertively to help Father Dante with his confusion involving his Holotablet.
Father Dante seemed riddled with anxiety as he regained himself, “Alright, if that’s the plan Zen.”
“That’s the plan, we will escape, we just have to go through these tunnels for a while.”
“I already directed my autocar to meet us outside the old abandoned Termini so we can drive to the Villa Borghese, we need to escape, if anything happens, I want you Zen to have my tablet for my autocar, when you arrive at the Villa Borghese, I want you to destroy my tablet.”
“I will but Father Dante, turn off your gps on your Holotablet, they could use that to track us.” Zen spoke boldly.
Serenity piped in, “while we are walking do you mind if we discuss something, I don’t know, we may all be dead soon so it’s now the best time to talk about controversial things during this dark time.”
“I don’t mind,” Father Dante said with a tinge of anxiety.
“Neither do I,” Zen spoke nonchalantly.
“Father Dante Aguilar, what is faith? What is prayer? What is God? Why do you have faith in a God when you have pledged your service to a living breathing goddess like Celeste? What is your belief in a three omni God and why is it so strong? Have you always admired Zen van Nihil or at this point are you just along for the ride for being a rogue Vanguard Officer?” Serenity asked in an interrogative tone.
Instead of a rebuttal of rebuke, Father Dante accepted these questions, although he was morose, he answered, “Faith is an act of volition, it is an act of the will to believe in a being not of this world despite substantial evidence against such claims I still believe, have my beliefs changed? No, Have they been modified? Yes. This 3 Omni-God you speak of sounds as though he may be talking to Zen that is what my fellow Jesuits and I believe that Zen to be a messiah, not the second coming of Christ but not entirely man, the Buddhists of Shambhala recognized this and so did we, in our current godless age where aliens exist, Humans have psychic powers, man and machine can become one, it is very hard to have any faith that breaks through the pessimism, cynicism, and passive nihilism that comes with this age, Celeste is merely a means of survival for my order, she respects us, we respect her, I know where my order now stands, I don’t know what became of my brothers in the immediate vicinity, I don’t know what has happened to Pope Leo Aurelius, I honestly don’t know, I am uncertain, my faith in everything is acted upon in uncertainty as for my status as a Vanguard Officer? I was never an officer only an agent, Father Ig was a trusted officer to Director Yuri, Father Ig was a Jackal for the Gardenia’s government, a hardened henchman willing to do whatever to establish the security of the Gardenia, it’s governing political organization, the Utopian Party, and the Cosmic Church of Celeste to retain his belief in his own personal understanding of God, now once again, I am uncertain of Father Ig’s fate, he has taken on hordes like that before but a man can only be lucky so many times, my faith is acted upon in uncertainty, eternally, in this life but will be made certain once I reach the next.”
Serenity replied by stating boldly, “Will and prayer are one in the same, if one prays for something one is willing for something, if an individual uses will with action the individual becomes the legend, it is my belief that after all the empirical evidence I have gathered in my existence that through my own volition, I will give unto myself more power, I will do the impossible. Zen is the Sovereign, I will make him a legend. I’ve almost been arrested or killed numerous times over and I haven’t felt more alive in my life, I am in love for the first time to the most amazing man in all of existence, I played a role in a revolution that will not die with the Autumns, the Jesuits, the United Revolutionary Collective, the Autonomous Martian Protectorate, the Monks of the Shambhala Monostory, it can not die, it will not die, we have Zen van Nihil, a man commissioned by what you would call ‘God’ or better known as ‘Friend’ by Zen, he can tap directly into the Quantum Consciousness, a living psychic organism to communicate to any living being in the universe with the power of his own will, Zen is a demigod as long as the Revolution has Zen, the revolution lives that is what I’m certain of, Father Dante you may fear death, I do not, neither did Father Ignatius, neither does Abbot Dogen, Father Dante, it is acceptable to be uncertain but when you as a man who believes in a dual world should realize that Father Ig is in his own dimension that is heaven to him, he is with his family, he is with his friends, he is with his loved ones.”
“How certain are you that Father Ig is dead?” Father Dante asked.
“Zen and I did some telepathic talking, every Jesuit in the area of the Vatican has been executed after Father Ig massacred a hundRed Red Paladin and Peacekeepers, Pope Leo Aurelius was gunned down violently, Zen saw this, he didn’t want to say anything, he’s been looking for people with his power of tapping into the Quantum Consciousness to get the three of us out of here.”
“Zen, Serenity, I have something that I intuitively know and tell you of what’s going to happen to me which is inevitable, death is inevitable, I’m accepting it, my order is being hunted, I don’t know about the Shambhala monks but…”
“The Shambhala Monks are fine, Abbot Dogen and all the monks are fine.” Zen interjected.
“Well, my order is not, my order has fallen, the last followers of God in the civilized world outside the restraints placed on the displacees who live in the Autonomous Zones are being liquidated, how sure are you that Abbot Dogen and the monks are fine?”
“Because they came from nowhere, did something then gained everything, the URC is going to take us to a meeting area with Abbot Dogen and his newfound status, wealth, and power, he doesn’t call himself Abbot Dogen anymore in the mainstream world.” Zen explained calmly.
“What does he call himself?” Father Dante asked.
“It doesn’t matter, he’s still Abbot Dogen.” Zen spoke sternly.
8PM, November 1st, 2121 CE, Eden Prime, United Asia, East Asia, Tokyo, Penthouse of the Quadragon Yakuza-Keiretsu.
Abbot Dogen as well as many bosses of the Quadragon Keiretsu-Yakuza Zaibatsu cartel sat around a large round table. Hiraki Rosho sat to the right of the elderly Abbot Dogen’s side. Abbot Dogen wore his saffron robes. The bosses all wore suits or suits with kimonos so that the jacket was partially visible with a dress shirt and definitely visible ties were in view. All of them East Asiatic males, Hiraki Rosho was the only female boss present.
Hiraki spoke in Japanese, “The meeting of the Quadragon Keiretsu-Yakuza is now in session, we will be voting for the new Chief Executive Officer and successor to our fallen leader Raijin Ryujin. Behave honorably or fall on your own blade.”
