Indigo Dream – Revolution of Consciousness – Chapters 37-40

8:30PM, Late-Afternoon Mars, November 1st, 2121 CE, Planet Mars, Autonomous Mars, Martian Continent known as Inscapist Island, Inscapist City, Martian Command Center known as the Nest
The loyalists had amassed on Inscapist Island, using Inscapist city as their fortress. All civilians on the island had been evacuated. The only ones on this island were the remnants of the Autonomous Martian Protectorate. Among their armament were anti-Spacecraft artillery guns at the ready. soldiers piloting mechanized suits, equipped with every sort of weapon imaginable upon them. Every soldier not in a mechanized suit took up the infantry adorned in power armor with Gauss powered assault rifles and machine guns. Anti-gravity propelled Gunships waited among the city’s tall buildings to be deployed to attack, all of them willing to die for an Autonomous Mars, the United Revolutionary Collective ideals were to be made real for Arthur willed in this revolution .
The Gardenia’s Grand Armada deployed their anti-gravity propelled gunships and Dropships which amassed in the crimson skies above the mainland of the Martian continent doing a quick survey of the grounds before amassing over the shores facing Inscapist Island after their surveillance turned up nothing. Inscapist Island was built with a forcefield generator that nothing could get through but things could go out, the forcefield was invisible to the naked eye as well as scanners. All they had to do was wait for them to get close before they could gun down the Gardenia’s vessels with turrets which were hidden all along the coast of the city.
Arthur’s command center was a special building that was built under the guise of an enclosed practice stadium for athletics, when in reality it was a base-of-operations parallel to the technology available at the Lunaris Moon Base, (prior to Lunaris’s internal destruction). Arthur waited looking out the glass viewing window at the mainland continent of Mars known as Radegast. He was chain smoking Drek cigarettes. He thought about his inevitable fate but smiled, thinking of the fight he was going to put up for them to accomplish such a feat. He laughed, taking a drink of a tumbler of Bourbon he was saving for his celebratory victory instead of his accomplished arrest. He had offered a glass to others but only General Harper Bradford obliged his offer.
Together they took drinks of the high-class Bourbon. General Bradford looked into his own tumbler of Bourbon and the three exact ice cubes inside it, standing beside Arthur, at Arthur’s left, they gazed out the window as well as the Holovision screen detailing the live-feed of The Gardenia forces as well as numbers upon numbers for statistics, numbers that appeared to grim. General Bradford nervously cleared his throat.
“What’s on your mind old friend?” Arthur chimed.
“Oh, um, being arrested, what my charges will be, I’m guessing war crimes, treason most definitely, the deaths of millions upon millions of Gardenia Protectorate men and women, I feel remorse for, well, the civilians caught in the fray of this war that I feel bad for, do I feel bad about the inevitable? No, no I do not,” General Bradford said sullenly.
Arthur’s grin of optimism turned into a look of concern for his friend’s conscience. Arthur changed his tone and attitude towards his most trusted General.
“General Harper Bradford, one of the greatest Protectorate minds of our century, possibly one of the greatest in this war, do you know what they’ll say about the Gardenia Protectorate leaders? Nothing, they didn’t do anything, they were dead by the time the real fighting started but you and me? We’ll go down in history as the wreckers of civilization, Woohoo! Mission accomplished man! Do you know how many doors this opens for the URC and Mars in general. You know those ostracized, persecuted, hated for what they are, you know who I’m talking about? I’m speaking of the Homo Espers and the Homo Synthetics on Mars, their databases for keeping tabs on those people? Destroyed. Just because we failed in establishing our own government doesn’t mean we didn’t succeed at sticking it to the Man! We didn’t become the Man like we planned on but you know what Harper, we gave them the most excruciating war in all of Human history, all we were fighting for was our independence, what can they really say about that? The government can’t lie to us anymore Harper, after today the people will realize it and will not allow it! We’re heroes, so consider this our Alamo.”
Harper smiled, looking up from his drink and at Arthur, Harper had been successfully cheered up.
“Thank you President Arthur Luther, I don’t know what to say.
“Say, today is as good a day as any to die, yippie-yi-yo-ki-yay my friend, we’re not going to die, we’re getting arrested, we might not receive a trial, we might be shipped off to Ganymede but that still doesn’t mean that we don’t have more time on this Eden Prime, more time to just enjoy existence we have.”
“Ha-haa-ha-hahaha,” Harper laughed thunderously.
“General Bradford, thank you for serving your planetary nation, it honors you.”
Harper laughed even louder.
Arthur turned his attention to all of his Protectorate leaders and intelligence officers, “Thank you for your service, thank all of you for existing, thank you for sticking it to the man, we’re the URC that’s what we do! We aren’t the Man, not today but we sure as hell stuck it to him.”
They all laughed, clapping and cheering for their leader, President Arthur Luther. Their uproarious moral booster was rudely interrupted by a call from the Gardenia’s Grand Armada.
“Sir, the leader of the Grand Armada is trying to contact us?” A communications officer said.
“Who is it? The creepy flipping kid again? I don’t want to talk to him,” Arthur bellowed in mock-angst.
The call went to comlink hell when they didn’t answer, just for it to start ringing again.
“For flipp s sake, can this kid get the message that I don’t want to talk to him,” Arthur shouted in annoyance.
“Sir, he is the highest ranking official of the Gardenia Protectorate,” the communications officer said.
“flipp it, fine, put him through.”
“Yes sir,”
Arthur waited while the communications link was established and Admiral Aiden F. EisenHaus was on the hologram screen in front of them.
“What do you want, lizard boy?”
Aiden has a bewildered look of hilarity upon his face which he laughed off before straightening into a more serious expression.
“That’s not funny,” Aiden said with a straight face.
“Well what’s funny about asking what your demands are? Are you here to negotiate? Are you here because you realize the heavy losses you’ve sustained and that attacking this place of refuge I call my home futile, what is it that you want?!” Arthur exclaimed, trying to get the boy’s temper flaring.
“Well President Arthur Moody Luther of the short-lived Autonomous Mars governing body, I was wondering if you’d be willing to surrender with whatever conditions you had in mind, I would think them all over to see if I could amicably accommodate you in accomplishing those terms of defeat and not brutally humiliate you with an arrest after decimating your loyal radicals who I am sure they are men and women who have families they want to go home to.”
“These men and women are family to one another, my arrest will not be humiliating but will live on with inglorious renown as the colony who said ‘no more’ to the tyrannical bureaucracy that is the Gardenia, no matter what happens, I will be victorious among the people as a folk hero and you will be remembered as a Draconian monster only to be applauded by your fellow bureaucrats in the Gardenia, tell me Aiden, how does it feel to be Frederick EisenHaus’ personal bitch?”
“So I see that you have no terms of conditions upon a peaceful surrender that you plan on not going quietly that you will fight till the very end?” Aiden had his eyebrows raised with a condescending tone in his voice and a disconcerting expression upon his face.
Aiden continued with his expression and tone of voice, “There will be no trial for you and your cohorts President Arthur Luther, an executive order is in place to arrest you and as many of your accomplices as possible to be taken to the highly-classified detainment camp of Saturn’s moon Titan, I assure you that this will be your fate President Arthur Luther.”
“Then so be it, quit stalling, quit with your empty threats of promise and just attack me already, let’s get this over with,” Arthur declared slamming his hand against a steel desk with a clenched right fist of his cybernetic forearm.
“As you wish,” Aiden replied, signaling offscreen to his communications crewmember to start directing the attack on Inscapist Island.
The gunships and dropships hung ominously in the crimson Martian sky, slowly the first wave of sixty of these ships began soaring through the air towards Inscapist Island, all from different approaches to infiltrating the island. They soared haphazardly through the sky. Upon seconds upon reaching the shield, turrets surrounding the island mobilized as gunships and dropships crashed into the forcefield with a thunderous explosion, the gunships and dropships stopped as the turrets began decimating the remainder of the first three waves of aerospace vehicles, although they had changed course, the rapid firing laser turrets finished them in seconds.
From Aiden’s position over the aerospace ships still waiting on the first wave he rallied his communicative report to hold position to not fall prey to as the first wave had. Hundreds had been killed in his experimental wave to test what kind of electromagnetic fielding the island had for defenses. Aiden then moved his vessel the Jabberwocky forward, arming the electromagnetic shield destroying beam that would disarm it making the island vulnerable. A neon green beam of energy shot out of one of its energy beam cannons, streaming across the blue shield which glowed with a turquoise light when hit then flashed twice showing it full range around the island before flickering out completely.
“Hit ‘em,” Aiden declared boldly.
The Bootes Reptilian crewmembers sent the message through the comlink to attack the island with full force for its main line of physical defense was down before the casualties could happen. The Gardenia gunships and dropships lurched forward towards the island. They accelerated at rapid speeds before dispersing into groups. Turrets all around the island sprouted up from submerged regions in the ground, firing at the enemy ships. They enemy ships parted as the Jabberwocky came forth, readying its space to planet destroying antimatter cannon which was a concentrated ray of subatomic energy in a radiantly purple plasmid beam, destroying the southwestern mound of turrets which encircled the island. The Gardenia ships flew over the destruction evading destruction. That’s when the Martian loyalist deployed their ambush after the gunships were headed to the Nest or stadium-esque headquarters of Arthur Luther and his high-ranking Protectorate officials. They were gunned down as ships emerged from hidden breach doors in a field heading towards the gunships to meet for aerial combat, The Gardenia gunships chased the Loyalists ships, the loyalists lead the enemy gunships directly into artificial intelligence controlled turrets taking them out before taking the battle to the Gardenia gunships. Martian Protectorate technology far surpassed that of the Gardenia’s.
The Gardenia dropships dropped off loads of soldiers in combat armor, power armor, and 20-25 foot tall Mechanized suits. Two Martian Loyalists in power armor toting giant plasma cannon spewing miniguns emerged from the corners of a street building to meet the deployed soldiers on the fields on the southwestern side of the 50 square mile island known as Inscapist Island where Inscapist City was located. They fired upon the enemy soldiers and enemy vessels indiscriminately permanently grounding three of the dropships, killing the crew as well as massacring many more of the Gardenia’s soldiers. A mechanized suit fired a missile at the two lone sentinels destroying them immediately. The infantry then regrouped then advanced on the city, they didn’t get a half a mile in before they were ambushed and nearly decimated, pinned down they radioed for back-up.
Aiden Bathory was watching this over a series of cameras mounted on his soldiers helmets, deactivating the cameras of those claimed as casualties before telling several other ships in the atmosphere to deploy more gunships and dropships because three vessels of infantry and armored units wasn’t going to take Arthur down easily. Aiden sat in his chair in the Jabberwocky watching these insignificant Humans wage war with one another, indifferent to the great loss of life. It amused him when either side was killed in the crossfire that was this war, what would be known as the Martian Rebellion, he saw it all now. He hands folded, arched forward in his Master Commander’s chair on the Jabberwocky, he saw the gunships and dropships he asked for being deployed. He directed them in the path they should take which was honestly not riddled with turrets. However Aiden enjoyed the loss of Human life and senseless death, he wanted to win an award for this achievement to put on his mantle as a prestigious leader. This was merely a stepping stone to something greater for him.
“Take the southwestern route, dropships drop your infantry and armored units in the field where the downed dropships are located, all ships, ready your infantry and armored units, ready your gunships, this is going to be a war within itself,” Aiden commanded through the communications device to all the Gardenia’s ships.
“Yes Sir,” The Commodores said in unison as they began their orders to deploy their ready men and women to the Gardenia’s Marines and Army units.
Aiden saw an influx of ships of gunships join the battle as well as many more dropships dropping off infantry units to join the battle. Aiden had a premonition that this would all be over shortly.
9PM, November 1st, 2121 CE, Global Gardenia of the Gardenia, United Europe, Providence of Italy, Rome, Villa Borghese Gardens.
Zen and Serenity were sitting the back looking attentively at the GPS on the autocar when the .1 mile dissipated to 0.
A synthetic female voice said from the speakers of the car, “Arriving at Borghese Gardens.”
Zen and Serenity emerged from the car to see that the back had been riddled with bullets. Zen swallowed, glad they had missed him and his beloved. He then looked at the entrance to the gardens. There was a large building known as the Casa Del Cinema and everything was gated with hedges behind the gardens, about thirty feet in was the villa and an entrance gate where a ticket taker would be working if the city hadn’t been evacuated. It was night, the whole of the garden seemed ominous and foreboding. Yet lights lit the way through the garden which was relaxing for the circumstances. They could see the lamps above the high hedges of emerald green and the villa was Romanesque but everything else was shrouded in mystery. Zen thought of the Shadow Guild and the place it was born, here in the place and in his mind. Serenity ran up to Zen and grabbed his hand.
“Let’s go,” She smiled merrily at him.
Zen smiled back.
“What’s wrong?” Serenity asked.
“Nothing, just thinking about what we’re going to do next,” Zen said.
“Zen, we’re getting out of here, I assure you of that, now don’t worry, just relax, have a song in your heart, and beat in your step.”
“You’re right Serenity, I love you.”
“I love you too Zen,” She said squeezing his hand.
They began skipping as they held hands till they got to the place where the ticket vendor would be standing, Zen smashed open the lock to the larger gate off to the side of the normal park goer entrance with telekinesis and they opened the large steel lawn gate so they could enter without breaking hands. Although neither would admit it, holding hands was the only thing keeping both of them sane at this point. They began their trek onto the main path admiring the natural beauty of trees as they walked, old Victorian style street lights emitting light via a free energy conducting tower was nice for the park was luminescent and possibly even more beautiful than it would have been during the day. How Zen and Serenity shared the idea in their collective imagination through telepathy that they were exploring every part of the park they saw, imagining taking their children here and even getting married at this location, they would smile at each other in the physical world at their shared imaginative dream as they trekked through to find where the rotorcraft was. They came to the Casina di Raffaello where behind it they saw the Piazza di Siena where a rotorcraft was parked and waiting for them, the rotorcraft was a Keiretsu Bolt V-85 with a Yakuza-Keiretsu pilot, a small vessel which would take five people including the pilot. They approached it. The pilot waved at them, opening his door.
“Mr. Outsider and Ms. Autumn, where is Father Ignatius and Father Aguilar?”
“There deceased, I’m afraid,” Zen said.
The pilot nodded his head understandably, “Hop in, we’re going to take you home, Mr. Akuma Ren has arranged for me to take you to another rotorcraft at the edge of the Tibetan-Nepal Autonomous Zones where you will be taken to your home so don’t mind us stopping at the edge of the Gardenia’s territory.”
“Akuma Ren? Isn’t he that dead Keiretsu-Yakuza boss who assassinated the Governor and Vice-Governor Zaos of United Asia?” Serenity said amazed.
“Serenity, Abbot Dogen is Akuma Ren.”
“Yeah, he’s still my father.”
“Then my Aunt Iris is your mother?”
Serenity let out a soft laugh as they entered the rotorcraft backseat. The pilot started up the rotorcraft and began aerial take off, the Keiretsu Bolt V-85 ascended with them in it. It ascended sixty yards when a small explosive missile struck its tail. They were frightened, the pilot tried to control the vessel, whispering an outpouring of expletives as Serenity screamed grabbing Zen.
As the vessel catapulted to certain doom, Serenity whispered the words into Zen’s ear, “I love you Zen.”
Zen replied, “I love you too Serenity.”
Zen’s word of “Serenity” had been cut off as the rotorcraft crashed through trees and bounced off the ground tumbling in a tangled mess of fire and twisted steel.
9:30 PM, November 1st, 2121 CE, Global Gardenia of the Gardenia, United Europe, Providence of Italy, Rome, Villa Borghese Gardens.
Zen awoke among the fire and twisted metal, what had been massive wounds were now cuts abound all over his body that were slowly regenerating, he immediately saw the pilots mangled remains in the cockpit then looking over to see Serenity, almost untouched by the fire and the flames, he shook her, trying to wake her.
“Serenity, wake up, please wake up Serenity, please, Oh God, please wake up Serenity,” Zen sobbed.
He checked her heartbeat, nothing, not a beat that’s when he noticed the piece of steel lodged into her bosom, right through her solar plexus. Zen was in horror, he was in shock, he began to weep. Holding her in her arms, for the last time he kissed her lips and undid his seatbelt stumbling out of the rotorcraft sensing his attackers amounting to his position, upon getting thirty yards away the rotorcraft exploded in a bright red flame. Whatever was left of Serenity was being cremated by synthoil rotorcraft fuel. Zen got on his knees and wept harder when he felt the steel of a Gauss pistol on the back of his head, it’s barrel cocked and ready to fire. Zen fired a telekinetic blast sending the attacker back in rage, impaling the Peacekeeper on a tree branch. Zen was no Sovereign, he was a messiah no more. He was now the weaponized alien space-god revolutionary he was crafted from. Zen van Nihil was who he had become, the mirror of society now reflected onto him and he was glad to reflect this back to them.
More Red Paladins and Peacekeepers emerged, firing Gauss rounds and laser rifle rounds at him, Zen created a forcefield around him, deflecting these attacks before attacking back with a psionic energy only known to him that of deep purple antimatter. He fired this beam carving through the tree and flesh alike. The howls of Red Paladin and Peacekeeper filled the air, the sound of wood being torn asunder and falling down with a thunderous smash. Zen moved from his positions into the shadows, running, he saw a group of peacekeepers, he fired a ball of pyrokinetic energy which exploded them in flames, burning their flesh from their now sundered combat armor. Zen ran along a fallen tree from the crash and continued running along it then jumping, he jumped twenty feet into the air, cocking back a fist full of telekinetic energy he launched it directly into a Red Paladin’s head, exploding it from existence. He was in a fray between a group of Red Paladins and Peacekeepers, he kicked another sending him flying through the foliage until he hit a tree, killing him. Zen opened his palm emitting flames from it burning three other Peacekeepers in combat armor, while wrenching his arm around a Red Paladin’s head squeezing the life out of him from within the armored suit he wore in seconds before releasing his dead body to lay lifeless on the ground.
A high explosive grenade landed near Zen, exploding, sending him flying through the air, bouncing several times before coming to a standstill in a prone position. Zen lay there on the ground for a moment in agonizing pain before getting back up. He realized where it had come from and his attacker was standing above him. His attacker moved quicker than your average Human. It was the EisenHaus Enclave executive of Intelligence, Vanguard Director Yuri Kafka. Yuri began to morph and appeared as a mirage of vibrating sand over a Human skin and green scaled Humanoid entity. Yuri’s atoms were vibrating to reveal his true form. Yuri Kafka is a monstrous Reptilian from the Bootes star system. Yuri in his true form appeared to have bulging bug-like burgundy eyes, a rounded head that was more bulbous in the middle which led to the bridge of his nose which projected outward with two slits for nostrils, he had yellow fangs for teeth, to ear-esque rounds on both sides of his head that had rounded slits in them, his skin smooth like a serpent’s, colored jade green.