Abbot Dogen took his seat at the head of the luxurious chairs, his throne where Raijin Ryujin would have sat in the circular joint of desks that made up the Keiretsu-Yakuza’s meeting room. The throne of Raijin Ryujin was ornately designed with the maximum of comfort for it was made for the legacy of the emperor, a throne for an unrecognized lord outside of clandestine groups in East Asia.
“Who do you think you are an old man? You appear before us as a sage who sits on the throne of our Emperor and Chief Executive Officer, who do you think you are?”
Abbot Dogen immediately began pulling out the implants that made his eyes appear to be a man from Tibet to reveal his wider East Asiatic eyes, he then pulled of the prosthetic wrinkles which made him old then pulling the bald skull cap off his head, popping out brown contacts, he pulled a piece of metal gadgetry from the roof of his mouth that lined it perfectly, a voice modifying device. He undid his robe to reveal an incredibly handsome man of pure East Asiatic descent in his late thirties, his face narrow, his eyebrows straight, his nose long and pointed with wide nostrils, wider lips, thinned lined eyes, the only thing not typical of his asiatic nature were his brilliantly radiant violet eyes and his naturally crimson spiky red quills for hair. He wore a black suit jacket, a white button up shirt, black tie, black dress pants, with black shoes, he held a sword, the Masamune which was hidden under the robe.
They all gasped, “Raijin Ryujin Kohai,” they covered their mouths begging for apologies from this respected man who was the heir to Raijin Ryujin for he was his enigmatic son who had disappeared the night the Yakuza-Triad and Keiretsu merged as an organization.
“Akuma Ren, our apologies, we did not mean to almost fall on our own blades,” they corrected themselves, Ren did not go by his father’s name but his own as the last living heir in the lineage of the Japanese Emperor.
Ren smiled, enjoying the adoration for a few moments until it became excessive before silencing them by saying, “Before you almost fell on mine?”
A gasp fell among them, they were silent in reverence to the new Emperor of East Asia.
Akuma Ren unsheathed the Masamune, taking a whetstone from his discarded robe he sharpened it as he spoke, with every breath the stone slid up the blade, “When my father was 18, being the man who could not take the loneliness, he fell in love with a woman, and he loved her very much for quite some time, I have heard the automaton he kept before his passing in his personal penthouse was modeled after her, in fact, I saw it for myself, she looks exactly like my mother, before my mother passed eleven years ago, he treated her like a queen in comparison to that synthetic, my father may have been the most honorable man to have ever lived but the night he betrayed me, he dishonored himself eternally, he betrayed his own son who would do anything to appease his father, never did I talk back, never did I raise my voice, never did I kill him when I had the chance, his character of honor died the same night the Zaos died.”
A long scraping of the whetstone against the blade as it was becoming sharp enough to cut through solid stone as if it were made of wind, the Masamune was reforged with condensed diamond dust and stainless steel.
Akuma Ren continued, “A mutual friend of mine killed him, an assassin, something I didn’t order, just something that happened, something that needed to be done, this assassin did this on behalf of my son, Zen van Nihil, who my father sent our beloved personal Oni Homo Synthetic super-assassin after, my son, Zen van Nihil, destroyed this Oni from what Serenity his girlfriend told me, he hadn’t even received a scratch from, if any of you should try anything against me.”
The screech of the blade grew for the whetstone was able to withstand this sharpening for it was a chunk of an asteroid none had known of for the Masamune had been greatly improved with its enhancements over the years.
“I take it that the hit on Zen’s life was my father’s decision only? His executive order?”
Silence filled the room for a moment which the other executive members all said in unison, “Yes.” Their unified voice echoed throughout the room.
“Good, for when I die, Zen van Nihil is my heir to the throne of the Quadragon Keiretsu-Yakuza and all the Triads in United Asia will bow to him as well as they have bowed to me and my father before me, his powers as a being go without explaining, correct? so another hit on him is futile, and a hit on me is a death sentence, understood?”
“Now as for this election as standing heir, I’m pretty sure this is still an aristocratic monarchy, not a democracy.”
“This is for my son, who I know can hear me in his current astral form who I told you to witness this event today, I’m sorry I hide behind a mask of a sage from the past, I take Buddhism very seriously my Son and Sovereign, the monks of Shambhala will all resume their positions of elevated power under my leadership in the Quadragon Keiretsu-Yakuza, you needed to see this today, I didn’t lie to you, I only went about telling the truth a different way, Abbot Dogen is how you can think of me, just know I am Akuma Ren or Raijin Ryujin Kohai, I just want you to feel the love I have for you as my son whom I will do anything to protect.”
An astral form of Zen van Nihil appeared in the center of the room between the circle that comprised the boardroom, his psionic ubiquitous vision in this form granted him vision all-around. The executives in their luxurious thrones for chairs lurched back in them at the awe that was Zen van Nihil, Zen seemed calm and serene, a white light emitted from his astral form purifying the nerves of those around his astral projection.
“Father, I already knew all along that you are the wise sage known as Abbot Dogen, you are the Oni among men known as Akuma Ren, you are the Honorable lord of East Asia, Raijin Ryujin, you are most importantly, out of all these things, my father, just as I am your son, when the Yeti took me to a place where there would be good men, I didn’t know that the best among them would become my father.”
“Thank you my son.”
“You’re welcome father.”
“We were watching the news before the meeting, Martian stormtroopers had launched an attack at Lunaris Lunar Base killing all the greatest strategists, tacticians, Protectorate minds, and intelligence officers there, the Gardenia had destroyed the Martian fleet and is advancing on Inscapist Island where Arthur Luther is housed, the remainder of the Gardenia High Council was killed in a deatomizer bomb explosion, the only survivor was Magistrate Jeanne Orleans, they know you’re in the Vatican, all news networks are barred from that area and the city of Rome is being evacuated, no one’s allowed to come within that area. According to the security clearance they never cleared off my posthumous father’s access to government files, they are going to attempt to take you alive and imprison you in whereabouts that are unknown, Frederick, his Hegemony Directors, and close hatchetmen possess that information. The URC are going to bring you to somewhere safe, somewhere I know you’ll be safe, Akuma Ren spoke with a certain noticeable insinuation of where Zen would be going if the URC did successfully extract him out of Rome by rotorcraft.”
Zen’s astral form sent a telepathic message only to his father, “Shambhala?”
Akuma Ren nodded his head in confirmation before letting Zen read his mind, “Only until this all blows over.”
“Understood, father I must be going.”
“Yes, my son, I love you with all my heart and soul.”
“I love you as well my father with all my heart and soul.”
The white light seeps back into Zen as his astral form dissipates and he consciously returns to his physical form.
8PM, November 1st, 2121 CE, Eden Prime, United Europe, Providence of Italy, Rome, the Abandoned Rome Subway, Monte Compatri-Pantano station.
They had finally come upon the abandoned station or the tunnel leading out into the open night sky, everything was peaceful, everything was safe for a moment, Zen held Serenity close for a moment as they kissed in celebration. Serenity wrapped her legs around Zen lovingly, among all this face mashing Father Dante felt a tinge of fear inside him as he saw his self-driving autocar sitting on the curb in the parking lot near them. Zen and Serenity were just finished celebrating, when Zen and Serenity both immediately sensed something wrong.
Father Dante handed him his Tablet, “Take this, move now.”
Father Dante drew his .500 Nighthawk as Peacekeepers from a rooftop began firing at him, he fired back at them providing the two lovers with enough time to get into the vehicle for its destination which Arthur had programmed from hacking the Holotablet. As the vehicle realized it was only having two passengers it began to drive off, Zen used the Holo Tablet to control the speeds to move quickly as the two were in the backseat crouched down as bullets flew through the back window, Zen glanced up out the broken back window to see Father Dante being riddled with incendiary bullets as he was completely immolated in flames. He ran around frantically before rolling on the ground then ceased moving.
Zen crouched back down providing the car with a telekinetic shield to protect it. Serenity gazed at him hoping it wasn’t what she already knew.
Zen simply said, “Father Dante’s dead.”
Serenity gave a look of angst, she had bashed the man’s beliefs just ten minutes ago.
The autocar was driving them to their destination point being at the Villa Borghese gardens where the extraction would take place. Zen held Serenity’s hand the entire time. Hidden in the backseat of the car, they hoped the worst was now over.
As they rode together, Serenity asked Zen a very simple question, “Zen why don’t you use your powers for violence or to solve conflicts?”
“Because I used to believe that all life is precious and that violence is never the answer but I’m beginning to realize that in order for me to do the right thing I’m going to have to break that thought process, I am no Sovereign, I am no Messiah, I am however, a changed individual,” Zen replied half astonished at what was dragging him down, he realized his own teachings were his own shortcomings that he may have to change his rightness with the eightfold path to do the correct thing to have balance, to maintain balance, something he felt he was losing, he was losing his Dharma.
“Zen, you’ve killed a Red Paladin and Peacekeepers, you’ve killed a sentient super assassin, you’ve killed, in this world, everyone hates you, if you don’t fight for your right to life then someone is going to take it from you and the way you’ve been handling conflict, you might as well just be giving your life away, You are superweapon of psionic abilities, why don’t you use them?”
“I don’t feel as though I’m ready, Friend doesn’t want me to do that yet, he doesn’t want me.”
“When will he?”
“When I’m ready.”
“Well, I’m ready.”
“Ready for what?”
“Ready for you.”
Zen and Serenity began making passionate love in the automatic driving car on their way to the Villa Borghese gardens, Serenity sat on top of Zen looking longingly into his eyes as they kissed passionately in the backseat. The thirty minute car ride went by in no time as they had their fill of one another. They finished in fifteen minutes.
“Do you feel a little more calmer than as of lately?” Serenity asked.
“I am, I must admit,” Zen said.
“Good, me too.”
They were getting dressed back into their clothes while they talked the last fifteen minutes before they would arrive at the Villa Borghese. As Zen put on the clothes that belonged to Nemo as Serenity put on her black leggings, black boots, black t-shirt, and black hoodie, Zen realized that if he should ever have their own Protectorate, black would be the uniforms of his soldiers in his revolution that would eradicate the EisenHaus Enclave as a competing force in the Gardenia allowing the Autumn Association to become the sole Hegemony. The soldiers required in fighting this war would fight from the shadows of society. A hierarchy of ranks with different divisions fighting for true liberty, peace, pursuit of happiness. All around the philosophy this esoteric organization is founded upon the principles for a truly united Gardenia of the Human species. The idea of a Guild of Shadows crossed Zen’s mind which he then began to envision of a world encompassed in darkness, with the very people a part of this collective holding lanterns rescuing others lost in the dark and lighting their lantern until the entire world was illuminated by the light of the goodness of the Human race and all sentient beings.
“Zen,” Serenity said in an attention grabbing voice.
“What is it Serenity?” Zen replied, wandering out of his daydream.
“What are you thinking about?”
“What I’m going to do once we escape.”
“What’s that?”
“Liberate and enlighten the world.”
“Really how are you going to do that?”
“I’m going to start a rebellion that will not fail, not one that blatantly says, ‘we’re succeeding’, likened to what the United Revolutionary Collective or Mars did but one that fights from the shadows of society, one that has no uniform besides the darkness they hide in, one that has a code of honor, one that is only for the best of character in the Human race, one that is for the most elite of their craft as a jack of all trades, master of none, to promote liberty, enlightenment, and prosperity among all beings in the universe.”
“What are you going to call this organization?”
“The Shadow Guild.”
“I love the idea and I love you, I love every idea you have and how you put them into practice, I love the very idea of you, I love the idea of a being such as you existing, I love you for you exist.”
“I love you because you inspire me and my ideas, all-together, none of this would have been possible if it weren’t for you.”
“Isn’t that the truth?”
“When are you going to start your plans for this resistance?”
“When we get to Shambhala Monastery.”
“When are you going to put your plans into action.”
“When we leave the Shambhala Monastery.”
“Together, forever and ever my darling Serenity.”
“Zen, can you tell me what it means to be Zen?”