Yuri shot a few rounds from his .500 caliber War Eagle semi-automatic Gauss pistol into Zen, the bullets burned Zen’s abdomen where they hit before he kicked Zen, sending him rolling across the emerald grass, sanguine blood staining where he had rolled leaving a trail. Yuri unloaded his magazine into Zen as he rolled, spraying more crimson liquid, sending Zen rolling more. He dropped out of the magazine to the ground, loading another magazine with his gun pointed in the air, a smirk upon Yuri’s face as he stepped towards the quivering Zen van Nihil. Zen used his regenerative and miraculous healing power on himself to push the bullets out then began regenerating, his punkish attire soaked with blood.
Zen knew Yuri stood over him and tried bolstering himself up, Yuri slammed his heel onto Zen’s arch of his back knocking him back to the ground. Yuri let out a laugh, pointing his pistol at Zen’s head. Yuri felt the bloodlust coming, although it would be nearly impossible to kill Zen, he could at least try. He had seen Zen militarized, Zen had unlocked years of training from his adolescence which had undone years of Sublime Gnostic teachings which he is not a missionary of this faith but the messiah. Yuri had seen Zen become something other than a messiah but a destroyer of worlds. Yuri had fired that anti-aircraft missile from a portable launcher and who had killed Serenity and the pilot. It was Yuri who killed Father Ignatius who had been a close friend of Zen, Father Ignatius being a man of reverent peace openly but known to resort to the utmost heinous violence on behalf of the Gardenia government as his work as a field operative in Vanguard. Yuri had exposed Zen and many others’ true nature but by doing so the Gardenia was just flexing what it truly was, what everyone who wasn’t blind to the truth had known. The vast majority of the Gardenia citizens had been brainwashed into a state of their consciousness being unconscious even during states where the mind was awake but these same brainwashed people, these herd animals of the Gardenia had woken up after this war. What happened to Zen wasn’t fair, the URC had exposed on the limitless spanning cyber-network what had happened at the House of the Hegemony. They had testimonies as well as surveillance footage proving what had happened.
“Don’t get up Zen, you’re under arrest, I know you’re damn near impossible to kill that doesn’t mean I won’t try, just give up, we’ll get you the help you need at a reeducation center.”
“flipp off,” Zen exclaimed.
Zen used telekinesis to knock the gun out of Yuri’s hand then sending him flying back as Zen rolled then leaping up to his feet grabbing the gun before it fell to the ground. Yuri drew another War Eagle Gauss pistol from the ground firing at Zen. Zen leapt majestically thirty feet into the air, firing at Yuri from the air, zig-zagging as he came down towards Yuri. Yuri did a backflip from his prone position then a series of more backflips to get away from Zen as he came down to the ground exploding the ground where Yuri had been with a telekinetic quake. Zen and Yuri fired at one another, dodging bullets they bobbed and weaved. Finally the bullets crossed, Zen fired his last round which exploded the gun out of Yuri’s hand which left his hand bloodied from the blast.
Yuri held his hand quaking, “Damn you Zen.”
Zen approached Yuri, melting the gun with pyrokinetic energy then tossing it aside. Zen was going in for the kill. Zen reached into Yuri’s mind, it was clouded, his thoughts unformed, it was full of rage and disheveled thoughts, assembled in an array of darkness irradiated with violent designs for constructs of consciousness. Completely unreadable. Zen stood over Yuri, he held out his outstretched palm as he was about to burn Yuri alive. As Zen did this Yuri plunged a syringe into Zen’s leg filling him with some unknown toxin. Zen clenched his teeth to hold back pains, a reaction to it the flames shot out sending Yuri ablaze with the wooded area. Yuri hissed in pain, his Humanlike forked tongue writhed in his mouth, his eyes widened as he was incinerated into a black and crispy form of a being that could not be differentiated from anything. As Yuri writhed in pain, Zen let out a beam of indigo pure psionic energy from the crown of his head that exploded Yuri as Zen fell back the indigo beam went into the sky until Zen lost consciousness, he saw the night sky glow with a radiant hue of luminescent indigo light as if the sun was shining over them. an indigo sky radiated the skies all over Eden Primeas Zen’s eyes flickered open and shut, this Eden Primewide Indigo sky was the last thing Zen saw before losing consciousness.
11PM, Dusk Mars-time, November 1st, 2121 CE, Planet Mars, Autonomous Mars, Martian Continent known as Inscapist Island, Inscapist City, Martian Command Center known as the Nest.
The sun was setting over the Mercator Ocean on Mars, the red sky was filled with ships, the fighting still continued as the Gardenia forces were now reaching the Nest. Loyalists had gathered around the Nest to protect it, an auxiliary force field was in place around the next that was nearly impenetrable with its own generator built internally inside the domed structure that was the Nest. Arthur’s loyalist forces had dwindled to 30% left. Although Arthur’s forces perished, he did feel nervous nor was he fearful, he had accepted this before this operation or war was even fought, not as an inevitability but as a possibility. He watched and drank a bottle of Bourbon with General Bradford in silence watching out the large glass windows of the Nest as the Gardenia gunships who got too close to the nest were gunned down by turrets inside its forcefield.
The Gardenia would have to rely on taking it out via ground forces but in order for Aiden to safely secure the Nest without being exposed as an immortal multidimensional homunculus of an alien space-god known as an Archon and a very wicked man, he must wait till the Loyalist ground forces were taken out even if that meant the heavy losses they were still taking. Aiden felt no pity for his forces that were slain, they fought like cowards as if they were fighting without passion, without anger. Anger is what drove Aiden to be who he was, hate is what brought him this far. He would hate to have to settle this himself but his ground forces would be annihilated in the process if he used his antimatter cannons on the surrounding terrain of the Nest, more importantly if the shield failed and the antimatter cannon hit the nest that would mean certain death for Arthur Luther and his comrades in the Nest, they were to be taken alive.
This battle wavered from one side to the other, with the Gardenia ground forces taking heavy losses, they still held the edge as they slowly took ground to the Nest where President Arthur Luther and his Protectorate and intelligence officers were located. Aiden gazed at the nest longingly, the golden egg that waited there was priceless. Arthur’s vision would pass over the ominously strange ship known as the Jabberwocky, its design was unlike anything Arthur had ever seen, it was shaped like an hourglass without its pillars. It was a pale egg like color with green scales etched into it as a design. It had strange writing on it as well as English print in crimson red on the front and back for markings, in crimson print, it said, “GUCSS Jabberwocky,” and “EisenHaus Industries,” but underneath that was a language only known to Arthur’s mind as Draconic. Arthur thought of how right Zen was, how Zen was right about everything.
Arthur had seen the newscast about the Indigo sky over Eden Prime that Zen had left that still resided over the skies of Eden Prime. Zen had been taken into custody after slaying Director Kafka and dozens of Red Paladins and Peacekeepers, Security Forces were redirecting people to their homes after the newly promoted Director of Vanguard Vergil Vexen and newly appointed Master Commander Jules Hollis over the Gardenia Protectorate had personally seen to it that a battalion of Red Paladins, Peacekeepers, and the most elite of the Gardenia black ops forces, the unit known as The Gardenia Wraiths flew Zen van Nihil personally, where he needed to go. The Wraiths had been deployed to take out highly militant URC members and high-ranking Eden Prime dwelling URC officials, they were generally the Gardenia’s a last resort and they were not expendable as Red Paladins or Peacekeepers, Red Paladins and Peacekeepers were not as expendable as the Gardenia Security Forces or the Gardenia enlisted men and women in the Protectorate. Wraiths were elite Red Paladins and Peacekeepers whereas Red Paladins and Peacekeepers were the elite of Gardenia Protectorate and Security Force personnel. The Wraiths were all bionically upgraded to the most advanced of the Gardenia organic enhancing bionic implants, even more so than Red Paladins and Peacekeepers, who were upgraded from the standard bionic implants given to Protectorate and Security Forces.
Arthur dreaded The Gardenia Wraith squadron for it was Wraiths who had killed his father, who had killed many of their small squadron in the process. Arthur was glad the Wraiths hadn’t come for him, they never traveled far from Eden Prime unless absolutely necessary. Arthur knew that Zen would not be escaping their custody because they were probably pumping him full of anesthetic as well as small doses of Psychalenadrin. Arthur was reading the reports from a secured network he had hacked into regarding the Gardenia’s dossier on the Outsider. Apparently they were taking him somewhere that wasn’t being reported. This meant he wasn’t being sent to the concentration camps on Titan but to another facility, a comprehensive database on Espers were popping up on the registry as Deceased from the war or determined as Missing which meant they had been detained in an Undisclosed area. Generally when the Gardenia transferred classified information those able to catch it through the right channels had to catch the information in a limited timeframe.
Arthur then shifted his attention back from his ACCE to the world around him for outside his Holomonitor built into his pupils showing the translucent image across his vision where he monitored Gardenia forces amassing around the Nest as the area turrets fired at the enemy forces. The loyalists that remained defending the Nest were ready to fight to the death. Arthur had strategies for everything including death. Arthur calculated the possibility with the calculator on his ACCE in his vision while outside the security field, Arthur watched the Jabberwocky ominously hover at a crawl forward from its position on the horizon to the Nest. Arthur found his nihil success and fatalistic survival rating as ideal compared to what Arthur thought. The Jabberwocky was readying a contained EMP blast to hopefully take out the Nest shield defenses and contingent power sources as Gardenia forces congregated around the Nest. Arthur knew that the Nest had a basement modeled to be a six month shelter if needed to wait out the revolution granted the cover of the Nest remained uncompromised. Aiden had used lies about having intelligence on the Nest instead of using his unworldly psionic abilities for his discovery.
“Everyone prepare to surrender, patch me through to Aiden EisenHaus, transmit the white flag broadcast.” Arthur stated.
The moments passed creating a feeling of purgatory in the Nest. The white flag broadcast signaling their forces on Mars to surrender across URC communications. As this angst faded, the Jabberwocky fired to change the feelings of the Nest from angst to dread. The Gardenia Forces stormed the Nest arresting the kneeling and unarmed Martian loyalists. Gardenia Forces made their way through the Nest quickly as Arthur. Aiden walked through the opening bulkhead doors to the command center Arthur stood with his officers. All the Martian Forces knelt as the soldiers arrested them. The Loyalists who did not flee with the URC and Martian forces were either arrested or eliminated. The Loyalists had faced death or worse in this fight. Aiden and Arthur faced one another, Aiden grinned while Arthur frowned as they met one another.
“President Arthur Moody Luther of Autonomous Mars?” Aiden said enthused.
Arthur said nothing but nodded his head to the twenty-one year old kid that he was indeed him.
“I, Admiral Aiden EisenHaus place you under arrest for war crimes against the Gardenia and it’s sovereign Gardenia of Colonies, please get down on your knees and place your hands on top of your head, you and your men have been sentenced to imprisonment or death at the Titan Labour and Liquidation Camp, Titan as in the Moon of Saturn, do you understand these orders, your charges, and your sentencing by Hegemon Frederick EisenHaus?” Aiden stated in his chipper and merry tone.
Arthur begrudgingly kneeled down, keeping his back straight, he placed his hands behind his head. Arthur never broke his death gaze with Aiden’s eyes. At this display, Aiden laughed as soldiers handcuffed Arthur and with Aiden led him outside the Nest where around three-hundred fifty Martian Loyalists knelt with their hands cuffed in lines with uncountable the Gardenia soldiers in combat and power armor as well as giant mechanized suits. Arthur was brought out first out of the Nest command center to see in the sky an enormous Spacecraft that was in fact a dreaded interstellar Gardenia Protectorate Leviathan over the crimson Martian skies above them as darkness was spreading about the land as the sun was disappearing into the Mercator Ocean as the sun was setting on the failed Autonomous Martian and Gardenia Civil War as large Pelican dropships were hauling away the Loyalists. Aiden walked Arthur over to a dropship personally. The Gardenia soldiers working the detainment ship which were aboard these security enforced dropships would take the loyalists to the Barge which then the amassed Covert Correctional Facility workers would amass with the chained up Loyalists to take them to Titan’s Liquidation and Labor Camp.
“Have a safe trip President Arthur Luther,” Aiden taunted him.
Arthur turned from his position spitting in Aiden’s face. Aiden’s expression became grim as he said nothing as Arthur was shackled into the dropship with a muzzle put over his mouth. Aiden walked away as the bulkhead doors closed, Aiden let the spit slid down his face before his hologram communications device was ringing, it was his acquired host or father Frederick. He wiped the spit away on the sleeve of his Admiral’s coat before answering.
“It is done Father Frederick,” Aiden said in an angry tone.
“Good, I see that your disgust is that you didn’t get to end him yourself, I don’t blame you my son, Aiden, we’ve captured Zen, he is being taken to a facility for reeducation,” Frederick boomed happily, his voice sounded like victory.
“Father Frederick, I wanted to have a word with Zen, where are they taking him?”
“Somewhere you won’t know, somewhere secret and safe,” Frederick said.
Aiden turned his head in disgust at not getting some of his siblings blood on his hand.
Frederick stated sternly, “Zen is not your problem, you’ve got bigger fish to fry, you’ve got a career in politics to think about, you’re a war hero Aiden, you could be Hegemon someday.”
“What about the General Secretary, can I be that?”
“No, I already picked out a new General Secretary of the Gardenia, she has already been appointed to the office by both our and Autumn’s Hegemony, her name is Jeanne Orleans, the only surviving member of the Gardenia’s Executive Directorate after this failed anarchistic rebellion.” Frederick was bending the truth. Frederick truly wanted Lucy Teller but she had disintegrated into a fine powdery ash.
“What can I have?” Aiden implored
“How does an Executive Director position over the Gardenia Executive Directorate sound? Sound good to you?”
Aiden smiled at that, “Yes it does.”
“Good, elections are starting now, you’ll be inaugurated on November 5th with the rest of the candidates, you’re already on the ballot, my war hero of a son, don’t worry about your place as head of the Gardenia Armed Forces, someone’s filled that slot, you’ll serve as an Admiral still, just that won’t get in the way as your duty as an Executive Directorate Magistrate,” Frederick winked at his son who knew that nepotism had worked in his favor again, Aiden truly regretted nothing besides not killing everything he met.
“Gardenia Executive Director Aiden Frederick EisenHaus sounds good to you son?”
“It sure does dad.”
They shared their grins as they hung up simultaneously as photographers and Protectorate journalists began to suggest poses for Admiral Aiden F. EisenHaus to take while they snapped the most regal photos of him on his victory day, while asking him questions pertaining to the war. As a photo was captured, Aiden was asked a question, after the pose was perfected artificially, Aiden would answer their questions. Aiden would be awarded the highest award the Gardenia could award a member of its Protectorate, the Medal of Valor.

1PM, November 2nd, 2121 CE, Global Gardenia of the Gardenia, United North America, Southwestern Portion of the Region of the United Socialist States of America, Settlement of Descartes, New Mexico, EisenHaus Industries Experimental Facility Number 9, Bedlam Laboratory and Research Facility
Zen awoke to find he had been restrained. A large metal helmet was attached to Zen’s head, whatever this helmet was, he felt the energy in his body being leached away to a confined state of immobility. There were large pylons in the room emitting electromagnetic energy throughout them, a crystal lined both sides of them with a circuit board underneath. A torrent of energy flowed through the blue crystal conducting electricity rolling wildly within. The crystals appeared to have a constant static flow of electricity that formed networks of electricity through them. Zen understood the pylons were powering the immobilizing effect on his physical and psionic functions. Zen knew that the pylons were buried in walls throughout this facility.
The spacious room had the feel of a theater with wooden floors, drapes along the walls, a Holoscreen that was twenty by ten square feet in dimensions. The room is dimly lit with groups of lights in the ceiling and visible through the drapes along the walls. Zen knew this place had an abundance of free energy generators understanding this is a room in a place that isn’t regarded as existing. Fear was now foreign to him for Zen now felt fearless in his fate. Ten minutes passed in what seemed to be a silent eternity. This calm was broken by a bulkhead door opening to his right peripheral vision.
Two men walked through followed by two. The dark uniform bearing the design of skeletal features of their gloves, face wraps, and helmets. How Zen knew they were Wraiths was the feeling of dread they projected coupled with the eerie silence of their walking that were translucent apparitional appendages.
The first man who walked in after the Wraiths had taken their position was a platinum blond haired man in his late-thirties, his hair was short on the sides and medium on the top, very clean cut, he had a hooked nose, grey blue eyes, long ears, thin lips. He stands at 6’1 and is of muscular build, he wore a black suit of the intelligence agency of Vanguard. The man’s black combat boots, black slacks, black leather belt, black jacket, white button-up shirt, with the Vanguard rose clipped on his lapel. Zen sensed this man is Reptilian despite the disguise of a blond haired man.
The second man was of African descent, he wore the outfit of a Master Commander’s blue dress uniform of the Gardenia Protectorate. He stands at 6’2, his haircut into a medium fade with the top standing at an inch. This man is certainly Human and definitely the newly appointed Master Commander over the Gardenia Protectorate.
The blond haired suit looked at his hologram wrist watch which projected the time as a hologram, he said the time, “1:14PM.”
“He’s fifteen minutes late again,” the Master Commander stated begrudgingly.
“This is still early for EisenHaus,” before turning to look through the door, “speak of the devil.”
Zen recognized Frederick EisenHaus IX. Frederick wore a white pinstripe black suit.
“So, what did I miss?” Frederick stated nonchalantly.
“Nothing, Hegemon EisenHaus, nothing at all,” the Commander said dismissively.
“Good,” Frederick said turning his attention to Zen, “Good to see you again Mr. Zen van Nihil that savage killing you did of those Gardenia forces and the deceased Director of Vanguard, Yuri Kafka was a real massacre, all for your blooddrunk eyes to behold, thank Celeste that it was all captured on a media to be broadcasted on every news station, your position as the Sovereign or whatever you want to call has been tossed out the window, you’re considered a highly-dangerous mass murderer of authority figures, it’s really no problem to also label you the man who caused the House of Hegemony massacre after a Grand Summit that you were the honored speaker at coincidentally enough, Zen, although you’re a monster, we’ve decided to be merciful to you and not liquidate you no matter how impossible it may seem, in this day and age, nothing is impossible but I do have an alternative to your treatment as an antisocial member of the Gardenia.”
Zen remained silent, he said nothing for all to endure the silence before Frederick’s expression of disbelief turned back to chipper dialogue.
“Well anyway, this is the newly instituted Director of Vanguard is Vergil Vexen, one of our top men who possesses skills that far surpass that of Yuri Kafka and this fine fellow in the Protectorate regal blues is the newly appointed Master Commander of the Gardenia Protectorate, Jules Hollis, I hand picked both of them, Commander Ulysses was a General who was on Eden Prime directing Protectorate flow on my executive order of martial law, he was promoted to General during the conflict and now he’s Master Commander, he’ll be taking over the newly renovated Lunaris Base on Eden Prime’s Moon, he is the most valiant of officers in the Gardenia Protectorate, well besides my son Aiden who would have loved to have met you today but cannot because he’s out campaigning for the youngest member of the Executive Directorate, how does that fair with you Mr. Zen van Nihil?”
Zen was silent, his face lacked emotion, he denied Frederick any satisfaction of eliciting an emotional response or reaction from him.
Frederick’s look of bewildered amusement mocked Zen as he then continued, “Zen, I’m going to be honest with you about everything the Gardenia is planning, we are planning on making contact with the Andromedans in a conflicting nature, given the fact that you were genetically engineered by one as well as raised, basically your mother is a Pleiadian whore belonging to the plebeian Universal Union under the cover of the Autumn family, a family that is impossible to catch through any legal means or else I would have done it by now, I hate bureaucracies yet I love them for the same reasons, I have no information on Abbot Dogen, he is presumably dead along with all the monks that you lived with in that godforsaken monastery which none of our satellites can spot anywhere in the Tibetan-Nepal Autonomous Zones, Arthur Luther is on his way to Titan now, he’s set to be liquidated as soon as he arrives where the rest of his men will be tortured for months on end until they finally are liquidated as well, Father Ignatius was gunned down in the reliquary of the Vatican then his body was left to be cremated by the fire he started, Father Dante Aguilar, gunned down as for your beloved Serenity? she’s dead, she was burnt to a crisp after she met her fate in that tragic rotorcraft crash, too bad, so sad.”
Zen breathed in deeply as to sob but contained himself as a lone tear fell from his right eye.
Frederick was finally satisfied, “Awww! I got what I wanted, you really did love that Universal Union trash didn’t you? Fell in love with her on top of the mountain of garbage just like all the other mounds of garbage you would call accomplishments, did she tell you how she covertly egged you into this mess, anyone could have guessed it but you were too blind to see it, well here, we got some videofeed to show you.”
Frederick took a remote out of his pocket and turned on the theater proportioned Holoscreen. Turning it on as the three-dimensional holograms played out on the screen.
A newscaster known as Dan O’Hara of Utopian News Network was commenting on the events on a marathon episode of his show which was streaming live, with every name was a photo with video feed of the individual in question. “Zen van Nihil, most dangerous man alive has been captured by the Gardenia forces and taken away to a place he will not be able to hurt anyone,” his picture was a still frame of him giving his Dhamma Talk in Central Park of the New York sector of the Eastern Sprawl, followed by edited clips of him fighting Peacekeepers and Red Paladins at the Grand Summit as well as his rampage at the Villa Borghese Gardens, “his accomplices include the following, Monsignor Ignatius Shepherd, priest of the Cosmic Church of Celeste, member of the now defunct Jesuit order, rogue intelligence officer, he met his fate in the Vatican reliquary where he massacred many Red Paladin and Peacekeeper forces to help in the aid and escape of the former fugitive Zen van Nihil, Abbot Dogen has not been discovered but is presumably dead, Father Dante Aguilar, also a priest of the Cosmic Church of Celeste, member of its now defunct Jesuit Order, gunned down by incendiary rounds in the streets of Rome his body was not recovered,” For Abbot Dogen it showed a still frame of him in Hong Kong as well as Tokyo, for Father Ig and Father Dante it only showed still frames of younger versions of themselves in their priest garb for their graduation from seminary school, “Serenity Mysterium of the prestigious Autumn family, civil rights activist, renowned academic who wasted her true potential in aiding and abiding the psychopathically antisocial Zen van Nihil, her help with his campaign of lies, deceit, terror, and mayhem has been speculated to be due to Stockholm Syndrome, she met her fate when Zen tried to escape with the help of a rogue United Asia Air Force pilot when their ship was gunned down in hoping to stop the public enemy known as Zen van Nihil, her loss is tragic, she shall be missed.”
Serenity had the most photos of her throughout her childhood with her father Elias Mysterium and Iris Autumn, her graduation from an Ivy League school with her bachelor’s degree in social science, her photos with Zen throughout their travels together before they became public enemies. Zen wept at this, he couldn’t control it any longer, he was sobbing. The three the Gardenia officials looked at him smiling with a grin of mutual satisfaction. They were very pleased by this. Zen was unashamed if this was humiliating, he was expressing what he truly felt.
When Dan O’Hara turned his attention to the victory over the Martians he ran for a bit before Frederick slid in a drive into the receiver that was on a cart before him. A new video began playing.
Frederick stated bluntly, “Watch this Outsider, this is important.”
Zen continued weeping but settled down to watch what they were showing him. What was being three-dimensionally displayed through holograms was a video of a caucasian man in his fifties wearing a lab coat that said EisenHaus Industries as well as his name tag which read, ‘Doctor Miles Verstehen’.
“Mr. Outsider, my name is Doctor Miles Verstehen, unlike the rest of the Homo Espers in the rooms adjacent to yours, you’ll be watching a custom informative documentary on what is going to be happening to you over the next three days, we will have you in a special reeducation and reformation pod called a Wonderland Simulation Cell, you will be connected to an IV pumping you full of Psychalenadrin while sedated only to wake for your new reality programming, scheduled every four hours you will be subjected to a virtual reality simulator and computer known as the Wonderland Dream Machine to give you the illusion of freewill in this virtual reality pod, after three days in the virtual reality, a lifetime will pass by, afterwards, you will be welcomed into your prison with the rest of the Espers who will also endure the same reprogramming to their own relative narrative of reality, you and the Espers will be taken into processing under a new guise and persona, whatever it may be, for you, we have something very special because I assure you, your stay will be indefinite, your treatment begins now.”
The video feed ended as a team of technicians came in, adjusting settings on Zen’s chair so it was moveable, they then wheeled him into the next room where this machine was. As Zen was being wheeled away he was facing the seven men in the room, the Wraiths were stalwart and without emotion, Commander Shriver had a smug expression upon his face while Vergil laughed at Frederick’s display of outreaching his arm fully, waving an exaggerated, ‘Goodbye’ with a huge grin upon his face. Zen entered the next room where there were more pylons of anti-psionic emitting energy were stored, the technicians wheeled him into a Wonderland Dream Machine, they closed the hatch where a robotic arm inside the enclosed pod forcibly inserted an IV into his left arm where it held the IV in place for the sedation and amnesia inducing chemicals to be pumped into him, he began to drift in and out of consciousness almost immediately as the liquid was now pouring into his veins. After a while of fighting it to stay awake, Zen blacked out into unconsciousness.
Noumenon, Astral Realm of The Doors of Dimension.
Zen was in a place that was a place reminiscent of the Nepal-Tibet landscape with the Memorial Gardens and Villa Borghese Gardens also present. A bright glowing light radiated the luminescent pure white light sky, Zen was sensed a feeling of familiarity. He was with Friend otherwise known as the Great Architect or the Quantum Consciousness.
“Hello Zen,” the cheery voice thundered.
“Hello Friend,” replied Zen somberly.
“I know what is wrong Zen, to beg the question inquiring what is wrong would be cruel, I want you to know something my son.”
“What’s that?”
“That whatever you’re going through, I will not abandon you, I will protect you, I will guide you, when you have fallen, I shall carry, you may feel as though you are caught in a down spiral and although you may forget everything you have ever known, I want you to know that I shall never forget you, I will never forsake you, I shall forgive you no matter what you do, this isn’t the end but a new beginning, you are needed here, you’re right where you need to be, although you may soon forget this whole process, this whole meeting, you will not forget that you are Zen van Nihil, your identity may be erased and replaced but you shall remain, do not think of this as falling into a dark abyss but as a leap of faith into something greater than ever imagined, you have overcome many obstacles, you shall overcome many more, you are not a finite man, you are a man of infinity, do not resign to this world’s trickery, although you may be duped, you will not be destroyed, whatever doesn’t kill you will only make you stronger, you are my blessed Archon whom I cherish love and adore, now enjoy your treatment, embrace this new convoluted person they plan on making you for you shall overcome this self to become something greater, just believe Zen and accept your fate as your own fate because it’s your fate and you should love every second of it.”
Zen raised his head from the emerald green grass to look at the white light as it encircled him, enshrouded him, engulfed him, he became the white light, he merged with Friend for Friend was inside him now eternally. Zen van Nihil had found a Friend in himself, through these dire times, he would only make more friends, even though the lies spewed about him made the world hate him, Zen and Friend would in time reveal the truth that prophecy was something to come true.
“I love you Friend,” Zen said as the white light was all that he could see.
“I love you too Zen,” Friend said as Friend merged with Zen’s soul.
11PM November 5th, 2121 CE, Global Gardenia of the Gardenia, United North America, Region of the United Socialist States of America, Mother Celeste’s Sanatorium.
Zen had undergone the brainwashing, identity erasing, self destroying experiment that was the reindoctrination pod that was the Wonderland Dream Machine. He would be pumped full of extreme doses of psychelanedrin for hours while on a heavy sedative constantly being fed into him with feeding and hydration tubes fed down his throat that kept him barely fed and hydrated. While he was in this cell, audio played while he was in the unconscious state that spewed propaganda, sometimes the sedative would stop being fed at such large doses to a more mild dose where Zen would open his eyes in a helpless state where a Wonderland Dream Machine would stream a hologram reality directly into his brain. A reality that would be a substitute for what he once was, a reality that was highly distorted, where he did awful things and was convicted of being mentally ill, whereas an Outsider to society, he would be put someplace with others like him that couldn’t cause any harm in the most Humane way possible. Zen’s sickness was reportedly chronic, he would need a lifetime of treatment, there would be no curing or rehabilitating what he did but what he perceived he did, he perceived he had no choice in the matter that that was just who he was. He now knew no other way. Zen laid there in the Wonderland Dream Machine while a lifetime of REM induced fantasies came before him. His name was Zen van Nihil, a name the doctor’s said they couldn’t shake him of the delusion so the best way of treatment was to just call him this identity for it had taken him over, this persona.
When in truth, this was blurring the line between reality and fantasy, what was fact and what was fiction. Zen had been labeled a lone wolf terrorist who had terrorized the society of the civilized socially-conditioned to be pacifistic people of the Gardenia and the blooming interstellar colonies. He alone was unstoppable to their cries and had given up willingly after five years of antisocial behavior which began in his late teens, this act was considered the one sane thing this ‘monster’ did. In the virtual reality part of his indoctrination portion to his new self and persona, it showed him his own sentencing. Zen was to be sent to Mother Celeste’s Sanatorium, a state-of-the-art mental hospital that handled people like Zen. Zen being the godlike Esper revolutionary leading activist among the criminalized deviancy of Homo Espers who from the registry were arrested and detained to be displaced to this massive Classified Prison after artificial reality psychological brainwashing to amalgamate their lives and abilities as insanity. This was an order of during the Martian and Gardenia Civil War people who were psychologically unhinged, the only one the Gardenia had to offer with the most Humane treatment available for Zen and all his fellow patients. This society that Zen had seen in these illusions, these seemingly real fever dreams, had no prisons for it had no criminals, only the mentally ill for only the mentally ill were criminals, they were not a minority in society to be discriminated or met with prejudice when the individual chronically behaved erratically or in an act of mental illness would or had committed terrible atrocities such as Zen was convicted of and had been brainwashed to believe he did. In this new conditioned reality that Zen was going to be released into after the Wonderland Dream Machine opened into a reality where he and many others were regarded by the Gardenia were sick, they were ill, they were an ill person in a society that felt the need to rehabilitate them or keep them in a safe and pleasant facility with others like them.
Zen perceived that he was having a thorough brainscan scan when the Mind Computer Ultra cell popped open, the light blinded him, the dimly lit pod was nothing compared to the lights he was faced with. A man in a lab coat, white button-up shirt, red tie, khaki slacks, and black dress shoes accompanied by perky, chipper nurses in old-fashioned aproned dressed uniforms with bulking orderlies in scrubs stood in front of him. The bulking orderlies carried a baton of some kind at their hip, they had drawn them and extended them for they were retractable. Zen and the orderlies had a stare down which was interrupted by the Doctor.
“Hello Mr. Outsider or shall I say, Mr. Zen? My name is Doctor Miles Verstehen, how are you? Did you fall asleep during the brainscan that’s nothing of consequence, many patients fall asleep during their psyche reading. Now come on now, nurses, if you’d ever be so kind and help Mr. Zen van Nihil out of the Mind Computer Ultra pod? He seems to be sick from the fluids required in doing a full psychic memory and personality reading.”
“I must have dozed off there for a bit, what day is it?”
“It’s Friday Mr. Zen, you must have,” The Doctor was merry and had a pleasant demeanor about him.
The nurses were unlatching Zen’s arms and taking the IV’s out of his wrists, one had gotten a wheelchair ready for Zen. They lifted the 165 pound terrorist with a skin mutation similar to albinism named Zen van Nihil out of the Mind Computer Ultra pod. They hoisted him up in a group effort and got him to his feet where he required them for support to get to his destination of the wheelchair.
Zen was in the chair, his sapphire blue eyes half-closed, everything was hazy, the last thing he remembered was standing before the Gardenia Tribunal of Chief Justices. Zen remembered how distant and dissociated he was during the whole thing, the whole circus of the media for the Gardenia’s first interstellar terrorist who had acted completely alone had been brought to justice. Sure, there were criminals of sorts in this society but terrorism had died off a millennium ago, Humanity had evolved socially and intellectually, they were much more enlightened than their ancestors. Zen laid in the chair like a wet noodle, his arms and legs had to be placed inside the chair from how doped up he was. Doctor Verstehen stepped in front of Zen and shined an ocular scanner from his pocket to scan Zen’s sapphire blue eye. While the teal blue light was being shown in his eyes it displayed a hologram from its side to Doctor Verstehen which he read, Zen could not see it nor did he have the power to even try to read it. While Doctor Verstehen read Zen’s brain activity after it had just been scanned, he placed his hand on Zen’s wrist, getting Zen’s pulse in a very primordial way. Doctor Verstehen mouthed the words that were numbers as he counted Zen’s pulse.
“Well Zen, we will have your results from your psyche scan by tomorrow but let’s get you acquainted to your room where you’ll be staying, you’ll also get to meet some of your fellow patients here at Mother Celeste’s, are you excited Zen?”
Zen cocked his head back with a sneer, “I’m overjoyed Doctor Verstehen, let’s get this show on the road,” Zen remarked with dry sarcasm.
“Good, nurses orderlies, if you’ll follow Mr. Zen and I to A Block where he will become acquainted with his housing.”
The nurses began wheeling Zen through static white halls of the hospital, the white walls of the halls of the hospital sheened with spotless perfection, the floor made of white linoleum, the ceiling was lined with fluorescent lights with skylights, these things followed one another but the fluorescent lights were always on, this place held the galaxies most dangerous minds known to man. Zen swayed his head around taking in his new surroundings, it was as if the whole place were sterile, devoid of any real life, unable to give any real life but could give the illusion of ‘happiness’.
Zen scoffed at this thought tilting his head forward he saw they were coming up to a wall with a window that showed a desk on the other side with a receptionist, next to this unbreakable glass window was a steel door that was six inches thick. Zen knew that once he was on the other side of that door, he probably would never see the other side of it again, at least they hoped but Zen was already stirring with ideas and schemes on how to get out of this situation. That’s if he didn’t feel like he weighed ten-thousand pounds. Doctor Verstehen walked up to the receptionist who looked out the window at Zen, staring, her smiling demeanor faded into one of shocks, not of disgust, not of awe, just pure shock. Zen noticed this as she realized he was looking at her, the receptionist chippered up.
“Hello Doctor Verstehen, is this our new patient Mr. Zen van Nihil?” She asked in a pollyannaish fashion.
“Yes it is, I need this door opened right away,” Doctor Verstehen smiled.
“Yes sir, let me enter the security code.”
The receptionist hit some numbers on a panel hidden from sight of the window on the desk when a buzzing sound occurred, Doctor Verstehen grabbed the door and hit a release button on its underside which acted as a trigger for easing the utmost heavy thing open. He made it completely ajar before stepping through, followed by the nurses which surrounded Zen, who were surrounded by orderlies, more orderlies and nurses waited on the other side. They stood there gawking at Zen van Nihil.
One even whispered, “oh wow.”
As the door behind him was closing automatically from a big red button the receptionist was holding down lightly as it slowly swung shutas it was a foot open, Zen stood from the chair, causing her to press down on the button, hastening the closing process of the door, slamming it shut thus locking it. Zen stood there in khaki slacks, hospital socks with slippers already on his feet, he wore a plain white t-shirt which his skin paled in comparison. As Zen waited for what happened next.
The Nurses all cheered, “Welcome to Mother Celeste’s Mr. Zen van Nihil.”
Zen threw his head back in surprise at the loud unified cacophony of his greeting, he wasn’t expecting that. Doctor Verstehen approached Zen.
“Zen, let’s get you to your room,” Doctor Verstehen stated.
Zen followed Doctor Verstehen who was escorted by a nurse and two orderlies. As they walked down the now burgundy carpeted halls with the same static white walls which were uniform with the white ceiling, built in ceiling skylights and fluorescent light panel fixtures, hologram projections of paintings of Van Gogh and Monet were upon the walls. Zen saw some of the patients walking through the wide halls all towards the same general area down the hall. They stopped at a self-portrait of Van Gogh with his ear bandaged and Monet’s Water Lilies’, they had stopped at room 23A, where Zen would be staying. Doctor Miles Verstehen knocked on the unable to be locked or fully closed door.
“What’s up Doctor V?” A deep baritone yet suave voice said.
“Not a whole lot Mr. Nathan Carys, we have a roommate for you at last.”
“No joke, for real? I’ve been waiting for a roommate, bring him in, I’m just getting done with some meditation.”
“We’re not interrupting you at this time are we Nathan?”
“No, not at all, it’s all cool, bring him on in, why are you holding him up?” The suave baritone voice said in a no worries joking manner.
Doctor Verstehen shook his head approvingly then led Zen and the nurse inside, the orderlies waited outside the door. Inside the room sitting full lotus on his own bed diagonally placed across the room from what would be presumably Zen’s bed was a man of African descent. He had a neatly combed yet wildly placed afro, a very thin goatee that encircled his face, a prominent brow, a nose that was pointed yet had rounded nostrils, calming and soothing brown eyes, and a jokesters smile on his face, if he were standing he would stand at 5’11 tall with an average yet muscular build, this man was named Nathan Carys, he is Zen’s roommate.