“In my meditations when I was candid naive boy, even when I began my ministry, I had realized that to be Zen is to be likened to nothing that to be Zen means to not be attached to anything, don’t get me wrong, I love everything and hate only true evil, the true evil of ignorance, my old schema or ways of doing things are not gone, they are only being modified, I’m now choosing what is known as the path of the Bodhisattva instead of the path of Bodhi, I am choosing to become an enlightened being over just a being who is enlightened, to be Zen means to accept things for what it is, to let what truly doesn’t matter go, to be Zen means to be the matter that does not, I guess when I first met the Great Architect on top of Mount Everest, when he called me Zen and told me to call him Friend, I guess he was saying that in comparison to a God of infinite proportions that I was merely a facet or a utility of him, I am an Archon, a multidimensional spiritual being, I am a revolutionary in both the interstellar political and the spiritual grand scheme of this universe, I plan on helping Humanity enter the United Cosmic Federation as their fellow beings brothers, sisters, comrades, united all to welcome all beings to the power of the Quantum Consciousness, to overthrow this planet’s current authoritarian status quo and replace it with an enlightened and liberated species who need not rules to do the right thing, a species who doesn’t need possession to make them feel like they are worth something, to give them the greatest gift of all, the freedom from suffering, the root of all suffering is ignorance but I know now that good and evil, and even neutrality exists in many dimensions of space, time as well as whatever else there is.”
“What are you going to do about the evil in this universe, what are you going to do about the Draconian Imperium?”
“I’m going to destroy it all and after I’ve destroyed the Draconian Imperium, I’m going to liberate and enlighten the Reptilians even if their ignorance doesn’t yield my result and they should hold onto their pathological pride, I will cull them out, I will wipe them off the slate of existence until their pride breaks, until they feel empathy in ways they have never felt empathy before, and once I do that then I know the schism of this dimensions Quantum Consciousness will be healed transforming lead into gold, turning evil into good, each slave will become a master unto themselves, each foolish person will stumble into their existence of being wise, I will make these radical transformations from the essence of my spirit, much likened to a philosopher’s stone.”
“Zen that was beautiful.”
Serenity kissed Zen with more passion than Zen had ever been kissed, their tongues wrestling for love, their hands caressing each other in a lover’s quarrel of true unconditional love. Zen never felt so alive, he had never felt so enlightened, he had never felt so liberated, he had never imagined himself to ever be this happy and free.

8PM, November 1st, 2121 CE, Planet Venus, Venusian Biodome Spacehub 8
Venus is an incredibly flat planet with plenty of opportunity to build, there was just one huge drawback, it rains Sulfuric Acid. So instead of homes built freerange like on Eden Prime or Mars, 85% of the planet is covered in hundreds of Biodomes that could house up to two million to ten million people, these Biodomes are architectural masterpieces found plenty throughout the planet for Venus is a planet with not a lot of mountainous regions, the artificial biodomes are much likened to a vast network of mountainous regions on Venus if you were to look at the planet prior to colonization to post colonization, you would swear that the planet had hit some kind of strange geographical puberty with all the black superstructures that were planted all across the planet.
Inside these Biodomes are cities, towns, and villages, complete with water purifiers, air recycling, sewage systems, weekly trash pickups, and all the things an advanced civilization the derelicts, the unwanted, the antisocial, the eccentric or the dissident citizens of an interstellar empire known as the Gardenia would need to not complain too much or have a complete revolt like they did on Mars. Instead of a clear view of a yellow vomit colored Venusian sky, they have a giant plexiglass dome built underneath a giant specialized plastic shield that is thirty feet thick which the sulfuric acid that rains on Venus cannot melt through. The plexiglass has a series of holographic pixels built into the protective surface underside which faced the citizens of each dome which are housed within it, these holographic pixels are formed into a giant Holoscreen which produced the skies the Venusians were accustomed to. This hologram of a sky simulates an indigo sky with a golden but not blinding to look at the sun during the day, at night they have a deep purple night sky with twinkling stars with a hologram image of the Eden Prime’s moon with it’s rotation and cycles at night. However, advertisements for EisenHaus products are played twice every hour, at the beginning and midway through the hour and specially crafted the Gardenia propaganda is only played every three hours. The propaganda is played from 8am to 8pm. The Gardenia and EisenHaus Industries propaganda is synchronized to be the same throughout all the Biodomes, all one-thousand, one-hundred, and eleven Biodomes, all synced up to the same network. Everyday, it’s exactly the same wherever you are.
The only way to get around inside the Venusian biodomes is by walking or if you have the prestigious bus pass, you can take a cramped double decker from one part of a Biodome to another. The only way to travel from Biodome to Biodome is by taking the train which is subterranean and is also constantly passing maximum capacity in the Biodomes of Venus. The average Biodome spans about ten to fifteen miles in diameter. Making the living conditions quite claustrophobic, houses are not a thing on Venus, everyone lives in skyscraper high apartment complexes.
Venus is a planet riddled with crime and corruption. Corrupt authoritarian Gardenia appointed lawmakers and law enforcement to govern this planet while organized crime ran this planet’s seedy underground. It is the planet the Gardenia uses to displace the minor offenders of its society, most of those offenses can be summed up as the following: existing. It is a city with high-poverty and a low graduation rate from it’s public schools. To be intelligent on Venus is to truly be a minority, in fact, the Gardenia is a society that teaches egalitarianism erasing individuality while simultaneously hating everything that is different. There is no difference in privilege based on racial color, there is only gender from a scientific standpoint, there is no such thing as sexual preference, no one cares but you about your gender identity. All these tenants are great egalitarian ideas but when everyone’s personality matches the same Orwellian citizen of the Gardenia: enjoy more Daemon Light, keep quiet, don’t think for yourself, purchase more EisenHaus products, shut up. The only minority on Venus and throughout the Gardenia control is the intellectual.
Micah brought Quan Nguyen, Am-E, Vincent, Edo, and Sophie Mayberry with him from the docking harbor of their dropship at the Venus ground space hub, a hub meant for smaller vessels likened to their interstellar dropship, unlike the massive sky-harbor that was over the planet. The rest of the team of stormtroopers stayed with the ship at the small ground space hub within a Biodome. Micah thought of his brother and the recent death of his comrade which then led to Reicher Redford’s subsequent death on Eden Prime while escaping the bombing of a free-energy generation tower when he was gunned down by the Gardenia Peacekeepers, Micah answered his phone to hear his comrade’s current status of fleeing that the bombing was a success but they were being pursued by authorities over a Holophone visual-audio call, he was riddled with metallic rounds from Gauss assault rifles. He thought he thought about the women he took as his polyamorous lovers Am-E for Violet, to take his mind off of losing two men he thought of as brothers. However, first things first, he had to go to the address on the e-card his brother had sent him to find his mother that he thought was buried on Eden Prime ten years ago.