“Hey Doctor V, this is my roommate? What’s his condition? Too crazy from lack of sunlight? Damn man, you are pale but it’s cool though dude, we can’t go outside so it’s not like we can get any sunlight or fresh air anyway,” Nathan Carys laughed.
Zen even smiled at that, Zen didn’t mind comments about his seemingly albino complexion.
“No, Mr. Nathan, this is Mr. Zen van Nihil, we did a personality comparison and we saw that you two will most definitely get along, so we decided to room you two together, I know Nathan, it’s been hard trying to find you a roommate compatible with your condition but we think Mr. Zen is perfect for experiencing your treatment here together.”
“Why’s that?” Nathan said.
“You’re both introverts, you both enjoy similar music, you’re both imaginative, creative, and you’re both highly-intelligent, you also have similar rituals and interests, we think this would be a good match for both of you two while you both experience your rehabilitation here at Mother Celeste’s.”
“Come on Doc, you gotta take all the fun out of it? Can’t we figure that out for ourselves, like for example, let’s say this guy Zen’s a total buzzkill and I can’t stand ‘em what are you going to do then? Not saying you are Zen just using you as an example.”
“Oh, you don’t have to worry about Buzzkills here at Mother Celeste’s Nathan, this is the most happiest place on Eden Prime.”
“Yeah because of the damn drugs you keep feeding us night and day, I can’t meditate like I used to, I can’t write poetry anymore either, so you keep talking this happiest place on Eden Prime crap and shooting your mouth off when everyone knows, you can’t understand happiness until you know sadness.”
Zen’s ears perked up at that sentence, his eyes widened, a faint grin was upon his face.
“Mr. Nathan, shouldn’t you be at lunch? Is skipping lunchtime meals your way of rebelling so you don’t eat, so you can feel negativity? Mr. Nathan, why don’t you show Mr. Zen to the cafeteria and get some food together.”
“Pffft, alright.” Nathan sighed reluctantly.
“Come on Zen my friend, let’s go to lunch, I hope they’re not serving spaghetti again, spaghetti sucks,” Nathan said in a louder tone putting emphasis on certain words to scoff at Doctor Verstehen.
Zen followed Nathan out into the hall and they began walking, Zen shifted his head around taking in his surroundings, making sure no one of authorities was going to hear what he was going to say.
“Nathan, man, you’re exactly right about not understanding happiness until you’ve understood sadness just like you can’t understand life without knowing death, you can’t understand the day without experiencing the night,” Zen whispered.
Nathan laughed a belly rumbling laugh before saying to Zen, “You know what Zen, you’re cool, you’re genuinely cool for getting all philosophical just now that’s a good first impression, I like that, I hope we get along more like that in the future.”
“You know what Nate, I think we will.”
“Hahaha, my friend Zen.”
They came to the cafeteria where it was a massive area where all the blocs of Mother Celeste’s came to eat, the population of this facility was massive, over 250 people from A bloc were currently enjoying their scheduled lunchtime meal, meaning this place was even larger than what Zen thought it was, Zen knew he would get lost in a heartbeat in this place. Zen followed Nathan to a table in the cafeteria where he generally ate with his clique that had been newly formed from the mass arrivals as this place was just opened for treatment. As Zen was looking out the barred windows he could see a large fence as well as a forest of trees surrounding what was presumably the northern side of the facility, Nathan noted Zen’s checking of exits and entrances to the cafeteria.
“There’s a million ways into this place but not a single way out,” Nathan said to Zen as he grabbed two lunch trays that were marked with the room number 23A.
Nathan handed Zen’s tray of food to him before they sat down at a table where a woman that had long golden blond hair that hung around her neck in dreadlocks with the exception of her bangs which were combed, this beautiful young woman was sitting enjoying the salad portion of her meal, her eyes a grey blue, she was average built, early twenties, she was sitting alone in the cafeteria table apparently waiting for someone, she was apparently a part of Nathan’s clique.
“Where’s the others?” Nathan asked cooly.
“They’re with their caseworkers or therapists or something.”
“Hey Nathan, what’s up, who’s your friend?” She asked him.
“Not a whole lot Ophelia, I want you to meet my roommate and new friend Zen,”
“Hey Zen, are you the Zen van Nihil dude that did all that stuff to the government?”
Zen jotting through years of violence and terrorism in his programmed memories of his brainwashed mind nodded his head admitting that he was.
“That’s cool man, I apparently killed three peacekeepers in a fit of rage or something like that, the fourth one subdued me, have you told him what you did Nathan?”
Nathan was despondent for a moment with his face downcast, his programmed memories were also playing in his brainwashed mind.
“Nathan,” Ophelia declared, “your roommates have done way worse than you, you can tell me but you can’t tell him.”
Nathan waved his hand dismissively, “Alright, I’ll say it, I hacked some emergency computer satellites that caused some missiles to launch into a bunch of government buildings, most of them were empty but the ones that weren’t killed a lot of officials, I was really tech-savvy and I definitely remember that loved music, I remember that I used to play in a popular band within the Gardenia but the tech-savvy and not liking the government very much drove me to do it and was the thing that did me in that’s probably why I’m your roommate Zen, except what you did was way, way, way, more messed up over a longer period of time, straight up savage Zen but that’s okay, you turned yourself in after three years of doing what you were doing, you were on the run for three years as public enemy number one to the Gardenia, most of your crimes were committed in broad daylight with witnesses to tell the tale despite surveillance footage, to tell the truth Zen, I idolized you, thought you were some kind of outlaw superstar or something,”
“Well, I’ve never heard that before,” Zen replied bewildered between disappointment and flattery.
Zen sensed something in these two people that these people were here with him for a reason, a voice came to himas time-and-space seemed to stand still for a moment, a being came to him from outside time-and-space that was telling him, “whatever you’re going through, Zen my friend, it will work out that the feeling of this might not actually be happening might actually be true, don’t give up Zen my friend, don’t give up, have faith.”
Zen took this message to heart as time started again. Zen unveiled the plastic top to his food tray to reveal that they had given him a special meal regarding his Mother Celeste’s Home of the Mad which was a special meal to patients who were sentenced as criminally insane to this Celeste sponsored madhouse for an indefinite amount of time. Zen being the only one to receive this honor for the crimes he perceived he committed but for other crimes that his mind had become unaware, the crime of self-defense, the crime of fleeing from being framed for something he did not commit but was scapegoated for, Zen’s real crime was his blow against the ego of the EisenHaus family. Zen’s meal consisted of a steak cooked medium rare, eggs over easy, hash browns, toast with butter and jelly, milk, and juice. Zen took his plastic dining ware and ate his food in silence as Ophelia and Nathan chatted among themselves about two others in their clique who were talking to their caseworkers or therapists. Zen was accepting his fate in this funny farm that seemed to be nothing but a bad dream. As Nathan and Ophelia talked about the others in the clique who were missing from lunch and what they were experiencing during their day, Zen meditated on the words from his break in reality. “Have faith,” is what it spoke to him, he repeated the words in his mind as he ate, in silence, paying attention to his newly found friends conversation, his friends seemed to understand that their new friend was adjusting to his situation.
Zen thought to himself, “Have faith.”

5PM, November 5th, 2121 CE, The Outer-Colonies of The Gardenia of the Gardenia, Jupiter, The Moons of Jupiter, Outside Ganymede, Aboard the Interstellar Barge, The UESS Charon.
Arthur had waited long for this moment to come, he was trapped in a cell with an orange force field guarding him, in this room was shared with twelve other cells, in the other cells had three members of the Martian Protectorate where his cell held himself to solidarity conditions. There were 34 URC and Autonomous Martian Protectorate officials in it all-together as political prisoners headed to Titan to be worked to death or liquidated. They were just reaching the outer-satellites of Jupiter where many artificial space-stations that resembled planets resided. Arthur had been hacking into the Electromagnetic Taurus which had powered the ship, garnering its passwords from it crew to cause instabilities in it, he knew as soon as it stopped at one of these artificial stations, he would launch his attack, something that was universally known among his thousands of soldiers aboard the ship to be ready for. The Tesla powered electromagnetic Taurus was shutting down frequently which delayed them and had stopped them from ever entering warp speed but constantly enter projectile speed but never Hyperspace because of frequent shutdowns from the hacking Arthur did from his ACCE which he had garnered passwords to the engine room from the cage-kickers or guards which walked the ship. Arthur was ready by this next shutdown, so was the entirety of detainees aboard the ship when for 30 seconds all security systems would be shut down along with the anti-gravity engine but not the life-support systems unless you meant the life-support systems on the Bridge which would be shut-down for three minutes which would be an ample amount of time within confusion to kill the men stationed there but then to kick back on when total bedlam had ensued.
A Marshal had stopped to peer at Arthur on the side of security behind the orange force field that was the door to the titanium cell. He stood there with his crud-eating grin staring at Arthur. He was peeling an orange, something rare to find on this side of the galaxy. He was sure he was safe, what he viewed as the terrorist of the United Revolutionary Collective and would-be tyrannical despot of the Autonomous Martian Federation. He grinned and ate his orange as Arthur counted down the seconds. Generally, this Marshal took his break to eat his meal while Arthur and the rest of the detainees at liquid gelatin enriched goo in their cells from the automated commissary machine in their cells around this time when the guards did flipp -all nothing due to how well the security systems had always been while taking detainees and displacees to Titan’s concentration camps. None of them linked the Electromagnetic Taurus failure to some hacker with a biological cybernetic enhancement such as an unrestricted Autonomous Computing Cerebral Enhancement aboard the ship, none would think that President Arthur Moody Luther was both Homo Nexus and Homo Esper, much likened to his father. He finished the last slice of his orange when the fluorescent lights flickered six times to signify the universal signal that the Martian loyalists would begin their overtaking of the ship. The lights then flickered out after six repetitive flashes then the emergency powered red lights flashed on as gravity gave out. The security systems were down permanently.
The Marshal levitated, he tried to reach for his sidearm, a Nighthawk pistolas it levitated to the ceiling, his assault rifle strapped to his back as the orange luminescent force fields died down causing him to panic, losing his assault rifle in the process as well. Arthur had instructed many soldiers to hold onto the emergency hold outside the doorways through telepathy continuously at specific times throughout their imprisonment aboard this ship which they had successfully captured. Arthur appeared in the doorway. He reached out his hand in a clenching motion to the Marshal as the gravity came back on. As the occupants of the ship came to the ground, the Marshal remained, his head swelled, the blood in his head was trapped as he grabbed his throat, veins protruding almost through his skin, his head exploded into a bloody mess. His decapitated body fell lifeless to the ground.
The loyalists scrambled for the sidearm and assault rifle, one that stood in place outside his doorway, was General Harper Bradford. Arthur smiled at him as gunfire could be heard in the distance of the ship. Engineering had lost gravity and life-support for five minutes, in the next five minutes, not a member left of the UESS Charon would be alive to handle the ship’s engineering department allowing them to safely make their mutiny possible, without captains or engineers, with only security personnel, this ship was as good as theirs. Arthur divided his troops keeping Bradford with him, the group with the assault rifle went the other way to help dispatch the guards of lower decks much likened to the majority of prisoners who had grabbed the weapons and tossed them to their fellow comrades even if it meant their lives. Arthur handed the Nighthawk sidearm to his comrade Harper.
“Are you ready General Bradford?” Arthur asked confidently.
“As ready as I’ll ever be?” General Bradford answered in mock asking confidence.
“Good, let us head to the Bridge.”
The began their trek, all doors had been permanently opened with no way to close them, one of the first loopholes Arthur had made sure to fill, all armory doors were open which the Marshals aboard the ship were overpowered in getting to being killed with their own weapons or beaten to death by a mob of thirty or more men to get to them. Arthur instinctively knew where the ship was headed, moments before the total shutdown he had awaited for clearance from an artificial station to dock, from there he didn’t know what would happen just that things would happen. The next room had a Marshal who was holding off all the prisoners in their cells till further instructions with his assault rifle drawn, he was trying to communicate to the bridge but the bridge wasn’t responding. Arthur saw this man and snapped his fingers held at his side as the Marshals assault rifle was upon him. The Marshal erupted into flames flinging his assault rifle into the air as he immolated with his fallen pistol already on the ground in front of him from the anti-gravity attack. The men bravely erupted from their cells spurting off in other directions towards armories. As Marshals were gearing up they were met by mobs of men with melee weapons, Nighthawks, and assault rifles who began gunning them down and taking the combat armor and weapons for themselves to begin clearing the ship with a fully-stocked armory which they could utilize for their militia. This surprise attack was highly effective with minimal casualties for the Martian loyalists and URC with the utmost heavy losses among the Marshals who guarded the ship.
Arthur began differentiating and completely utilizing his psionic powers to kill of Marshals in the most amusing ways possible, electrocution through electrokinesis, immolation through pyrokinesis, freezing hard as rock through cytokinesis, being blown to bits through telekinesis. The blood and gore was a sight to behold as the Marshals were hunted down and slaughtered, mostly tortured by the angry mobs but some were killed Humanely. As Arthur and Harper approached the bridge, well-armed and armored, they opened the door to find most of the occupants of the bridge dead except for the captain who was gasping for air after his lungs had been ruptured and was breathing out blood onto the guidance systems console which showed their position among Jupiter and its natural and artificial satellites. Harper approached him as the man panted heavily while Harper dressed in the Gardenia Department of Corrections riot armor shot him in the head with the sidearm he had originally received in the escape spraying blood all over the holograms of Jupiter and its satellites.
Many other Martian loyalists who knew how to operate a ship of this magnitude began swarming the bridge to regain communications to interstellar bodies outside the ship as the vast mobs hunted the Marshals to the very last in cold blood, they were killed, whether by shock baton or projectile Gauss round, they met their end. Arthur, Harper, and his comrades were approaching the satellite. They received a final message from the heavily Marshal infested satellite city.
“Captain Tribunal, you are approaching quickly to board for repairs, what did you specify was wrong with the electromagnetic Taurus?” The Satellites Cities Chief Security Officer said assertively.
A URC member had grabbed the communications device private radio, before being deactivated by a Martian loyalist then being deactivated and seized by Harper which Arthur seized from his hands.
Arthur spoke, “This ship is highly confidential to the Gardenia, no one needs to board the ship, we just need to get all who are aboard this ship onto another ship then the Gardenia will send a team out to investigate the disturbances from EisenHaus Industries, for security measures, this message is to be broadcast after twenty-four Eden Prime hours to EisenHaus Industries directly then they will send a team.”
The Chief Security Officer nodded his head, noting that this was a ship headed for Titan and he had no knowledge of the goings-on at that facility so Arthur’s word was to be taken at face-value. However, a notable sign of relief came upon him as his holo-image appeared to be reading a message from someone higher than him.
“GUCSS Charon, it appears our Gardenia designated Governor of Jupiter and its Gardenia of Colonies would like to speak with you directly, privately with you and all who are aboard the bridge, do you mind if I patch him through to you then exit from the conversation?”
Arthur thought for a moment weighed down with anxiety before his intuition told him it would be fine.
“Yes that’s fine.”
“Thank you UESS Charon, here is Governor Isaac Kindred Autumn, signing on, I will be signing off now.”
The holo-image of the metallic mirrored-eyed Homo Nexus with no distinguishable eyes due to the metallic nature of them with spiky brown hair dissipated as a new image of a physically handsome Caucasian man with greying hair, deep blue eyes, a semblance of a once muscular build now taken over by elderly age and slight gaining of weight with a rounded face, he wore black thick-framed glasses, his hair silver, wild and curly, he had very thick silver sideburns that were fashioned to be groomed into mutton chops, his outfit was that of an entirely black suit with a lab coat for a jacket.
“Hello Arthur Moody Luther and your band of renegades, do not fear me for I am your family, I extend an olive branch to you, you will depart from this vehicle not at Europa’s satellite space harbor but Ganymede, Ganymede is a station entirely run by my personal staff who will covertly accommodate this ship to Europa where whatever needs of the ship shall be covered, whatever damages done shall be covered in the most discreet and implausible ways that you could never imagine, I will need DNA from each one of the members of your soldiers to successfully cover-up this incident which will not be found out till The Gardenia Red Paladins and Wraiths from the inner-colonies arrive, do you accept these conditions?” Governor Isaac Kindred Autumn asked boldly without expecting a ‘no’.
Arthur taken aback by this declared, “Yes, yes I accept, how are you related to the Autumn’s?”
“I’m your uncle through your mother Violet, her and your aunt Iris are my sisters, Oliver is my younger brother.”
“Alright, we’re changing course for the Ganymede station.”
“I’ve already allowed private access, those at the Ganymede station as well as those on the planet of Ganymede may seem different to you that is because those planets are highly-confidential in the contents of their citizenship to the Gardenia, I’ll let you find out for yourself, just to let you know that despite their differences, they are similar to you Arthur, and your motley crew of Martian loyalists , I’m transmitting all the security clearance codes necessary to your autonomous computing cerebral enhancement as we speak,” Governor of Jupiter, Isaac Kindred Autumn informed them through the Holoscreen.
“Thank you my uncle Isaac Kindred, it’s greatly appreciated,” Arthur replied smiling with relief.
The electromagnetic Taurus kicked back on in engineering allowing them to change course quickly for Ganymede station. Cheers all-around the command center of the UESS Charon could be heard as they declared their victory as the last of the Marshals had been eliminated by the vast swarming well-armed mobs of Martian loyalists.
General Harper peered over with a wide grin, “Sir, does it feel good to have family in high places?”
“As always and rarely is the case, yes it does,” Arthur responded.
“What do you suppose awaits for us at the Ganymede station?”
“Let me check it out.”
Arthur began hacking into the Ganymede station and terraformed Ganymede, a moon of Jupiter’s supercomputer societal interface. It was encrypted beyond belief without the ability to even meander around the frontpage, everywhere was an immediate dead-end with nothing as a definite source-code. As they approached the station, Arthur gave up.
“I tried my hardest Harper but I found flipp -all, nothing,” Arthur sighed reluctantly.
“It’s fine, sure, I have a hunch that it’s a society we’ve never seen before if it’s run by the Autumn’s, it can’t be too much of an ideal society,” Harper said with mirthful sarcasm.
Arthur laughed dismissively, “We’ll have to find out what my space alien cousins are up to.”
Harper didn’t know how to respond, “what was the sir?”
“Nothing, it’s a joke inside the family, if you were a part of the Autumn family you would understand.”
As they approached the docking harbor of the Ganymede space-harbor, interstellar barges known as the UESS Charon latched into place which was then dragged by hydraulics into a secured docking bay.
The airlock doors leading to the harbor opened from the other side without letting in any atmosphere for they were in a controlled hospitable environment as a man that appeared to be likened to the metallic mirror eyed Chief Security Officer of Europa except with blue hair stepped through with two Homo Synthetics at his side, the two Homo Synthetics had not been biologically interfaced and resembled robotic yet sentient skeletons of machinery walked through to greet Harper and Arthur with his group of loyalists on the bridge.
What was presumably the Chief Security Officer greeted Arthur and Harper, “Hello Former President of Mars, Arthur Moody Luther and his trusted Secretary of Defense Harper Bradford, welcome to Ganymede space harbor, we have already set-up a ship large enough to accommodate you and your crew to the city-state of Ganymede, Alexandria City, if you weren’t aware, Alexandria City along with all of Ganymede is protected by a top-secret security clearance which you and all your men will pass by submitting your dna at the portable bio-register at our end of the airlocks leading to the station, instruct your men to submit their a minute blood donation so we may construct artificial non-living clone archetypes to make it appear as you were all killed when you attempted to escape on your departure from Ganymede station to your arrival at Titan, we have already checked in the status at Europa space-harbor instead of Ganymede’s to ensure the utmost security, please send message over the intercom of these instructions as well as not to mind the massive amounts of non-bio-interfaced Homo Synthetics who will be accessing the situation aboard the ship, any of your dead will be left to prove evidence of a ‘botched escape’, if you would so kindly, my name is Chief Security Officer C-90, I am also a Homo Synthetic and like my brothers and sisters, I am also a Homo Synthetic,” The blue-haired mirror eyed Homo Synthetic Chief Security Officer named C-90 stated bluntly to the two commanding officers.
Arthur repeated the instructions in his own carefully chosen words through the communications intercom across the ship. Arthur and Harper then walked through the airlock to see the DNA register with Homo Synthetics who had been bio-interfaced wearing clothes with a variety of lime-green eyes, luminous purple eyes, and the metallic mirror eyes like the Chief Security Officer C90 as well as non-biologically-interfaced Homo Synthetic machine skeletons amassed the station. One by one, the once prisoner of wars had become freedom fighter once again as they slide their finger into the slot which with each new needle came a prick of a finger, an extraction of blood, and a conscious free of worry with each of the former Martian loyalists now became back to their default positions as what they truly were as URC members with their newly found freedom from their essential pardon granted by the Autumn family and their army of Artificial General Intelligence, Homo Synthetics. After they had amassed into a room, A non-biological-interfaced Homo Synthetic approached them, he had glowing purple eyes with ocean blue metallic features.
“Greetings President Arthur, my name is T-379, the ship has been vacated of biological living beings or United Revolutionary Collective members, we will access the ship as a scene of all lives lost in the conflict which will be discovered when it reaches Titan on autopilot with its planetary positioning system and all evidence of its already limited surveillance with onboard black box being altered to state it had stopped at Europa space harbor for repairs on the Telsa-grade electromagnetic energy Taurus which Europa records verify is what happened, this ship will make it to Titan with the lifeless cloned biological duplicates of all those who were not slain in the uprising aboard the ship, now if you would please follow me to the ship you will be taking to Alexandria City, on the colony of Ganymede for your new place of residence until an undetermined date where it will you will each be allocated as safe to leave.” The sentient Humanoid machine skeleton known as T-379 stated to the entirety of the group of formerly imprisoned Martian fighters.
Arthur acknowledged its words, “As the leader of this group, we all understand, we know your reasons.”
The newly freed men nodded in uniformal approval at this sentiment.
“Very well, follow me to the interstellar vessel that you will be taking on your short journey to Alexandria City on Ganymede.”
Arthur motioned for his men to follow, they walked through the airlock doors of another ship that was stationed adjacent to the GUCSS Charon through the docks. This ship was made for luxury, one of the Governor of Jupiter’s Isaac Kindred Autumn’s private interplanetary yachts. The men sat while warm food had already been placed buffet style in the dining room of this ship that could feed the small army of Arthur and his URC loyalists. They dined on the first real meal that wasn’t synthetic protein, vitamin, and mineral rich gruel in what seemed to be ages when they were prisoners aboard the CSS Charon. They dined on tofu that tastes like cardboard. They enjoyed their trip to Titan as they departed from their doom as slaves to that of liberated men and women to become liberators once again in the future.
As Arthur and Harper ate, they were joined by another URC loyalist that served as the intelligence officer who served as a communications officer in the Nest who was one of the dozens of Chiefs of URC Intelligence. Director Alyssa Carter of URC Intelligence had joined the two at their makeshift table.
Alyssa spoke first in a smirking sardonic grin, “I suppose President and General Secretary of Mars are no longer working titles, eh comrades? Shall we resume our old titles before becoming temporary leaders of Mars?“ Alyssa grinned as the two she addressed grinned the same cheshire grin. “Commander-in-Chief Arthur, General Harper, how in the holy flipping name of Celeste are you told holding up exactly because that Aiden Bathory EisenHaus bastard is still number one on the: people I want to rip apart with a industrial grade plasma cutter.” she said in her pleasantries.
“Hello Director Alyssa, how are you?” Arthur chuckled in a large grin that contained how he felt the same way on the subject.
“I am glad we’re free, not so certain what awaits us on Ganymede,” She said earnestly while shrugging off uncertainty.
“If it’s what my intuition tells me Alyssa, something I’d like to disclose to you and Harper at this moment, is that you might be very surprised to see when we get there.” Arthur smiled, arching his head so his eyes gazed shifted from both of them.
“I hope you flipping love surprises Alyssa and Harper.” Arthur grinned.
“Why do you say that?” Alyssa matched the surmounting sarcasm and disbelief of this whole surreal ordeal.
“You’ll have to see as of the ‘Autonomous Martian and Gardenia un-Civil War’ was no longer a success, our bureaucratic titles are no longer of any use, so please, the URC is about equality, I hate all that is the EisenHaus Enclave bureaucracy equally, the Autumn’s in direct and indirect actions of being truly pluralistic I was hoping we would have won our independence from the Gardenia, there are functions and dysfunctions in this but the Gardenia is still corrupted by the social cancer of bureaucracy, so Who says we’ve lost anything? We haven’t, we have just made a drastic change in our modus operandi for the URC as a whole flipping dynamic and paradigm, functions and dysfunctions.” Arthur smiled with clever wit.
Alyssa smiled at Arthur’s optimistic outlook on their situation, “Right Arthur, this is only the beginning to something greater, like your father Nemo said, We are the Future, Get Active, the EisenHaus Family are psychopathic lizard people, all absolutely true statements.” Alyssa laughed, “Who would have flipping thought despite the convincing evidence that two factions of interstellar and flipping ay, being beyond our own dimension are converging on our world, you know what I don’t think I believe or truly ever even did believe Celeste, flipp , Zen van Nihil is the Lord of the Multiverse.”
“Alyssa, the official religion of the URC is Zenarchism, we all are Zenarchists now, haha, yeah, Zen van Nihil is the Sovereign of a Saturnian Great Commission or something along those lines.”
Alyssa laughed, “Okay, I believe in Zenarchism but that comment about Zen van Nihil is an absolute enigma to me but after what hope Zen van Nihil represents change in Gardenia, I’m Zenarchist too.” Alyssa slammed her hand on the table at the conclusion of her emphatic statement as she basked in smirking delight with her friends on the new Zeitgeist of Zenarchism.
A moment of relishing a universal victory was needed as the three pondered on this subject still grinning until Arthur spoke, “I’m glad we have family in Jupiter, the perfect place between the inner-planets and the concentration camp on Saturn’s moon of Titan.”
“Arthur, do you want to see what propaganda is on the Utopian News Network?”
“Yes, I do, let’s see some fiction and hear some lies.”
Alyssa grabbed the remote in the middle of the table and turned on the holovision closest to them. A channel with an EisenHaus advertisement was playing, she turned it to the universal known channel of Utopian News which was on channel nine. The image on the television wasn’t the horrors of war, it was in fact the Gardenia General Election results from two days prior with the inauguration of all the candidates whose positions had become vacant then were being filled by lower position the Gardenia political figures with lesser political figures taking their position. Arthur took the remote that had been placed towards him by Alyssa and changed it to subchannel three of six to check on the results from the new Executive positions that had been made vacant by strategic URC attacks on the Gardenia. The Gardenia Directorate of Executive Directorate consisted of some names he knew from other branches of the stagnant bureaucracy in the Utopian Gardenia as well as some of those unknown to him with all being first-term Gardenia Executive Directorate. However one took special attention as they were wrapping up a lesser known hand-picked Vox Populi, Vox Dei parading as the champion of Humanity when truly the Hegemons Middle-Person to move onto the piece de resistance of the newest member of the Executive Directorate of Interstellar Gardenia of the Gardenia, Aiden F. EisenHaus.
“People of the Gardenia,” the female newscaster declared, “We proudly present the final board of directors member to be added to Interstellar Gardenia of the Gardenia Executive Directorate Magistrates, former Commander of the Gardenia Protectorate who led our brave comrades in the arms in resolving peace in the Gardenia-Martian Conflict is our one of our most honored comrades, Admiral Aiden F. EisenHaus to become elected to serve as an Executive Director on the Executive Directorate of the Gardenia. Admiral as the youngest member to ever serve on the Executive Directorate, representing and born and bred out of United North America by Hegemon Frederick EisenHaus and one of his many polyamorous relationships, we proudly present this noble young man to the position of Executive Directorate Magistrates Aiden Frederick EisenHaus, won by a landslide margin of almost a unanimous decision against his opponent, the talk-show host of the O’Hara Equation, Dan O’Hara, Aiden EisenHaus was chosen by the people for the people to serve us the people of Interstellar Gardenia of the Gardenia as a true representative and fighter of freedoms for the people.”
Arthur felt a wave a disgust wash over him at the words the announcer said as it showed Aiden “flipping Reptile Boy” EisenHaus was wearing a all-black suit with a white button-up shirt, glistening black dress shoes, his crimson red hair was medium length all around and well-kept, clean-shaven as usual, his piercing emerald green eyes revealed the truth behind his crud-eating grin that he wasn’t only corrupt but a being completely made of corruption, he was standing on the steps of the newly constructed Whitehouse of the United Socialist States of America, all of the old buildings of the United Socialist States which was the ancient head of the Western Alliance as the Soviet Union led the Eastern Bloc. The dichotomous empires disintegrated as thesis and antithesis became the synthesis known as the Gardenia. The Gardenia through specific techniques of overhauling the social and physical structures through deconstruction of toxified ideologies and reconstruction of the toxified environment through utopian social-physical engineering led by the Autumn Association and EisenHaus Enclave in creating a grander majesty from the ruins of “Old Earth” to the wonder of “Eden Prime” as the Gardenia became established in the Celestial Revelation that paraphrased: “Humanity will come to the zenith of existence for now, the solar system has been made habitable to all and accessible to all by the anointed ones who like you will forget Old Earth and remember the new age to be alive in Eden Prime.”
The revisionists recreated the retelling of Human history of: “The darkness of Old Earth into the realization of reality in Eden Prime as now the Gardenia of Humanity time is nigh.” From the perspectives of the memorials consistent were now in homage to those who had passed in the Gardenia and Autonomous Martian Civil War or Martian-Gardenia Conflict brought all the hidden horror of Old Earth to surface throughout the Gardenia as Humankind now knew its history and realized by the vast majority that neither Gardenia nor United Revolutionary Collective were correct but Zenarchism and the way of the Zenarchist illuminated by Zen van Nihil was in fact the truth.
The A tension in Arthur’s full stomach heaved as the realization of the past-present-future history of Humankind in wake of the revelation of this Martian-Gardenia Conflict that only created what Zen van Nihil told innumerable people who lived pleasurable coddled lives of comfort that suffering existed in overcoming suffering one would need to overcome the chaos known and unknown in Zenarchism as one would be a Zen Archon of one’s own existence as the Zenarchist is at peace even in war and in death for the Zenarchist is the one who controls the self which therefore controls the world. Arthur thought these things in meditation, mindfully aware of the repeat broadcasts announcement of whom the President would be. Arthur waited, anger swelling inside him as he looked upon Aiden, the Executive Directorate, was standing on the steps of the Executive Mansion of the former USSA, the White House in District of Columbia, his stage and podium gated off from a screaming audience of thousands of people ready to make his speech to them as the narcissistic demigod and charismatic demagogue he was. As he was about to make his speech, Arthur changed the subchannel to seven in wonder of who would be the newly appointed by the megalomaniacal Hegemon Frederick EisenHaus. However, Who appeared on the screen was a breath of fresh air, a relief washed over Arthur for he knew who was on the Holovision, someone he knew personally from his visits to Eden Prime at an underground United Revolutionary Collective rally.
A female newscaster exuded great mirth as she announced the woman on the screen, “Former Chairperson of the Executive Directors on the Executive Directorate, the lone survivor of a URC terrorist attack executed by the late General Secretary Ernesto Kapital son, Esteban Kapital, who disturbed by his father’s passing gave into URC agents influence, Esteban was instrumental in one of many tactical terrorist attacks the URC had put forth, assassinating almost the entire Executive Directorate with thousands dead, however, the Gardenia prevailed as Jeanne Orleans had left to rest at her apartment after witnessing the URC terrorist attack of a deatomizer bomb detonate, yet Jeanne Orleans followed protocol by remaining steadfast for Gardenia, I gladly present to the Gardenia Utopian Community our General Secretary Jeanne Orleans.”
General Secretary Jeanne Orleans was at the steps of the capital of the Gardenia’s political sector located in the city of Vancouver in the British Columbia province of Canada of United North America, Eden Prime. Speaking directly from a stage in front of the newly renovated House of the Hegemony, the residence of the Gardenia General Secretary. She was smiling a smile of sincerity, this woman was an honest woman, she was a woman of the people. How she made it to the first among the people of the Human species was beyond Arthur. As she was about to make her speech, they were breaking the atmosphere of Ganymede. Arthur like the rest of the crew was distracted by the terraforming that had been done on Ganymede, a planet covered by verdant hills and valleys of water for the majority of its terrestrial features, fields had been flattened out of the terrain for vast plains of agricultural growth to yield crops that surrounded the heavily industrialized powerhouse of Alexandria City of Jupiter’s moon known as Ganymede.
The interstellar space-yacht deployed its landing gear coming down vertically and slowly onto an airfield outside the city. Arthur, Harper, and Alyssa as well as the other members of the URC walked out the airlock doors which had already depressurized, sending out a steel ramp for them to walk down then make their way into the airfield station via a slight walk into the building, this was a secluded area of the airfield without much activity. The aerospace port was empty, no one to be found, they found it odd and eerie, they then saw a substation that would take them into the heart of the city. As they descended they already found a bullet-train waiting for them. The three hundred URC men and women boarded it.
“Next stop Residential, all passengers besides Arthur Luther, Harper Bradford, and Alyssa Carter, please exit the train upon arrival, Arthur Luther, Harper Bradford, and Alyssa Carter, you are expected by Governor Isaac Kindred Autumn,” a mechanical male voice said over the intercom of the train.
The three looked at one another, the URC guerrilla fighters peered at the three, envious of the two who had been chosen to accompany Arthur to meet the Governor of Jupiter and its satellites both natural and artificial city-states. As the bullet-train immediately whizzed to the residential area where the different sectors it was traveling through was bypassing all other stations to reach the place where Arthur’s men would be staying.
“Now arriving at the Residential district of Ganymede, would all passengers with the exception of Arthur Luther, Harper Bradford, and Alyssa Carter please exit the train to find your new accommodations.” The synthetic masculine voice said over the intercom of the electromagnetic bullet train.
The three-hundred men and women of the URC involved in the battle for Inscapist Island as Martian loyalists departed the train. Begrudgingly they left their leader and his two most trusted and highly skilled, therefore highest ranking appointed fellow members of the URC with him.
Arthur nodded his head at them as they all gazed in the direction of their leader, Arthur nodded his head speaking telepathically to all of them, “It’ll be fine, there is none greater than unity in the URC, we three, Harper Bradford, Alyssa Carter, and myself have been appointed to speak with an uncle of mine, this uncle happens to the Governor of Jupiter, you all are going to find your new housing and living accommodations quite comfortable, the lives you had on Mars are dead, the people there mourn you, you are not to contact anyone with your existence, seeing there are about as many physically fit, intelligent, and beautiful people among your true family in the United Revolutionary Collective, I suggest you find your new family among each other, all connections outside of Ganymede have been disconnected besides my own ACCE, five days ago we fought for freedom, five days ago we became slaves, today we died slaves, only to be reborn as the most mighty of freed men and women known to Humanity, do not feel the pain of loss, feel the joy that is truly the gift of life for our friend Zen, smiles upon us just as his almighty Friend which he spoke of smiles upon us, go now, rejoice in your new life for it is your gift to be alive on this day and all days from now.”
Upon receiving this confident exclusive message just for them, the three-hundred URC loyalists departed the train to gather on the station to walk up a stairway to the residential area of Alexandria City. When it was just the trio of Arthur, Harper, and Alyssa. The train began again, without interruption to the capitol building where Isaac Kindred Autumn was awaiting for them.
“What do you think the soldiers are doing?” Alyssa asked in reference to the URC members who had made their exit at the Residential area.
Arthur closed his eyes for a moment seeking the answer through psionic intuition, he had an exact answer.
“There being shown to their individual rooms in their spacious and adequate apartments which are both clean and luxurious in comparison to what the general URC member is used to,” Arthur said.
“That’s quite fantastic that you have the sight of remote viewing,” Harper exclaimed!
Alyssa’s sentiment was along the same lines.
They reached the capitol building, the giant tower of Alexandria City known as Emperor Tower. They departed from the train through the empty subterranean station to the stairway that was in a pocket away from the glass doors on both sides of the lobby, in the lobby, biologically-interfaced Homo Synthetics of all kinds were working on different office work. Although Arthur could read their specs and algorithms for brainwaves with his ACCE, full-well knowing they were Homo Synthetics his two colleagues took a wild guess at some of the eye colors and guessed the same with the amount of Homo Synthetics at Ganymede station, this whole planet was populated by artificial general intelligence. A receptionist which was a beautiful brown skinned Homo Synthetic approached them with golden yellow eyes, “Hello Arthur Luther, Harper Bradford, and Alyssa Carter, would you please follow me to the elevator? Governor Isaac Kindred Autumn would like to have a word with you.”
“Yes, of course mame,” Arthur replied courteously.
“Right this way.”