Together they walked down the stairs to a subterranean terminal located beneath the Biodome. They waited awhile for a train to come, not many were at this hub. Since not many came and went from the displacement Biodomes of Venus. Some men in suits and of course the Gardenia Marshals were present. Marshals were the Gardenia Peacekeepers who didn’t quite make the cut for the Gardenia Peacekeepers in stable societies for the Marshals methods were too unorthodox for the Gardenia’s law enforcement organization known as the Peacekeepers. The Marshals who utilized high-frequency overtly brutal methods in policing were deported here. Alternatively, a way a Peacekeeper became a Marshal which comprised 1/10th of the Gardenia Marshals Division came to this lowly position as a former upstanding Gardenia Peacekeeper who was just an honest law enforcement officer who happened to expose the corruption in their Policing Sectors which is how that honest minority of Marshals ended up on the backwater wild frontiers of Gardenia. Micah paid these Marshals no mind, these Marshals had literally a million other culprits, perpetrators, suspects, and criminals to watch out for with crime and terrorism running amok in Gardenia Cosmic Sectors like these. Another advantage of Micah was that the Marshals were just way too incompetent or completely overwhelmed to realize the third most wanted man by the Gardenia Agency of Vanguard was standing before them as well as half of his cohorts in the systematic destruction of the Gardenia’s highest echelon of Protectorate command and Vanguard Officers.
The train finally arrived, not many were on this one since this stop was a dead end stop, this train would be the fastest to C37 with only six stops on the way. About a half hour ride there. They boarded sitting in the same vicinity as one another in the same car. The subterranean railway wasn’t exactly the bullet trains on Eden Prime, it was more like the subway trains of the early 21st century, all expenses were spared in making this the most awful place in the solar system to live. As they came up to the first stop at sector B14, they noticed the amount of people waiting to board this train, the anticipatory look in their eyes, they had been waiting since it passed the first time to board one headed this direction. Micah was glad he was sitting next to the two females in the group with Quan sitting across from him. The train came to slide then a screeching stop. The doors opened and the train was bombarded by people, by Humane standards it was over-capacity. A 20-year-old gorgeous goddess of a woman with ultraviolet colored hair, radiant purple eyes covered by thick-framed glasses whose rims were made of a durable synthetic textile. She wore a lilac cardigan over a white graphic design t-shirt bearing a reference to one of Arthur and Micah’s favorite punk rock bands known as, ‘Prone to Infection’ that played at underground URC venues. Micah could see the super mutant ghoul design poking out of her cardigan which Micah in his intuition judged her as an intellectual punk rock geek-chic Venusian hipster who kept her composure but was not at all a prude. Micah in his good judgement knew she was in her early 20’s but appeared to be a teenager. The neon purple haired cutie was wearing olive green cargo shorts that revealed her long alluring legs with black plimsolls for shoes on her feet which she used to rush onto the train. She feigned being knocked over by an obnoxious gentleman in a suit who was going on about Venusian Biodome development which had turned her feign into an actual fall which caused her to land directly into Micah’s lap with a sudden abruptness that slightly made Micah reel back in nervousness and pain as his groin was just catapulted into. She laid there for a second then looked up, grinning at him.
“Hi,” she said in a very friendly tone keeping composure.
“Uh, hello,” Micah said.
“My name is Ivy.”
She held out her hand for Micah to shake it as she became comfortable in his lap.
“My name is Micah, I’m not from around here.”
“Hello Micah, I’m not from around here, geez that’s a really funny name, who named you that?”
Micah laughed thunderously, “You’re funny and cute you know that?”
“No my name’s Ivy but thank you,” she made a final movement to settle herself into Micah’s lap as she popped her hips upwards than down as she was now nestled in Micah’s arms.
Ivy asked with a flirtatious grin, “Do you mind if I sit here?”
“Not at all,” Micah replied.
Out of the entire train ride which was hell for everyone else in the group, Micah’s was at least comfortable with her nestled in his arms. Am-E and Sophie were none too pleased. Ivy seemed to fall asleep which made the ride even more enjoyable as he just cuddled her in his arms. He didn’t even notice the loud, noisy, hell, and havoc going on around him with the constant wrestling of patrons of the train to get on and off.
Micah heard his station called from a synthetic voice over the intercom, “C37, Next stop C37.”
Micah tried waking Ivy but to no avail, he kept saying to her, “I have to get off here, I have to get off here,” before finally saying, “This is station C37.”
She snapped awake as the doors opened.
“We’re here!” She declared enthusiastically.
She grabbed Micah by the hand and led him out of the train, the rest of Micah’s group followed, however she didn’t stop leading him.
“You’re going to 555 Lamentation Lane right?” She asked.
“Yes, I am, how did you know.”
“Because I was supposed to take you there.”
The rest of the group hurried behind but were unable to catch up to Ivy and Micah. Ivy had a very firm grip that Micah couldn’t let go of. He had his Global Positioning System in his ACCE pulled up which showed a map in the corner of his left eye. According to his GPS, she was leading him on the correct path to their destination. Micah looked around wildly at the people around him. The sidewalks were side, the streets had a bus parked at a public transit stop on either side of them which were conveniently placed at every five blocks with people lined up for them like they were camping out for the new generation EisenHaus Holotablet being a utilitarian hologram gaming console. On blocks they had no transit stop, there were shady figures wearing gang attire, the same rotating fashion of these Daemon Dark dealers, they typically wore an armband with a certain color and insignia with a matching color shirt with the same insignia with either a leather jacket, a black duster or black bomber jacket with the typical hoodie underneath with either black skinny jeans, blue baggy jeans, black cargo pants. Mix and Match their clothing with alternating insignia and you have a different gang for every five blocks. Groups of non-gang affiliated people walked the streets, men and women wearing older thrift suits and pant-suits carrying briefcases, younger adults and teenagers in the fashionable clothing of ten to twenty years ago, street urchins in ratty brown clothing of every age wandered about aimlessly asking for change, there was about one street urchin per block. The only vehicles outside of public transport double decker buses that patrolled the streets belonged to UE Marshals. There were three types of vehicles, the heavily armored yet intimidating Squad Car being a EisenHaus Enforcer which could reach speeds of 200 mph but rarely did, The EisenHaus Demolisher, an armored humvees which was even more heavily reinforced and intimidating than the Enforcer with it’s mounted Gauss powered machine gun on top then finally the EisenHaus Kite Shield which were large armored trucks for transporting large quantities of detained civilians or transporting large groups of Marshals.