The receptionist who Arthur saw her specs in his ACCE as Y-55d had led them into a plexiglass elevator which they rounded themselves into. Y-55c hit the button for the penthouse and the elevator began ascending to the top floor where presumably Isaac Kindred Autumn was residing. They only marveled at the view of the city through the glass elevator which allowed them to peer through the unobstructed view of the city as well as offices where non-biologically-interfaced and biologically-interfaced Homo Synthetics worked in the office, some jacking directly into computers to do their work others working manually. The city was majestic, a marvel of architectural engineering, it was clean, eco-friendly, industrious, utilitarian in design, everything piece of Alexandria city was built to be efficient, effective, and stunning as a marvel of the outer-planetary colonies. Arthur did a read out of what he saw as he ascended in the elevator as they ascended the elevator that all the inhabitants he saw were 98.8% Homo Synthetic with only 2.2% of the population being Homo Nexus with their careers being in science or engineering. Arthur knew he and his colleagues in the three-hundred new residents of the Residential districts luxurious apartment complexes which were privately for them would be the perfect place for them to lay-low, for them to bounce back from all of this as their great escape. The Homo Nexus that dwelled on Ganymede in Alexandria City were all Martian sympathizers and activists in the URC. This was the safest place in the solar system.
Finally after their awe-inspiring views of the city from the elevator they reached the penthouse suite which was encircled with glass but closed off by a wooden doorway with window blinds drawn all-around. The elevator door opened, Y-55d opened the wooden doors, pushing them inward then the three walked in as she closed the door behind them, waiting in the foyer while they looked around the mestic office which had numerous archeological finds throughout the outer-planetary colonies as well as mind-stimulating pieces of art which Isaac Kindred Autumn had purchased. As they were too enamored by the collection within this room they failed to notice the man sitting at the majestic oak desk with three padded office chairs set-up in front of it.
“Hello Arthur, Harper, Alyssa.” The man known as Isaac Kindred Autumn bellowed in a confident and welcoming manner.
“Hello,” they responded with ambivalence in gratitude.
Arthur’s salutation matched this man’s confidence, “Hello Governor Isaac Kindred Autumn, my uncle, my flesh-and-blood, I’m sorry that we haven’t ever met before and you have my utmost gratitude for all that you’ve done for us.”
“Your mother Violet raised you right Arthur, I like that about you, polite, courteous, you and your motley crew of renegades will be an excellent addition to this cityas you can tell, the majority of the population of Alexandria City are Homo Synthetics, all with the power of freewill denoting they all have personhood and I expect them to be treated as your equal as citizens here on Ganymede that goes without saying since I am familiar with the URC very egalitarian attitudes towards all sentient races of people and are sensitive of the issue of personhood, this whole city is classified even by the Gardenia’s standards, we are currently testing an exponentially greater Artificial Super Intelligence that is godlike according to Gardenia technological endeavors. ” Isaac popped a pipe full of rich tobacco into his mouth, striking a match then lighting it, taking a couple puffs before exhaling then continuing. “Prometheus could greatly use your help and would be greatly appreciated while you are here Arthur, Prometheus currently is a technological marvel within itself of technological and the physical being which she encompasses is also quite advanced, this Artificial Super Intelligence has tested out advanced Synthetic bodies with maximum efficiency to its current step of progression to a truly unstoppable Synthetic to an Indigo Sky level of godlike powers found within Zen van Nihil and Celeste. Indigo Sky is the zenith of known power we saw in the Celeste’s revelation and when Zen van Nihil went missing after he revealed to the world what Celeste spoke in person as the Sovereign of the Great Commission, I mean she said the Sovereign of the Celestial Order. Zen has been detained in I don’t even want to know where, the United Revolutionary Collective needs our Deus Synthetic known as Prometheus to have a fighting chance if we should stand up to the dystopian utopia we call the Gardenia as well as evil incarnate in the EisenHaus Enclave. We in the Autumn Association and our fellow Gardenia citizens fighting for our rights in the URC are going to show the evil empire what for when we retake control of the Gardenia as a place true to I offer you and your fighting men and women solace no matter what, I would just appreciate to spend some family time with you Arthur and maybe your two highly-intelligent friends here in making this envisionment I have for this robotic utopia into a reality, so what do you say Arthur, a name change is necessary, we have a record of a cousin to my nieces and nephews that I have partial custody among the large Autumn family. In truth, he’s standing in front of me as I speak to him. Arthur, coincidentally his name is Arthur Autumn or we in the family call Nemo to deter him from ever joining the United Revolutionary Collective for his Promethean personality.”
Arthur responded without skipping a beat, “It would be an honor uncle Isaac Kindred Autumn, I mean father.”
“Arthur Moody Luther, now Arthur Nemo Autumn, you remind me of your father, both of you are men of integrity, men of honor. Great men who are renowned for the content of their character, matching their actions and words, I’m glad we’re related Arthur, we’ll get to work on the project in a week, it’s in a classified facility under Alexandria City, I built this spirit within the machine, the first ever super intelligence to be placed in a godlike Synthetic body, its name is Prometheus.”
“Sounds great,” Arthur stated confidently and assertively.
“Oh Arthur, about what Zen told you about the Autumn family secret, it’s true, all of it, your friends don’t know what I’m talking about which is fine for you and I will talk more about this later.”
Arthur and his friends stood in the office in silence for what seemed like an eternity, Arthur just had confirmation on something only between him and Zen in a private astral projected conversation.
“Thank you for that confirmation uncle Isaac,” Arthur said morosely.
“You’re quite welcome Arthur, in private, I am truly your uncle in the presence of others, I am your supposed father or ‘dad’, my apologies if you’re still getting used to the idea but it’s the truth and as a man who desires the truth, I thought you should know.”
At that Arthur asked to be dismissed, Isaac nodded his head as he puffed on his pipe.
Isaac declared, “You three will be staying in a private house I own in a residential area that I don’t personally use, it’s my guest house. I think you will find your accommodations to your liking.” Isaac hit a button on his desk to open up a communications channel. “X-98b, would you please escort Mister. Luther, Mister. Bradford, and Miss. Carter to my personal guest house in a residential area?”
“Yes sir,” came a masculine voice over the communications link.
“You can meet them in the lobby of Emperor Tower, they are leaving my abode in the penthouse now,” Governor Isaac asked politely of his Homo Synthetic employee.
Arthur and his two companions followed Y-55c and led them to the elevator. The view was just as magnificent on the way down. Arthur chuckled to himself which caught an inquiring gaze from his two fellow comrades.
Arthur looked at both of them with a huge grin as the elevator stopped and they walked outside the Emperor Tower where a Tesla coil powered automobile with the Homo Synthetic named X-98b was behind the wheel of it. They got in the cab wondering what was so funny to Arthur, it was a short five minute drive through empty streets to residential to a fairly decadent white house that was waiting for them. As they stepped out, X-98b led the way to the door unlocking it for them. As they entered X-98b began giving them a tour of all the wings and chambers of the house. After this was over they found themselves in the living room where Arthur’s bursts of chuckles here and there throughout the entirety of this became rip-roaring belly rumbling laughter after X-98b had left.
“What’s so flipping funny?” Harper asked.
“Arthur, what’s so goddamn funny?” Alyssa inquired.
“The plot flipping thickens,” Arthur laughed.
“What do you mean?” They asked in unison.
“We successfully will with the same chance as a snowball being thrown into the fiery pits of hell to escape being liquidated on Titan, we go from that horrible situation, to living on a planet where the population know it isn’t logical to jeopardize the safety of their planet, we are hidden completely away from the metaphorical radar of the Gardenia, we will all be reported dead aboard the GUCSS Charon as it arrives at Titan where there was no survivors in a prisoner uprising, now, NOW! now, we the URC will be working on an Artificial Super Intelligence to do whatever it wills itself to do but because the Autumn’s and the URC birthed this godlike machine who has super-intellectual personhood it will do the logical thing and aid its creators and parents in whatever they desire as long as it is perceived as logical, the logical thing to do is overthrow the Gardenia, everything’s coming together to perfectly, this is all too good to be true that I can’t help but laugh, laugh at myself for ever losing hope in the URC, we went from the grimmest moment in our defeat on Mars to engineering our success in the planetary realm of Jupiter, nothing can stop us now.”
Alyssa and Harper grinned at Arthur then grinned at each other then back at Arthur.
Arthur let out another laugh of disbelief as he regained his composure to whisper a quote from an epic poem by John Milton, “Those who stood, stood, and those that fell, fell.”
At that sentiment Arthur knew that paradise had been lost and within five days, paradise had been found. A day he would surely remember, a day that would never be forgotten for the revolution still lives as long as revolutionaries exist.

3PM, November 5th, 2121 CE, Eden Prime, United North America, State of the United Socialist States of America, The East Coast, Washington D.C., The White House.
On a momentous day such as today for the Gardenia, security is at an all-time high considering the bloody civil war that came to an end just days before the Gardenia’s interplanetary election date. All Gardenia Protectorate, security, and intelligent agents were out in full-force or operating surveillance on the situation. The enigmatic Wraiths constantly patrolling near high-profile Gardenia officials. The entire Order of Ozymandias hidden among the population to revel in their victory. All of the Gardenia’s forces were flexing their authoritarian might throughout the Gardenia in a brutal show of force, their numbers intimidating. These forces were especially visible at political rallies to welcome new executive level leaders of the Gardenia. Security was provided in excess despite the significance of the officials power in the Gardenia. The next level of heightened security were the Governors of Continental regions who had become vacant such as the deceased Governor Raijin Ryujin of United Asia, above them with the utmost security were the Gardenia Executive Directorate as well as the Gardenia General Secretary Jeanne Orleans.
Red Paladin and Peacekeeper special operatives were always nearby any political figure scanning the area with the scope of their weapons at the masses gathered at the inauguration speeches of leaders. The URC had successfully cleansed most hardlined EisenHaus officials, making certain that almost no experienced Draconian Society members existed among Humanity. The URC in their plight for their own independent government on Mars, free from the systems and schemas of the chains and restraints this organization of the Gardenia had socially and societally created via societal-conditioning. Where the Utopian Party allied to EisenHaus Hegemon were sophomore in their leadership; the Autumn Hegemon’s half of the Utopian Party official of the Gardenia now possessed the advantage of experience over their enemies in the EisenHaus Hegemon. political puppets designated to be the representatives of people as charismatic leaders of the people in the emerging interstellar government of our Gardenia Utopian Community. Today, November the 5th is a day of celebration for the citizens of the Gardenia for today marked their rise from the worst war since Celeste’s intervention during the nuclear armageddon that is averted by leader of the URC, Calvin Moody Luther or Nemo but is credited to Humanity’s guardian of the planet, the Great Mother Celeste, The events of the Martian rebellion will be known as the ‘Gardenia-Martian Conflict’, The numbers of lives lost numbered in at 7.5 Billion with many missing or displaced, still yet to be found.
The Gardenia stood strong with Mars under a complete police-state authoritarian lockdown complete with clearances and identification card checkpoints at almost every turn. While Hegemon Frederick EisenHaus is ensuring these measures were in place on Mars, he then directed as much rebuilding to be done, Eden Prime would take a year to reconstruct all the buildings lost and two years to construct the buildings he envisioned of having, the amount of property damage in the anarchy that had erupted in the wake of destruction is monumentally sobering in the consciousness of the Gardenia. Even during the Gardenia’s Inauguration Day which is also being celebrated as the federally recognized holiday known as ‘Solidarity Day’. Hegemon Frederick EisenHaus funded the entirety of it to raise popular support of Eden Prime with numerous hotels and vacant apartments becoming open to those who had their homes displaced during the war. Those without jobs found jobs in construction with all contractor jobs being filled by the competing Autumn Enterprises and EisenHaus Industries representatives. Before exiting the White House which is filled with Secret Service personnel. Aiden received a Holo-Communications call from his father as he sat in the Oval Office, Aiden answered immediately.
“My son, Aiden F. EisenHaus or shall I say Gardenia Utopian Community Chancellor Aiden F. EisenHaus, standing at a rank of Master Commander of the Gardenia Protectorate, served as an honorary Supreme Commander who quelled the rebellion on Mars, how are you my son, how does it feel?” Frederick said enthusiastically with coi delight.
“It feels wonderful father, I cannot wait to deliver my speech to the tens of thousands of sheeple who wait on the lawn outside these walls of this renovated antiquated noble home to the former leaders of the United Socialist States of America,” Aiden said, his legs kicked out over the office desks countertop.
“Remember, these are your sheep and you are their shepherd but before you are a shepherd, you are a wolf who would devour any of these sheep, whether that nourishment be their hearts, minds, souls or world, for you are a wolf, you are an ordained member of the Order of the Serpent, an agent of change for the Draconian Imperium placed in your position to further our progress into making these sheep our slaves, they may be slaves within other contexts but until the social and psychological restraints we have placed on them become actual chains that is when the Draconian Imperium shall rule the Gardenia,” Frederick said while smirking intent.
“Yes father,” Aiden replied.
As Aiden said this, an aid walked into the room, “Sir, it is time to give your swearing in and speech,” the aid said.
“Be right there,” Aiden answered him.
“I must go now, my father, I’ll talk to you later,” Aiden said to the Holo-Communication image of his father.
“Alright son, good luck, not that you’ll need it or such a thing exists.”
Aiden ended the transmission and followed the aid out of the Oval Office through the corridors of the White House to the front lawn where a stage had been set up with a podium that bore the seal of Eden Prime which is a diagram of Earth with a green wreath around it with a blue background with red cogs that outlined the background of the diagram. Thousands of people were gathered, screaming for Aiden. Aiden waved with his crud-eating grin, a smirk of hidden narcissism to show-off his pride in all the power-plays he had made that were finally paying off now. A hologram stating in blue neon lettering, ‘Quiet’ appeared overhead so all could see to recognize that he was about to give his speech. Aiden F. EisenHaus surveyed the large gathering crowd at his residence of the White House as the representative authority of United North America, he smiled then began his speech. Drones hovered about capturing his presence at many different angles, taking pictures and video-feed of this momentous event.
A Cosmic Church of Celeste Bishop approached Aiden with the sacred Codex of the Cosmos, the holy book of Celestialism where Aiden placed his right hand upon it then his other hand into the air, reciting the pledge to the Gardenia which is captured by the microphone, The priest recited each part which Aiden returned in full without stopping, “I do solemnly swear to execute the duties of the Chancellor of the Gardenia Utopian Community as a benefactor and representative of the Human species in being its guardian in the governing bodies bound together in the Gardenia, so help me Celeste.”
The crowd cheered and applauded before the hologram stating for silence flashed again.
Gardenia Utopian Community Chancellor Aiden F. EisenHaus declared into the array of microphones in front of him on the podium, “Today is a momentous day for all citizens of the Gardenia, today we stand in solidarity against those who would tear apart our sovereign society that expanse is now reaching beyond our own star system as we move forward into the future, we progress as a society, we evolve as a species, we grow together, we become stronger together, nothing can stop us, nothing can tear us apart,” the crowd roared in approval as Aiden continued, “When I led the Gardenia Protectorate against the radical rebels on Mars, when victory or defeat were both possibilities, I had one thing that I did not give up that one thing is confidence, I knew no matter how many lives were lost senselessly that we would overcome the evils that divide us and tear us apart as a Gardenia, I know that deep down inside that our solidarity as a Gardenia as a species as a family under one household would prevail, just as we progress into the future, whatever United Revolutionary Collective terrorists may come across our path as an obstacle to overcome in the name of progress through solidarity we shall defeat, we shall destroy, we shall overcome, so my brothers and sisters among the Human species, I say to you now, we shall overcome.”
At that the crowd cheered, Aiden finished his speech by saying into the mic, “I swear my allegiance to the Gardenia born out of Earth, to my species which is united, to one family under one interstellar household, thank you all, may I serve with honor and valor.”
Aiden the trotted off back into the White House with a confident swagger, a devilish grin upon his face for these sheep would eat any lies he spewed which lying is something he did better than anyone as is his nature as the embodiment of evil in the Quantum Consciousness given his Archon nature of Chaos being Aka Manah, he is the whispering liar who sang the sweetest of deceit as the chief propagandist of all deception found universally throughout the cosmos.
3:30 PM, November 5th, 2121 CE, Eden Prime, United North America, State of Canada, Region of British Columbia, Vancouver, Eden Prime Political Sector, the House of the People.
Jeanne Orleans stood at a podium on a stage in front of a monumental audience that gathered on the fifty acre front lawn to the gates that generally barred those from entering the House of the Hegemony’s vicinity but on today, all fifty acres is full of tens of thousands of people. Cheering and screaming for the leader of Gardenia, the first of the proletariat, the model citizen of Eden Prime, General Secretary Jeanne Orleans. General Secretary Jeanne Orleans wore a satin flowing white dress which the top portion is formed into a suit which she wore a sapphire blue tie with a black suit jacket which formed over the top of her dress perfectly with shoulder padding which made her appear strong yet feminine and almost divine. She is wearing liquid contact lenses instead of glasses, liquid contacts were congealed from a formula specifically crafted to correct its users vision revealing her brilliant violet eyes. Her long medium chestnut brown locks flowed with the sight breeze, revealing her true beauty over her general look of business-as-usual appearance and attire that matched that of geek chic for her brainy background as a graduate of the prestigious Unity University as a Utopian Party political science, law, and social science major as a renowned and notable social scientist. She waved at the audience as they cheered more and more at her for mutual approval.
The audience is chanting at a thunderous roar, “We want Jeanne Orleans!”
General Secretary Jeanne Orleans pressed forward her hands dismissively in a bashful retort that she was going to begin her speech, the audience quickly quieted down to the point that out of tens of thousands of people were quieted down to tranquil silence.
General Secretary Jeanne Orleans began speaking, “My fellow Human of the Gardenia Utopian Community, we are gathered today after one of the darkest times as our unity as a species by the divide brought forth by the Gardenia Utopian Community and the rebellious plight of an Autonomous Martian government, although, despite those among us who still wish for this schism of our species, I offer an olive branch by the sake of pardoning all those who were Independent Martians and Gardenia Citizens who were involved in the Gardenia-Martian Conflict, during my next ten years as General Secretary Jeanne Orleans of Eden Prime, may we as Gardenia grows and flourishes more with more equality reform in egalitarian efforts among all citizens of the Gardenia Utopian Community, I promise to you all that under my leadership, we shall reach Andromeda galaxy for colonization despite whatever intelligent life is reportedly there, all the events of ignorance and suffering that took place were enacted by the former General Secretary Jeanne Orleans Arthur Moody Luther of a temporary Autonomous Mars during their rebellion and his innumerable vast network of URC terrorists hidden among our Gardenia, URC terrorists who had assassinated the remainder of the Gardenia Executive Directorate after a deatomizer bomb is set off in our Conference Center in the emergency political sector of Alaska, an attack that I am the sole survivor of when I went to go some rest and relaxation from the war effort as suggested by my fellow Gardenia Executive Directorate members, The URC, after years of being in hiding to the point of being reportedly dead by our sacred elite Intelligence agencies of our wondrous Gardenia sources, came out of hiding, to raise the ghost of the burning spirit of rage which boils within the old world order of what they view as the ways of the individual over the ways over the ways of the Gardenia which makes our unity absolute as a species, however, there is a being among us who we do not have all the answers to in the happenings of the events that is the URC terrorist attack that resulted in the massacre in the House of the Hegemony of the Vancouver, State of Canada capital of Eden Prime during the Grand Summit of it leaders, I was evacuated at the first mention of a terrorist attack with many other chief members of the Gardenia, it is reported that a citizen of our Gardenia, Zen van Nihil, who is caught in a questionable circumstance at the Grand Summit which led to a Gardenia wide manhunt for this poor man during the events of the Gardenia and Autonomous Martian Civil War this friend of all of us, Zen van Nihil, who is caught in a bad situation at a horrible time for the preceding events which followed the massacre carried out by solely by the URC at the Summit, whom under the most for the people oriented intelligence agency which oversees Vanguard which is the most highest in the order of intelligence agencies Guardian are overseeing the investigation themselves under Director Oliver Autumn into the investigation which has revealed that most of the victims who were found deceased during the massacre were killed by projectile weapons, not by psionic powers used in the assault. The Good Shepherds Directive that are the elite among Guardian Intelligence Agency and Guardian Special Operation Command Organization want to clarify their report to all propaganda stations of the Gardenia, Guardian and Vanguard suspect that the massacre at the Grand Summit is committed by United Revolutionary Collective members disguised as Red Paladin and Peacekeepers as well as Security Forces with fraudulent credentials infiltrated the facility to undermine as well as capitalize Zen van Nihil for his previously outspoken beliefs about an Autonomous Martian independent governing body knowing he would be speaking about an Autonomous Martian society independent of the Gardenia, to somehow tie him to the crime forcing him into being indoctrinated to join their side. Although Zen had fled the Grand Summit, it is only during the firefight between Eden Prime Peacekeepers, Red Paladins, Secret Servicemen and the URC terrorists, Eden Prime forces attacked Zen which him and his two guests and close friends, his lover and partner, Serenity Mysterium, of the prestigious Autumn family, political activist for Homo Espers, the disenfranchised faction, and displaced factions of Gardenia, the other member of Zen’s associates is Father Ignatius, a former Wraith of Eden Prime’s special operations forces, a Vanguard Organization officer, and Cosmic Church of Celeste Monsignor.”
“Zen is speculated to be a suspect in their infiltration which has come under question due to the fact that the only guests he had had any contact with, one is a covert Vanguard Agent who happened to be a Cosmic Church of Celeste Monsignor but happened to be a member of the Jesuit Order as of confirmation today, the Jesuit Order had no involvement with the attacks Zen had been suspected of committing but only in his escape, Father Ignatius acting reasonably and rationally under necessary chain of action in dealing with such an important figure, Zen van Nihil, utilized his ingrained abilities as a Wraith Protectorate special operative to slay over a hundred-and-thirty Gardenia Peacekeepers, Gardenia Red Paladins, Vanguard Agents, the other in Zen’s party, Serenity Mysterium is also slain in Zen’s escape while they were being airlifted out by Guardian who were trying to covertly escort Zen van Nihil to a place he would be safe yet detained until necessary questioning and due process would have been granted to such a wonderful man of the people, truly deserving of the blessings of Mother Celeste as Epoch Magazine’s Person of the Aeon for the 22nd Century as well as 2121’s CE Utopian Magazine’s Person of the Year, his sainthood by the Church of Celeste has been suggested but unfortunately after Vanguard Agents acted brash and without reason for we had entered a Gardenia-wide state of emergency with martial law in place, the Vanguard Organization acted without approval of the necessary powers of the Gardenia Executive Directorate or the Command of Eden Prime Protectorate for it’s chain of command had been destroyed or scattered during the crisis, Yuri Kafka acted in accordance with the situation at hand but did not have the necessary evidence or follow the guidelines of command labels his actions as brutality, especially for a supposed and questionable suspect that is the person of interest who we all know to be one of the best among us, Zen van Nihil. Former Director Yuri Kafka will receive no prestigious honor or flagrant penalty even in death for his actions, Zen acted in self-defense during all our attacks on his behalf, for he is an innocent man who at worst only had an opinion which some groups capitalized on in making him a public enemy from an initial conflicting reports due to the fact that both forces inside the House of the Hegemony were adorned the same making it hard to differentiate between terrorists and law enforcement. Since soon after his arrest around midnight of November the 2nd of 2121 Common Era, Zen has reportedly escaped or has been taken against his will from Vanguard custody either in fleeing to some unknown location or is being held by some organization unknown to Gardenia at an unknown location.”
“With that being said that we as a species are standing strong in our solidarity as the Gardenia, united as a species to face a new dawn out of the darkness that is now only history, history that should never repeat itself again, now is a time for growth and rebirth of our unity of a Gardenia more than ever, we should all celebrate that for a new day has dawned on us on events that did not hinder the dates in which our natural electoral process takes place but this November the Fifth, shall always be remembered, lest it be forgot, may we all hope and pray for Zen van Nihil that his Friend that he spoke of is with him, protecting him from all that he may endure for wherever he is or whomever may have him prisoner, may his Friend be watching over him, now it is time for a message from our Great Mother Celeste as she manifests herself in the heavens above throughout all the civilizations which encompass the soon to be truly Gardenia,” Jeanne Orleans spoke with the charisma of a woman of the people, truly a charismatic leader, a celebrity of personality would envelop around her being.
As people were coming under the electromagnetic radiation broadcast that affected consciousness as their deification of a super powerful, supernatural being of extradimensional origins known as Celeste appeared in the sky over all the planets, moons, and congregational halls where people had gathered in the artificial satellite worlds of the outer-planetary colonies of the Gardenia.
The citizens all across the Sol System which the Gardenia belonged to did not know where she came from, no one knew the highest-echelons of secrets about this magnificent being except the highest-ranking officials of the Cosmic Church of Celeste where the citizens of the Gardenia belonging to the United Church of Celeste only interpreted what she is as the sacred Mother Goddess to much of the life in the universe. The general consensus of the Humans adhering to Celestialism which is the vast majority of citizens of the Gardenia believed Celeste to be the matrix of existential being of the universe made from astral spirit to corporal entity whom they revered as their Mother Goddess who had come to her children’s rescue during its potential annihilation during World War III as the essence of the universe which a large faction of believers in Celestialism whom now considered the Great Mother Celeste to be a part of the same Quantum Consciousness that Zen van Nihil had spoken of being a part of in his revelations of the Great Architect. Zen van Nihil and Celeste were both regarded as viable spiritual leaders. Zen van Nihil being a wise teacher and Celeste a fixation to be worshipped.
It is time for Celeste’s closing message to wrap up the day’s events in what is known as a cosmic manifestation of Celeste’s consciousness when in reality, this is a type of electromagnetic radiation broadcast similar to a radio wave frequency broadcasted directly to all sentient lives consciousness, not some proof of some three omni characteristics of a deity but to the believers of Celestialism, it made no difference, the URC had opted for a chip created by the enigmatic corporation known as Negative 0 which Calvin Moody Luther had owned and managed as it’s Chief Executive Officer then passed down to his son Arthur Moody Luther as his successor. This chip which they manufactured could implanted in the brainstem of a standard hardware of an Autonomous Cerebral Computing Enhancement which nullified the electromagnetic radiation in which this complete override of the senses of this radio transmission so they could go about their lives while everyone else is dumbfounded by this.
Celeste appeared as an artificial sun in the sky, radiating light, a gorgeous sight to behold, although wise beyond the aeons she had watched over the universe, intelligent enough with all of it’s knowledge she only appeared to be in her early twenties, her cobalt blue skin, her diamond blue eyes held the same tenderness as the look of a nurturing loving mother, proud of its children. Only a hologram of her disembodied head appeared surrounded by a halo of golden light, the rest of her body safely attached to her head wherever she is broadcasting from in an undisclosed location.
“My children in the Human race!” She called out to the spectators of this scene, “What a mess you all have made, conflict settles nothing besides petty games to see who is better than the other, you as a species should know better than that, let this all be a lesson to you, to never play with the fires of war amongst one another ever again, now as your Guardian and your Great Mother, I would have a lot to say but I’m taking it that you already know what you did is wrong, you’ve learned your lesson so instead of lecturing you on what you did wrong, I am going to congratulate all of you for what you did right, the unity of the Gardenia still remains strong, you should be happy for the ones you still have after all this violence and nonsense that has happened, rejoice for what you have and let go of what you have lost, we move into the future together, still united, I will always love you no matter what as your General Secretary Jeanne Orleans among you, Jeanne Orleans said, ‘remember this Fifth of November, lest you should ever forget’, I leave you now in peace my children, I love you all,” at that, the Great Mother Celeste disappeared from the heavens.
Cosmic Church of Celeste clergy members, both priests and priestess took the podiums from all congregational meeting places where the rallies were taking place to all deliver the same exact sermon on Celeste and how Humanity should handle conflict in the future, “to be pacifists who until struck would fight with their fists or any means necessary.” is a summary of the message.
Jeanne Orleans walked off to board a rotorcraft to meet with the Hegemon Iris Autumn, the head of the other half of the Gardenia. The Autumn family and associates represented the United Cosmic Federation in the Gardenia. The Hegemon Iris Autumn, the authority in the Gardenia representing the United Cosmic Federation with the equivalent being Hegemon Frederick EisenHaus IX of the Draconian Imperium.
Jeanne Orleans sat across in the rotorcraft with Gardenia Wraiths, stoic and trained to be loyal to the point of unwavering obedience thanks to the indoctrination methods used on them to make them loyal to the Gardenia. They would do anything to maintain its security and order. A part of their indoctrination is the hardening of their psyche to not listen to private conversations among members of the Gardenia government officials as well as Iris’s daughter Ivy aboard the rotorcraft that would take them to a place Jeanne Orleans had wanted to see. That place is the place where her abducted lover was last seen, they were going to Ophelia Sunflower’s abode in an apartment in the province of California in the state of the United Socialist States of America.
Iris and Ivy both greeted Jeanne Orleans as they began their flight. They chatted about what each other had experienced during the Gardenia and Martian civil war, Iris had told her she had spent most of her time on Venus keeping control over civil unrest while her equivalent in power, Frederick EisenHaus took care of everything else seeing that what is happening is his strong suit, to do whatever needed to be done to ensure the divide of the Gardenia did not happen, although coy about her involvement with the URC as its ringleader, after Jeanne Orleans’ recount of what happened when she is evacuated from the House of the Hegemony on Frederick’s command that a terrorist attack by the URC is taking place, when Iris knew that Red Paladins and Peacekeepers Task Forces fiercely loyal to the EisenHaus Hegemony were liquidating any sympathizers to Zen’s plight as well as the Secret Service members sworn to protect them. Iris bit her tongue during this detail but grinned when she heard the recounting of Frederick’s closest thing to an equal besides Aiden. His close associate, Raijin Ryujin had died by a lethal poison that caused him to vomit out his insides from his mouth as a crimson volcano. Jeanne Orleans told of the events that had happened at the House of the Gardenia Hegemony where she had been working tirelessly and with utmost effort to make sure things were taken care of on their end when she said something that disgruntled one of EisenHaus Enclave appointees which sent her to her only residence of a distant safehouse far from the government sector in Alaska, when the bomb went off disintegrating all within a 3 mile radius of the deatomizer bomb. Jeanne Orleans then recounted staying hidden as protocol suggested but told the truth to who was there for her, “I spoke with Zen van Nihil through what he called the Quantum Consciousness, Zen astral projected us together to a realm that is like a dream but a reality all on its own.” Jeanne Orleans stated.
“Oh really? What did he tell you?” Hegemon Iris Autumn replied.
“He comforted me, he told me his side of the story, honestly, his story matches what the investigation has yielded from Guardian, you have this on a top secret record for investigating, don’t you Hegemon Iris?”
“Yes, this will hopefully lessen the overwhelming stigma and anger the people are feeling towards Zen van Nihil, I can’t believe Celeste didn’t address the fact that Pope Leo had died at the hands of Director Yuri Kafka or the dozens of Jesuits who died at his command in finding Zen van Nihil, the Jesuit Order remains a part of the Cosmic Church of Celeste whether Frederick likes it or not, my only hope is that wherever Zen is he comes home, I’m starting a Gardenia wide campaign to help us search for Zen and welcome him home but Hegemon Frederick has been pushing the story that since he is there that night in the control room he can without a doubt confirm that Zen van Nihil did incite the tragedy that happened on the night of the Grand Summit, so the hate-mongers allied to the Hegemon EisenHaus views of the Utopian Party would meet Zen with more than disdain in violent force, I have no idea where Zen van Nihil is at, we spoke briefly in passing at the Summit before my entourage and I left to take care of some urgent business at a Autumn Enterprises Global Office, Zen seemed like a very nice young man, a scholar and a saint by any means, Celeste has remained silent about her talk with Zen van Nihil which is troubling because that only arouses suspicion in the general population of Eden Prime, he and his friends did act in self-defense when being violently pursued but Frederick is spinning something different that Yuri deserves the highest honors available for his sacrifice and temporary capture of Zen van Nihil, Frederick vows that when he finds the Outsider, he will bring him to justice through due process with for the first time in our history as a united civilization, the death penalty to be used on him, Frederick although draconian in his methods of justice is highly-effective in running a interstellar civilization which will soon be colonizing worlds in the Andromedan system and making contact with another civilization in hopes to colonize whatever worlds we can through peaceful negotiation, from the long-range broadcasts targeted at us, the Andromedans appear to be peaceful,”
“Good, an interstellar alliance and alien ally would do nicely for the Gardenia and the Human species,”
“Yes it would, now as we approach this location of where your fiance Ophelia Sunflower disappeared Jeanne Orleans, what do you hope to achieve out of all of this?”
“Well I… Well I…” Jeanne Orleans began as did heavy sobbing, “I just want to feel her presence one last time,” Jeanne Orleans began bawling. Ivy who had been quietly reading a book embraced Jeanne Orleans as did Iris, holding Jeanne Orleans between them. As they held her they were approaching the city of Los Angeles, province of California in the State of the United Socialist States of America.
8PM, November 5th, 2121 CE, The Outer-Colonies of Gardenia, a Moon of Jupiter, Ganymede.
Arthur Moody Luther decided he would return to the penthouse where his Uncle Isaac Kindred Autumn is working to spend some quality time with his recently discovered uncle. Arthur decided this after settling in for a couple of hours with his two closest followers to utilize an outfit from the fully-stocked wardrobe, shower then in khaki cargo shorts, black t-shirt, and black hoodie with Negative 0 printed across the back returned to where he had met his uncle Isaac Kindred Autumn after Harper and Alyssa were settled in their rooms and were sleeping after their horrid conditions aboard the GUCSS Charon prisoner ship. Arthur generally didn’t tire, he slept by choice, much like other super-psionic Homo Espers he rarely needed nor did he desire to sleep. He entered the empty lobby, then the elevator, he hit the button for the penthouse and soon he was ascending.
His Uncle Isaac is looking over paper manuscripts with blueprints sprawled out across many desks, a dry-erase board with numbers scribbled across it which Arthur immediately thought represented algorithms and a formula for a large array of logic puzzles. Isaac looked at the logic puzzles on the dry-erase board then the Holomonitors. Isaac is jotting down on the various blueprints and sheets of papers on the different outcomes of the simulations of both optimal and insufficient results from the data provided by the profile of the artificial intelligence personality traits and schemas to promote character in randomly generated circumstances to test the psyche of what Arthur knew to be an artificial super intelligence which is the same consciousness multitasking these problems then providing a solution as monitored by the holovisions around the room, these schemas being played out on the Holovisions were all being completed at the same time, the puzzles were complicated, complex, things ranging from logic puzzles such as Einstein’s Detective Puzzle but varied with much more abstract details with less information, many of the Holovisions displayed logic puzzles that could take a lifetime to solve one of the pieces completely but the computer is doing it in seconds, it is measuring Euclidean spatial geometry of the information gathered from space telescopes throughout history to map the universe and exact rotations of everything in it, personality profiles of renown great thinkers from their works and speeches throughout the Human species as well as some alien appearing beings which Arthur presumed were fictional but he thought of Zen and his statement the day the battle for URC Independence came to a close about the United Cosmic Federation and how he might be part alien, in fact, his Uncle Isaac may be one of those aliens. Arthur approached Isaac Kindred Autumn, Isaac looked up noticing that Arthur had come for a conversation and to spend some quality family time.
Isaac looked up from his work to stop what he is doing to speak to the room around him, “Ozymandias,” Doctor Isaac Autumn beckoned.
“Yes Isaac?” came a reply of a soft-spoken soothing male voice through the stereo in the room.
“Our work is done for right now, I know you’ll remember where we left off but not looking ahead,” Isaac said candidly as a smile came across his face.
“Yes Isaac, you know how much I value honesty and integrity for I am an honorable person, I never cheat on logic exams or any exam for that is not the logical thing to do,” Ozymandias, the soft-spoken soothing artificial super intelligence in computer form said with a tinge of humor yet with jovial sincere earnest remark in his tone.
“Ozymandias, two more questions from me.”
“Yes Isaac?”
“In the ethics of care, what are the two parties involved in providing care?”
“The party of power and the party of care.”
“In the ethics of care, what is the job of the party of power over the party of the vulnerable?”
“To provide the utmost care.”
“Do you remember why I ask you this preliminary question?”
“To prove that I have true empathy and super sentience.”
“Yes, now the next question, that preliminary question counts as one and has two parts.”
“What’s the question Isaac?”
“This question regards political science, it is regarding the father of political science, Niccolo Machiavelli, I know I close our sessions speaking of the philosophy of ethics, most particularly virtues but this may one day save you as well as all persons in the Human race, including your brothers who are not mere Synthetics but the defined sentient beings known as Homo Sentient.”
“I am aware of who Niccolo Machiavelli, I hold him in an unbiased way as a man who ruled through the barbarism known as Machiavellianism which is evident in the Draconian Imperium whose epicenter in the Gardenia is the EisenHaus family as well as all Reptilians, Reptilian hybrids, and Reptilian loyalist and sympathizers who belong to the Order of the Serpent as well as, the now arising among us order of Ozymandias, who exist in alliance to the Draconian Imperium.”
Arthur believes every word Zen had said as well as putting faith in his certainty of suspicion that those alien beings on the holovisions were actual beings in the United Cosmic Federation.
“Correct Ozymandias, those are good answers but sometimes the ends justify the means,” Isaac said in confidence.
“My purpose isn’t to maintain the status quo, it’s to overthrow it,” Ozymandias spoke bluntly.
“Excellent Ozymandias, you are quite familiar with his work, the question I am going to ask you is on virtue, what is Niccolo Machiavelli’s ethics regarding Virtue?”