Micah noticed that there were three Enforcers and a Kite Shield loading drug dealers from a block into the Kite Shield, two Marshals loaded two of the deceased criminals into body bags and threw their lifeless bodies into the trunk of an Enforcer, the one who had thrown his first closed it once the other had been thrown into it carelessly. Another officer was checking the score of Daemon Dark they had found, bags of indigo colored rocks and indigo powder were stacked on the top of his trunk as he inspected it. Micah knew the differences between Daemon Light and Daemon Dark, his father had synthesized, discovered, and invented both. Daemon Light was a miracle drug of sorts where Daemon Dark was the most powerful designer drug known to man capable of an unlimited amount of effects that any other designer drug could do, except Daemon Dark could do it better.
As they passed another block while Micah was rubbernecking the Marshals bust, many civilians just ignored this incident like it was an everyday thing to see. Gangs of every type disappeared into the swarming crowds which littered the large sidewalks and street crossings. As Ivy led Micah, the crowd seemed to open up for her, creating a straight away for her to run instead of going with the congested movement of everyone else. Micah thought that it was one of 3 things. 1: She was that beautiful. 2: Everyone knew her. or 3: She had some kind of power. Maybe even all three.
As Micah turned his head he saw that they were (thanks to a street sign) on Lamentation Lane and from the towering skyscraper offices across the street were at their destination. Micah turned his head seeing the open gates to a cemetery. He checked his GPS in the left corner of his eye to see that it had declared that he had arrived at his destination. As he stood there holding Ivy’s hand, he looked at the cemetery’s name, Lamentation Lawn, at the exact coordinance that Arthur had given him.
“Come on Micah, let me show you where it is,” Ivy said seriously and soberly, a complete change in tone and character from what she appeared to be.
Micah began walking through the gates when he noticed his companions.
“Wait here,” he told them.
Quan nodded his head in affirmation which spread contagiously among them in understanding that this was a personal assignment and Micah as their commanding officer, they obeyed.
Micah began his trek behind Ivy, the grass here was artificial like all the public grass in the Biodomes, the only organic things were the trees unless you were in a greenhouse Biodome or high-end Venusian elite Biodome where real grass with a plethora of trees were grown, unfortunately this was not one of those high-end Biodomes which required a passport to enter as a resident of the high-end Biodome or a worker’s identification for the greenhouse.
Micah saw an innumerable amount of plate marker graves as well a third of them being hedgestone marker graves. In the distance, built on an elevated marble platform that had been spray painted and vandalized was an obelisk.
“You see that obelisk?” Ivy asked quietly, turning her head slightly while still keeping her gaze forward while she spoke to him.
“Yeah,” Micah replied.
“It’s past there, on the other side of that obelisk is where you need to go.”
“How do you know all this?”
“Trust me, we’ve been waiting for you.”
“Who has.”
“You’ll see.”
Micah took her word for it and treated her soberly.
He asked her, “Was that really who you are on the train?”
“Sometimes, when I feel like it, I can be serious or comical given the situation.”
“Oh, so do you know who I am.”
“I know enough about you, I know you’re Micah Luther, General Secretary of Autonomous Mars, you’re the son of Calvin Moody Luther, I know your brother Arthur Moody Luther very well, your newly found government on Mars is not doing so good against the Gardenia Grand Armada, the Martian Fleet has been destroyed and they’re preparing for their assault on Inscapist Island where your brother is, your brother had a feeling this would happen, he didn’t know how so he doubted it, he should have listened.”
“Listened to who?”
“You’ll find out.”
At that Micah remained quiet and conceptualized the information that he had just received, he thought to himself, “How did my brother lose this? We were destroying their forces like they were nothing the last time I checked, how can this be? My brother loses his arm, the war, now possibly his freedom? I know my brother won’t flee, he’ll go out fighting. Considering his sage advice, his ability to critically think and strategize, he sure is a damnable fool.”
Ivy and Micah entered the marble obelisk which had four stairs up to the elevated platform, the obelisk originally ebony but had been resurfaced with black paint to cover graffiti. The obelisk stood at twenty feet high, the white marble platform with a fencing around the elevated platform that was a series of pillar columns which the top of the fencing of the pillar columns was a ledge perfectly for sitting on. The local gangs and hooligans used spray paint as their markings as they drew graffiti regarding profanity, their alias owning said turf, caricatures of reproductive organs, and other vulgarities all over it. Apparently this was a local hangout for Daemon Dark junkies, teenagers and young adults, a place for gangs to have their meetings for this seemed to be a neutral zone, not controlled by anyone. Dreck brand cigarette butts littered the place. The garbage can was full of contraceptives, syringes, and beer cans.
Micah and Ivy continued their walk around the obelisk to the other side of the platform, Micah scanned the area and saw no one besides a woman in all black and a veil looking at a grave off to his right. Ivy led Micah down the four steps down from the elevated platform and they continued walking till they reached an ornate headstone, Micah hid his head at first from what he saw he couldn’t believe. He had to for there was a beautifully mastered untouched artistic engraving of a younger version of his mother on the headstone. He knew it was his mother because it looked like a female version of himself.

The Epitaph read as follows:
In Loving Memory Of
Lilith Moonchild
May, 1st 2070 CE – June 20th, 2120 CE
Friend of the People. Mother of the Revolution. In memory of you, we continue on.

Micah began sobbing, he felt the utmost stabbing of betrayal in his heart by his own family, his brother had lied to him about their mother’s death.
“What was the reasoning behind this? Why would they do this to me?” Micah thought to himself as he sobbed.
At these thoughts he began to sob harder till he was bawling. The limited memories of his mother were all that he had. The only family he had had lied to him about this for over ten years when they left Eden Prime after her closed casket funeral to start their life on Mars to begin the revolution again that his father had started. All ever Micah wanted was a normal life, he envied the Gardenia nuclear family unit. His brother had been more than good to him, out of all the URC rebels, he had fought alongside with, built close familial ties to to placate his need for family with his comrades, his brother had treated him as his unconditionally loving older brother, his guardian and protector. In a single breath, Micah cursed and blessed his brother, how he hated Arthur yet how he loved him. Ivy had gotten down on her knees and embraced Micah as he sobbed. As the tears subsided yet still were streaming from his tear ducts, he noticed the woman in black from earlier, her hair covered by a veil, a black fedora, she wore the darkest shade of sunglasses imaginable, she wore a black dress that went down to her knees with a white satin sash around the waist of her dress, She had a fair complexion and rosy red lips like he did.
She took off her black hat, veil, and sunglasses in one feat of glory she shook her hair around. This woman looked exactly like his mother yet slightly younger, his mother had retained a youthful appearance of a late twenty year old into her forties, this woman appeared to be a woman in her early thirties yet was possibly much older. Her long locks of flowing blonde hair wavered, her eyes aquamarine blue, she was thin with a certain aspect healthiness to her.
“Micah, before you jump to any conclusions, I am not your mother, I’m your aunt, your mother’s younger sister, my name is Iris Jane Autumn, alongside your father, your mother as well as your brother and yourself, I am one of the leaders of the United Revolutionary Collective, when your mother became stricken with illness, she promoted me to be the one who led the URC, I have been in close contact with your brother on both professional and personal reasons, although your brother gives most the orders to the URC. I am the one whose orders overrides his own. I am sorry about your mother, I am sorry about the secrecy, I apologize on behalf of your brother who meant you no harm, it was your mother’s wish for you not to have any contact with her, now before you become angry with me. Micah will you please allow me to explain?” Iris Autumn asserted emphatically while she maintained control.
Micah kept quiet, he knew when to listen to reason, his sobbing had stopped and only a few tears were coming from his eyes now on his emotionally saturated face.
She continued after she had confirmation from Micah after not eliciting an unreasonable emotional response but one of subtle understanding, “Your mother, your brother, and myself all knew what you truly wanted out of this existence, out of this universe, you were born into something that was not a possibility, if you went and visited your mother, the powers that be would have executed you and her long before her eventual sickness took her and long before your true destiny unfolded.”
Micah was listening intently, still holding Ivy close to him as she held him close to her.
“Micah, you want to know who your family is? The Autumns are part of your family as an Nemo Moonchild-Autumn child you are among your family with no more running and hiding nor is there any need for fearing and fighting, I am your aunt therefore, I am family, Ivy is your cousin, so she is also family as long as Arthur remains alive, he is your family, hell, even entire the URC as a whole is your family, you’ve had family all along, you are loved and admired as a brother to all the URC rebels, I am uncertain of your brother Arthur’s fate, I have an idea of what will happen but not definitive evidence of what will happen, I do not sell hope, I deal in truth.”
Micah squeezed Iris in their embrace more tightly, she did the same in return. Micah never knew he had any family outside his father, his mother or his brother, this was his mother’s side of the family, this was the love he never had and how he loved it.
“Micah, how do you feel about Daemon Dark?” Iris asked.
“I’ve never tried it before, my mother warned me about it,” Micah responded
“Maybe that’s because you weren’t ready for it, have you ever done Daemon Light even?”
“No, I actually abstain from all drugs and prefer natural body highs.”
“Wellas your aunt knows what’s best for you, I ask that you do this simple chore for me.”
Iris unveiled her purse that was slung around her back, a small quaint little thing that was black and opened by a button latch. She pulled out a plastic baggy containing three Daemon Dark crystals. Two were medium sized about two grams in weight and size, the third was around five grams.
She said to Micah, “Open your mouth it’s time for your medication so we can do some meditation.”
Micah opened his mouth as a smile came upon his face. She placed the 5 grams of Indigo Daemon Dark crystal on his tongue as it began dissolving into his bloodstream through the inside of his mouth, on top of his tongue, and through his gums, she placed one of the two gram crystals in Ivy’s mouth who was also grinning as big as Micah in her own quirky way, finally the last one into her own. She lit a Dreck cigarette and began smoking while the crystal dissolved. After hers had dissolved around the time of twenty seconds she was ready to speak again.
Iris said, “Micah as you were coming this way, I noticed that you noticed those dealers that got busted, I scored it off those guys, friends of mine actually, loyal to the URC, they sell the purist stuff on the market, it’s a shame that some of their guys got thrown in the clink, it’s even worse that their set leader as well as his right hand man got killed in an act of brutality,”
“Oh crud, really?” Micah interjected with about two more grams to dissolve on his tongue, “There are URC rebels on this planet and is there more of this pure stuff still in circulation here?”
“There’s always more gangs tied to the URC on this planet, this planet is the largest producer of Daemon Dark, oh hell yeah Micah,” Iris said as she breathed out smoke.
Micah’s crystal had just finished dissolving in a minute when the effects started to take hold. The hologram sky opened up into an endless indigo sky with a not blinding but he felt the consciousness of the very friendly sun in the sky. He was walking around the cemetery with Iris and Ivy, they were enjoying their time together in their own little world. Micah saw the cemetery turn into a city that struck him as his idealization of a Shangri-La, he looked up and saw what appeared to be flying disc-esque spaceships in the sky, racing about, observing the three below. They flew at an altitude that was low enough that Micah could see them quite well, they were only a hundred feet above him, hallucination or not, Micah thought it was pretty cool.
Micah and Ivy held hands and skipped about merrily,Ivy picked up a bouquet of synthetic flowers and told Micah to, “Make these things cool again.”
Micah breathed on them causing an icy chill to come out of his mouth and onto the flowers causing them to be covered in ice. Ivy smiled enormously then looked over at Iris.
Ivy said to Iris, “Look at what Micah did mom?”
“It appears that he does have the gift his brother has.”
“Aunt Iris, Daemon Dark is great, I love my life, I love my family.”
Iris smiled at Micah, she corrected him by saying, “Please Micah darling, it’s Aunt Iris.”
Micah smiled harder, he was having a great time, they walked over to the Obelisk which towered infinitely into the sky, the marble platform was spotless of graffiti. Micah sat down on the floor with his back to the pillars, Iris sat next to him resting her head on his shoulder, she set the frozen flowers aside. Iris got on her knees adjacent to them.
“Hey Micah, do you want to know something mind-blowing about your family?” Iris asked humorously, a grin on her face.
“What’s that?” Micah asked back with a similar grinning fashion.
“We’re aliens, in fact you’re half-Human half-alien.”
“Get out of here, no way!” Micah said, throwing his free arm in a joking manner.