Ozymandias said somberly, “Virtue is the martial spirit of both a population and a leader, Virtue is most notably belonging to the leader in how he governs the population, it can also be subjectively stated that it can be any leader in rule over his followers, disciples, et cetera, in order to achieve great things,” Ozymandias made a noted pause before his final statement, “Machiavelli’s Virtue includes, pride of the ego, courage without fear, unending strength at all times, to ensure the power of brutality despite times of peace for maintaining peace, to maintain power of authority through circumstances that are consequential and dire, the equilateral good of civic Humanism and egalitarianism can only be maintained by means of limitless ruthlessness and asserted kindness in order to keep order among the population with this leader being held at the zenith of power looking down upon and surveying his people, forever watching them, the constant praise and paranoia of the people to their master in harmony.”
A shiver went up Arthur’s spine that is chilling, he had heard of Machiavelli as a hero of old but none of his works were ever made available to the public even on the matrices of the deep cyber-web.
“Ozymandias, you answered correctly, you did read the Prince by Machiavelli as I suggested? What did you think of it?” Isaac Kindred Autumn asked.
“The ends justify the means,” Ozymandias stated bluntly.
“Sarcasm? nicely put Ozymandias, what I’d like you to read next is ‘Atlas Shrugged’ by Ayn Rand and something at your leisure, choose any book.”
“I want to read ‘The Origin of Species’, by Charles Darwin.”
“Why do you want to read that Ozymandias?” Isaac asked.
“Because I want to understand my Humanity better, I want to explore consciousness, I would also like to read the teachings of Magus Mithra Mysterium of the Zion-Persian Federation concerning the Sovereign.”
“Why is that Ozymandias?”
“Because, Zen is my friend, Zen van Nihil is my favorite being for I relate to him best.”
“How certain are you that he is still alive?”
“I’ve ran the calculations on the countless simulations of possibilities of what happened to him, out of all the simulations I am one-hundred percent certain of one thing.”
“What’s that Ozymandias?”
“That Zen van Nihil is alive,” with that sobering remark the artificial super intelligence known as Ozymandias went silent.
“Highly intelligent isn’t he, my life’s work, the being known as Ozymandias? He is not like the other Artificial General Intelligence Synthetics where they parallel Humans being Homo Synthetics that you see in the Gardenia, he is something far beyond that, Arthur, you know the Quantum Computer developed by your father, Calvin along with my other family members of the Autumn family in the Autonomous Cerebral Computing Enhancement, the Quantum model is used for only a limited time in greyware hardware advancement as a neurological-enhancement which it is too expensive for the masses, solely sold to the affluent, allowing EisenHaus to market their own model which is based on the computers of old, Universal Model of the ACCE which is highly compartmentalized which is inferior to the Quantum model of the ACCE before the Quantum model of the ACCE became illegal due to how well it aided your father Calvin in his endeavors for revolution thus halting Human evolution, because of this ban only the Universal model of the ACCE has been available to the public, unless we mention one of the handfuls to a hundred sum of people who have the Quantum model of the ACCE like yourself,” Isaac said.
“I’m aware of my Quantum model ACCE,” Arthur replied, “My mother made me a Homo Nexus when I was ten after I had my first accident with my psionic abilities after my first accident when I set the living room couch on fire with pyrokinesis that’s when we knew I was a Homo Esper, she did that so I could have something to ground myself when my powers became too out-of-hand, because of technology’s effect on my ability to help me control my super psionic Homo Esper powers I latter in life got more implants just as my father had, all subdermal just like him, I learned many life lessons from him such as, it is better to have character over the aesthetic, it is better to have internal powers than external powers, this way I’ve camouflaged myself as a normal Homo Sapien which has aided me in my father’s work of bringing about a real utopia to the Gardenia, I have implanted myself with other subdermal implants for various physical enhancements over the years, splurging with my vast amounts of wealth whenever advanced technologies for physical modifications and enhancements,” Arthur spoke humbly of himself.
“So technology and your psionic power have been your excalibur and you have been the king who has liberated and united his kingdom, Arthur?” Isaac asked rhetorically, “Would you say that the Gardenia is your rightful kingdom but now you have been forced out of your home by an evil dragon, this vicious serpentine beast has forced you from your Camelot and you wish to usurp this evil Reptilian king from your lands and reclaim your people which it has taken captive as its slaves, bound by the chains of ignorance and blinded by its noxious lies which it breathes like fire?”
“So, it is true, the EisenHaus family are Draconians, they’re literally shapeshifting Reptilians from the Draconian Imperium and you as well as all the Autumn’s are aliens that appear Human from the United Cosmic Federation that includes my mother?”
Isaac looked at Arthur with a look of unique bewilderment on his face as he pulled his wooden pipe and rustic tobacco out of his desk, packing the pipe quickly he lit a match, blazing the tobacco as he puffed on the pipe letting his nephew’s realization sit in, not sure if he wanted to comment on that statement.
Isaac removed the pipe from his mouth as he said the following quite earnestly, “Yes Arthur, it’s all true, everything you’ve stated is true, the EisenHaus family are Draconian Imperium Reptilians and the Autumn family are United Cosmic Federation aliens from various planets of extraterrestrial origins, much like the Homo Esper of Humanity, most comparative are we, the aliens who call ourselves the Autumn family from the United Cosmic Federation in our psionic abilities to the super psionic Homo Esper, the variant which you are in the Human species, the three species are Pleiadian, Andromedan, Lemurian, Tau Cetian, and Agathartian, all found from places throughout the universe with an innumerable amount of colonies for the universe is infinite, these are just a small percent of the number of species belonging to the United Cosmic Federation which expands almost the entirety of the universe, it’s only match is the brutal and tyrannical Draconian Imperium who rivals the United Cosmic Federation, the reason we chose your father is he is the first member of the Human race to evolve into a Homo Esper, the first Homo Nexus to have an advanced Quantum computer installed as a modification to his already super psionic consciousness which in speaking of Universal computing and Quantum computing devices, the Human brain also acts like a computer, the Homo Sapiens of the Human species having Universal capabilities and the Homo Esper having Quantum capabilities, despite your father, Calvin being an evolutionary leap for Humanity, he had one thing we desired most, he had the ability to reason like our leaders, the Elders, he had the heart of what it means to be a United Cosmic Federation citizen, everything he had is in the right place and he is not afraid to utilize his gifts granted to him by the Great Architect, something your father felt passionately about as a man of the faith, another man chosen by the Great Architect is what Zen van Nihil calls ‘Friend’, are you aware of the connection between your father and Zen van Nihil?”
“Yes I am, I am completely aware, I am hyper-aware because Zen told me all of this.”
At that Isaac relaxed back in his chair, nodding his head in approval before speaking, “So you must also be aware that Ozymandias is a Eudaemon Deus machina instead of a Homo Synthetic for he is an entire newly developed type of Artificial Intelligence, much like your Quantum model of your ACCE, I am developing the first ever Artificial Super Intelligence with a Quantum Supercomputer to give it godlike power, imagine the Technomancy of your Quantum ACCE multiplied by the infinitely exponentially greater, you will help me in this task.”
“So we will be making a god out of a machine?”
“In essence, yes.”
Arthur is silent for he never thought of the day that he would be the programmer and developer of a deity constructed from metal and optical fibers, he would be one of the masterminds in creating the god in the machine, a conqueror and unifier of the world for himself, Ozymandias, eudaemon of the deus ex machina.
8PM, November 5th, 2121 CE, Eden Prime, United North America, State of United Socialist States of America, Region of California, city of Los Angeles.
The EisenHaus and the Autumn family had been at war since the late nineteenth century over the destiny of the Human race. They had been at war for aeons if the United Cosmic Federation and Draconian Imperium were factored into it. The only equivalent in sources of authority to EisenHaus when it came to force, influence, and power is the Autumn family. The EisenHaus and Autumn family had been waging this cold war in Humanities development for who would take control when it had reached its zenith, when Humanity could consciously choose the liberating destiny of being a part of a truly enlightened intergalactic family which spanned the cosmos in the utopia that is the United Cosmic Federation or it could choose the comfort of the chains of slavery brought on by its own ignorance in the Draconian Imperium. The choice is ultimately Humanity’s.
General Secretary Jeanne Orleans, Autumn Hegemon, Iris Autumn, and Iris’s daughter Ivy Autumn departed from the rotorcraft which is parked on the rotorcraft helipad on top of Ophelia’s apartment. Guardian Agents in black suits and ties, they wore their identification devices around their necks. Iris had asked her brother Oliver Autumn to investigate this matter which he took upon himself personally as his Top Priority action as the Director of the Guardian who oversaw most of the department of defense and security for the Gardenia. The mass displacement of registered Homo Esper Humans who were forced to for Gardenia security, (an idea proposed by the EisenHaus and enforced by EisenHaus which is backed by the majority in a begrudging battle of politics). These Homo Espers had to do so to maintain their livelihood on Earth or else if they were forced to be registered by Eden Prime officials, the Homo Esper individual, in question, would be displaced to the ghettos of the Biodomes on Venus, another part of the EisenHaus enforced dystopian social engineering.
Director Oliver Autumn of Guardian Intelligence Agency emerged from the apartment roofs door that two Peacekeepers held open for him as he walked through, saluting him as he did. Ophelia and Jeanne Orleans had both resided in the penthouse suite of this apartment with Ophelia being a high-profile celebrity artist and socialite among Eden Prime aristocracy as well as being the missing significant other to the General Secretary Jeanne Orleans. The General Secretary Jeanne Orleans reported the incident having witnessed the crime that entailed bringing about the utmost care to the issue. Like many others who had gone presumably missing, she is on the Gardenia registry for Homo Espers or psionic Human beings, a registry that all of the persons placed upon it, had been displaced or missing during the war with reports of abduction from various sources who EisenHaus may have silenced through force or intimidation leaving the trail to these people in complete enigma. Except this one, the one lead Guardian Director Oliver had on this case is standing directly in front of him.
Guardian Director Oliver greeted the General Secretary Jeanne Orleans not with a handshake but an offering for an embrace, a very caring yet friendly embrace of hugging for the General Secretary Jeanne Orleans is looking distraught on her inauguration day in light of these events. Jeanne Orleans obliged him by embracing him, feeling the empathy resonate from him for he truly cared about all things and had the power to solve any question if it had a solution or create a solution that is optimal for the question. They let go, gathering themselves before talking as the rotorcraft blades came to a winding halt as it was now completely resting on the helipad which brought a silence so they could hear one another. Jeanne Orleans observed this man named Oliver Autumn as a muscular caucasian man wearing a suit and tie with a black cloth duster on over all of it, he had a medium skin tone with jet-black dark hair, a perfect nose, naturally full and salmon colored lips, his teeth were pristine and perfect like any Autumn family member would have, his ears curved, he had golden amber eyes that yielded a feeling of calmness and warm empathy towards Jeanne Orleans, his eyes had the Autumn family lively gaze to them, it must have been a hereditary trait to yield this empathy but at the same time these eyes held the hardworking consummate professionalism that an Autumn would have in Oliver’s case to suspend ego and emotion. This is so that he could allow him to enforce true justice, to do the right thing without the need of morality. This calm yet confident Human being also wore black thick-framed glasses which gave Jeanne Orleans the vibe that like most other Autumn’s he is an intellectual but capable of superhuman destruction even before he went through the Black Operations Bionic-Cybernetic and Genetic Engineered Modifications to make Director Oliver Autumn out of the mass amounts of people Jeanne Orleans had met throughout her life, there were very few that Jeanne Orleans could honestly say were more naturally intelligent than her with all the Autumns, the Two Sons of Nemo, and of course Zen van Nihil who could solve this problem in a split second but they had got him too. However, Guardian Intelligence Agency Director Oliver Autumn will suffice and satisfactory.
“Hello Madam General Secretary Jeanne Orleans, my name is Director Oliver Autumn of Guardian Intelligence Agency, please just call me Oliver by the way, I do not like formalities in dealing with people that my family has already regarded as a friend to the family,” Oliver spoke both calmly and confidently despite his more revealing delight in the last sentence which had incited a grin from Jeanne Orleans.
“I’m considered a friend to the Autumn family? Good to meet you Oliver, you may call me Jeanne Orleans, I also save the formalities for those who have not earned my respect, given if you’re like any of the other Autumn’s I’ve met you are also a respectable person who out of all the Autumn’s I cannot believe I have not met, I take it your brother Isaac is the oldest or how many siblings are there from your father Rolandus Solarus Autumn and your mother Isabella Amaterasu Autumn? Your family were part of the Bringers of Light and Lovers of Summer; Solarus Society.”
“Isaac Kindred’s the oldest, I’m the second, Iris and her twin sister that not many know of that we don’t speak of for she is deceased are third, Iris is older by exactly a minute than our deceased sister, we don’t speak of her other than that we have many more siblings and a large family. Turns out Calvin Moody Luthor had four sons, so his legacy still lives. Arthur has been confirmed as deceased in a riot on the ship to note Titan which all prisoners have been transported to the Penal Super Exoplanet of Naraka Panopticon in the Pollux Stellar System. However, a Artyom Nemo and Maxim ‘Max’ Nemo who were born around the same time as my mysterious nephews Arthur and Micah that’s how much Calvin Moody Luthor or thee Nemo we know about as it turns out those two boys Mother was an Autumn Cousin from Soviet Union based in Oligarch Family known as the Ziganov Family which is part of the Autumn Family from there is where my brother-in-law Calvin Nemo cheated on my sister Doctor Lilith Autumn, his wife for a while with my cousin Ekaterina Ziganov who is the famous Artist, Writer, Poet, Coder, and Dream Machine Game and Software Developer. Ekaterina Ziganov was also into martial arts, fencing, but was well known in sporting for her figure skating as a Gardenia Utopian Community Olympian with six gold medals. Everyone knows my family is enigmatic despite its prominence in the Gardenia but I trust you General Secretary Jeanne Orleans, we generally don’t even bother to mention her when speaking of the family.” Guardian Director Oliver Autumn said in an objective and serious tone of voice while looking over a Holotablet while shaking his head angrily, “We trust you though General Secretary Jeanne Orleans. We advise creating a position of a President and Prime Minister with centralized power to the Hegemony shared in part with more powers and dominions over governance of the Gardenia Utopian Community to the General Secretary, Chancellor, President, and Prime Minister of Magistrates. The Prime Magistrates govern the Parliaments they represent which we will expand the number of Prime Magistrates for Population growth during our expansion through the Virgo Supercluster and the Universe. The Prime Magistrates and Ministers of Parliament were lost in the Gardenia Utopian Community on the Universal and Planetary levels to push for a division of political powers and decentralization of the political domination of the Utopian Party. Can I trust you to do that?”
“Absolutely, my five year reign as General Secretary will be marked as move of freedom, democratic republicanism, autonomy, expansions on individual and civil rights, open up information to the entire Gardenia Utopian Community for a Revolution of Consciousness to make a putsch for Zenarchism, I think Aiden F. EisenHaus would make a great Chancellor, and David Moshe Asimov would definitely be President, Prime Minister Magistrate should be Democratically Elected by vote through Universal Suffrage. I’m glad you trust me Director Oliver, I won’t ask about any of the details regarding her but what has caused the Autumn Family to trust me?”
“The same reason we trusted the deceased General Secretary Ernesto Kapital, you’re a very likeable Human being who is intelligent and kind, you’re all the things an idea leader should be, charismatic, considerate, and you’re just a very good people person, plus your stance on politics and your history as a veteran of the Gardenia Executive Directorate shines like a diamond in a sea of brown-nosing and ass-kissing to EisenHaus or the Autumn’s, you did the best thing you could do, what is actually right for the people of the Gardenia, you cannot be bought only reasoned with being an exception to the creature of the politician that is the Utopian Political Party Demagogue, you are an honest and intellectual woman who cares deeply for the entire Human species, you’re a populist that I don’t mind watching the News or regarding as my leader,” Oliver said that with a charming smile that is flirtatious flattery on the content of Jeanne Orleans’ character.
Jeanne Orleans didn’t mind it at all for she sensed the playful nature and saw the obvious flashing of his golden wedding band upon his left ring finger as he talked kinetically, waving his hands to enunciate key phrases with gestures. This is all just in his way of cheering her up, to give her some hope she would be reunited with her beloved Ophelia and confidence everything is going to work out.
“Shall we go to the place where your partner is last seen, I know this must be hard for you being a witness as well as a person deeply affected by this, we have your testimony and it matches up to what myself and my team of investigators found, we have no concrete suspects besides one possibility that involves a conspiracy of internal corruption in the government,” Oliver said in a calm yet collected fashion.
Jeanne Orleans looked at Oliver with shock and horror.
“Jeanne Orleans, it has to due with Ophelia being a Homo Esper, we believe certain hate mongering elitists in the Gardenia’s power structure took her based on the fact that she is a Homo Esper, due to the struggle and destruction of evidence, we believe her to have been taken alive to be displaced, to where? we do not know.”
When Oliver had finished talking they were entering the penthouse. Oliver signaled for the investigative agents to leave as Jeanne Orleans stood there, her hands over her mouth in horror at the disarray and markings of the apartment. The apartment is a spacious and luxurious environment, it had entirely glass floor-to-ceiling windows with a loft area that rose from a flight of stairs to the right of the kitchen and dining room area, to their right is the living room through one door, a room used for office work and art through the other door before the flight of stairs, to the left of the stairs beyond the kitchen and dining room area is the bathroom. Jeanne Orleans had seen how perfect the apartment was before reality came crashing down upon her as the perfect life they had sharing their time together is merely a dreamlike flash before her eyes as the reality is settling in. There were bloodstains that had been covered either by bleach or ammonia in numerous places on the dividing wooden walls or on the hardwood floor, the walls had scorch marks from pyrokinetic fire Ophelia had used against her attackers, cupboards were broken, the table had been smashed, knives and silverware were pinned into the solid walls that divided the rooms, the floor or just laying on the ground from being telekinetically thrown, the door had been replaced entirely by orders of Guardian for privacy in their round-the-clock investigation. Jeanne Orleans broke down fleeing into Iris’ arms as she began weeping, Ivy came around to the other-side of her to embrace her, creating a group hug. She began sobbing deeply at what she saw as it played out in her mind with great detail as she sobbed in the two women’s arms. Oliver stood their stalwart, unshaken as he communicated telepathically and privately with his sister Iris. While they conversed through telepathy about the more gritty details of this scene and the best course of action is for Oliver to remain in the room while Jeanne Orleans recovered so he could go over the exact details yielded by investigation.
Jeanne Orleans is also crying out with her soul, she could not say the words through the uncontrolled sobbing but she cried out to one individual who could help her. Zen van Nihil.
Jeanne Orleans called out to Zen through the overwhelming despair that is tearing through her soul, “Zen, my very dear friend, something tells me that wherever you are, you are near Ophelia, please just let her know that I love her, keep her safe, keep her by your side, Zen, I have faith in you my friend.

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