“No it’s true, we look Human but we’re actually from an alien race that resembles what Humans appear to be.”
“Violet, is this true?”
Violet raised her head from his shoulder, nodded her head, raising her eyebrows, containing laughter.
Iris continued, “We’re aliens from the United Cosmic Federation, we’re a combination of Pleiadian, Andromedan, Lemurian, Tau Cetian, and Agathartian lineage. You know the EisenHaus family?”
“Pfft yeah? Of course, those rich elitist flipp s? I hate those flipping people.”
“They’re from the Draconian Imperium, they are what is known as Reptilians.”
“No way.”
Micah laughed, “Are you flipping with me.”
“Not at all.” Iris responded.
“I might be.” Ivy responded with laughter.
“Oh crud, I just forgot, I told my comrades to wait at the gate.”
“Don’t worry about them, while you were crying like a baby, I told them to meet back at the URC safehouse in this Biodome, we have safe houses all around Venus, in every apartment building we have at least ten. I got their numbers, your friend Quan has been messaging me about your safety which I just showed him the video of you turning synthetic flowers into ice cicles and gazing at the UFOs you were seeing with that big goofy look on your face, I told him you were spending quality time with family, after that he eased up.”
Micah pulled out his Holophone to see that he had hundreds of missed calls and messages, he immediately called Quan Nguyen.
After one ring, Quan answered.
“Sir, are you okay?” Quan stated in a concerned tone.
“I’m more than okay, Quan my friend, I’m flipping fantastic, how are you guys?” Micah cheered.
“The rooms are quite accommodating for Venusian standards, we were just wondering if you were alright.”
“Yeah I’m fine, you guys get some rest and relaxation, I’ll be with you guys by tomorrow, we might be setting up shop here.”
“We all are fine with that, I told the others at the dropship where we were and they also have been accommodated, it seems like the general population belongs or is allied with the URC.”
“That’s awesome, thanks for letting me know Quan.”
“You’re welcome sir.”
“Talk to you later my friend, also don’t call me sir, it’s Micah.”
“Alright Micah, talk to you later.”
They had fallen asleep under the infinitely tall obelisk to all have a shared lucid dream. In this dream, he was with Iris and Ivy as well as two others Zen van Nihil and another darker skinned woman who appeared to be of Middle Eastern and Germanic descent, something told Micah that her name was Serenity Mysterium. Arthur was also adorned in the same black garb as they were, he stood behind Iris and Ivy yet still in view of Micah. Arthur seemed sullen and bothered, a state Micah knew not to bother him in. The six of them were all wearing black cargo pants, black t-shirts, black socks, black shoes. They were standing at the infinitely tall obelisk with the Shangri-La city of all archaic architectural majesty. The platform was on a bluff with the Obelisk towering above the mountains that surrounded them. The stone buildings were all made from white marble, there were all the majesty of the ancient Before Common Era architectural wonders in this place on cliffs connected by stone bridges, a gigantic yet almost silent waterfall fell from a floating piece of land that had a lake upon it. The grass was jade green in this place. This place was a place of wonder.
“Is this real?” Micah asked.
Zen van Nihil smoothly asked him a question, “Hello Micah my friend, let me ask you a question: is reality real?”
Micah was dumbstruck but the lucidness of his dream.
Serenity walked over to Iris and Violet, embracing them, she was weeping from how much she had missed them.
“I believe the answer to be relative to the individual,” Micah responded.
“Then reality itself is relative to the individual’s perception of reality.”
Micah let his brain digest that idea for it was truly food for thought. Zen walked over to Micah.
Zen spoke in a rash and authoritative manner, “I’m going to explain something you to you very quickly and briefly to acclimate to where you need to be Micah for at the end of the day, Arthur may be no more, you shouldn’t hate your brother for lying to you, you should love him for finally telling the truth. Secondly, the Autumn family are aliens that appear to be Humans even in their natural form that’s why the United Cosmic Federation sent them, the United Cosmic Federation is the largest alliance of highly-advanced alien life found throughout the universe who are benevolent and wish for us all to cohabitat this universe peacefully together in harmony, think of heaven if it were a real place or the better word a utopian society, the United Cosmic Federation wishes Humanity to join their ranks very soon, the EisenHaus family are Reptilians and have the ability to shapeshift into a form of whatever race of alien they life they are trying to dominate or enslave, Reptilians belong to the Draconian Imperium, an empire made of malevolent Reptilians who enslave and exterminate all races that are not Reptilian as a part of their cultural and hardwired genetic heritage. The Draconal, Reptilian, and Reptoid are the other largest governing bodies in the Virgo Supercluster. The Draconians are what you would call a race that values and exhibits on a massive scale, Machiavellian, Narcissism, and Psychopathy,” Zen continued, “Now Arthur may or may not make it out of his predicament alive but you are safe for the time being, Micah, you will accomplish much and gain what you truly desire from this existence that is if, you haven’t already,” Zen smiled at that last part.
“I think I have accomplished much, I am content,” Micah responded.
“Well then, why not accomplish more and desire less?”
Micah took this in as well for he needed to hear it, especially from a celebrated hero of the revolution such as Zen van Nihil, he had seen him in Hong Kong and now he was having a conversation with him in a dream that may or may not be real, Micah wasn’t certain.
“Goodbye for now Micah, may we meet again.” Zen called to him, he took Serenity’s hand as she smiled with quivering lips at which grew into a warm grin with the cessation of her sobbing.
Micah awoke from his dream to find Ivy and Iris crying.
“What happened?” Micah said in a concerned tone.
“It’s nothing, nothing at all they responded.” Iris sobbed.
Ivy waved her hand dismissively at Micah and continued weeping, leaning over she nestled into his arms as he held her, she wept. Micah gazed at the black ominous obelisk that was now back to its regular size without the aid of perception altering substances. A twenty foot tall obelisk never appeared to be more ominous, looming or gigantic in his life. In Ivy’s hand that swung over onto his chest from grabbing Micah to have someone to hold onto as she wept were the bouquet of artificial flowers. Micah looked down at her holding her then noticing the flowers in her hand, the artificial flowers that had been made cool during their trip were still covered in ice, Micah felt a realization that he was gaining the gift that his father and brother had, this terrified Micah. To counter his horror, he embraced Ivy and breathed deeply while not breaking his line of vision with the frozen flower.

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